Jan 27 Site that analyzes each ability? Hi all, is there any site that analyzes each ability and compares it to other comparable ones? I've been googling it and haven't found such a guide. Most of what I find are youtube videos, but that's not much in terms of what I'm searching for. Other sources seem to be > 1 year old, and the forums on individual abilities on the Blizz site also haven't been touched for a year. Thanks!BRubinstein5 Jan 27
Jan 27 Swiiping Wind - Blade Storm Does anybody know, Blade Storm Rune will increase dmg for 10 staks of SW: "Intensify the vortex, increasing the damage per stack to 145% weapon damage. This increases the damage with 3 stacks to 435% weapon damage." to 1450%? or is capped to 3 stacks?Danutz234 Jan 27
Jan 27 4 man group Meta Hello, it seems to me that currently all high level 4 man groups play 1DPS (Wizard) and 3 Zdps (Barb,Monk, Witch). I was hoping an EP Monk would find its way into the group meta but it doesnt seem so since 1 DPS is enough. How does the Wiz get buffed so hard that he can do enough damage to carry the whole group? Can someone explain to me the mechanic behind this 4 group setup? I understand what the Monk does with globe generation and damage mitigation. But where is the dps buff coming from or does the wizard alone have enough damage when he doesnt have to care for survivability?electrofux14 Jan 27
Jan 27 OCULUS RING vs convention of elements Has anyone actually tried ? I was wondering which one is better for high lvl grifts ? Assuming that I am not going to use Unity....BloodGod3 Jan 27
Jan 27 Anyone try dps tank monk with wiz/ barb zdps Saw it on Not sure what the monk was using but he was hitting for 70-80 billion.Slowtwitch1 Jan 27
Jan 26 Torch Help! LPSS VS Spirit Regen??? ASAP I found a really good ancient torch but it got LPSS and SPIRIT regen which is better to keep????? I wanna roll either one to 10% damage!! HELP asap! thanks :Dhalcyon3 Jan 26
Jan 26 Reset available for monk set dungeon My system locked up while I was in the monk set dungeon and now I have no port to get back in to complete the test for the 9th objective. Does anyone know how to restart the set dungeon?Chuck3 Jan 26
Jan 26 Monkey Gear with Lash Kick gear help I just started playing a couple of weeks ago, really enjoying the game so far. I got my free set at 70 in season and now need some help with refining it. I prefer to use kick spirit spender instead of the bells, I have always preferred melee and will always prefer to be in the thick of things. I find I run out of spirit super fast and have been playing around with talents, but I know I don't have it quite right. Thanks.Kelsquicker3 Jan 26
Jan 26 MKG wave of light Holy build Hey guys, First off i just wanted to say that the reason i created this build was because the typical cindercoat fire wave of light build just would not work at all with groups. Too many stragglers, couldnt dps the way i wanted to, and just overall didnt do much. I created this build because 1: its tankier and 2: i seem to do a lot better when we group monsters. I changed the wave of light to holy damage because that bell had the highest damage output, and then i simply just put on holy % gear and voila. I am dual wielding so i can punch faster to proc my sweeping wind stacks when they get low. let me know what yall think, any questions or why i did something instead of another also post belowFandris3 Jan 26
Jan 26 Why is it so hard to get a Fist of Az'Turrasq ??? I'm paragon 650+ this season and man... i can't seem to get one. Farming all day, upgrading rares... NOTHING. I get tons of all other fists weapons, but not this one... :(((AreoHotah6 Jan 26
Jan 26 LoN EP? Does this not work? I see people talking about an innas EP monk and the ul EP monk, but nothing about LoN. Seems like a shadow dh being able to single target some stuff down quickly and a LoN EP would be crazy together. Haven't really played monk this season, just started brainstorming earlier and this was what I wanted to work toward, but surely people have thought it through that have more exp with the monk to tell me the downfall of this? I guess one major problem is the g-rift guardian gets rid of all adds, so unless he spawns killable adds which several do after their first phase, then I'd be mostly useless.GameGenie5 Jan 26
Jan 26 I became WEAKER using the whole set Regarding Monkey King's Garb, When I went from 4 piece to 6 I got much weaker. Couldnt keep my Sweeping Wind up channeling Tempest Rush. So didn't get the 50% dmg reduction OR the spawning decoy dmg bonus of having 10 stacks. Wearing all 6 pieces not worth it when using Tempest Rush AT ALL IMHOAetherbound7 Jan 26
Jan 26 Claim: Sunwuko can deal same dmg as generator I looked over the following Sunwuko setup and have been running it for a week with Explosive Light for speed farming, but I start looking at its potential in grifts. The setup is this: I did grift 67 with a subpar fire setup in decent time, but I believe lightning with better gear could go a lot higher, since pillars have more dps. I'd probably also use the Unity passive over Cheat Death, but I suppose that comes down to preference. (fire also dont need exalted soul, because you can use Cindercoat) Anyway, I started looking at the dps numbers and it looks to me like this build would actually have roughly the same dmg as the standard Inna generator build. Obviously, Inna has more sustain, more dmg reduction and an easier time dashing forward pulling large packs. However, Sunwuko use the range advantage to take less dmg and try to spend CoE down time to pull togetter as many monsters as possible before going berserk with CoE buff. Dont get me wrong, I think Inna generator can go higher in grifts, but I dont think Sunwuko is as bad as it is made out to be.Glenhimself4 Jan 26
Jan 26 question about cubing enchants so from other monks and sites i see that Warzechian Armguards are best for armor. obviously move speed is important for sunwuku build. but for TX and GRs wouldnt goldwrap be pretty good if im running boon of the hoarder and avarice band ?Fiasco3 Jan 26
Jan 26 Has anyone Tried Innas EP monk? Other then theory craft im wondering if anyone has tried this yet? Just wondering if a pure EP assist monk would be worth throwing together. I found an amazing ancient furnace on season and have all the Innas laying around now.Ham15 Jan 26
Jan 26 Need help improving gear No idea if I should remove some stats for my build (Inna Spirit Gen). A friend of mine suggests removed all bonus CW damage for some form of health, but I do not know what would be right. Worth noting too that I have yet to find a single Unity, or anything better than the CoE I have equipped.Soulre0 Jan 26
Jan 26 Pushing for GR70 with badwuko Bells Failed a few times by missing the mark for a minute. I think my gear can do it but would like some feedbacks. In case profile doesn't update. Boon of the Hoarder is usually a Zei's Stone of Vengeance, rank 65. 1. Passive: The first 3 are NDE, Harmony, and STI. I think these 3 are pretty set in stone. For the last one I've tried Beacon (wasn't running out of spirit and using dashing that much so doesn't seem that essential), Momentum (a lot of the time I'm moving at inopportune time to maintain the buff), or Unity (15% damage buff. Seems most straightforward) 2. Playstyle: due to the great design of belt needing to not hit anything to maintain stack, I try to run around gather mobs and then dash back and spam WoL. I do sometimes get in the (bad?) habit of trying to kill 1-2 mobs with WoL so it doesn't drop my SW buff. It rarely happens now but still does. 3. I have a similar level set of gear for Inna-Shenglong generator. If I were to go this route because I'm pissed off, how much better would I do assuming that I can play the build comfortably? How is survivability compared to WK with and without Unity? I have 2 Shenlongs with life on kill (so i can't roll LoH), how much will this affect my survivability? Thanks a lotAvermra6 Jan 26
Jan 26 [Map] Raiment Set Dungeon The other thread got me motivated to revisit the Raiment set dungeon to see if there was an optimal way to get to the chest at the end. This was one of the easiest to do with a fully geared non-season Raiment monk, so this info is probably only useful for the non-monk folks doing this solo (and not cheesing all the set dungeons in 4 player groups ^_^;) There are many ways to complete this dungeon, but In-Geom + Nemesis with high RCR+spirit regen is one of the least frustrating methods. The monsters spawned by Nemesis don't increase the mob kill requirement but "count". My first try I just zoomed to the end then killed random stuff until mastery. Map: (with red path to chest then yellow meandering path to kill stuff) Video clip of Chest run: (Used Daviok in my profile) Jan 26
Jan 25 Cyclone Gear or Raiment 2PC Does any one know what's the better setup? Using Cyclone Shoulder and Bracers for ally dmg or going with Raiment 2pc for generator dmg? Been messing with Shenlongs vs Istvan'sHatch0 Jan 25
Jan 25 LoN Tempest Rush t10 farm Build? Hi guys, this is my idea of a tempest rush t10 farm build, just let me know what do you think about it :) fullbuffed tempest rush dps: Cost: 37.5 Spirit per second DPS: 30,821,626,422 Tick Damage: 6,164,325,284 Breakpoint: 12 frames fullbuffed sweeping wind dps: DPS: 6,664,767,978guggelhupf1 Jan 25
Jan 25 LoN build part 2 after the comment on my past post about the rimeheart being nerfed accidentally I switched to a doom bringer to go with azure wrath. then went completely off the deep end by deciding to try a dual elemental build. that is having plus cold damage on weapon and gear to bolster ep and having plus phys damage to bolster my generator skill which is wotfh with the fist of fury rune. how I got to this mad scheme is that since wothf does 190% weapon damage and adds a additional 60% holy damage I figured this would synergize with 505% weapon damage on the aw to demons and undead. the plus phys would add to and synergize with the phys aspect of the generator skill. after some testing with a non ancient amulet that gave me some more plus phys damage I believe the build is stronger now. but then again I may be completely delusionalSalaxis2 Jan 25
Jan 25 new to playing monk...need some advice/recomm never played a monk, and the set i got from season seems to be amazing. im not sure on boot/belt/rings. i know i gotta grind for incense, but what other changes do i need. currently i found some fist weapon that gives 6 stacks of sweeping wind, would that be a good alternative for the cube enchant until i find the one with wave of light ? also how does my ancient ring stack up to othersFiasco2 Jan 25
Jan 25 Kyoshiro's Blade/Sunwuko 6P interactions I wonder whether that 150% bonus to Wave of Light damage is applied before or after the 1500% increased damage from Sunwuko 6-piece bonus? And how exactly does Sunwuko 6-piece work? It multiples base damage of each skill by 1500% or it applies flat 1500% damage?Redthirst1 Jan 25
Jan 25 WoL Struggling In 64+ Solo Grift Hey there guys. I am currenty stuck in 63/64 solo grift as WoL monk. Im not dying or procing my NDE but I am always running out of time in these grifts. Am I suppose to run from elite to elite? I feel like I would highly die by doing so unless there is a trick to it. Is there any game play footage of how to clear 65+ grifts as WoL monk?Yoruichii7 Jan 25
Jan 24 How 4pc Sunwuko interact with attack speed? It only spawn one clone per second no matter how fast I attack. So is the clone damage calculation takes attack speed modifier in its formula? If not, isn't 2h weapon far superior than dual wield? eg. Inna daibo > Shenlong (even with 100% damage increase) Currently it seems that the Sunwuko 4pc bonus can't be checked in d3 planner. Anyone know how?twinsbuster6 Jan 24
Jan 24 innas set loses health Was away when 2.4 launched did a few solos then noticed this By picking up an item Gambling Entering a new GR level Reviving Has anyone else noticed this?YDFWM5 Jan 24
Jan 24 Inna's Gen, couple fast questions. Sorry about the questions, I did do a "search" but it didnt work for me. Im just now getting back in after awhile off. CDR%, whats my goal? 33% 66% 70%? Follow, Thunderfurry + Wyrdward+? or something completely different? What is the Attack Speed you want to be base? Mine is 1.75 is that not enough? (without buffs) General Question, Is snapshot still a thing? and if so proper way to snapshot Inna Gen build? (I personally hate snapshot and hope it is gone). PS: Can you check out my profile to make sure I didnt do any stupid mistakes? TYVM!Faux0 Jan 24
Jan 24 kyoshiro's blade&tzo krin's gaze&pintos pride i have a question about them... how do they work together? the multiple is (1+1.5+1.5+1.5) , or(1+1.5)*(1+1.5)*(1+1.5)? thx for reply:)shaka2 Jan 24
Jan 24 Sunwuko Tempest rush & Sweeping Wind Hey folks, So I'm trying to piece together the SWK set with TR & SW using a full SWK set, the SW Belt & using the Vengeful Wind 1h on my cube. I want to know, is the 6 piece bonus of SWK (LTK, TR, WoL consume a stack of SW to deal 1500% increased dmg) working as intended? The +2 bonus of SWK provides me with Damage mitigation, much required dmg mitigation. Yet I can't sustain my SW stacks (10 of them might I add) while runnin around with TR. Are we certain the mechanic of the stack consumption is working as it should? Wouldn't it make more sense to not be running out of stacks in the middle of a fight... leaving you completely open to burst dmg? Thoughts?MDK7 Jan 24
Jan 24 Should I dump my 2 pc SWK for the FF itens I am thinking of dumping my 2 pc SWK + cubed Kyoshiro + Restraint and Focus for Lefebvre's Soliloquy (Cyclone Strike Shoulders) + Endless Walk Set + 1 extra ring + Cubed Spirit Guards Do you think this is a wise move? And if so what other ring should i use? Thanks for the adviceMbchan2 Jan 24
Jan 24 Balance + Monkey King's Garb no work? I've seen others agreeing with my post subject so thought I'd raise the issue further with its own post. It seems very silly to me to have the 6p reward 'proc' before the auto crit from Balance being in effect. Although it has worked sometimes mostly when I activate Tempest Rush I immediately lose my single stack of sweeping wind. The point of my post is to say what the hell is going on here?! Could we at least get an explanation of how the math is done when these two abilities interact? Super sad after finally returning to Monk after how disappointing he was during initial release only to be blocked by poor order of operations choices on the game mechanics side.Isthian5 Jan 24
Jan 23 Ally questions.. Not sure these has been asked but... 1. Does your personal dmg affect ally's damage? If yes/ no, which pumping which is better? +1xx% dmg for ally (with inna's staff) or using Shenlongs? 2. Are allys considered pets? If yes does the gem which +pet attack buff it? Is it worth it or am I better off using something that buff my own dps (which in turn buffs ally) Giving a thanks upfront first...Magius5 Jan 23
Jan 23 Gungdo gear interaction I understand that the gungdo gear passes on the debuff of exploding palm to targets that are hit from the blast radius of the original. If the target that it was being passed on to dies, does it stop there or does it act as if it passed it on first then explode and pass it on to the next target?AaronAuron0 Jan 23
Jan 23 SEASON 5. The Monk is still alive. The plan of Blizzard for this season was to have a 4 player meta very different from the previous season (4). They wanted to have at least 2 or 3 dps and 1 support. And of course none of them (dps or support) would be a monk. They killed us. They nerfed our class to the ground. Now we face again the reality of having 3 supports and 1 dps. And one of them is a monk. So, the devs don't know about many aspects of their own game. They just try to make us play their "own way", not "your way" (refering to us). And again, the players (that actually know better the game) win again. The monk is dead, LONG LIFE TO THE MONKS!!Oaxaca3 Jan 23
Jan 23 R6 completely Dead in Higher GR? by far my Favorite build/play style, when R6 came out it made me want to push and stop playing D3 casual. Sense then Ive been on the LB many times (off and on it, but its good enough for me). With Gen Inna's and WoL SwK being top dogs (im fine with that). but Im wondering if R6 can even get within 10 level of those 2 builds? Just seeing if anyone has tried it in S 2.4 yet.Faux1 Jan 23
Jan 23 Does Restraint /Focus set affect M Allies? Quick Question since I am having a few doubts Does the Set affect M Ally Damage in a big way or should I switch to other rings like Convention of Elements? Thinking of swapping them out for Unity and Convection of elements Thanks for any info Edit Also does Envious Blade work with M allys?Mbchan9 Jan 23
Jan 23 Season 5 survival issues I'm new to these forums and not sure if you have an easy way to view my character, if not I apologize. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I could improve my toughness via skills and such. I am aware I do not have ancient gear yet and that it would be a lot of assistance but I am wondering if my skill could use a revamp as well with out hurting my overall dps Thank youTh0r13694 Jan 23
Jan 23 Ancient Lion's Claw and Fists of Az So, almost 500 p in and I have not seen even one ancient Lion's claw or Fist for myself. I've sen ancients of just about everything else, but these. So I have to ask, what is the trick (if any) to getting ancient ones ?PassoLiati30 Jan 23
Jan 23 Near Death Experience not working in GRifts? I noticed while I was running a couple GR61's that my NDE wasn't popping. Usually when it does, an icon shows up on the bottom right to indicate as such. But in two separate rifts I got popped for fatal damage and I just died, no NDE. What do?!sovereign1105 Jan 23
Jan 23 EP Monk Inna vs Lon I am currently experimenting with a few EP builds and am stumbeling about something odd. I was under the assumption that with LONs 1300% damage bonus EP should be more powerfull than with Innas 500%. Maybe i oversee something obvious but at least the d3 planner shows me alot higher explosion dmg on Inna builds than on Lon. For example these two: 1.) Inna 11 bill EP dmg with a one hander 2.) Lon 7 bill EP dmg with a two hander Any explanation for this. Sure i have this additional multiplicator with the travellers set but does that explain the whole difference?electrofux4 Jan 23
Jan 23 Elite Damage Reduction or life% on chest? Does anyone know which would be more beneficial overall, 11% EDR or 15% life? I couldn't really find any answers for this but thinking the elite dmg reduction would be best if I could get it to roll.Nomad6 Jan 23
Jan 22 Why did blizz not buff uliana's set?! Uliana has no presence on the leader boards for solo or group play. Can we get one developer comment on this? Is there any plans to make this build actually competitive in the future? It really pisses me off such a fun set is complete trash.Frankthetank4 Jan 22
Jan 22 Inna 6pc with zodiac instead of coe I started using zodiac for my off ring and other than using generator to keep up spirit bracers and get assimilation stacks im spamming. Cylone to get cd refresh on sanctuary for perm uptime and MA ability and im killing so much more quickly than with coe and waiting on cd. Went from struggling to clear gr59 to clearing 61 with 7 min to spare. Plan on pushing higher tomorrow but seems more effective. Also spamming cyclone mobs attack less since they are flying back and forth and not attacking. Thoughts?Skyylya0 Jan 22
Jan 22 Problem Mystic ally bonus dmg stack not work Inna's 6 piece set bonus with Crudest boots doesn't increase damage bonus of 4 extra allies. What a shame blizzard make sad class also mystic allies with crude boots and innas sometimes don't attackraZIel5 Jan 22
Jan 22 Lazy Mystic Ally ( Inna set + C boots) I often see a good numbers of my mystic allies not doing anything during fights... just waiting still and chilling while their friends are struggling in the fight. I do think it's an hitbox matter and that some of allies seem to don't find the suffisant place to get in melee enemy. Even my character may creep-block them from the fight... It's kinda annoying. It's making things harder to don't have all of our buddies fighting with us, frustrating as well. Am i the only one to encounter that issue ?GloryJak5 Jan 22
Jan 22 Can Uliana's even compete? Has the new boost to 300 percent EP helped at all? Does it bridge the gap? Uliana is our most fun set. So Wondering if it can compete?Rager11 Jan 22
Jan 22 Area Damage in 2.4 & assorted questions Greetings stoic comrades. Been a long-time monk, never really ladder-oriented but having great fun at every patch & turn of the journey that is D3. Was never a fan of the SC play style thus I mainly concentrated on my Seasonal U6 EP monk. With the advent of 2.4 I was skeptical of whether I would continue to play on my Monk or try another class as main for a change. Decided to give a try to a Sader in Seasons but still enjoy my favourite class in normal. Thanks to the incredible work of several people (I would only mention Quin69 and Davlok for brevity's sake here) I was kept up to date with mechanics and outlook of our class. Kudos to all of you. After this longish prologue, let me get on with my obervations/questions. My profile : Having seen the relative vids/guides pertaining to the fixed state of Area Damage in 2.4 I was encouraged to try it out. As you can see, I have 20% * 2 (shoulders and gloves) + 50% from Paragon. Was at 55 GR with U6 and whizzed past 62 two days ago with my new Inna's Gen build. Yesterday I attempted a 70, missed it for seconds, second try was a success with ~ 2 mins to spare. I am very content :) Obviously I would like to improve on this and hence my questions; including Area Damage in said slots has diminished my CDR - not by too much as to make it a gimped horse but enough to be noticeable. Barring perfect gear (mine is far from it) and seeing that globally top ranking Monks seem to ignore Area Damage as a whole, would I be best advised to revert to CDR rolls? I am also thinking of re-rolling the 10% damage on my Shen's Relentless Assault to either Area Damage or CDR. Thoughts? Once I am satisfied with the Inna's Gen build I will proceed with augmenting. I currently have ~ 6-7 gems @ late sixties levels. I would like to experiment with the pet build but I think it it slightly inferior in performance to the Gen build (?). I am also quite curious about a hybrid Inna's/Ulliana's mix that several experienced players are experimenting with. Link: Thanks for reading.Tenebris2 Jan 22
Jan 22 Congrats to all Monks Checked all the regions' leather boards. Monks are officially weakest class. Special thanks to Blizz.BloodGod37 Jan 22
Jan 22 Inna 6pc without mystic ally skill on bar Ive been using the 6 pc and dont have mystic ally on my actionbar. They just melee but even with my avg gear they hit for 300m-1b per hit on crits. Anyone else play with a build like this just using them for melee and not their abilities? Mostly im using 6pc inna and 4 pc swk for explosion with 10 stacks. Cyclone pulls everything in and for idden palace ups dmg of SW, explosions, and 10 allies meleeing. Only done up to gr58 so far but its been pretty buff. Plan to change rings to use obs ring for cd reduction spamming cyclone and keep epiphany and forbidden palace up full time. Sorry if this doesnt make sense...on my phone.Skyylya4 Jan 22
Jan 22 Recommended follower ? Which one is best for Monk solo in your opinion ? I am using Templar...not sure if it is the best ? Thoughts ?BloodGod3 Jan 22