Witch Doctor

Feb 17, 2013 WTS Manajuma Knife! Selling my manajuma knife and going to move on to the Skorn. 1018.6 dmg 285-645 poison dmg 46% dmg 184 INT 80 CD 2.80 LS open socket 345m b/o add me in game if interested Chronus#1678Chronus0 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Critical Hit Chance - acid cloud Is it worth it to try and run a crit chance to acid cloud build? There are several pieces of gear that can get this up to 20%+ relatively easily without much sacrifice, in addition to your regular crit chance. Seems like it can potentially make it so over 50% of your attacks hit a crit roll in an acid cloud build.SpiderMan5 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Undocumented gargantuan damage nerf in 1.07? Since patch my Gargantuan hasn't been doing near as much damage as it did pre-patch. I run with restless giant rune and the enrage doesn't even come close to the damage he used to pull any more. Pre-patch I was getting white hits for the 110-120k range while enraged with full 5 stack of soul harvest, after 1.07 he's hitting for 25k-60k during enrages, 20-45k range when not enraged. I've skimmed through the patch notes a few times and didn't see anything about pet/minion damage being adjusted or specifically gargantuan damage and just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues. I haven't changed any gear out except my shoulders which should have been a damage increase but I noticed the lower pet damage on my first game, before changing the shoulders.Tsu1 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 WITCH DOCTOR 1.0.5 GUIDE Hello again! Today's guide covers the Witch Doctor changes for the 1.0.5 patch, a few specs and how to gear correctly explaining which stats to aim for etc! Hopefully you find the guide useful :) Feel free to ask any questions! Check it out on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYdyQmsAGNY&feature=plcpParadoks9 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Mp10 Uber solo spec Halp?Bigot0 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 help improve this wd hey guys looking for advice on what pieces to improve on. any tips or hand outs would be greatkngp3dr0 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Wts -34cd zombiedog set Name yr price. Selling as a set. Make your offer now. Should be the cheapest set if u wanna try a dogs build. Mara's kaleidoscope *** 30-65 damage 220 intelligence 229 vitality 66 all resistance 378 armor reduce cooldown of summon zombie dogs by 5 seconds Stone of jordan *** add 6%holy 117 maximum mana increase damage against elites by 30% *** reduce cooldown of summon zombie dogs by 3 seconds Homunculus 18-84 damage 111 intelligence 107 vitality 33 all resistance 4% life reduce damage from elite by 4% reduce cooldown of summon zombie dogs by 17 seconds reduce cooldown of gargantuan by 14 seconds Visage of giyua 63 strength 28 dexterity 183 intelligence 75 all resistance increase mana regen by 12 per sec reduce cooldown of summon zombie dogs by 9 secondsEvolutionese1 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Selling 0-dog items 140m OBO 16 sec Homunculus 5 sec Mara 9 sec Visage 2 secs SOJ and Skull Grasp Daggernoth#1747 Cheapest way to an ownage buildDaggernoth5 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 SoJ vs SG Not much experience with the 0Dog. Played with it a little, not my cup of tea with the tools I had. But have been discussing with a friend looking for advice, and found myself sorely lacking in the Skull Grasp vs Stone of Jordan area. All info appreciated.manvan2 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Zenmaster Chucknoris pvp micro training So you wanna get good micro for pvp? Zen master micro training consists of using acid cloud corpse bomb as your only attack in a ffa with 3 legacy nats demon hunters. make sure to reduce your ehp to the point where you must use your pets, map obstacles, and sw to avoid getting one shot by impale, and reduce your dps to the point that you can not one shot the dh. Because of the delay of the corpse bomb explosion you must anticipate your opponents movements and aim not where they are but where they will be. Because your opponents are invisible 75% of the time you cant rely on visual cues on where to shoot and must rely on learning each of your opponents movement patterns. Because corpse bomb is blocked by object on the map you must learn to recognize all available lines of sight in every part of the map. With enough practice complete micro mastery will be yours. you will learn to use the environment yo your advantage dodging every attack and becoming as elusive as the shadow of death and invisible dh will vault right into your traps of exploding corpses as you develop a sixth sense thats lets you know your opponents actions before they themselves do.ChuckNorris1 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Which affixes most desireable in a SoJ? 6% fire dmg, 25% Elite damage, 10% Plague of Toads dmg. I have little knowledge of the WD class, can anyone recommend which affixes on a SoJ are the most valued?FaithfulSoul1 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Stop using Zero Dogs. How can you argue this is an effective build when I can move faster than the dogs can while casting. Essentially you have to wait for the dogs to be in position in order to deal damage, I do not. Then you have to re-summon them, and get them back in position. Argue it whatever way you want I cast one spell and move on at any point in the map. You are just fanbois trying to make something cool.RadioBeatz12 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Free WD gear Just rolled a WD? Hit us up in game. Got some pieces that will get a new doc rolling along nicely, although I may not be much help with a weapon.manvan0 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Crafted a baller Archon Chest ...said no one ever. And why would they? Who the hell doesn't need the bonus from whatever set? How much is a low-roll Zuni these days? Oh yeah, about half the cost of the frigging plan.manvan7 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Opinions on my Items/skills build i can run mp4 fairly easily.. i bump it to mp6 when looking for keys and stuff.. i have upped my gears from the blackthorns set.. havent tried running yet but i would like some outside opinions on what i could do to be even more efficient ? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Beavery-6221/Beavery0 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 WTS:GG 4.5% crit Mempo 176INT-350m=CHEAP Mempo 422 Armor 4.5% crit 176INT 10% life 8% attack speed socket SELLING FOR 350 mil closest/cheapest MEMPO on AH is 4.5% crit 170 INT going for 399mil OPEN TO NEGOTIATEKillvana0 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 need some help on 2 things I was wondering if someone could help me figure out if a marq ruby or emerald would be better for a wd. ive tried using the two calculators to figure out the dps difference and one was downa and the other one didnt make any sense to me. I just dont want to waste the gold for no reason so any hlep would be great. Second thing is, why does my profile not work? it says there is no profile in this region linked to this account? Im in the Americans region (canada) and my d3 is in the this region. ive never had this issue til tonight, any help would be great. thank youVizualz1 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Witch Doctor Farming 1.07!? So i was wondering what you are all going with for 1.07 and farming i know we are rocking in pvp but it really doesn't interest me to much (being paragon 12 and all) so lets see em and discuss!TRAINWRECK13 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 How much Reduced Dog CD do you need from gear in order for zombie dog to have no cooldown for the zero dog spec?NITSUD1 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 WTS Godly Zuni Boots Int, vit all res http://imgur.com/PnwoTSy Taking bids - on auction house currently for 650mil. Any reasonable offers will be considered.Prophet0 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Homunculus for sale (or price check) 30-89 104 int 106 vit 40 all res 4% life -20 zombie dog -20 gargantuanKesem6 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 question about rabid dogs does this rune ADD 9% poison on top of the 9% physical or replace it?ThisIsDelish3 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Seeking advice for Multiplayer (WD) Is it possible to take the current gear and apply it to MP 7-8 multiplayer games? If so, what build would you recommend? If zero dog is mandatory, is it a gratifying build? Did you or do most people have a tendency to burn out on it quickly? I have about 800ish million to work with, but I'd rather not spend it into something unrewarding. Sorry for the 21 questions, just trying to decide on whether to stick with this or jump back to my original wizard. Thanks for your time and effort.Solovei4 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Out of Spirit Vessel Jail... SV has been a mainstay on my bar for as long as I can remember. I finally tried dumping it last night and did some farming (mp6 and mp8 grouped without CM wiz, mp10 with CM wiz). I definitely died more; going from almost never to several deaths an hour, but the deaths were infrequent enough to not really be significant issue. I ran with BR/VQ/SA, and damn! that is a noticeable jump in mana. Of course, SV is obviously mandatory for PvP. I will probably it for (grouped MP10) ubers too, as long as I'm comfortable with the team.BigRed6 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 ToH Mechanics Hello everyone. This topic is to clarify and discuss the skill rune "Toad of Hugeness" and its mechanics, and to offer possible changes. This being said, I think it's a very fun skill. However, it doesn't seem to have much use. I understand swallowing elites for 5 seconds is INCREDIBLY overpowered, but could it at least do SOMETHING? I think it would be good if it still did that damage as a short-term DoT on targets than cannot be controlled. What do you think? (And if the rune has been changed in the past year I apologize, I just recently started playing again.) TLDR: Toad of Hugeness should apply a DoT to non-swallowable enemies in order to be used. Ever.Bribri4 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 WD transforms into 3 SKELETONS...?? I saw this WD keep transforming into 3 massive skeletons on Inferno Act4 yesterday... does anyone know what skill it is..? Feedback would be greatly appreciated! ;D Thanks, peace.IceCube3 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Z Pox +29 min damage +161 Int +40 Vit +67% AR +34% CD -9% Control effects offers?Vici1 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Rate the summoner Rakinishu Hello fellow witch doctors! This is my build for farming Inferno. His name is Rakinishu It's a "middle of the road" gold wise set build Here's my stats: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Kr0ss3dX-1369/hero/24110912 I'm looking for some insight on what you guys think. I've discovered that with the corpse spiders if you place enough of them, This build provides almost limitless mana Thanks for lookingKr0ss3dX1 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Beast Tal Rash Ammy http://i.imgur.com/NKoE0zL.png currently on the AH at 105m. <3h left.Jawsome1 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Selling all my gear to go self found only. I'm looking to sell all the gear on my witch doctor. Nothing amazing, but not too bad either. Shoot me a decent offer and all the gear could be yours. Post here in the thread or hit me up in game with an offer.Normin3 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Nice Manajuma's knife? I found this yesterday: 990.4 DPS 181 Int 69% CD +148 Mana 3% life steal I don't play WD (although I was thinking about rolling one), so is this any good? It has +40 dps compared to any others in the AH with those similar stats. Can anybody give me a ballpark price on it? Thanks.ChaoticLabs3 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 PC Grand Vizier 1240.1 DPS 244-576 Fire Damage +45% Dmg 109 Dex 403 Int 43% GF 41% MFDarkSpell2 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 My Witch Doctor Brawler Build This has probably been discussed before but I didn't see anything on making a good build for dueling for WDs on the first page and when I searched for it all I got were posts from 2010 and 2011. So here is my PvP WD build. Keep in mind I have never played a WD and know nothing about them but I'm pretty sure this is the build to go for when PvPing. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#eXUgZi!eaW!YacYaZ Any improvements you guys can think of? Edit: forgot to do runes for each skill.GenesisHell1 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 weap type apply on Garg Just notice one thing tonite while lvling my HC char, weapon type applies on garg (cleave rune). so if u have a cold dmg weapon, it'll slow mob. could be useful on a proc build. edit: just fought Butcher and garg perma slow him...but was nightmare mode, dont know if it work the same on imfernoHmongster4 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Rush of Essence?! This skill, makes me want, crave, NEED more IAS! Now that WoS's pathing has been upgraded, I can bears for what seems like indefinitely, just with short bursts for haunt/spiders(VQ)/Spirit Barrage. Anyone else having major success with the returns on this ability that greatly outweigh the others like BR, SA, and VQ? Also has haunt been improved to haunt multiple targets? I don't think it did that last patch..Blastronaut3 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 0-dogs Weapon Dilemma Well met, Doctors! I be in a weapon quandry...I have two nasty Echoing Fury weapons and am torn as to which to use and with what gem: Here are the stats/details for comparison between Attack Speed Echoing Fury and Crit Hit Damage Echoing Fury: (1) AS EF w/ Radiant Star Emerald 1183.8 Weapon DPS 2.59 APS 24 CHC 294 CHD 112,584 DPS (2) AS EF w/ Radiant Star Ruby 1456.4 Weapon DPS 2.59 APS 24 CHC 194 CHD 117,050 DPS (3) CHD EF w/ Radiant Star Emerald 1096.9 Weapon DPS 2.43 APS 24 CHC 345 CHD 111,952 DPS (4) CHD EF w/ Radiant Star Ruby 1355.3 Weapon DPS 2.43 APS 24 CHC 245 CHD 118,117 DPS So which weapon and configuration should I use, mon? I know (4) has highest DPS by ~1K but I dont think that 1K DPS > than the .16 APS I gain from using (2). Any thoughts from my fellow explode-dog-a-palooza enthusiasts?HowseOgre4 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Zero dog bracers Should I be looking at Int or Vit crafted bracers for the higher stats? or try to find a Lacuni with high stats? I can't seem to find Lacunis with a perfect roll of what i want, Int and vit +100 6cc and all resisit or extra health globes +10K, so maybe i should just start crafting and hope to hit the jackpot. I just worry about loosing the attack speed since I don't need the movement speed. Thoughts?JonkZ1 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 What item should I be crafting? My toon's under my profile. It's a zero dog. I was just wondering what item you guys think I should try replacing with the new crafted items. I was thinking gloves, or maybe shoulders, i dunno.SimplMasheen5 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 What to upgrade ? Hello ! I have 25 Mil to spend and I don't really know what I should buy to get the maximum upgrade ! So I hope you guys can help me ! :) http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Falardeau-1488/hero/6626203Falardeau1 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Skorn or 1H + mojo Hey all, its been a few months since I have played and I was wondering if I should still be running with a Skorn or if I should be switching to a 1H + mojo. Is one style clearly better than the other? Or does it not really matter? ThanksEazyDuzIt2 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Just getting back, Pls advise/critique me Looking for advice on gearing and spec for the new endgame. i havnt played since July of last year till just about a week ago.DikDoctaRok1 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Which of my items need to be upgraded If any high end wds could give me some suggestions on upgrades that would be greaaaatHueHuePewPew6 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Dex vs strength Hello fellow wds im tryna figure out if dex affects chance to hit as strength affects defense Obvious you want intel and vit then cc cd ias etc if theres sn extra stats suchs as dex or strength witch is the better choice?Sajjad1 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 PvP upgrades Hi, I wanted to play a little bit of PvP with my new WD. I have around 110k dps + 35% to elite/players (soj and offhand), 65k life and res 500-600. I would like to reach about 150k+ dps, 70-75k+ life and res 600~. Is that possible if I have just around 70m for that? If you are checking my profile for my eq - im using echoing fury, amu and ring from barb (all with str, but it will be hard to get them better even with int).IronWeed0 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Zunimassa's Trail & Manajuma's Carving Knife Dear people. I am saving a lot of money to be able to buy and complete a decent enough socketed Manajuma set. However, I read that many people are saying that these are not compatible. The explanations that I read are pretty technical. Can anybody please explain to me in plain terms why is this so? If this is indeed a problem, then what upgrade path should I be saving up for? Sincerely, theStrobist. PS: I have 2 WD in my account, taongBundok and zombading. The former is my main character while the latter is just extra storage space.theStrobist19 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Is attack speed on 0 cooldown good? I noticed that when I summon the dogs they all apear at once but when I sac they go 1 at a time. With my current attack spped(1.90) it seems that I am only exploding 2 dogs before the counter resets to 4 again. Is this just a bug in the countdown or am I actually missing out on damage by only getting damage from 2 dogs. It is sometimes hard to tell with the numbers flying around so I was hoping someone out there had some better info. Thanks in advance. Note: I was testing some different gear compatability this morning so profile doesn't completely show gear. I have Inna's pants and Ice Climbers in rotation as well. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/SpizyDryRub-1750/hero/6060753SpizyDryRub3 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Zero dog with skorn If I could eventually get an SOJ, grasp, mara's ammy and helm then could skip the mojo and use a skorn. Pickup radius and attack speed could be added with witching hour, tal rasha chest, bracers and grasp, gloves. It would need 9 second reduce cooldown on each item to make up for the mojo. The reason I mention this as a build is I tried a set of gear to see what it was like using the mojo and played against him in PvP. Farming was pretty neat but did seem a little slower. I was taking him out at least 10 to 1 in PvP. With higher attack speed the per hit damage is rather low so took several dog explosions to kill me and if he used haunt my life regen countered the damage and didn't take any at all. Haunt being one of the highest DoT skills he would have to rely on high damage increase like an alternate of bears or hungry bats. Which leads to the though of a skorn. The attack speed is way low but would it be fast enough for zero dogs? Each hit would equal higher damage and might not be much difference in casting dogs / sacrifice. It does seem take a little time to position dogs properly even with high attack speed. Haunts and other DoT would benefit from it as well. Curious if anyone has tried this and how did it work out?Shockwave4 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 holy crap we are so op its not even funny PVP um, patch went live, and i went in with my pve spec, and was one shotting everything with soul harvest, bears when i could actually hit with them, and my garg was doing 3/4 of people's health. put on a shield and then ptv, with a non pet build, its more hilarious. cause you don't need mana in pvp apparently. its insane. i can't believe how hilarious this is. I said when pvp comes out the wd is gonna be sick because we have the most CC. its beautiful. if you want a piece of me, ill be in game =)Kyoshi17 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Am I on track so far? Greetings! I have recently gotten back into d3 and have decided to use my WD full time and have just started to gear him up a bit, just looking for any suggestions that could help with improvements to my toon, so far im doing mp4-5 at a decent rate, switched my carving knife and thing of the deep for a higher damage skorn wich i seem to be liking so far, still getting used to the lower pick up radius though! any help would be much appreciated, cheers!DorianDevill2 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 1.0.7 missed something for WD I really hoped there would be a cloud of bats radius increase, or some kind of buff. Why not?Gilgamesh3 Feb 16, 2013