Oct 7, 2012 My loot this past week........ IK helm, Armor, Belt, STR roll Ice climber,......... I'ts like Jay wilson is telling me to Re-Roll a Barb..leahzirch2 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Wts witching hour, 9ias, 49 CD, + armor 90 INT 43 poison res attack speed 9% + 169 armor Crit dmg 49% 232 thorns. Looking for 75mil, add in game if you want to negotiate =)CountRaffica1 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Selling Duofecta ring on AH "Faith Sting" Int 48 Vit 84 Light Resi 48 Res All 64 Crit Chance 4% Crit Damage 32% Current bid @ 10.5 mil - 1 day 1 hour leftD3player2 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 $ell or keep. Found an off hand source with... 100-322 damage 124 int 17%mf 15 max arcane power 7.5% chance to crit It's the best item (with these stats on the AH). Trying to play around with stats to get an idea but it's honestly hard to tell. Funny enough I found an off hand like this which was also an upgrade at the time that dropped at the same place with slightly lower stats so this is basically a 450dps upgrade. Question is, do I bother selling this (and for roughly how much for real $$$) or keep it as an upgrade and sell my old off hand?Spawn8 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 CM Wiz Boss Solos! MUST SEE! This is the build i used http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#VhXYSO!gXb!ccaZbc And this is my character http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Masterpoo-1227/hero/21559608 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BJ-v3EQVCU&list=PLtf01xkBOCwe43mTCPAv5_uXKCR6NcelB&feature=view_allMasterpoo9 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Can my Arcanot and Astral Presence stack? Was just fiddling around in PTR and was noticing that I needed extra mana regen. Do they stack?Mozzer2 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 The blood stained letter Need i say anything else?Melkor5 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTS zuni armor 83mil 192int 57vit 74AR 18%gold globe +11779life 3sockets. Friend sold a similar one 100mil 3 days ago. I giving it a discount due to the AH 15%. Interested buyers pm me.Horngyuh809 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Cant find upgrades for less than 20 million I have like 2.3 mil gold, i dont ever use rmah, i only play a few hours a week. i feel like i will need to play an eternity jsut to get the required gold (20 million per piece) in order to find decent upgrades for my wizard. I would like to get my DPS up to around 100k or atleast double where they are currently (22k) but it seems I will need to grind until I have roughly 60 million gold. Which will by my calculator take me approximately 3 months of doing the same thing over and over again, just so I can do the same thing over and over again faster.deathsquad28 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Selling my Chantodo's Force 83-420 dmg http://imgur.com/DU9sY 150 mill, add me in game if interested, thanks for looking!SiN2 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Guide me~ Anyone can help me? Currently I only have 800K in hand. I'm farming at Butcher 100k per run. With my gear I can't proceed to Act II. Who can guide me what should I do to earn more to change better gear. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Harflare-6976/hero/14971876 Thank you.Harflare5 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTB Chantodo's will SOC Hi, I want to buy chantodo's will with open socket with at least 1050+ DPS Let me know your price and we can talk about it, feel free to add me in game. Thanks in advance.Nunar0 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Frost nova, possible stealth nerf? Original thread : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6794230779 Please take some time on ptr to confirm or discredit this.TyPbuck18 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTS F/WALKER 240INT 84VIT 68AR 12MS http://i.imgur.com/ZEI1w.jpg Starting bid 100m BIN 250m Or contact me in game Aksio#1461Aksio3 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTS oculus but dont know price hi guys i just found this source but i cant really find many with similiar stats on AH. could i get some genuine advice as to how much this is worth? Bids are welcome too :) i just play a barb so dont really know anything about wizards http://imgur.com/7i44aSoLiDAlvi6 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 How important is the 6 6 6 Triumvirate? So let me see if I'm understanding this right... the % Added to elemental damage on Triumvirate adds to percentage of black weapon damage right? So having the 6% Arcane damage will add 6% weapon damage to any of my skills right, not just arcane? So I'm getting a total of 18% extra damage with a 6 6 6 Triumvirate? I just picked up a 6 6 6 w/ extra Int and Vit and i'm just trying to see if I'm understanding this right.OnSugarHill9 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 [WTS] Witching Hour - 93 INT, 8% IAS, 46% CD Got a decent Witching Hour today, any buyers? http://imgur.com/xqJMg Taking offers. EDIT: Forgot to note, I am willing to accept trade for another Witching Hour if it is good for Barbs or Demon Hunter.Muhloss0 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Wizard with two 2handers, how? (screenshot) How is this crazy wizard wielding two two handed weapons (skorn and war anguisher)? See screenshot: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v248/alonermid/Screenshot008.jpgTim6 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 CHEAPEST QUADFECTA ZUNI RING ON AH! GRAB IT NOW! Cheap! ZUNI RING! http://i45.tinypic.com/4zwbq.jpg 87 int 7 IAS 32 CD 4 CC 70 AR Zuni rings will not change much in 1.0.5 and trifecta stats are still very much sought after! Get yours now before its gone! 800M B/O ONLY!leej885 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTS nice (not perfect) dps ammy 34-65 damage 102 str 251 int crit chance 6% any offer? add me up. James#6694James0 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 GG Ring http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=261ydyc&s=6 59 int 55vit 6% atk speed, 4.5crit chance, 122 life regen, open soc not sure on price yet not much to compare to..if anyone has a clue on price lmkWOH13 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Fast XP Runs - Twitch - CM Slightly Mod http://www.twitch.tv/canadazenmaster Before the nerf hits and I QQZenmaster0 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTS chest : 216vit,144 int, 2 OS, 63 AR = 14m http://i.imgur.com/v5UxY.jpg looking to sell the above chest piece for 14m Item is on the AH as well.DmN8 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Giving away a CM Wizard set!! http://www.twitch.tv/zilianop Set can clear act III farm routes efficiantly. We give away a different class set every Saturday night!! Ask how to sign up in chat!! Drawing name in about 45minutes!Hypno1 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Hidden wizard nerf? I just played a few levels on the PTR and it looks like spells only crit according to the coefficient. Has it always been this way?Shelrabbi10 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 MF Farming Gear Sale thats actually GOOD gear http://imgur.com/wf6c0 Ice Climbers 321 A 36 str 36 Dex 171 Int 74 Res 12% Life 15% MF 12% Speed Socket didnt screen the rest Gloves: 303 A 184 int 80 Vit 8.5 CC 34 CD 12% MF Pants 323 A 37 Str 143 int 143 Vit 51 Res 2 x socket 14% MF Vile Ward 659 A 27 Str 228 Int 79 Res 300 Regen 17% MFnivektuk0 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Archon not viable in high dps groups This all may change at higher monster levels in 1.05. When I'm in a group with some lower dps friends, archon works fine. Archon builds have a simple process. You use CM and some DPS skills and passives, as well as storm chaser, diamond skin and archon. You activate your archon, and for each thing you kill you get an extra second of uptime on your archon. Then, when your archon runs out, you spam diamond shield, get into melee range of as many monsters as you can, and spam storm chaser. Assuming your crit is high enough, this is pretty simple. When I'm in a high dps group, however, this doesn't work. It seems like there is some threshold that decides whether or not you get that one second credit for killing something. I'll hit 10 different monsters in the span of about a second. They'll all be half dead or more when I hit them, because of the high dps of my group mates. I'll get one tick of damage or so before the monsters die. Then, once they die, I don't get the 10 seconds credit. I don't even get one second credit (as far as I can tell). So then when Archon is down, I try to get in the face of some bad guys and spam my storm chaser. Only, since my group has such high dps, I can barely get any crits before the monsters are dead. So my uptime is almost nothing, my downtime is very high, and I'm basically just a tanky wizard spamming tornados the whole time. I get through the run just fine, but it's not fun. I've tried other spells to get my archon back up, but the rate at which they crit (my crit varies from 39.5 to 44 depending on gear) is so poor it makes them ineffective. Meteor works well, but by the time the thing lands, whatever it is I was targeting is dead. So I have two questions. One, does anyone know what it means to get a "kill" in relation to Archon. And two, does anyone know of a spell that isn't a slower projectile that is good for getting a ton of crits?Shelrabbi10 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 wts zun marrows!! 177 int 54 Vit 73 AR 7% Life 354 Thorns 3OS 65M BIN!ekhL4 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 CM and 1.0.5 post #5001 questions When 1.0.5 comes out I'm giving my girlfriend 500m to try and get her into playing CM again. She quit when blizz nerfed her WW proc in 1.0.4 but she used to love CM. Main question: whats the most OP weapon / source / combo in 1.0.5? Is Meteor or Twister the wtg? I want to upgrade her weapon. Is it a bad idea to buy a weapon with +elemental damage? or is that getting fixed in the patch? or is Chanto's x2 the way to go for max harry potter action? Thanks.Enxius10 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTS: 7% CC Energy Twister SOJ +6% Lightning Dmg +14 MaxArcane +20% Dmg vs Elites 7% Crit Chance for Energy Twister 79mils starting bid on this thread. I will likely leave this running for about 48hours. (149mil BIN) Peace.Yokies2 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 help with my wizard hey guys! I've been playing a cm build for a couple of weeks now and I really like it a lot! much much more fun than my blizzard/venom hydra build I had since always hehe. Anyway I've been building this wizard since pretty much launch day, and I have not used the ah once for it! Hence the lowish gear on it. I know I have some decent stuff, either that I found or that some friends gave me, but I also know it's kind of "low level" for a good wizard.. So I was wondering if you guys could rate my wiz and suggest me some kinda low cost upgrades if any. I'm not rich as I don't use the ah neither for selling nor buying. I do have around 1m right now to sorta "invest" I'm aware of patch 1.0.5 that will probably destroy my build regardless of your recommendations, I'm just curious a bit. That and my best friend has a very powerful barb and I'm afraid it would take me a looong time to get back to play with him with the arrival of the monster power thingie combined with the nerf. thanks for the time guys (and gals?!?)Gardakan0 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 WTB - decent Triumvirate budget: 40m. Plz shoot me w/ the best trium around my budget, thanks :) offer here or at me in game sinobu#1488 edit the budget up to 40m (just have some nice sold on AH) increase the requirement of the source to at least 17% dmg boost :DSinobu15 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Help. please. Stuck at Inferno Belial I have been tip-toeing through Act 2 and made it to Belial. After a dozen deaths I realize that I am not going anywhere without some changes. So I need some suggestions please. I have 7 mil for upgrades and $15.00 in the RMAH that I can use to buy gold if need be. Thanks!Firesong7 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Archon doesn't give you one second per kill I haven't heard of this, so forgive me if this is old news. But I just played a few levels on the PTR. I did one level with the option for monster level turned off. Then I played a few more levels with it turned to level 4. When it was turned off, I got 1 second per kill. My archon duration got up to two minutes very quickly and stayed there. When it was set to level 4, I killed 10 guys and got like 4 seconds. And this was consistent. When I play on the normal server, I rarely get one second per kill, but it seems to be sporadic. Sometimes I get 1 second, sometimes I kill 30 and get 10 seconds, sometimes I kill 30 and get 20 seconds. But they appear to have nerfed archon the same way they have "nerfed" life steal on inferno. Anyone else have experience with this?Shelrabbi0 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Woot-Woot! >200k+ dps! Pumped for personal milestone! Currently sitting at around 245k DPS! Now looking to keep it that way and increase my eHP :) Happy Saturday!Boozor11 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 BidAH WitchingHour 149int 8ias 39CHD http://i.imgur.com/Afwtd.jpg Bids starting at 3k on Auction HouseJanten6 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 BID RING: 44INT 65VIT 54AR 8IAS 4.5CC 11-24DM http://i.imgur.com/JCmDT.jpg Bid now! On ah currently @ 22mJanten4 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 WTS Litany of the Undaunted http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6794351169 Thanks for looking. :)Hindenburg0 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 WTS decent triumvirate 109-347dmg 5%fire 6%lightening 6%arcane 135dex 166int CC 8 +14 max AP bid starts at 15 mil :)Nunar3 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 nvm umm nvm, seem to work ok now.. just gotta select 7.3 again and "start the game" to get azmodan again.aw3s0m02 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 ShocknadoShards Replacement Build Wizards - here's something that works that you'll enjoy. I ran A3 twice with this build @91K buffed DPS, only 3 deaths which were due to fatigue. Rotation is Blizzard -> Forked Lightning -> wait until mobs are at or below 50% HP -> Teleport Calamity in -> BANG, all dead, move on to next pack. Recast Blizzard as needed. If you get hit by anything that procs Illusionist, counterattack it with Calamity immediately. Requirements I would guess are 2H weapon with high Lifesteal, 29-30% CC, 1.5 Attack Speed, and 90K sheet DPS. My Calamities were regularly critting for 500K. Kill speed is comparable to ShockNadoShards except you're snare and knock-locking rather than freeze locking, you also get the full benefit of Cold Blooded passive against all mobs within Stark Winter's radius. The build involves neither CM nor Frost Nova nor magic dragons. I used Force Armor but I don't see why you can't use Storm Armor. You just need to be hit for just enough damage to proc Illusionist then recover the lost HP immediately from Calamity on multiple targets and your Lifesteal weapon. Build is in my profile. I credit JAMES as this is a variant of the original Forked Lightning build but it doesn't involve a magic dragon or CM. I am also looking at alternative skills to Forked Lightning- RoF Black Ice with AP management (Power of the Storm) and Frostburn Gauntlets may work out better- but if you have 1.5 ATK speed, 30% or more CC, and Lifesteal on a 2H then Forked Lightning is tough to beat.DoctorDoom3 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Help me upgrade gear I just made 55m selling off some of my old char's gear and want to invest into my Wizard. I do NOT want to play a critical mass build so please do not think of items in terms of that build. Ideally I want to be able to run the perma-archon type build. What item would be easiest to upgrade or is there a BIS item I might be able to get?Tyler2 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Zunimassa vs Inna vs Tal Rasha. Which is better?Nyquister18 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Chantodo vs tri/black Alright so i really bought into try to maximize plus elemental dmg with a tri zuni boots and storm crow. But i feel like i've hit a wall so whats everyones opinion. Is Chantodo's set bis or should i stick with the way i've been gearing.CrazedGinger7 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Selling 1320DPS Black Weap. 1320.9 Damage Per Second 595-1152 Damage 1.51 Attacks Per Second +335 Min Dmg +397 Max Dmg +40% Dmg Increase Atk Spd by 8% Socket (with 100% CHD Gem inserted) Place your bids gentlemen (and ladies).TucciMane14 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 WTS WAND 926.9DPS, 96%cd, open socket 926.9dps 96% cd, open socket, 10 arcane bin 13.5mohwut4 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 wow never seen this before in-game. http://imgur.com/nkNgY Legendary + set item in one kill :) heck, this is the first set item I have had drop since 1.04. Don't worry though, they were both crappy.Shaggy2 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 Help a monk out with this legendary dagger? No idea what this is worth. When comparing it on the AH it looks like it has high damage and high chance to hurl a frozen orb. I would like to sell this if anyone is interested I will let it go cheap. http://i.imgur.com/Y1nN4.jpg Wizardspike 1001.9 DPS 346-857 Damage 1.66 Attacks per second -294-563 Arcane Damage -45% Damage -76 Resistance to all elements -increase attack speed by 11% -critical hits grant 10 arcane power -ignore durability loss -33% chance to hurl a frozen orb when attackingDrunkBall10110 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 S > CC CD AR INT VIT AMMY http://imgur.com/3FbsH Perfect CD and AR rolled Vit is also high Selling at fixed price >>28m<< EDIT : Price changed Super cheap you can check in AH Add Inspy #2854Inspy7 Oct 6, 2012
Oct 6, 2012 WTS All Wiz Gear Hey all, Im wanting to sell my whole wiz gear for in game gold (see my wiz in profile). Ill accept in game gold and can part out piece by piece. Thanks!NEMMES1S4 Oct 6, 2012