May 23 3rd gem to use Hi guys , new monk player using uliana6,,, Im using bane of the trapped and stricken... My question is which is the best one between esoteric alteration or gogok should i use??? Im having trouble with toughness, while i basically have 60cdr i was thinking if i really need the cdr from the gem and the dodge. Please help me to decide. ThanksJohn3 May 23
May 23 Where to purchase a spirit stone? I can not find a vendor that has this item. Trying to finish an achievement.bigp3rm38 May 23
May 22 looking for panther claw transmog (seasonal) I've been farming for this for hours today but no luck! Anyone have one they could share by chance ?ambriel1 May 22
May 22 Why such low dps Seems i'm critting for max 300m it seems. Looking at my gear it doesn't seem that bad and not even critting in the billions. Aside from getting ancient armor items for more dps and defense, as well as a rama's gift on one offhand, how else can I get more dps for wuko bell build?changes7 May 22
May 21 How do you do high GRs in SWK set? I made a HC monk to play with friends and thought I'd try to get the solo 75 achievement (I mainly play SC this season). However, even in GR65 I'm already starting to be struggling with damage. I did it in under 10 minutes, but GR75 mobs have almost 5x as much health, so I can't see myself completing it atm. My sheet damage is around 1M so its at most 3x lower than you'd expect from top end gear/plvl, plus like 50% more damage from high level gems. So where does the damage come from? Am I supposed to pull together extraordinary numbers of mobs to get anywhere at all? Here's my monk profile (cubing Cindercoat instead of Nemesis): May 21
May 21 SWK Kyoshiro Blade ReRoll help Just crafted the Kyro in my profile. Damage range was pretty decent and came with area dmg and socket. i had one gift so i rolled socket to dmg%. Wondering if i should roll CDR/RCR or keep the dmg%? keep in mind my Ancient Vengeful wind will be able to roll a different stat once i get another gift and it already has 6% CDR. Gear isn't optimized yet but also wanted advice on build and stats to look for. I'm seeing 10b crits with WOL right now with current setup. Seems tanky but also loaded up on defensive passives and mantra. Left Harmony out since not that many pieces have secondary resists and threw in diamonds to give resists a boost. With Cinder in cube, dont have any spirit issues really (of course i know i will once start pushing higher GR when i have to spam more), and with zodiac dont really see large value in CDR (although, will probably switch to Unity once i get a second one for follower so might need more of it then) Any help is appreciated as i'm completely new to this build. used to run generator or ulianas. thanks in advance!Keystone16 May 21
May 21 Fortress of Ytar - serenity focussed set idea 2: All healing done will over-heal you creating a shield for up to 100% of your maximum life. 4: Serenity, blinding flash, and breath of heaven gain the effect of every rune. Inner sanctuary gains the effect of every rune except sanctified ground. Blinding flash, breath of heaven, and inner sanctuary activate when serenity expires. 6: Deal 300% more damage for each second you don’t take damage up to a maximum of 3000% Daibo (someone more creative come up with a name please) - Unwelcome disturbance blasts enemies 3 times per second. Each consecutive blast does 15-20% more damage than the previous one. Blasts continue after serenity expires until you take damage or don't deal damage for 3 seconds.AlienPrimate7 May 21
May 20 Wave of light Casting? how do i cast wave of light in a specific spot and not it auto casting on character?Qrispy3 May 20
May 20 Haven't played since 2014. Help me evolve? Howdy folks. I'm back after not having played inna long long while. Season 1 or 2(I didn't play seasons, so I'm not sure what season it was). I had a decent monk back then, and was hitting solo GR32 back when it was neigh impossible for all but a select few to break into the 40s. Now I see people are hitting 80s-100s, so clearly I'm well behind the power curve. Back then, the Sunwuko spirit dump was all the rage, and I'm kitted for that, but it doesn't look like that's even a thing any more. What can I evolve my Monk into to be competitive in this new era, given the gear/skills I've got showing? I have access to most of the legendary gear and set items and all the Gems that existed back then, have 5 out of the 7 Innas set, etc, but that Flying Dragon was definitely my best weapon back then, and I scrapped nearly everything else. So my Monk weapon selection might be pretty limited for now. Basically, if you can do so without taking up too much of your time, what can I mold this guy into? Even just the short version or names of what I'm trying to do with him so I can look it up elsewhere. Thanks folks!dngrcnnn6 May 20
May 20 Dual support monks skill stack question I ofter play with a wizard and another support monk. Now I ask myself, does skills like Inner Sanct 55% reduc. and Blinding flash rune 30% reduc. stacks or is it completely useless to use those same skills?Woyt1 May 20
May 20 No damage during Epiphany Desert Shroud still ?! omg... and we have to wait for next season/PTR to have it fixed?! Priority of Monk fixes... are all below sea-level.Luffy11 May 20
May 20 Question on Monk's Unity passive Do your Mystic allies count as Allys? or is it just your follower and/or your group mates?...Shawdow11 May 20
May 20 Unity Reroll question Hey all. I got my first unity(ancient) tonight, and it rolled fairly well. My follower doesn't have one yet, and i should have equipped it so you can see it. But anyway, I am curious to know when to roll away from main stat for a socket? It looks something like... 630 dex 5% CHC 46% CHD 14% to elites damage is 630 dex better than 14% to elites? I am working on the basic cookie cutter bells build. Thanks all KidyenKidyen5 May 20
May 20 Can we roll the damage off of crystal fist? Does wave of light use both hands to deal damage? Or just the main hand? If its just the main, couldnt i roll damage range off of my crystal fist to get another stat?ArreatsHero2 May 20
May 20 Sunwuko Decoy Damage Does anyone know if the damage done by this decoy is affected by gear with bonus Sweeping Wind damage? Or is the decoy's damage totally independent of Sweeping Wind? If there is no connection, then it seems weird to me that some items have bonus Sweeping Wind damage on them when that skill alone can't do noticeable damage under any circumstance.Cepitore1 May 20
May 19 The avg damage of approx lvl 40 Monk? I'm curious to know because I don't feel like I'm dealing enough. Also are there benefits to wielding a shield instead?rayray56 May 19
May 19 Monk advice - New to monk/seasons This is my first monk since I leveled one upon release on D3 and I know I am still working on gear, but just thought I'd ask for some advise on which way to go with my spec or gear I could be looking for. I'm solo farming T10 and have only tried to do T8 GRift solo. So any advise would be great. Thanks!!Darshan11 May 19
May 19 SWK Firebell Build/Gear Questions Two build/gear questions: 1) How reliant is the build on CoE? The reason I don't like Inna's EP build is because it's SO reliant on doing specific things during specific rotations of CoE, and to be honest, it required a bit more skill than I have lol. In the SWK build, it seems like CoE is there for the damage boost during the fire rotation, but you don't have to do anything specific during the other rotations (or really anything specific during the fire rotation either other than just attack like normal). Is that correct? 2) What are the optimal stats for CDR and Area Damage? Do you need any resource cost reduction? I've been saving up a nice set for the build but before I start rerolling stats, I'm not sure how many pieces need CDR, how much Area Damage is needed, and if you need resource cost reduction on any pieces. Thanks!Ikky2 May 19
May 19 Mantra of Retribution suggestion I was just looking at the wiki page for mantra of retribution helping someone else in a different topic and came up with an idea. The only reason that mantra of retribution is ever selected is for the transgression rune so why not just change it to mantra of transgression instead for the base mantra and change the passives. Mantra of transgression - you and all allies within 40 yards gain 10% attack speed. Active - attack speed bonus is increased to 15% Runes Indignation - Gain 15% chance to stun for 1 second per hit. Collateral Damage - 20% chance to deal 1/2 damage to 3 additional enemies (fairly long range that acts like the thunderfury proc) Retaliation - deal 500% weapon damage as fire to an enemy when they attack you Indemnity - generate a shield for 1% of your maximum life every time you damage an enemy. Maximum of 30% life shield. The shield is lost after 5 seconds of not dealing or taking damage. Against all odds - 10% chance when damaging an enemy to gain 3 spirit.AlienPrimate3 May 19
May 19 [2.4.1] Lazy Sagewuko build for farming DBs! In 2.4.1, Sunwuko's 6pc is getting buffed quite a bit - enough so that I feel it has the enough gusto when combined with Sage's Set that it will surpass LoN Firebells as the my preferred Torment X farming build. Of course in 2.4.1 and Season 6, Haedrig will be giving monks a free Inna Set, and the current EBDB build is still totally viable ( ), but I think I've had enough of Inna and LoN and would rather get annoyed at Sweeping Wind stacks for a patch! Goals: Farm Torment X with Sage to feed the DB addiction. Gearing: Your best Sunwuko + Sage combination. Gear requirement is pretty high to have a positive spirit balance in TX, but there are many variations (Torch/Envious/Seph in cube, SoJ instead of Avarice, etc) to opt for if things are going too slow or spirit becomes an issue. Sunwuko 5pc - skip Crown if you can! Sage 2pc - Recommend Boots/Helm (+15% WoL on both!) Kyoshiro's Soul - with gold find! Kyoshiro's Blade / Venegeful Wind / In-Geom (Equip 2, cube 1) Pinto's Pride / Nemesis Bracer (Equip 1 + Cube 1) Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac / Avarice Band (SoJ is a decent option as well) Cube: In-Geom, Nemesis, RRG Gems: Bane of the Trapped, Powerful, Boon of the Hoarder. Stats Mostly just Crit/Crit damage. You can pick either CDR or RCR. Build!gcXb!ZaYYYY Skills: Explosive Light - Fun! Way of the Falling Star - movement speed Annihilation - movement speed Ascension - stand in splosions. Zephyr / Ally work well too. Insight - Spirit + Teleport Exalted Soul - For Regen (optional) Chant of Resonance - For Regen (optional) STI - Ally damage Harmony - some defense Build is flexible, use any passives you want if you have sufficient regen/damage to never really run out of spirit. Fleet Foot / NDE / Bacon are always good options. Gameplay Use Epiphany + Explosive Light all over the map. Zodiac will keep epiphany up and In-Geom will give as many dashes to get to the next pack if there is nothing to teleport to with Epiphany. Low CDR with low density maps will be slightly annoying with this build, but you will get lots of DBs! (Don't forget the way In-Geom works is that whenever you kill an elite pack, all your CDs immediately get a 8s reduction). Diablofan's Guide: eventually Sample TX Gameplay Video (on PTR!) May 19
May 19 Taeguk + Tempest Rush = Sourface Seems like a no-brainer, right? Thoughtless, full-uptime offense and defense? Well, it's not. Taeguk is additive, falls off all the time while picking up loot and zoning, and seems to be absolutely inferior to other gems while running Tempest Rush. I ran some Ghom tests in a 5p SWK (no gloves for deliberately low DPS for longer battle less subject to RNG dps spikes). Same exact Tempest Rush setup (standard farming with Balance, Ascendance, Cesar's Momento, etc): >Taeguk (100) time to kill: 71 s (ramped to 10 stack in corner before starting timer) >BoP (100) time to kill: 50 s (killed elite outside Ghom chamber, BoP up entire time). Total DIBS without Taeguk: 260 Total DIBS with Taeguk: 320 Total theoretical dmg increase from Taeguk = 420/360 = 17% Total theoretical dmg increase from BoP = 1.15*1.20 = 38% (made multiplicative in 2.4.1) Total expected theoretical dps increase going from Taeguk to BoP = 1.38/1.17 = 18% Total observed dps increase going from Taeguk to BoP = 42% BoP crushed Taeguk. And in a way that was twice as much as expected. Is Taeguk even working? Is Cesar's Momento DIBS too? Sure, it's only one sample, but I was pretty meticulous about start/stop times and keeping everything constant (except gem) between fights. I just can't see running Taeguk in any circumstance in Tempest Rush specs. For farming, you want mobility and cooldown. For Progression, you'll want Esoteric. If you want DPS, the clear choice is BoT and BoP. Maaaaaaaybe when Taeguk is Rank 200? Ugh, this gem feels useless at best, newb trap at worst.Vox3 May 19
May 19 Farming Sunwuko amulet So I'm enjoying my Sunwuko monk and my gear is getting pretty solid. I mostly just need a good Sunwuko amulet and 4 gifts for some great weapons I have in my stash. So far I've found tons of amulets, but none have had the right stats. I've found only one gift after 717 PL, but got gifted with 2 others. I think my best option is to simply run public rifts when my friends are offline and run GR's when they are online? I keep spending all my bloodshards and forgotten souls on rolling/rerolling amulets while praying for gifts. I'm getting desperate, so is there any way I can farm these things more efficiently or do I simply have to pray to the RNG Gods?Ivonbeton5 May 19
May 19 Sunwuko Glove IAS or Vit? Hi friends, Found an ancient Sunwuko glove with: Dex Vit 6% ias critical hit chance 10 Change VIT or IAS to put Critical Hit Damage? Looking for High GR Many thanks!Tiagox3 May 19
May 18 Sunwuko dual wield the way to go? I'm currently stuck at GR73 and looking at other top ranked monks it seems they're all dual wielding. Why is dual wielding better vs torch? Also, I see a lot of monks use Kyoshiro + In-Geom or two fist weapons. Which would benefit me more? Would I be able to push higher rifts if I switch to dual wielding? I am still searching for a unity for my second ring (according to icy veins that's what I should be wearing). What else can I do to get to GR75?Severard16 May 18
May 18 Call to Compete! Hi fellow Monks! I call you to participate in GR Solo Speedrun competition. Monks topped Last Season 5 TX rift clear compo pretty convincingly! Maybe you can go top again? Now it's S6 and it's time to go Speedgrifting. all the info, rules, how-to's etc are here: May 18
May 18 Monkey Garb Mastery help. Hello and good morning. I am having a small issue with the set dungeon. I am getting everything done accept for the last part. I cover the entire dungeon and seem to keep running out of time with anywhere from 8-13 monsters left to kill. Was wondering if I am killing too many when I do the decoy part? Or is there something else I am missing? I can easily do all the objectives aside from that last one. It has been a few days now and I am definatly sure I am not missing a wing or anything..raven5 May 18
May 18 Consensus best GR build? Back from a few months break and just getting back into it. Is there a consensus best GR build I should be shooting for right now or multiple options? Thank you.KrimsonMask12 May 18
May 18 Take a look at my monk hey everyone could someone tell me what i should do to improve my monk? I feel like i dont do any damage to anything. Im in T2 right now. Also i never actually die it just takes me a while to kill anythingTMIR3 May 18
May 18 Uliana EP Monk Mythic Rhythm question Hello! I'm using the Uliana EP build and have a question about the use of mythic rhythm. Is it better to: - 3x generator - EP - SSS or - EP - 3x gen - SSS ? Just wondering if SSS or EP is better to 'spend' MR on. Thanks in advance!Lokei6 May 18
May 18 Are some builds better than others? I'm just looking at the two primary builds I'm interested in (Wave of Light Sunwuko, and Inna's) And I just want to know, is one of them particularly better at some things than others? And what are some of the things I would want to cube for both?NewAgeDoom3 May 18
May 17 Inna's Gold EXP Hi there, I just made the following build, is for starters, please comment accord of it. May 17
May 17 Spirit Guards vs Gundo (Uliana's) I don't have a pair of Gundo, so I can't test them.. However, I don't see how they can be better than Spirit Guards unless they apply and detonate EP for every attack SSS preforms.. Can anyone please tell me why Gundos are used in place of Spirit Guards, should I spend mass blood shards on bracers?Boxxerz10 May 17
May 17 Petition for Set Dungeons Dear Blizzard, You lie to us every time we do a set dungeon. It clearly states what the objectives are of the set dungeon, it clearly tells us how to master it at the beginning, then you always add this kill all monsters thing at the end. THIS IS DECEITFUL. If it is not an agreed upon objective at the beginning of the dungeon, then it should not be required for Mastery. I have literally been screwed out of a set mastery by 1 miserable mob. It isn't fun, the set dungeons ARE NOT fun. They are a nightmare when you have to completely dumb down your damage to complete one, they have nothing to do with mastery and your designers were completely off there rocker in designing them. I mean seriously, pull 10 mobs into a 10 yard radius....without having them insta-die before they get there from my cyclone strike? Retarded, the Inna's set isn't made to keep mobs alive so I can use my pretty little allies to tear them apart, its made to cause as much damage as possible and preferably before I can actually pull them in...your mastery dungeon is a joke and very poorly designed. I've heard similar complaints about other dungeons. Either take these out or reoverhaul them...or maybe...take this whole stupid !@#$ about suprising us and having to kill the whole area, or maybe put that in the description before we enter...why would you tell us we have to kill X amount of mobs then tell us we have to clear it...seriously...get your %^-* together Blizzard...whose with me?Aisiniath2 May 17
May 17 Fresh 70 Build? Hello all. I was wondering whats a good early build to use when u have 4/6 Innas? I haven't played in a long time. IM mostly looking to clear Bountys and Rifts for now in a quick manner at at least T4 thanks,Pharrout321 May 17
May 17 Questions, new to the support build I can only get so far with my solo DH, so I decided to build something in the group meta. I made a support monk but I need a little advice since i'm a noob to this build. When doing something like speed 80-85s, is there any particular strategy for pulling groups? Do i skip whites and just go for elites, or pull everything I can? Does it matter if they're up against a wall or anything like that? Is there anything I need to know about how I position myself relative to the wizard? Does this strategy change in higher grifts?Primate4 May 17
May 16 Legacy Frostburn If i wear the legacy Frostburn and cube the new ones what actually happens? Do i get twice the amount of colddamage or even another chance to proc freeze? Also from the wording on the item the new frotburn freeze on hit while the old one freeze on chill (tested that at least- english wording is wrong), that right? And can a monk wear Swampland Waders (because of the cold damage on them)?electrofux6 May 16
May 16 Mystic Ally not attacking So while playing a "Pet" Monk I notice that a lot of the time my Mystic Ally's do nothing. Most of the time they just stand there. This is very frustrating because if they would do their job and attack I could actually clear a GR. I mean when they are all on the "target" it is impressive. But it seems half of the run they are just standing around the mobs.They should all be able to attack regardless if they are in close quarters. Im sure this issue has been addressed many of times in the past but I can't find anything regarding it. Just curious to hear others opinions and to see if this is a fixable issue.BigBird10 May 16
May 16 Inna/Shenlong Build Help So, I have 1.65 attack speed. I am running Dashing Strike with Radiance Rune. Alacrity Passive and Seize the Initiative Passive. Also have the Flying Dragon in cube. Plus set bonus Attack Speed. So what I was wondering if I should run Gogok of Swiftness too. Instead of Bane of the Striken? Or is my attack speed already at the breakpoint? What are your thoughts on this? (Also have no PP in Attack Speed yet as I am only Paragon Level 300) Also, it seems like my Critical Hit Chance is really low. I know my CHC isn't perfect on some item's but that would still only boost it to 40% or so. What is the best solution to get it to at least 50%?Code325i3 May 16
May 16 Mage dies in grift 90 I generally play the seasonal supp monk "Gianmarco" (European server) in group with barbarian, wd and firebird mage with seasonal paragon 800/900+. I alternate between 2 "static" groups, and generally farm grift in the range 85-93 (my highest until now). I found that with one group it is pretty easy to farm grift 90 without a single death of the mage (10/12 minutes to close grift), while with the other one mage is always dying, and we can't close 90. I wonder how much of the survivability of the mage depends on me and how much on the other supports, wd and barb. If possible, i ask some details about what wd and barb do in a group to help the mage survive. Thanks for the replies. My gameplay: epiphany always active, sanctuary-forbinnen palace always under mage, cyclone strike active every half second, breath when more healing is needed. I'm always in the same spot of mage.Landauer8 May 16
May 15 Supporting Archon Vs Twister Okay... Can anyone please explain to me what skills I'm supposed to have for both of those types of wizards? If possible link me to some profiles I can copy? I normally follow Quins/BlindGod's builds but I was told they both play with different types of wizards, so now I'm lost and confused. :<Freya1 May 15
May 15 Can you get Lions Claw in adventure mode? This is probably a dumb question, but how do you get the Lions Claw item? I´ve read somewhere that it is a season 4 exclusive item. Does that mean you can never get it now?Eivind6 May 15
May 15 best way to get inna's reach trying to get a second inna's reach so I can play around cubing one while using the other and having no luck. does Skill of Nilfur work for getting a reach, as it is part of a set? didn't want to waste resources if that won't work. I have been trying a few times with Hope of Cain, but no luck there. does that recipe give a chance for Reach? I would think it would be considered a Legendary last option is to use Kadala but I usually use her for trying to upgrade equipment at 25 per shot rather than 75 for a weapon. but if neither of the cube recipes will work for Reach, guess that's my only option.Kendo4 May 15
May 15 2.4 Innas WoL Build (Fire/Light) GR65+ Hi guys, Been testing this build for myself and Im not very geared or high level paragon(600+) also play casually. Stat rquirements: cooldown reduction and spirit management Requirements: Innas gloves, torso, belt, pants and boots. Tzo rins gaze(helm), Pintos Pride (bracers) - shoulder (open) or sunwoko 2P or Cyclone strike shoulder Weapon: Incense Torch Jewelry: Travelers pledge, Compass rose and Stone of Jordan/Unity Kanai cube: Kyoshiro, Crudest Boots, RoRG Gems: Bane of Stricken, Defensive gem(forgot thename), Bane of the trapped Skills: --------------- Wave of light (fire) or (lightning) Mantra of Agility Epiphany desert Dashing strike either Fire or cold Air ally CycloneStrike Passive:beacon ytar, exalted soul, unity and harmony Explanation: I am only paragon 600+ and already critting for atleast 2B+ to 3B+(3b+ to 12b updated now). I now have level 40+ gems and already critting that much, thanks heaps to bane of stricken. So to my fellow monk try this build cause Im only a casual gamer. Push it to the limit! I can really see a bit of potential here! Yes my build before was Inna generator but now my damage is through the roof without sacrificing toughness that our Inna provides. Its also very flexible with the element. Oh im also not claiming this build to be mine, its just havent seen it in the forum as yet so I thought to share with our dedicated monk players :) Forever Monk! Dont give up! Goodluck! Update: 18/01/16 I now using cyclone strike shoulder and using lightning CS for the defense, just like the other commenter say. Also fits perfectly with lightning cause its a reduced cost rune as well. Cleared GR65. My goal is be able to clear GR70 :) Update: I found out that using torch instead of cubing it makes more sense than cubing 2 weapons since torch also gives WoL damage. You now have to cube Kyoshiros Blade. Thats adds up to more WoL bonus damage :D Im now doing 3B to 6B damage with fire and lightning. Although theres a caveat using a daibo, aps is slow but steady damage.halcyon10 May 15
May 14 Looking for Panther Tmog! Any1 found them yet, woudn't mind giving it to me? i have quin's blade in exchange? Thanks =DOveerDooZe3 May 14
May 14 Any good group builds I cant seem to fight a good GR 75+ group build apart from ZDPS. Because every build i use solo and is capable of 75+ uses Unity and i really cant find a way to compensate for that in groups. Anyone with a working group build that does some damage?electrofux6 May 14
May 14 Monk DPS King? I was looking at a build that I posted on a while back and updated it to 2.4.1 and noticed that my napkin math shows a significant damage increase. It got me wondering if this style build could compete with the DPS of a Twisted Wizard. The build is Uliana 4 and Inna 6. With the changes to U4 and Flow of Eternity it has really big SSS hits. My napkin math shows a 1,411x modifier to EACH hit of SSS (811% weapon damage each hit). Inna 6 with Crudest Boots is x6, Uli 4 is x14, Endless Walk is x2, Flow of Eternity is x2, Convention on Physical rotation is x3 and Mythic Rhythm is 1.4. That is not including Bane of the trapped, Assimilation stacks, Flesh is Weak debuff or elemental on your gear. Twisted Wizards are x31 for Tal Rasha, x12 for Twisted Sword, and x8 for the 8 Energy Twisters and x2 for Endless Walk and x3 for CoE when on the right rotation. That adds up to x5,952 provided that you can keep your Twisters on your target and x17,856 when CoE is on rotation. Wiz is still the DPS king but I feel this monk build can come close and it doesn't have to rely on stacking twisters on corners. Let me know if I missed something (I'm not familiar with playing Twisted Wizard at all) or if my math is flawed. May 14
May 14 Why is Monk always underpowered. Monk highest GR in Seasons 6 sitting at 83. All other classes are at 86+. Every season is the same...Nox23 May 14
May 13 ceassrs momento does the tempest rush damage increase of x amount (depending on bracers if youre wearing them or if have them cubed) apply to all enemies around after blind freeze or stun or just the ones affected by the blind freeze or stunSalaxis5 May 13
May 13 Question about Mystic Allies Curious where they get damage increases from, do they benefit off my increasing my Dex? Attack speed etc... If they don't what does actually help them ?Shawdow2 May 13
May 13 GR81 Sunwuko's Run Build & Guide: Enjoy!sMooVe15 May 13