Aug 22 hows everything in diablo? how you been family?OGlameboi11 Aug 22
Aug 21 Ranged Firebirds or any build thats ranged My friend run crazy fast builds like DH and LON bomb saders. Is there any wizard build that can keep up besides Archon, Archon always feels like a math test, count stacks, etc. I just want to cast 3 ranged fire spells and watch them burn, just like the Usher song.... Is LON a thing with wizards now?GOLDFARMER6 Aug 21
Aug 20 How to play with Firebird Set?? Seriosely, no joke.. I don´t get it... I was playing with Tal Rasha/Woh to farm, but now I want to push GR at least to 75. I watched videos, read guides... but don´t get it... Can anyone explain please. What I know so far: Build Chantodo stack - Ok Build Firebird stacks - ? Is there any visual effect that show me how much stacks I have? Is there a "burnning mobs" count? When I turn to archon It seens I don´t do any damage at all... What´s happening? Farm better itens?dc2k11 Aug 20
Aug 20 Couple questions of HT Acid Cloud build Hi fellow WD experts, Honestly I don't know much about WD class ^^. I have create a WD in Europe Server for unlocking Stash Tab there :- http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/WCLee-1977/hero/82336580 My original plain is HT pet build and there are a lot of guides about it in the internet However, luckily I got a moderate Ancient SuWong Diviner at the very beginning, and I can search a build around it with HT and RoE (a attractive ring as a player who don't main WD ^^). So the questions are :- 1) Is Acid Cloud build capable to do mid 60's? 2) How to reroll my staff? RCR ==> AR? Thanks in advance :)WCLee3 Aug 20
Aug 20 Help what to do with this gear In need of critiques, criticism, tips, roasting, bashing, anything to help my crapshoot setup here, what spec should I go for use am I way out in the woods is there any hope?!Dewreck0 Aug 20
Aug 20 I Quit Diablo 3 Because of Firebirds Ive been very vocal about the game, I've been around for a long time but there comes a time when you just have to move on and let the developers continue to dig their own whole to live in. I hope blizzard is watching the number of people that leave because of these continuous changes that nobody wants in the end will hurt future D4 sales alot more than they realize. Its one thing to add content to a game, its another to continuously change it and force the community to accept these changes. Games are not supposed to be an endless BETA, i did not pay for a beta i paid for a full game. A full game doesn't have its content changed, they just add to it. I should be allowed to quit for a year and come back and find my characters exactly where i left them. The only difference is that they might be less powerful if more powerful new items were added to the game. Thats how a completed game works, what we have is an endless beta. I wish those who are left the best and i definitely will miss the wizard community and the early era's of the class. I'm sure ill lurk the forums here and there out of habit but i deleted all my characters to prevent me from coming back. The dev's would have to reverse there ways in a future patch for this to happen. For those who do not believe me that never seen me before here is a photo. http://imgur.com/a/thEvA Original Post: ...mat8228475 Aug 20
Aug 19 So i come back to season 7... ok so i know im kinda late to the party but all i see is archons on my favorite class. And i HATE archons. Can anyone tell me if tal rashas is valid up to 80+? My favorite set is tals. Giving upon leaderboard theres no point to playing a meta that i dont like. Can i speedrun on tals? Push grift? Do i need to make my own build? Btw im playing on asian server atm so the char you see is not correctWarsong7 Aug 19
Aug 19 Firebird confusion. - halp pls So ive seen some people running... Magic weapon - deflection Arcane torrent - static discharge EB - chain reaction Archon - combustion Couple questions here: 1- does chantodos wave count as fire (if my primary element% is fire?) If so, it would be really important to get EB on the target before switching to archon, correct? I also see people running: Magic weapon - ignite EB - chain reaction Archon - combustion Arcane torrent - flame ward I guess my question is, if you can use the former build and keep the survivability of deflection why wouldnt you? Just personal preference? Also, wouldn't it be better to use archon teleport, flame ward, eb and chantodos wave(if it does indeed count) to get the 3 sources if you're just jumping from elite pack to elite pack? I r confused :oemazing11 Aug 19
Aug 19 Halo of Arlyse stat roll.. Just rerolled and got an ancient Halo, but not sure whic stat to reroll to CDR. 92-195 dmg 574 Int 5.5 CHC I wouldnt roll chc to cdr, so that leaves Int and dmg. Gut thinking is the + dmg, correct?Makinsushi6 Aug 19
Aug 19 Huh. I feel like I just left kindergarten for high school and soon, college. (Note: I've never played D2.) I started playing Path of Exile about a month ago, being somewhat disappointed in the upcoming patch's expectations for Wizards. I had looked at it a couple years back but meh then, and D3 was more exciting. PoE has improved a lot. The fascinating approach PoE takes is that there are many "overpowered" builds, and there's a range of "overpoweredness", somewhat connected to the rarity of the item needed. (That's an improvement over, say, City of Heroes, when as soon as someone came up with an OP build, the developers nerfed it within a month.) The only point I'm making here is, go play PoE for a bit, especially if you've played D3 for a while. The contrast is remarkable. Both games exercise different parts of my brain.mou1 Aug 19
Aug 18 Teleport vs dashing strike I remember how Devs saved wizard players from nuisance of accidently teleporting twice or more times in the row when they introduced teleport supporting wand and added cooldown so things like that dont happen. I started playing monk this season and to my disgust dashing strike suffers from the same issue thats not been addressed. Poor monk players can now teleport through the whole map in matter of seconds accidentally when all they wanted to do is just dash to that nearest chest to open it. I for once wont stand for that, please take away this wonderfull cooldown away from wizards so they can experience the same problem first hand.Zima5 Aug 18
Aug 18 STARFIRE!!!!!!!!! New starfire wand is amazing, it adds max 60% damage to gems that deal damage. also storm armor makes a great dps skill now. try for yourself I one shot everything in T10 now, great for farming or speed GR 55 runs http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/YORI-1440/hero/74534620 Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzsmC-JcnCU #1 wiz YORIYORI16 Aug 18
Aug 18 To be clear: 6750% >>> 1300% Lot's of LoN theorycraft going on.... It's great that people are experimenting with LoN, but with current itemization, it really needs to be at least half the Tal6 + FnR multiplier before it can excel at anything.Vox9 Aug 18
Aug 18 Firebirds is bugged again this season? Most reworked set in D3...DizzyRogue17 Aug 18
Aug 18 Good Night and Good Luck Well, some of you will notice I'm not on the forums and rarely online anymore. The main reason for this is lack of reason to play the game. The game feels as if it's beta over and over again. Changes keep being made to one of our oldest sets (Firebird's). Hopefully, the D2 remake news is real. I'll definitely be on board for that (as long as the D3 team has nothing to do with it). Happy everyone. Kasperkasper3016151 Aug 18
Aug 18 I feel like Blizzard slapped me in the face with this Firebirds nerf...Enigma5 Aug 18
Aug 18 Current top HC wiz build http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sanctum-1158/hero/79220164 Is this a real build or do you think something meant for speed farming? So much confuses me if its real.emazing3 Aug 18
Aug 17 The "new" Firebird ... There's something that i dont understand here, if this redesign was because they want to restore the set to its original design as the "Fire" set ,why are we using Lightning Archon as the damage dealer now or Arcane Archon before, why this set has became the TalRasha little brother and now its only useful to boost our Archon (whatever element you want)???? Why you devs had a feedback thread on the PTR if you didnt listen to any suggestion??? i love this game but i cant understand this completely failure, its an utterly bad design, also there's a new bug this season, are you going to do the same again, allow every noob to plague the Wizard lb bcause you cant fix your game??.DarthNihilus10 Aug 17
Aug 17 TR6 / Delseres 4 - anyone try it? Something like this http://www.d3planner.com/493778118 Some different things you can do there and I'm doubting the DMG output but the survivability seems extremely high.emazing7 Aug 17
Aug 17 meteor ground dots and pain enhancer Anyone know if the dot can crit like blizzard and proc PE? Trying to gauge the value of PE in my current build. I'll try and test it tomorrow if I have to.grippgoat4 Aug 17
Aug 17 Woh Thundercrash EDIT: If someone else has posted a similar build before, sorry. I must have missed it. :) http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/grippgoat-1327/hero/37635320 This build is now my go-to, because it ticks all ticks all the boxes I was looking for, after the demise of FireRasha. I'd consider it a good alternative to TalOrbit if you just don't like that build (I can't stand it). - Aether Walker - Good DPS - Nemesis Bracers - Some DoT damage for faster trash clear at lower difficulties and herding - Toughness in proportion to DPS (but not complete face tank) - Force Armor instead of Arylse, for less frustrating RG fights. - T13 viable with mediocre gear (1M sheet), GR into the mid 60's. 70+ viable with better gear / augments / paragons (2M+ sheet). - No reliance on In-Geom - Not excessively hard to gear from a CDR / RCR standpoint. Diamond in Helm, Evocation, 1-2 rolls elsewhere + Obsidian gets you to a good place in terms of CDR. APOC and Shame makes RCR pretty optional. - Smooth gameplay: Tal 4/6 and F&R just happen naturally, you don't have to baby-sit them. Keys to the build: 1) Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac gives you a lot more EB casts. You don't get enough DPS without it. 2) Manual-cast Thunder Crash gives you both more burst and more sustain DPS. You can cast it surprisingly often even on a single target, due to the AP sustain of Shame. You'll want some kind of auto-cast to keep you sane with EB. Mine's typically set for around 650 msec. You can tune it for your ping / CDR in town, but you want it lower than your ~3sec cooldown so that when you get Obsidian procs / Channeling pylon you get more casts and thus DPS. Going lower (300msec range) might work, too, or might be too low. I haven't experimented that much. Play Style for Torment: Keep Tal6 up with teleport / EB / MM. MM as needed between teleports. Save Thunder Crash for Elites so you get a double-tap of the lightning meteor from a single cast. Also weave in manual-cast meteors between MMs as you have AP. Just don't spend it all and leave yourself without a teleport. Play Style for T13/GR60+: The playstyle is similar, but you have to poke a bit more when you're closer to your gear limits. You can't face-tank a huge pack like you can with Arlyse. Jump in, freeze / stun with MM / Calamity, get some DPS in, jump out and find another pack while PE works on the first one and it follows you along, CC resist falls down, Galvanizing ward recovers, etc. You can drop meteors from a distance from your follower's Oculus circle sometimes, too. Try to kite elites along while poking them down. Sometimes you'll get an affix combination that's not worth dealing with. Also, skip to win because AW. Due to Force Armor, RG's are actually not too bad. You sometimes have to back off to let Galvanizing Ward recover, though. Also try to save a good Pylon for the RG. Further Development: Flash might be higher DPS than Chain Reaction. Then Meteor Shower might be higher sustain DPS than Thunder Crash. But since I'm more interested in fast clears at whatever my gear level allows, I like the speed. With all the Obsidian procs, though, Chain reaction might still be more DPS. Chain Reaction is more DPS per cast, so if you're getting enough obsidian procs to have a similar cast rate, Chain Reaction should win. If you somehow manage to push into the 70s, you might get more value from Stricken than PE. Gogok can work instead of PE as well. More IAS = more AP from Shame, and more Obsidian procs. Play with it in game and in d3planner to get a feel. This goes back to what I was saying about CDR breakpoints. If you're around 45% CDR, gogok doesn't seem to get you high enough to beat PE. But if you're like 55% CDR w/o gogok, gogok could bring you up high enough to get a lot more value from Obsidian procs. Simulation isn't the whole story, though. Personally, I just prefer having some DoT damage. Prism instead of Deflection: I don't think this is going to fit well. It will eat too many Obsidian procs, and you'll lose too much EB damage, I think. Might work with Flash, since Flash will need less obsidian procs. Black Hole: It's tempting to use Supermassive instead of Thunder Crash, but it's a trap. Takes too many Obsidian procs and nerfs your EB DPS. Also, you can't manual-cast meteors, which further hurts your DPS. Ashnaggar's Blood Bracers: If you're tying to push GR to the point where clearing elites isn't efficient, you can drop nems for ABB for a lot more toughness. CoE might be a viable alternative to Obsidian, particularly if you use Flash. I wouldn't use it at low difficulty, just because of the inconsistency. But at high difficulty, it might work well, since you can do the "convention joust". Save your thunder crash mana for lightning phase. Jump in for fire. Wait for Galvanizing ward and CC resist to drop during other times. Sage's: I don't think this build would work with Sage's. You'd lose Obsidian and either Shame or Nilfur's. You'd probably have to go Prism / In-Geom at which point it's basically a different build.grippgoat2 Aug 17
Aug 17 GR70+ boss strategy? (HC) Was wondering if it was common to save pylons for bosses or if it was possible to leave the game when you see a certain boss? The Rakinoth guy got me :)emazing6 Aug 17
Aug 17 Caldesanns in VIT hi there, i just want to thow this thought in.... why not using caldesanns for VIT, sure the int bonus gives some dmg, and some resi , which we already have enough of. but considering the use of magic weapon with its 4% of life shield, + the passive with 60% of life shield, and as a healing gem the 4% LOH primary skill gem - this could actually benifit a lot and may lead to a more offensive setup on other corners? what do you think?MrHoneymoon11 Aug 17
Aug 17 LoN Archon?? This has probably been asked before, but.... Is LoN Archon good, bad, viable for T10-13 speed farming, viable for solo GR pushing, or group GR pushing? What are the weaknesses of the build? Is it fun/interesting in comparison to Tal's Archon, Firebird Archon and Vyr's Archon? Any suggestions on specific items?BossDogg4 Aug 17
Aug 17 LoN Ray of Frost Hello all. For a LoN build using Ray of Frost, which gem is better: Bane of the Trapped for the 20% dmg, or Ice Blink for 10% crit. buff ? Thank you in advance.Runethor3 Aug 17
Aug 17 My conspiracy theory So my idea of why this is such a lackluster season. Follow the dollar. Warcraft's new expansion is dropping and they need people to take their focus off of Diablo3 (F2P), and focus their attention on the monies they will be getting from subs and expansion purchase's for Legion. If you pay close attention since D3 dropped you will see that that is the formula for seasons/patches. So by this tin foil hat theory of mine we will not have another patch/season chock full of new content and legendaries for at least 6 months to a year from now. However I am a dumb !@# and a noob and a failure. (saying this before the trolls get a chance, feel free to Troll anyway)geomadden5 Aug 17
Aug 16 I Miss Magic Missile Build I Miss Magic Missile BuildStarrk6 Aug 16
Aug 16 Star Pact + Etched Sigil Is this even worth it? I almost never run out of AP, so will the Sigil cast a very weak Star Pact? Can someone confirm cause I'm too stupid to figure it out. Arigatomuz27 Aug 16
Aug 15 Firebird Archon is the worst I don't normally complain on the forums about games because who really cares, right? But I want to add more fuel to the fire in hopes they fix this horrible build. This is the worst class/build I have ever played. The ability to survive is trash tier, the damage is trash tier 90% of the time. It must be the least fun I've ever had in this game and makes me want to quit playing wizard and never ever return. Tals/explosive blast can at least clear stuff efficiently in it's own clunky, boring way. But firebirds is just fleeing for my life trying to stack chantodo's. I haven't found any gear combination that makes firebirds any more fun than the least fun I've ever had in this game. How does this stuff make it past PTR? Holy !@#$ it's just so un-fun. I feel bad for anyone still playing wizard. I mean, for anyone playing the anorexic, arrogant, magic-infused barbarian.QRQ9 Aug 15
Aug 15 Is it time to add conversions to gear? Damage/Element conversions. A simple yet interesting/fun concept to be borrowed from Grim Dawn. WTF is this guy talking about right? Imagine.... Winter Flurry => http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/winter-flurry Was changed to convert all (or a %) of fire damage to cold. It would mean one could run a Firebirds build that ignited but applied cold damage instead of fire and still provided the Firebird buff(s). Mammoth Hydra would apply a lake of frost. Razor-strop => http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/razor-strop Was changed to convert all (or a %) of fire damage to lightning damage. Mammoth hydra would spread an electric field instead of a lake of fire. This beautiful forgotten soul => http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/primordial-soul could be changed to convert cold > lightning or fire > arcane. This eye sore => http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/archmages-vicalyke needs to convert fire, cold, or lightning (or all 3 elements) to arcane. This forgotten soul => http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/dark-mages-shade could be changed to convert all (or %) of cold damage to fire. RoF-Sleet Storm would turn your Wizard into a gout of flame. Ice Armor-Frozen Storm would be make your Wizard Flame-Touched. Frozen Orb would instead spew shards of flame. Maybe change Hellcat Waistguard => http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/hellcat-waistguard to convert arcane to fire. Teleport-Calamity would become a mobile short burst of flame. I'm sure we and/or the devs could come up with conversions to/from physical, poison, holy. Obviously, there would have to be code to disable circular conversions such as cold > fire > lightning > cold. It would just disable all conversions until one of the items creating the circular conversion was removed. However, multiple non-circular conversions should be legal. For example, combine a cold > fire item, a arcane > fire item, 6p-Firebirds, and Halo of Arlyse. A potentially fun and mobile fire (or Firebirds) build could be run with: - Ice Armor-Frozen Storm - MW-Ignite - EB-Chain Reaction - Teleport-Calamity - Fire Nova from Halo of Arlyse Of course the build idea begs for Aether Walker and Woh to be combined. The damage element conversion items need to be added to the cube as well.BossDogg3 Aug 15
Aug 15 Rework TalRasha 4 piece The current 4 piece set bonus gives 25% increase to all res per stack up to 4 stacks, for a total of 100% all res bonus. The thing is, for Wizards we get so much INT that this 4 piece bonus doesn't really give much damage reduction compared to other sets, it probably gives around 5%-10% damage reduction when fully augmented and with high paragon levels. I would really like to see the TalRasha 4 piece get reworked into something like, gain 10% damage reduction per stack up to 4 stacks, for a total of 40% damage reduction. This however would have to be moved down to the 6 piece bonus, similar to how Firebirds 6 piece gives a damage multiplier along with damage reduction, because people would run Firebirds 6 piece and TalRash 4 piece combinations for more damage reduction and that's not something I would want. We could then rework TalRasha 4 piece to be something like increase Meteor damage by 100% per stack of TalRasha or something else the community could agree on. TL;DR Change TalRasha 4 piece to give damage reduction % instead of increase All Res per stack, because All Res doesn't give any damage reduction once gear is augmented and players have high enough paragon levels.AnimalMan41 Aug 15
Aug 14 Wizard: The Intolerable Quandary I only recently came back in season 6 after leaving shortly after launch due to friends speaking positively of RoS. I know others have been here much longer. I wanted to address something which bothered me last season on monk but which bothers me much more now that I'm trying out wizard this season. What is the deal with the clear dominance of just a few spell/item combinations? I don't want to discuss the entire game, just wizard for a moment, which seems like one of the most egregious examples. Archon with Swami, Fazula and Chantodo Ice Armor with Halo of Arlyse and Parthan Defenders Explosive Blast with Orb of Infinite Depths These three combinations are so powerful with no reasonable alternatives. How is this healthy? I don't pretend to have all the answers but I know it makes me mad. I get more upset when I see several items supporting a single spell like archon or explosive blast or Twister or Arcane Orb when other spells get zero treatment. Where is the legendary that allows Blizzards to overlap damage or for a second cast of Black Hole to spawn a White Hole that relocates everything inside like a portal? Where's the legendary that let's you channel Meteor, increasing the size and damage the longer you channel? Or to summon the ENTIRE Hydra, not just the heads? It's bad enough having to work within the confines of a set. Wizard this season has me at a whole new level of disappointment.wizdro6 Aug 14
Aug 13 Halo of Arlyse and frost nova: bone chill Anyone know if the 33% DMG buff works with the proc? Read a few things that said it does. Not sure of the credibility of the sources though.emazing4 Aug 13
Aug 13 hmmm which firebirds chest piece? So I've got two firebird chests for standard archon build. non-ancient: 468 int 463 vit 10% reduced elite dmg (rolled) 7% reduced range dmg Ancient: 554 int 564 vit xxx roll stat here xxx I'm using the non because it just seems too good with all the dmg reduction. Any thoughts along the same lines?Makinsushi2 Aug 13
Aug 13 Other viable builds beside Firebird Archon? Hi, I haven't played D3 in awhile and since all my friends randomly decided to start again, I came back. Back when I was playing, DelRasha was really popular but I see that they changed it where Del's bonus no longer deals damage. I absolutely hate the Archon ability and the playstyle. I'm not aiming to top leader boards but I not trying to struggle with T13 either but it seems everyone is going firebird archon now. I don't need really need a build but just some concept build ideas that is viable. I am currently testing an Etched Sigil Meteor build but I'm not sure how viable it is but its fun. I just constantly have arcane power problems. Disintegrate and Explosive blast just burns through it in seconds. I am trying to explore other options or ways to improve my current build. I've only been back to thje game for 2 days.Fifthdawn8 Aug 13
Aug 13 Firebird vs A Plague of Burrowers Seriously, just try it. You can use Chantodo too. It's pathetic. A set that only really works vs elites and suffer to kill scattered trash mobs, even with GG gear. Instead of fixing the bug you made the set nearly inviable outside GRs. Good job, Blizzard.gambler3 Aug 13
Aug 13 Becoming better wizard Hello! im looking for help to improve my ability...i am never sure what i should reroll my stats on my gear as is there a website that helps with this or how do people know what to reroll each item? thanks!Dragnwarrior2 Aug 13
Aug 12 3-element Tal6/FB4 build for farming? Has anyone experimented with 3-element Tal's builds for farming? I'm thinking something along the lines of: Armor Calamity (arcane) Chain Reaction (fire) Meteor Shower (fire) Convergence (fire) Signature (cold or loghtning) With Woh and Etched Sigil, and cubed AW, F&R. Or maybe CoE and Halo of Arlyse worn, and Black Hole instead of a sig. Or even PotS and Karini to help with AP. 3x Tal6 is 23.5x which is within shout of FB6, and would be more consistently up in a farming situation. I'm not sure if the extra DoT is really worth the nerf to meteor damage, though.grippgoat7 Aug 12
Aug 12 Stuck on GR78 using FireArchon Please help Is something wrong with the skills im using or my gear? I feel very underpowered/squishy. Also I dont fully understand how firebirds works. I completely annihilated a blue pack but then the next pack seemed to take almost as long as the RG.ANiMAL5 Aug 12
Aug 12 Dropping orb of infinite death for Furnace Couple thoughts/questions (haven't been able to test these yet) Since I am dropping ooid, I also want to drop EB for something more beneficial. Something cold/fire preferably(I can swap % on bracers) - my first thought was familiar sparkflint or icicle but from what I've read, TR stacks only apply when you cast the buff but the attacks from familiar will proc meteors. Correct? - second thought was maybe hydra? Will TR stack on hydra attacks or only when casted? I'm almost never out of Archon anymore with my newly aquired In-geom so I feel like ooid is a waste compared to furnace. Thoughts?emazing4 Aug 12
Aug 12 Ive been so upset over Firebirds My mom came into my room to bring me a plate of chicken nuggets and I literally screamed at her and hit the plate of chicken nuggets out of her hand. She started yelling and swearing at me and I slammed the door on her. I’m so distressed right now I don’t know what to do. I didn’t mean to do that to my mom but I’m literally in shock from the Firebirds nerf. I feel like I’m going to explode. Why did blizz do this to my favourite build? This can’t be happening. I’m having a wizard breakdown. I don’t want to believe Blizzard would be so cruel. I want a fun ARPG to play. I want Jay Wilson to come back to the D3 team and double things again. I cannot deal with this right now. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, I thought Blizz was trying to promote fun builds to play???? This is so ruined.Enigma9 Aug 12
Aug 12 S7 Suggested build and conquest for Stash Hi All, My goal is just to obtain the additional stash. Wonder if a Tal set build such as http://www.icy-veins.com/d3/flashfire-wizard-wand-of-woh-build-with-the-tal-rasha-set-patch-2-4-2-season-7 will suffice? Or is still necessary to go for builds such as firebird Archon? The 2 conquests I likely to try shall be 1) 3 x level 65 gems 2) Solo GR 75 50m gold streak will leave it to luck (gold gob) Welcome all suggestions, thanks!StarLight8 Aug 12
Aug 12 Build Advice full Tals Set - Loving wiz helps Armory for my Wiz http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Nylarthotep-1984/hero/79106751 its the MingLi Wiz if that doesnt take u straight to her. Please be as harsh as u want up to this point I've been a casual but this season i plan on taking this wiz to the top. Atm i am running t7 smashing face. Up to 29grifts at around 5:20 mark. What do i need and what am i doing wrong?Nylarthotep3 Aug 12
Aug 11 Highest none Archon Clear? 96 for firebird Archon, anyone in the top 50 season or none season with a none Archon build? (asking for a friend - game no longer installed)wage3 Aug 11
Aug 11 ARCHON MESS I am really confused....what do i gain having fire% on my amulet and bracers while using teleport rune for archon? I passed 88 with arcane on amulet and fire on bracers, checked leaderboard and saw this... What is the best combination for pushing high GR? Also i feel that having perfect CDR on gear is not required as before...CoE and Halo with CHD,CHC,CDR are still BIS?Leontokardos11 Aug 11
Aug 11 guys and lady wizards Build your legacy of nightmare build now and collect the relevant items and get it perfect. Lightning build might be a good start, hee hee heres a guide http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/YORI-1440/hero/74534620 video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzsmC-JcnCU trust me, you will thank me later.YORI21 Aug 11
Aug 11 2.4.2 T10+ GRift/Bounty Farming Build Preamble: For regular rifts Flashfire (link below), with gold wrap, is still probably the fastest wizard build. However, I am not sold on the scaling to t13, and it has a ramp up time do due having to get gold for defenses and reliance on In Geom. For solo GRifting and bounties, you need an alternative. My Version of Falshfire for 2.4.2: http://www.d3planner.com/964032838 -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- Intro: The build is pretty basic and relies on using Tal's 6 bonus (3000% increase to all damage), along with Wand of Woh. However, this utilizes Aether Walker for mobility over In Geom for more consistent teleports (Thanks Vox for the idea: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/20419283223 ). I will give two versions. The first is the basic setup for speed clears when you are somewhat out gearing the content level. The second is more defensive for when you want to push GRifts to level gems. Speed Version: http://www.d3planner.com/893431675 Defensive Version: http://www.d3planner.com/903507972 Replace Leoric's with Ashnagarr for more shields Replace Illusionist with Galvanizing ward to avoid 1 shots Replace Pinpoint with Prismatic for more AR Notes: It's early in the season and I am only ~P350, but I have been able to easily clear up to a GR58 with this build. Once I hit P800 and have full defensive stats, I should be able to farm 60+ rather easily, while being able to get a 70 for the season journey. As long as you keep moving, you can maintain a relatively high level of shielding, which allows you to not be one shot, while you jump from elite to elite (or jump through bounties). My gear isnt very good right now (missing CD on my F/R and I dont have ancient weapons yet), but the damage from the three sources, EB, meteors, and Mirnae, yields fast elite kills. Give it a shot, and tell me why I suckEigenVector3 Aug 11
Aug 11 How are FB wizards in groups atm? I have an NS FB wiz with pretty much full augments, and very little desire to make another for season. Last season I did 101 in 3p and almost did 102 in 3p with it, so I know it's got the base power. I'm considering using it in some group runs in NS for this era (while keeping a season WD/Monk). How good are they in group runs at the moment? I noticed the set got changed (nerfed), but I'm not sure how much. Would I still be plenty capable of 100+ in 4p groups?StoleOwnCar1 Aug 11
Aug 11 Play boring meta build(s) or get rekt Why is there such a gap from meta builds to just picking whatever spell? Tried fire blizzard + meteor + tornado, I was useless in GR 70 in a group. Why can't powerful fun spells be playable once you are lvl 70? I thought diablo 3 wizard gave me options in playstyles. I just see archon EB and maybe one other twister build to even be able to be useful? Wtf? Just delete the useless spells you don't want us to play.zerendipity11 Aug 11
Aug 11 [2.4.2](S7) TXI-TXIII Rifting & GR Gem Builds Hi wizards! In preparation for season 7, I've put together several 2.4.2 torment and GR gem leveling builds. I put in a fair bit of time on the PTR testing many different variations, and these were the best / most efficient I could figure out. Most of these are In-Geom / Woh based, since that's my preferred method of rifting. If anyone has any blades or other builds that are at a similar speed or faster at clearing torment 11 to 13, I'd love to see those in action. All of these builds will require some sort of autocast to save your wrists, and to make grinding a more enjoyable experience. I suggest using the numlock method, or scripting. Take note of the two gem leveling specs near the end of the list. These may come in handy for augmentation. Also keep in mind that most of my Torment rifting builds keep Nemesis Bracers on swap, rather than equipped. For a list of relevant / good item and skill swaps, check each video description. Enjoy, and good luck in Season 7! =) ----- [2.4.2] TXIII Infinite Blast Redux http://ptr.d3planner.com/610352484 https://youtu.be/ytLdu15x6lw?list=PLsBZISJpoL0LwwlV-cnriPeb9sqfamCn5 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/82163 A variation of the standard Tal/EB/Woh/In-Geom setup, this build is optimized for TXIII. If you played EB in 2.4 and 2.4.1, and are looking for something similar, this build might be the ticket. As usual: In-Geom/Prism give resource, defense, and damage. Supermassive for crowd control. Calamity and Glacial Spike for on demand stun. Proc F&R with Glacial Spike. Damage multipliers include: Trapped, Powerful, Orb of Infinite Depth, and F&R. For defense, we use the aforementioned OID and Goldwrap + Hoarder. A few differences with this revision: we use frost nova in the build, since it's likely the best option for damage increase with the bone chill rune. With in-geom up, you'll be spamming this constantly, creating a halo-esque effect. CoE is slotted to assist in getting In-Geom back up and running as quick as possible, as well as provide huge damage boosts in cyclical fashion. Warzechians, Illusionist, Hoarder and illusory boots provide mobility for the build, keeping it light and fast paced. Corruption shoulders allow for easy pickup. ----- [2.4.2] TXIII EB Grinder http://ptr.d3planner.com/208125644 https://youtu.be/tT9nfEtoPEk?list=PLsBZISJpoL0LwwlV-cnriPeb9sqfamCn5 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/82165 Rather appropriately named, this build uses Supermassive Black Holes to pull in enemies, allowing you to lay into them with EB, Etched Sigil procs, and Ray of Frost. Very mobile for a channeling build, the trick is to cast once every second or two to keep Etched Sigil procs going. Proc the second half of Bastions of Will with MM:Seeker. Not often seen, this rune is a perfect fit, since it's homing ensures F&R procs upon cast. In-Geom / Woh / Prism are taken for damage and resource. Similarly, the cold blood rune is taken on Ray of Frost to further balance AP, removing the need for gearing with Hergbrash's. Defense is provided by Goldwrap. Boon of the Hoarder, Illusionist, and Warzechians also add a touch of run speed to the build. Illusory boots are placed for increased mobility as well. For damage, the main theme is stacking multipliers where possible, so, Trapped, Powerful, F&R, and Mantle of Channeling all make an appearance. CoE is well placed here, and even more noticable when In-Geom is down, getting you back on your feet with In-Geom procs as quick as possible. ----- [2.4.2] TXIII FB/Vyr2 Archon http://ptr.d3planner.com/469703718 https://youtu.be/bKdA-QNVk_w?list=PLsBZISJpoL0LwwlV-cnriPeb9sqfamCn5 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/82168 Annoyed with Firebird Ignition requirements? Want to leverage top tier GR gear for TXIII rifting? This may be the build for you. This FB6/Vyr2 Combo allows full ignition of mobs in archon form. Vyr2 bonus grants the combustion rune, along with all other Archon runes, so you gain the benefit of all 3 ignition sources, plus the extra archon attack damage, reduced cooldown, etc. A large part of this build is the instant reset when In-Geom is up. Zodiac will back-stop when In-Geom is down, and allow quick reset. Hunt down and tear into elites, leveraging the multiplicative bonus of Endless Walk, additional Archon Stacks from Swami, and Elite damage from Furnace. Diamond Skin: Crystal Shell is kept on auto-cast, and keeps you shielded when outside of archon. Unstable Anomaly is slotted in case anything goes wrong otherwise. Nemesis bracers are worn for ease of popping shrines and pylons, and assist in In-Geom uptime. CDR on amulet is optional. With Gogok stacks, will provide assured instant reset with only one in-geom proc. ----- [2.4.2] TXI Tal EB GR Key Farming @ 215% run speed http://ptr.d3planner.com/850373795 https://youtu.be/pizi1lHLBGc?list=PLsBZISJpoL0LwwlV-cnriPeb9sqfamCn5 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/82170 TXI will be the most efficient place to get GR keys, since it's the first difficulty that guarantees two keys. This build sacrifices the prism rune on diamond skin for sleek shell, gaining a much desired consistent movement speed boost. The build is itemized with RCR to accomodate this swap. Movement and utility is the focus of the build, so many other items are placed to enhance this. Simmilar to the builds above, I've placed Supermassive black hole for additional CC. Bone chill for additional damage. While you could slot Scramble here, I found the damage boost made for an easier clear. ----- [2.4.2] (GR13-50+) Tal EB Gem Leveling @ 210% run speed http://ptr.d3planner.com/565688439 https://youtu.be/GGqZVUst20Q?list=PLsBZISJpoL0LwwlV-cnriPeb9sqfamCn5 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/82172 Low level gem leveling is always an area that is fun to optimize. This build makes completing those low level roll-em rifts both quick and fun to play. Nemesis in the cube is key here to help with progression. Similar to the TXI variation, we use sleek shell with RCR, however, in this greater rift variation, Scramble is slotted to assist with run speed. Powerful helps make up for the damage that bone chill would have provided. ----- [2.4.2] (GR61-80+) FB/Vyr2 Archon Speed Build http://ptr.d3planner.com/471418312 https://youtu.be/_lqgByK-9Is?list=PLsBZISJpoL0LwwlV-cnriPeb9sqfamCn5 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/82174 FB/Vyr2 build for Leveling Gems / XP. Vyr 2 pc for increased archon form damage and quick / easy ignition with the conflagrate rune. Mobility as well, as you also get the Teleport rune, and the high CDR in the build allows for quicker archon TP resets. No Zodiac means you rely on your CDR levels and In-Geom / Gogok procs to stay in archon form. Archon will reset instantly as long as you maintain all of these buffs, and you should be at the GR level where you can maintain this, so most of the time, it won't be an issue. At most, if Gogok is down, you lose ~5 seconds, If In-Geom is down, you lose 10s. These seem like long times, but you still have significant swami overlap. Halo / APD keep you alive when out of archon. Furnace is equipped for the elite damage. CDR on amulet is optional. With Gogok stacks, will provide assured instant reset with only one in-geom proc. ----- Looking for more? I've also put together many viable GR80+ Tal and FB builds, most of which incorporate Explosive Blast. If you're a fan of EB, I encourage you to take a look through this list, and see if you like any: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsBZISJpoL0LwwlV-cnriPeb9sqfamCn5Cratic25 Aug 11