Jul 15, 2012 Is Ghom the last wall? The unbelievably specific gear you need to progress has been taking the fun out of inferno, but I would still like to beat it. I'm wondering if Ghom is the last big wall? I'm trying to decide how badly I want to grid out another upgrade or two to beat him.JuiceLarge18 Jul 15, 2012
Jul 15, 2012 Price check on ring nothign to see here, ill jsut move along!KillaMace3 Jul 15, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Question about monks i've been helping my friend gear up his monk...whats the difference between physical, arcane, fire, etc resist monks i know there is a buff that matches the resist to all resist but are there any other advantages from one resist to another? DPS wise, what should we focus on? crit chance? crit dmg? dex? please helpkhaleesi2 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 I love monks!! Do yall love monks!?!?!Mikopwnsu3 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Small upgrades cost 25M+ I beat Diablo on Inferno with 5 stacks and can play through acts 3/4 and Whimsy but it is slow going and I die a lot. I have decent gear and know how to play but I only have 20M gold and anything I see that would be an upgrade is more than I have. The most I spent on any given item was 4M and that was my amulet. Most of my items I shopped and bought for less than a million. I picked up my crit weapons for around 2M each to try the DPS route. They are a lot more expensive now. I have two weapon sets that I use; dual wield to roll through act 2 fast and LOH with shield for act 3. I have the inferno staff of herding but I die way to much in there to farm. I can do it, but I seem to get better results doing act 2 face roll. I sometimes do act 3 with the dual wielding and dps build (conviction and FOT) just to kill fast but it is a glass cannon build and I die a lot. But it keeps me from getting bored. I also have two belts; a resist belt and a string of ears that dropped for me in act 2. My gear: My stats: Act 2 DPS build:!YXU!acYZca Act 3 Tank build:!YXU!ZcYZca I am a decent player, I don't stand in crap, keep moving and kite when needed. I just want to farm acts 3/4 and Whimsy a bit easier and faster. Any suggestions on what I should upgrade first? I have been looking for a crit bracer but again they are way more than I have. I appreciate the help! ~MobiusMobius3 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Selling 40 Un-iden Heavens Fists! Just imagine if I found all of those with only 75 MF. Are you sure you still want to buy them? LOL Wise up my friendsValor1 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 perfect mf pants!! Primal Robes Def:411 +92dex (total 168dex) +83vit +2soc (2x38dex gems) +20%mf anyone interested?Sagittarius0 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 High DPS Monk Inferno Stream (EU-Server) enjoy :)Zamurai0 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Are these bracers any good for a monk...? Stats are: 75AR, 52FR, 99Dex, 98Vit, 20%MF Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Amulet 149 Dex/8% IAS/637 LOH/36MF/Lightning Any monks out there have any idea what I should sell this for? I can't find anything even close to it on the AH. 149 Dex 8% Increased Attack Speed 637 LOH 36 Magic Find 38 Lightning ResistIkky4 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Where am I going wrong? I am having a lot of trouble progressing through act 3 and just seeing what you guys think I need to improve. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. Here are my stats unbuffed with a shield. 1719 dex 39k hp 22.5k dps 5662 armor 38% crit 1000 life on hit 758 resist all 15% block Suggestions anyone?modalux7 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 In Need of Weapon Advice Hi everybody, I've just completed Act 2 Inferno and Act 3 currently just doesn't seem feasible with my current gear. I'd like to start changing that, and I figure a new weapon is a good place to start, given enrage timers and all. My current weapon is simply a socketed blue mace, ~845 DPS with a Star Amethyst for the 300 LoH. Since it will probably be a while before I can afford an amulet with a significant amount of LoH, I figure aiming for another socketed weapon will be my best bet at this point. Now I understand that DPS is far and away the most important stat of a weapon, but whats a good weapon DPS to aim for to complete Acts 3 and 4? I've considered trying to get relevant stats on a new weapon too (e.g. dex and vit), but I don't want to ask too much as I'm guessing it will dramatically raise the price without giving a good return on investment. Also, I figure going for a 1.4 speed weapon is ideal given the synergy with LoH and spirit generation, even if it means losing a little bit of Sweeping Winds DPS (since SW doesn't scale with attack speed). I don't want to spend the rest of my days farming Act I for a best-in-slot weapon, but at the same time I don't want to buy something that's such a marginal upgrade that it won't allow for any meaningful progress. Any advice from experienced monks would be greatly appreciated.mikehardez4 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 WTS 1h Mace 847dps 200dex 40vit 62critdmg Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 WTS - Cold Monk Tank Gear - RA/LOH/Life/Vit Entire monk set for sale. 1 - Helm - 2 - Shoulder - 3 - Glove 1 (Hateful Mail) - C/O 200k 4 - Chest - 5 - Bracer - 6 - Ring 1 - (The Lantern) 7 - Ring 2 - (Bond Ruin) 8 - Pants - 9 - Boots - 10 - Shield - 11 - Fist - 12 - Ammy 1 (Baron Sink) - 13 - Ammy 2 (Dire Focus) - 14 - Glove 2 (Grand Vices) - Bidding ends in a day and half or price is right.sOuLthieF4 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 S>889 PATK&40% dmg&OS Start bidding 1M Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 How much crit is enough When playing the stickied cyclone build? I have 33% currently, and I kill stuff quite slow..might it be due to my low critical hit damage of 66%? I can't afford a weapon with crit damage, and I really need a weapon with LoH. Gear Build and Sword and Board: Ideally, I'd love to run DW, but I am too poor to just throw out gold on two high DPS weapons that both have Crit dmg or life on hit, so just getting a decent shield while progressing felt like the easiest solution right now. I do realize that higher crit damage equals more damage output, and no crit chance makes crit damage a wasted stat. What would you do in my situation? I feel like my resistances are quite OK with my current LoH... and my HP could be better, but I guess the DPS goes first for a monk as of the latest patch changes.weppE5 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Monk trade forums & mo @ What up Monks, Wanted to let you know about a site I just launched, Top 3 reasons you should check it out: A Monk specific marketplace forum A Monk specific streaming forum Item database that allows you to filter > 3 item affixes! (although this DB is only the base stats of legendary and rare items at the moment, its still better than browsing the blizz site trying to figure out what legend/sets can have what attributes. and plans for way more awesome stuff than this in store for future). But much more coming soon. So if you are a) sick of the trades takeover in this forum b) sick of the streams spam in this forum c) looking for Monk items to buy d) looking to sell some Monk items e) looking to promote your stream or youtube or media channel You should check it out @ ALSO: To all you streamers -- I am taking applications for featured streaming channels, basically a select number of featured streamer channels (when online), will be put on the homepage in sidebar (homepage is just item db right now but will change soon), so if you are interested in some additional promotion for your streaming channel hit me up for details at I literally just pushed it live < 1 hour ago, so please if you have any feedback/problems let me know. Much appreciated!Thrice5 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 WTS 1H Axe 880.2 dps, 1.43attack/sec, 106Dex 1. 1h axe -880.2 dps -1.43 attack per sec -106 Dex -Increases attack speed by 10% Price : 850K 2. 1h spear -696 dps -1.33 attack per sec -LoH 668 -Increases attack speed by 11% Price : 1.5MDavid3 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 WTB Monk Wep DEX/IAS/Socket Spending up to 25 mil. Over 850-900 dps, preferable. Let me know if any of you have anything close to this. Cilamena#1926Cilamena2 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Finally beat Inferno Diablo Thankfully that's a load off my shoulders, but I made this post for the sole fact of linking skills/gear that I managed to graze by it with. This is a skill build that was previewed on MMO-Champion a week or so ago and is just more so a testament that it's viable for end game. Stats: Gear: Skills:!ZUX!acbYcaCrawnick0 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 question for 60kdps + monks w/ NO LOH Just wondering for those that do high dps and NO LOH how they heal themselves? Im assuming most are trancendense. But some i've seen use dual wield no no healing factors. I'm 35k hp 40kdps 900 res and 130 lpss. and even at that I feel like i'm sometimes worried about dieing. The thing though at least playing with other monks I die 1:2 compared to others. Like farming all of act 3 I die maybe 3-5 times against like 30 elites some elites I die 2ce whats the death rate for others? just wonderingChinners5 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 WTS:Dex,Vit,CR,AR,CC,CD Gloves 280 armor 135 dex 83 vit 45 cold resist 52 ar crit damage 20% crit chance 7.5%ZidanE7 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Upgrades gear - find me some upgrades and list the auction house price of it edit: i had to edit my OP due to troll below who thinks i can get better gear for what i spentEnxius23 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 WTS best gloves to ever drop from Inferno I knew I suffered through Inferno difficulty for a reason. Now taking offers. I hope Diablo drops loot as good as the rest of the Act bosses.Zalakat6 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 A Monk's Journey through Hell Hello everyone, Some of you - maybe most of you - may not find the game challenging until you hit Inferno. Others however, freshly arrived from Nightmare, might want some help or hindsight on how to handle the rising difficulty as they progress through Hell. Keep in mind this is not supposed to be a "Do all be all" kind of build, but more of a guide to help you make your own decisions as to how you will survive on your own. This guide is aimed for Single Player experience. Some advices may not apply for Multiplayer, as common sense might dictate. Who am I? As a person, I am a regular video game player. I spend countless hours in DotA-like games (DotA, LoL, HoN, DotA 2), and also spent a fair share of time in MMORPGs (WoW, Rift, SWTOR) as a more "casual gamer" - meaning I didn't go Raid farming with guilds and all, just enjoyed the content on my own (or with a couple of friends) on my own pace. I also touch pretty much every type of game except sports games. One thing is I was not an avid Diablo II player, so it is highly possible that I will overlook some points a veteran might find "obvious". If so, please feel free to correct me or to add some of your own advices. In Diablo III, my only relevant character is a level 56 monk, currently going through Hell (middle of act II at the time of writing). My current stats are 63/1110/122/713 (str/dex/int/vit), with 5390 DPS, 24k HP, 3032 armor (52% dmg reduction), 31% dodge and piss-poor resistances (around 5%). My current build is!ZYX!ZZbYYc As a personal opinion, I find the game much more enjoyable now that I actually have to be more careful (Normal felt like a tutorial and Nightmare mode wasn't the least challenging until act IV, where I started dying to Elites because I wasn't paying much attention yet). To me, it somewhat feels like a transition between casually questing in a MMORPG - enjoyable, not very difficult and dangerous only if you somewhat screw up (running into an elite or agro'ing too many mobs) - and DotA where if you lose focus for a single second you're toast since everything goes so fast. But enough with that, and let's start the actual guide. Important things to know: First of all, let's recap what everyone probably already knows. It might feel like an unnecessary step, but sometimes anyone can forget the obvious. Diablo III revolves around gear. Playing well can compensate for a lack of good equipment, but only to a certain point. Use Elective mode (Option => Gameplay => Interface) to be able to pick multiple Defensive skills (or else). Use potions. Use them like you would use any other skill. Whenever you die, ask yourself if you could have avoided that death. It's easy to just throw your hands up and give up, telling yourself "no way I could have gotten past that Frozen/Arcane/Illusionist Elite pack". I thought so too, thinking dying was inevitable against some combination. After getting some new gear through the AH, I managed to kill some of these "killer combination" without dying (not all the time of course). And honestly? It felt good. Although it is not easy to change pieces of equipment, you can change your build whenever you want. Experiment with it. The AH is here for a reason. Use it. It will make your life easier. In my opinion getting good (or at least decent) items at the AH is way easier / cheaper than to craft them. Put a buyout limit that you don't want to cross, and check from time to time. I managed to snag a ~300DPS polearm with around 150dex, 100 vit and a bunch of other enchantments for 12k only. Surprisingly, do not forget to check the NPC vendors. Some sell really good blue items, I'm still running around with a +140dex/+20vit level33 amulet that I bought a long time ago from an NPC vendor. Never managed to find a better one below 20k on the AH. Always remember: It's a game. If it's not fun, stop playing. If a certain kind of elite combination pisses you off and you don't want to put effort into killing them, just reload the game. No one's forcing you to face foes you don't want to fight.That should cover the basics Welcome to Hell: Hell is where being a melee fighter starts getting complicated. Through Normal and Nightmare I was very happy to be able to go into the fray and just AoE the crap out of everything - I still enjoy doing so in Hell, but with more caution. Your main concern in Hell will be that you will find your HP dropping a whole lot faster than in Nightmare. I was testing some skills around in the beginning of Act I, and with 50% dmg reduction from armor a mere zombie hit me for around 1800-2500 dmg per hit. At that time I had around 20k HP - that means if I'm afk 5 sec around a regular white zombie I'm dead. What I'm trying to tell you here is that all mobs are dangerous in Hell, you cannot just ignore them. First thing first, check your stats. If you're running under 15k HP and under 40% reduction from armor, it's gonna be hard when you run into Elites. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's probably easier to get some cheap items on the AH rather than fighting to stay alive through every pack. Some monks prefer to stack a single resistance and use One With Everything passive - I personally did not try that method, but it probably works pretty well (I don't see why it wouldn't). Little note about dodge: Having high dodge % is good, but try not to rely too much on it. The problem that comes with dodge is that it's random - it feels great to dodge a big hit, but you will find very often that luck is not on your side. And whenever there is that hit you NEED to dodge to survive... well, chances are you won't dodge it. How fares my build? I switched my build entirely from Nightmare to Hell. Focus on survival - your high DPS means nothing if you die within 5 sec of encountering elites. Work step by step - once you find a good balance between survival and DPS, keep it. I tend to get survival over DPS, because I know that I can kill anything with only Crippling Wave - it just takes longer. For example, I almost never use Tempest Rush but I still keep it, whenever I run into very hard elite combinations I'm more than happy to have it. It's somewhat of a safety slot. Every build has at least two aspects: Generating spirit, and using spirit. Generating spirit can either be done through Primary skills, some items (rather rare) or Mantras+rune/passive (there is also a rune with SW, but I think it's too hard to use it properly. If you think I'm wrong please feel free to tell me how you use it and how efficient it is). Obviously, the key to success is to generate more spirit than you use (balancing perfectly is risky as you might need extra-spirit for special occasions). There is nothing worse for a monk than to be out of spirit, because it implies that you'll have to run in with no defense and just attack until you have enough spirit to do something. Of course, if you run a mantra spirit build, you can just delay the fight by running around. If you're using too much spirit, you might want to: Use less spirit-consuming skills Get atk speed items Consider a switch from 2H weapon to 1H weaponIn the unlikely case where you're having no trouble at all AND you are always full spirit, you may want to consider a spirit dump (WoH, EP... whatever suits you. I don't like spirit dumps). I'll do a quick (personal) review of the skills: Primary skills: FoT/Quickening is pretty popular due to the extra-regen granted by SW. I personally don't really like that combination so I don't use it. DR gives you... well, longer reach, and Keen Eye grants you +50% armor for 4 sec if you need more tankiness. I use CW/Concussion because it gives a -20%atk speed/dmg debuff as well as a good AoE dmg - you don't debuff those you don't hit, so range/caster monsters are a huge threat. WotHF... Well, it deals good damage, but I'm not convinced by the tradeoff with the utility of the other primary skills. If someone is using it efficiently, please tell me how. Secondary: I tried using Kick for Knockback to be able to run away from the Elites, but I never managed to knock them back... Maybe I was just unlucky and happened to find Elites that were immune to knockback? That being said, it can still be used as an unreliable interrupt with the Scorpion Sting Rune (50% stun chance). I currently use TR to get out of sticky situation whenever I'm in a bad position and blocked by monsters (hint: Illusionists tend to swarm you). I don't see a good use to WoL except as a spirit dump, which I don't use. Defensive: Ahhh. Learn to love these skills. I use Blind with Sealing Light, because I noticed Elites often decide to start wacking you before the 3 sec are actually over - and Elites are most often those who deal the most damage. That being said, the other runes are not bad as well. BoH's heal get less effective with time (it doesn't scale with your HP pool), though the runes are quite good: 15% dmg boost? 1.5 sec fear? Additional spirit generation? Decent choice. Serenity is the only skill which I will label as a MUST TAKE. Combined with Ascension Rune that is 4 sec of Invulnerability to damage AND CCs. If the Barbarians can be jealous of any of our skills, this one must be the cake. Inner Sanctuary is also a pretty decent choice, though it doesn't prevent Elites from entering it does lessen the load by preventing melee trashmobs from hitting you and reducing the damage you take (Circle of Protection Rune). My only gripe with this skill is that with the amount of AoE flying around, you will rarely be able to stand there during the whole duration of the skill, so it's somewhat wasted. Also, it can be used if you're running away as a choke point blocker. Techniques: I don't use any of them. DS isn't bad, positioning skills are always useful, and it doesn't cost too much spirit. Plus you have runes that either make it cheaper or give you some dodge. EP... Well, I don't see how to use it well. For trashmobs primary skills are enough to dispatch them with ease, and when fighting Elites I need every last bit of spirit I can get, and 40 spirit for 220% damage doesn't feel well spent. The explosion have the potential to be devastating, but... does someone out here use it efficiently? Please tell me if you do. The main problem I have with SW is that you need to hit someone every X sec for it to stay active. That, and it costs an insane amount: 75 spirit. When fighting Elites I can't guarantee I won't be running around for more than this self-imposed "time limit" to keep the buff from fading, and most of the time I end up dying because I lacked spirit after using SW or because I tried to keep the buff running. That being said: Good damage dealing skill, and has the advantage to be "passive" (you can do your other skill while this one is running). Focus: Cyclone Strike: Funny through Normal and Nightmare, suicidal in Hell. SSS: Hated it in Normal and NM, now I love it. I use it to deal some extra burst damage, dodge spells (like ice shards about to explode or a laser about to touch me) and wait for my defensive cooldowns to come up. 30 sec might seem long, but I find it worth it now that I don't demolish everything in a matter of seconds. I personally use it with Pandemonium, the stun doesn't last 7 seconds on Elites but it still helps a bit. Mystic Ally I like, and deals a lot of damage when left unchecked, but die too quickly to AoE in my opinion. Still, not a bad choice. Mantra of Evasion: I already said why I didn't like to rely on dodge, but it still has decent runes (+armor, emergency dmg reduction). Retaliation: Why not, never used it but I can see its uses. If someone has a good technique with it please share it. MoH: Don't rely on the heal during the fight. I take it for the passive 20% resistance, but don't think MoH + Protection makes you invulnerable, even if you have unlimited spirit - you still have to move. MoH shines when you need some extra health while running away and waiting for your CDs to refresh, and will likely allow you to survive some more hits while you run. Conviction: I don't feel the need for more DPS, but if you find yourself surviving just fine without MoH than by all mean feel free to use Conviction. Passives: This is quite a hard choice because the monk has many good passives. Let's start by the ones I feel worse than the others: Fleet footed, 6th Sense (honestly I never went above 5% crit chance and I doubt stacking crit is a good strategy anyway), Combination Strike, Guiding Light. The ones I like but I feel less good than the other: Exalted Soul (I love having 250 spirit, but if you manage it well 150 is enough), Pacifism (not necessarily bad, but try not to get CC'ed in the first place), Chant of Resonance (2 spirit/sec is just not enough to justify using a slot), Guardian's Path (15% dodge is great, but the other passives offer more), Transcendence (like any other heal, it doesn't scale with your HP pool and thus will become less and less effective). The ones I would all like to have: Resolve, Seize the Initiative, Beacon of Yitar (curious choice I know, but 1 second is all it takes between staying alive because Serenity is up again or dead because it was still in cooldown), One with Everything, Near Death Experience (because you will still die a lot no matter what, so you might die a bit less with that).What to expect? I will edit my post tomorrow to finish it, as for now I need to get some rest. Don't hesitate to comment already if you think some things might need a little bit of polishing or disagree with some stuff I said.Myzzrym2 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 WTS> 1000.7 FIST IAS CRI 14m BIN 1000.7 401-911 damage 1.53 attacks per second 272-608 lightning damage +24% damage 9% increased attack speed 48% increased critical damage ilv63 fist wpn Bid starts 5mEvojai2 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 S>cheap swords and axes. LoH, OS, aspd, CD 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. just post your offersDragonite4 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 WTS Ammy: 34MF, 53 All resisr, 85 Str, 124Vit WTS: Rare Amulet Visceral Rosary 85 Str 60 Dex 124 Vit 28 lightning resistance 52 Resistance to All Elements 34% better Chance of finding Magical Items () Slot with a +42 Str Gem socketed Item lvl:61 Please bid. Base price 10MTheiara2 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 2 monk questions.. 1. Is the monk the best suited class to live with Life on hit items? ( lots of hits= lots of procs ) or is barb better? 2. if you MAX all resist and it ramps up your resistance? does it defend you against all types of damage? why do you need both armor and all resist?Shurgosa0 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 wts monk fists! come look BINS LOWERED! Eddywins#1618 is my battle tag Mainly looking for RMAH but will take IGG as well here u go currently no BIN please offer will post bin in a few. Bidding starts at 10m each to weed out all the low Ballers. FISTS C.O: #1-BIN 13m #2- BIN 13m #3- Bin 13m #4 - bid: 10m #5 #6 - 11m - BIN 27m MACE/SWORD/ETC. #7 -26m in game (does not come with gem) bin - 35m #8 - 10m #9Eddywins2 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Shenlongs Crashing Tide... WTF Got my first set/Legendary today progressing through act 2 inferno... Wtf is this crap. ? can i even sell this !@#$?WallaWalla0 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Godly monk dagger Base dmg- 356-770 1.66 atk speed 937.7 dps stats +210min dmg +323max dmg +28%dmg +45dex +69vit +11%atk speed and the kicker +947Loh Post offers thank you :)Randymarsh23 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Act 3 Inferno Stream Read Stats Below Farming act III Inferno Dual Wield 500 Res all 66k Damage no life on hit Blow up Elites Will give advice / answer Questions / Help with gear Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Is Resolve worth using? Current build I'm using:!XUZ!aabcca 2172 Dex, 1483 Vit, 5615 Armor, 25709 DPS (unbuffed) Attacks per second: 1.64 Crit Chance: 14.50 Crit Hit Damage: 71.00 41.7% Dodge 65.18% Damage Reduction 490 All Resist 600 LoH I know I need more resistance still. If I put on a shield I'm over 600 which can still be considered low, but typically I run dual wield. I could drop resolve for guardians path and gain 15% more dodge, but I'm not sure. I can also do combination strike for a DPS boost, since with the current spec a lot of the tactic is to blind and destroy them quickly. Transcedence is also a possibility for some extra healing. Any suggestions?Smokey0 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 WTS Poison Monk helm w socket +58 Dex +54 Vit +42 Poison Res +30 Res All + SocketSTLPR1CE0 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 WTS Fire Monk Helm...accepting offers Sorry to come in here and clutter your forum - just cannot keep a thread on page 1 of trading for more than a minute For those who don't want to follow the link to the screenshot +152 DEX +40 INT +86 VIT +50 FIRE RESIST +59 ALL RESIST +3.5 CRIT CHANCE Leave your bids - will be accepting them for 2 days from 1st bid...$$ or Gold may be accepted in a ratio of 1:1...1MiL equals 1 dollar Thanks and again sorry for adding to the clutter Best offer is currently 8M by ArtemisFowl in DH Forum :(Yaz14 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Finally a statement on trading in Class forum For all of those asking for proof when countless people have said that the WTS threads are not supposed to be in the class forums... well they finally at least provided a statement on how Blizzard feels about it. "As a reminder, the Trading forum is here to provide a place where players can post “want to sell” (WTS), “want to buy” (WTB), or “price check” threads for their Diablo III loot. Threads of this nature posted outside of the Trading forum may be removed without notice, and may result in a suspension if the post violates Code of Conduct or forum-posting guidelines." There you go. There's the proof. Now if we can just get them to enforce this..... Or create class specific trade forums............... Maybe someday............................................Ruwe7 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Some monk advice please Currently halfway through Act 2. Doing OK, but would like some advice of what to be looking out for for the next act...or later in this one. STR 1149 DEX 1753 INT 422 VIT 558 Armor 9025 (w/enchantress buff) Damage 15711 Health 19806 Resists unbuffed 558 (670 buffed) LOH 152 Life Steal 2.7% LPS 1267 I am using a level 63 shield with 20% block on it Skills:!YUX!ZZccac I know I need to get my resists up..I am working on that. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.BeachRPh3 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Mf/Gf/Dex/76 res all bracers 223 armor 113 dex 39 fire res 48 int 76 res all 23% gold find 19% magic find. Word2yall#1338 for buyout offers. Leave bids here.Word2yall2 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 GFG Monk FT!!!! tired of monk so going to gear out my dh so feel free to leave igg offer or rmah...paypal not accepted at this moment selling as whole but if i do not like the offers i will think about selling individual pieces no time frame set on how long i will keep this open but it will not be more than 24 hoursTheBearJew1 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Just when you thought you had seen everything Blizz stealth patches dueling in, oh wait no the game is just that bad. Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Looking for Poison/AR Equips(Ring,Shield,Amu) I need Dex,Vit,Poison or AR , Crit chance Ring I need Dex,Vit Poison,AR with Crit chance Shield 19%block above I need Amulet with Dex,Vit,+400-600LOH , Poison or AR , Critchance is a Plus Kindly Link the Item Hir and the PriceBlackOni6 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Does monk feel buggy to others? Whenever I play monk class I get way more rubberbanding than my other classes that I play. 1. Sometimes my hundred fists ability glitches and gets stuck continuosly punching in one direction. 2. Lightning fist ability w/ teleport sometimes doesnt work properly. 3. 80% of the time I use tempest rush ability to rush away from a pack to avoid stuff like arcane, freezing orbs, etc.. I can get like way down a hall, then automatically rubberband back in the middle of the pack. The tempest rush ability feels like its one of the buggiest abilities. Do others thinks the same on these points? Are their other things about monk that feel buggy to you?Tabern4cle3 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 BEST MONK PANTS IN THE GAME? My friend just got this pants from Act II goblin, and he donated to me because i stack fire resist. Here is the image of the pants!!!!! Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Inferno Act 1 -> Act 2 As I feared, the relative cakewalk with current equipment and skills through Inferno has ended now that I've gotten to Act 2. I have over 800 res but the lousy lacuni can cause some damage and that's just beating on me, no poison or fire or whatever. My 900+ LOH weapon doesn't do the job anymore. Even after adjusting my main combat attack from the slower, hit more than one target attack to the faster, single target attack. And, as I feared, I went looking through the GAH for upgrades and precious little is there - I mean at any price. But when I go to the RMAH, there items are. And I'm NOT going to spend more money on this game. So, it looks like I'll be farming Act I for quite a while. May invest in more Magic Find, I suppose. I don't mind going back a quest or three and going through it in order to build up stats and perhaps find better equipment. That's what I used to do in the older games. But there's nothing to going back in this game. Just the equipment hunt. The gold doesn't build fast enough and it certainly doesn't make items on the RMAH magically appear on the GAH. I'm resolved to beat this game on Inferno. But I'm a long way from frustrated enough and stupid enough to use the RMAH. May post my stats, etc. for pointed advice. But I think I've read enough (non-for-sale) posts here to get the general idea of what I need to do. Thanks for listening! LOLKazzerigian2 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 ****GODLY RING*** Max IAS, LoH, Dex,Intel,Dmg evans4652 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Price check pretty please. Amulet: 121 dex 132 vital 43 res all Any thoughts on a fair price? Thank you much.Chilling4 Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Good cold resist MF ring here Jul 14, 2012
Jul 14, 2012 Thank you monk thread I posted about a week or 2 ago asking for help with inferno... and with all of your great help i beat Belial on the first try. I owe you guys so much... but since I couldn't find my original thread (through all the trash)... I made a new one. I wanted to acknowledge all of the great guys and gals giving advice in here. So a big Thank You... p.s. Will likely be back asking for more help with act 3, but until then.Ghostwing4 Jul 14, 2012