Feb 1, 2013 sothy woot ama coming bac and thank the lord of who ever that they havent put pvp in yet,,,,,,, i dont thinkn they should and my vote is no....... theres alot of other pvp games they can game i play wow pvping ...... Diablo is not a pvp gamesothy2 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Fresh start , 600m budget :) Hey guys. just like it happened to me with my DH before , i got bored , So wizard is gonna be next :) The wizard looks really nice with all that CM builds. So looking for a fresh start , dont have any wizard gear yet , and a 600m budget. Any suggestions on what to look for what build to get and etc ? the main goal is farming mp10 ubers. looking for gear advice mainly , but every advice is welcomed ! Thank you all ! p.s , iam for EU , posting here since the wiz forum in eu is kinda dead..DragonRider20 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 i hesitated, was it worth it? http://imgur.com/YGN1soq it end up being 200m i was there with a price in my head, 210m but at the last few seconds i kind of hesitated. dunno why but that's that.pichapiegal27 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Any "special" Legendary weapon choices? A few of us have been experimenting with different Legendary weapons and builds lately- For instance, we found the use of the Butcher's Sickle and Burning Axe of Sankis in certain Wiz builds. Has anyone had success with any of the other less-commonly used Legendaries, particularly the ones with unique procs? If so, post them on here!DoctorDoom38 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Upgrading My Wiz Hey guys. I want to get a bit more involved with my Wizard. I want to hear your thought about my Gear considering my Cm build. I have about 100 millions to invest. Any insight Would be greatly appreciated Thank!!.Elpapo2 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Dupes Look at the top 3 socketed chant wand on GAH. Come on dupers, drop the price to 750mil plz.zhouxin12 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Advice on Helm and Chest Hi Fella Wizards, I am at a crossroad. I need some advice to help me make decision on upgrading my last 2 items, helm and chest. My current stat: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Precious-6973/hero/22130927 2.77aps, 53% CC, 125K dps, 817 AR, 5289 Armor, 51K HP, 639K EHP. Current Mempo Helm: 790 Armor, 194 INT, 72 AR, 9% ASI, 12% Life Potential upgrade that I am looking for 440-460 Armor, 180-190 INT, 70-75 AR, 9% ASI, 11-12% Life, 4%-5% CC Estimate New Stat: Additional 4K+ dps but 20K eHP reduction, increase my CC from 53% to 57%-58% Current Tal Chest: 659 Armor, 189 INT, 206 Vit, 9% ASI Potential Upgrade 420-450 Armor, 170-190 INT, 50-100 Vit, 9% ASI, 60-75 AR Estimate New Stat: Negligible dps change but 40K eHP reduction, increase my AR to close to 900 With both items drop my EHP, do they consider upgrade or will it help me with the CC increase and AR increase? I am thinking of upgrading Tal chest as it's much more affordable than the CC mempo. Any idea/suggestions to make my SNS wizard able to run mp10 uber will be much appreciated. (Currently no issue to run mp10 uber but not much room for mistake. I hope with the upgrade, I have more buffer for errors) Note: I have a lacuni, if I need more APS, I change to this http://i.imgur.com/zOCZi9N.jpg 41 Arcane Resist, 9% ASI, 6% CC, 4% melee reduction Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend.Precious0 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 I wonder what WW breakpoint I'm at So attacks per second is broke over on diabloprogress. I wonder how many times WW will tick with 500 aps lol.atinybug1 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Critical Mass gear question? Hello. I was thinking about leveling up a Wizard and I was wondering if the gear that I currently have on my Witch Doctor would be good enough to support a high MP level Critical Mass wizard. Right now I am comfortable on MP 7 with my Witch Doctor. The only problem I think I have with the current gear so far is the attack speed isnt very good. What do you think?sharkhunter13 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 is tal armor a suicide armor? i know tal armor is BiS for wizards regardless of build (cm or archon, etc) due to attack speed but seeing how it's insanely expensive to get a high armor with good vit/int roll and high all resist, are budget players stuck with (400 generic armor, double int/vit, no all resist) and suffering here and there for the sake of an additional ias 9? i ditched my ehp zuni armor (732 armor/156int/216 vit/80 all resist - 130 int 2-set bonus) to give tal armor a try and truth be told, enemies did disappear in mp10 like they were a joke but of course not all the time things goes my way. my tal armor is generic and i've been looking through AH for a good one but alas they're all credit card applicable only :(pichapiegal73 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Storm Armor:Thunder VS Energy Armor: Pinpoint Alright, this is a question about Storm Armor: Thunder Storm vs Energy Armor: Pinpoint Barrier. I play an archon build and I was wondering which is better for dps. Ive checked on diabloprogress and almost all of them that play archon use pinpoint. I've did a few tests on Ghom and Storm Armor was better for dps. So I'm wondering, is it better once I get higher damage? or is it because the all the top wiz with archon do so much damage, they just use pinpoint for the extra armor to deal with spell reflect? But yeah, just want to know why do most wiz that play archon use pinpoint over storm armor.Miguel17 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 So I dueled Moldran in front of 2k viewers... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpUK_p2rAWE yeah i got pwned unfortunatelyeric132 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Chantodo`s New to this site and all so not sure if this is the right place to ask this...Im looking to buy a chantodo`s will...Preferably 1000+. What do these go for? Just curious as to not wanting to overpay for one. Thanks in advanceFrenchThugz1 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 So I looked at my CC and freaked out (Nat's) Looks like there little website update crashed the Nat's set bonus, pretty funny I was like 'I don't remember putting my archon gear on? What's this 40's crap, err decent CC about! :PMasterJay7 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Aspiring So im a Lvl 60(14) Wiz running a basic Archon Lase the crap outta everything before it hits you type build. Im undertaking the epic quest of crafting my first hellfire ring. My problem is, I cant beat the uber bosses on a decent MP lvl higher than 1 or 2. I need ANY advice on gear to get or improvements i could make. Please check out my profile and let me know what you think i should do/get. thanks allswordplay6 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 What should I upgrade next? Hey guys I was wondering if you could help me decide what to upgrade next and what to look on it. I would also like to know if the upgrade should be made before or after patch, considering gold prices change usually. Thanks in advance. PD: Running SNS even though profile might not be showing it.Vivaldi3 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 CM/WW 1.07 - High +DMG, Low Crit DMG ? Most of my testing on PTR has been with Marquis Ruby and 3.01+ speed, and I have to say I'm a fan. In fact, I've been looking to move my gear toward high attack speed and high average damage. Any of you feeling the same? I know CD has been the bee's knees as far as multipliers because of how much crit we carry, but I can't argue with the results I'm seeing.Septic3 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Embarassing Moment: EB Is Not Fire (?) I was toying with a mixed up Meteor build on PTR, patching up some of my super glassy-ness by swapping out GC for Conflag. When I switched back to SNS a while later, I forgot to switch passives. After a few mins I realized my sheet DPS wasn't as high as it should be and figured out what was up. But I was enjoying the added eHP and said, hey, I'll just leave it in there... figuring it worked with Explosive Blast. Much to my embarassment this afternoon, I actually read the tooltip on a talent calculator and saw the damage listed as Physical. Squarely placed my head into my desk. Is this just a tooltip issue, or does EB really not work with Conflag? Can anyone else share an embarassing D3 moment to make me feel better about not knowing this?Septic5 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Depressed :( (about my gear lol) I was reading up on the SNS/CM wizard build guide, and it seems like I have to redo all my gear :(. Can anyone give me some tips on what I should do? Sell all my gear then have gold to buy new gear or? I currently have 40 mil without my gear sold. Thanks!Chocobo7 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 impaired buying/selling stories Soooooo... work party last night and a couple results: Story #1: So I splurged big on my new MH wep, but was in bidding war with myself so over paid by about 100m >.< still a STEAL, IMHO Story #2: woke up, logged in, looked at my MH ring -- 'where the hell did the unity come from'? checked log, I bought it, no recollection... good price, tho :-) EDIT: oculous, not unity :p i am not advocating operating anything including a computer while under the influence in case you're wondering.. Any good stories??DethAxe4 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Still having problems with a2 and a3 Wardens Hello dear US Wizards ! After some considerable gear upgrades I've become able to farm "high" MP but I'm still having toubles with the Wardens... So here's my armory: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Julius-1441/hero/3017821 If you're too lazy, here are my buffed stats: 136k dps 31k life 5200 armor 800 @r 3.08 aps 54.5 cc 750 LoH With this stuff I'm doing key runs in mp 6/7/8, having no troubles slaying Elites. But I take too much damages from the a2 Warden when he activates his sandstorm, even under "Safe Passage". And I can't freeze the a3 Warden since he always find a way to teleport, and then I have to set all my tornados up again and again ... From what I've read here, my CC and APS are very fine, so how the ƒuck am I supposed to perma-freeze them :P ? Thanks in advance, Julius PS: please, excuse my bad english, I'm French :)Julius15 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Wizard skills - The Great Overhaul Please chime in at the main thread in General Discussions: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7810051331?page=1#2 Thanks fellow Wizards =)necropuddi3 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Parting Out My p100 SNS Wiz (Farewell) Well after a lot of thinking I have decided to move on from CM/WW/SNS wizardry. Its been a long road, I've played this spec since its early versions in 1.0.3 and watched the class endure many nerfs, changes, and experience many triumphs. I appreciate all the positive experiences I've had in my time here in the Weatherman community, and am sorely going to miss freezing everything like a crazy kamikaze bomber. Thanks to anyone and everyone that has helped me, played with me, or debated any topic with me here on these forums. Good times :) 3.0 OS chant club forever! Haha. Cheers everybody. My only reason for moving on is that in real life I am a professional musician and also work in the recording studio, with increasing frequency and can no longer spam hotkeys all day and risk possible carpal tunnel (excessive musicianship combined with mp10 farming.. lol) Special thanks in the wizard world- Boozor - great friend, showed me how to really gear a SNS wiz, and always inspired me to push my wiz forward to the next level. shand/aph/aimless - don't know you guys the best, but when I first started getting real serious about playing CM/WW I always looked up to your profiles on these forums. charlatan / darshu - you guys also always have had role model profiles that i have seriously looked up to. badass. Inspy - where are you!? was my biggest uber connect and always was up for theorycrafting and chatting about anything wizard or punk rock. Alesso - theorycrafting buddy always focused on pvp with me and also hits pretty hard with his pvp wizzy spec -- watch out! Pillz - now off being a crazy pvp witch doc, this guy is my boy yodatoy - new owner of my beloved Chantodos Wand, one beast CM wizzy and has no issues multitasking while farming with real life. lol. Was going to make this a long drawn out thread about my life and times as a Weatherman, but I decided I really just wanted to say thanks to a few specifics and the entire community as a whole for an overall great gaming experience as a Wizard :). If interested in any of my pieces please go to the proper thread (my last farewell thread was deleted due to bumps and such, I wasn't aware we couldn't sell in the Wizzy forums anymore) please go to the proper thread in the Trading forum : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7801130103 Thanks again everyone, TrayenTrayen16 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Is it possible to play CM with just 10 APoC and if so, how much aps/CC would you need? I'm wondering if its possible to stack enough CC and +CC to Energy Twister to get by with just one APoC item (i.e. Mempo + Slorak's + APoC Force). I'd use a stormcrow, but then I'd have to use my inna's for the attack speed instead of BT pants. Also: Thx @ Shandlar and Aph for responding to my PC Slorak thread a few days ago. I got to see your responses before the thread got deleted but didn't have time to reply until after it was too late.ATGOWTWT36 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Got my triumvirate for 22m I think I hit the jack potMagician4 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Pls explain nurf to CC (ie perma freeze)? cc = crowd control I recently returned to the game about a month ago and read here: http://www.windupwizard.com/ that perma freeze was nurfed in 105. --------- "Monsters have a "CC resistance" that is stored on a per-monster basis. The CC resistance starts at 0%. For every 1 second CC that is applied to the monster, the monster receives 10% CC resistance. Monsters lose 10% of their CC resistance every second that they are not CC’d. Elite monster CC resistance is capped at the current reduction values already active for Elites. In other words, CC resistance on most Elite monsters is capped to: 35% in Normal 50% in Nightmare 65% in Hell 65% in Inferno" ------------- Yet I still see people talking about perma freeze and people asking for it in chat. There's even a thread about the ill manners of other non-wizards on the topic, who still expect 100% lockdown. So whats the deal? Was it nurfed? Also, is this cc resistance shared? Like does freeze share DR (diminishing returns) with fear from say barb using EF?Ravedge11 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Need advice upgrading next piece. I currently have 17 mil to spend, but slowly earning more. I currently farm act 3 on mp 2 / sometimes 3. Was thinking of getting Depth diggers with some vit and 2 sockets next, or a helm upgrade. I do have a 4% crit / 32% crit damage / 50 int / socket ring that I use. Just using the hellfire to level. Thanks for any input!Burnster5 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 skorn OR echoing + triumverate? for archon obviously. i wanna see how the other half lives...Poopooman3 Feb 1, 2013
Feb 1, 2013 Must have CM items hey im not a new CM wiz but im new to all the high end gear, (been out the game for a few months)... if someone could let me know names of must have items and required stats to be successful at higher MPs it would be very helpful, as of now i have like 55k dps and 1.7 something aps... got 130mil and dont know where to spend it efficently to get the most benefits.. thanks in advanceTime2Bleed3 Feb 1, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Just lvled my Wiz Just got him too lvl 60 and bought some gear spent right around 10m on the gear. Except the belt... havent bought a new one yet. Any thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated. ThanksZacZilla2 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Chants Force W/ Blizzard + 3 Interested to know what you guys think the worth of the Chantos offhands with a perfect 3 sec roll for blizzard on them will run someone come 1.07? I found mine a few weeks back and glad I hung on to it due to buff on next patch, its huge huge buff too :Dbigwog6 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Need some help with my next upgrade (CM/WW) Ok so I am currently stuck trying to figure out what would be my next best move. I know a lot of you out there have many different set ups going that all seem to work for you. I like being able to take on some explosions without worry and don't like to be buzzing around all over the place. I am hoping that some of you will be able to point out some specific areas where I could gain the most in dps while still being able to take a hit. The one thing that I am in the process of doing is replacing my unity with a similar ring that had cd, this would boost me by about 6k damage. Other than that I don't have a ton of gold and would like to know what to save up for. Thanks for any help you can provide!AWIL572 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 looking to upgrade my CM wiz i need some1 or more then one person please tell me what i need to do to enhance my wizard any advice is helpfulRTC050 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 New Craft value ... Love thisnovice56 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 ah lag and sniping auctions how are u guys pullin this off nowadays, 15s before end time? also i bid on an item so i could track the price and my low bid somehow max bidded the auction on some poor unfortunate soulSteelPhantom14 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Archon Users: Plz "Like" These Questions There are two posts from what I have seen so far regarding making Archon group friendly. Please take the time to vote for these two questions so we can hopefully get an answer, or even better, a fix. Question 1 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7710222398?page=3#52 Question 2 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7710222398?page=2#38 Also, please see this thread for other great wiz questions others have posted http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7789099104James1v128 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 CM easy FN spam I have been playing CM for a few months. While I like it in general it's totally annoying to smash the keyboard for long periods of time, in other words ubers mp10. It' also hard to keep your fingers pressing the FN whenever is ready. Last night while doing ubers I noticed a curious function of the CM with mouse, keys and skills, in my personal case I used to keep the click press down so the Twisters keep coming out. Never though that this will work for spells with cooldown like FN, but it does! You still need to be smashing the keys, but at least you don't need to worry about having the boss always frozen. By the way, with this method the FN will keep casting every time its not in cooldown. The other spells aren't important as FN, so you can relax and smash the buttons not as fast as used to. Probably a lot knew this all ready, but at least me and some of my friends didn't knew.Tectonic6 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 mitigation help I keep seeing everyone using the word mitigations when there talking about defensive stats... Well I have no idea what that is.... Can someone explain it to me and what it does..... Take a look at my profile and let me know how to get better mitigation, whatever that means but everyone says its important... some want to know what i need to upgrade to get better mitagationGhostnasty17 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Taking a break? Doing what with your new Free Hey wiz community, I have been taking a break from D3 for over a month now. And was just wondering if anyone else has and if you are, what have you been doing with your new found hours of free time? I found that to upgrade I'm looking at ton of gold and $$. I haven''t spent much on the RMAH but I just can't justify the "cost to output" for pixels anymore. I have been waiting for the patch to release, hoping for something great to grab my attention with this game again. From what I have read there may be some advantages to some farming builds but thats about it. Not really interested in PVP at all. Most of my time is spent in front of my TV watching NHL Center Ice.Thanatos12 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 thank you blizzard....... for keeping AH down for me and making me miss a lot of bids to snipe. as much as i want to say mean things and whatnots, i believe i'm better than that. regardless, shame on you!pichapiegal9 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 pvp and min dmg u should have? well, i mentioned in another thread - and i allready thought so - that my damage is too low (180k). i finally had the chance to duel on of the (more) top barbs. --> http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/hulahooligan-2649/HULAHOOLIGAN/16531330 matches were boring as hell (my 3800life reg and his high life + passive skill life reg). he just won all of the matches due the fact i couldnt kill him :P when i switched a couple of skills to a bit more dmg variation (glass cannon, other items) ive seen his life go down more rapdily (and mine aswell). but he had the 2% life reg from his passive, which was enough to stay alive forever. as i said, he had "a hard time" to kill me aswell - match durations were like 2-3+ mins, and it seemed to me that he only could kill me with a crit rend, when my mirrior images were on cd. another thing i figured out - my 94-96% reduction were too high (or his 105k dmg too low ^^)!! illusionst didnt proc very often - which in the end ... killed me, due my on-cd-mirror-images. funny thing is, that his "ehp" wasnt THAT much better than mine. (his unbuffed is >1mil ... mine unbuffed is 370k) any ideas how and where i should get more dmg? --> http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/mokkal-2362/MoKKaL/10603905 f*ck dodge (1000 dex) and get more crit/crit dmg? get a 30% soj (for the litany)? thx in advanceMoKKaL3 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Ubers: shards vs shell I've been going back and forth between shards and crystal shell quite a bit when doing mp10 ubers and am wondering what others opinions (people who normally run full sns build) / expereinces are. I'm far too lazy to solo ubers enough times to get the data id need to have an accurate reading in dps difference but from general observation shards doesnt seem to boost dps quite so much in uber fights since its usually only 1-2 targets. reasons I use shards: higher dps (duh lol) reasons I use shell: With shell I can run face-first into magdas bugs / stand on arcane axis for several seconds, making magda/sk fight incredibly easy where as shards will require me to be a bit more attentive during that fight haha. I generally only run ubers in mp10 and usually I'm carrying people so it's important that I don't die even once (making shell the clear choice). But since I am usually carrying people that means there is usually a lack of dps and increasing my dps is useful for quicker fights (making shards the better choice). I tend to switch back and forth depending on how lazy I'm feeling / how important it is that I dont die ever - I'm just curious what others have found they prefer for ubers?Phal99 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 End game wizard build Is there a way to get an end game build for wizard with better survivability and, at least, one that don't need hitting keyboard like crazy... Like the superhuman BARB can do! It's cool freezing monster all around using CM, and throwing tornadoes on monsters, but what about the survivability of my keyboard?:p Barb end game build seems more attractive for last MP levelErakiel4 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 tesing the new rubies A while ago as i was gona get off ptr i decided to check out the how the upgraded rubies fared. the radiant star rubies were just at 4m in the ah, so bought 3 in hopes of getting the marquise plan and crafting one. so i slot one in my pvp skorn and wow i was surprised that i had actually gained like 6k dps. I tested it in the chant set and there it was a 5k dps loss, with the pvp gear. So tonight ill try again with my real sns gear and see whats up and post here my results, but they do look promising. PS: Im gona be loving all the qq about my skorm armour in pvp now that it is a 1700 av damage weapon.ximae0 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Why my CM Wiz is not working properly?Help I was WD, went DH now i'm at Wizard, i like to learn about all classes Sold an Nat Ring for 400m, bought some items (i have in my stash Tempest hat,triumvirate,blackweapon,non MF gear too) But i mainly bought CM items and with MF gear if avaiable, to XP paragon in low MPS before and after update But it seems i'm dieing too fast idk why, i know we arent tankers but its hard i wanna facetank as CM as easy i facetank in Archon form(so easy) What i need to improve in my gear? I have such a lack of Crit Dmg but not rly worried about DPS just about surviability, i can in 15/20seconds kill elite in low mps anyway. My guess is my armor, what your guys guess? http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/rakz-1630/rakz/12741333rakz6 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Returning Player Hey guys, I've tried to plow through as many posts as I can but unfortunately after being a player who's been out of the loop for over 6 months I am missing a lot of the forum lingo as well as lacking to understand how to play my wizard once again. So I'm hoping someone can answer some basic questions. Is archon the only viable build for wizzies these days? Do wizzies still stack Crit hit/Crit Damage/Intel/All resis for maximum damage? When people talk about "MP0" what does that actually mean? Whats the good farming routes these days? All these answered would be great.Eadam1 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Fighting Act 2 Keywarden How do you fight the A2 Keywarden? Are you supposed to stop attacking when it spins?Indii16 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 So I got a new amulet. . . http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Niko-2983/hero/1442336 Just wanted to show off a bit.. :P Lol, it's 500 LoH away from being absolutely Godly. Lost about 300 armor from my old ammy but gained mitigation overall. (At 89.89% now)Niko2 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 Looking for a CM wiz for MP10 farming add me, asian time zone. Mostly looking for a good wiz with perm freeze so we can face roll MP10 together. thanks hades#1741Hades2 Jan 31, 2013
Jan 31, 2013 DevQ & A (Use this to find Impt Wiz Topics) i will try to keep post 2 up to date with wizard relevent questions that have been asked so it will be easy for us to make em top rated based on the previous thread http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7710222678?page=1 i tried to clean it up a bit, any edits, vocab changes whatever u guys think might get or question answered by devs would be appreciated, tbh im leaning towards posting question 1 over the others. 1. already asked by azodeus 2. Why are the Wizard's skills designed so poorly when taking into account the actual mechanics and physics of gameplay in Inferno? ^Channel and Melee range spells plague the Wizard skill set. Why? If we were typecast as a ranged character there would be more spells like the Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter. Instead we are found struggling somewhere in the middle. 3. Are you aware of Duping? How do you plan on fixing Duping? What are you going to do with all current Duped items? Will you upgrade new drops to be better than all these current Dupes? Will you let the Public know how Duping was done? This crap is getting out of hand and destroying the game more than any buff/fix to the rest of the game. The whole point of the game is to FARM for loot. What's the point when there'sb 1000's of duped items in AH that you have 1/10 million chance of finding youself?SteelPhantom53 Jan 31, 2013