Sep 1, 2012 WTS Won Khim Lau 65% CD / OS (Godly OH) Best OH for FoT / SW build monk 703.5 DPS 5% to Lightning Damage (max 6%) Lightning skills deal 20% more damage (max 25%) 151dex 65% Crit Dmg (Perfect !) Socket taking offer, starting @ 15m or contact me in game FCWGAMING#1360FCWGAMING5 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 GG Xeph Ammy - 6 / 45 crit dmg / 2.3 sp + MF Critical Hit Dmg - 45% 40% extra gold Regen 374 life per sec 38% MF 2.3 Spirit Regeneration 6% Critical Hit Chance Taking big offers - currently on RMAH for $250.EasyMode1 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 LiteAmmy Loh/Crit! Ring too!!! Taking offers!!! Post here or msg me in game ATown#1839ATown5 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 WTS BeastMode Skorn!!! Fresh new Skorn Bid start at 40milHai3 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Info about shenlongs set? I am curious if anyone can give some specifics on the energy attack from shenlongs set. How often does it proc, what sort of damage (scalable?), and area of affect does it deal. Also, can it critical hit or spawn tornados from cyclone?Sheldor4 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Found this item~need price check I found this item a couple a minutes ago and saw the insane vit on it, was wondering how much this would be worth for a monk(phys res stack) 691 Armor 58 dex 160 vit 11% life 51 phys res +290 armor 3 Sockets Thanks in advance :)SoulSword4 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 What kind of music do you monk to? Simple enough, what do you listen to while you're grinding or otherwise playing your monk? I tend to prefer psychill or liquid dubstep, keeps me calm through those ridiculous packs on a3 inferno.Lynx8 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 WTS: 916.3DPS WON KHIM LAU I have it on sale in the AH for 20M buyout. However, if anyone wants to offer a different amount (which is reasonable of course), I might be willing to compromiseCrescendo3 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Whats a good strategy for selecting Dual wpns I am trying to upgrade my Monk to be a better Dual hander, but all the weapon upgrades I think I need are obscenely expensive. So before I commit to buying something I may or may not need I was hoping someone could give some buying suggestions when looking for two good monk weapons. I think its a high DPS main, with the bulk of your stats and stuff on your fast off hand right? How much does off-hand DPS matter? And how much life steal should I be looking for? You can check what I am currently using in my profile. I know I need better crit chance. Currently its at 22.50 I believe. But finding good rings to replace what I am using with Crit and not lose big overall on the switch is tough. Thanks for any help in advance guys.TerribleAim6 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Selling amazing fist and shield fist: 938 dps no elemental dmg 64 str 51 dex 107 vit 914 loh 55% crit dmg shield lvl 63 1117 armor 20% block 137 dex 73 AR 14% life 20% mf 7.5% crit chance post offers hereBiiirdnutz3 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 I have 16m Help me upgrade my monk. Well my monk hit 60 last night, and I spent 250k on gear and was able to kill inferno belial without any issues. I really am enjoying the monk so I sold my WDS mojo for 16m to upgrade this guy. What would you get? Take a look and let me know!Kruell8 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 No LoH or LS? I see a lot of Monks running around with no, or very little, LoH or any LS with the new legendaries out. Some have maybe 250-400 LoH... is that really enough to sustain your health pool? Basically just asking to those people... is your strategy just to burn mobs down in the span of your Serenity or is as little as 400 LoH enough when your DPS is so high or attack so fast (Echoing Fury users)? I wouldn't mind giving it a try... and it would be a lot easier to gear for honestly... but I play mostly in a group anymore so burning mobs down in the span of Serenity isnt an option for me unless I solo. Basically I'm asking because I use LS... I have about 5.5% from both of my weapons, and I love it. I have no issues leeching back what I need. But I really want to give WKL or Echoing Fury a try... but to do so I would have to drop my LS. I do have about 400 LoH from my Ammy but I'm doubting that would be enough to keep me alive.Rorik8 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 S> Zuni Boots (Legacy) 164 Dex 86 vit 6% aspd bid 70m buyout 90m on Gold AH add Jojy#6704 for offersJojy0 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 WTS Inna's vast expanse 170dex 77vit 41lightn bin at 40m. will sell by 10pm estImOP16 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 selling my good monk igg or rmah Hi all been playiin monk a long time but recently switched to doctor. Been wanting to. Sell monk off he's in my profile 40k dps unbuffed 773 all resist 31.50 crit chance and 365 crit dmg. He can solo any part of inferno with laughs excelent fast farming char. I've dumped a lot of gold into him and just wanted to grab last couple pieces for my witch doctor. Again I will take paypal or gold. Preferably gold so would somone like to start the bidding. Any questions its WakaWakaMang in my profile Thanks everyone loved being part of monk communityRyaxe5 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 PC 935 DPS sword good stats Hi monk people. I was hoping you could help me price this weapon... 1h sword 935 dps (398-939 damage) 186 dex 74 int 61 vit 56 crit damage socket I did a search on the AH and anything comparable to this has a buyout of about 50 million, but I could use some more insight. Thanks. :) Edit: I'd be willing to trade for a 1her equal to this with strength on it, if anyone is interested. Or message me if wanting to buy this.PhreEk3 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Inna's 4 piece bonus Anyone else rocking this? I picked up a cpl cheap pieces to complete it, and I have to say I love it. It allows me to spam mantra more often. Thoughts on it?Storik5 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 WTT Inna's Radiance I have Inna's Radiance with the following stats. 174 Dex 74 Vit 44 Cold Resist 6% Life 6% Crit Chance. I would like to trade with a Fire Resist. Please PM me in game.. Thanks...ash12 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 violent farming a3 streaming start streaming on twtich tv, cuz farming alone is just boring so i decide streaming myself make it less boring tired of solo? check me out and chill, ask me anything about monk ill answer em if i know oh btw, im also crafting 7sins rogerwang #1794 (110K dps monk) Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 WTS High End Fire Stack MF Bracers 43 str 96 dex 56int 40 Fire 74 ALL Res 19% MF 5.5 Crit Up on AH for 15m, 30m buyoutSeraph3 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 state of the monk thinking of leveling a monk. been playing (and LOVING) a CM wiz (spec blade, meteor, time warp, nova - never did energy twister thing, found it a little cheesy) and looking to level either a barb or monk. i know barbs got a lotta love last patch but i like the idea of the monk more. are monks viable without ridiculous amounts of gold spent on gear in inferno? something like 2 mil act 1, 5m act 2, 10m act 3?pj00783 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Want to change my Primary, what to pick ? So far in the game I've been using Thunderclap but I am quite bored with it and noticed other attacks cause more damage. Also, since I am not currently using LoH or Life Steal, I don't need the regeneration capabilities of Thunderclap. I noticed 2 other attacks I like. The Crippling wave Mangle and the Deadly Reach Foresight. What is the difference between the two ? The Mangle feels a bit better I think ? The stats are 40k DPS unbuffed, 50k life and 850 AR (with One with Everything). IAS is 2.0 and I am using a shield.Silencer0 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Which is better......?? Life on hit or damage dealt converted to life?? Trying to keep my Monk alive act3/4.... Monk profile Thoughts? copied from other thread... Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 WTS: 978.3 DPS Shenlong's Relentless Assault - 978.3 DPS - 181 Dex - 10% IAS - 851 LOH - 14.2 Life Gain per Spirit Spent b/o : 45 milSaludin0 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 WTS Dagger Crit Dmg/LOH/LS/Dex 792 DPS 1.5 AS 295-761 Damage 102 Dex 2.9 LS 48 Crit damage 433 LOH Feel free to add me in game at xjms88x#1218, or shoot me offers here. Thanks!xjms88x3 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 WTS Fist, loh, dex, vit, OS 830.2 dps 351-835 damage 1.40 attack speed 245- 590 fire damage 93 dex 106 vital 665 loh open socketKSpang29 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Selling Legendary Weapons I want to sell these: 1. Won Khim Lau - 7m 2. Skorn 19m 3. Shen Long's Relentless Assault - 20m 4. The Burning Axe of Sankis - 7m prices are still open for discussion adiemancer#6349adiemancer3 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 help, need build for my monk for inferno hey everyone, i have been away for a while and did not advance with my monk, and the new update changed a lot of tactics, which one do you guys think is a better build (i can also change my crappy stuff but if i want to i need to know what kind of build i will be using) thanks.noobspwner0 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Is LTK: Hand of Ytar Lightning Dmg? Just got a Won Khim Lau. Just checking to see if this rune of LTK converts it into lightning dmg.kanersen0 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 WTS 85 k dps -unbuffed- monk SET . My profile is here . Selfbuffed i farm A3 beyond easy and i have 34% movement speed all time , so you can consider this a sprint monk rushing to farming. Stats: 30k hp 42.5 % crit chance 375 % crit dmg 5% life steal - this is verry important i dont need health globes the elite fall down in 3-4 seconds A3. 7 k armor with enchantress 707 Resist ( i use 10 to 1 armor ratio so i dont get much diminshed ) Ill take only $$$ by paypal (im paypal verified ) in the past i sold other sets and ill give here 2 links where i got feedback: To avoid getting scammed on paypal refund ill need some proofs (an email send by your paypal email where you have to point what did u buy and why , some skype conversation and some print sreens - you have to be paypal verified ). Taking offers i dont have any buyout in mind yet . I DO NOT ACCEPT GOLD . PS : for mf seekers : in adition to this set ill give the buyer a macro (u dont have to configure it ) and youll swap gear by pressing 1single button , so u can kill elites with mf cap. This set +mf swap provides faster farm than a mf mixed set.puffisor14 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Won Khim Lau - 945 DPS, 369 LOH, 168 Dex, Etc I just found this and being a demon hunter, I have no idea what it's worth. I checked the auction house and everything looks overpriced. Any ideas? I'd appreciate it.Adam4 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 DOUBLE RES GLOVES, BRACERS BELT willing to sell for a decent price.. no low ballers pls jordanschki#6613 added belts: CHAIN REFUGE SOLD 255 armor 43 str, 123 dex, 44 LR 60 AR, pick up 6, PACK'S RAT SHELTER 272 armor 122 str 96 dex, 82 vit 32 physical res 61 AR 2k health globe] Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 WTS - Nice Claw - LOH, CRIT, OS, Rpirit Regen Up on the AH now for only 250k one bid on it, selling in 12 hrs go grab it!Brenneman102 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 What is the diff of Main weapon and Offhand Is there any difference for monk?BOYBATO1 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 PC GG Arcane amulet +9 min dmg Dex 169 Vit 159 Arcane resist 50 All resist 64 Reduce dmg from melee attack 4% hi guys, just picked this up. did a search on the AH but couldnt find one similar item. Anyone?Stonecruise6 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 SELLING MY SET VIEW MY PROFILE :) 75k DPS unbuffed, 100kDPS with foresight and blazing wrath buffs, 160%MF with 5NV, 458%CD and 40%CC 668 all resistance Leave your OFFER :)LuckyAces7 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 help with beating inferno hey all, just wondering if anyone has some advice on beating inferno, stuck on act 3, 40k dps 800+ res 26k life although closer to 30 with %life gem in helm, still getting mowed down pretty quick, maybe im just trying to rush through to quick from being use to farming but just wondering if theres anything major i can improve on thxBorlog5 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 S>Inna's pants S/B 10m B/o 40mTerence13 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 WTS: Ammy/100d/200v/40CR/7.5CHC/51CHD Slaughter Burden 103 Dex 233 Vit 43 Cold Resists 51% critical hit damage 7.5% critical hit chance Start: 100m C/O: BIN: 250mDruin2 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Stack Skull Grasp Legacy with new? Anyone know if it is possible to equip the legacy with the new one? assuming the "unique equipped" tag does not clash with each other. Thanks :)Ren2 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 WTS Inna's Reach Diabo (Set) 1251.7 DPS 315 Dexterity 10% IAS 50.8 Life per Spirit Spent Crit chance of Wave of Light increased by 4%Xiantic1 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 WTS: MF pant/belt combo (blackthornes)+100vit Belt has arcane res, pants have mf This is the gear i've been using to steamroll act 3 for the last month or so. Found 2 manticores in the last 2 days (1 having 2 sockets) so i'm upgrading. Selling as a set - make an offer (gear is on my profile)BossRigs0 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 WTS: Shenlong's Relentless Assault 978.3 DPS - 978.3 DPS - 181 Dex - 10% IAS - 851 LOH - 14.2 Life Gain per Spirit Spent B/O: 55 Mil Leave offer here or message me in game Saludin#1321Saludin7 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 nice belt here - would love a price check 88 dex 167 vit 50 Phys res 52 all res 10% lifeIson880 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 WTS Amulet, 8.5cc, 58%CH, 102Dex,91vit + additional 38% gold from monsters feel free to post ur offers thanks :)Derpies0 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Estimate my Monk Set Thank You!StoopidHero5 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 wts ammy 6%ias/204LoH/47%crit/16%GF senechal prize 6%ias 204LoH 47%crit 16%GF also wts Death badge 41 arcane res 340 LoH 6.5 Crit chance 1 OSdoobie220 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Need Advice Preserve: LoH: around 800 Life Regen: around 1k/sec Spirit Regen: around 5/sec Resist: around 700 Life/Spirit Spend: 63 Aim: Unbuff 40k DPS - current 28K Need Advice for Gear Change but not losing preserve stats and gold needed for those change. Thank You in Advance.w11dc4t41y5t0 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 wts Best Ring on the Forums Here are the stats for it: 43 Strength 72 Dexterity 7 % Attack Speed 20% Gold Find 202 Regeneration per second 4.5% Critical Chance The name : "Precious Gift" There is not a lot of rings out there like this. when i checked the AH there wasnt any. Anyway Hit me up on PapaFac#1910 with some real offer..or post them here. Also taking trades for wizard gearPapaFac4 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 awesome mainhand for monks (claw) monk's grasp 863.7 dps 417-817, 1.4as, pure physical damage (so you get the most out of wonkimlau) 223 dex 62 int 77 cd open socket on the ah bidding for only 10.2m now get yours today!!!xavierteo9 Sep 1, 2012