Oct 3 A little help for a final push Egads. I knew this build had basically defenses like wet paper, but damn do I feel weak. Even my DH can take hits in grift 55, but this char topples right over even on that level. I wanted to, in the last 2 weeks we have left, try and get at least on the leaderboard, but the way things are going I don't see it happening. I'm busy levelling gems to Caldesann my gear and hopefully in the meantime find some ancients pieces I'm still missing (I will swap the emeralds for diamonds at that time), but I'd love to hear any suggestions that improve my fragility. My profile Oct 3
Oct 2 Uliana Jewellery I'm running Duo with a healing monk, and I'm having a hard time figuring out what jewellery is going to give me more damage in the duo. Should I be running Focus and restraint, with COE cubed and a hellfire amulet, or should i be running Travellers pledge/Compass rose + Coe and something else cubed in the jewellery slot? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Ian2 Oct 2
Oct 2 Help me reroll Ancient fist of Az't with both Spirit regen and Spirit heal rolled on it. Which one of these are more useless and reroll into what for this weapon please I am new to monk need some insight tyUnrest2 Oct 2
Sep 30 Anyone tried LoN LTK in GR progression? Either solo or group, although more interested in group? Don't see any on the leaderboards.Negative59 Sep 30
Sep 30 INNA SW Generator? Basically the same as Inna r2 generator but i replaced the r2 with swk2. Gives an additional 50% damage reduction when sweeping wind is active. I replaced the missing r2 damage with depth diggers but i'm losing the 25% weapon speed. Will my damage suffer alot? Sep 30
Sep 29 Weak + Feeble My monk feels weak and feeble :( What am I doing wrong? I feel like my sheet stats are ok, but I am extremely ineffectual on t10 or higher... and gr46 or higher... I am probably missing something glaring - can anyone tell me what it is? First monk here.Kauboy5 Sep 29
Sep 29 Easiest monk set dungeon Hate set dungeons, but have to do at least one to get the stash tab. Which monk set dungeon is the easiest? Anyone cares to share a build on how they mastered it? Thanks.BIOLD09 Sep 29
Sep 29 heal per spirit spent and Spirit regen any use on weapon?Unrest6 Sep 29
Sep 28 [2.4.2] Sunwuko LTK + FoF variation (solo) Wrote up a quick dfans build to describe a less frustrating LTK build that uses FoF's DoT to keep Sweeping Wind stacks up. This allows you to drop BOTH Kyoshiro's Soul -AND- Vengeful Wind from your build, and giving you the option to pickup Focus/Restraint or CoE+Unity as well as STI. If you have the toughness adding Infused With Light can also make your rotation more interesting to play. You just need to make sure you have FoF's DoT on at least 2 enemies and you should have no problems ever losing SW. ^_^ I've pushed up to GR90 in non-season so don't expect it to compete with R6, but is fun(ner)! Sep 28
Sep 28 LON LTK 937 dex or 7AS ? Finally after 200 rolls, a half decent ancient HF but I cannot decide to reroll dex or AS to crit damage. I'm seasons with about 12,000 dex currently. 937 Dex 7AS 8.5 cc socket +exp Harmony. Thoughts please ! I have 6AS on mediocre gloves. I have a good ancient HF with Exalted Soul but that looks pretty weak for LTK LON.GAK6 Sep 28
Sep 27 Raiment 6piece + Serenity and WotHF Hi I would like to learn more about the build that the top monks seem to be using. Serenity and WotHF instead of Cyclone Strike and Epiphany. No Unity, no Lefebvre's Soliloqui, WH instead of SoE etc. Some use Band of the Rue Chamber, Eye of Peshkov. How do they do it at high GRs? I use the standard R6 setup, but struggle to survive at GR90. How can they do GR98+ with no defensive gear? Either a guide on the build or some statement from someone using the build would be nice. I can see that the build is used by 24% of monks atm. Thanks for reading Greetings from EU (our forums are dead, so I come here...) Sep 27
Sep 26 Rainment set dungeon I'm assuming the answer to this is simple and im a noob but when doing the season objectives you are asking to complete a set dungeon and master a set dungeon. If I go into Rainment dungeon and complete everyone objective except the mastery one I still dont get credit for completing a set dungeon. What am I doing wrong? Thanks guysBeaker3 Sep 26
Sep 25 W ould you trash this or use it Ancient eye of Elitch 17%cold dmg 58CHD 9CHC 6CDR thoughts? that CHD is like trolling me. new to monk do we even use it? thank youUnrest2 Sep 25
Sep 25 @Davlok or anyone who can advise R6 gear ... @Davlok some assistance if you don't mind... Assuming the gear is as per what is shown in profile now - 1) I see you are not using Lefebvre's shoulders? Or did you use it for the 92 finish? 2) Why Emeralds instead of Diamonds? I have to improve my gear a lot on seasons. I can see my shortcomings on gear clearly (no spirit in a weapon, no crippling wave dmg on pants and boots, haven't got a WH yet, and so on). Additional questions: 1) Will 40% CDR be enough in game? Or do I need more? 2) AD I believe should be 100% minimum - there are conflicting accounts about this. Some say 100% is enough and others say it should be more? Which is true? 3) How much HP is ideal? Around 100k or more? Sorry for a lot of questions. I am a monk noob (other than the time last year when I used heal monk in groups) Thanks!Anwin4 Sep 25
Sep 24 Monk & Heal / support I would like to know what would be the best set item to heal & support a group? Any link and / or advises about a build is very welcome. Note: Don't look at my build & gears I started this Monk few days agoVypwulf2 Sep 24
Sep 24 ZDPS Augments Hey guys! I'm working on progressing with my duo partner, and I just wasn't sure which stat I should be augmenting my gear with. Dex? Vit? A mix of both? Any help would be much appreciated ^_^Dani6 Sep 24
Sep 24 Suggested path for gear upgrades All, I used season 7 to create a barbarian and try out that class, but once I got my extra stash tab, I have come back to the monk as my preferred class. I made a few monks and tried out a few sets and I've decided that I will use my limited play time to work on my monk that is using the Raiment set. Here is a link: I am currently clearing GR65 to level gems, and for the most part, it has not been too bad but I couldn't go much higher without dying a whole lot. Obviously, I need to upgrade and augment gear. My question is basically: should I focus on running bounties and regular rifts to get materials to allow me to upgrade rare items? Or should I focus on GRs to level gems and augment the gear that I have? I don't have a huge amount of time to play, so either path will be a slow process, but I'm okay with that. Just curious if number crunchers have mapped out a more efficient route. Thank you!Newkastle3 Sep 24
Sep 24 Reroll: Shenlong's Relentless Assault Hey guys, RNG just dropped this for me today. What is the stat I need to reroll? I've seen top players use Dex,Vit,AD. Please have a look and let me know thanks in advance! Sep 24
Sep 22 [2.4.2 LoN] One Kick Monk I went extra lazy this patch and just made the guide on Diablofans: Mostly targeted at non-season scrubs like myself who don't really want to play Sunwuko Stack Manager 3 ^_^;Davlok45 Sep 22
Sep 21 my build needs help this is my first real attempt at Monk... I am trying to copy the ones I see that run around and blow everything up... very weak attempt on my part, any guidance would be appreciated.. or tell me what build to search for, don't even know what it's called :(Kauboy2 Sep 21
Sep 20 Depth Diggers vs CoE So basically, I want to know which is better. I have to choose between the two. Now that DD is multiplicative dmg, should I stay with that or go with full R6 and CoE in the kanai cube?BroManrk4 Sep 20
Sep 20 Too much Area Damage? Hello I'm currently stacking AD, but I'm may have gone too far.. I'm at 153% atm. My sheet dps took a nose dive, so I'm not sure if it's worth it. I downed a GR 85 with my previous setup. Vit on gloves, 3k dps fist with no AD (111 AD to be exact). Looking for any advice on my gear, but AD is my main concern. Thanks. Btw, I'm on EU, so my profile may not be that easy to find. Have a look on diabloprogress: Sep 20
Sep 20 Are dps monks being used a lot in speeds? Just asking, trying to figure if I should enchant my monks dps gear or iron out my witch doctor for speeds.Gzip6 Sep 20
Sep 19 Has Blizzard nerfed LTK monk for grifts It seems almost daily that Blizzard has made the consumption of sweeping wind stacks so rapid that in most cases 5-6 kicks are the upper limit before one must back off to let sweeping wind stacks rebuild and sometimes it takes much longer than it should, ie no monsters around and still no stacks increase. I thought Blizzard was trying to make various builds viable. That does not seem the direction any longer.SirJake2 Sep 19
Sep 19 Uliana2 mechanics Hi everyone! Can someone explane to me... when u apply ep with u2, without selecting it, witch rune it will be? Or it will be without the rune atall?Storm2 Sep 19
Sep 19 Ancient Gloves roll question I had very good fist of thunder gloves drop for my gen monk. I am trying to figure out to re-roll that would scale the best Fist Of Thunder 964 dex Cirt Dmg 35% Crit Chance 9% Area Damage 14% Sec res Fire 210 My question should I roll off area damage for AS? Should I roll of Dex for AS and then add dex back on with gem? I feel like having close to 1400 dex on a item with the gem is tough to give up. Would appreciate the help on deciding. Thanks!Driver6 Sep 19
Sep 19 Reroll question Hi guys, I just put together my R6 Gen build and I'm asking for advice on rerolls for both Shenlongs. My thoughts: * Relentless Assault: Options seem to be roll off Dex or IAS for CDR. It's a very high dex roll (994). AS seems to be important, and having it on the weapon provides most benefit, but I don't see anyone else using it * Fist of Legend: Not the best but it's what I have for now. Options appear to reroll base damage (since it is so low) or roll off Spirit Regen for CDR or AD. As a side note I do intend to get more CDR and AD on my gloves and shoulders. ThanksMrBungle3 Sep 19
Sep 19 Inner Sanctuary Safe Haven rune and Gizzard Has anyone tried the Gizzard gem while running safe haven rune on their zmonk? Since the 7% scaling is so low I just can't see gear LPS rolls as contributing enough to bother, but I feel like gizzard might contribute substantially.StoleOwnCar1 Sep 19
Sep 18 Wave of light Line damage nerf Okay. So, i know its been a while since this was nerfed and i'm probably going to get no attention on this whatsoever but i still wanted to say that ever since wave of light lost its additional line damage in patch 2.1 it hasn't been any fun for me. Wave of Light used to be my favorite monk ability but then i stopped playing diablo for about a month when I come back my favorite class feels as if it were ruined. I know im probably the only one that actually cares but if this could somehow bring back the line damage then that would make my diablo 3 experience that much more fun.Edgelord0 Sep 18
Sep 18 Need help with EP support monk I have been searching on the Interwebs and forums, but I can't find anything relevant on this build. Can a proper EP support monk link his profile here so that I can inspect him/her? Also, I would like to know whether EP support monk is better than the standard healing monk.Angelfirelor5 Sep 18
Sep 17 Tempest Rush Build - Sunwuko or LoN? I'm currently playing a LoN LTK monk but I don't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Now I want to try a build I originally was interested in centered around Tempest Rush. It seems there are two prominent builds for that right now, one using Sunwuko and another one using LoN. But since I don't have a lot of experience with my monk I don't know which one is better or what the differences (besides the obvious item differences) are. I'd be glad if you could help me in that regard. Thanks in advance.DankRafft3 Sep 17
Sep 17 T13 Rift competition Hi Monks, would you kindly consider to compete in T13 rift clear competition? This time is a bit different and we've got a prize up for grabs too! all the info is here: Sep 17
Sep 17 nerf asians please Theyre too good.. 96 gen monk HC by AAAosung on Korea. *claps* not too shabby Pretty much ends all hope of r1 world.Darth0 Sep 17
Sep 16 11% red. dmg from elites OR 15% life on chest What the title says. Char. name Jeeves, seasonal on EU. According to d3planner, I get 2mill more ehp from 15% life (+5k more LPH since I use Simpl. Strength). But most guides say 11% is better. Thoughts?Rhye5 Sep 16
Sep 16 Suggested aids for besting Malthew on T13 My Lashing tail kick monk has been unable to best Malthew on T13. Looking for changes to gear, etc that might push me over the limit. Sirjake#1845 ThanksSirJake8 Sep 16
Sep 15 Numlock "trick" does not work for me First time im actually playing a monk and the skill spamming is killing me. I read about auto using skills using numlock but i cant get it to work. This might or might not be related to that my keyboard does not have a numblock (logitech edge keyboard) - i bought an additional USB numpad which works fine but it does not autocast. I start the game with numlock enabled (or disabled, doesnt matter), i assigned 1 skill to numlock 1 or 5 or whatever - with numlock enabled i press the key, still holding that key - i disable numlock, and then let go of the key - it will not auto cast. I read that a similar thing for just one skill should work with assigning shift+X and using caps lock - i tried this on my regular keyboard and that will not work either. Is this a windows7 issue/setting ? Or did they fix this recently ?Harakiri11 Sep 15
Sep 13 Uliana + Zdps monk Hey guys! I was wondering if some of you guys might take a look at our monks and give me some feedback? We are stuck at GR 71, and I'm guessing it might be because were waiting on better rolls for our gear/Legendary gems/Augments, but do you guys see anything else that could use some changing? Or are we just at that point where we need to farm GRifts for the perfect gear? Note: In the ZDPS monk I know I'm missing my cubed ring for generating spirit, haven't aquired it yet. Thanks for taking the time to look :) Sep 13
Sep 11 Zdps monk question Hey guys! Just had a quick question here as a zdps monk. If I am going with little rogue/slanderer combo instead of Pig Sticker/ Solanium because my duo partner is not centered around a health globe build, do I still need to worry about crit chance? Or would I be better rolled elsewhere? Thanks in advance :)Dani2 Sep 11
Sep 11 2.4.2 T13 Speed LoN Cold Monk Hey guys, Just made a video about a new LoN LTK Cold monk build. You can check it out here: Been playing a lot with Quin's awesome SWK build and Davlok One's Kick monk, and wanted a cold variation since I really like to freeze stuff. I recorded the video on GR65 because some players record their video on a solo T13(=GR60), and forget that monsters have much more health in a 4 players T13. Hope you enjoy it! :)DarthKitty21 Sep 11
Sep 11 Suggestions for gear upgrades (full support) Getting back into S7. Enjoying playing support monk. I feel my gear is pretty decent. I can tank highest torment Grifts no problem, but looking either for added dmg or better gear suggestions. Appreciate the tips.Ironhide2 Sep 11
Sep 10 Uli set improvement I like U6 set. However as it is, it's hard to get far with what it currently has to offer. Even T13 is quite abit of a struggle. Would the following would put it in line with other sets: Bonus (2) - enemies affected by your EP takes X% more damage of an elemental type (type = your highest element or EP's type) from your attacks. X = 40 (%)? Bonus (4) - Also gain 90% of your CDR as damage reduction.LilQ1 Sep 10
Sep 10 LTK- losing SW stacks on few targets? Hi, I don't lose any sweeping wind stacks on good density. But, when there is low density or trying to finish of a few elites the stacks drop fast and it is a particularly a problem when there is a rift guardian that has not add-ons. I try to drag elites into white trash but they are sometimes stubborn wasting valuable time. Anyone know any tricks to keeps stacks up (besides maxing cc and getting into max monster density)?DIABLO342 Sep 10
Sep 9 New to monk in seasons I have a couple Q's 1- I have looked at leaderboards, I find kyoshiro's soul works best for me, tho I am missing the extra DR from that other belt (forget name) anything else I can do to get stronger? 2- learning about how to add dex to my gear, I used lvl 40 gem and got 250 dex.... am I able to use higher lvl gem and upgrade it? any hints on how to get stronger would help ty OGCaptCaveMan1 Sep 9
Sep 9 Do R6 gen monks ever become less squishy? My question is only for group Grifting. As you gear and caldesann your R6 gen monks, those of you doing GR95 or more, is your monk still extremely squishy? I also wanted to ask how a GG geared R6 gen monk did in speed runs, both for lower grift levels and for just TXIII rifting. So far what I have seen is that they aren't as fast as LTK in anything speed related and are much squishier than the other 2 meta DPS builds, FB WD and FB Wizard. I just wanted to see if this changed at all once your gear becomes better and better (obviously I know you become stronger as you gear out in ancients and caldesann's, my question is about strength and survivability in relation to other classes and builds)? Thanks!Negative1 Sep 9
Sep 9 [Mechanics] Davlok's Random Testing Shack Decided to make this my random Mechanics testing/results thread instead of making a new post everytime and forgetting where it is. I am bad at formatting so, uhh, scroll down. 1. [2.1] Spirit Generator Quick Ref: 2. [2.2] How to Proc BotT/Zei: 3. [2.2] Mainhand/Offhand Testing: 4. [2.2] Dashing Strike Mechanics: 5. Gizzard & LPS Formula for 2.2 (post 28) / 2.3 (post 168) 6. [2.3] Zei test with DS & EP 7. [2.2] Pigsticker Multiplicativeness 8. [2.3] Broken Promises Proc Conditions Testing 9. [2.3] Convention of Elements Snapshot Testing 10. [2.3] Uliana Testing with BP, Madstone, Gungdo, MH/OH, Snapshotting, etc 11. [2.3] Flying Dragon Proc formula 12. [PTR] Essence Burn PTR Testing (DoT refreshing did NOT go live in 2.3) 13. [2.3] Area Damage test with Sunwuko (no workie) 14. [2.3] Mangle vs FoF for Raiment 2pc builds discussion 15. [2.3] Some Static Charge proc Mechanics 16. [2.3] Some FoF Max stack snapshot Mechanics 17. [2.3] Tempest Rush Mechanics 18. [2.4 PTR] New Item testing 19. [2.4] Mystic Ally Mechanics 20. [2.4] Mechanics Summary 21. [2.4] Vengeful Wind Stack damage info 22. [2.4.1] Oculus Ring Dance Steps 23. [2.4.1] Mechanics Summary / Update 24. [2.4.1] Uliana EP snapshoting in E6/S5 25. [2.4.1] Support Monk Mechanics So if you have a random question related to one of the mechanics listed, let me know. I may (eventually) be bored enough to try and figure it out. I list the patch the mechanics were tested on, so things may have changed with or without "official patch notes".Davlok493 Sep 9
Sep 8 Build for T13 in 4 or less? I keep trying with LTK speed farm build and can't quite get it to 4 min or less...always missing it by about 15-20 seconds. Are there any builds anyone used that are really effective for this? It's the only objective I need to complete to have everything complete. Thanks in advance.justjoddat3 Sep 8
Sep 8 Uliana set dungeon HOW am i suppose to complete this set dungeon when everytime i enter theres no density please someone explain i have th build to pull the mobs around but seems like its impossible to find all 21 throughout the map before time is overFever3 Sep 8
Sep 7 Thunder Monk Hey All I haven't played the Monk class since open.....yea i've been playing this game on and off for THAT long lol. The large majority of my time has been with DH as you can see with my profile. However I figured I would give a melee class a try, and since I am lazy I chose Monk so at least there are some slight gear/gem overlap. I am making a lightening Monk. I have NO idea if that is a thing or not, but this is what I find fun, so I am going with it. Please don't tell me how uber other builds are, I am sure you are right, but this is just going to be my fun char. Having said that can you guys take a look at my build? It is still early on and I am still getting the hang of it. However I am focusing on lightening dmg. There seems to be quite a few weapons that compliment this build. Do you guys have any tips with how to further progress this build? Is there any low hanging fruit that I can get right away? Am I missing anything glaring for this type of build? As always, appreciate your time and happy hunting.Kauboy1 Sep 7
Sep 7 Need constructive criticism I did grift 75 solo, 76 I just can't seem to kill fast enough. I love the Wave of lel build.. I feel I have decent gear, maybe I !@#$ed up using caldesann's despair with lower level gems? Any input would be appreciated, I definitely need more paragon. I chose the weapon because although slower, doles out BIG hits. Edit: How could I forget to post the hero?johnny50 Sep 7
Sep 7 Annoying Sunwoku sweeping wind stacks. Am i only one that hates this mechanic? Because its not fun to play with this mechanic. Sweeping wind procs goes off and you trying to stay away from mobs,(belt) dive again and goes off again, again, again and again !!! Even in lower torments eventually sweeping winds proc goes off. This is not something not achievable but just annoying. Theres something wrong about that.. Its nearly the most annoying thing in diablo 3 for me. Anyone else?Dexter13 Sep 7