Jul 17 Help/Rate my firebird! Hello guys! Pretty new to Wizard, haven't played the class in a long while! Heard in the upcoming patch Archon/Firebird got scrapped pretty hard, so I'm using a pretty interesting build! http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/HubbaSnubba-2990/hero/80948356 Need some feedback pointers on this 1, gonna fiddle around with the toughness issue, since APD's also got some nerf with the new CC nerf for all monsters. Ty in advanceHubbaSnubba0 Jul 17
Jul 17 Firebug / Gogok question What skills are used to get gogok stacks for CDR? If it's useful then I'm doing something wrong (but can still pass a GR96 solo). At 63% CDR with OROTZ, I'm not out of archon long enough for it to ramp up from arcane torrent to benefit from the 15% CDR. I never saw it stacking much so switched it out for esoteric and didn't see any noticeable difference in time out of archon.Michael88681 Jul 17
Jul 16 Revert Vyr's 4 piece to 1.5%? Posted a topic about this in the PTR thread. Thoughts? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/20747124826#1Christos7 Jul 16
Jul 15 Help to hit GR75! http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Chungus-1325/hero/76993866 I finished 65 with like 30 seconds... Any thoughts aside from ancient gear? I am looking to cube a Furnace, wear Tal Rasha belt, and wear Orb of Infinite Depth. Perhaps I should just try another conquest or use firebug? Thanks!Chungus2 Jul 15
Jul 14 2.4.1 Wizard Firebug - deep mechanics guide Hey guys! As blizzard officially said that they wont punish people using the following build, i want to share my deep mechanics guide of it to provide same condition for everyone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu_F5Mtt1G4 this guide will explain every detail of how it works and you will be able to play easy 90s solo in about 5 minutes with a little practise just grab the items at kadala or cube. there is no need for good rolls. HC is very viable too HF guysdef70 Jul 14
Jul 14 Issue with remaking HC Char? Dear All, I was playing a seasonal HC wizard, with firebird/vyrs build. Sadly I passed away due to some unfortunate circumstances. However, I had backups of my items(or almost all of them). When I equip them though I have a problem. In my kanais cube I still see the ring of royal grander, and can select it. I see in my character that both the 6 piece firebirds and the 2 piece vrys bonus are enabled. However, when I go into archon mode, while I have all the runes, my attacks are arcane and not fire(I do have Combustion selected as my rune). I do not get the ignite damage. Anyone know what could be causing this? Regards, PericlesDrPericles1 Jul 14
Jul 13 Channeling and Spender buffs http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/20747084585 Trying to get a little attention paid to it. Thanks!Gbrav132 Jul 13
Jul 13 Twisters are single-target type of skill? Seams there is this barb that figured how all this game works Totally single-target And nearly all rest barbs bow to him at his wisdom... ... ... ... ... Because obviously....the twisters are so tiny tiny in hitting targets around them that they are like hitting only one...like Frenzy.... Oh and Dust Devils from Wastes are the AOE king..(by being like 30 rifts lower than wiz builds...) Some of you maybe dont know how skills like Frenzy and Dust Devils work... But Still wanted to give to Wizards something to laugh after all this mess up from blizzEnoone2 Jul 13
Jul 13 Help with Spectral Blades build pls I saw a friend use this build in group play and was impressed by how fast it was. So I put one together for myself. I seemingly have all the gear equipped, and use BoT, BoP and the pink gem that increases primary skill damage. The results are generally good. In T10 solo play, I can fly around pretty well with endless teleports and usually in can simply spam Spectral blade to kill everything. If it looks like there are alot of baddies I also pop Black Hole and Frost Nova to get the meteors going, but usually I can get away with just spamming spectral blade. The problem is I often times feel too squishy when there are any kind of difficult affixes on the ground - this is especially felt when in group play and the bad guys take a little longer to kill. I know I could use an ancient Aether Walker to do more damage, and more ancient gear in general would mean higher vitality, but are there any other changes I could do to improve toughness first, and maybe damage second? Or am I doing it wrong?Exiter6 Jul 13
Jul 13 is the chantodo snapshot bug fixed on PTR? ^Christos3 Jul 13
Jul 13 so since the sticking is fixed..... can we have our sword back..... with the 8 max at the least.ShadowWraith2 Jul 13
Jul 13 They "fixed" sticking, so... So they finally fixed sticking. Not exactly the best way because now we as the player need to make sure ET's don't stick. But it was a necessary change I agree with. So just out of curiosity, anybody think they will unnerf the twisted sword? Most of the power came from sticking so at the very least they should revert the stack cap to 8 if not just remove it all together.iAVITN3 Jul 13
Jul 12 Etched sigil and spell with cooldown Hello. I need your help to clear one thing. Etched sigil + Zodiac ring are equipped Casting Disintegrate activates Explosive blast (once every 6 sec). Does Zodiac ring reduce this internal cooldown? Thank you.Ogion12 Jul 12
Jul 12 Firebird/Archon weapon question Firebird 4/6 piece bonus: (4) Set: Dealing Fire damage causes the enemy to take the same amount of damage over 3 seconds, stacking up to 3000% weapon damage as Fire per second. After reaching 3000% damage per second the enemy will Ignite, burning until they die. (6) Set: Your damage is increased by 40% for each enemy that is Ignited. Elites that are Ignited increase your damage by 2000%. You can only have one Elite damage bonus active at a time. I am running the 6 piece firebirds, 2 piece chantodo, with the fazula belt so the standard build, not the bug build. If I am using all ancient pieces, wouldn't I want my chantodo weapon to have the least amount of damage possible? or roll off the damage roll for another stat. So my weapon is: Damage, 10% ed, Intel, cool down. (If I changed the damage to attack speed, my weapon would have less damage like the LON bomb sader does.) With my damage being lower would I be able to ignite the monsters faster (because I can get to 3,000% weapon damage faster- thus causing them to burn to death and giving me more stacks?) By doing this would I be able to do higher gr's? I've solo'd a 90 with my current weapon, just wondering if anyone has tested this or knows. ThanksTagster0 Jul 12
Jul 12 Vyr's Archon not working at all So, having played most of the season with a Demon Hunter, I've just now managed to get a fullish set of Wizard gear for a second character. I'm looking for a build to reach GR80 without Ancients (but with 750-odd Paragon levels). I thought Vyr's Archon would be ideal, as shown here: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/77543-2-4-1-wizard-build-vyrs-archon-gr-97-ptr But it took me nearly 9 minutes to clear GR44! Clearly, I could use some advice. My important stats are 687k damage, 26m toughness, 57% CDR. The problem I'm having is that the Archon stacks increase my attack speed to the point where my Arcane Power drains in 5 seconds. But Chantodo stacks only increase at 1 per second, not 1 per hit, not even 1 per attack. So I only have about 6 Chantodo stacks by the time I can enter Archon Form again. So something's not working at all. Help? BTW: I don't want to play Firebug.Starlite9 Jul 12
Jul 12 FB Archon survival advice for 2p/4p 95+ Profile link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/StoleOwnCar-1814/hero/41936578 So far I've done 94 in 2p with a lot less int than I have now (got a few more augs since then), but I do find that I'm extremely squishy, especially against ranged mobs, even though I'm running with a heal monk. Same thing for 4p. I can do 95+ in 4p, sometimes in under 7-8 mins, but then really bad runs where I die more than once go on to 10 or so. I've seen wizards with less health than me survive seemingly easier, so I'm not sure what it is. I tried running 95 2p today and I died a LOT against ranged mobs especially. I've come to the conclusion that I should probably reroll one of the slots on my offhand to Vit. I'm just not sure whether to do the APOC or the CDR. My current CDR is 59.7. Taking CDR off of the offhand would lower it to 57.6. At the same time I have some RCR on my shoulder too, so maybe taking off the APOC might be better. Advice?StoleOwnCar9 Jul 12
Jul 11 Simple question with an obvious answer Why is it that sometimes I come out of Archon I have 20 seconds of cool down left in order to activate archon again and other times I have about 3 seconds? What proc, cd, stack or whatever am I missing that reduces the cd of Archon sometimes and not others?Dirtyjello6 Jul 11
Jul 11 [2.4.2] FlashFire Wizard i was bored and i tested some TXIII builds and this is by far the best one that i can "create" lol, its based on the Flashfire wizard that was one of the best key farmer, i changed some gear + skills to make it work thanks to the new FB 4pc mechanic i also did some GR60s under 3 min and 2-4 mins TXIII rifts, here's the build, i was using ancient gear/800para and no augments with a lv80+ BotT : http://www.d3planner.com/781408614 TXIII build http://www.d3planner.com/151265913 GR60+DarthNihilus11 Jul 11
Jul 11 Tips for Cursed Chst Conquest with Fire Arch? Been doing the reload for the pillars of the drowned quest, and have been able to find it around 3 times, but keep hitting only 305, 315, 320 on the numbers. The only other build I have is the multi blade teleport build which I think it worse, and both my friends are no longer playing and hitting up the chats for helps only resulted in lowbies looking to mooch and not contribute which hurts, not helps. Any tips?BloodzAT6 Jul 11
Jul 11 ET/Archon - 107 Cleared (R1 US/EU) - BLATTY! VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zK1R_Ox4FUo Leaderboard Proof: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/rankings/season/6/rift-wizard REDDIT RESPONSES: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/4r2n31/new_r1_solo_wizard_useu_blatty_congratulations/Telomir17 Jul 11
Jul 10 FB 4pc revision 100% ok with Firebug being fixed. They shouldnt do it by breaking other builds. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/20745777100Gbrav133 Jul 10
Jul 10 How do i get Primordial Soul??? Im just confused on how i receive this item. I want it for a build and i dont know hot to get it, i have never played a diablo game before this so i am confused. Please help!MidnightVoid3 Jul 10
Jul 10 Caught up on the new changes.... Season 7 journey seems like it might be a chore but I'll do it. Wizard gets one new toy.... *Sigh* this is getting old. Firebirds reminds me of tal's not sure if I like it. Looks like archon got shafted. More of the same it seems. Not that its a bad thing but if you got bored there's not much here to bring you back. I hope they are working on new expansion /game.Andrey1 Jul 10
Jul 10 So, how fast can you self-level ? From 1 to 70, using everything you can use. Since I'm kind of bored and have some time to spend, I decided to toss some gear together, spend some time leveling spider-gems to 25 and creating a nice and easy leveling set. Used it 3 times today, testing things, and got less than 8 minutes. Proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulEYc9lNbBY So, what about you ? Can you beat that time ? Remember, you're allowed to use anything the game gives you, as long as you level alone.Machado6 Jul 10
Jul 9 The Strongest Solo Wiz Build - Breakdown In order to fully understand why this build is so powerful it's best to first take look at what the problems are with the Wizard options. Chantodo Issues: Building stacks is repetitive and limiting in comparison to being able to immediately chain Archon Form. It may also leave you very vulnerable. Vyr Issues: The pure vry set isn't competent at full dmg output in comparison to other builds. Firebirds: The set provides a nice alternative style game play, but it's very gimmicky. You will often get 1 shot and it's not the highest dmg output. Twister Builds: To many mana options are requires and your not building any stacks with enemies killed by twister. The solution: 6 PC Tal + 4 Vyrs How does it solve the Chantodo issue? In several ways. Chants are replaced with elements which are instant. Doesn't that mean you will have to spam 4 elements? No, in fact you rarely have to use them at all. You will have stacks 100% of the time with this build so the downtime between Archon is roughly 1-2 seconds. This is partially because of internal cool downs. The 4 piece Vrys bonus gives 1% attack speed per stack triggering the zodiac all the time. In fact there are times where the transition is nearly instant. This would be an issue with Chantodo because the stacks simply would not be ready. How to keep all the elements..... You don't need to rotate 4 elements, it's really only THREE! In this build Archon is fire. You cast teleport (Arcane), Icestorm (Cold), and Static (Elec). Casting Archon is your fire damage. Aha! So that's 4 except, not exactly. Ideally from the start of the rift to the end you never lose the fire element. This is not an exploit it's because your beam during archon will maintain fire the entire time. Place teleport calamity (Arcane) on key 1. That way when you exit arcane form you will instantly teleport stun and have 2 stacks. You then use static as normal until Archon is ready again. The only addition is adding icestorm (low cost rune) to enable cold once per Archon. This storm will help reduce the cooldown. Note: The cooldown is not the same as any build without the 4 PC Vyr's set. The effect of Zodiac is completely different with massive attack speed. Tanking Solved: Nearly any build without Vry's 4 piece isn't going tank very well. Especially FB/Chant builds. For those players having tanking problems doing 60,70,80+ this build is nearly invincible to those even with low health. It's almost impossible to die because the downtime should always be 2 seconds or less. That means you have Archon Def stacks, in Archon Form, with Parthons, with Ice Armor, deflection, and you should have the element protection gem. What about the damage? To start with there is no 19% arcane 20% fire. It's 100% fire, stack as much as you want. This means combustion is maxed and you get full damage on disintegrate (which is always on in archon). In fact you can move with teleport during archon and never stop to recast it. Disintegrate isn't very useful with FB Archon, but here is does massive damage. That is mainly because of the insane attack speed. However, it can also be enhanced by items, deathwish, etc. You will see an immediate difference in it's dmg vs other builds. The real dmg though comes from the 4 Elements + Double Stack which is quite often. In comparison to the other builds (many of them doing 100+ Solo GR) I was able to see significant increases in dmg output and GR's. Typically at least 4 higher and the ability to actually tank. No wasting stacks. This build is not designed to kill anything outside Archon form. It's not even possible to do fire damage while outside Archon. This prevents killing even most trash mobs while outside Archon and getting stacks from them instead. This process also takes less than 2 seconds typically with the exception of the very first Archon. Click the profile to view this build Note: There are a few minor options between gems, magic weapon etc. This build can be used to push 100++ GR.vxmordor23 Jul 9
Jul 7 Wizard build starter no gear requirement hey there i just recently boosted up a wizard i was curious what would be the best non gear requirement build that would be best for somone whos starting off chain rifting on tormentwizardgaming1 Jul 7
Jul 7 Questions about meta wizard sets TLDR version: My limited experience shows DMO with spectral blade & fragment of destiny to outperform firebird (without bugs) & Vyr heavily. Why is that? How is it at the high end? Full Version So I came after a long break from D3. I have all 4 sets (firebird, DMO, Vyr & Tal) & was testing to see how they compare now. I would have thought Firebird to be the best or very good from what I hear & past experience. The surprise is that DMO is carrying me way further than Firebird. Admiteddly I am only doing lowly grifts as 45-50 so far, but firebird completely failed me & I do not understand why, thought some of you can help? Just to be clear, the DMO i'm using is slow time + spectral blade (fragment of destiniy + the shame of delser). next to it I could use WoH + Orb of infinite depth, or an arcane orbit build & they work fine, but really the spectral blade + destiny is cutting it completely. I have not seen this adviced anywhere & am really unsure why, any of the elites here tried it? what did you think of it (slow time + fragment + spectral)? With this I went as far as 50 & I can do T10 comfortably (I stopped one year ago, before even making it into comfortable T6) Now I tried firebird (without the freaking bugs or archon, just the full set bonuses), which was the one I could push furtherest with 1 year ago and surprise, I can hardly even stay in T10.... Tried Archon build (cooldown reduction etc etc), could survive in T10 (with occasional dying), but damage is really low compared to the DMO My questions are: - how are they in the end game? I have not seen DMO with spectral & framgent recommended so can someone fill me in on any experience with that? why is it not found anywhere as recommended? - how does Firebird do WITHOUT the bugs in comparison to DMO or so? - Vyr was very difficult build to get, too many requirements (specially in comparison to the DMO above) & it was still not effective enough. how are things at the highest level? - How does Tal Rasha do on its own? i'm aware that in mixing with firebird etc. both have potential, but I am really interested in how the sets do on their ownZulFury2 Jul 7
Jul 7 Is there a bug with Firebird dungeon I've been playing dungeon set Firebird from times to times but can't solve the mastery quest. I clear up the mobs quite fast but always cant find enough mob to complete the quest and have to wait the time run out without finding any enemy remaining ( usually it says i hae 3-4 more enemies to kill, but damn god i cant find them, i've killed all the mobs) Any solution to this?Hakudoshi1 Jul 7
Jul 7 6 Tal/ 4 Vyr Archon Twister clears 100 on EU This is a really interesting build that he is using. Its 6 pc tals / 4 pc Vyr with a twister sword. So you get the damage bonus from 6pc Tals and then there is also the every archon rune bonus from 2pc Vyr and the increased attack speed bonus from archon stacks from the 4pc vyr. I'm guessing its something with getting huge number of mobs grouped up, shooting and stacking twisters into the corner and then poping archon which will boost the damage of the existing twisters while also doing huge damage from the beam/blast. Here is his profile here. http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Horrax-2520/hero/77285582 Does anyone want to take a guess at how he is making this build work? Huge props to this guy for coming up with this.yang47 Jul 7
Jul 7 Blatty Reclaims Solo #1 (ET/Archon) - 108! https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/4rnoio/blatty_reclaims_rank_1_108_etarchon_on_euus/ CLIP: https://clips.twitch.tv/mmolive/StupidWoodcockPuppeyFaceTelomir0 Jul 7
Jul 7 Help a noob with being a wizard plz! Im not new to the game but completely new to being a wizard. I dont really know whats what, how most of the mechanics work etc. So, I rolled a new wizard and am trying to get going. The player who powerlevled me was also a wizard and was running mostly talrasha and using exploding blast. I was trying to copy his build as some reference to help farm with but not sure if I got it right. I dont even know if thats the build I should be shooting for. Can someone look at my build (Wizzaad) and tell me what Im doing with it? I am basically running into mobs, hitting frozen nova and spectral blade (im assuming this is to activate the wonder twin powers of F&R) and spamming EB until stuff is dead. I activate Energy Armor and Magic Weapon before starting anything. Is this the correct way to play this build? Also, I see guys running it who's EB is constantly going off, like its on auto. How does one do this? I realize I dont have all the gear yet, but I have to farm with something. While this is the build im trying to run right now, is this the build I should be shooting for? I seem to keep finding pieces of Vyr and Delsere, but not much for firebirds yet. Id like to be using a build I can run t10 with fairly efficiently and then run GR 65-70+ by swapping a cpl pieces of gear. Im not usually one to fish for perfect GR to try and push the leaderboards. Suggestions please?Exiter14 Jul 7
Jul 6 Some Guidance for GR70+ Hello all, This is my first season playing wizard as well as actually pushing higher GRs. I have a few questions regarding my gear, augments, and paragon levels. I am playing Firebird Archon. I have finished a Gr70 but 71 is brutal still. I know my gear is currently not all ancient or BiS rolled, but I wanted to know what I should focus on while farming for upgrades. Is it worth it augment my gear at this level? I can get level 60 gems reliably. Is paragon level a big factor or should I reliably be able to push to 75 at this level? Also if anyone could provide a good source for BiS itemization on firebird archon gear I would really appreciate it.DominiCanes1 Jul 6
Jul 6 Applying non-Wiz stats to gear via Caldersann Noticed an interesting question in one of the other big D3 forums that someone just asked, as it has caught my interest lately, too: ...GamertagAdam4 Jul 6
Jul 6 Orb of infinite depth not proc'ing I have mine in the cube. I rarely see the number over the EB icon pop up. I have gone in with only EB going so I know its hitting them. single enemies, multiples, don't matter. Rarely see the number up. I'm using the lightning EB I have the orb in the cube. anyone know about this? do the numbers have to show up to get the buff?yinston4 Jul 6
Jul 6 Halo of Arlyse - how the hell to get How did you guys get this ring? 5 weeks (only weekends though) of playing, mostly solo, and not a single halo or arlyse drop yet. Haven't seen a single furnace either this season. Having a horrible season. Any ideas? I do play pubs for group - bounties and rift keys but not GRs.Anwin20 Jul 6
Jul 5 Firebird Newbie Question I haven't played in a long time and I'm giving wizard a go in Hardcore Seasons. It's been a blast so far using the DMO set. I finally got enough Firebird's pieces and I'm trying to use it. I know it's broken, but I don't really understand how. I watched a few videos and practiced a bit at low torment levels. Most videos add too much complexity for me because they also roll in Archon and Chantodo's and having more % fire damage than % arcane damage. Can you guys help me better understand how it currently functions? What I think I know so far is this: I have MagicMissile:Conflagrate to deal small bursts of fire damage and light up monsters. When I light up a blue monster I get 50 stacks instantly. I then start using Arcane Orb so I don't deal fire damage. If I deal fire damage to another blue or gold monster I seem to lose my stacks. If I have too little damage I can't kill things, too much damage and I can't light up blue monsters. edit: what are good gems for firebird in hardcore?bcd10240 Jul 5
Jul 5 @Riv Wanted to invite you to join Viz and play some Season 7 with us, when it drops. Offer is on the table.Venaliter20 Jul 5
Jul 5 The Future of Firebird's Finery Firebird's Finery has been the focus of a lot of community discussion since the launch of Patch 2.4.1. As the patch and current Season settle in, we want to take a moment to share development insight on what's coming for this powerful class set in the future. Firebird’s Finery has come a long way since its original implementation. We’re really happy with its theme. It’s the Fire set for Wizards and puts you in a place where you can burninate all the things. That’s awesome, we like that, and we want to preserve that feeling. On the other hand, we’re not happy with the bugs we’ve encountered and it’s become clear we need to take a new approach. We’re working on a fix that will be introduced in a future patch. So, what does that mean for Season 6? There are a lot of players who have pushed hard and reached high ranks with these unintended bugs. However, we don’t want to punish players for working within the parameters given to them. To that end, the current functionality will remain intact for the duration of Season 6. Once these bugs have been resolved, you can expect that the power level of Firebird’s will be much more in line with other sets.Nevalistis379 Jul 5
Jul 4 Would you use DMO more if it worked like this I posted this in another thread, but the more i started thinking about it the more I'd love to actually use this set. It could be very useful for channeling, as well as useful for ranged skills and I definitely could see it being used to create an electrocute build. This would also work well with Halo of Karini, and the newly designed Starfire wand. ... Then I'd Change ... With a DMO designed like this, i could see this wand being used, or cubed. The helm change could bring rise to primary skill builds as well as pet/hydra builds again. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/gesture-of-orpheusmat822847 Jul 4
Jul 4 I need my wizard fix Which other games can I disintegrate baddies with wizard channeling skills? HoTS? Anything else?wage2 Jul 4
Jul 4 (Help) CURSES Conquest I am not heavily invested in playing the Wizard character-class or "softcore" mode, but simply want to unlock Guardian with my Seasonal Wizard in "softcore" mode. In order to meet this goal, I have to complete the Curses Conquest. Having done it once already in Hardcore mode, I know about the Cursed Peat... but, as I have already explained, I am just unfamiliar with the Wizard character-class. Therefore, I would like information / advice on a possible build(s) that you or someone else has used to kill 350 monsters in a cursed chest event. Ideally, the recommended build won't involve an exploit or insanely high paragon level. I don't expect anyone to copy and paste an in-depth guide, but if someone could provide me with the name of a viable build or, perhaps, link me to a character that meets the aforesaid requirements, then I would be very appreciative. Thank you.HelloKitty1 Jul 4
Jul 4 help with build let me say that this build is something that I put together that seems like it will work, as far as me having fun, or caring about pushing rifts. when I start caring about pushing Grifts i'll use a build that has already been proven effective. I know that parts of the build are probably not the best (DMO is probably one). I want to know which parts could be better, why they could be better along with what you would change them to. if you want to rant at me for doing something god awful wrong go ahead, i'll simply ask you what i did wrong and how to fix it. (if your rant is just bashing me over the head and calling me an idiot i might ignore you). http://www.diablofans.com/builds/81627-finding-my-wizard how i'd run the build is pretty simple keep magic weapon/energy armor up use arcane torrent to spawn energy twister, drop time warp on enemies after energy twister groups them, watch them die, teleport to next group and repeat. (the only annoyance I've found is that my spells spells don't count as my own spells, my decoys time warp may as well be another players time warp.)Jarthur932 Jul 4
Jul 2 So now that Vyr's is dead........ ......I guess I'll go back to my FB4/Tal6 ES/disintegrate build. Yea, I know, weaksauce, but it's the only other build that I had actual gear for. Does T10,but slow. Any other ideas for builds? I don't have Wand of Woh yet, so can't run EB build yet.Mazrim7 Jul 2
Jul 2 Firebug = Group Push? I was wondering how 4x Firebug wizards would do pushing GR's. Keep white kill count low, focus in on elites. Me and a buddy did a 95 in about 4 minuites - with 2 other people in party standing at entrance lol, and we didnt stumble over eachother and the ignite threshold is seperate, thus the damage we deal is additive to eachother. We just honed onto elites and skipped most trash. We are both similarly geared, with our damage right at the threshold so we dont need to accumulate that many stacks of archon before we deal nothing to elites. Wondering if anyone has tried 4x Firebug wizards, highly coordinated, for gr pushing?? If anyone wants to try it with me, please add me (Requiem#1363)Requiem1 Jul 2
Jul 1 I'm confused I'm sorry, what do I have to look forward to in the next patch and season 7 as a wizard? For nearly all of the previous seasons, there's been something to look forward to. Am I missing something for this upcoming patch?mou4 Jul 1
Jul 1 Patch is done = 4 more months of FB Archon Seems like the meta nerf is the 1 thing there attempting to do this patch. In response to a question on the crusader set: https://twitter.com/candlesan/status/748211445674872833 ... So yeah, Starfire and nerfs and bug fixes. The game is EOL.wage14 Jul 1
Jul 1 Perdition? How are you meant to kill this boss as a Wizard? I've cleared a rank 50 rift, no problems and everything died easily. I seemed to overpower this rank. So I spawned the rift guardian with plenty of time to spare, it's Perdition, I quickly get him down to about 1/3 health and he suddenly teleports and one-shots me. I resurrect, and he instantly teleports and one-shots me again. And again and again... I live for literally one second each time. It cannot be avoided and I cannot survive it, despite having fairly substantial defenses (more than enough for rank 50). I've fought Perdition plenty of times at lower ranks prior to patch 2.4, and fought him plenty of times at higher ranks on different characters. Never have I seem him do this, and never have I had any trouble with him. So someone please, tell me how exactly I'm supposed to kill him? Is he bugged, or badly redesigned in 2.4?Firespark6 Jul 1
Jul 1 wand reroll advice For the almighty firebug build. What should I reroll? http://imgur.com/MwuvNuYSeyserKoze3 Jul 1
Jul 1 Genius!!! Or Complete Failure Wizard Changes: Archon stacks become additive instead of multiplicative. First Glance: Omg Wizard is done and Vry's will never be seen again!!! Except: This change balances Wizard which was clearly out of balance with other classes AND corrects the exploitable wizard build, and helps fixes group meta! But Vry's is dead! AND ! it loses 10 GR's!!! Except this change and others affect ALL the sets making use of double stacks! But is it Genius? Where did the 10 GR's go? The GR scaling if everything was balanced may put you back in the same GR you previously where before the changes or possibly higher. If it actually worked it would balance Wizards with other classes without really tearing them down. But it could be even better!!!! No other sets had a chance to compete against these builds because the ET and Double Stacks where just to powerful. So..........will this actually bring more viable builds into the next update?? It could be a disaster if things don't work this way, but it could also be a lot better than most may have initially thought. The jury is out until the release!vxmordor10 Jul 1
Jul 1 Arcane Orb - Spark Hey everyone, While I did play a little during Season 5, I didn't really get around to experimenting with the Arcane Orb items. I played with Energy Twister builds and got really bored and left for a while. Now I've been messing around with the Arcane Orb items recently. I have a question: Does the AO Spark explosion do damage? I can't tell if the damage is from the lightning bolts or the explosion. If it doesn't do damage in its explosion, then the Arcane Orb wand is worthless for Spark. I have a feeling it doesn't actually do any damage in its explosion.nslay12 Jul 1