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Aug 17, 2012 [Guide+Videos] Punishment-Nightstalker Build Contents Introduction Skill Build My Stats for Reference Gear Selection Tips General Gameplay Tips Elite Affix Tips Gameplay Videos Introduction I'd like to share with my fellow Demon Hunters the skill build I'm using currently for 1.03, which I think is quite reliable and effective against, I would safely say, almost all elite affix combinations. This guide is targeted at Act 3 farming players who own the Natalya's Wrath set; having the 4-piece set bonus is almost a requirement for this build to work. Players who don't own the set may still benefit from this build though to a much lesser extent due the much smaller Discipline regeneration. The basic idea of this build is to use Discipline offensively, which is unusual since Discipline is supposed to be a defensive resource. Doing so would greatly improve the damage potential of your Demon Hunter (possibly far more than a high DPS rares gear build) as well as adding more fun to the Hatred-Discipline resource management mechanic of Demon Hunters. Here are some reasons why I believe this build is ideal for Act 3: Ball Lightning makes trash mob clearing very time efficient. All or almost all elite affix combination can be countered. With proper Discipline management, you can achieve close to infinite Hatred regeneration to unload Hatred spenders constantly. As I don't believe in guides and skill build recommendations without video proofs, I have made a series of gameplay videos to demonstrate this build. Criticisms, suggestions and feedback are definitely welcome! Skill Build I will first provide the links to the skill builds for my Demon Hunter and Scoundrel follower, followed by explanations.!YXe!caYZZZ Primary - Hungering Arrow Spray of Teeth Secondary - Elemental Arrow Ball Lightning Defensive - Shadow Power Gloom Defensive - Caltrops Torturous Ground Hunting - Preparation Punishment Hunting - Companion Bat Companion Passive - Steady Aim Passive - Archery Passive - Night Stalker!0000!1010 Crippling Shot Dirty Fighting Multishot Anatomy The cornerstone of this build is Punishment, which refills all Hatred at a 25 Discipline cost. Hatred spenders have much more damage potential than Hatred generators, but when Hatred depletes, our DPS declines a lot when we have to revert back to using Hatred generators. Night Stalker synergizes with Punishment seamlessly by enabling a Hatred-Discipline feedback cycle: Spend Hatred to perform attacks that generate Discipline from Night Stalker. Spend Discipline to generate Hatred using Punishment. In this way, Hatred spenders can be used almost indefinitely until the use of Discipline for defensive purposes breaks the equilibrium. The Hatred spender of choice is Ball Lightning: High damage to Hatred ratio reduces the need to use Punishment. Low Hatred cost of 10 is not as punishing as high Hatred high damage skills if the attack misses and allows more attacks to be used to trigger Night Stalker before Hatred depletes. Multiple hits per attack activates Night Stalker more frequently. Piercing attack can go through Invulnerable Minions to reach the main elite mob. Large radius allows approximate aiming, which is very useful when kiting and stutter stepping in the heat of the battle. Ball Lightning is also very efficient in clearing trash mobs for its low cost and large radius, improving the time efficiency of your farming runs. The Hatred generator of choice is Spray of Teeth: Critical hits give an extra chance to trigger another critical hit through the splash damage effect, increasing the frequency of activating Night Stalker. Elites are typically clumped up when kiting, which is favorable for splash damage effects. Spray of Teeth should only be used when there is insufficient Discipline for Punishment to restore Hatred, or when there is only 1 target left since it performs better than Ball Lightning on single targets. An alternative is Entangling Shot Justice is Served, which generates 6 Hatred. This will greatly shorten the downtime of Ball Lightning when Hatred is lacking. The Bat Companion provides another 3 Hatred per second passively, reducing the need to use Punishment and allowing greater Hatred regen when you need to run to gain more distance and have no time to attack. This skill is not essential though and can be replaced with other skills such as Marked for Death Mortal Enemy and Rain of Vengeance Stampede, but I strongly recommend it. The kiting tool of choice is Caltrops Torturous Ground, which immobilizes enemies for a short moment when the trap springs. I find this extremely effective in countering Fast affixed elites as compared to other skills like Vault. Although the Bait the Trap rune's 10% bonus critical hit chance is very tempting, you would really need the immobilizing effect to handle Fast elites well. Shadow Power Gloom serves as a counter to the Reflect Damage affix as well as a general damage mitigation skill. Gloom's damage reduction and life steal effects allows you to tank projectiles quite effectively, however Gloom is not a definite counter to the Mortar affix since mortar damage is quite high. Gloom can allow you to tank quite a few melee hits when you life steal via your attacks, which is useful against Wallers and Jailers. Gloom lasts for 3 seconds, which is superior to Smoke Screen Lingering Fog's 1.5 seconds, but the downside is that Gloom cannot break crowd control effects like Fear and Jail. If your Life and Resistance stats are too low, you may consider switching back to Smoke Screen. Steady Aim and Archery are almost mandatory for high damage output. The Scoundrel follower is chosen for the 3% bonus critical hit chance buff from Anatomy, which provides damage boost and higher chance to trigger Night Stalker. Dirty Fighting is a useful though unreliable crowd control tool that blinds enemies, and it can save your life quite often as Lyndon uses it only when enemies are in his proximity. When given a Cold damage bow or crossbow, Multishot helps to slow down multiple mobs by 30%, which is somewhat useful. Other followers are also viable, such as the Enchantress' 15% armor buff or the Templar's bonus 1 Hatred regeneration. My Stats For Reference My stats are obviously limited by gold as well as my decision to have MF on my gear so that I don't have to go through the annoyance of MF gear swapping. Offense 2178 Dexterity 42.5% Critical Hit Chance +434% Critical Hit Damage 2.14 Attacks Per Second +4% Increased Damage Against Elites 79043.66 Damage Defense 905 Vitality +20% Total Life Bonus 38431 Maximum Life 676 Life per Second 92 Life per Hit 3047 Armor (50.39% Damage Reduction) 41.8% Dodge Chance 110 All Resistance (26.92% Damage Reduction) 136 Physical Resistance (31.27% Damage Reduction) 156 Fire Resistance (34.14% Damage Reduction) Resource 125 Maximum Hatred 4 Hatred Regenerated per Second 52 Maximum Discipline 3 Discipline Regenerated per Second Adventure +24% Movement Speed +65% Magic Find +0% Gold Find Gear Selection Tips Critical Hit Chance is important for this build due to Night Stalker, but a few % points difference won't be game breaking. My Demon Hunter dual wields but it is your choice if you prefer to use 2H crossbow/bow. I was using a 2H crossbow previously and it works fine. The 10% critical chance from Archery when main handing a hand crossbow is almost the same as using an 8%++ critical hit chance quiver. 25% movement speed is a huge advantage that is worth sacrificing DPS for especially against Fast elites or naturally fast mobs. This build does not need to rely on Life per Hit to counter Reflect Damage. Instead, you need to have a sizeable effective health pool to make Shadow Power Gloom work. As you can see from my stats, I do have quite a bit of Life but relatively low Resistances. I would say about 30000 HP and 100 All Resistance should be the minimum comfortable level to go for. Fire Resistance is quite useful if you encounter Vortex and Molten/Fire Chains elites, as well as the fire projectile attacks in Act 3. Lastly, as this build is Discipline intensive, having sufficient Maximum Discipline is crucial. Although I am running with 52 now, I would say 45 is more than enough. Since Punishment does not refill Discipline completely unlike other Preparation runes, there is no point in having too much Maximum Discipline. Throughout the elite battle, your Discipline would be hovering at about 15, therefore the only benefit of even more Maximum Discipline is to open the fight with more Discipline at your disposal initially. General Gameplay Tips The challenge of this build is to know when to use and when not to use Punishment. If you are in a safe situation and have enough Discipline, go for it and refill your Hatred for more Ball Lightning DPS! If you go too aggressive on your Discipline you would risk being vulnerable when Gloom is unavailable. The 2 basic rules are: Constantly attack with Ball Lightning as long as there are more than 1 enemy, otherwise use Spray of Teeth. When you run out of Hatred, assess if you don't need to be spending Discipline defensively at the moment before using Punishment, otherwise preserve Discipline and regenerate Hatred with Spray of Teeth instead. Additionally, always try to stay at maximum range to take advantage of Ball Lightning's slow travel time. Elite Affix Tips Arcane Enchanted: Stay far away. Desecrator: Side step the fire pits. If you get jailed on top of it, Gloom and keep attacking with Ball Lightning and run when the jail breaks. Electrified: Stay far away. Extra Health: DPS harder! Fast: Use Caltrops Torturous Ground generously to stop them in their tracks Fire Chains: Always group up the elite mobs so the chains don't stretch a long distance. If this comes with Vortex or Teleport, try to stay max range so that these 2 affixes do not activate, but if in you're in an enclosed area, the only choice is to preempt with Gloom to stay alive. Frozen: Stay far away. It can be very dangerous to be caught in a bunch of frost orbs when trapped within walls. In this situation, the only choice is to Gloom and run through the elite pack while avoiding the orbs. Health Link: No threat. Horde: Ball Lightning works wonders here. Illusionist: Ball Lightning works wonders here. Invulnerable Minions: The invulnerable minions usually walk faster ahead of the main elite mob, so use Ball Lightning to pierce through the pack and control the minions using Caltrops. Jailer: Stay out of range the avoid getting jailed. If you get jailed nevertheless, do a preemptive defense with Gloom. Knockback: Not much of a threat unless the elite pack shoots projectiles. If you do get knocked back, activate Gloom to preempt attacks since the knock back slows you be a fair bit. Missile Dampening: Ball Lightning will obliterate the elite pack because the lightning bolts pulse continuously within the missile dampening aura. Molten: Stay far away. Mortar: Either stay far away and attack with Ball Lightning at max range, or constantly move around so that the mortars miss you. Nightmarish: Not much of a threat. (But I have ever died from being feared by an elite archer pack into Desecrate...) Plagued: Stay far away. Reflects Damage: Kite and fire Ball Lightnings; the damage reflected will bring your life down a fair bit. Once you get to a safe spot with Caltrops laid down nicely, activate Gloom and fire as many Ball Lightnings as possible to steal life. There might not be sufficient Discipline for Punishment so be careful. Note that only Ball Lightnings fired within the 3-second window are imbued with 20% life steal, so as long as the Ball Lightning leaves your weapon, it is guaranteed to steal life. Shielding: Not much of a threat although a lengthier fight and the inability to generate critical hits on shielded mobs would strain your Discipline pool. Teleporter: Always place a Caltrop beneath you and run immediately if the elite teleports beside you. Vampiric: No threat. Vortex: Stay out of range to avoid, but if vortexed, immediately Gloom and run. Waller: Stay far away to avoid getting walled. The version that surrounds you in a passageway can be very dangerous if combined with Frozen or Arcane Enchanted. This can be somewhat countered if you fight along the edges of the map as some parts of the walls might not spawn. If you do get caught in the passageway, have Caltrops up to immobilize the elite mobs to buy time. Gameplay Videos I recorded a full Act 3 Inferno run using this build. You will see only a few deaths to the 46 elite packs cleared in this run. Check out the speed and versatility of this build for trash mob clearing and various elite packs. Here is the playlist: Cheers, RonshugarRonshugar24 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Can anyone with a char profile who can kill act3 with around 150 mf link let me check out there setup. Just came back after like a month and a half. Trying to see what stats i'll need and stuff. I do alright in act2 get beat in act3. Thanks. (Inferno btw)Draken11 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 The most unique MF helm in Diablo! 32 DEX 62 VIT 5% LIFE 45% MF (With star topaz) Put your offers below!Garcons1 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 The most relevant change actually Razor Disk? When they initially nerfed NT, the five skills that we thought would replace NT were Ball lightning, Frost Arrow, Razor Disk, Screaming Skull and Impale-overpenetration. The above 5 skills were basically seen as essentially like for like NT replacements (spammable DPS) with most choosing Frost, Ball and some users going Razor. Eventually people discovered the burst damage of cluster arrow and this playstyle quickly attracted many fans. Today many players are still using a spam setup with Frost and Ball lighning and I am actually very happy to see Razor Disk competing with this skill. At 187% damage it will outdamage both frost and Ball. Ball has the advanatage of AOE. Razor offers the most straight line damage and well as a swirling animation which may or may not hit more mobs. Frost has snare which synergies with CtW but less reliable straightline damage compared to razor as well as less damage overall.Alagos0 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Could you please critique my DH? So.... Can I have any critique? I'm not sure how I should build my character for inferno. Thanks in advance ^^;Elaine6 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Please help me to improve survibility 1 hit and I die, but I can also 1 hit the enemy. My goal is keep dps above 200k. What do I need to improve to die less in act 3 ? Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 DH Preview - Not bad? Looks OK to me. The biggest news seems to be the buff to Rain of Vengeance. Trying to get us to put it in our builds. No nerf to HA must be a relief to many.TheProf58 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 FS: 120K DPS, Nats, 58K health, 250 res I'm thinking of selling my gear if there's sufficient interest in it. If not, not really in a rush to sell, willing to see how much fun 1.04 is. The build is based on Gloom tanking everything. And PvP, which will require huge amount of effective health, attack speed, DPS, and run speed. Here's the stats. @@ Look at the damage consistency of the bow @@ 120K DPS 25% Run speed 248 Res all, 2949 armor 58K Health 1.97 attack speed 4 Hatred, 3 Discipline -4 Impale - the best PvP cloak You can see my gear through my profile. Gear is worth between 1-1.5B. Only looking for Paypal offers on full set.ZJINM13 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 new rain of vengence... so... assume someone who have 500k dps, and given 715% extra dmg + half screen hitting box, they will be doing 4.1m dmg over 5 seconds after patch... wonder who will survive this in pvp... are they really thinking this through?ihikki14 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 WTS: Very nice DH MF helm. 32 DEX 62 VIT 5% LIFE 45% MF (With star topaz)Garcons1 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Amazing DH Chest selling chest piece 70 dex 198 vit 75 all resis 3 open sockets no bin as of yet, make me an offerTysZ1 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Sell Xbow, 1050 DPS, 80% crit | OS | 3% LS c/o 18m.Haraken4 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Dexterity importance? Ok, im still pretty newby but slowly im working my way up. Im looking to upgrade my chest piece next which as it sits is loaded with dex but i have no resist on it. I think im currently sitting close to 2000 dex and I know dropping a little bit of it wont hurt me but how much can I really afford to drop in favor of resistance. I guess im a glass cannon type build but slowly working my way up to all around competance. So I guess what im asking is how much dex overall I'd be able to drop and still be able to kill things?TheGreatKhan4 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Barb trifecta Hey guys i've got a barb trifecta for sale in trading, just to let those who play barbs as well know =) Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Best Gfg Mf Dex Gloves On this forum! Post your offers! Im setting a 24 hr res of 60m and a bin of 80m Current offer is 35m on d2jsp.Funeral10 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Can't farm act 3 effectively to progress Hi guys Can you guys take a look at my gear and tell me what should i do to improve effectiveness of farming act 3. I die soo much in act 3. Profile is a bit misleading for some reason, my crit chance is sitting at something like 44.5 and Crit Dmg is about 320-350 i think. But i still die so often, is it the all res gear that im missing? Ps without SS, the dps is about 53-54k. Gear are so expensive and i want o upgrade smartly, i know i probably need a new xbow but they're just so damn expensive. anything with a cc + socket is like 10m which i don't have. Managed to crawl pass Azmodan but now stuck with Rag. Thankskptn8210 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 WTS Gloves - You should take a look DHs Taking bids on these. Just about any bid will work! --------------------------------- --------------------------------- Link to trade: Auction ends 8/17 3PM EDT. Thanks for looking! c/o: #24 500k #25 750kInons5 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 how do you guys clear a3 comfortably? extra fast mobs is like... instant death... extra fast mobs with invulnerability ... instant death as well... llol teleporting mobs... hard to space them out... i have 37,000 hps 46k dps w/o ss 320 AR 46 discipline i run smoke screen - lingering fog spike traps - scatter shadow power - gloom preparation - backup plan huntering arrow - puncturing arrow elemental arrow - nether tentacles id tag is: uchihaitachi#1312 critique my build critique my gear all suggestions welcome !! thanks !UchihaItachi9 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Having some with build? I've been breezing through Hell with my Lvl 60 DH. Took out Iskatu and Rakanoth without dying. But I'm almost to Diablo and suddenly I've hit a wall where I'm just dying over and over. Can some experienced folks take a look at my build and see if I'm about where I should be gear/health-wise or any tips on my skills. This is my first Diablo game, so any trolls that want to say "L2P"...well, that's what I'm trying to do. Any help or ideas will be appreciated. Thanks. EDIT: After taking these suggestions I am now in Inferno, doing 44K DPS with SS, and have about 40K HP. Doing much better but still getting bogged down in early Inferno. Any further critiques/suggestions will be appreciated.LungButter5 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Quitting Sale [RMAH Only] - Upper Tier Gear Most of my gear has already sold. Here's what's left. All prices are final. Shoulders - SOLD Amulet - SOLD Gloves - $5 Belt - $10 Nat's Mark - *now on the GAH for 100M* Rare Ring - $24.00 Quiver - $19.00 Edit: Revised wrong pricingSacrosanct13 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Best way to get 100% crit emerald? What is the best way to get one of those emeralds? Is it cheaper to just buy the smaller emeralds and upgrade or just buy one off the AH. How much total as well?Naderade3037 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Wtb MF ring plus DPS upgrades Looking for a magic find ring DEX Critdmg 20-30 rate 3-4 magic find 16 or better looking for nata boots 150 dex. sitting on alot of gold.Icrit0 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Chakram buffs just go to show that Blizzard doesn't really know what they're doing with DH. They're really just adding damage to unpopular abilities and hoping it works. Look at Serpentine for example. Go in game and try it out for 5-10 minutes. Do you see the problem? Is it the damage? I'll spoil it for you. Serpentine's trajectory, speed, and hitbox are such that it misses more often than it hits. And they're adding 27% damage to that and calling it good? Here's my suggestion. Make it leave a trail that DoTs enemies so even if it misses you can get decent AoE out of it. That's just one example. Try out random skills and see how many of them need mechanics changes. Obviously Blizzard's designers didn't take the time to do that.Khristophoro13 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 WTB --- Nat helm and boots for gold Looking for: Natalya's helm 80+dex 3.5-4% cc Natalya's boots 120+dex I'm only going to buy it if it's in my budget range. Russell#6132Russell2 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Selling this gloves for DH hi I'm about to sell this gloves in the AH but first i want to show them to u guys how much are u willing to offer? Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 What items I should Upgrade? Beside that, I have another gear with around 1600 Dex 1300 Vit AR 600, but MF is 123 (unbuff). Should I keep my current gear, or I will change to second gear with higher DPS and lower MF. For both gear, I can farm alone act 3 well.TommyBui2 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Duel Wield Or Quiver Hey I was wondering if it is better to duel wield or get a two hander with a quiver. I know it depends on the weapons considering but I am just wondering which is better in most cases and to search for on the AH.Eddard1 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Selling decent Xbow for fairly good price! 1129 dps, 165 - 535 fire damage, 103 dex, 83 intell, With an open socket. Has a 70% crit emerald in it already. In auction atm for 2.5 million, buy out at 15 million.Friedrice340 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 PC on a 1 hand xbow Terrible DPS but has decent stats, I don't play DH so I don't know how the dual wield mechanics work for them. 328 dex 161 vit 114 int 83% crit damage socket Thank you. Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Calculating Caltrops and Spike Trap damage Hi guys. Was wondering if someone could help me out with regards to how damage for caltrops and spike traps is calculated? Mainly should i use a high damage slow weapon or a fast weapon with lower damage to get maximum output? Does dex affect it or is it purely weapon dps based? Thanks!Nivre3 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 BUFF FERRETS because nothing is more hilarious then watching two ferrets taring apart a demon 20x their size!Ekirei0 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 What am I doing wrong? My dps is only 24k. Is this normal for Act 1 Inferno? Would anyone mind looking at my DH and critiquing?Marcus5 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 dex/vit/allres/critchance bracers!<<<<BRACERS Offer away. BIN 20m RadicalFire#1487RadicalFire2 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Selling Decent AMMY! High Dex and Critical!! Selling this ammy quick by tonight hopefully. All offers are accepted here or in game. Add me! C/O: Here are the following stats of this amulet: +105 Strength +235 Dexterity +84 Intelligence +Critical Hit Damage Increased by 49% Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Selling nat ring with 7% atk speed and 4%life 50mBigHeadCW0 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Please critique my DH Please give me any advice you can about my gear, itemization, stats, and build! I'm currently still farming Act 1..Hashirama11 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 WTS>1131 DPS XBOW W/SOCKET W/CRITAL HIT 1131 DPS XBOW w/ open socket 806 - 1251 damage 33 MAX damage 247-531 lighting damage 34 % damage 819 life after each kill Built in - Crit hit damage 61% Empty socket for gem of your choice C/O 85 MILL ADD PwnedBeNemo#1174PwnedByNemo3 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 WTS: Trifecta Gloves - One of a kind. The time has come for me to part ways with my very unique gloves. My stat priorities have changed, and I'm needing all resist now. Full stats 317 total armor 71 dex 163 vit 5% attack speed 50% crit damage 9% crit chance C/O 50m seen here Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 the trouble with ghom... can anyone lend me a hand in killing ghom in inferno? i can't afford to spend all this gold on repairs trying to solo him.BJS6 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Help to improve my DPS Hello guys, this is my gear link , im needing some tips to improve my dps, farming some cash to buy my nat's mark, but i need some help on how to improve what i already have, cause my dps seems to be low ;s. Thanks guysSzlachta2 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 PC on Crit/MF gloves Hello, need a price check on an archon gloves with 345 armor 129 Dex 97 vit 29 fire res 49 crit dmg 20 MF Thank you,.trickst3r3 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 done We all know the patch is coming and that it will drop prices on high end weapons tremendously. Here's the deal, I'm looking for an upgrade now, knowing prices will drop significantly, I do expect a very high end xbow, if you expect the full 500m budget. You can view my profile and see my current xbow and gear, obviously it must be at least a 10k dps upgrade. General guideline: 1400+ dps, with a socket, native crit damage, and/or dex, vitality and life steal are nice too! Thanks guys, this helps out both parties. I get a nice xbow now, and you don't get 100m for a 'current' high end xbow post-patch. post em!Joekeef0 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Help with MF (DPS) set. I was waiting for an update to the AH so I could search for more than 3 Affixes but it doesn't seem like it's coming any time soon. TBH switching gear is annoying and there's a chance it's getting the nerf bat, plus the increase of 4 by normal mobs seems to have pushed me to invest in a MF set without swapping. My question is, what criteria do you look for in the AH when searching for MF gear? I mean I know it's going to cost a lot but what are the 3 stats you search for? I'm looking for something around 60-70k dps with some survivability. I see a lot of people fortunate to have ASI/CC/CD/DEX/MF all on one item, but let's be honest not very many people could afford that or are lucky enough to roll that. So what main stat's should I look for in certain equipment that would give me about 200+MF and not give up too much DPS and survivability? I mean I know if I had 1billion gold this wouldn't be a problem but my budget is around 100m and I would like to keep my Nat's set if possible since I'm a n00b and like to spam SS/SP.BdiZzLe6 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 153dex 38 vit 3CC 34CD 177 armor add Imminence#1346 50M OBO... but already about 1/3 of the price on AHImminence0 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 QUIVER +10 Dis/1+Hate/80 Dex/8% CC Hi! Have another quiver... Attack Speed 15% 81 Dex +10 Discipline (MAX) 1.17 Hatred Regen (Get rid of that bat) 8% Critical Hit Chance (it's .5%.. deal...) Some str and int. You can say this is the swiss army knife of quivers and basically does it all. What it lacks in firepower (some dex and/or another dam mod), it makes up for with key stats. Near max crit, max dis, and lots of regen. AND the damage aint so bad either. :) So if you haven't had a quiver that does it all or need a better one, you may want to treat your DH to this. Feel free to offer on it. I will let it go if I like what I hear or keep it for my dh to play with. Thx! obijonkenobi#1850obijonkenobi5 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 S> MF dev/vit/20mf/6cc bracers Sold of most of my gear only a few left. 128 Dex | 107 vit | 43 LR | 20% MF | 6% CC BIN Set @ 44M C/O 32M [JSP Thread] PS: Botter Special buy my bow! Currently on GAH 1120DPS|176Dex|161%CD|nox14 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Excel formulas for Weapons compared to stats I want to create a spread sheet that I can add my personal attributes too such as Crit chance crit dam dex attack speed Then take any weapon i come accross and add in the dps attack speed plus any attributes the weapon may have. The point of the spread sheet would be able to directly compare 2 weapons in order to decide which one gives me more damage over time. For example if 2 weapons are exactly the same but one adds a higher crit chance and one adds a it more of attack speed the spread sheet would allow me to see which weapon would better suite me. It would show me, How much more I would crit with one of the other which one would do more damage per hit and if the one that attacks faster allows me to crit more do to more attacks which obviously allows me to do more damage. If anyone can help with this I would appreciate the input and If we can put this together it would be nice to give everyone access to it in order to help everyone with their character builds. Thanks.NichoDiaz3 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 Saving for nat set how much gold do I need to have before starting to shop for a decent set? o/Veritech2 Aug 17, 2012
Aug 17, 2012 DH 1.0.4 Preview... Rapid Fire is fine? I really like the feel of rapid fire... only its bad. Kind of disappointing they aren't addressing that at all or discussing the crazy-better-than-everything-else damage on cluster arrow: cluster bombs. Also lol at no tank hunter nerf (considering the wizard precedent) - or mention of that being the only use for grenades in the game while discussing grenade use...Phone20 Aug 17, 2012