Jul 26 Sunwuko (4) set bonus I think this set bonus is so not attractive that people ignore it completely. Instead of wielding Vengeful Wind and Kyoshiro's Blade and having Torch of the Grand Temple cubed, people go for wielding Torch, cubing Kyoshiro's and trowing away Vengeful Wind completely. If one crit does 20+ B hit why bother with 100 M supplemental damage? OFC hits with wielding 2H are even higher and considering attack speed, overall damage is also much higher. Can you make (4) set bonus more attractive so wielding Vengeful Wind and having Torch cubed will do the same overall damage as the second option?Zeturion15 Jul 26
Jul 26 Raiment of a Thousand Storms LvL 70 Set After finding my first piece of Innas 2.0 I decided to share the information on the forums. Here is the thread on Innas 2.0 In this thread I will like to share a few items of interest a monk might consider wearing, besides Inna's at lvl 70. 1) Raiment of a Thousand Storms 2) Monkey King's Garb 3) Ring of Royal Grandeur Raiment of a Thousand Storms Helm Shoulders Torso Legs Boots Gloves Monkey King's Garb Helm Shoulders Gloves Amulet Lastly, the ONE ring that will make combining sets more feasible. Ring of Royal Grandeur *Reduces the number of items needed for set bonuses by 1(to a minimum of 2) I am not sure yet, but seeing the Monkey King's Garb 2 set bonus is making Inna's Reach a really good weapon to use. Also a mix combination of two sets, thanks to "ONE" ring. Feel free to discuss and post your lvl 70 monk set items.Zaturn26 Jul 26
Jul 26 2 out of 7 on Treasure Goblins Hi, I have encountered about 7 Treasure Goblins until now(Level 45 Difficulty: Expert) but 5 of them have managed to escape. What strategy/skills/rune effects should I use? so that the treasure goblins don't escape. I am using "Fists of thunder" as the left click option. The skill doesn't actually teleport(as written in the description) if surrounded by monsters. Any advice would be helpful.Smak8 Jul 26
Jul 25 Are Mystic Allies dumb? Way too often, they just stand there and do nothing for seconds before turning around and finally hitting the target(s). This is annoying and it ends up lowering my dmg by a ton. I tried dashing to reset them, but it doesnt really seem to work. Feelsbadman.ErKeN18 Jul 25
Jul 25 Wanted to share a very fun r6 g mnk So, i in the meantime have found perfect lightening weps fer dadhing striker. Skycutter, and that hard t pronounce claw that adds light dam. Plus light belt. All feeding off skycutters proc and adding damage. Its truly different and truly fun. And it werks! Fire dash lightening procs. AND AMYTHING WITH CHAMCE. ALWAYS HAPPENS CONSTANTLY BECAUSE OF How FAST YOU HIT. CHECK IT OUT!!! Jul 25
Jul 23 Set Dungeon - Uliana Hey group of readers, It's been some time that I'm trying to complete this set dungeon. I will succeed, I know, but I just need to vent a little. Those who soloed it already know why. Frustration occurs when: 1. you take (too much) time to form a group of monsters, blow it up, only 20 monsters exploded. Well, my fault, I haven't count. 2. Failing to complete cause you left out 1 or 2 monsters and you can't find them when the timer runs out. i know, I should scout every corner 3 While in the chapel, you try to figure out what you can improve on your build/skill. Try to TP in town, but you're already in town. Just take a long walk you lazy monk. I might have some more while I'm failing to complete the dungeon. Stay tuned!holyblood7 Jul 23
Jul 23 Returned after a while Hey everyone, I tried asking in game but that did nothing but start an argument after everyone told me to re-roll a wizard. I stopped playing recently after RoS came out. It appears I have a ton of catching up to do, figuring out seasons, some weird cube thing, and a ton of other stuff that doesn't make sense. Can someone guide me on builds, and what gear to look for. I'm currently specced and geared to a lightning Monk which I'm assuming is no longer viable. One thing I noticed is that people seem to be gemming resistance, and focusing on max dex items. Is crit building no longer a thing? Thanks for any help!Jasel5 Jul 23
Jul 23 Inna's Mantra set dungeon Is it me or didn't they do anything to Inna's Mantra since PTR? On PTR my Mystic Allies were slaughtering everything before I could unleash them on 10 enemies within 10 yards... I made a feedback post about it (hell, a blue even responded asking questions that I answered) and now on live it's exactly the same. Monsters drop like flies before I can even unleash them at 10 monsters within 10 yard range because monsters only got like 50 million hp while my MA are slaughtering them for 100-500+ million each per hit. @Blizzard: Feedback threads too difficult to read durrrrr? You expect me to run in there with nothing but Inna's 6 piece? Hell.. How about I just run in there butt naked, try to survive so I can get the damn objective done?Rico35 Jul 23
Jul 22 another returning monk query Hi Fellow monks, I just returned a week ago, after missing 2 season, And I need some advice for my monk Currently using my shenlong set from season 4, and using inna's set. I managed to clear GR69 at 12++ mins. But struggle to clear GR70. Even though I have upgrade one of my shenlong from dmg 2500 to 3000. What's wrong with it? any advice to pass GR70? Another question are; 1. What is other better build beside the current I used? 2. For caldesan, If I used leg gem lv30, I get 30x5 dex. After that, Can I used another leg gem lv20 to get 50x5 dex in the same item? 3. For my ancient shenlong, which is better; 10% damage or LoH?sever6 Jul 22
Jul 21 New monk Shelong set question Hey all, I'm puzzeled & need your help! I started a monk for the first time two weeks ago so forgive if I am doing something really stupid. My question is: is there a point in having more than one primary (generator) skill, aside from the "combination strike" passive (& the damage increasing/attackspeed primary runes)? Here is the situation: I'm running 5 innas (with Rorg), 2 Raminets & the shelong fist set. Strangely enough, if I use two primaries I am clearing grifts consistently faster than if I add EP (with any rune) & Gungdo's bracer (explosive palm spreading on mob death). I am merely applying one EP per mini fight, so unless I am missing some fundamental game mechanic, I must be doing something very strange. If no combination mechanics are functioning, my only explanations include less Flying Dragon procs (in cube), less consistent use of cyclone, or bilzzard making mob density less in over 25 grifts for one ability than the other (???).ZulFury14 Jul 21
Jul 20 Monk puts back weapon while fighting I have noticed that the monk puts the weapon on his back while fighting. Is this because I have selected "Way of the hundred fists" as the left click option? Does this have any impact on the DPS(Damage per second)?Smak5 Jul 20
Jul 20 Area Damage Can anyone tell me How you apply area damage with the exploding palm build. Does it even work ? Do you have to apply Exploding palm manually ? Any help would be very much appreciated.Sentry6 Jul 20
Jul 20 Returning Monk Hi, I haven't played since season 4. What is the new monk build? I beleive im using the popular build from Season 4? Shenlongs/3pc reiment/4pc Innas. What items should i be looking for.Calarian1 Jul 20
Jul 20 The monk situation I dont really know how to aproach this topic without out right attacking the development team. First off wtf monks are consistently lowest grift clearing have absolutely no pressence on group leaderboard as a dps class only as healer witch as ive read is about to be nerfed. Ive played this game since its release and almost all of that time has been spent on my monk and during this nearly 3000hrs of game play with not the best but pretty f-in top notch gear still can feel the complete and utter inballance the core mechanics of how monks mitigate the retarded amounts of dmg we are forced to take needs to be looked at using what would be considered by many as a cheesie exploit is not the anser unity on follower combo is stupid and monks are the only class being forced to use it to stay competitive in solo and thats if you can consider being 12lvls behind the wizard and not having a single dps build on the groupleader board at all being competitive biggest issues i come acrosd as a monk lack of plausable mobility dashing strike have 2-3 charges is not compareable to wiz teleport dh vault or la wd spirit walk this needs to be addressed monks passive skills constantly nerfed and others completly useless and not nearly as good as other class passives i will give an example harmony nerfed from 100 down to 50 then to 40 the original number is more in tune with what is needed for the fighting style of monk we have to stop and punch evetything to death and take more dmg then anyone else because of it we are left with pointless passives like chant of resonance that should have been changed long ago and any dmg buff passive caps at 20percent pretty low dont you think i mean really a cpl tweaks to mobility and damage reduction and we could actually be comptetive give us something op for dps that only works for dps i mean you have wizards teleporting way ahead of the group in high 80s 90s games soloing elites like its s reg rift and thats ok to youRoguen5 Jul 20
Jul 19 R6 2.2 Fans : Show off your builds So initially I was not a big fan of using this set, even in 2.2, but after messing around with it a bit more I seem to have found a play-style and setup that I like and that is working for me. But I'm curious what other people are doing with it... The key for me was to put EP and Gungdo into the build and use the massive single target damage that you get from the set bonus to basically "be your own Demon Hunger". <grin> Since the profiles aren't updating on the website's the build like what I'm using (if memory serves me correctly).!WSfg!ZYacbb This is my gear: I have tried going with Cindercoat yet...or maybe I could throw in the Crudest boots for the extra ally and more spirit on demand. It has just been wrecking the Gr36s that I was doing earlier though (sub 5 minutes). I might have to bump up to GR40 to actually see what needs to be tweaked... Any thoughts?Magna44 Jul 19
Jul 18 Can Fire Skills Trigger Chance to Freeze? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I am specifically wondering this: If I hit with Lashing Tail Kick with the Vulture Claw Kick Rune. (Fire Skill), and I have lots of "Chance To Freeze On Hit %" on my equips, will the Fire Skill still have a chance to freeze the enemies? I assume yes, but I can't tell. It doesn't seem to be triggering the freeze effect. I wondered if chance to freeze can't be used with a fire skill or something.FreddyKruger2 Jul 18
Jul 17 Evaluation of my current monk build? Hey all, Pretty new to the forums and finally have a decent character to work with. I love Demon Hunter, but I've been working on Monk for this season. I'm just trying to get some feedback on my current item setup, skill/rune choices, and wondering about what kinds of stats I should be focusing on with the current build. My vision for the build relies on strict management of resource, where you try to stay close to max resource and spend only to prevent the spirit drain from Shenlong. Therein, you maximize your DPS with Spirit generators while blowing out massive damage from Lashing Tail Kick. In the event you let Shenlong go off, you blow all your spirit to get to zero quickly with LTK. In doing so, you expend a few Sweeping Wind stacks, then use spirit generators and passive regen to get yourself back near full. I"m currently running T8 pretty easily, and I've reached GR40 solo. T9 is a tad overbearing, but I'm hoping to fine tune enough to easily do it and finally make it to T10. Item Build: 5 pieces of Sunwuko, 2 pieces of Uliana, Guardian's Jeopardy, Focus/Restraint, and Shenlong Cube: Vengeful Wind, Kyoshiro's Soul, RoRG Skills: Deadly Reach, Lashing Tail Kick, Serenity, Sweeping Wind, Epiphany, and Mantra of Conviction Passives: Guardian's Path, Near Death Experience, Harmony, and Exalted Soul You can find the details of the build here: The calculated values for damage, toughness, recovery, and the like are a tad wonky on that site. The gem types (especially the legendary gems and their respective levels) are correct. The more relevant *correct* numbers are: Paragon: 299 Damage:494,772 Toughness:57,997,164 (with Sweeping Wind running) Recovery: 3,839,273 DEX: 9,062 VIT: 5,781 Max HP: 965,955 Armor: 16,196 Crit damage: 315% Life per sec: 21,136.05 Life per hit: 37,472 Life per kill: 5,900 I would really appreciate the feedback and hopefully my vision for this build will inspire some of you to try something similar, if you feel like it's worth it. Thanks!TickingDeath6 Jul 17
Jul 17 LTK Hand of Ytar and Epiphany interaction LTK Hand of Ytar actually has a limited range, but using Epiphany somehow removes that range limit. I personally would like to not having a range limit(only the screen) for this rune and could allow some nice use of Zei's gem which benefits of greater range. Hopefully this is also sth. which is changed before the next patch comes live, because I really hope to be able to play an experimental LTK build with the new weapon.Evildrake1 Jul 17
Jul 16 Need help getting past GR 71 Hey everyone, So far I have been able to get up to GR 71 with my Seasonal Monk, I am shooting for at least 75 to finish up my season conquest. Is there any tweaks to my gear or build or advice you could give me?Bollucks3 Jul 16
Jul 15 New patch... Did I read wrongly or this upcoming patch is more like a nerf bat?.... Did they remove 30% damage increase for IS > forbidden palace? "Skill Rune - Forbidden Palace No longer increased the damage taken by enemies inside Inner Sanctuary"Magius7 Jul 15
Jul 14 GR Advancement - Need Assistance Hey guys, I'm looking for any advice to up my GR clear ability. I understand my PL isn't the highest compared to the veterans that have eclipsed where I am at nor do i expect to compete at their level. I do wonder if PL is my inhibitor at this point but ask that you take a look at my build and help me get to the next level. In terms of what limits me, i would say output. For example, i attempted a GR 70 the other day and missed by 13 seconds. Survivability wasnt too much of an issue, think i died a couple times. Maybe it is technique? I do understand that i could cube some more Dex on my that what I'm missing? Am I at the right place with my gear, PL, and GR level? Also, is there a desired level of toughness/armor that a monk should stick to, as a guide, throughout the GR advancement process? I remember once upon a time that a 10:1 ratio of armor to resist was necessary. Is that still valid? Any advice is appreciated.Cerealbawks1 Jul 14
Jul 14 Does +dexterity increase wave of light damage TyChunkyZ8 Jul 14
Jul 14 Weapon Re-roll question So I just got an ancient Kyoshiro's Blade (yeah!). Anyway, I had two questions. One I know that during season 2 or 3 (the last time I played), you would socket the weapon then preroll the socket to get an extra stat on the weapon. Is that still a thing and if so how is that done because I don't remember. Second assuming I want to use this weapon for greater rifts what stat should I re-roll? Thanks in advance for any help. Below is a link to the toon with the weapon equipped. Have not yet socketed it ( don't have a cube). Jul 14
Jul 13 Shenlong + Broken Promise Hi! Have anyone tested if Shenlong fire build with no crit chance + broken promise is viable?NinjA16 Jul 13
Jul 13 Viable monk DPS build for group GR? Everything I see buildwise for groups is zmonk stuff, is there any viable DPS build for groups? What would the group consistency be?VoodooLizard27 Jul 13
Jul 13 Kyoshiro Soul - questions about SW damage 1 - I've been reforging this trying to get something other than Sweeping Wind damage. I'm now thinking it only gets sweeping wind damage, nothing else. True/false? 2 - if it only rolls with the sweeping wind damage multiplier, is there any synergy with the Sunwuko 6 piece set bonus? What I am wondering is that since a stack of sweeping wind is consumed by WOL for a 3000% damage increase - is the SW damage% multiplier added on since it's using sweeping wind? Or is that multiplier only for direct damage by SW?VoodooLizard5 Jul 13
Jul 13 Abreviations I am a big fan of research when building my characters. However I have run into a bit of a problem while reading these forums, I have no idea what some of the abbreviations stand for. :( Is there a location where this stuff is stored? Thanks!FenWolfZ5 Jul 13
Jul 13 Changes to FoF - Skill Rune - Fists of Fury - The maximum stack value is no longer determined by your attack speed and is capped at 15 stacks I wonder what that means for 6pc raiment monk.smiLey3 Jul 13
Jul 13 level 100 gems and para 1000+ impact on GR? How much are these super high level leg gems and 1000+ paragon points affecting the current GR ladders? Has anybody made some calculations that show at given gem & paragon levels what GR levels you should be rifting? I have some 700 paragon points and level 50 gems, which I guess is pretty meager, so I am wondering what GR levels will be pushing.VoodooLizard9 Jul 13
Jul 12 What affects swk clone damage? Does sweeping wind damage apply to it? Any elemental damage? Pet damage?Dreyda17 Jul 12
Jul 12 would anyone give a suggestion about my build Hi, guys, I want to be able to finish level 70 in the Greater Rift. So could you give me some suggestion about my monk build? I would appreciate it Jul 12
Jul 12 Please I need help to improve my monk Please can you assist me and look at "Sheman" my monk char, and any suggestions will be awesome please!!!!!!Observer6 Jul 12
Jul 11 Gear Question - Reroll on Uliana Boots Ancient Uliana Boots with mnimal Dex roll (552) and almost-perfect Exploding Palm roll (14%). So -- reroll 14% to 15% EP, or 552 dex to 650? Thanks all!Sailboat2 Jul 11
Jul 10 Tempest Rush/Sweeping Wind build optimization Hi guys, I'm currently running this build: I was hoping if someone more knowledgeable than I would browse through, and give a few tips on how to optimize things. I know I can be more powerful running a different build all together, but I really like the tempest rush/sweeping wind combo gameplay wise. Right now I can do TX comfortably, but not fast. I'd like to be able to do 4 player GF70+.LazyVulpes2 Jul 10
Jul 10 Kyoshiro's Soul - is that a seasonal item? I feel like a dunce having spent gobs of shards on belts... and now am wondering: Is the kyoshiro's soul a seasonal only item? meaning I can't possibly get it on my non-seasonal monk until the season is over? Believe it or not.. I have looked for this info, and have only found that it's a 2.4.1 item, didn't say if it was seasonal or not. I'd really like to have it for my monkey monk (munkedu). Thanks!VoodooLizard3 Jul 10
Jul 10 More Monk DMG Question I have equipped innas full set and i only do like 400k dmg next to my inventory. Please check my profile and the character is named "star" tell me what I can do to increase my dmg to like 1.2mil as most people do with innas set.David11 Jul 10
Jul 10 The problem with Kanai's cube... Is that if you put in the wrong ingredients, bye bye vengeful wind. :( I had both forgotten souls and demon breaths in the cube, and hit transmute, without carefully reading what it said. Or I might have stopped, realizing it was not going to reforge the legendary, it was going to eat it. Now I have no vengeful wind, just the passive in the cube. Which does me little good as I need the kyoshiro blade passive even more so. Nice. I wish it had different buttons.VoodooLizard12 Jul 10
Jul 9 Bane of the Trapped - Does it work? Any good? Does this gem work for monks? Is it any good? This is my first seasonal toon. I havent played since RoS launched last year. Thank you.Versus3 Jul 9
Jul 9 I made it to GR60, can you help me grow? Hi all, This is my first season and I love it! I'm going to pass non season Paragon soon. Please look at my seasonal Monk and give me some pointers. I clear Normal rift TX in 3-5 min because I am slow and pick up everything. I struggle to clear GR60, and my max is GR62. My leggems are about maxed because 15% chance. I did a Caldesanns but didn't really see an Increase even with +275 Dex. It seems like the pros are saying this game is easy, but I don't see a solo 75 possible. I am pretty casual, I guess... 5-15 hours per week. Would like to get to the stash space, but I am struggling to complete any conquests. Any help is Appreciated. I know I still have plenty of time, but now I want to play PTR, since I never did that before either. I played blind/solo for 3.5 years, and made more progress with internet help in the last 6 months thank I did in the first 3.5 years! Thanks,theNix28 Jul 9
Jul 9 Tail Kick Buff Questions Rivera Dancers and Gyana Na Kashu, my gyana adds 99% to lashing tail kick dmg, my rivera dancers add 291% dmg... If I look at my "Offense" dmg, it only shows 99% added to lashing tail kick when I have both equipped. Im wondering, do these stack? does only one work? whats the deal? Can I even surpass 99% ?David1 Jul 9
Jul 9 F r over rose. U6 getting snubbed Hey. I had finally gained two perfect trifecta vdr f r and NOW im told to use a set that makes zero sense for this build. We are using assmimilate(btw does this still snapshot before sss) and then a spirit using skill. I have been trying for weeks and even with implosion and shoulders or unity in cube or even harmony resolve AND sixth sense w unity my f r comvo is not working to survive. Is ther anyone pushing that have the same objectives to no extra passive feom hf ammy and being.forced to using this setup that is completely removing the sycronization of this set??? Pls guys if anyones getti g higher than 70 with f r perfectly rolled conbo lemme know. I simply completely.object to blizz not thinking things through that dont allow us to use what should be used. Rose is perfect for orbit wiz. But not u6. Cmon...Snis3 Jul 9
Jul 9 Looking for a Monk for Grp GR runs Greetings folks, I am looking for a mature orientated Monk GR (65-70) done as high as 80 for group runs with. I am a R6/IK4 FC barb build. I am retired military so looking for a mature player so not to have to deal with any issues that could arise and have from the younger player base. A monk that can pull the mobs in will work well together with my build. My in game name is Grizzwall. Thank you for your time gents. GrizzGrizzwall0 Jul 9
Jul 8 Why COE for explosive bells build? Being the only useful damage is from fire, why run a ring that only buffs 25% of the time? I am finding it difficult to perfectly time popping my spirit gen ally and spamming the bells on the fire proc. Isn't there some better choice or at least a good strong alternate?VoodooLizard6 Jul 8
Jul 8 Combination strike... Does this skill have any use at all?.... Spirit generators, does sweeping wind count as one? Or must it be something thats 'activated'Magius4 Jul 8
Jul 7 Reroll inna's reach (ancient)... After much farming, I got a new version Inna's reach to drop... I reforged it in the cube until I got the ancient version. I used a ramaladini socket on it already... It's pretty good - so what should I reroll on it? --- the stun on hit to max spirit? --- the damage to max? --- something else? Jul 7
Jul 7 Inna Pet/EP optimization & build strategy I've been working on an Inna's monk, and right now I've been doing one rift level at a time (to keep leveling the blood shards), then doing a little farming at that level. Right now I am doing level 59, will probably be on 61 by end of day. The inna hero is I'm surprised that similar builds have done clears of rifts in the 80s. I could use some help in figuring out what I could do to improve this build, as I don't think I'll get it past 65 as is. I don't really understand what's impeding it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!VoodooLizard10 Jul 7
Jul 7 Is Thorns Monk viable? Oops I cross posted here: Jul 7
Jul 7 LON WOL Just wondering does hexing pants give damage to wol? since when we cast it we stop moving for split second...Magius6 Jul 7
Jul 7 Monk staff transmog idea I was watching a stargate marathon and got to thinking how cool would it be to have a jaffa staff as a transmog in diablo 3. Anyone agree? Disagree? DiscussPIPBOY0 Jul 7
Jul 7 Need help with skills/passives please I have been working on this 2nd monk and going by stats it seems ok but I am having trouble soloing bounties on T10 so I have done something wrong. I like the gear I have but am open to suggestions, leaning more to the skills and passives though if anyone can please help. Also not sure if the Shenlong set is best or the Istvan Paired Blade set would be better Any help appreciatedbelveder6 Jul 7