Jun 9 IDEA: Mirror Image Set + Supporting Items Hello! I'm a very casual Wizard player, but I have an idea for a new Wizard set, and I'd like to share it with the community. This set is based around Mirror Image, which I think could use some more item support. I'll start by listing the set bonuses, followed by entries for the individual pieces. I've written flavor text to go along with them, if you're a lore nerd like me who cares about that sort of thing. The name and flavor of the set are both based on an old villain from Doctor Strange comics: http://comicvine.gamespot.com/ikonn/4005-27216/ Let me know what y'all think! Remember, I'm a Wizard newbie, so I didn't really know how to balance this set. If any of the numbers seem way too high / low for the current meta, let me know. I figure that numbers can always be changed, so I focused more on the mechanics. ... ----- Individual Pieces: ... ... ... ... ... ... --- Ideas for Supporting Legendary Items: ... ... ...WordMaster17 Jun 9
Jun 8 Firebird ticks during res timer I notice whenever I die and am waiting for the res timer monsters continue to tick and they show the ignite icon. In my case, with 2.2M sheet dmg the ticks are all exactly 35M. Their health doesn't seem to go down though, and when I res my ignite stacks are reset to zero. Is this just a visual bug/anomaly?mcdundee0 Jun 8
Jun 8 Clan <Blank> Needs New Members I've been in this clan a long time, started out as <Fire> but got changed into <Blank> when Ganjito re-made the clan. He hasn't been around for season 6 yet and the only person that I've noticed online that is able to add people to the clan is Kasper. Hopefully he also see's this. Our clan really needs a purge as well some new blood. Hopefully someone in the clan that is able to add people will see this thread and allow those who wish to join the chance to join. For anyone that's interested in Joining clan <Blank> feel free to respond to this post.mat8228419 Jun 8
Jun 7 GR 80... how do you beat Blighter? Hi everyone. So I managed to clear GR 80, except RG, with 5 mins to spare. The boss spawned. My worst nightmare so far... Blighter. His melee hit is a one-shot, the poison puddles are one-shot and randomly spawn like everywhere... How do you beat him as FB/Archon? Can anyone look at my gear (Sercei, seasons 70 wizard) and see, maybe i am over-reaching at GR 80? It doesn't feel like it, but the TWO times I've done GR, both have been Blighter, so I don't know what I'm going to do. I feel like my gear's pretty good, I've been working hard on CHC, CDR, etc. Any help?Seleniumxy9 Jun 7
Jun 7 Wand of Woh reroll + wiz advices Hello! I just came back into wiz this week. Found my first WoW today and reforged it into ancient :) I have a few questions. Is there a build able to push GR into 75-85 for wand of woh? If yes, is there a link out there? Is tal rasha the set to go with woh or is firebird better/equal ? Why? What should I reroll on my woh? actually I just gifted it. I thought of rerolling the dmg range since its low, but im not sure if AD and ias is decent or useless... Thanks alot in advance. Wiz community has always been great !Quetzal7 Jun 7
Jun 7 Having trouble in low 70s. Gear check/advice? My best time in gr70 is 4 miss but sometimes it takes 8-10. I'm having the most trouble with sometimes getting 1 shot over and over. I've watched video and don't see anything I'm doing different. Can I get a gear check or some general advice I might not be thinking of? I currently have 3 level 70 gems to augment with, was just debating on trying to get those to 75 or not. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Malachore-1410/hero/76416934Malachore6 Jun 7
Jun 7 [Suggestion] Teleport:Calamity Teleport:Calamity's elemental damage should be derived from your weapons' elemental damage roll. Currently, if you want to run with a different Arcane spell when using Tal Rasha 6pc, you have to either; a.) Ditch Teleport and lose mobility, or, b.) Keep Teleport and lose a spell slot that would otherwise be occupied by Magic Weapon, Familiar, Frost Nova, Diamond Skin, Slow Time, etc., leaving only one more slot for an Armor spell. Changing Calamity's mechanics in this way would open up more build possibilities when using Tal Rasha 6pc, and also offer a degree of control as to what element you would like it to be via the Mystic re-rolls. While we're at it, Calamity's Wave of Force should be included in DMO's 2&6pc set bonuses. (If it isn't already). C'mon Blizz, it's simple things like this that would make a big difference.OMEGA0 Jun 7
Jun 7 Question about conflagration Conglagration increases critical damage by 6 % if the was enermy hit by fire damage. Does fire damage on my weapon can cause this effect as well?TheKhan1 Jun 7
Jun 6 Archon guide (group) and snapshotting guide Hey guys wanted to release a guide on how to properly play firebirds archon in groups since I get a lot of comments in groups how my DPS is so much higher then the majority of wizards out there and yes, I have great gear and augments, but that should not account for such a difference so it seems the problem is most wizard players don't understand fully how to play it to maximize the effectiveness of it. First off I want to explain snapshotting, this is extremely helpful in resetting your Archon faster and building Chantodos stacks, while not in archon form you will not gain the benefits of stacking your gogok of swiftness UNLESS you snapshot once you have the stacks (Ideally at 15 stacks), once you snapshot it will lower the internal cooldown of stricken/obsidian ring/chantodo stacks according to your new APS with the gogok stacks, allowing them to stack faster! Now how do you snapshot? The simplest way is by using a potion! So what you want to do is to use a potion (Have to take a little damage to do so) once you have 15 gogok stacks (Or especially if you have a speed pylon!) and you will notice a significant increase in how fast you get chantodo stacks and how fast Archon resets. Zoning also causes a snapshot, so if you enter the next level of the rift with 15 gogok stacks, you are set for that level. Death also causes a snapshot so after a death you will need to re-snapshot 15 stacks. Clicking a pylon also causes a snapshot. here is a guide on snapshotting : https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/3o8stk/update_an_indepth_guide_to_snapshotting/ A normal speed group would consist of a Zmonk/Zsader (Zsader providing more damage buffs, slightly less mitigation) , a ZWD, a ZDH/Zbarb (ZDH providing much more damage buffs, and is ideal), and finally you the trusty Archon wizard Start off the rift by popping archon right away regardless of whether an elite is around, your first Archon phase doesnt provide much damage as you wont have any double stacks from Swami and this will also allow you to get 15 gogok stacks easily so you can get a juicy snapshot once archon ends. Once that first archon phase ends hopefully your team is already fighting an elite pack so you are inside your monk or saders area of damage mitigation (Judgement / Inner sanctuary) then try to get a snapshot as soon as possible while spamming your Arcane Torrent to reset your Archon (I usually just mash potion until it goes off) Now here is an important part : once you get a snapshot you will have more freedom as to when you pop archon again, sometimes it could be up after you only have 10 chantodo stacks, I usually try to wait until I have at least 13-14 chantodo stacks before going into Archon as the majority of our damage comes from the chantodo wave, and the higher the greater rift level i'm doing the more likely I will wait until the full 20 stacks to have maximum DPS output Knowing the power of Chantodo wave is very important, this is 80-85% of our total damage output. You have to make sure the elites you are fighting are getting hit by it or you are losing HUGE damage. HOWEVER, if my fire CoE rotation is about to come up around 15/16 stacks and Archon is reset, I will definately pop it. Also if you have many double stacks its also better to pop archon a bit early as the longer time with double stacks will outweigh the DPS from more chantodo stacks. Another way to increase damage is to keep an eye on your firebird stacks, burning an elite will give you an instant 50 stacks (2000% damage), but you can also burn 10 additional trash mobs to reach the maximum of 60 stacks (2400% damage), so sometimes a quick teleport to get 1-2 chantodo waves on some trash to burn it will be worth it I also see a lot of wizards forgoing trash mobs and focusing purely on elites, if you have an elite burning quickly go blow up all the trash around before killing the elite, giving huge progression Another mistake I see groups doing is skipping huge rooms of trash mobs only simply because an elite is not present, if there is 50-60 mobs then you will be getting 50-60 firebirds stacks and have just as much damage as fighting an elite. Now to answer the question of disintigration wave or Arcane strike? Arcane strike does slightly more damage and also stacks stricken and your magic weapon : deflection faster, but it has quite poor range and area of effect, so most of the time you will be using disintigration wave and only using Arcane strike for yellow elites or rift guardians (Unless there is an area of focused power too far away to use strike, then just use beam from the area). Another very strong way to boost your damage is by setting up in the area of focused power your party will create with Oculus rings, these are a HUGE damage boost and if you can position yourself in one while still hitting everything with your Chantodo Wave then you will melt stuff, especially during fire CoE rotation or when you have double stacks If you can line up huge double stacks, a fire CoE rotation, while inside an area of focused power, everything will most likely blow up in 2-3 Chantodo waves. Another way you can boost your damage is by using a Frost Nova : Deep freeze right before going into Archon, if you do this you will have 10% extra crit chance for the whole duration of your double stacks. With proper gear and with a ZDH party you will have near 100% crit chance if you use Deep freeze. Around 60-64% base + 10% from deep freeze + 25% from the ZDH, if you use Force Armor : Pinpoint barrier you will be over 100% for sure. Now that you have all the knowledge about how to deal the most damage, the most important thing is surviving. Deaths are a HUGE set back on archon as you will lose your snapshot, chantodo stacks, and archon stacks. While in archon very little should hurt you if you are standing in your Zmonk/Zsaders protection (Only a lot of arcane beams, and fire chains should give you trouble) so that isn't an issue, but once archon falls off you are very vulnerable until it is back up, if it falls off while fighting an elite its not usually a big deal I just immediately teleport in place (Staying in the monk/saders protection) to get the damage reduction from safe passage and use a frost nova right away to get the damage reduction from APDs. Now you don't want to go spam crazy with teleport/nova while your archon is down because that will make resetting your Archon take longer (Obsidian ring allocates procs to skills that are on cooldown, so the less skills on cooldown the more it will allocate to Archon and reset it faster) so only use them if you have to Sometimes you will not be able to stay in your monk/saders protection though, if there is a lot of arcane beams for example if those hit you while not in archon you will proc or die. Always be keeping an eye on your Archon timer in these situations and have a safe spot a little ways away from the action you can teleport to to spam your Arcane Torrent from, once you are ready to go back in Archon I teleport in, cast a Deep freeze for the crit chance and pop archon Now the worst times is when archon falls off on the move to a new elite pack, here is where you have to be very careful since you do not have Halo of Arlyse you are EXTREMELY squishy, most stuff will one shot you. I try to get off Arcane Torrents while I can while scoping the area for any ranged monsters like archers and WALK not teleport parallel to them so their projectiles will miss you (walking around will also boost your defense through endless walk set) and when teleport is up if you cant see where you are going to be teleporting to I teleport and then immediately cast a frost nova, hopefully freezing anything waiting for me before it can one shot me sometimes you just get really bad mobs that no matter how well you play will just wreck you (namely ghosts, and soul lashers) when you encounter large packs of those just try to get away as fast as possible / pop archon as soon as you can just to survive, or quickly freeze them if you can before teleporting away Its obviously ideal to stack chantodos as much as you can before going back into archon but if archon is up and you are fearing for your life just pop it early to get safely to the next elite pack where you can be in the safety of your groups protection. Hopefully I covered everything, if you have any questions about this or any wizardd build please feel free to ask and I will do my best to help! Happy farming in season 6!Tbone12 Jun 6
Jun 6 HATE ARCHON looking for anything but archon Is there any build that doesn't use the bug or archon builds. I have some sweet LON Int rings and would love to play a different build wizard, just tired of only seeing archon builds (to much math).GOLDFARMER12 Jun 6
Jun 6 Lets make a build ... So for something more original I was thinking of combining Shame of delsere + depth diggers + mirrorball Wondering if this would be strongest with Tals or a Legacy of Nightmares build (Litany of the Undaunted + The Wailing Host) Any other items you think would fit in here well? I think damage will be a severe bottleneck, so we can add defensive skills/items once we get a decent story for dps We could also throw away the mirrorball and pick up Fragment of Destiny for a spectral blade based build,,,SilverBullet5 Jun 6
Jun 6 zdps classes with most +damage buffs Which zdps support characters offer the most Offensive +damage buffs. granted pulling/grouping is being handled by the other players.bonewall4 Jun 6
Jun 5 Vyr's Set Dungeon Made me Cry! Stacks.. Complete! Kills in Archon...Complete Extra Mobs Dead.. Complete. Timer... 4:30/4:30 Status FAILED... I want to cry http://tinypic.com/m/j8nswj/3MadMamaTess7 Jun 5
Jun 5 ln-depth Support Wiz 2.4.1 Guide http://www.diablofans.com/builds/80985-in-depth-support-wiz-gr-95-speeds-guide-bible For those that want to loot share, do speeds, AND not fall asleep while playing a support this is it. It's very interactive. Thanks!Zeals9 Jun 5
Jun 5 Skip Fire% and get Arcane% So I was watching Alkaizers stream last night and I saw that he was pushing GR 104 with only Arcane%, as his chantodo waves were purple instead of red. I never got a clear answer from him but I believe stacking Arcane% is actually the way to go. Arcane% buffs Chantodos Wave when we're in Archon Form because Archon-Teleport is Arcane damage so therefore Chantodos gets buffed by Arcane%. Most of our damage comes from Chantodos, and since the Archon rune is Arcane we should be stacking nothing but Arcane%. Now I'm sure you're asking, but dont we need Fire% to make Chantodos turn into Fire Damage to get the Firebird Buff? Well I'm guessing we don't need to do that anymore because of Explosive Blast-Chain Reaction, that's the fire damage we need and then we get the Firebird buff. And now we can do more damage because we stacked higher Arcane% to buff our damage when we're in Archon form and it is also buffing Chantodos damage more. Just food for thought to the communityAnimalMan13 Jun 5
Jun 5 elemental exposure vs conflagration GroupTwis which passive is a better dmg dealer? imo elemental exposure>conflagration why so many wizards in EU top groups during higher grifts use conflagration??lookasz19814 Jun 5
Jun 5 FB Bugged With Illusionist? For the past 12 hours, my FB has been bugging with illusionist elites and going <50 stacks. Has this been happening for anyone else?Eyan5 Jun 5
Jun 4 My pet is outdoing me My prayers to prance around bust naked, covered in gore have gone unanswered so far. Even Harness of Truth and Revealing Chestplate show exactly zero nipples. But now I got this cow pet AND IT HAS FOUR NIPPLES. Please, please? Gory angel me? Or at least give me one of those cow suits.KTBoundary3 Jun 4
Jun 4 Change Halo of Karini So I've had horrible luck this season with item drops. Took me 2 weeks to get a pair of TR pants (over 50k shards and 500 DBs). APD is even harder to get for some reason. RNG hates me the season. Anyways, with that off my chest I'd like to discuss one of the only usable rings I've gotten this season: the Halo of Karini. While my experience with this ring is mostly negative, I must admit in fairness I am using it for a poor mans (Mouzetc) Spectral Blades DB farm build. Despite this, I have run enough rifts to get a feel for Karini. ______________________________________________________________________ Now obviously the ring is focused on ranged build, but even then it fails in comparison to Halo of Arlyse and even other class equivalent defensive rings. Sure the DR from Karini may be higher than other class defensive rings, but the fact that the ring is tied to Storm Armor really brings it down. Band of Might and Elusive Ring are tied to highly mobile and already heavily utilized skills for every difficulty and Justice Lantern doesn't need much change build-wise (don't need to slot a skill, although I would say this ring is also somewhat niche). These other rings "fit" into builds. Halo of Karini forces you to use a niche skill that really only has 2 useful runes. Storm Armor offers marginal damage(/utility depending on rune) in exchange for a huge loss in survivability from Arlyse+APD or Force/Prismatic Armor. This ring needs significant change if it wants to compete. Here are some suggestions: ... Just some ideas for possible changes. I underlined the suggestions I would personally like to see. I think the second underlined suggestion would synergies well with shielding and ABB since both would be reliant on attack speed. TL;DR: Halo of Karini is very disappointing and needs better utility or longer uptime.iAVITN3 Jun 4
Jun 4 Archon Questions Group and Item Reroll When I'm playing with a group I use CoE instead of halo, it seems to work great, but not in the way I thought it would. When it hits fire is when I see my huge spike in damage. If having much more fire damage gives me that much extra damage, why should I roll 19% arcane? I don't see the damage increase when my CoE goes arcane. The only thing I can think would be that it isn't boosting damage in the same way that %elemental does. Some explanation would be great. Also, if you would check out me gear that would be great. I'm trying to figure out what to reroll/upgrade rares with all of the mats I have. I'm thinking the travelers pledge, but I'd have to reroll one of the rings to CDR. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm running GR 90+.Ecologic4 Jun 4
Jun 3 Gear Check? Can't get past GR78 I'm curious at what point GRs become 85% luck and 15% skill. I'm currently stuck at 78 and most of the time, I leave within the first 5 minutes because of !@#$ty density or missiles that tear me apart. Even if I find one with good density and enough elites, unless I'm using Esoteric Alteration, I'm going to die no matter how many frozen mobs surround me. I have no clue how anyone doing 80+ is doing this WITHOUT EA. I don't feel like there's anything I'm missing. My gear is decent, I'm using the firebird bug where I can(not going so far as Vyr/Firebird build, don't want to) and almost always double dip my archon stacks long enough. I think the biggest challenge for me aside from luck with density is survivability, but I don't see any reasonable changes I could make for that other than waiting for better shoulders to come along. Any suggestions? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/nullifiy-1357/hero/76935221Nullifiy6 Jun 3
Jun 3 Help with Dmo/Orb? I am stuck on lvl 70GR. WHat can I upgrade for more damage? Advice is appreciated. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/WallyKilla-1295/hero/40646402 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/WallyKilla-1295/hero/40646402WallyKilla4 Jun 3
Jun 3 Please, help me with FB Archon Survivabilty Hello people. I'm having a hard time staying alive with Solo Firebird Archon Build. Last Season I managed to keep my wizard solo rank at 300 (I just played the first month and left the game afterwards and even though I finished at rank 300), I'm not an exceptional player, but I don't suck a lot either. Things are just one-shotting me, like 1 arrow, 1 spear, 1 melee hit from a rift guardian and even Lacuni's charges on GR 70, yes, 70. I'm trying to "copy" high-ranked players, so %life + armor on fazula's belt, armor on legs, %life on chest, etc. I'm using the reforges based on top leaderboard players. I'm not high-level paragon because I don't have much time to play nowadays, but I know people are capable of doing 70+ with low paragon. My gems are kinda low in level, but I don't think I need lvl 70 gems to run GR 70. I tried the build on my non-season character (1400+ paragon), almost everything ancient (not caldesann's though), gems 80+, 8500 armor, 2200 AR, 2.2M sheet dps. Tried GR 80 and I was still one-shotted by white mobs. I can do GR 70 on season, but I die A LOT. I can do GR 80 with my non-season character, but I die A LOT. I'm never comfortable with the idea of playing as an archon because I die a lot, the same thing happened back on Vyr's Archon 2 seasons ago, I simply CAN'T stay alive with Archon. Can someone please explain me what's going wrong? Any tips?Silfazaris3 Jun 3
Jun 3 Some help for my archon wiz So I've been back now for a bit less than a week trying to get in the grind again. Been looking up a lot of wiz guides to what is best to go with and decided on the archon wiz. Would appreciate some people to take a look at the gear and stuff im going with and seeing where im going wrong and what I should do to make my wiz a lot less squishy & faster overall. I figure one part is that my cooldown time is quite low compared to most wiz's because I get left in the dust a lot during runs and need to be carried a lot which just annoys me.sdZZZZ5 Jun 3
Jun 3 Is my Paragon wrong? Hi everyone. So for this entire time, I've been balancing Int and Vit paragon... So right now I am at 717P level: 70 Int 80 Vit 15% movement bonus 0 +Arc Power Does this look right, or should I be all in Int, all in Vit, or something else? I don't use the "bug" version, I am trying to do the runs "legit" without the champion 50 firebird stack thing. Thanks in advance!!Seleniumxy5 Jun 3
Jun 3 [vid] firebird vyr archon speed tx/gr solo My variation of firebyrd archon with VyR 2 pieces instead of chantodo set http://www.d3planner.com/607983936 https://youtu.be/O2zaZAyEw9c gr 80 in 3:27 (my best is 2:58) DPS on video isnt very high, i have only 4 caldesann chants i think this variation has balance of dmg/cdr/survivability and we can get some comfort stable speed farm of tx or caldesann or solo exp/gear farm. I spent 10 pools in 80s without dies.Shu21 Jun 3
Jun 2 2 vyr / 6 fb + in-geom hey folks just curious, as this seems to be pretty common top end build ... anyone on here using this and can comment ? i havent tried it yet, still lvling up some gems. but will try it out. just looking for some feedback from those of you who use this. i like that you get to use immunity neck (or eye of etlitch etc) havent really seen this discussed here, unless if i missed something.. (please link?) here are some of the profiles/builds of which i speak : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Rai-1703/hero/46657312 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/GARY-31599/hero/70681371 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Relith-1672/hero/64164089 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/GameOver-1675/hero/69784776Silicon21 Jun 2
Jun 2 Tips for a new wiz? Hey everyone I just got back into d3 (played it on 360 up to a level 40ish monk), and just hit my first 70! I'm currently playing on pc a new wizard class just beat the game on elite and doing bounties and such on master with this chick. I'm curious on what the progression is for me next such as do I do all the bounties and then grind rifts for keys? I'm still working my way through understanding the late game and everything so any help would be awesome. Also, the build i'm running is quite fun since i don't have much for gear/legendsries (although mantle of channeling and hergbrash bindings make spamming my disintegrate no cost which is awesome). Thank you for any help and feel free to message me if you wanna do any runs or anything :D.Boregore3 Jun 2
Jun 2 thoughts on Tals/Archon/ET I've played with this before, but after seeing the Tals/ archon builds I thought it might be worth a try. Basically a similar setup to Tals/ Archon, but with an ET twist. Run 6 pc Tals, 4 piece Vyrs with Swami and Fazulas. No Chan. set. Use Tals source, and TS. OID for cube. Fun RRG, and CoE for rings. The game play would be similar to Tals ET. You pop archon immediately and group when entering the rift. Come out and get your stacks. Try to play the ET game. Get as many ET's out as possible, and pop Archon on lightning of CoE. Your twisters will still be out and deal dmg based off of 2 archon stacks. Super high dmg. After everything is dead, or when your Tals buff is gone after the cold/arcane elementals cycle, you use the remaining archon for mobility and toughness. When it comes off, you reset Tals stacks, cast a giant number of twisters from the massive AS buff, and pop archon again. i think ideally you will have around 62% CDR just like Tals/ archon builds. Plus side: High AS can allow a very large number of twisters to be cast prior to popping archon. These last about as long as your power cycle from Tals set and over lapping Archon stacks. Extra toughness from 4pc Vyrs, and mobility. Benefits from massive archon multipliers. My initial thoughts are that this could pass the Tals / ET sets in dmg out put in group play. I would love to find a good group to give this a try with. I have a hard time staying alive with Tals in Solo. Downside, no EW set. Tals/ archon makes it work well though. The wizard Aloc on my profile has my build I've tried this with.aloc2 Jun 2
Jun 2 You know it's bad when... you get booted from a group because you're NOT firebird archon. It seems that if you're not abusing this "feature" in the game, then nobody wants you in their group because you can't support a four man group on your dps alone.Rasalom5 Jun 2
Jun 1 40W sheet damage to pass GR98 with only 40W damage ,and most of your equipment can be non-ancient, with level 500 you can solo 85+ or higher. http://www.d3planner.com/969932540Jason74 Jun 1
Jun 1 armor vs elite damage reduction (fb arch) I'm sure this question has been asked before. I'm about to augment my chest and have a new piece with natural int, vit, 765 armor, single res (and gold find!! wahhh hooo). Keep the armor and reroll gold find to ranged damage redux or reroll the 765 armor roll to leet damage redux?MeatDelivery4 Jun 1
Jun 1 Advice on gear for Tal's twister I don't have a lot of experience with Tal's Twister. Have a couple questions about gloves and rings. I found these gloves the other day, and I'm not sure how to roll them: http://i.imgur.com/KAs9eEi.jpg (the ones on the right). I *think* the correct answer is to roll int to CHD? Just wanted to check before I eff them up. But with the cap on the sword stacks now, attack speed isn't as valuable once you are over 8 stacks? So maybe IAS to CHD? Although if that's the case, I could just use the gloves on the left. Thoughts? I also have had mad luck with trifecta CoEs this season. Here are my choices: http://imgur.com/a/tPE8y The one with CDR could be rolled to area damage, but it's only a 184. Opinions?TinneOnnMuin5 Jun 1
Jun 1 Gear Advise Hello! I'm currently doing a firebird build, and the max I can do is 60-65, what can I improve on gear wise? I'm trying this build :) http://www.diablofans.com/builds/79633-2-4-1-firebird-archon-solo-video-guide Just seemed to get to 60-65 anything I'm doing wrong?Nathe9 Jun 1
Jun 1 Chantodo Question When playing with fb archon does it matter the type of damage chantodo does? If we have 3 similar chantodos with lightning,arcane,fire which is best in slot?Leontokardos2 Jun 1
Jun 1 Firebird archorn for dummies ive spent 3 weeks in photoshop to bring you this extensive guide on how to play the firebird archon build enjoy http://imgur.com/a/ZmI5A here is my profile for the build, I don't use teleport so I take 20 seconds of archon, good for beginners GR 75-80 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/YORI-1440/hero/72177941 Part 1 to firebird bug http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/20743525593#1 Part 2 too to firebird bug GoogleYORI19 Jun 1
Jun 1 Firebird Archon for dummies Now that I finally understand I can explain it for those of you who wonder! :) REMARK What is described below is the intended gameplay of Firebird Archon. And it is indeed good. I solo HC GR70 with it, with NO Candlesan, at P700. With about 500K sheet DPS, and 40 million toughness. For those of you who thinks GR70 is meh.. I put a note about the exploit at the end. Intended Gameplay First there is this rumor and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) about the so called "Firebird Archon bug", where long burning elite give a seemingly permanent 50 firestack. Well let me clear that first: FORGET ABOUT IT! This is a wild goose chase! Why? Well one get an almost (after 2 attack) 50 firestack after attacking any elites (until they die)! No need to go through all those hoops for that bonus! People are also quite misleaded about focusing on low damage. Just as explained there is no need to focus on low damage!! However the important take home message is that DAMAGE IS IRRELEVANT. With x50 firestack and 50+ (x2?) Archon stack damage is not a problem. The problem is TOUGHNESS. Hence the real trick is 2 part: - 1st go all out on cooldown & attack speed (since attack speed has 3 benefits: more archon attacks, shorter out of archon phase thanks to Zodiac ring, and more double Archon bonus phase... I can get an average 4 seconds out of archon, 16 seconds of double archon stack bonus, with 64% cooldown + gogok of swiftness. - 2nd then all out on toughness with high vitality / life (+galvanizing ward), armor, all resist, TP safe passage The easy part if you didn't already know: -The set is Firebird 5+1 (RoRG) + Vyr 2 + Aether Walker (safe passage) Vyr gives a huge cooldown reduction! and other cool bonus as well.... - SKIP THE MOB (almost perma TP is for that!), you got no damage bonus for it, they gave no XP no GR progression Remark (for the feeble in math): Now my down time out of Archon in low GR, on a good day, with inGeom is about 1 sec, that 19 seconds of double Archon stack. With a minimum (thank to fazula belt) of about 50 archon stack x2. that's 4 * 4 = 16 the amount of damage for 19 out of 21 seconds! (and NOT 1 + 3 + 3 = 7) UPDATE There is also a bugged version of it for those of you who think GR70 is meh. First you must trigger a minor bug, a permanent 50 firestack by igniting a SINGLE blue out of a blue pack, then move on. Then the follow the steps so brilliantly summarized by Razorphillia a few message down ... When you do that burn damage (when you spray monster with a SINGLE fire attack per 3 seconds) are inexplicably absurdly high. In both cases the Firebord Vyr Archon is also an all out toughness game, as described above.Lloyd15 Jun 1
Jun 1 If we are forced into this bug.. lets map it It looks like this bug is here til end of season For better or wose, gotta keep up, so ... Why isn't the math posted for this build so we can figure out how to maximize the damage. Doesnt anyone speak Mandarin anymore? bbs.d.163.com Need formulas gents..Darth26 Jun 1
Jun 1 Confusing Mechanics of Archon build explained Hey guys writing this short guide explaining both the mechanics of Firebirds and Tals Archon builds as some of the interactions are quite counter intuitive and confusing. For Firebirds the most important thing is to get your Chantodos explosion to be Fire damage (but not really, will explain soon). To achieve this you need to make sure your highest element % is FIRE, so for example using a bracer with fire% on it and no other element% sources you will achieve this, or if you have multiple element %s you must make sure your fire % is highest, this is why you will see a lot of wizards running with 20% fire and then 19% arcane Now here is where it gets confusing, having higher fire% will make your chantodo explosion red which means its technically fire so it procs your Firebirds 6 piece bonus, BUT!!!! The fire% doesnt actually buff the damage of it (I have tested this), even stacking 40% fire will not buff the damage of it whatsoever. ALL of your Archon damage (Chantodo, Beam, Blast, Strike) will be Arcane damage since you will be using the teleport rune which is Arcane damage. Further confusing is that even though fire % does not buff your Chantodo explosion, the Fire rotation of CoE buffs it. Now, if you have played Firebird Archon its pretty easy to tell the majority of your damage comes from the Chantodo explosion especially when fully 20 stacked, so whats the best way to optimize your gear? Also since fire % does not actually buff your Chantodo explosion using say a 15% fire bracer makes NO difference to your damage, it still makes your Chantodo explosion "fire" and that is all you need. Confusing enough for you? Now time for the much easier Tals Archon. The Tals Archon build has kind of just recently come to the attention of most after the Korean wizard did a solo 93 with it. How does it work? It is a lot different than Firebirds Archon and ill explain how it works First off you need ideally 20% fire and 19% cold on your gear, 20% fire and 18% cold also works but they cannot be more than 2% off of one another (Explained later). Why you ask? Because the build uses 2 piece Vyrs set the stacking of Element % has a different interaction with Archon in that your highest Element % determines the damage of ALL your Archon damage (Chantodos damage included) regardless of rune choice. Now due to Black Hole spell with rune Absolute zero, since Archon will update dynamically, we can manipulate our Archons damage on the fly to make our damage change to match our CoE rotation. First off ill say that pretty much perfect CDR is required for this to work (Around 62% on character screen without Gogok stacks), what you do is cast Black Hole around the middle of your lightning CoE rotation, this will bump up your Cold element % above your fire, next comes Arcane CoE rotation, around half way to 3/4 through you want to use Explosive Blast to refresh your Tal Rasha stacks then immediately go into Archon. Since your Black Hole stacks will be still up your Archon and Chantodo damage will be COLD while the Cold CoE rotation is up. Then if you timed it properly black hole will fall off right as Fire CoE rotation comes up, then since you have 1-2% higher Fire% on your gear, Archon damage will change to fire right as your Fire CoE rotation is on! Also keep in mind that timing is very key because after you enter into Archon form you no longer refresh your Tal Rasha stacks, so you will only keep your Tal Rasha 6 piece bonus for 8 seconds, but this perfectly lines up with the 4 second Cold and 4 second Fire rotations. So the burst is very short on Tals archon and requires good timing, but it is very high burst! The reason we need to keep our cold% within 2% less of fire is that if you are fighting a rift guardian that does not spawn adds 1 black hole stack (3% buff to cold) needs to put your cold% higher than your fire% or else the whole thing doesnt work and you will only benefit from the Fire CoE rotation. Hopefully this clarifies the messy mechanics of Archon for some of you, Happy farming in Season 6!Tbone17 Jun 1
Jun 1 PLS fix the low dps vyr-firebird bug using Pls fix the vyr-firebird bug using insanity as quickly as possible. it ruins the ladder and its bug using in its strongest form. TYArgonie29 Jun 1
May 31 Tal Archon - new meta? There's been a post on reddit of someone completing GR101 and barely failing GR102 with this set: http://www.d3planner.com/737842065 The idea here is that you get maximum CDR on every piece (except amulet) and 20% fire 19% cold - this is very important that fire is higher, but not by more than 2%. Your Archon CD is just under 32 seconds, which perfectly matches your CoE rotation, which is the key idea behind this build (there is no OROZ). You use Archon just as CoE transitions from Arcane to Cold. Then on every next rotation, you use black hole exactly 6 seconds before Archon comes off cooldown again, and make sure to refresh your tal stacks before entering Archon. If you do this, your highest element will be cold (due to Absolute Zero buff) for the first 4 seconds, and then fire, perfectly matching CoE rotation and making use of the 200% buff for the entire 8 seconds of overlap (this only concerns Chantodos damage). Has anyone tried it yet? Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/4kaqpd/ Youtube GR101: https://youtu.be/GLd6GzqD2qgRiv38 May 31
May 31 One shotted in TX as an FF Wiz As the title says, I'm getting one shotted in TX for goodness sake. I've tried everything - Goldwrap etc etc. Am I missing something? Surely we are not meant to be this squishy. Is it lag? A bug? Have I missed something crucial in the build? I'm out of ideas.t0lkien18 May 31
May 31 Wizard build http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Ryeong-1154/hero/72236218 My current build is based on using slow time, explosive blast, diamond armor and teleport with stun. I cast slow time on mobs and precede to spam explosive blast, diamond armor, teleport and slow time. This build literally wrecks everything that's in slow time. I've done torment 9-10 and it destroys everything in 9 but 10 is a little slower. I think with ring of royal grandeur and firebirds 4 piece, it will wreck torment 10 easily.Ryeong5 May 31
May 31 BLIZZ, Why does blizzard not Stack! Okay So im always wanting to play something new and Last season i tried Out the Lightning Wizard side of things With +60% and +80% lightning damage, along with arcane torrent at +40% @ 980k DPS, thing was that Hitting about 8 to 10 Million damage with arcane torrent was just nowhere near what every other char can do, only skill that was feasible was meteor fused with Tal Rashas Set hitting around 30 Million this season im trying out a COLD, i refuse to play fire with Fire Birds Set. why not make it lightning bird set or Ice bird set. long story shorter, why dont you make the Blizzard skill Stack . theres only so much damage it can do...cold damage should be way more impressive damage wise, than what it currently is....we are a Wizard, A wizard Casts Multiple Skills, Just let It stack On top Of each other, Reduce the damage if need be, Just ALLOW ALTERNATIVE WAYS to PLAY.ZinZilla5 May 31
May 31 EB DB farmer, 4 Tal stacks impossible? I can't seem to get, nor have I seen any youtube build guides showing 4 stacks. I'm using Storm armour, which zapps near by enemy, but i never get stack from lighting. also Frost nova doesn't seem to stack neither. is it even worth trying to get 4 stacks?killbot7 May 31
May 31 Vyrs set and elemental damage I am sure someone allready asked this question, but I didnt found it. If I have full set bonus of Vyr`s set, that gives archon skill effect of all runes, what elemental damage will apply as bonus to archon skill then? Fire, lighting, cold? All of them? Thanks for answer.Footman9 May 31
May 30 Some one place help me get Firebirds archon s Some could help me?kennydj90902 May 30
May 30 Why made wormhole teleport so crappy? I haven't use it for years. Now when I come back to this teleport, I "rediscover" how bad it is. 1 more teleport within 3sec is so lame. At least, give me 2,3 charges, like monk dash.... It won't be overpower, considering how fast other class are running. It is such a waste of idea. This original design was way better and much more fun to play with. Blizzard, please change it back/ update it for next patch. Make it fun to use again!Luffy9 May 30
May 30 Worth to caldesann most of my wiz gear? Just wanted to do a quick check of what parts people think are worth caldesann'ing on my seasonal archon wiz. (it's on EU) So what do you guys think?AkaikO2 May 30
May 30 Archon bug I just did HC GR 70 and it was... a mixed bag.. mob was alright most time.. But the RG just one shot me so fast, I even lost my 2 extra life once and took refuge on previous level... This is my Wizard http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Lloyd-1199/hero/77114630 Someone in the HC forum told me that with the "archon bug" I should have heaps of toughness! Problem is... I have no clue about this bug! Could someone enlighten me? I haven't been very successful with Google search so far... :'(Lloyd2 May 30