Aug 4 GR Guardian tier list for Wiz Hello all, I've never really been into pushing hard GR since recently (for a unique purpose: to enlarge my bloodshard bag = solo push only) There are a lot of useful guides/videos/builds but very little advices about which boss to pray RNG God for. Past days, I was quite pleased to pop the boss with like 3-4min remaining but then.. I got Coldsnap, Ghom, the boss with many green poison d*cks on the ground etc. Each one I failed hard. So far, I ony got success with Hamelin or the succubus. I guess some are "easy" to kill for wiz, some are just nightmares.. So, I was wondering, is there a "boss blacklist" or tier list for wizzies? Which means if those ones pop, I can just TP and restart the game, no wasting time even trying. Thanks PS: also, is it me or each boss also has different HP (considering the same GR tier of course). It seems to me that Perendi has way more HP than Zoltun Kulle, for instanceDTCAFAG5 Aug 4
Aug 4 Wizard in 2.4.2 So do wizards suck now in 2.4.2 Like will my wizard be useless once the new season hits?? And if so whats the new 2.4.2 build?SinisterGod42 Aug 4
Aug 4 Are Wizards still awkward and clunky? I was thinking about coming back into the game for Season 7, but I have not played in a couple seasons. My last Wizard snap shot was a clunky and awkward class that had no support in group play, but managed to see play because of the that broken tornado sword. I also remember Wizard solo play as being incredibly stressful compared to other "roflbro, what damage Bro? :D" classes. I should also add that I only play Hardcore. So how are wizards doing ATM?LoBsTeRfOrK7 Aug 4
Aug 4 Delsere questions (vrac) Hi, as i asid in another post, i stayed a bit away from D3 last season and kinda forgot lots of stuff, and got some doubt on others ;) About delse, does etched sigil proc benefit from the 2000% bonus ? about time warp, we "now" get 50%dmg red. while a bubble is active, and if we got the right rune we got 25% more (well, it's a monster nerf but still) am i right ? lastly, most of wiz "build" i can see for S7 are firebird-based, does it outperform delsere that much Grift wise ? mainly wondering about an AT flameward / EB / Etched sigil + delsere and what it could potentially do.Khepesh3 Aug 4
Aug 4 How do you get Wand of Woh? I must have upgraded hundreds of wands by this point in the cube, and run countless t9-t10 rifts to get the death's breaths, and greater rifts on top of that though not as many.. Is there some other method I should be doing? I figured the cube method would be the most reliable but it seems to only give me a set few wands (Aether Walker, the one that laughs at your death, the Arcane Orb wand, Blackkey, the Slow Time wand and like 2 others) so I'm not even sure if it can give the Wand of Woh. Does it only show up on certain Torment levels? Does it show up more in Greater Rifts vs regular Rifts? Should I group up with people more? I mostly play solo.. I want it :(Fielton47 Aug 4
Aug 4 Relax, this will be fixed next patch... There has been a horrendous bug that they've been working to fix since the debut of D3. Every time they think they killed it, it rears it's ugly head. I'm talking about that pesky build freedom. I for one can't wait for them to assign us individual character builds which we must adhere to. Perhaps a bit dramatic but the butthurt we've endured as wiz players with the constant nerfing and viable build gutting is just insane. When they killed Critical Mass, they claimed that they wanted to open up new builds, but they do so by destroying mechanics to twist the gameplay into the direction that they think will be more fun for us. Grinding sucks as it is. I don't want to start the grind all over again for a different set just to have that build useless come next patch. GG D3 community.XnuclearX2 Aug 4
Aug 4 Another rant? Read at your own peril! Hello everybody and thank you for taking time out of your busy days of grinding for gear, pushing grifts, farming bounties, and fixing bugs in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. Now that the formalities are out of the way I just want to point out things that countless others have already pointed out since before Reaper of Souls. That's right ladies and gentlemen (and everything in between, next to, or far from) I want to point out Proc Coefficients. Back in the day Wizards had this wonderful Passive called Critical Mass which would reduce all cool downs by 1 second every time you landed a critical hit. Yes it was insane and made for interestingly hand breaking, arthritis inducing play styles but Blizzard (no offense) decided to be a butt munch about this and nerf all of the wizards proc coefficient on anything that has a chance to do something (like say... Crit?). When players decided that yes, they could go on without the chance of things happening on a critical hit, Blizzard decided (not saying all of you did, I'm sure more than a handful of employees out there had some reservations against it) to remove said passive skill. You would think that after removing the one thing that lowered proc coefficients for wizards that they (Blizzard) would increase our proc coefficients for on critical / on hit effects but sadly they did not. Wizards have been struggling ever since that devastating blow to their wonderful Glass Cannon-y goodness to compete with other classes on doing damage and being able to survive. Now right about here is where I expect viewers who are reading to start getting defensive and saying "But Firebug and Vyrs Archon, FB Archon, Tals EB, Blah blah blah these are top builds that can survive and deal damage (insert more blahs and a couple of insults)." But look at what those builds all use, mass amounts of Cool Down Reduction to get the intended results. Wizards are built for Cool Downs and players are always going to try to find out how to get that feeling of Critical Mass-y goodness since we really can't do anything that procs on a critical or on a hit. Though I would like to say good job to Blizzard on making Critical Mass 2.0 (Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac) available to all classes but if you're so keen on keeping Wizards as a Cooldown based class atleast have the decency to increase our Proc Coefficients to something better than what they are. For Reference here is a link to a list of all the wizards proc coefficients https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8770117237#10 I think I might be done. Hopefully I'm not the only one fed up with the horrible proc rate on wizards (which I know I'm not) but hey, squeaky wheel gets the grease! Maybe if all the players who wizard complain enough about it, something might happen. That something could be good like an increase in proc rates or it could be bad like increase in all cool downs, lower proc rates, less damage and less range. Anywho, hope y'all who read through the entirety of this post found it not to be a complete and total waste of your time. Thank everybody!Swetybalzack0 Aug 4
Aug 4 Wizard for stash tab? So the prevailing wisdom is that Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor are the give-ins for the strongest classes to get the stash tab, which is my primary motivation. I primarily solo, maybe duo on occasion, but I was wondering what your opinions were on using a Wizard to complete conquests this season. I've played all the major classes to some degree except this one (I have one, but don't do much with it), and I'd really like to try it out, but not if it means completing conquests will be a slog. I figured I'd ask the people likely to know more than me - is the Wizard a decent class to get the stash tab (relatively) quickly?PiousHeretic0 Aug 4
Aug 3 Firebird / Vyr + snapshotting ? yah yeah potetially wiz rules blabla, but i'm genuinely curious about 1 specifiq build that i just fail to understand ... we can see quit alot of "clear" with a firebird5 + vyr 2 +rorg +full CDR (Archon) actually popping on leaderboard ... i checked Dfan, didn't see a build about this i did see a video (can't put sound on ... i guess the guy explain xD) but the guy look like he's snapshotting the firebird bonus and use it afterward didn't they get rid of this ?! here's the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Vsk0Rofe7EKhepesh2 Aug 3
Aug 3 Build Questions!! Hello!! I am newly back to the game (played monk through inferno when game launched) and noticed everything is different! I have picked up wizard as I really enjoyed my sorc in d2. Anyways, I've been reading a lot about builds/gear etc from users like Cratic and other various helpful users. But I've seen a handful of, "Am I doing this correctly?" style posts and I figured I'd try it. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/jaerrod-1620/hero/78093596 I am still fairly low paragon and under-geared, but do y'all have any out of the box suggestions or critiques of what I am doing?? I go back and forth if I want to be a channeling build or not, and I definitely don't enjoy the archon Vyr's approach- seems boring to play. I can clear TX fairly easy, but now that its raised I want to keep progressing. Do I just need to keep farming mats, doing bounties, and (g)rifts to get where I need to get going? Or is it something silly I am just missing? Thanks again for any advice/ suggestions/ help!jaerrod1 Aug 3
Aug 3 An Ode to Vyr's I'll miss your T10 speed runs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNDead4kbck I'll miss your solo GR farming runs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ffQU8Ux9gE I'll miss pushing GRs with you: S4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqUXFGm_mmY S6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WidfxcRfO8 I'll miss dinging paragon milestones with you: S4 Paragon 1100 HC: http://i.imgur.com/CfLeGwA.jpg S6 Paragon 1000 HC: http://i.imgur.com/8WkL1VZ.jpg S6 Paragon 1000 SC: http://i.imgur.com/dJsUjq7.jpg S6 Paragon 1200 SC: http://i.imgur.com/c2XW0kb.jpg I'll miss writing simulators to min-max you: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/20043316635#5 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/20745264616 I'll miss your massive Black Hole pulls: http://i.imgur.com/05PJPyU.jpg I'll miss your massive stack counts: http://i.imgur.com/va7fu4o.jpg But most of all, I'll miss you. But don't worry, I won't forget you. We'll be reunited someday... ----- RIP Vyr's, S4-S6.TinneOnnMuin16 Aug 3
Aug 3 Wizard back to the top this Season ? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/rankings/era/6/rift-team-2 2 player Gr111 ranking just hit in on patch 2.4.2 ? Not sure if its back to Wizard season . might well be a Wiz year ~ XD Any idea if it will get nerfed ?Apheanst3 Aug 3
Aug 3 2.4.2 Firebirds set bonuses and Hydras?? I know this has been asked before but every time the devs modify set bonuses there is chance that something is overlooked which leads to my question.... Do Hydra fire runes inherit the benefits of Firebird's set bonuses in the next patch? Do fire based Hydras count as one of the fire attacks? Yes I like double dragons... :-)BossDogg2 Aug 3
Aug 3 Magistrate, winter flurry, Nova? Does anyone know if WF and Magistrate benefit from any of the frost nova runes? Originally the consensus was NO! With all the changes made recently, I was curious if anyone has tested this.daddyobing692 Aug 3
Aug 3 Tank Wizard idea i am working on I have always liked taking the wizard and making him tanky it fits my play style. So i would like to share what he may look like in a perfect world and i would love if you guys could critique it. Just so you know this set up is what i would like to consider "the perfect world" verison. Please and Thank you. http://www.d3planner.com/188802315Kitchen65 Aug 3
Aug 2 Mirror Image Set Idea Hello everyone, i just have some ideas for the mirror image skill, Blizzard will not likely implement it but nonetheless i just have a lot of fun discussing set ideas. These forums use to have a lot of them, well here goes. 2pc - Each mirror image that you spawn can now damage like the original and is granted 1000 AP which they must all aggressively spend before they die/expire. Mirror images that die/expire without using all 1000 AP removes the cool-down from all your skills for 5 seconds 4pc - Your mirror images loses their cool-down time for all skills and becomes as tough as you and benefits from all your set bonuses and legendary power 6pc - Each mirror image you spawn increases the potency of all legendary powers and other set bonuses by 100% While i don't think it's as strong as the other sets that we have now (due to their damage multipliers), i think it could be a fun set. Also it's power is versatile so that the set bonus can be used for almost any skill that you could have in mind.... and they don't have damage multipliers which are quite boring. The idea of the set is for you to reliably depend on the mirror image as a tool for either offense or defense and not to tie you down to any particular skill (except for mirror image of course). There's also a lot of potential with this set due to the 2pc, 4pc and 6pc bonus to work together in harmony Well what do you guys think? Thanks for reading. God bless, ShellShell19 Aug 2
Aug 2 Haiku's for Wizards.... Seek out Master Pie His guide will grant you wisdom Faceroll with the best -------------- Come on people!! 5-7-5 I know there's alot of creativity out there...this could be fun!PieHole108 Aug 2
Aug 2 I might not roll a Wizard for S7 Ugh .... lately I've gotten really tired of the game and my time spend on it has taken a sharp nose dive. Not that this is necessarily bad as I now got time to play other stuff, some of which have been ignoring for .... gasp ... years. If memory serves coming friday we'll see the start of season 7 and to be honest I'm somewhat of a mind to no play it at all. My ocd probably will get the better of me and will end having me play anyway, but strictly for the stash tab and then occassional rift awaiting better times. Having said this so far every season I played a wizard and usually only a wizard. This time however I'm serious contemplating skipping this class. The way the Devs screwed us over with their moronic 'Fix' of the Swami helmet, their god awfull redesign of Firebird leaves and an apperent CC resistance bug leaves little (for me at least) to play. And I can't stand DMO (sorry for those that like it) so that leaves Tal Rasha I suppose. I suppose Tal will be enough to get the Stash tab, but I'm considering a DH this time. It was the first class I ever played with back when D3V was in trail and you only could go up to Leoric. Perhaps it's time to try it again. From what I have seen their sets are relatively unchanged.Sardaukar4 Aug 2
Aug 1 tryna make me own Tal Rasha (please halp?) hello o/ what are your thoughts on the build i made so far? -> http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/KadaverjunkY-2876/hero/33636594 <- and what are the different ways to spec for Tal Rasha's Elements? (besides the known meta stuff there is on sites like icy-veins any suggestions and ideas are apppreciated usually i wanted to make a build with rimeheart with frostburn or the belt for increaing signature spells attackspeed by 50% (forgot its name : >) in the cube and wearing the other one (instead of tal gloves or tal belt) + replacing CoE with rorg (because i wanna keep halo of arlyse) + using the mirror offhand for 3 glacial magic missiles in the cube and rimheart in the hand would then also use death watch mantle shoulders i think, because i should probably keep the ancient parthan defenders instead of getting aughilds shoulders + bracers with that rorg (either in cube and wearing a good halo or vice versa, depending on the rolls) but what i have currently seems to work better :-/ any thoughts on my wizzard Brezel are appreciated, preferably constructive ones : >KadaverjunkY16 Aug 1
Aug 1 Vyr Suggestion Hi everyone. This idea is heavily based around the reworked Shadow Priest mechanic from WoW. To me, it seems like that is supposed to be the way Vyr should be played - popping archon, having your resource drain with increasing amounts and you trying to keep it up, hitting enemies to replenish as much as you possibly can before you run out and Archon expires. here are some pointers to help support this playstyle: 1) Make Chantodo work the same way as Shenlong with a twist. Currently, i hate the way this set works. having a passive damage dealer in quite annoying to me. it's not fun, you can't get close enough to hit mobs and it doesn't proc your 6p set bonus. My suggestion - "When in archon, your Arcane Power starts depleting at an increasing rate. Archon now lasts until you run out of Arcane Power". Now, since you don't have any Arcane Generators while in Archon, this leads me to my second pointer: 2) Change the passive on Fazula. As it stands now, Fazula is one of the more problematic items when it comes to Archon due to how the Affix works. My suggestion - "Your Arcane Strike and Improved Explosive Blast now generates X Arcane Power" These two changes can make for a much more interesting gameplay for this set, seeing how the increased attack speed from the 4 piece bonus has great synergy with the my suggestion for Chantodo. 3) The Set bonuses - since the changes to Swami and my suggested change for Fazula, the 4p and 6p should be subjected to change. my thoughts: 4p - increase the bonus from 1% to 1.5%. it would be imperative in keeping up the Arcane Power consumption to as minimal as possible. 6p - keep the current passive, add the old Fazula passive and increase the damage on stacks and skill. Something along the lines of this: "You start with 50 Archon stacks and you gain stacks from hitting with Archon abilities. the damage of the stacks is increased to 12% and Archon deals [100-200]% increased damage". this feels to me like it's going to blow away all other Archon builds and it would make Archon a whole lot more intersting and interactive. what do you think? how would you improve upon this idea?KushiSensei10 Aug 1
Aug 1 Ranged Lightning Wizard Build http://ptr.d3planner.com/712859571 Guys what do you thing about this build ? Maybe I should change Conventions of Elements to Wyrdward for some extra chance to stun. This build is not for pushing the highest greater rifts, its for T13 and maybe 70-75 grs. Could it be valuable ?xEcronomus23 Aug 1
Jul 31 2.4.1 Tal Rasha Build ? I did GR73 with this build on live servers : http://www.diablofans.com/builds/77559-2-4-1-meteor-shower my wizz : http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/SuperFrog-2987/hero/30400163 I hope I'll can do GR77 / 78 in 2.4.1 ... I'm just waiting for debug of Esoteric. DPS is suppose to be x 2.25 (DPSx1.5 with new Nilfure boots, and DPS x 1.5 with new Tal bonus). I also think Tal bonus is still 500% on PTR instead of 750 expected. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/20742705302 Do you have found a good Tal build for 2.4.1 ?SuperFrog6 Jul 31
Jul 30 The Dev's Truly Fail At Understanding Wizards After Watching Tavern Talk it's safe to say that Blizzard basically confirmed with Wizards that we are Playing a Dead Class. I doubt this class will be fixed anytime soon considering how far out of touch they are with the Wizards Design. In season 3 Expect the same to continue. No Groups, No High End Grifts. I guess its back to playing "Demon Hunter 3". D3 dev's if you want truly want to help wizards then Please re-work Tal-Rasha away from its current design before season 3. If you need a good design or idea checkout this thread. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/16717572175 I picked out the topics that are related to Wizards from the Videos (with timed links). Most of these Answers are Some of the Worst Answers I've ever seen in regards to the Wizard class. I tried to type out Exactly what they said in the video so if its a little hard to understand that's because of how they said it. Watch the video and you'll see. Blizzard Seriously needs to Hire someone New to actually Fix the Wizard Class because its been 2 years and apparently these Dev's do not understand or play the Wizard much based on their responses. Some of their facial reactions to some questions are seem extra rude like they were smiling about how happy it made them feel to Nerf it. Especially the Tal's Question. ... Ahh so Wizards Finally Understand... You Only want the other classes to be able to spam their resources endlessly Especially your Pet Demon Hunter Class and their Kindershot Bow/Quiver that allows this, but its ok Wizards are happy with the 22 APOC nerf you applied to our class in Loot 2.0... SMH. ... Are you FREAKING Serious?? This is 100% unacceptable for Developers of Diablo 3 to fail to understand the Wizard class. You are paid to Design this game... You're supposed to be able to understand All Classes not just demon hunters. Since when have our signature spells been Generators. You specifically said not to long ago that Depth Diggers are Excluded since wizards Signature Spells are not Generators yet you apparently think they are... ... Whats even more funny about this quote is that fact that not only do your contradict yourself about our signature spells being generators but you told us that you dont want us to feel Forced to use signature spells yet what did you do when you designed the new Triumvirate and New Wiz Set Delsere's Magnum Opus set? Exactly this! ... Seriously... Again with this Generator Non-Sense... Signature Spells to Not Generate Resource! To top it off 99% of Wizards Signature Spells/Runes are the worst skills in the entire game yet you keep trying to throw them down our Throats with these new (unreliable terribly designed Triumvirate and Delsere's Magnum Opus) items. Once again let me repeat this statement. Our Signature Spells are NOT GENERATORS... ... Seriously? Wizards have the worst Mobility in the Game. Last i knew i was still running far behind WD's and NO we should not be FORCED to use Aether Walker just to keep up. ... Thank GOD. We don't want to play with that God Awful Underpowered Delsere's Magnum Opus set... So no need for a Wiz to Do Seasons. Although I'm a little surprised that you said this since it we were previously told that these sets wont be seasons so which is it... ... So the only way for Wizards to keep up with the rest of the classes is to use this item. Seriously do you not see a problem with this? At least other classes have mobility passives! We have only 1 Illusionist and I'm not even sure that counts... ... The amount of Dodging they did to Avoid the DH aspect of it is astonishing. They also claimed that they would rather start out STRONG and bring the sets down; However, in regards to the Tal Rasha's set even the First PTR was weaker than Demon Hunters which means that they should have followed the other philosophy that i underlined since they put the set in to weak to begin with. Seriously Why is it so hard to Buff Wizards??? ... So basically your telling us this is the answer to the Wizards Group problems? HA that's the funnest Joke I've ever heard. Thanks Dev's for the laugh. After watching the whole Tavern talk video and how much the Developers really know about it class I truly feel that All The Hope that we once had is not thrown out the Window. We cant expect much from these Developers anytime soon or even before Expansion 2. BTW This is The best class representational picture you'll ever see. Thanks to Who Ever Created it! http://www.olynick.net/d3/CanadaWiz.jpg This quote is pretty spot on when it comes to the wizard ... This one is spot on with How All Wizards Feel. Blizzard take Note. ...mat82284286 Jul 30
Jul 30 A note about spending Paragon Points[FAQ] The following is generally unnecessary for veterans..or hardcore players, lol. A lot of people have been asking how to spend their paragon points. Wish I could just tell you all that there is a single best way to answer this question. Unfortunately (and simultaneously, fortunately) we're all more different now than ever before. Even the guide I wrote for Chainpocalypse doesn't tell a full story - because ya can't just go buy the pieces you need to make it work. We have what we have and we work with what we work with. That being said, a simple, no nonsense way to spend paragon points is: Don't spend any. Go out into battle with none of them spent. Feel out where the issues are "natively" on your gear set. Don't worry about dying. You want your character to die. When your character dies, take a note of HOW and WHY they died: An elite cast Desecrator under my feet and I died quickly, even though I have decent Armor/AllRes... You may want to invest into Life Regeneration. Mitigating damage is wonderful and very important. But without a target to hit, your other Life regenerating skills are useless. Put some points into Life Regeneration so you can counter that Damage over Time (DoT) I don't seem to hit very hard. Lots of white numbers, not a lot of yellows :( It is first important for you to know that not every critical hit will appear as a yellow number. Some of them appear as white numbers, such as critical hits from Area Damage. Some of our skills also don't display the numbers in yellow. Secondly, your critical hit chance may be low. What is low? :) - That's not the point of this thread. You need to do your research to see where you should be. If you are 2-5% below where you feel you absolutely must be, you might want to invest some Paragon points into Critical Hit Chance. However, if you are more than 5% away from your target Crit Chance - that's a GEAR issue, not one that you can solve with Paragon Points. Use CHC PP as a gap filler, not a bridge builder. My build requires me to take a lot of CDR and RCR rolls, but I'm seriously impacting my damage output in the process You may benefit from using PP to "replace" a missed roll on your gear. For example, I have a ring in my inventory that has 400 int, 6.0 CHC, 1200 LoH, 7.0 CDR. I know good and well that there should be Critical Hit Damage on the ring slot. But I don't want to give up any of these rolls. THIS is where I would turn to Paragon Points to bridge the gap, effectively filling up that missed stat on the ring. Paragon Points are not ALWAYS about getting ahead. Sometimes, they're about catching up. Where should I get my movement speed from? The boot, or the Paragon points? I've seen this question pop up many times. As usual, there is NO right answer for everyone. But we can break it down somewhat. First of all, remember that movement speed added to the boot slot can ONLY equate to Intelligence or Vitality (or max AP) in Paragon Points. If you have a piece of gear that rolled Int, Skill%, Vit, and MS for primaries, that means you can get Intelligence or perhaps needed Vitality from your Paragon Points. However, if you place the burden of movement speed on Paragon Points, you open up a massive window for that stat. All Res and Armor rolls are not to be taken lightly. That's big mitigation to pass up for some extra int or vit from taking the MS on the boot. I generally recommend most people to put their Paragon Points into Movement Speed so they can free up that roll on the gear. Is it worth it for me to add Paragon Points to Area Damage If you are shuffling around a very select handful of paragon points, I would avoid Area Damage for now. I'm not dismissing the awesome power of Area Damage! It is gg awesome sauce stuff, but it's an EXPENSIVE proposition when you're Paragon 200 or less. You'd do much better to invest into Resource Cost Reduction. Whether your build uses a channeling spell such as Disintegrate or Ray of Frost...or uses a spender such as Meteor or Energy Twister, paying less Arcane Power for your skill will take you farther in the short run. Please note that I said the short run. As you accumulate more and more Paragon Points, this may change. When short handed though, I stand by this recommendation. What value is there in Armor% and Life% and Vitality In short, I don't believe you should waste a whole lot of time with Life% or Vitality. It's sort of funny - because at the time of me writing this thread, I in fact AM using Vitality points. And I'm willing to admit I'm doing it wrong. I could save myself a ton of trouble by swapping an Int gem to a vitality gem. Check it - How many Pargaon points do you need for +280 Vitality? 280/5 =56. You would need to be Paragon Level 224 or above to even make this a reality. It's a heck of a lot easier to just swap a gem. Sheet DPS isn't everything. As far as Armor% is concerned, it's probably better to invest directly into All Resist instead. The general rule of thumb is that 10 Armor = 1 All Res. So let's take a look at that. Say you have 8,000 Armor and 1500 All Res. You're not at 10 to 1, and to be honest, we seldom ever will be, because our characters natively stack Resist All. 1 Paragon Point into Armor% would equate to 40 Armor. 1 Point into All Res will stack 5 All Res. All Res ftw. You get more bang for your buck, most of the time, from All Res. Feeling squishy? Spend your points on All Res. It's a great general rule of thumb. As a side, general rules of thumb are just that - general. As you gather more points, this whole thing may change (Really though...it won't) When should I put points into Gold Find? Never. Total gimmick. If you put points into gold find and die more or kill slower because of it, it's a losing fiscal proposition. In fact, even if you're making a gold find SET of GEAR, you're going to get more gold from killing faster and dying less often than the % to gold. Stay out of the Gold Find category, folks. I need Cooldown Reduction/Resource Cost Reduction. Should I get it on gear, or Paragon Points, or both? Mathematically, each piece of gear you put CDR/RCR on will benefit less and less. This thread is not supposed to be math intensive (cheap excuse for being bad at math) but I will say this as a general rule of thumb: Get as many points of CDR and RCR as you need - in as few rolls as possible. 10% is the largest roll you can get outside of a socketed helm for CDR, so if you need CDR, getting it from Paragon Points is by far the best place to get it. I believe that 10% RCR is the highest roll possible anywhere, so getting that number from Paragon Points is again, beneficial. To illustrate this point with no math, Let's just look at this: Gear set 1: 4%CDR on ring, 4% CDR on ring, 4% CDR on amulet Gear set 2: 6%CDR on ring, 6% CDR on ring. Gear set 2 will have more CDR. Get it? Is Max AP a good spot to spend my points? Tricky question. Glad you asked. That's a joke. Anyway..generally? No. Not a good place to spend points...an additional 25 Arcane Power by itself isn't going to let you cast an additional meteor (unless we're talking about Starpact), or another Orb or another Blizzard (unless we're talking about Snowbound). This doesn't always apply so simply, of course, but even with a healthy amount of RCR, the extra AP is not worth giving up the points to Intelligence. Anyway, just a few quick FAQ. Hopefully it helps! And I'll try and add to it as I can.Melkor35 Jul 30
Jul 29 Earthquake vs Blizzard Does anyone else think that blizzard should stack like the barbarians earthquakes? Possibly have a legendary item that allows the stacking of blizzard, set a limit though, possibly 2 or 3 blizzards stacking. What do you guys think?AnimalMan14 Jul 29
Jul 29 2.4 Wizard Wishlist Blizzcon is coming and I'm hoping for some good news (really any news) on how they plan on balancing wizards into group play. Hopefully they do a tavern type talk like they did last year and we can put in some suggestions. My QoL wishes Legendary Gems in Kanai's CubeReason - Switching back and forth between characters to find my bane of the trapped (because it's "best" for most builds/classes) gets very annoying on top of server stress from entering/leaving game. Putting them in the cube clears that up since it's account wide. It also frees up some stash space. Right now, we have 20 Lgems and counting that spots cleared up in stash by moving them to the cube After paragon 800, +2 to main stat instead of +5 (Vit still does +5 up to 50 stacks then +1 after)Reason - Paragons rule the leaderboards this allows some more casual players compete. This will narrow the gap between the high paragon levels and mid paragon levels. Buffing Goblin ShrinesReason - I haven't seen one since they were nerfed. I'm doubting they even exist anymore. Goblin shrines were fun. Place them outside of rifts making bounties more worth running since you can double up on farming mats. Remove/Cap +XP gearReason - You should have noticed a huge gap between those who solo and those who group play. +XP is already granted for playing in groups and even more when you can run with 2-3 XP players. Capping or even removing will lower the gap a decent amount. Remove Caves from Grifts tile options.Reason - These maps are quite challenging. They usually have multiple dead ends and loops which kill your chances at completing a Grift successfully. Furthermore, they usually have a very poor density making it even harder on tap of the map layout. Removing them from the tile options should reduce fishing and server stress. Update sets/items with pointless general affixes (I.E. +MF on Cain's set)Reason - affixes like +MF, +GF, and +MS should be removed off set bonus/gems. Since these affixes fail to give the same bonus as going up in a Torment level. Changing a Topaz in helm to RCR and Emerald to Area Damage will give more bonus than other affixs. Additional Legendary Gems for weaponsReason - Emerald is by far the best option to put in the socket on our weapons. Legendary gems offer some diversity there. They should probably beat an emerald after level 50-ish. Sage set now actually gives double DBsReason - T9/10 are not worth running when farming death breathes. I can clear faster and net more DB because it's not a true double of DBs. Allowing 4 DBs when 2 drop naturally would make T9-T10 worth running IMO. My Wizard wishes Wand of Woh rolling Melee redux as an additional secondaryReason - Wizard does not have the 30% damage redux that other melee classes have. This is a big hit on the rarest item for wizard since it requires us to go melee. Adding melee redux as a secondary for this item (since it really is special) would allow us to run this item in higher grifts. Updated affixes for: Slorak's, Valthek's Rebuke, Smoldering Core, Broken Staff, Autumn's Call, Starfire, Blackhand KeyReason - These items either have bad affixes or no affixes. Slorak's - Channeling spells no longer have a ramp up (item now can roll +Dis, RoF, or AT) Valthek's Rebuke - Energy Twister now travels at half or double it's normal speed and circles around you (think Arcane Orb) Smoldering Core -let this item affect elites or redesign it to all meteor's now come in a shower (Meteor Shower becomes bigger) Broken Staff - Mirror Images now deal X% of you damage Autumn's Call - Blizzard now stacks X times Starfire - Star Pact no longer drains your AP and damage increase is calculated at your MAX AP pool Blackhand Key - Removes the Cooldown on blackhole but costs 25 AP Magic Weapon and Familiar work like Laws with some type of active buffReason - I know somewhere at sometime someone said that these were going to be looked at. I feel 2.4 should be the right time or "soon" as you guys put it. Cast MW or Familiar and forget it is really really boring. Making them like Laws and Matras would be nice. Make most/all of them buff party to make us wanted in group play. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/16773747583#8 Reworked Firebird's setReason - DoT is boring. Hit a marker then stay within distance and watch it die. This set needs to be redone completely. There are alot of good posts in the past about possible changes. AW procs F/R bonusReason - Simple: It just should. It's a teleport is a "spender" once AW is equipped. Tal's buff can restackReason - Why the buff falls off to begin with is begin with is beyond me. Change the icon for buff bar to be slices of pie in colors if it would be too hard to see which needs to be restacked. Tal's 4pc should be changed from a specific element to All Resist and amount should be comparable to straight damage mitigationReason - Most classes get mitigation to all forms and a flat redux, but wizard get a buff to 4 elements and less overall. If you get a wasps or bogan greater rift, might as well restart because you are automatically SOL not to mention majority of RGs are of the poison element. PROC-COEFFS worked onReason - They were nerfed to the ground because of CM. CM is gone, but proc-coeffs were never adjusted. Diamond Skin to work like Ignore PainReason - Shields do not scale well in greater rifts and this skill is one of the least used skills in the game. Please just make this skill work like Ignore Pain. Give it a cooldown. Unruned - Become encase in a diamond shell decreasing incoming damage by X% for X seconds Healing Cocoon - Gain X life per second while Diamond Skin is active Cutting Diamond - Gain X% damage while Diamond Skin is active Encasement - Project your shell outward. giving all allies w/i your extended shell diamond skin benefits. (this will look kinda like a slow time bubble) In The Rough - decreases cooldown by X seconds The Shining - While diamond skin is active, your Arcane Power o Critical Hit is doubled Item to make non - mammoth hydra worth usingReason - All hydras are crap compared to Mammoth hydra. Please update Magistrate or add a new item to make non-mammoth more competitive. New Affix can be Aerial attacking hydras now cast Arcane Orbs of their element. Channeling plans (would be nice to know how they are going to fix skills that don't work with the gameplay)Reason - Channeling spells honestly feel like they have no place in the end game. It requires us to stand still but the game meta is to move and kill fast while channeling is for long battles. I'm really curious on how you guys plan on making this spell work because it's really it's core principles that don't work with the game. EVERYONE would like to see a channeling set. A complete overhaul of our armoursReason - Our Armors are really not that great. Outside of Energy Armor (runes Prismatic and Force Armour) they provide little to no defense. They really need to be looked at. There are multiple posts in the past on the ptr and wizard forum on possible changes or ideas. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/15005461524#7 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13595440012#1 Other's wishes Proctection Bracers - Suggested by JennyReason - Channeling makes up 1/2 of our spenders and they are almost usuable because we can not stand still to take damage Gain a Shield for 300% of your Life after casting a Signature Spell. (this has a 3 second cooldown) or While Channeling all damage is reduced by 30% APoC is a secondary roll on Wizard Helmets, Wands, and Sources - Suggested by TheDutchManReason - Could open up the ability to spam more and some builds we wouldn't be required to use MW-Conduit or Familiar-Arcanot or Storm Armor-Power of the Storm Passives need a overhaul - Suggested by MuzReason - We have really good passives (Audacity, Elemental Exposure, Illusionist to a degree), but majority of our passives are lackluster. I will post other threads with previous ideas. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13568066930#3 Wizard set helms changed to Wizard Hats - Suggested by MalakaiReason - they should capable of rolling APoC and Max AP. It can be build-limiting at times always having to choose Magic Weapon: Conduit for just about every single build that uses AP regularly.kasper301615173 Jul 29
Jul 29 Will Season 7 Fix The Firebird Archon Glitch Does anyone know if the wizard will still be able to lock in the stacks using the firebirds burning elite glitch ?Inquisitor1 Jul 29
Jul 28 Ideas for Lightning/Cold sets? Why not! So, me and a friend were talking about Firebird's, and how we wished there was more elemental themed sets. At the same time, Chain Lightning's always been a favorite of mine(Despite having several support legendaries, there's no real use for it..), so.. Zerae's Pantheon (Not the best name, since it's more tied to Amazon's, but...sure. Sounds good.) (2) You become able to have three Hydras out. Hydra's are transformed into Thundercloud Hydras, doing 500% increased damage. (I'd imagine Thundercloud hydras are more whispy dark gray hydras. Making the arcane one gray instead of purple would work!) (4)Electrocute gains the effect of the Chain Lightning rune. Chain Lightning can now bounce to Hydras, and each target hit gives 5% damage reduction for 10 seconds. Max 10 stacks. (There should probably be some sort of buff to Electrocute itself, but I'm not sure what to do outside flat numbers.) (6) When your Electrocute hits a Hydra, it releases a nova of electricity, doing 12500% weapon damage in 20 yards around the Hydra. The real gem of the set, turning the build into sort of a setplay character. Position your Hydras well, then bounce lightning to them to create a storm of deadly lightning novas! It'd require good positioning and setup, sorta akin to M6, but I feel like it'd be a neat playstyle. 12500% might be too strong with stuff like Delsere belt and Myken's, but that could be tuned. I know this sort of thing is incredibly unlikely to happen(Although I'd love if a blue popped in, haha), but I hope if we get more sets, we get more elemental-themed sets akin to Firebird's. What would you guys suggest for such things? I wanna see your ideas!NemesisZeru7 Jul 28
Jul 28 Meteor Wiz? 2.4.2 Think we can build it? Seems functional, at first glance, if we can keep at 40 yards and stuff is grouped. Shouldn't have the damage of Archon, however. http://ptr.d3planner.com/920211424 EDIT: Updated with correct Legendary gems.Venaliter71 Jul 28
Jul 28 PTR Ecthed sigil twister bug. Please fix this bug before releasing live. Recent twister fix is part of the cause. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWz--ZLb-9g Posting here for priority bug ticket. So its not released live like previous bugs reported. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/20747284573Strongodds5 Jul 28
Jul 27 T7 question... I need some input here. Im having trouble getting through T7 rifts and need some insight as to whether its gear related, skill set or maybe im just a terrible player...JasonDouglas1 Jul 27
Jul 27 Tal Rasha vs Firebird - What am I missing? Hello guys. I'm currently running a Disintegrate Deathwish+Etched Sigil build using the Tal Rasha set. http://www.diablofans.com/builds/82006-tal-rasha-deathwish I very easily can maintain the +2500% damage buff and can quickly clear lvl60 GRifts. But I keep hearing that the optimal set for this kind of build is Firebird. If I use that set, switching my runes for full fire damage and even including Frost Nova with Bone Chill instead of Electrocute, my clear time and survivability decrease by a lot compared to the Tal Rasha set up. I find obtaining the damage bonus to be much slower and difficult compared to the instant bonus of Tal Rasha. Paper DPS and Toughness are pretty much equal between the two builds. What am I missing? Is it just that Tal Rasha is the best set for this kind of build? Thanks guys!TehGems2 Jul 27
Jul 27 Firebird Hydra build ? Is there any build using hydras and firebird set that can clear 70-80GR easily ?xEcronomus1 Jul 27
Jul 27 Fire mage with meteors? So I have been trying to build a fire mage for a while now and am not really hitting the effectiveness I'd like in part because of the poor drops but just in general because of the build too. So I've decided to seek help. I was hoping for meteors to be my main attack and would like if at all possible to run grand vizier as my actual weapon. Admittedly the staff is an aesthetic thing so if any staff would be best that is what I'd like to go with. I'd also like to only run fire based skills. Right now I run Energy Twister to debuff things to fire, black hole to pull things in, familiar for a buff, Hydra, blizzard, and of course then I spam meteors.Chronos2 Jul 27
Jul 27 Legacy Wizard Boots Do you think these will stack? If I cube the 200% boots and wear the 100% boots. Will I push higher with the legacy boots on and the 200% boots cubed? Kappa. For real though, I don't know. http://imgur.com/VMFM8m2AnimalMan0 Jul 27
Jul 26 SS Meteor Tal Rasha Wizard Ok so I'm definitely open to any and every suggestion on this. I want to create a Magma Hydra Meteor spam wizard. My friend is a very tanky monk who is good at keeping the mobs rounded up so I don't necessarily need survivability. Do I want Enforcer or Bane of the Trapped? Also how does Tal Rasha's set compare to the revamped Litany of Nightmares? I only just realized they changed that god awful set.SuppiKun1 Jul 26
Jul 26 Stuck at ~GR65 Profile (a well-rolled ancient Traveler amulet is not shown here) http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Cupelix-1806/hero/3507999 The last time I really played was before Kanai's Cube. Back then I could do GR~50 or a little higher which was sort of average. Now I see people talking about getting gear that can do GR90 in a few hours and I feel stupid for struggling to break GR70 after many many hours. I'm running a full DMO orbit build. It's my understanding that this build is capable of pushing much higher than GR65. My best is 67 so far. I could probably go a little higher by fishing. But after 65 I quickly start hitting both a survivability and DPS wall. I know some of my pieces aren't great. But is it just that? Is it paragon levels? Is the build just not ideal? l2p? I run BotT, BotS and BotP for gems, they're level 67. I do have a full FB set with a few ancient pieces and a pretty well-rolled ancient FB source. I don't like the archon build because I can't reset the cooldown nearly fast enough. Plus with an incoming nerf I don't want to set myself up for that. I have a Deathwish that's not very good and would need to level a Taeguk gem to try the channeling build. But I have the other pieces to try it. Is that a better option? I've read up on builds and watched the videos but I'm still having difficulty. Someone school a noob!Cupelix3 Jul 26
Jul 26 NERF Wizards and the 3 zdps meta immediately I'm not going anywhere with this thread. It seems like people here are so conditioned to everything being imbalanced in D3 that they simply do not care about the state of the game or any type of balance between classes. Why? because of their class being bad in a prior patch ? Whatever. I'm done with this thread. Nothing will change because apathy of the community for class balance and the unwillingness to demand actual changes. This is why D3 has to go through seasons of inferior / overpowered classes and people seem too used to this concept that they want to keep it this way. Yes, i used the word nerf and most wizards won't like that. Whatever. Wizards are so blatantly overpowered they can clear 100+ Grifts with 3 zdps classes. No other dps class can even come close to doing this.Wizards essentially control the entire 4 player leaderboard and needs to be nerfed now for overall class balance in grifts. Then, the 3 zdps meta will be gone overnight and other non-Wizard DPS classes will actually have a chance to play. Class balancing between every class within reason is something Blizz needs to be doing constantly even during seasons so a single class doesn't dominate everything. Its also the first week of the season so it wont have that much impact if changes are made now. There is no reason we should let wizard + 3 zdps control the leaderboards for 3 months just so you can HOPE that your _______ class can be the one overpowered next patch. MAKE every dps class somewhat balanced and MAKE changes through out seasons and of course, bring wizards back to earth so others can have the chance to play dps in HIGH grift groups as opposed to zdps support roles for a wizard. Just nerf the ET sword. There needs to be a cap on it. This season its ET wizards stacking attack speed being able to spam ET to infinity with 3 zdps generating orbs so they can spam more ET. Each extra ET they pump out gives astacking damage boost with the weapon they have. The Broken Sword Energy Twister damage is increased by 125–150% for each Energy Twister you have out. Wizards have a damage multiplier of 2000% from their set. 100% multiplier from their compass set bonus 150% for each Energy Twister 2000% * 200% = 4000% So you have a 4000% normal damage multiplier from set bonuses and this is then multiplied by 150% for each ET. One ET is 4000% * 250% = 10000% 2 ET is 4000% * 250% * 250% ( base ET damage increased for each ET) = 25000 % 3 ET is 4000% * 250% ^ 3 ( base ET damage increased again) = 62500 % 20 ETs being out = some stupid high dps number.... additive One ET is 4000% * 250% = 10000% 2 ET is 4000% * (1 + % ( base ET damage increased for each ET) = 16000% 3 ET is 4000% * (1 + % + % ( base ET damage increased again) = 22000% 20 ETs being out = another stupid high dps number.... Both calculations have ET doing stupid amount of damage On top of that base set bonus and ET multipler bonus, you then multiply those bonuses with the damage buff, debuffs and grouping that 3 zdps party members provide and the nonstop globes for resource generation with massive attack speed stacking for more ET spam, you can easily see how powerful these buffs stack together and they get exponentially stronger with every ET they can put out. Which is why they are they are much better than any other class and needs to be nerfed. Zdps classes are not the problem. Its certain specs that have broken mechanics ( ET Wiz, Static charge monk) that are overpowered. Take any 3 zdps classes and put them in a group with a DPS barb, monk, wd, dh or sader and they will never be able to clear grift 100+ with 3 zdps in the party this season.yang119 Jul 26
Jul 26 My build I seemed to have plateaued and need help getting more out of my toon. t10, 42 grifts, want to run higher grifts, but I dont want to change too much. Thanks in advanceEnemyX3 Jul 26
Jul 26 firebirds wiz set - dose it suck ok so i read a forum that said that firebirds wiz set sucks i didnt check when it was so dose reallyVizzini7 Jul 26
Jul 25 Returning player looking for advice. Hey guys! Here's the thing : I've been away from this game since before RoS came out. Bought it a few weeks ago, tried the "new" Crusader, loved it but I also wanna build a wiz since I missed my CMWW Wiz. Trying Woh Flashfire build to farm some TX rifts and get some gear, but could someone please guide me as to what changes should I make to the build to be able to farm Grifts? Since I understand Goldwrap is useless there. My highest Grift on my Crusader is only 70 tho, I'm still a lowbie hehe. I'd like to stay away from Archon, and if possible, keep my Wand of Woh since I got a decent ancient one. Thanks in advance!Beelzeboss3D2 Jul 25
Jul 25 zDPS supporting mage is better! First, please looks to the typical zDPS support wizard here: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/81860-wizard-support-meta-changer or this: http://ptr.d3planner.com/467114838 I think, this is a not right way for mages! Because zDPS mage is not the best damage meta improver, but he is really perfect controller, looks like vanilla CM-Wiz(!!!) now: https://youtu.be/JjomXogREt0 A main idea is "the only one support + three damagers" may be equal to current meta of "three supports + only one overbuffed damager". Temporal Flux passive is the absolutely needed because it multiplied to the Slow Time and Bane-of-Trapped slowing bonuses: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/class/wizard/passive/temporal-flux A right plan: http://www.d3planner.com/847420861 Created from real hero: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Layorn-2890/hero/71529322 P.s. see you may reroll base weapon damage to vitality and need to find (int,cdr,lph,as) in stats. Note, that I'm not a native speaker, so if some phrases sounds odd or too harsh, pls be kind. ;-)Layorn2 Jul 25
Jul 25 Simple ideas that will fix Wiz Force Skills I created this topic to assemble some ideas that will fix the underperforming Force Skills (which include all of them, except for Energy Twister). Check it out, guys! ... I think this is enough for Wave of Force, no additional damage roll required. ... This would be great with Serpent Sparker, Elemental Exposure, Tasker and Theo, Tal Rasha and Convention of Elements. High Area Damage would also perform great in this kind of build. Certainly Hydra would be more than just a weak supporting spell. ... ... This will solve Blizzard's core problems: high AP cost, poor damage and small radius. With this items, I think Blizzard could be a strong spell like it was in Diablo 2. Maximum radius need to be capped, though. ... Current Meteor has poor area, and low damage for its high AP cost. "Similar" skills (like Monk's Wave of Light-Explosive Light) have excellent damage, hit a huge area and don't have delay to deal damage. Along with Nilfur's, this would make Meteor builds finally viable. Probably, Meteor Shower will need be reworked, as there won't be necessary further upgrades in Meteor's area. Thanks for reading! :)Raijin171 Jul 25
Jul 24 Melee Wizards: Shield Discussion I got tired of being so squishy and failing to get a Mirrorball from Kadala, so I instead replaced my tri-source with a shield. And it worked surprisingly well. The survivability gain was very noticeable (in T5/T6) and the DPS loss was not as big as I had expected. (The shield isn't even reforged optimally yet.) I'm unsure how much of the gain is coming from the armor and how much is coming from the block. If I reforge to +block chance and switch a ring to Justice Lantern, I could get up to 47% block chance.... Has anyone else tried the shield route?kalisti5 Jul 24
Jul 24 DETERMINED to complete a throwback godly Currently wiz is hurting. So. Im making my fav of all time tele calamity wiz. Cant wait to not stop till very strongSnis0 Jul 24
Jul 24 Challenge: Remaking my D2 Blizz Sorc in D3 Hey Wizard experts! I want to make my D3 Wizard as much as possible like my D2 Blizzard Sorceress and still be... semi-competitive. Is this possible? I've been doing this ever since I started playing D3 with my Frailcia character. Any suggestions on how to make her more viable?Melos6 Jul 24
Jul 23 Remove Fazulas, please If you give the FB set a comparable dmg buff to other wizard sets, FB archon will always win out huge. As it is now, it will be very hard for any non-archon wizard build to even get close to 90. Fazulas gives all archon builds a multiplier of 8. With chantodo set archon forms easily deal 8000-11000% wpn dmg with a massive AOE. Easy fix. Remove Fazulas. This will stop the guaranteed buff of 300% - 700% depending on stack phase. Stacks would have to be earned. This would put archon builds in the same ball park as non-archon builds Please build Fazulas into the 6PC of Vyrs.aloc7 Jul 23
Jul 23 Just for one day... If you were in charge of the Wizard class for just one day, what would you change? Myself, I'd love to see a Wizard specific legendary for almost every spell we have. There are a lot of them that don't really do much in terms of adding to the experience of how we play, and some don't do anything at all. It's all fine and dandy to slap some multiplicative damage bonuses on them with Y now deals X% more damage, but this is boring. I'd love to see some legendarys that actually change something about the skill to make gameplay more interesting, and increase build variety. Here's what I would change if I were in charge for just one day... Wizardspike http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/wizardspike "Enemies hit by Shock Pulse release 2 additional bolts. Bolts released from enemies deal twice as much damage, but are half as likely to release additional bolts as the bolt that produced them." Procs are annoying. Especially when there's no reliable way to proc them. This is WIZARDspike, a dagger meant to be wielded by Wizards. Let's take it back and make it augment one of our lesser used primaries, Shock Pulse. This would turn a mostly single target spell into one that deals more damage to a group of enemies. So you would fire of Shock Pulse, it impacts 3 enemies. The first 3 bolts would have a 100% chance to split upon impact. Now 6 bolts are released in random directions that deal twice the damage, but now they only have a 50% chance to split upon impact. The process would keep repeating, doubling the damage, but halving the chance to split until the chance becomes so small that no more split. To put it in perspective, a standard Shock Pulse bolt that had split 3 times would deal 1,552% weapon damage, but only have a 6.25% chance to split again. The Power Affinity rune would now be an excellent choice should you require a fast way to regain Arcane Power. Piercing Orb and Living Lightning would only split upon the first enemy impacted otherwise it would get out of control, and make these 2 runes the obvious choice. Deathwish http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/deathwish "Ray Of Frost, Arcane Torrent, and Disintegrate's maximum damage can now exceed its cap by an additional 2-3 seconds, and will remain at its highest damage reached for 2-3 seconds after you stop channeling. All damage is increased by 30–35% while channeling Ray of Frost, Arcane Torrent, or Disintegrate." This item has the right idea, but it doesn't provide enough additional damage to make channeling viable. We could just up the multiplicative buff, but that's boring. This is an item intended to aid channeling so let's make it do that. For instance, Sleet Storm starts off at 300% weapon damage, increasing every second by 220%, to a maximum of 740% weapon damage. This new affix would allow you to channel it past its cap to a new max of 1400% weapon damage after 5 seconds of channeling. Standard Ray of Frost would now hit for 2455%, Arcane Torrent - 1925%, and Disintegrate - 1640% weapon damage. Sounds like a nice damage boost, but useless if it keeps falling off every time you stop channeling. This new affix would allow you some breathing room should you need to reposition or find a new pack of monsters to melt. The Smoldering Core http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-smoldering-core "Reduce the cooldown of Meteor:Molten Impact to 3 seconds. Molten Impact now produces a Wave of Force:Heat Wave when it impacts." The existing affix for this weapon just doesn't help in any way. Considering all the CC nerfs from previous patches, plus all the new ones on the way, an affix like this is just useless. All it does is ensure that a monster will get hit by 1 meteor, and that doesn't even include Elites. No, there's a much better use for this, Molten Impact. Molten Impact is an awesome Meteor rune. What isn't awesome is its staggeringly excessive cooldown. It's cooldown came about because of something that doesn't even exist on a Wizard today, Critical Mass. Now that it's gone, let's do something about it with this weapon. Removing it's cooldown altogether would seem excessive, and make it the go to rune for Meteor. Reducing it to 3 seconds seems just about right though. The Heat Wave is just icing on the cake. Plus it would look freaking awesome! Mark of The Magi http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/mark-of-the-magi "Disintegrate gains the effect of all runes. Chaos Nexus discharges now Blind and Slow enemies for 3 seconds." Gaining all runes for Disintegrate feels appropriate here, and is an indirect buff as enemies close enough would be hit by the widenend beam in addition to the Entropy cone. The Chaos Nexus discharges would also offer protection against enemies that get too close by having the same effect as the Cord of the Sherma to any enemies hit. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/cord-of-the-sherma Whether you want Disintegrate to hit as Arcane or Fire would be decided by rune selection. Convergence for all runes as Fire, any other for all as Arcane. The rune Intensify would take this selection into account also. Valthek's Rebuke http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/valtheks-rebuke "Energy Twister now travels in a straight path, and grows larger the longer it travels." I remember a ranged Demon Hunter build with slow moving blue electric spheres spammed from the user. This modified affix takes its inspiration from that, but with Twisters. You would spam Twisters and they would grow up to maybe 3 times the size at maximum distance. If equipped Twister would need to be changed back to cast from users location, not pointer location. This, in conjunction with the stationary Twister nerf likely to be deployed to the live servers, would stop the stacking of Raging Storm to produce Twisters 6 times in size. It would also open up the other Twister runes as viable options again. Starfire http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/starfire "The damage bonus for Meteor:Star Pact is now increased to 100% weapon damage per point of extra Arcane Power spent. There is a 50% chance to recover all of your Arcane Power when a Star Pact impacts an enemy." I like that Blizz is having a crack at a ranged Wizard, but what's proposed on the PTR is insta-salvage. Limiting it to just Lightning spells and capping it makes no sense what-so-ever. See the suggested affixes above and below for some alternatives. There is however something, I think, that this item was made for, Star Pact. Star Pact used to be quite powerful, but with all the number inflation and multiplicative buffs thrown around, it got left behind. Even with Nilfur's Boast, you're still better off using Meteor Shower. Hopefully this buff increase will do the trick. The big bonus here though is the 50% chance to cast one again if it impacts an enemy. How many could you string together on a Rift Guardian before you actually ran out of Arcane Power? Unstable Scepter http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/unstable-scepter "Arcane Orb now pierces and explodes twice at its casted location. Arcane Orb's damage is increased by 25% for every 10 yards between you and it." Now this is how you fix a broken spell, while simultaneously making it viable for a ranged build. Cast it as far away as you want, and it gets stronger the further it goes. Not just the explosion either, but all of it. While we're on the subject of Arcane Orb, Scorch's wall of fire should stack. This shouldn't be something that is fixed with an item. The spell itself needs this change to be a viable choice. Blackhand Key http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/blackhand-key "Arcane Torrent:Death Blossom projectiles are now pulled toward Black Holes. Death Blossom missiles that don't impact an enemy leave behind an Arcane Mine." I love the idea of this rune. Something so powerful, you can barely control it. But sadly the way the game works just doesn't allow for it to be a viable choice. What is needed is something that can direct it; even if for a small time. Additionally, the Arcane Mines are a nice way of feeling like channeling Death Blossim isn't a complete waste of time. Serpent's Sparker http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/serpents-sparker "You may have one extra Hydra active at a time. Increase Hydra attack speed by 50%." A simple addition, but still welcome. (This may not seem like much, but check out the Dark Mage's Shade below for more Hydra synergy). Wand of Woh http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/wand-of-woh "3 additional Explosive Blasts are triggered after casting Explosive Blast, each one 3 yards bigger, and 30% more powerful than the previous." Another simple addition to a rare item in need of some more power. As an example, you would cast an Explosive Blast, let's say Flash (12 yards-945%WD), and Woh would release a second (15 yards-1,229%WD), a third (18 yards-1,598%WD), and a fourth (21 yards-2,077%WD). Fragment of Destiny http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/fragment-of-destiny "Spectral Blade attacks 50% faster and deals 150–200% increased damage. All other primary spells gain half benefit." With all the suggestions listed here, every Primary spell would have a legendary that would buff it. It's only fair that Spectral Blade recieve the most benefit from this item then. Gesture of Orpheus http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/gesture-of-orpheus "Wave of Force is now affected by Slow Time, reducing the waves speed by 90%. Slow Time bubbles now deal damage equal to double the total damage of all Waves of Force present inside them per second." This affix gives back to Slow Time what Blizz took away, its ability to deal damage. So lets say you spam some Static Pulses inside a Slow Time bubble, and with your attack speed you can have 3 in a bubble at once. That bubble will now deal 2,340%WD as Lightning per second. (This is in addition to any damage the actual Static Pulses make). Switch to Heat Wave and with 3 in a bubble at once, the bubble now deals %2,850WD as Fire per second. The faster your attack speed, the more you can pump into a bubble at once, increasing the damage the bubble does. It would update dynamically too. If you stopped casting, and all the Waves of Force dissapated, the Slow Time bubble would return to doing no damage. Seems like a good way to indirectly buff Wave of Force, while still not directly tying it the DMO set as it's only dependant on a Slow Time bubble. Atrophy http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/atrophy "Burning enemies suffer 2% reduced attack speed, 6% reduced movement speed, and an increase in burn damage by 30% for every second they burn, up to a maximum of 20%, 60%, and 300% respectively." (Magic Missile:Conflagrate, Hydra:Blazing Hydra, Magic Weapon:Ignite, & 4pc Firebirds). This is a wand called Atrophy. This wand has fire damage. This wand shall now atrophy burning enemies. This wand shall now intensify burns. A nice choice to use with the Firebird set as enemies burning from the 4pc bonus will take 12,000%WD after burning for 10 seconds. Dark Mage's Shade http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/dark-mages-shade "Hydra attacks now generate Arcane Dynamo Flashes of Insight" I honestly don't think the existing legendary effect on this hat has ever worked. Let's use this item for something better, Hydra. You can throw all sorts of stats and buffs at Hyrda, but at the end of the day, it's just supplimental damage. This change turns you into a spender smashing juggernaut. Combine it with the Serpent's Sparker suggestion above and now virtually every spender you cast will be buffed by Arcane Dynamo. No Primary needed! Archmage's Vicalyke http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/archmages-vicalyke "Mirror Images now flank you, copying your attacks. If you die while a Mirror Image is present, you take the place of an Image." The existing affix on this item is just straight out flawed. Mirror Images are rarely ever killed by an enemy because they just run away when spawned. This suggested affix will change the way Images behave. They will no longer taunt enemies, but now flank you, moving when you move, attacking what you attack, when you attack, and with the spell you used to attack. Having an extra cheat death ability will certainly please the HC crowd too. The Magistrate http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-magistrate "Blizzard now costs 25 Arcane Power, and can stack up to 8 times. Each additional stack refreshes the duration of any existing Blizzards it's cast upon." The periodic Frost Nova for Frost Hydra was a welcome addition when we first recieved it. But now that we have a spam-tastic Halo of Arlyse, this affix seems a little redundant. The ability to stack Blizzard is of much greater value. With this change 8 stacked Blizzards would deal 1,440%WD per second, or 1,810%WD if using the Unrelenting Storm rune. Casting additional Blizzards onto an 8 stack would only refresh its duration. This means you would only need to cast 1 Blizzard, under every 6-8 seconds (depending on rune), on an 8 stack to keep it going, giving you time to attack with another spell. Velvet Camaral http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/velvet-camaral "Double the number of enemies your Electrocute jumps to. For every jump an Electrocute makes, its damage is increased by 10%. (Multiplicative)." A little change, that would make a big difference. An Electrocute arc would start out at 138%WD, but by its 20th jump would deal 929%WD. Storm Crow http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/storm-crow "Storm Armor lightning strikes now emit a Short Fuse Explosive Blast at the point of impact." Another silly proc. If I recall correctly, way back in the vanilla days, all Wizards wanted was a fireball. This was the answer to that. Well we have fireballs now. Actual fireball skills, not procs. Let's take the Fire/Lightning Promethean theme of this hat and run with it. The Short Fuses would benefit from any set/damage bonuses, and perhaps even the Wand of Woh. We could even go one step further with the Fire/Lightning combo theme and have it dual-roll both Fire & Lightning skills deal X% more damage. This hat would be an excellent way to deal Explosive Blast damage at range in a DMO build. The Shame of Delsere http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-shame-of-delsere "Your Signature Spells attack 50% faster and restore 9–12 Arcane Power. Ray of Frost, Arcane Torrent, and Disintegrate now benefit from Delsere's Magnum Opus bonuses." Simple, yet would allow a greater number of build varieties with DMO. Especially if combined with some the suggestions listed here. Jang's Envelopment http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/jangs-envelopment "Black Holes will now spawn a Slow Time bubble after they have collapsed." I love the idea of a Black Hole rupturing space and time, causing a temporary time dilation field. DMO build with Black Hole instead of Slow Time on your skill bar anyone? Of course all Slow Time bubbles spawned by Black Holes would recieve and apply any appropriate buffs/debuffs, take into consideration rune selection, and work with DMO. Halo of Karini http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/halo-of-karini "Storm Armor now strikes twice as hard, and twice as often. Storm Armor now reduces damage from ranged attacks by 50-60%, and you take 50–60% less damage for 3 seconds after your Storm Armor electrocutes an enemy more than 30 yards away." Another nice try by Blizz, but no cigar. Ice Armor reduces damage from melee attacks, so it's only fair that Storm Armor should reduce damage from ranged attacks. We could also just buff the duration of the damage reduction buff, but if we make the lightning strike faster, this will proc much more often and also synergise with the suggested Storm Crow affix above. Winter Flurry http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/winter-flurry "The colder an enemy is, the more damage it takes from your cold attacks." (1:1 multiplicative debuff based on enemys reduced movement speed caused by your chill/cold attacks. 100% if enemy is frozen). This is my favourite looking Orb we have as Wizards. Plus it's rare. Too awesome and rare to waste on a stupid on-kill frost nova proc. This orb should be the immediate go-to when creating a cold build. Basically, the more an enemy's movement speed is reduced by Chill from your cold attacks, the more damage they take from your cold attacks at a 1:1 ratio (multiplicative). So if an enemy is Chilled and its movement speed reduced by 60%, it would take 60% (multiplicative) more damage from your cold attacks. If an enemy is Chilled and its movement speed is reduced by 80% (max cap), it would take 80% (multiplicative) more damage from your cold attacks. If an enemy is Frozen, it would take double damage from your cold attacks. This new affix would not only provide a substantial damage increase to cold builds, but would also make the legendary gem Iceblink alot more desired for its increased Chill effect. Light of Grace http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/light-of-grace "Ray of Frost now pierces, no longer auto-targets, and gains the effect of the 'Numb' rune." The auto-targetting of Ray of Frost is semi-helpful when attacking one enemy. Throw in a mob of enemies and it becomes a hindrance. This is the one persisting reason I can't stand to use this orb with ray of frost. If it pierces, it should act just like Disintegrate does. Using this orb to deactivate the auto targetting would make Ray of Frost builds so much easier to use. The 'Numb' rune would also aid in a ranged channeling build. Mirrorball http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/mirrorball "Magic Missile now fires 1–2 extra missiles, can pierce 1-2 times, and bounce off surrounding walls 1-2 times. Magic Missiles deal 50% more damage every time they pierce or bounce." The piercing helps out with Charged Blast, and Glacial Spike, while the bouncing benefits Conflagrate. Myken's Ball of Hate http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/mykens-ball-of-hate "Electrocute can now chain to enemies that have already been hit, and also yourself. Your attack speed is increased by 3% for 3 seconds everytime Electrocute hits you, stacking up to 10 times." This change now makes Electrocute useful for single tartget situations also. The more it hits you, the faster you attack, and the stronger Electrocute becomes if used with the above Velvet Camaral suggestion. Singularity http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/singularity "Black Hole gains the effect of all runes and lasts 2 seconds longer." This orb is called a black hole. To use this orb for anything other than Black Hole would make no sense at all. Granting Black Hole access to all runes simultaneously, turns this spell into something worthy of the name. You would get increased radius & damage, a Fire/Lightning/Arcane/Cold skills deal X% more damage buff, the ability to absorb enemy projectiles & Elite affixes with 20 yards, a 20 yard explosion of your chosen element after Black Hole dissapears, and a straight up damage buff for you with enemy damage debuff. All of this and it would last 2 seconds longer! The Absolute Zero and Blazar elements would be determined by your rune selection. Combine Singularity with the Blackhand Key from above and you've got a pretty deadly combination. The Oculus http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-oculus "Gain the Illusionist passive. Illusionist's movement speed effect is increased to 100% for 10 seconds." Let's not beat around the bush here and just give this item the Illusionist passive. It's close enough anyway. Throw in double movement speed and you've got a nice partner orb for Aether Walker for speed runs. Primordial Soul http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/primordial-soul "Elemental Exposure's damage bonus is now increased to 25% per stack. Each elemental stack also applies its corresponding elemental passive. (Cold Blooded, Conflagration, Paralysis, & Temporal Flux)." No one uses this orb because it doesn't do enough. No one will ever use it now that Elemental Exposure no longer applies to allies. If it's going to be just for whoever has it equipped, let's go to town with it, and make it worth using. Last, but not least, Legacy of Nightmares needs class specific buffs in much the same way that Halcyon's Ascent does. Every class should get a different +X% damage buff per ancient legendary equipped. I won't pretend to know what the other classes should be, as I've only ever played a Wizard, but we should be getting at least +150% damage per ancient. Maybe even +175%. This change to LoN with the above changes would make for some pretty awesome builds. I'd love to equip Blackhand Key, cube Deathwish, equip Singularity, Jang's Envelopment, and cube The Shame of Delsere for some Death Blossom/Black Hole DMO madness.OMEGA7 Jul 23
Jul 23 Stuck on Delsere's Magnum Opus dungeon set Hello, I have one objective left this season: complete a dungeon set. Unfortunately the Wizard set that you're given has an insanely hard dungeon. I get nearly one-shot by the mobs. Here's a link to my character: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Venom-1637/hero/78178512 Is there anything I can do 3 nights before the season ends? I would love to be able to complete this dungeon. My buddy was able to practically faceroll his Barbarian dungeon set at paragon 82. Meanwhile I'm 150 and I just can't do it :/ I only have 1 piece of the Firebird and Tal Rasha set so I can't run those dungeons. Any help/tips/advice? Thanks!Venom10 Jul 23
Jul 23 DMO6 having trouble hitting GR70 The last thing I need to get Guardian is the GR70 journey objective, but I'm having trouble getting there with my DMO build (see my Xain hero). I see a few published builds that use EB, but they don't seem to have a generator which makes Slow Time cooldown and general resource management an issue - I'm not a happy camper dealing with resource and cooldowns so I use MM instead with Shame of Delsere/mirror ball. I've also been using Ranslor's whereas most builds recommend APD, but I'm not dying enough with the DMO build to worry about damage reduction at this point so I'd rather have the pulling power of Ranslor's (even thought it doesn't affect Elites). At present I can easily solo early 60s. I rarely miss a GR65, but I don't have a lot of time left and I have yet to complete a GR67 on my way to GR70. My fastest GR67 was 15:50. Is DMO not a good choice for >GR65? (The builds claim it works up to 90+, but I have trouble getting it past mid-60s.) Do I need to modify my build (go for EB? etc.) I have every set, but I'm not familiar with the play style of the others. I tried Vyrs and it was fun, but seemed to be slow in terms of rift progress. I just tried firebird (non-bug) and had trouble staying alive and managing the ignite property. I could probably get better at that, but the question is how fast and whether there is a more expedient path to getting ready for GR70. I used Tals a bit to get the Tals set dungeon, but then put it away for the seasonal DMO set. Thoughts on getting to GR70 easily in a couple of days?flarbear3 Jul 23