Demon Hunter

Aug 11, 2012 SS over Archery...? Not sure to do that with my stats or not. I have around 35k DPS without SS and 65k with it. I'm not sure to keep it or not. Opinions?Joker3 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 Inferno Act 2 Struggles, Need advice Hey guys, I am new to diablo and need some advice. I am about a third of the way through act 2 on inferno and I have come to the conclusion that my gear is no where near up to par. I completed act 1 inferno without much problem but obviously there is a difficult spike between the acts. I have very low DPS, around 40k and that is WITH SS, which is terribly low. I do not want to use the RMAH, I was wondering if you could give me a suggestion on where to farm to get gold and loot to sell possibly or what to do here. And how much gold would i need to buy semi-decent gear off the AH? Much appreciated, I know my character is no good but that is why I need advice on what to do. Thanks.Paymoney3 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 having trouble act2 pls help Hey everyone pls look over my build, stats, etc let me know what u think i need to change. Just seem too be having lots o trouble with elites in act 2. Thanks in advanceJagoff1 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 Price check I just want price check on my gears feel free to judge my profile too. plans to quit and sell it to my irl friends thanks.lordkenn0 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 Price check on this quiver I play barb and know little about the quiver. Just found, and was wondering how much is it worth Str 83 Dex 89 Int 36 Attack spd 15 +Max dis 6 cc 8 1 socket Thx!T2Space4 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 PC Dead Man's dex/vit/20IAS/1.05 Hat reg/+6D Hi all, I'm not sure what this is worth considering i can't search according to attack speed. But here's the item: Dead Man's Legacy (Legendary) 104 Dex 108 Vit Attack speed Increased by 20% Increased hatred regen by 1.05 per second +6 max discipline increase crit hit chance of rapid fire by 6% Thanks in advance :) If anyone wants it, let me know.Killthezerg11 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 **SELLING** 1k bow w/ Vit & crit dmg --- 2mil Good starter bow. Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 What am I doing wrong? I am still doing Act 1 Inferno. Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 Cheap 1072 dps Xbow to help fellow DHers Hunter's Revenge 1072 dps +232 Min dmg +227 Max dmg +28% damage +145 strength 49% CD 2414 Life after Killer Looking to sell quick! Drop and offer =) YuTF#1406YuTF0 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 Looking4DH farm team u 100k dps with 300mf Ill switch to max MF. wearing gear. tank til switch. -- You cluster arrow not pure glass cannon - able to finish - Tank/Find packs with sprint jump charge. 35k dps.Trix4 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 PC on this Dex/Vita/CC/CD Arcane Res ring any help?GUNT0 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 WTS > Trifecta Gloves - Need them gone asap. 280 Armor +162 Dex +88 Vit +50 Physical Reist Attack speed increased by 6% Critical Hit Damage increased by 21% Critical Hit Chance increased by 7.5% letting them go for 20m, super cheap compared to what people have them listed on the AH.trouble3 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 Random Stuff from my Stash Sale Link: Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 cluster arrow + steady aim? Now that I am using cluster bombs more often I wonder.... Does steady aim get triggered less since I am closer to enemies (within CA range)? What does 10 yards in game look like??leaf3 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 EPIC BOW NOW ON AH Arguably one the best bow found in D3. This Godly Bow deserves a Godly Price. Bid away guyz before its too late.snow11 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 any help/advice would be much appreciated :) hello im on act 4 hell and have noticed a die ALOT. i was wondering what im all missing in terms of gear and if my build is stable enough to make it through inferno or does that need to be changed to? thank you for reading this and taking the time to respondTHEDUKE4200 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 Trifecta 6/7.5/26 - 181 Dex, 69 Vit Gloves FS 181 Dex 69 Vit 6 IAS 7.5 Crit 26% Crit Damage Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 need to upgrade but dont know where to start. simple enough. i can solo act 1 and most of act 2. any advice would be helpful. thx.lowercaseB2 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 1.1k Bow Double Crit! Bin after few bids czar#1884Yumehiko2 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 PC/WTS 29% Block Shield with Dex/Vit/AR/MF Hi, I have no idea if this is worth anything but thought I'd ask as it is impossible to search for on the AH. 1214 Armor 29% Block Chance 3706-4706 Block Amount 31 Dexterity 86 Vitality 47 Resist All 12% Better Chance of Finding Magic Items +9% Chance To Block ThanksEaglepigjim0 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 11, 2012 P/C on 1092 DPS Bow Also posted this in trading, but no responses and am still curious. Archer's Feint 1091.7 DPS 356-1049 Damage 1.55 Attacks per Second 275 - 590 Poison Damage 227 Dex 73 Int 147 Vit 11% IAS 2.8% Life Leech Haven't seen anything like it on the GAH so not sure where to price it. Don't hate because it doesn't have Crit chance/damage or socket, just price as is please. Thanks!ThirdEyE4 Aug 11, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Which Nat's mark ? help me choose ! Currently at 42% crit chance. Auctioning my old nats ring, i have Budget 100-150m thats probably should allow me grab something like 70 - 80 dex, 20-25 cd or similar stat but with CC. Which one would better ? I always use SS by the way, any input / opinion ? ThanksAlizae3 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 sold Selling as whole including goldkhaleesi13 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Advice on armour upgrade. As it stands my chest is as follows: 108 dex 30 vit 26 cold res 17 reflect dmg 3 socket /w Dex gems I'm wanting to upgrade this piece but I dont know if I should just keep building up Dex on it, or go for the legendaries with less dex but with helpful stats such as attack speed and crit chance. Some helpful advice will be appreciated.NerdxRage3 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 GODLY ring on market Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Looking for MF - Trifecta Gloves /w Dex LMK - 50-100mil budgetnox2 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 WTS Tank Demon Hunter Gear See Profile Thank You Also have one-hand xbows LOH +600s SELLING ALL THE GEAR ON MY DEMON HUNTERTae0 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Price check for Natalya's Shadow with 60 AR Any price for this? Seems like there isn't much pieces with all resist in the AH All stats 41 Dex 61 Vit 60 All resist 7% life Increase Critical hit chance of strafe by 6% 3 socketsSQ793 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Help me get to 200k DPS (Non SS) I've been trying different combinations but I can't seem to get it right. I've been looking at other 200k profiles and some have way more IAS so I tried increasing it by 27 but lost some dex and crit chance and my overall dps went down by 10k. At one point I had 55% crit chance but my crit damage was about 150 lower than others. Is this the reason why because of my weapon not having it? I've also been trying to get my AR up but it's hard not to sacrifice dps. Plus I don't even notice the difference in act iii and iv. What area should I improve on? Thanks Strength: 282 Dexterity: 2812 Intelligence: 106 Vitality: 1164 Armor: 3933 Damage: 145k AR: 254 Crit Chance: 45.5 Crit Damage: 251 Attacks Per Sec: 1.45 HP: 44k (Xbow, 145 dps, 344 LOH) HP: 46k (Bow, 88k dps, 1524 LOH) I use the bow for reflective elitesblkdrgn12 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Ideal DH Surv Stats Here (no gloom) for anyone interested in building Surv DH these are just some rough figures i have come up with after experimenting with some different gear sets throughout my farming of inferno, and as the title says, this is WITHOUT SP/gloom... armor seems to be the least effective and most expensive mod in terms of the price to effective survivability ratio (prolly because of the value of armor to monks) although horrible armor will ruin these figures... around 2.5k-3k should suffice (1shot threshold) stats - allrez/hp act 1 - 150/15k act 2 - 200/20k act 3 - 350/30k act 4 - 400/30k (2-3 shot threshold) stats - allrez/hp act 1 - 200/20k act 2 - 300/25k act 3 - 400/30k act 4 - 450/35k these are the non-elite thresholds... which means that if you have about these stats you should be able to take about this many shots from a non-elite mob w/o any regen and survive... and the 2-3 shot threshold for non-elites is about the 1 shot threshold from elites... so if you have the stats listed for the 2-3 shot threshold, you should be able to take 1 hit from an elite and survive :) obviously other combinations of the allrez/hp ratios will yield the same or similar results and these are very rough estimates... these specific ratios seemed to be the cheapest to attain at each price/gear range... so i felt compelled to share my findingsPhilos14 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Is this trifecta glove worth 50m? 168 dex 8 ias 31 crit damage 5.5 crit chance 15 magic find 40 phys res Thanks in advance for any input!Cloud93 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Are Lengendaries worth buying now? New buffs coming to legendary items after next patch. Kinda sucks for the exhisting lengendaries since they won't be getting the new buff. I would think with this new change we should start seeing a dramatic decrease in prices until the new patch comes out.Oceanminded6 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 What gear do I need? I really seem to need something to help heal me, whether it be life on hit, or life steal idk. But overall i think my gears !@#$e, so any advice on gear will be helpful. Bear in mind I only have 1.5m to spend >.<Ninjah3 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 If bows and xbows can roll the new affixes... Trolol guys 2k DPS crossbow! Seriously I kinda hope they can't roll the new affixes. We can use a quiver (arguably best offhand?) with our 2h weapons.Khristophoro2 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 after 1.04 windforce and hellrack gg again no more all focking yellow, but damn inferno got nerf to the ground.IMCL8513 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 DH Tank and Diablo - 3rd day as Tank cleared So I easily cleared act III and act IV last night in inferno in my cruddy gear. But once I got to big D, I had a horrible time. His running away and nuking hard from ranged was horrific. I tried hungering arrow, but then I had issues when he was close and in phase II. I bought a freeze belt and stun gloves, lost a lot of health and some resist, and I did much better. I literally had him interrupted for most spells. But the variabliity threw me off-guard and I started messing up. I ended up throwing on some of my monks gear, and that was all I needed. With just a few of his nice pieces I then killed him right away. I love this build but I can tell it must be VERY expensive to gear up for. It has to be the lowest cost progression build though, so I absolutely love it. I doubt it will work for pvp, and if it does it will get nerfed at that point. But for now, I think all DHs should try it out, especially if you are sick of dying. Keep your cannon set though, you will need it in the future I suspect.tdzhon9 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Price check on this 1H Crossbow Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 This worth anything? Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 PC> Critdmg Xbow What's this worth, DH folks? Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Blacksmith Recipe Prices already gone UP Guys, check AH. Recipes for all lvl 62 weapons with 5 ou 6 opts has deeply increased. Seems like people are already getting prepared for 1.0.4 or am I missing something?TiagoMD8 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Selling xbow 1357 11ias 44cd Check it out on my profile. Taking offersCopenHagen0 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Monk and DH vs Diablo 53 seconds (Inferno) Monk and Demon Hunter vs Diablo (53 seconds) Could've been 43 seconds if I wasn't such a bad player. Note 1:11. Feel free to: Enjoy Comment Question Flame Rage Act jelly Hate ************* These are just links *************** (Solo) Inferno Diablo (80 seconds) (Inferno) DH Duo Diablo [1 minute 6 seconds] (Solo) Inferno Diablo (29 seconds) Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Godly Dex boots in AH 232 dex 132 vit 40 physical resist 70 all resist and 11 movement speed its up for 200mil if anyone wants itWeltall0 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Need advice on gear. I know that i need a better bow. But items with which stats should i look for the others in order to be able to farm Act 3?shndany3 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Selling natalya's ring 61 str 80 dex 7 attack speed 25% crit. damage 153 life regen. Gold bids only! Starting at 100 mil Add me in game Duffmanz#1168Duffmanz2 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 PC Seven Sins please 184dex 38vit 49 res all 44 arcane 42intel 82 str +172 armor (458 armor) prices on ah are all over the place you can make offers, will sell if offers are interesting (via ah only) thanks o/Veritech2 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 bad decision? So i sold my legendary bracer plan today for 10mil bad choice?Mistameow4 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 WTS 2H XBOW 1383 DPS, 77% CRIT DAM I'm selling the following 2H XBOW: 1383.3 DPS 1034-1481 Damage +278 Minimum Damage +299 Maximum Damage +49% Damage Critical Hit Damage Increased by 77% Level Requirement Reduced by 7 When I put this crossbow into my damage spreadsheet, it pushed me from 70k damage to 86k damage without ss. Plug it into your spreadsheet and see what it does for you Starting bid: 60 Million Buyout: 100 Million Scammers don't bother. I know the tricks so pls don't bother wasting either of our time thxHydRAeZ2 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Newbie Player Here.. Hi all!!! I'm a new D3 player (2 weeks) from ASIA server.. - Demon Hunter I just started INFERNO and I really get a hard times on elite monsters.. I wanna get my hands on those good items but i can't even get my golds to 500k and good items costs millions to hundreds of millions worth of golds.. Q_Q any advice on how to farm golds the fastest possible way? thanks!j0sefuz2 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 lOoking for advice from godly dh's Hey so I have 80 mil to budget and was wondering if someone could help lead me in the right direction for what to buy.pwnmatt2 Aug 10, 2012