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Oct 17 Roll Call It's good to get a general idea from where people are from (inside NZ and AUS). Dunedin, New Zealand here :)cadmium866 Oct 17
Sep 20 How to connect to US/ANZ servers - UPDATE Hi all, We have had feedback that some players wish to manually connect to either the US or ANZ Diablo game servers. Before we go into the process on how to connect to a specific gamer server, there would only be a few reasons you would wish to do this. If you are in the rare minority based in ANZ whose IP does not automatically connect to the new Australian game servers. If you are located outside of Australia and New Zealand and connect to US hardware but wish to try out the Australian servers to see if your latency is improved. If you are currently playing on ANZ servers but wish to join the larger North American public player pool and you don’t mind the associated higher latency. First up, make sure your game launcher is running and you are logged into the application with your server set to The Americas. This will ensure your client will always be up to date. ********** UPDATE ********** Prior to this post it required a customized shortcut to be made. Now with the updated client you can add the correct strings into the app itself, removing the requirement to create a short cut. Think it's technical? Well it's really quite simple! Narull has uploaded some screen grabs that make the process easy. Here is his post: 1. Close Diablo III and open the launcher, click the little arrow up the top left and select 'Settings': 2. In the new window select 'Game Settings': 3. Tick the box for 'Additional command line arguments' and in the new command line put the following: If you want to always connect to the ANZ Server: OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=AU1 If you want to always connect to the US Server: OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=Default So it should look like this: Click 'Done' and run Diablo III, BAM done! It's that simple. ********** Below is the old method that is not required ********** To manually tell the game which server you wish to play on you will need to create a customized shortcut. Go to your folder that has Diablo III: Reaper of Souls installed. The default for this on a Windows PC is C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III Right click on Diablo III.exe and click ‘create a shortcut’. Right click on the newly made shortcut and choose ‘properties’. Go to the Target field, it should say something similar to this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" You will need to add one of the commands below after "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" in the Target field. To manually connect to the Australia servers add the line -launch OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=AU1 To manually connect to the US servers add the line -launch OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=Default So for example, if I wanted to make sure I connected to the US hardware, even if I’m in Australia, my shortcut target field would end in: ...\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" -launch OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=Default *Note there is a space between Diablo III.exe" and -launch Click ok. The shortcut you have made will now be the method you use to launch the game if you wish to manually connect to a specific game server. Keep in mind once you launch the game through this shortcut you will need to log in with your username and password. If you run the game through the game launcher the changes will not be in effect, you will need to use the shortcut to ensure you connect to a different game server. Keep in mind creating this shortcut is not something we would recommend to everyone but it may be helpful for some. See you in Sanctuary! <em/>Arcagnion90 Sep 20
Aug 18 HardCore Australia: Update Good to see their is a Hardcore community. It would be cool to get some small teams together to play co-op. Anyone interested in teaming up with some more HC players post in. Alvis#6948Alvis836 Aug 18
Aug 14 Clans & Community Roster Welcome Please find below a quick list of the Australian/New Zealand Clan & Community Groups Roster. This has been created from community members to help suit your needs in finding the right clan/community in the fight against Diablo! ;) CLANS COMMUNITY GROUPS MISC GROUPS NOTE: Its the responsibility of clan leaders and/or officers to let us no of any changes to your section e.g. change of officers or extra information. If anyone has additional ideas or want there clan, community group, or misc group added please reply to this thread. Credits Azza, NeK, Weegee, Community Leaders and Officers Last Updated: 15/06/2015 Last Updated: 09/12/2015 Last Updated: 31/03/2016NeK19 Aug 14
Apr 29 ANZ Streamers & Content Creators We’re looking for talent from the ANZ region! Are you an avid Diablo 3 streamer or video creator from Australia or New Zealand? Looking to grow your community or just raise awareness about what you do? Then this thread is the place to share your details! Post links to your channel in this thread, along with a few reasons why people should drop by to check it out. Think about including some of the following details in your post: Type of content (Streamer/Pre-recorded content) If you’re a streamer, what are your usual play times? Level of experience (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) Preferred class/spec A bit about yourselfTakralus15 Apr 29
Dec 10 Welcome! Please Read First Before Posting. Greetings- Welcome to the Australian and New Zealand forums for Diablo III. Here you can meet and discuss any regional topics and generally link with like minded players from your area. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct: Posting Guidelines: If you are looking for a Clan or Community to join check out this thread here.Arcagnion119 Dec 10
Jun 20, 2015 Officially(unofficial) ANZ ingame Community Update: With the latest patch you don't have to rejoin chat every time you logout and back in, so join chat and be friendly. =D Greetings fellow ANZ players, We now have an officially(unofficial) ANZ Community ingame and I hope everyone will join so we can play and chat together. I've put this guide together so that people can see some of the FAQ I'm getting and have a good guide for how to join in case you where unsure. Q: Why a community instead of a clan?A: Clans have a member cap of 120 but Communities are unlimited, plus you can only join 1 Clan but can join 5 Communities at the same time. Q: Is there an ANZ clan I can join as well?A: There is no 'ANZ' named clan, however several other players have taken it on themselves to create ANZ Clans for smaller 'nit' groups of players, seek one out and I'm sure they will be happy to have you. Q: I've seen you in game with a <ANZ> Clan tag! You just said there wasn't one so why?A: I admit to making an ANZ Clan, I did so to reserve the name so that people wouldn't get the Clan and Community confused and then miss out on joining up with a lot of ANZ people. Within 24 hours of release we already had over 120 members in the Community, so as you can see a Clan wouldn't be enough. I will be keeping the ANZ named Clan on my Best Friends(who doesn't play D3) account just to keep the name so people don't get confused. Q: How do I join the Community?A: Below I have done an in depth guide in joining the Community and joining chat. Joining the Community 1. Log in to Diablo 3 and look to the bottom right of your screen, you will see an icon with a chat bubble, this is the Clans & Communities tab. 2. Finding a Community is down the bottom of this window, this is where most make the small mistake of looking at the top which is for Clans. 3. Make sure you are set to English in the dropdown box, not English(SEA). 4. Search for ANZ, the ANZ clan should show first, however if it doesn't you can click on Communities without joining them to display it's leader and officers, I am the Leader and I have selected a few trusted ANZ members as officers(more to come). 5. Once you have hit Join you will have the ANZ community in your Clans and Communities window. Don't forget to join chat so you can discuss things with your fellow members. 6. If you click on the ANZ Community you will bring up the Community Information window, this will display messages from officers in the News section(I'll be trying to post maint etc here). Unfortunately due to a database issue because we have over 100 members the Roster will only display Officers so you cannot see a full list of members. Currently there is no / command for Community chat, if you're talking in another channel and wish to talk in Community chat you will need to open the Clans and Communities window and click the Chat icon. [/b][/i] I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing you all ingame in the Community, if you ever have any questions or issues feel free to post or message me ingame. ________________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP - Keep track of all Official Blizzard posts. There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'Narull30 Jun 20, 2015
4h Season 8 Roll Call So this is it... quite possibly the last season for some of us who are only doing it for the stash tab (and hope that Blizzard will breathe life back into the game come Blizzcon). What class is everyone rolling? I'll be going with WD this time. Really wanna spend some time with the Arachyr set. It may not be an easy run to the stash tab. Arachyr is the easy set dungeon for WDs but I'll likely need help with the speed GR clears. Also, I may not find the items needed for the Arachyr Firebats build... I'll be keeping gear for the Helltooth Garg build on hand for GR pushing for sure. Over 50k blood shards and no bakuli jungle wraps on my NS WD still. Wonder if my luck will improve in seasons?Mugsy34 4h
18h What happens when D3 servers shutdown forever Something I've always wondered, several years from now when diablo 3 is old and busted and blizzard shuts down the servers for good, what happens if we want to play the game then? Do we just lose the ability to play the game altogether, or would blizzard patch in an offline mode or something? Imagine if you had like, a paragon 10,000 toon and lost it all because the servers were shut down.EtotheG10 18h
1d D2 Integration and Optimisation Reveal I think the Diablo being revealed at Blizzcon may be legacy Diablo integration into the current (being renamed soon) so you can see who is playing older games. I think it will eventually incorporate all legacy games and improve their performance on new machines but without too much graphical change apart from that. Increased DPI on D2 and integration along with improvements to stop cheating, botting and spamming will probably be the reveal for diablo as well as new D3 content. This will both increase the number of people playing it and still be very hype without Blizzard needing to completely remaster it. Remastering D2 would be amazing don't get me wrong, but people seem to think that is an easy job, it isn't and would need more time than they have given according to job postings, unless they started this quite some time ago. Either way, still hyped.Vci3 1d
2d Blizzard Voice For those who haven't logged in to get the latest app update, you can chat to each other now using the app by creating a channel. Just in time for the S8 grind tomorrow. Good luck all! I won't be running the 1-70 on day 1 this season but I hope everyone has a good time doing it.Mugsy2 2d
2d Season 8 Start Times This should be the normal start times (22nd October), unless they have changed from previous season: New Zealand Sat 12:00pm Western Australia - Perth Sat 08:00am Victoria - Melbourne Sat 10:00am New South Wales - Sydney Sat 10:00am Canberra Sat 10:00am Queensland - Brisbane Sat 10:00am Northern Territory - Darwin Sat 09:30am South Australia - Adelaide Sat 09:30am I will as usual start on first day and first minute of season. Let me know if you want to group to speed level to 70. Grouping to level to 70 is much faster than soloing.jtcdgroup14 2d
Oct 17 Boss Mode (English SEA community) Hey peeps, I've created an English SEA community for those wanting to look for people to do the Boss Mode conquest. Might make it easier to find players wanting to do this easy conquest.Mugsy0 Oct 17
Oct 17 gaining levels how do i get passed level24lan4 Oct 17
Oct 14 S8 Conquests List Season 8 conquest list: SoftCore/Hardcore 1) Boss Mode/Worlds Apart (kill 16 bosses in 20 minutes on TX) 2) Divinity/Lionhearted (clear greater rift 75 solo) 3) Curses/ Stars Align (kill 350 monsters in chest event on TX) 4) Years of War/ Dynasty (clear GR 55 solo with 6 different class sets) 5) Masters of the Universe/ Masters of Sets (master 8 set dungeons) Looks like they made it less friendly for solo players to achieve conquests. S7 I did GR55 without sets and GR75 solo. Looks like I have to seek out a few friends to achieve the second conquest as I hate timed events, and (4) and (5) will take a lot of time to achieve plus the need to have at the very least 2 classes.jtcdgroup13 Oct 14
Oct 13 Bring back diablo 2 Diablo 3 should of been a reskin of diablo 2 nuff said.GuySabastian8 Oct 13
Oct 13 7 Sins Clan - Many Vacancies as at 09aug16 Hi ANZ, We’re a casual clan that enjoys a lot of banter, teasing and laughing, but all in good spirit. That being said, we also have quite a wealth of knowledge within this clan, whether you’re new to the game, back from hiatus, or a veteran, you’ll find a place here. Any of these guys can add you to the group. In order of awesomeness: The 8th Sin Ryoka#1646 Pussag@ys and their specialties/duties AlCol007#6380 - Particular knowledge in Wizardry. Is a noob sometimes, but that's just him :> Derf#6334 – The Cache Man. He runs caches all day and shares them with clan. Particularly good if you’re new to the game and need some freebie starter gear. He’s older than the dinosaurs, so speak to him slowly. Highlander23#6644 - Hardcore Specialist. Doesnt smoke, drink or swear.....yeah, right?? Jenny#6968 - Public Relations and Anti Bot Enforcer. Wizard Forum Wh0re. NickBaldyM#6414 – Director of Forum Wh0reness. Will probably be the one to add you to clan. Hodor#6703 – Hardcore Monk Specialist. Likes b00bs. A lot. I mean A LOT. Mugsy#6765 – Director of Forum Wh0reness. The eyes and ears of the ANZ Forum. Oakover#6193- Extensive knowledge in mechanics for Monk and DH. Also brought the "numlock" trick to 7S's attention. Soul#1481 – Population Manager. Kinda like the hunger games President Snow. Very important as our clan limit is only 150 :< WAZZ#6978 – Hardcore Specialist. Covers for any population overflow when Soul is busy. He’s got aids, so no kissing. So where the bloody hell are ya? :> Cheers C*nt, RyokaRyoka996 Oct 13
Oct 12 LF ANZ Seasonal HC Players for end of S7 Hey all, With Season 7 coming to a close - any HC seasonal players in the region gearing up for Season 8? I've had a dig amongst the communities, but it seems the vast majority of players are non-HC. If you're in for the hard slog to Conqueror, send me a message/friend request in game and we can team up! Details are in the profile to the left of the post!sidochrome1 Oct 12
Oct 2 So are your S7 loot drops satisfying? My S7 loot priorities might be a bit different to others seeing how I am mainly NS so my aims are to get gear I don't have in NS while I'm in seasons. My DHs are the most well geared of my NS toons so I was a little reluctant to roll DH this season but it's worked out well: - 4x Nat slayers; two per my two accounts - Ancient UE helm and pants worth using on my main... finally completing my UE set in ancient - ancient Hunters Wrath with AR on it! - ancient Zoey's Secret with AR and 9% affix roll - dropped an ancient Yangs on both accounts but on my main, gave it away to someone who didn't have an ancient Yangs; even in NS. My main has a better Yangs in NS. But my alt account now has one too. - one good pair of FnR dex rings on my alt account now - ancient Lord Greenstones on my main... can replace the NS one I have - DML worth replacing my NS one with I just want the season to end so I can merge my crap - lolMugsy29 Oct 2
Sep 29 An Aussie Clan? While whiling away some hours farming I got to thinking about these updates that Blizzard are doing and how there will be support for clans etc (as far as I know). The thought occured to me, that should be an Australian Clan where we can all get together, trade gear, talk crap (as we are want to do), assist one another (say keywarden runs), etc. Basically band together under our flag; should invite our kiwi brothers and sisters (in the ANZAC tradition) too. As far as servers are concerned we may be at the !@#$ end of globe, but we still gotta count for something. It wouldn't matter if you play 1 hour or month or you only sleep 1 hour a month (and play the rest of the time). Just something to solidfy us as a community - 'mateship' in Sanctuary if you will. Nothing owed but a little aussie spirit in joining our fellow blokes and shelias (couldn't pass up one ocker bit). Any thoughts?Infernal403 Sep 29
Sep 29 Looking for people to play with MLB Melbourne 420 fiend finally made the jump up to D3 after a solid D2 re-run, was looking for people to play with! Just starting out so, would be good to get on with some fresh faces!! Send a reply if you're keen to get amongst <3CR0W32 Sep 29
Sep 28 So after one more season... Most of us NS players will have our full stash unlocked. So will you... 1. Go back to NS, proud that you've overcome the hurdles to get more stash space and never venture into seasons again because restarting sucks. 2. Still make a seasonal character but not play seasons to the extent it requires to get the stash tab... you might enjoy the day 1 grind, or you find the seasonal cosmetics worth getting, or the number of active seasonal players just makes the restart worthwhile. 3. Remain in seasons. You've been converted to a leaf lover! Personally, I've still got to slug through Season 9 to unlock the final stash tab on my alt account so I'm not out of the woods just yet. After that, I'll probably start playing some HC using my alt account in seasons. SC play will mainly be in NS... apart from maybe a detour to Seasons to get the cosmetics if I like them for that season. ~10hrs of play will sort that out easily.Mugsy34 Sep 28
Sep 27 If you are looking for a refund. I see this asked in a LOT of threads, usually accompanied by complaints and "rage", but I understand that it can be easy to assume that you can't or won't get a refund, so I just thought I'd post this up in a new thread so those that bother to use the search feature can find the information that they want in an easy way without clogging up the forums. what to do if you purchased from blizzard (if you didn't purchase from blizzard this will still work for you, but you might want to go to your retailer first, it could be easier) : 1. submit a ticket on the support section of the site, be very clear that you want a refund, not that you are thinking about one, or inquiring about getting one, you are asking for one (don't let there be any doubt), also record the date you requested/confirmed that you wanted a refund and the initial date of purchase. NOTE: if you purchased a physical disc you should include a scan/picture of your game case, receipt (dated within the last 30 days), and Authentication Key. 2. call blizzard support line, whichever one is close to you (details are on the support site under "contact information" or "how to contact us") be polite and clear about it, they should help you, if you get a recorded message telling you they are busy either wait for them to get to you or call again, alternatively you can just hang up and wait because you already have a support ticket. 3. if you got your refund over the phone than mark the support ticket as resolved (or simply add a reply saying you have already got your refund), if you didn't get a refund over the phone add a reply and tell them that you couldn't get one over the phone for whatever reason. 4. be polite, no seriously, be polite and reasonable, the people over at support have to deal with !@#$ all day long, from legitimate issues to abusive !*@!s, most of the time they will be polite to you, and even when they give you cookie cutter responses (which they will) it's only because they want to sort the issue as soon as possible, yelling and being abusive will not get you a refund sooner. 5. leave feedback at the forums to detail why you are leaving, again, remember step 4 and try to give as much detail in your feedback as possible. 6. enjoy whatever game you go on to play. It really is that simple. ALTERNATIVELY you CAN get a refund from your retailer, however if it goes against store policy (such as "no refunds on opened items") you will not be able to, simply go to your local store with your copy of diablo 3 and all it's contents (no keeping any of it) and request your refund, some stores may turn you away initially but upon confirmation of blizzards refund policy they may refund you (or not, it really depends on retailer). a few things to note: as far as i know "i didn't like it" is not a good enough reason (on it's own), however lag and lack of Australian servers very well may be as you are getting a lesser service than promised because of blizzards choice of server location. you have 30 days from the purchase date to request a refund, this goes for all copies of the game regardless of whether or not you purchased from Blizzard. this thread wasn't written with any sort of first hand experience (i haven't and won't be asking for a refund), I am going purely on what I have seen on the forums, blizzard websites and second hand experiences from my friends, so this post may not be entirely accurate, but hey, it's better than nothing right? (rhetorical question, please don't make me feel bad) now please don't go filling this thread with you're "opinions" on the refund policy, as far as I am concerned the moral ground is shaky at best (not to mention highly situational), but the legal ground is relatively clear and that is really all that matters. if you feel like leaving your feedback and reasons why you requested a refund on this thread feel free to do so (because it would be nice to have all that in one place wouldn't it?), it may even help keep it near the front page (because while few people use the search function, a few more than a few actually read the top half of the first page) again, I apologize if any of this information is inaccurate, but if it is tell me and I'll try to update this (better than nothing... I'll keep telling myself that). useful links: refund policy: submit a support ticket: blizzard support contact information: Sep 27
Sep 20 MoonLightWolves [AUS/NZ] Is Recruiting MoonLightWolves Wolf Clan & Community is looking for any type of player to join our clan and community and build a awesome team of players to help there clan mates and community with seasonal, Hardcore mode in any difficulty. If you like to help others feel free to find us in community and clan, we accept anyone currently. We also have a discord channel as well if you like to join it and chat or voice with us. Our Discord: Sep 20
Sep 15 LF players to GR with Hello, I'm looking for players to group with for GR's for my seasonal DH. I can solo level 80 GR's, so am looking for higher then that. My battle tag is: Bodhi#1905 For anyone interested. CheersBodhi3 Sep 15
Sep 15 New friends Hey everyone, looking for more people to play with as my mates kinda get sick of Diablo a lot quicker than I do. I have my own TS that people are more than welcome to come on as we play. I'm a 23 year old female from ACT playing crusader, if you'd like to be friends please feel free to add. Clair#1838Clair10 Sep 15
Sep 14 Maintenance Wednesday 14/09/16 *Complete Update: Maintenance for other games has completed however Diablo maintenance has been extended, new end times: 11:00pm Perth 12:30am Adelaide, Darwin 1:00am Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra 3:00am New Zealand ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings all, We will be having another short maintenance tonight. On Wednesday night (14/09/16) we will be having server maintenance. This is expected to last 1 hour total, this is done to maintain the servers and do any general fixes etc. Server down will start at 5:00am PDT which is: Australia & New Zealand times: Wednesday 14/09/16 8:00pm - 9:00pm Perth 9:30pm - 10:30pm Adelaide, Darwin 10:00pm - 11:00am Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra 12:00am - 1:00am New Zealand (technically Thursday 15/09/16) Additional time zones can be found here: Note that this maintenance will go for 1 hour, till 6:00am PDT (Barring any unforeseen issues that may extend maintenance). Please remember that Blizzard does this while there is the least amount of connected players on the US servers, while it is unfortunate that it falls in a good play time for ANZ it has to be done.Narull3 Sep 14
Sep 13 WD - Arachyr Firebats or Helltooth Garg.? I'm at present running a Seasonal HT Garg build (solo GR78) but I like Jade/Arachyr builds and style of play. I have a very good NS HT Garg build doing GR83 but love the damage from the Arachyr FB build. My quandary is this. I already have a NS HT Garg build with high Legendary gems slotted. I don't wanna waste any more season Legendary Gems in a build I already have a better one of. But, the survivability of the Arachyr FB build is "touchy". I have done GR75 with it with no augments. I''ve tried GR76 but the trash mobs slaughtered me. (I really don't want to go the HT Garg/FB route if I can help it). thoughts? Advice?AngryKatz9 Sep 13
Sep 13 Server Maintenance Looks like we have another server maintenance, but not at an ideal time. "We will be performing scheduled maintenance beginning on Tuesday, September 13th, 03:00 AM (PDT) and we expect the service to be available again at approximately 07:00 AM (PDT). During this time the game will be unavailable for play." 3:00 AM (3:00) PDT = 6:00 PM (18:00) AWST 3:00 AM (3:00) PDT = 8:00 PM (20:00) AEST 3:00 AM (3:00) PDT = 10:00 PM (22:00) NZTjtcdgroup6 Sep 13
Sep 13 If you wanna join another clan... ... please leave leave the one you're currently with and remain clanless. Other clans cannot send you an invite if you're currently in a clan. The game just doesn't allow it. It just further delays the process and could mean that you miss out on a spot if an officer goes to send you an invite but can't. They'll likely send an invite to the next person on the list than put in more effort than they need to. This isn't a whinge of any sort but 90% of the people I go to add into the clan haven't left their existing one. Figured if it happens about as much to others that it's worth it's own thread and maybe a sticky.Mugsy0 Sep 13
Sep 11 New facebook sign in Hi all I recently updated my client and I can't access the live streaming to facebook feature as my account isn't connected to facebook. Does anyone know how to connect my old account to facebook so I can live stream without having to make a new account?? Help is greatly appreciated Thanks LazarusLazarus1 Sep 11
Sep 9 Diablo 3 is Already Running Issue First of all, thanks heaps to Narull for the help. I deleted the game and downloaded the new client(US version) and ran it, did not work! so I tried the wordpad fix thingy and it did not work as well! so I tried the language change thing too but not working as well. sigh Blizzard. Lazy as.SG3945 Sep 9
Sep 6 <OPOG> Oceanic Clans <OPOG> Oceanic Players Organised Gaming We are a dedicated clan for the top oceanic players. If you are interested in joining our clan, make sure to read the following statements below. Also, if you have any friends that pass these requirements, please feel free to invite them to our Clan -Must be willing to download and join our Teamspeak 3 Server whenever possible -Must be 18 or older, mature, well-mannered, active and an experienced player. -Must be team/party oriented -Must be familiar with Rifts, Bounties, and Greater Rifts. Teamspeak: We like to keep the clans as active as possible and therefore players will be removed after 20-30 days inactive sometimes even less during the peak of an era/season. Hello recruits,we have 2 Clans -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEN OF MAYHEM OPOG (MEN OF MAYHEM) Is looking for the Active Players OPOG (MEN OF MAYHEM) is a Seasonal and Non Seasonal softcore based clan. We are seeking players that share the same mindset as the Clan. We seek players that have a competitive mindset love to give banter and have general fun . We are seeking players to have a main class (DPS) and also a class that can compete in the current group leader board meta (Support). We offer our players a friendly active clan were players can meet there goals and grow as a team. We welcome players that are highly active and are able to learn and adapt quickly and want to join in on group play and chat on TS and on our OPOG group Facebook page. If you feel that this is where you fit please MSG Waycooloz#6135 or one of our officers. Our clan entry requirement is: (600+ Season) 1500+ Paragons for DPS 1000+ Paragon for ZDPS GR 90+ 4p OR top 500 3p OR top 1000 2p OR top 1000 in a solo leader board Leader: Waycooloz#6135 Officers: Valaraukar#1231 Wroboss#1339 orbz#6611 happy#1422 JohnnyDingo#6167 abend #6917 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANGELS OF ANARCHY (Seasons) Looking for more players for 80+ speed runs and 90+ groups. Our minimum requirements are Paragon 600 Leader: Misaka#1160 Officers: Sowljah#1112 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you feel that our clan is right for you,search for OPOG under English (SEA) or you can add friend request to any of the following players listed. (Note: please make sure your friends list isnt full before requesting)Azza296 Sep 6
Sep 2 Group GR 88 - 91 , 92 Push Need Monk DPS / ZDPS or WD DPS ( NS ) We have 1. WD Hell Tooth Gargano ( bazinga ) ( 7s ) 2. Barb Hoya ( gooball ) ( 7s ) 3. Monk R6 Gen / ZDPS ( belzeebub ) ( soloclan ) 4. We have got GR91 Rank 793 4 player PM bazinga#1676Bazinga1 Sep 2
Sep 1 What Act am i allowed to play to? I just killed the skeleton king after a few hours of game play. I paid AUD$39 for Diablo 3, is the game over? I put a code in the redeem slot, and it said thanks etc. How do I play acts 2+ ? What is going on?Flemboy2 Sep 1
Aug 31 Error 3007 (time outs) Keep getting timed out after 5-10 minutes of play in the last hour or so Playing in Australia Flushed my DNS, power cycled my router and closed any anti-virus programs that may be affecting it (although it's never had any problem running along side the game before) First time it's happened in a couple of years Anyone else experiencing this atm?Zavala18 Aug 31
Aug 28 Looking for people to play with 22, male, live in SA. Looking for people to play with as I've come to miss D3, and I think I may return. Post ign below :)BAEuro17 Aug 28
Aug 26 Legendary portal device Have anyone obtain a legendary portal device before?Dragon1325 Aug 26
Aug 24 Probs with connection Just wanting to know if anyone else in AU having probs with stable connections?? I can get to 'connected to' but Authentication does not load. This only happened ever since patch 2.4.2 got released?? is it really a DDos attack or are they just shutting diablo servers down to make room for other expanding games? really would like to get back to playing.. Any helpful hints cuz i've done everything blizzard suggested from flush DNS hard booting routers and drivers are always up to date. Work around maybe.??LostSouljah2 Aug 24
Aug 16 looking for legendary items for transmog only Hi been looking for these items for a while for transmoging is there anyone willing to drop them and them me pic them up nad then drop them again. Looking for LOGANS CLAW, JACE'S HAMMER OF VIGILANCE, KING MAKER, ULIANA'S SPIRIT, WARHELM OF KASSAR, STARMETAL KUKRI, GHOUL KINGS BLADE, THE SLANDERER. I have most of the new cosmetic white item weapons if anyone wants them.STEVENROGERS1 Aug 16
Aug 16 <Rogue> is recruiting! Rogue is looking for the best Oceanic has to offer. Rogue is a Seasonal and Non Seasonal softcore based clan. We look for players that share the same vision and goals as us. We seek players that have a competitive mindset and perfect gameplay. We want players to have a main class and also a class that can compete in the current group leaderboard meta. We look for players that have an in depth understanding and knowledge to their main class, Diablo III game mechanics, and class mechanics. We welcome players that are highly active and are able to learn and adapt quickly. We strive to find players who will capitalize on and contribute to Rogue and most of all have fun at the same time. Our clan entry requirement is: (800+ Season) 1500+ Paragons for dps 1200+ Paragon for zdps plus, GR 92+ 4p OR GR85+ 4p Season top 200 3p OR top 150 2p OR top 100 in a solo leaderboard We always play in groups with each other to not only make the game more enjoyable for ourselves, but to also help out clan members who need a bit of love on some of their classes.We have a teamspeak available and encourage its use whenever possible. We will accept Season 7 players who have a good track record in previous seasons if they dont meet the requirements due to not playing in the previous season. This will be the only exception. Leader: Azza#1340 Officers: abend#6197 orbz#6611 Lastleader#1831 Gopies#6811 IMMootable#1392 Valaraukar#1231 m3thfi3nd#1797Azza43 Aug 16
Aug 16 finding legendary or set items SO I've been playing Diablo for a while now, started with one and have been playing D3 since it started. But lately I've been watching all these guys on youtube and the amount of legendary and set items they find is ridiculus. I mean I'm only on torment level 7 and I'm still not find anything much. Can anyone tell me how they are doing it, please.STEVENROGERS3 Aug 16
Aug 14 Season 7 Start Times This should be the normal start times (6th August), unless they have changed from previous season: New Zealand Sat 12:00pm Western Australia - Perth Sat 08:00am Victoria - Melbourne Sat 10:00am New South Wales - Sydney Sat 10:00am Canberra Sat 10:00am Queensland - Brisbane Sat 10:00am Northern Territory - Darwin Sat 09:30am South Australia - Adelaide Sat 09:30am I will as usual start on first day and first minute of season. Let me know if you want to group to speed level to 70. Grouping to level to 70 is much faster than soloing. So if you hate leveling to 70, like me, please do join me.jtcdgroup43 Aug 14
Aug 13 Recruiting a zdps monk looking for a skilled zdps monk for a fixed group farming 10hrs a day at varying times. teamspeak required contract me or savman in game on Lame#1341 or savman#1607Lame0 Aug 13
Aug 12 ANWA - Now recruiting Hey ladies and gents. We are a new clan looking for members. New or old all welcome. We have a few higher end players for those who like to push and more casual players for those who just enjoy the game. Unlike most clans we dont set a paragon requirement as we are all people that are friendly and just enjoy the game and each others company. Very friendly environment, and we have chat so we can hear your voice. I'm online most of the time so drop me a line if you are keen to join. Draqor#6453 Swearing and pulling the piss out of each other is optional! ;)Draqor21 Aug 12
Aug 12 Blizz made a mistake but double shards! So that Harvest Pennant you've been hunting hard for? it's impossible to get atm, Blizz have acknowledged their mistake and are deeply sorry. The upside? to say sorry they are giving us a community buff of double blood shards this weekend, here are the ANZ times: Start: Saturday 09/07/16 3:00pm Perth 4:30pm Adelaide, Darwin 5:00pm Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra 7:00pm New Zealand End: Monday 11/07/16 3:00pm Perth 4:30pm Adelaide, Darwin 5:00pm Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra 7:00pm New Zealand Here is the Blizz post explaining the mistake. ... ________________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP & Heroes fan. There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'Narull19 Aug 12
Aug 9 Looking for friends to play with! Hey guys! I'm currently a p600 wd on hc season looking for some friends to play with. I'm already in a clan so not really looking to join a new clan but looking to play with people when the "usual" people I play with log off. Are there any of you guys that are in the same situation as well? Friends logging off due to sleep, work, family, etc. and you still wanna keep going on but you just can't find anyone to play with on the community chats? Feel free to add me up! My battlenet is: Quickfade#1720 Send me an add / whisper in-game! Most of the people looking for games in the communities are in US and it's hard to find people in the Australia / New Zealand region looking for games too. Hope to find more people to play with! Cheers!QuickFade1 Aug 9
Aug 7 T13 Ubers... So what's the verdict guys? Yay or Nay? Do you think T13 makes ubers a challenge again, or do we need T14-17?Mugsy2 Aug 7
Aug 7 Looking for a t12+ player must play alot and maybe a microphonedreadnaught0 Aug 7
Aug 6 Australia Pacific (AuP) clan recruiting We are an Australian/Pacific clan looking to recruit new members who are capable of running high level greater rifts and content. We currently have 140+ members. _________________________________________________________________ Minimum requirements: - Friendly & mature - Willing to come on the clan Teamspeak server _________________________________________________________________ General Info: Leader: Krasnopesky#6651 Officers: Enigma Tallica1985#1520 WakasLuvNest#1798 Yanderella#1251 Feel free to contact myself or the officers to answer any questions. Alternatively you can contact us through the clan finder. [b][/b]Krasnopesky27 Aug 6