Witch Doctor

Oct 3 WD Feels Sad Man #FeelsSadMan Hello fellow-sufferers! So, I like pets(!), and therefore I like the Zunimassa set, for it buffs all pets! I also like complementary items to the set I use, so I use my Zuni with Mask of Jeram, Taskeer and Theos gloves, Tall mans and Small mans fingers for rings, and the belt of transcendence. + all the passives for additional dogs, and therefore focusing damage (Zombie Handler, Fierce Loyality and Midnight Feast, since I have rather low toughness I use Spirit Vessel on a Hellfire Amulet and Pierce the Veil as the last passiive). And I don't have an uber ancient Kukri, so I don't use Big Bad Vodoo - Slam Dance, but instead hex with jinx (the small mans voodoo). I also need a Ring of Royal Grandeur in the cube, because I can't use MoJ or T&T otherwise. So cube one of the two and wear the other one. As weapon i cube Wilkens Reach, so I can use Grasp as the manaspender triggering 6p Zuni (with the cold rune, removing it's mana cost). At the end there are no cool Shoulders or Bracers for pets, so one can use Aughilds bracers and shoulders, since one uses rorg anyways. (Would prefer to utilize Nemesis Bracers, but then you kind of use random shoulders, giving the feeling of being rather useless i. e. not quite attractive options (at least for my taste). + I use Deadly Rebirth at the moment, because the raining corpses trigger 6p Zuni and grasp also slows mobs for my Bane of the Trapped, which I am actually glad for being able to work at least one of the popular (because very powerful) damage buffs into my Pet-Set. Now comes the rather sad part. If you play Zuni like that, having the set buffing all pets kind of being the actual "Pet-Set" and therefore using set-complementaries as mentioned above: Can't use Focus + Restraint (which almost every other class uses for it's fairly huge benefit) Can't use Convention of Elements (which also most others use, because they have the room for it, and which would be actually great for all pets WD, since one can use all 4 pets and giving one group of pets that huge advantage buff (cold Garg, poison Dog, fire Army for the AoE maybe and phys regular Fetishes with phys dmg on beracers, for example)) Can't use Endless Walk neither. Otherwise one woule need to give up a compementary item for the set, and giving up Tall mans Finger would even increase the number of dogs from one big to 6 small ones =( .... as we WD don't have trouble quite too often with the hitbox issue in many maps anyways..... =( Which ends up in feeling rather weak compared to other "meta" setups (On it's own that wouldn't bug me at all.) This makes "my" build also feel rather uncoordinated, since all I do is mortly spamming Grasp =(. If the patchnote from 2.3 would actually apply (corpse spiders now benefit from +pet damage affixes) I would have waaaay (love corpse spiders <3) more active gameplay and could probably even compete on Greater Rifts, if I wanted to. I then would change Hex-Jinx to spiderqueen or leaping spiders, or the slowing cold spiders (slowing spiders would ofc also allow me to not have to spam so much Grasp all the time to apply the slow to all the mobs my many pets are hitting and probably giving more attractive choices there, like The Spider Queens Grasp weapon, which would buff corpse spiders more, for more slow options and area damage + single target damage increase when the hordes thin out and spiders beginn to focus <3, sadly they don't deal damage worthy / attractive enough to use them =(((). Ps.: Without a Starmetal Kukri being ancient, kind of having to use Wilkens in the cube, to apply a fast enough mana-spender for my 6p Zuni bonus, just to keep up / not being too slow). Which also feels like I'm missing out, as mentioned above with F+R and so on - "just" because one feels compareatively (if that's even a word^^) weak and slow. And please don't get me wrong, by starting to troll, flame or hate, instead of actually replieing in a reasonable way. Another huge point adding to this (for me) is the very following one: I play PTR at the moment, and how can it be, that 3 Pets Helltooth (Gargantuans with Small Mans Finger) is stronger than all pets Zuni?!? =((( I most probably have explained that in the first place, this feels very broken... the "Mana-Spender-Set" using 3 pets being better than all pets Zuni? the "actual Pet-Set"? Sorry (to myself, in matters of fun and good feeling gameplay^^) to say: this feels rather broken and actually quite sad as well to me, when playing what i tried to describe in detail this whole time). I had to get this out, since I don't see or get any resonse of this very mattering matter to me (at least seemingly, to express it rather mild^^). Oh, and thanks for making Bane of The Powerful attractive for me again! :D Appreciate the work in trying to keep it all "in line" in this virtual game ;) And thanks for the Grasp toom amongst others^^ Greetings from Germany fellow Nephalem, and may the drop be with you! Wether you pray to RNGsus or wether you hail Lootcifer : >KadaverjunkY30 Oct 3
Oct 3 Ancient Sacred Harvester Re-Roll Advice Re-forged an ancient SH, what should i re-roll? I'm guessing re-roll the vitality to either AD or %dmg? I currently have 80% AD or 97% depending on my gloves and whether i need the life or AD. http://imgur.com/fFg8xBoDrpie1 Oct 3
Oct 1 Help with gear! Hello everyone! Finally got a Ancient SH with AD, so no more upgrades needed for that slot. I was wondering wich ring should i spend my materials on.. I also have a 17% cold dmg, 68 CHD and 10 CHC amulet but according to d3planner my current one gives me more effective dps. this makes me really confuse because every time i ask in game wich one is better everyone says the cold dmg one FOR SURE! Whats your toughts guys? thx in advancetXgOL3 Oct 1
Oct 1 Jade Harvester and the Rift Guardian I recently put together a Jade doc. I wasn't really expecting this build to be competitive, but it actually does really well in a group, solo, or speed. I am surprised that I don't see very many people playing it. The only real issue I have is the Rift Guardians. Some of them I can beat if I play them right but some of them I just can't figure out how to beat. Coldsnap has destroyed several 88 attempts with 5 minutes left most recently. If anyone has any good tips or strategies for any of the rift guardians please share.DirkaDirka7 Oct 1
Sep 30 LoN / Firebats 2.4.2 Build Hello WD Brethren! Preface: Untested theory crafting. Please study the build /stats/buffs etc, and what I was trying to go after before responding. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. There are some slight mods to gear and perhaps skills one can adjust, but the body of the build, I feel, is there. http://www.d3planner.com/693157783 One of our main frustrations is the breaking of our channeling skills (casting WoD) to activate the 6pc HT set. I see some experimentation with the ARACHYR’S set, yet I see the same issue with casting Hex for the 4pc activation, still breaks channeling. Every second counts when pushing high runs, having breaks in channeling is not a good situation at all for the WD. Anyhoo, I am not going to get into a long description of why and how things synergize here, but hearing your thoughts and opinions would certainly be appreciated. I don't even know If i have what I need to test, but I will most definitely run this and give it a go. Some swaps could be: Swamplands to Pox Fauds HF to Eye Etlich Cube Jungle wraps, wear WH, though not as tanky losing Lukumbas. One could get silly and wear the Visage helm for the extra 20% fire , but I like the added resource reduction with Leorics. No clue how this build will perform Thanks guysENIGMA38 Sep 30
Sep 29 witch doctor quality of life changes I am probably not the first one to suggest something like this, but WD desperately needs a way to make pets focus a target. Nothing is more frustrating then almost running out of time on a 75+ GR because the boss i'm fighting spawns lots of ads, and knocks my gargs back, which changes their focus to the ads. The process then repeats and there are more and more ads and i have to macgyver my damn way through 6 dimensions to get my pets to even look at the boss. Maybe if all of the summoned pets ie; 3 gargs from garg/short mans, are alive, that re-activating the skill causes them to focus the target you are mousing over. OOOOOOOOOOR adding a secondary bar for it, and have something like the pet actionbar from wow. Anything. Please, Blizzard. HAAAAALPHandsomeDjak3 Sep 29
Sep 28 Please make LS effect more visible How about to add a small animation at the top of affected enemy' heads like those bleeding, blinded or charmed? This is a little change which would make our life easier. Currently I can only identify which mobs are affected by experience. The current LS indication on enemy bodies is just not very obvious. Particularly when the fight is long and there are lots of mobs around, it is difficult to identify. I don't want to re-cast LS unless it is really necessary for its mana cost is high and it interrupts firebats. Thanks in advance, Blizz.Tom1 Sep 28
Sep 28 Staff of Chiroptera Reroll Advice Needed Staff 1: http://imgur.com/ojj6kJI Staff 2: http://imgur.com/HnP3Rv5 For Firebats WD, which one should I choose? And how to reroll? Thanks for any input!eric1 Sep 28
Sep 26 Arachyr for T13/5min Hello, I've been bitterly disappointed yesterday, while testing a build I found on diablofans. I was helping a friend achieve the T13 rift under 5min, so I used the "turbo KFC" manajuma set. I also swapped from HT to full Arachyr. According to the tooltips, arachyr 6p bonus+manajuma multiplicators, the chicken explosion should be incredibly powerful to melt the elite pack, in a 10m radius. Plus, it was enhanced by all other possible multiplicators: 300% ring of emptiness, 40% poison, 15%elite dmg and 20% extra dmg from bane of powerful, 33% bane of trapped.. All this factored, a chicken kaboom took away like 15-20% hp from blue pack... Tested again and again, I thought it was a bug but it wasn't. Beside, since I the main damage dealer, Hex explosion, did nothing, I kept dying and dying.. Frustrating. So I switched back to HT garg, but still, those stupid pets would never target the elites... So, juste wondering, is there any video on Arachyr clearing T13 under 5min? Or did I get something wrong? PS: my weapons are ancients, and so are some Arachyr parts, but no caldesan, para 600+DTCAFAG3 Sep 26
Sep 26 best legendary gems for ht garg build? I'm currently using enforcer, bane of the trapped, and bane of the stricken. I want to switch out bane of the stricken for something else. Any thoughts?KillRaynor3 Sep 26
Sep 25 Small tip regarding "Haunt of Vaxo" Are you a witch doctor? Do you lack a reliable stun? Have you found "Haunt of Vaxo"? http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/haunt-of-vaxo Fear not. Even though you lack reliable stun you can have this procc every 30-45 seconds without changing your build. How? Craft a bunch of gloves. Look at the secondary stats, look for one with +% chance to stun, pick the gloves that gives you the best dps and toughness.. Even with 4% chance I find I get a stun atleast every 45 seconds with my build. The minions you summon do quite a bit of damage!Karokk32 Sep 25
Sep 25 wall of death specs do they exist/ viable ? I haven't played since 2.3 .sLywayzz0 Sep 25
Sep 25 pet stats i came across this post regarding pet stats https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo3witchdoctors/comments/1zsvji/your_pets_and_you_which_stats_increases_pet_dps/ but it is from 2 years ago. i was wondering if this is all still current, or if there are updates. I want to maximize my garg damage :) ty for any help/inputHandsomeDjak1 Sep 25
Sep 25 Fire bat staff re roll advice Howdy all, had a decent looking fire bar staff drop and was just looking for some advice. I typically play either solo or with one DH. I know a group staff and a solo staff tend to be different so thought I would mention it. Any help would be much appreciated http://imgur.com/prMBJTr Thanks gladiatorGladiat0r1 Sep 25
Sep 25 firebats area damage whats the minimum and ideal area damage you should have as a firebats wd for running 100+ greater rifts? I only have 111 area damagecamplo891 Sep 25
Sep 24 There goes my ice cold pet build Haven't played in a while, seen a new patch coming up and i'm not happy with the changes. I had the dogs, chilled to the bone rune. Loved them, dealing an extra 15% damage helped me clear mobs. Now that that was nerfed my build is screwed up, i gotta redo all of my equipment to suit a new boring build. I'll maybe come back with the "new patch"BossII5 Sep 24
Sep 24 Thinking of making a Witch Doctor Hey all, taking some down time on WoW to play some D3. I'll be soloing mostly so was thinking witch doctor as I've heard nothing but good things about them. I was going to ask for a great solo build. Would anyone be willing to suggest one? I appreciate it regardless. Happy gaming.Sulvain11 Sep 24
Sep 24 Better Z.Dog rune for my situation Ok so im running a HT Garg build with a serpent Mojo that has 29% damage reduction. (you can see my gear in my profile for seasons) Im running "Leeching Beasts" as is usually the standard. My problem is that I only have around 8K life on hit. It is even worth using leeching beasts? Would it be better to use Life Link since i think it stacks with the serpent mojo? Or even cold dogs, they would proc the trapped gem. Any advice would be helpful.MrPickle2 Sep 24
Sep 24 Which is more important? So I'm in the process of gearing up my HT/WD. My question is which is better on shoulder/mojo between AD/Garg damage, If you can only choose one. I see most WDs on the leaderboards rolling Garg damage, but most of them have both on those pieces. Also, I need to switch from BotP to Stricken. I'm curious if Stricken stacks twice as fast if you stack Piranado and WoD or if it ticks up at the same rate as long as you have some damage going on the mob?Belzec13 Sep 24
Sep 24 Need help with beating t13 in under 5 minutes I have questions to ask concerning being able to handle what is in the title. Angry chicken build. The following questions are for that build. 1. How much sheet damage is needed to clear T13 in the time limit? 2. How high do I need my legendary gems? 3. What gems do I need? I have seen some say that a boon of the hoarder or Esoteric Alteration. Which is better? 4. What paragon level do I need to clear it? Other possible builds. 5. Is there a way that I can take the grift pushing build and make a few tweaks that would allow me to clear T13 in the time limit? 6. If yes then please answer the same questions as above for the angry chicken build.ShadowAegis1 Sep 24
Sep 23 Worth rolling an S7 WD without Gift? Wasted the gift set on a Barb, used it to farm gear for Leapquake build, only to learn only zDPS Barbs are wanted in groups. I've never played a WD before, is it worth rolling one in S7 at this point?DoctorDoom13 Sep 23
Sep 22 AD vs CC - need advice Hello guys, i want to improve a little my builds (mostly Garg HT and Firebats HT) and i'm trying to calculate best DPS for them. I have on my Garg HT 166% AD. I can change gloves for TnT and put MoJ in cube (i lose 16% AD) and (follow d3planner) my dps will rise about 9%. I can also change AD -> CC in my ring (i lose 20%AD). And then my DPS is higher about 17,5% overall. Tell me guys if i calulate right (formula y*(x-1)*0.2 where y=AD%, x=number of mobs): For 6 mobs and base damage 100: 1. 166% AD: 166*5*0.2=166% more damage so damage = 100 + 100*1.66 = 266 2. 150% AD: 150*5*0.2=150%, damage = 109 + 109*1.5 = 272 (higher than now) 3. 130% AD: 130*5*0.2=130%, damage = 117.5 + 117.5*1.3 = 270 (higher than now) For 11 mobs and base damage 100: 1. 166% AD: 166*10*0.2=332%, damage = 100 + 100*3.32 = 432 2. 150% AD: 150*10*0.2=300%, damage = 109 + 109*3 = 436 (higher than now) 3. 130% AD: 130*10*0.2=260%, damage = 117.5 + 117.5*2.6 = 423 (-2% lower than now) For 21 mobs and base damage 100: 1. 166% AD: 166*20*0.2=664%, damage = 100 + 100*6.64 = 764 2. 150% AD: 150*20*0.2=600%, damage = 109 + 109*6 = 763 (almost equal) 3. 130% AD: 130*20*0.2=520%, damage = 117.5 + 117.5*5.2 = 728 (-5% lower than now) If my math is right - i should change 36% AD and gain more dps for single target and average density and lose not too much for high density. Any advices are welcome :)filus5 Sep 22
Sep 22 Serpent or Henris Mojo for Garg/HT build ? Which would be preferred to use if you get both ancient that rolled well? And why?MrPickle4 Sep 22
Sep 22 Trouble pushing past GR 70 Hey guys! I've been playing a Witch Doctor this season and I've gotten up to GR 70-72 solo, but I'm having some trouble going farther. I've already leveled up my gems to 70 as well. I'm running a pretty standard Gargantuan build and my gear seems good to me, not all the best rolls. So I'm not sure whether the problem is my stats or my own ability. I'd appreciate any input on my build. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Nibmeister-1508/hero/79311936 EDIT: I just thought of the fact the the provided link isn't a static representation of my character sheet and will obviously change. No idea how to fix that. So... whoops I guess.Nibmeister5 Sep 22
Sep 22 Unable to move in game All too frequently I am unable to move and don’t know why. I get stuck in doorways, stairs, in the middle of the fight or can’t move past monsters and struggle to keep up with the group. Eventually I am able to get by but this is frustrating so I’m asking if there is a technique or trick or anything that I can do to help? ThanksLux8 Sep 22
Sep 21 Staff of Chiroptera reroll dilemma Dear witch doctors, I have the following ancient Staff of Chiroptera unrolled and I am rather undecided on what to do. (Label damage 3903.4) +1811-2218 cold damage + 1255 intelligence + 9% elite damage + 31668 Life on hit + 47% firebat damage I find both elite damage and LOH valuable properties --- in particular, LOH is really helpful with survivability while channeling. So I though of rerolling the firebat damage to 60%, as now it's kinda low. On the other hand, if I sacrifice my reroll on firebat damage I cannot plug in a +10% damage, which is always good... Could you advice me on this matter? Thanks! (I am having lots of fun with this spec, too bad for solo is really too much static. I had a goblin pack in a rift and I could only chase half of them, they kept on running away while channeling!)Shevek1 Sep 21
Sep 20 What is a pet? I'm struggling to find answers online for this and am hoping someone can help me. What is the definition of a "pet" and is there an easy way to tell if something is a "pet"? In terms of the Witch Doctor: Are followers (Templar, Enchantress, Scoundrel) considered "pets"? Are creatures summoned through items pets (example Maximus - Demonic Slave)? Are charmed monsters considered pets? What skills create pets? (Some skills create icons in the upper left corner, where others don't. Summon Zombie Dog is probably a pet, but how about the Hex "Toad of Hugeness" or the Fetish from "Big Bad Voodoo"? (and does the Fetish from Big Bad Voodoo contribute to Zunimassa p4 set bonus?)) Do my skills or item abilities affect some or all of the items above? For example, would a Mask of Jeram affect a Demonic Slave from Maximus? If I charm a monster skeleton with the amulet "Overwhelming Desire", can it trigger Corrupted Ashbringer? I'm hoping there is an addendum somewhere which answers these kinds of questions. Thank you in advance for pointing me in the right direction.ToxicOgre8 Sep 20
Sep 20 T13 Rift clearing competition Hi Witch Doctors, would you kindly consider to compete in T13 rift clear competition? This time is a bit different and we've got a prize up for grabs too! all the info is here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/20747616789highq8 Sep 20
Sep 19 Improving my jade harvest build Hey all I'm no pro or anything. Just looking to eventually hop onto TX and above. Sorry if I'm using less than common terms. I've tried pet related builds but at the moment I'm really enjoying my Jade set. I'm currently doing fairly well on T8 grifts but I'm one heck of a glass cannon. I'm currently grinding it out to get my all my kanai's slots filled. I rely most of my heals on 10x stacks of soul harvest. Because I'm such a glass cannon, I had to rely on some pets just so that I don't get surrounded and overwhelmed. How else can I improve my sustainability? Thanks! EDIT: Just did a test run based on the fine suggestions below. T13 is very doable. Getting 1-2 shotted but if I mess with spirit walk and spam harvest enough, I get away with it.NXMT20 Sep 19
Sep 19 Question on Compass Rose re-roll Please check my Compass Rose on my character "Enyo" which attribute to switch for socket? Thanks for taking the time, as a WD alt, if you can look around my items of choosings and offer obvious suggestions I would appreciate it.Gannicus11 Sep 19
Sep 19 Lag Report - The Grin Reaper http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-grin-reaper Am I the only one that is experiencing big waves of lag when these "Mimic" start using my spells ?Faith1 Sep 19
Sep 18 new item made me play more i got this mask on torrent IX and extracted the legendary power. i have the hell tooth set on, i have unli spawn dogs using a mojo, i have 3 ancients gear on. now i am mowing through everything. i am using acid cloud, wall of death, sacrifice, zombie dog, garagnauan and spirit harvest. now my 2 skeleton mimics do all my spells. so it is like 3 of me fighting them. makes me want to play more....veryparanoid1 Sep 18
Sep 17 Pet's, rimeheart and spirit barrage? Does anyone know if pets proc rimeheart? What about manitou from spirit barrage? Mimics from grinreaper? I Have been playing around with a hybrid garg/fetish/spirit barrage LoN build since the new off hand came out. It's super squishy ATM, but my main goal/point of interest/curiosity in it is whether with a screen full of fetishes, dogs, gargs, spirits and maybe mimics shooting off cold spells, rimeheart should proc all the time. I'm no good with understanding the mechanics and math of it all. Anyone have any thoughts or tried anything similar?mjaay3 Sep 17
Sep 17 problem with Garg damage? Hey guys- Just checking, are other people having problem with Garg damage right now? I was just doing some GR69's and leveling some gems to augment. I am a fairly casual player but was doing 69's in about 7-8 minutes...... Then I logged on, made sure I was repaired and was having trouble killing a single elite pack for 6 minutes. I was trying to watch my crit damage numbers and I think my Garg's were not hitting for any damage? Was wondering if others are having this problem or it was just me. I logged off and on again, wasted 4 GR keystones and about 60 million gold while it was going on... So gonna take a break and see if others were having the same problem. radarradar372 Sep 17
Sep 17 [GUIDE] How to properly gear a WD ... ... “The spirits smile upon me.” The ability to infect, slow and terrify their enemies gives witch doctors unprecedented control over a battlefield. They can manipulate opposing attacks and movements with debuffs and crowd control spells, rendering enemies easy prey for hungry pets. Witch doctors can also lay down fields of fire and venom that slowly leech life from advancing foes. The Witch Doctor is a mysterious class - properly gearing one can be overwhelming for new players and those who are not familiar with the class. I frequently encounter questions like: What to reroll on this item? Which stats should I be looking for on my <insert slot here>? Is this <insert item here> any good? What can I improve on my gear? This guide is meant to help answering those questions. I will go over each item slot and its specialities, discussing what to look out for and which stats to prefer. ... BASICS -- or: where does our damage come from? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/17346234812#2 TOUGHNESS and HEALING -- or: how do I survive all those affixes? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/17346234812#3 GEAR -- or: what to look out for? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/17346234812#4 CDR, RCR, Damage Reduction -- or: the tale of diminishing returns http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/17346234812#5AlCalzone35 Sep 17
Sep 17 Looking for anyone to help me push higher grs Title says it. Yes I'm lacking the good gear but I'm putting tons of time in this season.I would love to get somewhere on the leaderboards.JacobsHell0 Sep 17
Sep 16 Just make RG give 10 soul harvest stack. Not sure what else to say chose it's quite annoying to be at your weakest when the final battle begins.Of course It's a different scenario if you get one that spams mobbs but let me know what you think about this idea?Sankari10 Sep 16
Sep 16 Traveler's pledge reroll help for WD Hi all, I got an ancient pledge today, stats: Cold damage 16 Int 890 Attack speeck 7 CHD 99 What would be the recommended stat to re-roll into socket please for a pet Helltooth build.Raziel5 Sep 16
Sep 16 Reroll guidance for SH, and other advice. Recently picked up SH with a decent damage range. Stats on it were: 1484-1841 dmg 6% IAS 908 int bleed I've rerolled the bleed to 10% damage. I am wondering if I am better off sticking with that damage, or trying to reroll to 24%AD. Spreadsheet doesn't help me much since we're discussing different types of damage. Any other advice on my current profile set (seasonal WD), is greatly appreciated. Got a solo 81 yesterday in just under 12 minutes. Failed a sparsely populated gr82 after that. Trying to push things a bit further. Thanks in advance.Schtick1 Sep 16
Sep 16 Staff of Chiroptera reroll help What should I reroll on this? http://i.imgur.com/0GU2AbW.jpg I was thinking the attack speed to 10% damageMrPickle1 Sep 16
Sep 14 Stat priorities for Garg builds? I finally got my sacred harvester rolled into ancient and I decided to roll for the 7% atk spd (it has int, lightning dmg, 8% dmg). I have seen some WD's roll into area damage % - is this preferable? Can anyone give me a run down of what stats should be shot for in each item? I have heard vitality is important in all armor pieces, and obv garg damage is important where you can get it. Is cold damage % worth to get everywhere possible? I am currently running helltooth, working toward LoN.Daggermouth7 Sep 14
Sep 14 Gems, Truly outrageous. I just started playing D3 and I am trying to figure out these new gems. What gems are WD's using? Obviously pet dmg gem is a must for pet builds, but what are the gems that stand out? Some of the descriptions are vague in their stats/procs/etc.Sxeboone1 Sep 14
Sep 14 What's your Unicorn? What's that one item you always have a hard time getting? For me it's the Tasker and Theo's gloves. For some reason I have always had an incredibly hard time acquiring them.Dirtyjello20 Sep 14
Sep 14 Fetish Build I have pieces for a Zuni and a LON fetish build. I have play tested both but not sure how I feel, has anyone had an experience with higher grifts for a fetish build? For which ends up performing better?Roare2 Sep 14
Sep 14 Arachyr Spider Queen Hi, this is my version of the Spider queen build...any suggestion for improving the damage? i know its weak , but its just for fun , i want to see how high i can go in gr http://www.diablofans.com/builds/77291-arachyr-spider-queen-build-2-4-2DoomKiller3 Sep 14
Sep 13 T13 5 minute run sigh...... I don't think it's happening for me this season....Etheran29 Sep 13
Sep 13 Helltooth HC build Should I transmod for +dmg from garg or dogs? I assume I get more dmg benefit from the garg but I'm not sure if the trade off for extra sustain from +dmg to dogs (for leeching beasts) would be better? Thoughts?W4ld02 Sep 13
Sep 12 2 things that need to happen next season New item: (belt preferably) Your fetish army now casts Spirit Barrage when you do. Set change: Either 2 or 3 sets should increase dmg of Spirit barrage. Bonus: Offhand buffs SB by 400% against ... Haunted, burning, feared, ANYTHING TARGETSSwolebro0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Pushing Jade in HC Hello everyone, HC forums are a ghost town so ill post in here. Ive recently been reinterested in Jade build and am working on pushing GRift. i see so many people getting GR90s i would love to see that high. i have focused maybe to much into Toughness..but well HC =/ does anyone have any advice on what i can do to help me push higher...my build is def uncustomary but after watching a few youtube videos i see the meta build dies quite a bit. i feel like Paragons are mostly the answer..i should prolly just jump on test server and test but advice would be welcomed toons name is INeedalady (old toon i got a great girl!)Uberbunk11 Sep 12
Sep 11 Taeguk is a REALLY awful gem in solo Firebats The fact that we can't move while channeling and are stuck with short range on the only meaningful rune choice for Firebats really negates any benefit from Taeguk when you don't have someone to pull mobs. And indeed I find that my follower, while necessary for Unity ends up dragging clusters of mobs away as well. Just kind of annoyed that the gem that was redesigned for channeled skills feels like !@#$ when used with my channeled skill.Skepticon6 Sep 11