Witch Doctor

Jun 2 Does Endless Walk set affect pets? Or does it only give you the ~100% bonus damage?Ryoka6 Jun 2
Jun 2 Zunimassa's Haunt or Jade Harvester? I am a total newbie walking into D3, Rifted a bit and also bet a few shards, now i am setting on 3 parts of each set, and a ring of royal G. Can someone gimmie a few tips on how is the play style going to be if I pursue one of the sets?VoidSoul11 Jun 2
Jun 2 Attack speed on weapon Hi, do attack speed on weapon affect garg dmg at all? I am aware that TnT is the only item which makes pet attack faster and any other attackspeed on armors only increase pet dmg. But I have noticed that attack speed on weapon works different on the stat sheet. It increases the weapon attack speed which in return increases our aps, but the 7% attackspeed on the weapon does not get added onto your attack speed % value. Is it worth getting 7% attackspeed on weapon at all or is it better to have other stats?swishasweet4 Jun 2
Jun 1 reroll advice please, three weapons http://imgur.com/hJx4XDF ... sacred harvester for HT gargs http://imgur.com/aULXuy3 ... in-geom for LON walker, jade, TX and gem ups http://imgur.com/ZXLfkqf ... sun keeper also for LON walker, TX stuff http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/SeyserKoze-1355/hero/76176356 ...... HT gargs / Harvester - 89 AD and LPH on bracers at the moment http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/SeyserKoze-1355/hero/76923002 ...... LON / other two weapons - 84 AD and only paragon LPH at the momentSeyserKoze1 Jun 1
Jun 1 Crit hit or Crit dam Hi guys what is better for dps out of crit hit and damage for WD.hulk5 Jun 1
Jun 1 Zuni is really terrible - new WDs beware I knew this going in to some extant, but I figured all I want to do is hit GR75 solo, not 85-90, so I should be able to it with Zuni. Got some good gear, made it to 67. put three level 50 despairs on my items, made it to 69 - started to worry. put three more level 50 despairs on my set, made it to 71. Shoot. tried and tried to clear 72, in nearly all ancient gear plus 6 level 50 despair upgrades. could not do it. Now here is where it got irritating - I switched to helltooth - only one ancient piece, only one despair upgrade. I cleared 72 first try. went on to 73, failed, realized the gems in my helltooth set were only Imperial. maxed them out, cleared 73 and then ran out of keys. Zuni is really, really, terrible. The builds I used were not that differnet - gargs for both sets. my sheet dps in the helltooth set was over half a million lower, and toughness was 1/3 at full buffs of what I had in my zuni gear at full buffs, yet I was able use helltooth to clear 72 and 73 in 3 tries total, after having had failed level 72 in my Zuni gear about 10 times in a row. I really hope the dev's address how zuni just does not work in high level game play, but mostly i'm here to warn other's to avoid the zuni set. TLDR: don't waste your time with zuni this season if you want to hit 75 solo. Side Note: anyone else think the big floating things from act 5 that shoot freeze bolts along the ground are doing way more damage then normal this season?Goretooth8 Jun 1
Jun 1 Reroll sacred harvester Any advice? It rolled 10% dmg, 20k life on hit. Haven't rerolled any stats yet, should i leave it alone or swap something out for area damage?Syxx4 Jun 1
Jun 1 LoN Garg rank 32 EU HC So I decided to augment my LoN set and push leaderboard with it. I got already a bit bored with the season and didn't have the energy to find proper gear or high augments but managed to do GR 82. You can see my gear and build here: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/AliRawidDuh-2875/hero/79091243 It's basically the regular garg build except for one skill: WoD - Wall of Zombies. This is really great cc skill. With it and Piranhado I am able to keep gargs attacking bunch of monsters all the time. Really rarely do I see a single garg beating a lone spider. Too bad it seems that LoN is much weaker than Helltooth (for example rank 31 wd has HT with only 7 augments (roughly same level than me) while I have 13 augments. Other change I made is cube Strongarms (since I'm all the time throwing monsters around). But I'm not so sure about this. maybe cubing Frostburns would be better? At least they are easier to find so you can cube Taskers. So it seems that Hexing pants + Strongarms + HF amulet are less dps vs. +100% from HT set and +100% from EW set. Rank proof: http://imgur.com/GKW1mDpAliRawidDuh3 Jun 1
Jun 1 set bonus Is there any way to tell if my 6 peice set bonus is active, I have ring of royal grandure cubed but in my profile it shows im not getting the 6 peice bonus.stout3 Jun 1
Jun 1 Tasker vs. Frostburn Which does actual higher damage assuming that you have similar rolls (AS, CD, CC)? I am thinking that with the 20% + freeze impact the Frostburns will actually be more effective at the high grift levels than T&T but I am not sure how much the 50% pet attack speed impacts dps vs. the 20% cold on the gloves.Alithiel2 Jun 1
May 31 Video Rank5 NS EU GR95 P1613 Enjoy! https://youtu.be/jRqsTvnXIro http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Doggys-2178/hero/57564136 Trapped 105 Enforcer 104 Stricken 103Doggys14 May 31
May 31 Area dmg for Garg gear question. Will i be stronger if i reroll weapon dmg 10% to area dmg? Will i be stronger if i reroll crit dmg on gloves to area dmg? Does the area dmg ultimately result in more dmg vs Rift Guardians or just the trash mobs? Or is it weaker vs RG? Thanks, pawnPawn5 May 31
May 31 Speed GR build? I am trying to speed level some gems so I can augment but every build I do seems to be unoptimal for speed GR's. I am using Helltooth Chicken Build and its great until about 50 and then it seems super fragile. Is there anything better?htpkAzrael8 May 31
May 30 witching hour What makes witching hour the best belt for a wd? As its used it loses its uniqueness and it seems like it wouldnt matter what belt you use. Im sure there is a reason im just not seeing it yet.stout5 May 30
May 30 T 7-10 Farm build idea So, need some advice on this build idea, and if y'all think it will work. Was going to build it up on Diablo Fans, but decided it's not really worth the time. The main skills that matter are: Hex - Angry chicken Garg - Humongoid Dogs - (preferably chilled to the bone) Passives (One on amulet): Grave Injustice Pierce the Veil Fierce Loyalty Confidence Ritual Gruesome Feast Gear (All ancient requirement): Sage head, hands, and feet Shoulders: Corruption Chest: Aquila Cuirass Wrists: Nemesis Bracers Belt: Goldwrap Legs: Hexing Pants Rings: LoN Weapon/Offhand: Manajuma's Way Cube: The Furnace Mask of Jeram Short man's finger Legendary Gems: Boon of the Hoarder Bane of the Powerful Bane of the Trapped So basically, it's a different take on the LoN build but having focus on pets only. I've been speed running using chicken/Helltooth and the pets do all the damage and I just run around in chicken form. Only problem is, while it's fast and DB drops are good in T-10, I'm looking to farm the HELL out of DB. Note that while I realize that HT gets a pretty significant bonus to pets, I don't have Jeram on while farming as I'm fast enough without it and have Tasker on cube. So, I'm hoping that the difference isn't that measurable. Basically, 1400% bonus for helltooth set with 50% attack speed bonus for Tasker, and the elite bonus of The Furnace. This build would have 1300% bonus from LoN and 100% bonus for Mask of Jeram, as well as having the Furnace as well. So basically, 1500% vs 1400%. HOWEVER, the Hexing pants will give you another 25% damage bonus while moving, and the intent here is to pretty much stay in chicken and keep moving. As far as tank, my HT build has a 60% damage reduction bonus, while Aquila has 50% reduction. However, the Goldwrap is HUGE buff and Corruption helps to make this easier, especially since you never stop moving. Using gold wrap with my current HT build generally yields me an average of 8 bil toughness and surges OVER 100 bil all the time. It's basically invulnerable once enemies start popping and Boon starts proccing. Aquila Cuirass is just there to keep you alive long enough to collect gold. After an elite kill, and especially if there's surrounding mobs, you should have enough toughness to stand in the middle of ANY AND ALL effects without dieing. Again, this is based on what I'm currently doing with my HT set, which is far from perfectly built, and far from full ancients. This build would also be significantly easier to build for than the locust swarm LoN build, as 4 of the items required are forged at the blacksmith, while the locust swam build only has 1. It would also be faster, as it has the benefit of basically perma-chicken. Better for farming BD, thus better overall as neither have a magic find. ... And it may very well have more damage as well. Any thoughts on how you think this would work and/or changes?HELLBOUNDMAN11 May 30
May 30 Garg AI Please fix the garg's AI. They attack what ever they want no matter how many times you recast them. Right now its like if your a DH and firing multi shot.. your shots decide to kill everything in the room before it even dose a scratch to an elite. The gargs at a rift guardian will stop attacking the guardian because they think the ever spawning adds is top priority. You get an elite pack in a nice little pile with piranado cast the gargs right in center of it, 3 seconds later somehow 2 of your gargs (2 thirds of your damage) are off in a corner of the screen attacking a random mallet lord or any other high health/armor monster that was not even part of the pile of monsters you made. I love wd.. I played it since day 1 of diablo but right now it can get really annoying. The dogs do petty little damage but I understand they are support but their AI seems a bit better then the gargs right now.shanaya2 May 30
May 30 Need advice on my pet build and high rifts http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Mentalfruit-6129/hero/68671982 Currently running the helltooth build, having trouble with greater rift 69 as sometimes i deal with elites spawning at the entrance and killing me instantly and those scavengers with the annoying armor that blocks all my pet attacks. From what i understand, i need to upgrade my bane of the stricken and find a ancient quality sacred harvester. Anyone got any advice for me? Thanks.Mentalfruit1 May 30
May 30 Gear check my Zuni WD plz! I can't seem to progress past grift 65 reliably with my current gear. Can somebody take a look at it and let me know the best ways to improve it? I'm not sure where to spend my farming mats. (And don't say "switch to HT"). :P Thank you! http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Zikat-1558/hero/76190050Zikat8 May 30
May 30 Firebats zero pet build Did some theorycrafting today, and found a build that worked well I think! http://www.diablofans.com/builds/80590-2-4-1-firebats-zero-pets-70 Would be fun to see how far people can take it, good to take a break from the gargsSortvind9 May 30
May 28 Helltooth + Acid Cloud Does 6 part HT buff Acid Cloud cast by Grin Reaper's mimics?Meltdown5 May 28
May 28 Helltooth Garg elemental damage choices So I know the ideal choice for Garg is Humongoid with cold damage for the cleave, but I recently came into some really awesome Jeram's and a Travler's Pledge both with fire damage on them. I was just wondering if it's possible to run either Restless Giant/Bruiser and Fire Wall or am I shafting myself not using Humongoid/CoS.Acarnis3 May 28
May 27 So I just switched from Zunimassa To Helltooth, and jesus christ, there's a night and day difference in damage. I liked having my little army of fetishes to do my bidding, why does Blizzard have such difficulty balancing the sets in terms of damage? It seems like some of them are just outright useless for solo play (Looking at you, Jade Harvester, granted this may just be MY experience with the set)NewAgeDoom6 May 27
May 27 advice I asked for gear and spec advice a while back and took it all in. Im still trying to collect all the gear i need for the build but i just cant seem to get the last few peices i need to complete it. with the gear and spec i have right now is there anything i can do to up my dps? I can farm t-10 bounties and rifts fast with no troubles but im starting to have issues at about 58 grifts. anyway thank you again for any help.stout10 May 27
May 27 How to re-roll this weapon for garg build? The hero in question is Gargatron in my profile Ancient Ingeom DPS 2700ish holy damage 1300-1600 (not 100% sure on these numbers i just know they are on the low end) +10% damage +900ish Int +900ish Vit Socket I currently have 88% area damage and 41% garg damage. I have around 900,000HP and 1,400,000 unbuffed sheet damage. How would i benefit the greatest with my reroll? 1.) Re-roll vit or int to area or garg damage? I could easily get area damage to 100% but would lose out on a good chunk of Int or Vit... 2.) Re-roll weapon damage to something more like 1500-1900 making the DPS of weapon over 3,000? I'm kinda leaning toward rerolling weapon damage because that would also make the 10% damage stronger but not sure if that's the best route... Thanks in advance for any suggestions!TimeSpike0 May 27
May 27 [Traveler's Pledge] Stats question Hi guys, for Helltooth Garg build, which is better? High Ancient int vs Area damage vs Cold damage which is better? thx alot guysYanderella4 May 27
May 27 Two witches, one problem Hi all, I am still a relative beginner to the game and have come to the point where I can't progress without insider knowledge, so I'd be very appreciative of any advice. I have two seasonal pet witches, both of which are huge fun to play, but with both of them I have encountered some kind of plateau and I'm not sure where to prioritize in order to get them decent damage and survivability. For reference, I'll give you the char names in case you want to check my profile (European profile). 1) Whoopie Zuni/Garg Pet Build, I call it the "relaxed" build, because it creates this massive army of pets and the amulet/ring helps with tanking. She is based on these builds/guides: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/78899-2-4-1-zuni-garg-gr90-solo http://www.diablofans.com/builds/78684-2-4-1-zunimassa-gargs-gr90 This build is really fun to play when I have lots of time, because she's extremely slow also. At GR55 I am hitting my limit. Using a different Gem than in the build (esoteric for dmg reduction - might swap that). 2) ChickenChick HT/Chicken speed build, the "fast" build, unfortunately it's a glass cannon and the damage is not impressive enough really to make up for it. The limit is reached at about GR50, which is a shame, because I wish I could use her for higher farming runs. Playing her is quite stressful though, because she just dies all the time depending on the kind of rift. It's a more casual version of this: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/79719-turbo-chicken-speed-farming-2-4-1 Without the Nemesis bracers (because heart attack :-P) and Jeram's mask on the char and T&T in the cube instead. I would highly appreciate any input as to how to get either of these witches tuned for higher Grifts and/or faster farming. Best regards, StephShKhari6 May 27
May 26 LoN vs Helltooth First off: Im not playing for highest Grift or anything - but I do like to optimize my gear and character, and I do play a lot for a casual :) This season however I have had trouble deciding what path to take my WD! Has anyone seen any updated comparisons between LoN and Helltooth? It seems to me that I do just about the same damage in my Helltooth gear as I do in my LoN set - both far from optimized, but around same level so far :) I do however feel a lot more resiliant in my LoN set, than I do in my Helltooth. I can facetank more and I dont have to move out of stuff so far. Maybe its just becouse im not pushing Grifts yet. I Wonder if anyone tested the true difference in Grift for the 2 sets. Is it 1-3 levels or 10-15 levels? Is there a break point where Helltooth completey outshines LoN or is it just that LoN isnt as superior as last season? Anyone have experience or input that can help me decide what road to take?ThbjDK4 May 26
May 26 Intelligence and pets How does the Intelligence stat work with pet damage? According to my skills tooltip, pet damage is based off a percentage of weapon damage. But the Intelligence stat tooltip says intelligence will boost my damage done. What are the mechanics for getting more pet damage off intelligence? I haven't begun augmenting my ancients (of which i need more) because I don't know if it'll be a waste of time and resources.Venari3 May 26
May 26 Stuck at GR 75, think it's gems. Help? So I'm stuck at GR75 and only finished with 90 seconds left with 1 death. I'm pretty sure it's my gems being only 65 but if I can only do 75 how am I supposed to get them any higher? I made a zdps 5 days ago and have only gotten into 1 GR. Is there anything else I can do to my gear or is it just gems? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Malachore-1410/hero/76453228Malachore8 May 26
May 25 any suggestions for my WD? im not sure if there is any more items that would be better than what i have currently equipped by my Witch Doctor. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/gooddaytodie-1440/hero/62947910 Sure the Stats on the items could be better but thats up to RNG. I am just wondering 'by name' if there is any items that would improve him. Thanks for any suggestions.gooddaytodie3 May 25
May 25 We need speed! Greasy fast speed! How? I love pets, but jumping back and forth between my Wizards throws into sharp relief how slow just "walking" through a rift can be. Spirit walk helps and maybe I could find a way to work in Stalker, but any suggestions? I used to just run HT and Majumas to chicken between elite packs but that of course lowers GR ceiling. Any thoughts?RagedBull9 May 25
May 25 Free Set I've seen a free set mentioned here on the forums. Is that still a thing, or was it patched out? Just curious, thanks!Margrave4 May 25
May 25 recolle, how strong is area dmg ? yo, i can't estimate the power of AD, is it better having AD or %dmg on this weapon ? http://eu.battle.net/d3/fr/profile/Siddharta-2487/hero/77032144 what would be better for pushing ? (i'll try to get one with native AD, but doing caches is zzZ) THANKSSiddharta2 May 25
May 25 Pet questions 1.) Does fetish sycophant dmg increase from fetish army dmg rolled on items? 2.) Do my pets proc on hit legendary gems such as bane of the stricken? miranae? wreath? etc.... 3.) What GR can a well geared zunimassa pet doctor clear?Raserei3 May 25
May 24 haunt and locast swarm. Do these proc Bain of the stricken?rbazi2 May 24
May 24 Pet Priority options? Hello, I'm sure this idea has been said once before, but I figured I would suggest it again. Is there any chance we could get a "pet priority" option? For instance RG> elites> groups (5+)> stragglers. There are times I'll gather a group of mobs, recast pets, and they stay in that vicinity killing general mobs, but at times run off leaving an elite in the pack. I also absolutely love when my pets focus on a RG's minions and completely ignore the RG. I just thought I'd throw this suggestion out there.Sever0 May 24
May 24 Toad of hugeness doesn't pull Hello, Am I missing something or shouldn't Arachyr's 4pc set bonus' toad pull enemies? I've used every rune and all it does is lick them like in set dungeon. No pulling no nothing. Anyone else encountered this?Klax1 May 24
May 24 Back in after a break ...And is running Sacred Harvester w/ Soul Harvest worth replacing Starmetal Kukri w/ BBV? For solo I assume yes, group I assume no- does that sound right to yous guys?Gorf4 May 24
May 23 Gaug DMG% VS Area Damage WHich is more important right now? Right now Guag has %30 extra damage and i have 81-90 area damage.antsunrise6 May 23
May 23 Video Rank9 NS EU GR94 P1592 no Conduit/Power Enjoy! https://youtu.be/skmFbN9R0-M http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Doggys-2178/hero/57564136Doggys17 May 23
May 23 Helltooth belt options Just started the typical Helltooth Gary build and I see everyone is using Witching Hour. Since it's pretty rare, I don't really expect to find one shortly so I was wondering what else can be useful? I'm using a String of Ears right now because it's the only useful level 70 belt I've found. I tried Belt of Transcendence but I could never get more than 2-3 fetish out. I'm not sure if it's because of low density when I tried it or if the proc rate of WoD/Piranado is just not enough. Any other choices or maybe I should try belt of transcendence again? Fetishes are not buffed by Helltooth so I'm not even sure if they would be worth something or maybe they will just block my Garies which is bad.Namcap6 May 23
May 23 How to play a zdps wd? I'm collecting the gear for a zdps wd and just wondering what's the basic rotation.Drew0 May 23
May 23 Gruesome Feast Passive: Buildup/Degrade Is the Gruesome Feast WD passive working as expected? I ask because the both the skill buildup and degrade seem "off." Picking up a health orb does not always advance the counter (sometimes only partially refreshing the cooldown.) Cooldown/degrade seems to occur more rapidly than other skill cooldowns. Does not seem to successively down-step as cooldown progresses (ie 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, nil) but rather "skips" downward rapidly (ie 5, 3, 2, nil.) Just seems the behavior of the skill is inconsistent.Amok5 May 23
May 23 Helltooth + provoke bugged? Hey guys, I just swapped to using a homonculus and sacrifice provoke. I would attack in an order of pirhanas, soul harvest, wall of death or wall of death first then the other 2. Once I was soul harvest buffed and monster bunched up I would use provoke to unload my dogs and buff that up for a good crank of damage. I also have CoE and when that cycles to cold the damage is insane. Follower has the Oculus also that adds to some of that. Getting to the point of bugged. At times I was noticing my damage crits were doing no damage or very little to a monster life bar when I was seeing over 130 billion crit damage. It seems that if I fire in that order it sometimes seems to cancel out the wall of death. If I cast it last or after provoke then seems to correct itself. You guys notice some weird stuff like that? Note that my wall of death timer is still active so not like it had run out.Shockwave1 May 23
May 23 Speed Build Question Anybody try a litany/wailing host build with Vile Hive offhand and Wormwood in the cube? I was wondering if it locust swarm did enough damage to clear T10 where you can just run through enemies? I'll try the build for fun but am still getting pieces that would be needed.Anagram81 May 23
May 22 zuni + sycophants does the dr% from the 4 set count the sycophants in your total number of fetishes?johnthetall5 May 22
May 22 Let's talk Jade Harvester Hello fellow doctors. I would like to start a small topic about one subject that is rarely seen on the forums. So... about the Jade set. I'm tweaking and tweaking the build with items, passives, actives etc. all kinds of stuffz. I was wondering if anyone has done good testing or observations about Locust swarm. What do you think is a better rune to use. Was thinking if it's worth it to use the fire rune for added dmg, assuming it will also buff the nuke from soul harvest, or stick with poison runes for added utility.Emnity2 May 22
May 21 Reroll Sacred Harvester Hi fellow WD's Could you help me decide whats the best way to reroll my sacred harvester, got lucky today and got an ancient one. heres a link to my profile http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/RipTide-1794/hero/75676175RipTide10 May 21
May 21 help with my damage so my WD is my first character ever and the only diablo character ive gotten serious about and im trying to min/max him pretty much. im using this build as its the one i enjoy http://www.diablofans.com/builds/78906-2-4-1-helltooth-garg-meta-solo-gr90 and ive gotten most of the pieces of the set/cube items. I watched the video and the damage on his character sheet was like 3.1 million damage. My WD has a damage of 1.6 with 10 stack soul harvest. what else is there for me to do/ upgrade? i know i can use the cube and do "reforge legendary" to try to get ancient peices but i dont think that will increase me 1.6 million damage seeing as i already have 4-5 ancient items. currently on GR 60ish and its getting difficult due to the time it takes to kill things. am i missing something? general tips? where do i go from here? why is my damage so much lower?pblr89119 May 21
May 20 Helltooth Pet Build question? I like the looks of this build, but have a question for gameplay. What order to cast the spells Wall of Death, Piranhas, Soul Harvest? Using Travelers Pledge, Im assuming once I cast, I find a safe spot and stand still while my pets do the work? I dont have a single ancient piece of gear, but still find this build fun. I cleared 65 last night on my first try, I think I can go higher, but an new to this build. any pointers or tips on gear and playstyle is appreciated!Exiter7 May 20