Aug 29, 2012 Price check on lightning monk gloves Hello, Could I get a price check for "Reaping Wraps"; 228 Dex 82 Vita 56 Lightning Resists 13% magic find 10% critical chance I did a search and didn't find anything similar...Thanks all in advance.Snazzy507 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 REPOST: HIGH END ARCANE MONK PANTS. Ok so winner of auction did not accept my friend request and did not respond to me several times guess is he thought i was a spammer and put me on ignore....anyway reposting. Current High Bid based on last post is 3m to Aidiemen or however u spell his name. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stop running around in that old set of jeans.... These pants are called Hunt Shield and served me well...until today as i just spent 20 mil on a new pair. They need a home Stats that follow: Armor 328 Str +34 Dex +144 Vit +147 Arcane Resist +41 + Socket 1 + Socket 2 Reason I liked these pants is not only you can get them to close to 200/200 Dex/Vit, but with the sockets you can alter your other stuff around as needed (use vit or dex gems) as to fit in with your other pieces. Dont have allres, but for somone who cant afford the 20+ mil for their end-game pair, these can supplement well. Opening Bid: 2m Buyout: 6m Similar ones on the AH start in the 8-10 range, so I thought this was a fair buyout. Auction ends 5 pst WED unless buyout reached...5 min snipe rule in effectDeuceBigalow4 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 pretty amazing fist wep price check 845DPS (golden claw style) 260-648 fire dmg 162 DEX 645 LoH 47% Crit DMG OPEN SOCKET i just found this and i would like to sell it, i just dont want to short change myself or overcharge somebody. thanks for the comments.Grave2 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 looking to spend $500 on Monk gear I had a hard time getting an answer no where close to my question on the Genereal Discussion board. money is not an issue. looking to spend close to $500 on gear and I want a complete overhaul, weapons and full body armor for a Monk. how would you spend it? and please try to answer the question.Strombone13 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Flying Dragon for sale/trade Willing to trade for a nice MH axe/mace or other barb specific legendary items. Current Buyout is 30Mil Willzyx #1534Willzyx3 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 WTS Amazing Legendary Dex Shoulders Vile Ward Legendary Shoulders 621 Armor 173 Dexterity 88 Intelligence 42 Vitality 48 Cold Resistance 74 Resistance to All Elements +255 Armor Regenerates 333 Life per Second On the Real Money Auction house currently for a bid of $80 and a buy out of $85Indiarino3 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 wts 1.04 inna's pants wth 50+ poison resist 52 poison resist 95 dex b/o 60m.. Vector#6384 no low ballers tqVector30 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Awesome amulet:dex,life%,crit chance%,600+LoH WTS Magistrate revenge ( rare amulet ): +126 dexterity +128 intelligence +Each hit adds 631 life +9% life +Critical hit chance 6.5% ilvl62 Im not sure about the price, but there is nothing like this on AH, int stat is not ideal for this but i still think this is a pretty damn good amulet. I want serious offers.ProBros2 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Nice Monk Ring on AH 69 Dex 59% Resist All 7% Attack Speed 3% Crit Chance At 5 million right now.Chocko0 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Help with DW Inferno build appreciated First of all let me say that I am an O.K. gamer, and love killing stuff and finding stuff. Because I am disabled, this is not as easy for me as it might be for others. It takes me a little longer to understand stuff, but I eventually get a lot of enjoyment out of playing Diablo 3. The forums have helped me a lot, and I want to thank the many people who have steered me in the right direction so far. I'm not sure if replacing my LOH ring with a crit ring would be smart. This is the ring I have in my stash: I was using it on my Witch Doctor ... but think it could help my Monk untill I find something better. Dex: 71 Int: 141 LIfe: 5% Crit: 3.5 Health Globes: 1860 If I equip it, my life goes down -1819 and my damage -192.3 ... but my crit jumps 3.5. Does it make sense to equip it? I like the cyclone rune ... but don't understand if this is better or not. (I didn't use it before because my crit chance was real low) Also, now that I have finished act 3 with sword and board, I have switched to DW and am going on the offensive. This is great for farming ACT II even though my reflexes are a little slow. I'm not comfortable taking on ACT IV untill I get my Paragon levels up so that I might just get a decent drop. I'm at Paragon level 11 right now. What is the difference between HP and DPS? Thanksdrumdrum0 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Decent fire monk gloves on AH 194 Dex 110 Vit 51 FR 22 AR 32% CD C/B: 800k B/O: 2MDybz0 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 WTS> SKORN 324 DEX 86 VIT 107 STR CD 189% Bidding starts at 40M Thanks!Xoniuqe3 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 WTS nice Psn monk pants Ends 8/29/2012 10pm EST WTS: Walkers Immunity 334 armor 72 Dex 130 Vit 39 Poison resist 57 All Resist regenerates 69 life per second 2 open sockets Ilvl 61 req lvl 60 Starting at 800kAsphixxiate3 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Andariel's Visage for sale Any offers on an 163 dex 66 res all 206 life regBellster1651 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Please help me gear for ACT 3 & 4 I finally made a good sell and now I have about 48 million to spend. As I am right now I can do Act 2 no problem, but in act 3 I just die whenever I find an elite. I was contemplating buying a 2-hand weapon because they are really cheap compared to the 1-handers, but they are also much slower. I think I am going to have to buy some different armor because I have so much dexterity on my weapons right now, and it is hard to find weapons at a reasonable price with 250+ dex. So I think I should try to move that off of there. I would be willing to give something to anyone willing to help. I just want to finish Inferno already. I know I could probably do it in group games with the right people, but I want to be able to stand on my own. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Advice on my build would be great too. I'm currently looking for bracers with critical hit chance.... Once I get those I should have like 35% cc. Then my plan was to get to weapons and add green socket in them for as much as I could afford.LaSTPuLSE2 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Monk questions I am almost done Act 1 inferno and only died once. So far its been fairly easy. I dont think my stats are any good. So wanted to know what you guys thoughts on going into act 2. i have 32.5K life 21630 Damage Strength 503 Dexterity 1950 Intelligence 232 Vitality 920 I have 18mil and wondering what i should be looking to buy. ThanksKlicka1212 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Backlash I am currently using backlash and when I change a piece of gear the dmg that backlash does is modified. Does anyone know what specific thing increases its dmg? I am assuming it has something to do with dex but not 100% sure.Heretic3 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 WTS FR Gloves 114dex,132vit,36fr,75AR,Crit7.5 Great roll for FR monkies. 346 armor 114 dex 132 vit 36 fire reist 75 AR, Crit hit chance 7.5 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 WTS Inna Radiance 405 Armour 197 Dex 37 Vit 43 Physical Resist 320 Physical Dmg to attacker Crit Chance 5.5 Open Socket. Place your bids in the link below:- Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Where should I farm to gear my monk? I know my monk needs a nice gear boost, but I don't have enough gold to really gear him up in the AH. I am willing to spend time farming though. Where would be a good place to farm considering my gear? I tried doing siegebreaker runs, but die a bit too much on elite packs. Something in A2 perhaps?Dybz6 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Attck Speed 2H build? I debating on switching to a 2H build but I can't stand how slow they attack is it theoretically possible to have a crap ton of attack speed on my character to average it out so i attack as fast with a two hand as say a sword and board or even as fast as 2 1h weapons?HxCSavage6 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 PC: 660armor, 70dex, 77vit, 94AR, 3o/s (cold) 660 Armor 70 Dex 77 Vit 38 Cold Resist 56 Resist All 269 Armor 3 Sockets Seems pretty good, though I wish the dex/vit was higher. How much is this worth?Piffle4 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 High Crit Inna's Reach PC? For sale as well if anyone's interested.Drexl2 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 WTS 1-h Fist 805dps /+730LOH/+87Crit/ Socket Selling 1 hand fist ilvl 63 805.8 DPS 83 int 116 Vitality 730 Lift on hit 87 Critical damage increased open socket Open for offers. Will sell in 24 hours. Current offer 15milThorz6 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 WTS REAL GODLIKE MONK SHOULDERS END TIER Shoulders for MONK. If you're a Cold resist monk, all the better. Non in the AH for this stats. No Low Ballers Starting Bid of 50m Minimum Bid increment of 1m No BINS in mind yet,Thanks!FaLc0n10 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Looking for Comments on Build Hi all, I have a general idea after reading the forums and gathered a rough understanding on how a monk needs to be geared (well other than the unique builds, but if I can't clear inferno, might as well go for the fastest way there is). My gear isn't impressive, mostly found on the floor and have at most invested only about 1mil in the AH. I'm not rich either, tops @ 5mil now and I'm just stagnant at ACT III before Ghom. In fact, I believe I will still have been in ACT I if not for the recent patch change which made life much easier for me. I'm looking for comments on what I'm going to buy for my next set to help me move along (though definitely I'm probably going to be hitting ACT II for awhile first), so please give your comments if I'm looking at things wrongly. TL:DR: Wants to buy better gear, needs opinion if choices are correct 1. Dex: Should be looking to increase till 2k dex min for dps and armor value, which means I can probably ignore high armor value items over better stats. 2. Vit: I believe it should be a 2:1 ratio, so if dex is 2k, vit should be at 1k 3. Resist: To make use of OWE, ideally I should be looking to make a "Fire monk, cold monk, arcane monk", not that it matters since that skill buffs the all resist based on highest. My question would be, will there be a difference in pricing? For example, All resist + fire resist is valued higher than All resist + cold resist? 4. I duel wield because of the 600dmg fist which I picked up and it was invaluable to my survival so far. But I have tried fist + shield as well and it was good. Any comments on this?Isildur2 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 WTS MY CRIT MONK. Check out profile Current offer is 165 milFluffy532 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 WTB Godly 2H SKORN Looking for good 2h Skorn. Dps: 1200+ Dex: 300+ Life Steal: 5+ Crit hit dmg: 180+ OS Add me @ Xeihiro#1261Xeihiro1 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 My monk needs help...Rate & Comment Hello Everyone, After constant research I am aware of all the things needed to make a successful monk. However, the funds for said gear is what I dont have. I think the most I can get out of all of your knowledge is whether or not I have any gear that is sufficient for me now. So what I am trying to get out of this post is...What items are garbage and need to go the way of the dodo and what items are decent enough that I can hold off on swapping? Thanks people!Murdok902 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Cheapest Inna Radiance! 180dex-vit-FR-6%crit 182dex 48vit 31fire resist 19%gold find 6% crit chance open socket. In AH for ONLY 10mil bidding 18hrs left.Nyanevo9 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 FS: Awesome pair of axes LOH CRIT OS 900+dps selling each for 30m together for 55m clam#1797clam0 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 WTT/S RINGS (PR & FR for LR) i got 2 very nice rings that are poison and fire res, but I am lightning res, and so would like to trade them either for cash or lightning equivalents. Both deal very high dps. THEY ARE BOTH ON MY PROFILE EQUIPPED ON MY SCOUNDREL!! If not then IGG is also accepted. If you are not buying them, please help me PC them! thanks!Rogergamer43 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Price check on 1.3k DPS Socketed Daibo 1357 DPS +226 Dex +89 Vit +9% IAS 4.50% Lifesteal Socketed Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Post your "GOD" like monks here I noticed this on the barb forums my friend sent me and im pretty sure we can one up them guys post your amazing monks here and show the world how awesome we are. Also this is so then other monks can reference to what they need to do to raise their dps and whatever they want. Mine isn't exactly god like but it definitely beat inferno so go ahead and start :)HxCSavage5 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 selling awesome hallowed defender cold sorc! 121 dex 67 AR 1399 armour 39 Cold resist 6% crit hit chance blk chance 24%Nuar0 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Selling VERY nice Lightning bracers Lightning Monk Bracers: 5.5% crit chance 50 all resist 37 lightning resist 92 dex 74 vit 65 strength +197 armor Leave offers hereBryan11 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 WTS, 900LoH, 204DEX, 55VIT, Socket Fist 824.6 DPS +269~562 HolyDmg +204 DEX +108 INT +55 VIT +954 LoH +Open Socket PLEASE OFFER HERE; Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 help me evaluate hi guys i made some changes to my monk from the last post but im still finding it hard to do act 3 can someone help me with improvement ideas? thanksNuar2 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Upgrade Question Hey there, I am pretty comfortable with my monk and believe most of my choices so far have not been terrible ones gear wise lol. So i guess my question is, is there any changes anyone would suggest? This isnt my MF set, i mix and match that to keep survivability/dps/keep mf reasonable so i can farm A3 easy enough. I like my armor/AR at the moment where it is, some may say its a bit high but i find it makes me pretty tough even with dealing out some pretty good dps. So any tips / pointers would be great... it seems like most my upgrades from this point on are in the 5-20 million range, if not more for some peices.Hasordan0 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Finally Killed Diablo Solo yessssss.. now what?Rogergamer6 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 S: 1h Axe 994.6dps, 547loh, 112dex, OS Looking to sell tonight, ending at 2am et if goes above 20m, if not ending tomorrow s/b: 5mclam3 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 dying with inner sanctuary on WTF!! dying with the invunerable buff active. Probabably always but especially in close battles i active IS only to die with the invunerable buff on... im thinking i die but then it gets activated, because thats what it looks like. Then again dying but still activating the skill makes no damn sense. fix the activatiuon something is bugged in the miliseconds there... either i should be inv with IS active on me or im dead prior to it actiivating.Tru2 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Monk build 1.04 My dear friends, I am looking for a good monk build 1.04 but have not found one yet. Is there anyone who would help me out on this one? Thanks so much!saphira16 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 WTS nice mace 1082 dps w/ 600loh 140dex min bid is 15m.Arevir1 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Just come back to game need gear help plz :) Heya all, Been away from game for close to 2 months and have come back to check out the new patch. going by the patch notes there's been quite a few changes. Im not sure anymore what stats i should be stacking on my gear and if Skills need changing... Id love any help you guys could contribute in bringing my character up to scratch! Currently have act 1 and 2 on farm mode, but act 3 still gives me issues. Cheers in advance!Certaindeath0 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Improvements on my monk - 1.04 set items? Hi fellow monks, What I'd love to be able to do, is to kill any elite in ACT 3/4 (without dying, which I still do occasionally) in a 4 player game and the other 3 players are in town, or elsewhere. I find if I switch my mantra to more armor, i die easier due to less LOH and mobs being alive longer to do my damage. Same goes when I use a shield - no additional LOH and AIS; damage is only a little less by 2k ish. Any monks out there that can do this? I'm thinking that improvements I may need is to find "socketed" versions of my weapons as I can add more Crit Dam... but have also thought "are there any legendaries or sets after patch 1.04 that are highly recommended for monks?" Just like the "angelic set" in diablo 2 was pretty much the most elite pieces to wear.DVTN5 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 How people are building monks these days? I've just come back from a bit of a break from Diablo 3 and I am wondering what the best way to build a monk is after the last couple patches. In terms of stats to focus on with my gear and skills to use. I'm nearly at act 3 inferno as well so the kind of stats I would be needing to get through that would be helpful as well. Thanks to anyone who replies.HappyAnarchy0 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Anyone easily farming act3 with a 2H now? Just a quick question for anyone using a 2H in act3. I've always loved 2H weapons, and I did try them out before I went DW awhile ago... yes they sucked back then. But with the changes out and especially with the new Skorn out. Is anyone finding its easy to farm act3? Currently I breeze through act3 as DW, but if I do switch over to a 2H I don't want it to be extremely harder after dropping some serious gold on a nice Skorn. So, basically... is anyone having fun with minimal issues in act3 with a 2H now?Rorik9 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 anyone has same build ?? want know is this build working act 4 ??!XYU!acbYca Eu-serverkamyola0 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Need help evaluating an item. So my friend just got an unreal monk item. Echoing Fury Legendary 1H Mace. 1304.5 DPS 266 Dex 64 Vit +0.25 attacks/sec 5% AS 13.4% chance to fear By far the best weapon I have seen. So a couple of questions, has anyone seen anything close? He put it up for auction at 500,000,000 gold. No real idea of how to price the item. Is he asking too much? Too little?MathMan1 Aug 29, 2012