Witch Doctor

Feb 3, 2013 question about black dmg weapons so im using a tal's ammy and zuni boots, does the elem. dmg boost show when your comparing or does it only apply itself after you equip the weapon?doughb1zzle1 Feb 3, 2013
Feb 3, 2013 Fun to play zombie dog + sacrifice with 0 cd By sacrifice zombie dogs continuously without delay, you can get endless Mana or HP With Tribal rites (passive), -33 cd is enough to achieve 0 cd dog summoning Any combination of the following gears can make it The gears to reduce cooldown of zombie dogs Homunculus - 20 cd Helm - 9 cd Mara's Kaleidoscope -8 cd Stone of Jordan -7 cd Skull Grasp -7 cd Just try it last few days, first time feel like god playing WD!BlackSnow14 Feb 3, 2013
Feb 3, 2013 Decided to roll WD and need help to 60 Couple days ago decided to drop my barb and roll WD, up to 40 now and it's been a good change of pace, but the solo exp is starting to feel a tad slow even with hellfire, cains set, star ruby socket, and 21% ms (not quite 25, but it's good enough for the girls I date). If anyone would be willing to help me with even a few levels I would appreciate it more than you know, I can pay if necessary but I don't have very much to offer (just came back from a few month break.) Shoot SnoopDaLoops#1691 a friend request/party invite if you're willing to help, I'll be continuing to solo while I wait for that friendly someone to respond.SnoopDaLoops3 Feb 3, 2013
Feb 3, 2013 Crit Zuni's Vision worth that much? I can get a rare voodoo mask with 6CC, mana regen, 200+int, but cost 1000 times cheaper than a Zuni's Vision. Not mentioning there are good rare with vit, all resist or socket. When Zuni's Vision rolls CC, it can't have mana regen. So what it gives is only 10 more mana regen from the set bonus. Crit Zuni's Vision Worth that much gold? really?twinsbuster16 Feb 3, 2013
Feb 3, 2013 What do you like in your pants? Do you prefer a Depth Digger, Blackthorne Jousting Mail, or a regular rare pants? Should it come with AR, armour, 2 open sockets, and more than 150 Int and Vit? What would you look for, ideally in your pants? This is just a place to discuss, and determine the utility of increasing your EHP, or DPS with your pants.alTaqiyya44 Feb 3, 2013
Feb 3, 2013 Echoing Fury for MP10 I wish I got one of these a long time ago. Thought I did OK in MP10 without one before but this really changed the game. Played quite a bit the last few days with rain of toads that procs more fear and sit back and drain them down now. Mine isn't the best but life steal and 18.6% fear works nicely. Pets and scare them away. :DShockwave19 Feb 3, 2013
Feb 3, 2013 Manajumas set bonus + bad medicine? Does the poison cloud effect from the set bonus set off bad medicine for the 20% debuff? I'm wondering if using the set would be worth it for higher mp farming.Fritter3 Feb 3, 2013
Feb 3, 2013 advice on my bear doctor I just spend some gold for the upgrade: max the mana regen with visage and keep 4 piece zuni combo. I think I need a CD+OS+life steal, one hand weapon. maybe a juma knife, but I cannot afford the top juma knife now 1000dps double CD. I personnally prefer going black weapon double cd+ls, but it just cost even more than manajuma knife with no intelligence... any other comment?Ryusenka6 Feb 3, 2013
Feb 3, 2013 WD community, plz check my gears and build. Hi. so it took me two days to lvl 60 from 0 with massive exp gears and of course help from my lvl 60 friends. and swapped most of my wiz gears. I bought carving knives, zuni helm and off hand ~ (200m). I ended up making unlimited bear charger with mana spiders. Could you please check me out and if you have any suggestions? Thank you so much.yodatoy1 Feb 3, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 LF Top tier Wd's Hey guys, new to the WD as of yesterday and so far I'm having alot of fun. With the new patch right around the corner I'm looking for some top tier players to add to my friends list for some high mp farming. Also have a few noob WD question. Been currently looking into a Zero dog build but before I spend aton of gold on it. Do you guys think it's the best high MP group farming build? Also your views on using an EF, I've only done a few runs so far but find the fear to be annoying sometimes. With this current build anyways(Plaque of toads/Acid cload). Thanks for your time hope to hear back from a few of ya ;) Oh my main is a SNS CM Wiz- 220k dps,5300Armor,780 AR, posting info because most of my gear is on my WD atm =PGuyute4 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 LF fast lvling spec Title says it all, trying to level my WD as fast as i can. Its not going very fast at the moment. Any advice would be appreciated.Jenosyde1 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 Problem whit Passive Skill -Jungle Fortitude- Hi i just whant to know why when i equip this passive or not i'm not able to see de différance in my Def ? i'm trying to find something capable of slowing the Dmg of reflect Dmg but whit or whitout this passive i don't see eny diffirence so my question. Does this passive skill work or i'm not checking at the right thing to see the diffirence ? Thx in advance.XFOE2 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 What is best bear build to go with my gear Trying to figure out, I have upgraded from a loh rain of toads.SNUSman10 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 wd Mana issues - suggestion I feel that in end game, right items, without any skills, should solve issues with resource management. Good example is wizard with arcane power on crit resource. Currently, if you want to spam i.e. zombie bears (and I'm gonna use this skill as example through out), you have to support it with skills and items and it's not really effective because you have to sacrifice too much. My suggestion is to make mana regen function of max mana, and replace mana regen stat with something else. For the first part you could make i.e. every 16 to mana gain 1 mana regen => 720 mana would give you 45 mana regen => 1200 max mana would give you 75 base mana regen. Two things come to mind what could replace mana regen stat, and I'm sure others would have other suggestions as well: a) "reduces cost of spells by %". So, 12~14% cost reduction on 3 items would give you cca 40 % spell cost reduction, reducing cost of zombie charger to cca 85 on level 60. Absolute minus cost to zombie charger (on soj/off hand/mara) could give you another xx - 30 cost reduction, reducing cost to under 70 mana. Couple that with support skill or two, or zuni 4 piece, and you'd get infinite zombie charger build. b) "mana on hit", pretty self explanatory, each time you hit, gain mana back. Mana on kill does not scale well with high monster power, mana on hit would. What say you, fellow witch doctors?Aurelo7 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 Looking for some power leveling Not sure if this is allowed or not, but if it I'd like to purchase some power leveling, 1-60 :S, and if it's not, I guess I wont. >:NickyD2 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 BEAST wd helm for pvp For those of you who haven't tried the GRIN REAPER in pvp, give it a shot. Whenever you attack two mimics copy you and makes it extremely hard for wd's to be targeted. Awesome low lv vodoo maskBleedinCrypt5 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 Need advice I have a budget of 30 million. Can't really find anything on the AH that would significantly improve my WD. I would prefer to spend all 30 million on just the 1 item instead of a bunch of items. Can someone suggest something I could buy?Shadowfax1 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 Re-geared and ready... Well I took your advice from my last post and updated my gear. My question now is how much DPS do I need to run MP4 comfortably? I really just want you guys to take another look and give me some more expert opinions on where to go next. My DPS is sitting at 105k with pierce the veil, and I am farming MP1 with no problems... just not sure what to focus on next. DPS or more survivability for the higher MPs? EDIT: Notice armory hasn't updated with my new Zuni chest/helmet yet so hopefully it will catch up shortly.Jingoism3 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 Help a newbie gear Ok so I'm new to Wd and am having a Greta amount of fun. My current gear is not correct but before I go out and drop some gold on gear I want to get it right. I'm lookin for this toon to farm mp0/1 for drops. What gearing choices would some of you high end players make? Also I want to stay away from lacunis and keep tyreals ameor for ms buff. I know his should hve 3 socs but I didn't get that far. Currently running an AC/ZB build And one hitting most white packs. The other thing I have is sever and hoping to get massive stat increase in act 3 with the sever/tyreals DMg increase to demons. Last thing I hve a tal rash chest if anyone want to trade me some wd gear for it. Add me in game. Thanks...so far likin the doc community much more than the whirl and win one...Kanaloa3 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 Just broke 100k unbuffed DPS yeah i know it's not that much of an accomplishment these days, every man and his (zombie) dog is 100k+ but it still felt pretty satisfying :DAntiskum15 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 PTR mana regen bug still exist It is said that 20/s is a bug, but still exists in the new updated ptr. its annoying!Windbow0 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 Rank the bat runes! I'm still a pretty new WD and branching out into other spells. My apologies for not really knowing much about things that aren't bears, frogs, or acid. I was trying to figured out why people prefer Dire Bats over Hungry Bats. Why is that? Then I thought: Hey! All these runes are quite different. I wonder what the general consensus is on their usefulness? So....any thoughts on how they stack up against each other? (I'm talking very generally, for PVE)deadclown15 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Did they nerf mana regen? WD now broken. So I logged in today to see the changes PTR introduced yet again, and guess what. Witch Doctors got nerfed to the ground. Mana regen got obliterated. Good job Blizzard, you've broken the one last fun class to play with.Ainelohim2 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Need help with 0Dog WD I'm curious to the importance of IAS. I'm on a budge build so I cant afford hundreds of millions for gear. So have a few questions. 1. Is there much difference between 0 and 1sec CDs on dogs? 2. Is a high aps weapon better then a high dps Echoing Fury. Would i be better off with a 1,180ish dmg dps EF or finding a weapon high 1.5+aps with 1-1.1k dps? 3. Just how important is aps? Any tips on where i should draw the line between ias and dps/def.MyCondolence9 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Anyone interested in PVP Soj? Selling this sweet SOJ stats are as follows: -6% cold damage -30% damage to elites -112 maximum mana -11% haunt If interested pm in game with offers: cthulhu#1536Cthulhu2 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Help a newbie gear Ok so I'm new to Wd and am having a Greta amount of fun. My current gear is not correct but before I go out and drop some gold on gear I want to get it right. I'm lookin for this toon to farm mp0/1 for drops. What gearing choices would some of you high end players make? Also I want to stay away from lacunis and keep tyreals ameor for ms buff. I know his should hve 3 socs but I didn't get that far. Currently running an AC/ZB build And one hitting most white packs. The other thing I have is sever and hoping to get massive stat increase in act 3 with the sever/tyreals DMg increase to demons. Last thing I hve a tal rash chest if anyone want to trade me some wd gear for it. Add me in game. Thanks...so far likin the doc community much more than the whirl and win one...Kanaloa0 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 CM Wiz -> WD question As the title suggests, I'm a long time CM wiz that got bored. After a quick love with a monk, wd came next, and I have to say that it's a blast to play for now. My question is: Can any of my wiz gear be used on a (highish mp) wd? Of course I'll have to change MH and OH, but can the rest be used in some good build? As a wiz, stats were 120k DPS, 900 AR, 5750 Armor, 34k HP. Thanks in advance. Edit: Link to profile - http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Ged-1199/hero/363866Ged17 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Well of Souls might be the go-to spell now If each branching spirit can attack a single target, it will do absurd amounts of damage. This also doesn't remove its AoE utility, just improves its single-target usefulness. This is an awesome change.hexR18 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Not a seasoned vet... but just an idea I had We all know how awesome CM wizards are or WW barbs.... but why not add things that make this possible for them in other class? Now don't get me wrong i don't want to see a WW witch doctor... But how about a weapon that gives manna for each crit hit? (Instead of mana per second) Passives and weapons are what feeds those builds for the other classes. I'm not familiar with monks/demon hunters but it would be nice to have something that helps us replenish our skill cost, so that way were not on clean up duty always. Also, I know there are ZD builds.. that can make a WD arguably more OP than others but go ahead and price check the cost of a ZD WD build to a CM wiz or a WW barb - not even close. Again I don't know much about the DH or Monk but i'msure they could benefit from this as wellGigantor3 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 witch doctor help - circle of life/final gift Does final gift also work with circle of life, I haven't seen it maybe i am playing too fast?sonoranranch1 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Witch Doctor 1.0.5 Budget Guide Hello yet again, this budget guide covers the Witch Doctor class! The budget I've set today is 3 million, I go over each peice of gear and which stats you want to aim for. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cC6-ELmwgdU&feature=plcpOskenmity11 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Upgrades!! I could use some help with upgrades. Budget = 120mil I use this acid rain build per my current profile for mp5 and lower. Which would include key runs. If I run mp0 or mp1 I switch out into some MF gear and even a Cain's set sometimes, but I don't really need help in that department. If I run higher mp's, I switch into a bear build. Sometimes I'll keep acid rain in the mix for an easy health regen(I have 2.9% + 1173 LoH). Sometimes I'll use a totem(ubers or high mp group play). You get the idea. Anyway, I can comfortably handle mp7(albeit slowly) and up to mp8(real slowly), but I would like to get to the point I can move through mp8 solo and quicker than I do now. What 1 or 2 pieces of gear do I need to upgrade?CTwit2 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 WD 3v1 PvP Hi Guys&Girls, I have recorded this one on the first or second day of PTR release. This is my longest 3v1 without dying. Nowadays people just leave the game too soon so can’t record any longer :( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3A3g2IE-Tc Hope You enjoy the clip & feel free to add me on PtR if you are up for duels. CheersHasansabbah3 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 This is What I Think of Every Time I Hex PvP Enjoy! http://youtu.be/eBNY1zgt6q4RPRjjc160 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Gltich or my computer? I don't/ am not sure because i haven't seen any other threads on the forums about this but why does my witch doctors off hand and main wep disappear sometimes when i change them or tele back to town?mellowman3 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 help my zombie bear wd ok so my problem is in higher end mp i die alot , my question where should i start upgrades and do i need more loh or should i focus on ar? current avaiable balance 100 m.Eves5 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Untested PvP skills. Quiet spell at work. Theory crafting and general curiosity. Anyone had luck with any of the following? Hungry Bats Severance Phlebotomise Painful Transformation Angry Chickenmanvan3 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Need some upgrade help My WD is currently built for farming MP0. I do fine in MP0, decent clear times and no deaths. I'd like to be able to farm MP1 though, just for more loot. I'm just at an impasse in terms of what I should upgrade. I've got a decent amount of gold but I don't want to spend a huge amount. I was thinking about getting an SOJ with acid cloud crit chance bonus on it. I'd like some more HP but my crit is already a little low (doesn't hurt me when I'm farming since I have more crit on acid cloud).bigtexasdan0 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Fellow wds out there Go defend against the troll comments n complaints of barbs with big. Muscles yet small packages at the ptr feedback section .. Top barbs are actually complaining n wetting their pants even more after they have 35%damage reduction .. I'm ashamed of being a barb because barbs are supposed to be the masculine class yet the majority of the community that plays this class are whimsy n whiny just pathetic.. Top barbs are actually the ones that whine the most .. How ironic.TheZuniBarb2 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 How are Z-dogs in PvP So I rage quit the game back around Christmas when I accidentally AHed my boots about 50 mil short, but I see that 1.07 is coming out and there's pvp. Anyways, if anyone is on the PTR, could you tell me how the Z-dog build works against other players, or on a team. I always hoped that it would shine there. And, can the other team pick up the globes you make, or just you and your team? Thanks.SimplMasheen6 Feb 1, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Guys please tell me pvp builds Was getting !@# wooped by a monk...davcho435 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 wall of zombies - pvp hello fellow doctors. who else has tested wall of zombies in pvp? I have and I see lots of potential but also it seems that this skill is actually bugged. im most interested in the unrelenting grip rune. a 800% wep dmg dot over 5s. with a 60% slow. However im finding that enemy players can stand directly in the wall without taking dmg or getting slowed. if any one has any understanding of this skill in dueling please share.ChuckNorris4 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Please, Blizzard, fix my fetishes! I was getting bored with my witch doctor a little while ago, and decided to try out some of the skills that I'd previously dismissed as worthless. So I subbed in Fetish Sycophants for a passive slot, and switched out my gargantuan for Fetish Army. And I fell in love. Fetishes are so much fun! Sure, they basically don't deal damage and they have the attention span of a squirrel tripping on acid, but they work ridiculously well at distracting mobs. My gameplay has vastly improved since I started using fetishes simply because they give me just enough breathing room to be able strategically reposition, or check a skill cooldown, or give some thought to playing smart instead of just hitting things once and then kiting for all I'm worth and/or dying. However, the sad truth about fetishes is that they tend to forsake me when I need them most because they get killed so easily. Any monster with an area-of-effect affix, bosses who dish out lots of damage, even just unusually high densities of normals: all of these will deplete my army of miniatures almost instantly and then come after me. As for Fetish Army, I stopped using it instantly because it's always on cooldown when I need it (wasn't worth it even with Devoted Following; 20 seconds of fetishes--or less if they get killed--for every minute and a half is just worthless once you go anywhere with a decent monster density). So I appeal to Blizzard: please fix fetishes! Here are some suggestions to help mitigate their shortcomings: Make fetishes immune to damage, and (for Fetish Sycophants) decrease their time to live. As cool as it is to finish a battle and see 5-10 fetishes following me, I would rather they lived for only 20-40 seconds, but be guaranteed to stay up. If I'm not getting enough fetishes, I can always try to tweak my skills for better proc rates, but if the fetishes are only going to live for five seconds there's little point in using the skill at all. If they continue to be killable, allow them to be more than distractions. You could do this by increasing their damage output (the current 20% of weapon damage is laughable because they spend more than half their time running around frenetically rather than stabbing things) or by granting some or all of them a status effect like poison or burning similar to the Tiki Torchers and Head Hunters runes on Fetish Army. Even if you don't want to mess with Fetish Sycophants, please make Fetish Army useful! Immunity to damage, dealing actual damage themselves, or just a vastly quicker cooldown would all make Fetish Army far more appealing to me. I mean come on: with a 120 second cooldown my barbarian can practically turn into a deity, or call out an earthquake, or summon three ghostly protectors who deal actual damage. My wizard can transform into a freaking energy being. This is not right. Allow The Gidbinn to summon actual fetishes. I was super stoked when I first equipped my Gidbinn, but that quickly turned to disgust when I discovered that the fetishes it summons are literally 1/4 the size of their already-diminuitive cousins, and appear to have about 1/4 the health, as well. Demons sneeze to kill fetishes summoned by Gidbinn. It's pathetic. Anyone else out there wish fetishes were a bit more viable? Chime in and let Blizzard know that one of the most fun witch doctor skills is yearning for a buff! tl;dr: fetishes are super fun both in and out of the bedroom! But Blizzard appears to prefer their witch doctors abstinence-only, because fetishes die too easily and deal virtually no damage.Skaak14 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Help with my WD please! Hey guys.. I'd like some pointers on gear upgrades and build options for fast lvling.. anyone willing to help?Turtlehugger3 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Need Zombie Dog Gear Looking for some less expensive zombie dog gear. Post what you got and price! Thanks!Mestro10 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Hi. What's the best build for WD currently? I need your WD community's help. I'm a SNS/CM wiz building a WD at this moment. It looks like I can swap most of my gears once I hit lvl 60. I also have two Zunimassa's trail in stash (high armor one and AR one). I'm going to be looking into minimum a weapon and an offhand and possibly a helm. However, before I gear up, what WD build is the best or most popular? I should have about 500m by the time I finish lvling up. Please help me an upcoming WD wanna be. Thank you.yodatoy29 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Advice on improving DPS I need some advice for improving my witch doctor. Up till now I have used no guides, video's or strategies and only really used what I felt worked or what advice had been given. so if anyone has a good guide or what I can improve, it would be appreciated.Theartftw3 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 40m to spend, what should I upgrade next? Fun class! I want to invest intelligently in my upgrades. If a 40m item isn't worth it, more than welcome to answer with that as well. Thanks for your time. edit: Would it be worth it to purchase a Zuni Offhand to use a SoJ? I had one drop the day I dinged 60 and it seemed special because of that coincidence, but I have no idea if they're effective on this class. 6% Fire Damage 107 Mana 27% Elite Damage 10 mana off Zombie ChargerSolovei5 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Another of those "gear tips please" threads I was feeling left out with all the other threads out there. XD So i made one to, any suggestions on first upgrade? i've hit a point where all of them cost millions upon millions so what should i save up to upgrade first? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Solemn-1220/hero/25723998Solemn3 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 MANA REGEN: bug or change? Hi all, I just entered the Patch-1.07 PTR to discover my mana regeneration nerfed down to 20/s unbuffed. I checked with two of my WD's: lvl 17 and Plvl 75: both doctors regenerate 20 mana per sec. Is this some bug, or is there an evil plan to reduce further our hardly trickling mana pools? Thanksmatkosmat2 Jan 31, 2013