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Jul 11, 2012 Warrawr streaming service hi everyone, i just started streaming my barb, i and very geared and i farm act 3 infernal with1 viewer a run and kill azmo at the end, i also crafting for my viewer for mats, and 100k each craft. If ur bored or or want to get some free loot from act 3, or u need to make good money from crafting join my stream. i start streaming at 1am pst til about -5am pst so u aussy and kiwis will be perfect timing for u looking to get more follower thxWarrawr0 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 Another Noob Old age question - whimsyshire Ok, so is there a way that you can reset Whimsyshire to re-farm without losing the NV stacks? I dont want to waste the NV if i dont have to. Cheers in advanceBattleDuck2 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 Small charms real? Flicking through the General Forum and saw people talking about a stealth add-on and that they have added charms to D3 finally but as a rare drop. Not sure how much i would trust the americans over there so i come to my fellow ANZ's to see if any have found charms and are they real?Sekta0 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 looking for a Tank to farm act 3 inferno with Heya all im a wiz with decent gear 45kdps atm also have full mf gear, looking for tanks to farm act3 with hit me up in game on Vaishin#6569Vaishin1 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 Patch issue Hi. I think this patch issue is separate to the other issues that are talked about in this forum. I'm in New Zealand and when I log on it says I must get a new patch. Then it takes me out of the game and says "Diablo 3 has stopped working" and I have to close it. It didn't download the patch or anything and so when I try to log on again it says the same thing. Rinse and repeat... Does anyone know how I might go about fixing this particular issue or is it a matter of waiting for Blizzard to do something?Stonethecrow6 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 Patch update Hi all, I didn't want to start a new thread because my problem is similar to others but couldn't find the same question asked by someone else so yeh... Well, when I open my client for d3, it says my game is upto date but when I log into my account, it says there is a new patch available which automatically closes the game and opens up the update thingy but that's where a new msg pops up and says "GAME IS ALREADY RUNNING". I'm playing on American server and not europe so yeh.. help pleasewonsik3 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 Can't get the new patch? So when I open the game, the initial screen says the game is up to date. Then, after i enter my login details, the game prompts me that a new patch is available, and must restart the game. The game automatically restarts after prompting you, but the patch is not downloaded and this cycle REPEATS. Anyone else with this problem?Lauder27 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 Question About this patch thing I just need some clarification, because I read through the post, but people seems to be not asking the same questions as I wanted to ask. Here is a quick break down. -I have never change the enUS or enSG ever. -I don't remember this happened during 1.01-1.02, hope some one with better memory can clarify. -I do remember this patch thing happened once, all I had to go to a folder and delete some files and it worked -Patch thingy never affected me since the beginning Now, given the above, did anyone else experienced similar situation? or I was just lucky? Also, any one know when the EU maintenance finishes? I can't play as I am at work. But curious as to where I can find the information. Last thing, do anyone also think this is happening because Blizzard tighten the grip on the "region" since the RMAH was up and running? Thanks in advanced.Hantrygame0 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 Apology to Valkyrie..! IM SORRY, you asked me to stay up last night and hopefully finish bidding on an item that you wanted SO BAD but unfortunately i could only last till 5.30 before i was crooked and fell asleep...only to find out this morning patch went live at 3-4 am and it was my download client that had a problem which caused me to not be able to log again im sorry and i promise ill buy a new pair of boots for you OK..? DEAL..?kakakakaka ps. the games download is almost complete, ill start looking for those boots you wanted so bad after this..!AnonymousOne0 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 Need DH help,ppl to play with,clan ect Hey,i could use some help I would like to play with ppl,im on act 1 inferno,but i am up to act 3,but ofcourse die alot,prob can kill if i got a tank Also if there is a d3 clan i would love to join,send me a link And i would like to know if i should stick with a tank/dh/low dps,Or stick with a class cannon Dh/high dps Tank/dh: Atm my tank/dh/low dps can do act 1 easy,had about 1400-1500 LOH 40k life 24k dps with SS,32% dodge,50-60% DR 600 life regen,not sure on resistance prob same as my Dps/dh maybe less, my tank dh wears 1 hand crossbow with shield. Class cannon: My Class cannon dh can also do act 1 easy,has about 100k dps wih SS,Archery,Longshot as passives,30-40% Dodge,50-60% DR,24-28k life,about 300-500 regen life,no LOH,res are about 200-250,i prefer SS,Archer and Tactical Advantage for useing my Vaul,and i do about 85-90k with those Passives But my point is i wana Pick 1 build,as i dont wana keep buying gear for each 1,btw ive only got 1 DH so i just swap gears to change build. If u pick class cannon build,maybe u could tell me what gear i should be buying,ive got 5mill to spend,and reallllly wana progress into act 2 maybe act 3 My damage and Loh and regen might not be 100% correct but should be pretty dam close tho as the Laucher for me still doesnt work,so i cant check atmPeter290 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 New patch needed When I launched the game, I successfully entered the main screen of the game, but after i typed the password and clicked OK, it said a new patch is needed and it atomatically closed. However, it did not install the new patch but reopened the main screen. could someone give me a solution?Harry1 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 S - Gold Normal and Hardcore AUD/NZD I'd prefer NZ customers :D Normal trade rules apply, you go first! --------------------------- Price Norm: NZD1.8/AUD1.4 per million --- Sorry out of stock! Price HC: NZD5.8/AUD4.5 per million (best you will find) Add me: mc0002#6432 - Payment to be made via PayPal as a gift. If you'd like to chat via Skype/MSN/ICQ, I will give you my details in game. --------------------------- ---------------- ----- Minimum purchases: Normal: 3 Million Hardcore: 1 Millionslingy1 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 Come on Blizzard, stand up for your own game. I gotta say it, Gold sales are !@#$ing up this economy. Why everyone needs 100mil gold is beyond me, ah wait, it's cause the AH was allowed to get so far out of control. It's gotten ridiculous, when is the developer going to stand up for it's own game, or is it cut and run already? Why wasn't item minimum AND maximum value (as a sale item )capped from the beginning?RufusSpudnut22 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 +++ Whats it worth? +++ Hi guys + girls, just wondering, bracers 248 armor 32 dex 141 vit 71 resist all 24% gold find 324 life regen thnx :)DrFunk9 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 Would you trade more or less if....? Okay so I've played this game more hours than I care to admit, with 3 x level 60s WD, Barb and Wizard all of which are well within their comfort zones to farm Act 1 endlessly either solo or grouped. The barb is some way through Act 2 and not very interested in going further yet. In game so far, I've found about 10 "legendary" items; one of which sold for more than the salvage value of a mat. I've found 2 rares that traded for > 5 million gold, which I traded on the Gold Auction house because the overall upgrades I could then afford outweighed the benefit of retaining either item for its own sake. When I bought this game, I had every intention of spending out on RMAH every so often. I haven't done so. The main reason is that I haven't found a single item in around 200 hours which I'd consider to be "top of the line". If I was finding the odd set item, I would probably pay a few $$ to buy an extra set item for the bonuses. I'd also trade more. What I can't bring myself to do is to spend out to entirely gear up. That just seems completely self defeating and not a fun gaming experience. More akin to paying $2-300 for the game for what? To have some alts that still don't find any gear worth having? I'm beginning to wonder if Blizzards business model is nothing to do with profiting from the RMAH. It seems more like they are trying to run everyone off D3 so they can save on server maintenance and support costs. If so, their model is surely working.Iceblink12 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 11, 2012 this tuesday patch was ridiculous s now i give up on trying to login...BRAD0 Jul 11, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 SEA problems. Dear Bash, Why do SEA people always need to wait for another day just to play on Americas. Blizz guys defaulted us to Americas, And we really like Americas. But every patch, we have to wait for another day just to play the game. Can you do something to this matter, This problem has been there from the birth of Diablo 3. We have to wait at least 1 day every time you patch this game.DragonDutz2 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Can anyone gimme inferno quest to kill diablo pancaked#1280 thanks!pancaked0 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Stupid Old Fart Question lol Righto, I am a 40's gamer (yeah yeah get over it) of average gaming skill - but i can't seem to progress my damn barb through Act 1 Inferno. Atm The Weeping Hollow has me with three Hungry Corpses with the following affixes - Shielding, Desecrator, Molten, Jailer. Anyone able to provide some advice as how to deal with them? They are tearing me to shreds, and buggered if I can work em out lols Thanks in advance...BattleDuck13 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Crafting jewels for my homies in Oceania! Flawless Star Emerald - 3 Star Emerald + 12 Tomes of Secrets + 100k crafting free + 50k fee for me:) Perfect Star Emerald - 3 Flawless Star Emerald + 15 Tomes of Secrets + 200k crafting fee + 50k fee for me:) - Got 1 pre-made atm 6.7Mil :) Add me up if interested - dzei2x#1777dzei2x1 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 already running when renew when i want to play this morning, the system said u need renew. but it always said D3 is already running what can i do..Bird0 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 [Chensta's RMAH Gold Shop] 100% Secure Method Hey fellas! I stocked up on quite a bit of gold in the last week or 2, and trying to offload a bit. I didn't want to have to deal with the scammers and usual trust issues associated with selling gold, so being my entrepreneurial self, I formulated a way to do this, with no risk to both parties! And best of all, it happens 100% through systems that Blizzard set in place, so there is nothing iffy about it :) I got a request to do this for the AUD RMAH, so I have and I wanted to share with you guys. Now I'll be straight up, it doesn't offer the best prices, as we take a cut from blizzard on both our ends, but if you need some quick gold, or don't feel secure doing it any other way, then this is a good option for you! (You also remain anonymous :D) ------The Nitty Gritty!---- Need gold? Don't want to farm for hours upon hours just for a few million gold? But also don't want to get scammed/banned from buying gold from third party? Today I have a solution for you :) Welcome to the first ever secure and 100% within the system method of getting gold. I make some $$$, you get gold guaranteed through RMAH and Blizzard gets their 15% (Bless em!), everyone is happy! How does it work? - Example 1) I list a Radiant Star Emerald Gem, included in a low level weapon for $35 2) You buy the weapon and remove the Gem. 3) You sell the gem at market price for 23 Million, give or take 500k depending on fluctuations. 4) After blizzard tax, you keep around 19.5 Million Gold 5) You my friend, have just gotten around 20 million gold at $1.75 Sure, it's certainly not the best price around, compared to spammers and scammers, but at least you know it's safe :) Current Stock $34.97 [3] Where do I get one? 1) Goto AUD RMAH 2) Search for 1H Axes with Max Level of 17 3) Search for Crit Hit Damage - 100 4) Click buyout! FAQ 1) How do I know I will sell it for 23 Million Gold? A) Well, it might not reach 23 Million Gold, but usually you will sell within 5% of average market value. Sometimes it's a little higher, sometimes lower. Prices vary between $1.7-$1.8 per million.Chensta11 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 The awkward moment when.... You get a text message from a gay guy asking if today still suits for your hair cut... My Bf's mate and I apparently booked ourself in for a hair cut while at the pub on saturday to me O.o hahahahahahaezzmay24 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 patch loop over it i so carnt wait till guild wars 2 comes out will be alot more pollished then this non playable game.JOHNTURNER0 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Server maintenance, possible fanboi incursion Couple of things. 1) Stoked we have an ANZ bit. My experience gaming in other parts of the interblag has indicated we are different - not always in a good way, but generally more in it for the giggles and generosity. 2) Am tired of the 'change this, screw that, I am leaving' threads. Some of the are really well written and make valid points. Bravo. Others not. Entropy strikes at about the 5th-6th reply to even a well thought out post... with the stupid starting to burn. 3) I am loving this game. It is every bit as enjoyable as DII-pre-LOD, imho. Maybe it was because I was on Dial-up... BUT nostalgia being powerful, doesn't blind me to this. The biggest weaknesses, outside of stability and updates/nerfing, which are a given imho, are in the content, size of the world, and lack of diversity in the play styles etc. I would also say the biggest strengths (and this is on hope, not evidence), is the very same as these weaknesses. IF DIII was as complete as DII LOD out of the box, where to from here? I want an increased level cap, and I want more maps, I want to roam free outside of quests, I want the creatures to line up in an orderly fashion and stand underneath my blizzard. But... Mostly just loving it. Also, check out the sticky: (Ventrillo Server) I haven't logged in yet, BUT every game I have played with voicechat is immeasurably better than without. Can't wait to get on it.redux9 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Monster Affix Combo Restrictions (updated) I think it would be a good idea to post this concise guide to monster affixes, and detail what should and shouldn’t be allowed to co-exist in one elite group. The idea here is to leave challenging combos, but remove the cheap, unfair combinations that result in unavoidable death. This is intended to be a WIP, and I would like anyone who has an alternative, opposing, or new idea, to please post a constructive rebuttal, and I will append my first post. I am posting this in the AUZ forum, well, you know why... Note that this would be best represented as a cross reference table, but I’ll do that when we get some concensus. I might l also fail to mention an exclusion in both occurrences of the affix, if you notice that, please let me know. OK, here we go! Arcane Enchanted - Should not be combined with Vortex AND Waller, One OR the other is OK, but not both. Desecrator – This one seems to be OK Electrified – This could actually do with a buff, has ANYONE ever died to this? Lightning enchanted enemies in Diablo2 were the stuff of nightmares, now it’s a free ride. Extra Health – Not be combined with shielding, or vampiric. Fast – Please don’t apply this to monsters that are ALREADY fast, like leaping burrowers! Not with Vortex. Fire Chains Never with teleport or vortex, please NEVER. Not with Waller (?) Frozen – Seems OK Health Link – Seem OK Horde – Not with shielded minions or illusionist (that’s not because it’s OP, but because it’s just silly!) Illusionist – Not with shielded minions Invulnerable Minions – Not with Horde or Illusionist Jailer – Reduce frequency of jailing, so your escape skills have a chance to cooldown before you die. Knockback – Not with Mortar. Also, not with vortex (or Soul Rippers!), again, not because it’s OP, but because it’s silly to be sucked in and kicked out in the same action! Missile Dampening – Seems fine Molten – Seems fine Mortar – 1.03 patch has made this one much better, but still: Not with knockback. Suggested: reduce damage and fire pattern. 1 projectile on Normal no splash, 2 Nightmare no splash, 2 Hell with small splash, 3 Inferno or 2 with larger splash Nightmarish – Seems fine Plagued – Seems fine Reflects Damage – Seems fine Shielding – Not with Extra Health. Reduce the time shields are up. Teleporter – Not with Fire Chains Vampiric – Not with extra health. Should not be able to leech off followers/NPC's Vortex – Not with Fire chains or Teleport. Also, maybe increase the cooldown of this skill, seems they can do this way to frequently. Maybe also reduce the range? Waller – Not with Arcane AND vortex. Not with Fire Chains(?) OK, this is my opinion, and I will listen to any constructive criticism. However, I will ignore flaming, insulting, or incoherent babbling in responses. Thanks!Yxalitis48 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Playing in Europe Was playing in Asia, but the prices in AH are outrageous. I think because they have less players. Also there's always the language barrier. I also speak a little German so it's good to utilize that again although I have much to learn lolSerkix0 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 AFK'ers in CO-OP Game I'm probably one of the nicest and helpful person to group with in the game, but, I can be the biggest !@#$% to people who joins public games and goes AFK for more than 10 minutes and leech through game Objectives with out raising a finger. If you want to go AFK please leave the game and AFK in the Menus and leave the open slots to others to join the game. So, just heads up to those who accidentally ends up in public games with me in it and decides to go afk. I kick AFK'ers. =PCylently6 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Sydney harbour craft house have trained my blacksmith with the following plans, 6 properties pants 6 properties shoulders 6 properties chest 6 properties wizard helm 6 properties WD head 6 properties monk head Helm of command Sages gear hollowed vestments 6 props boots Your mats plus crafting fee for the blacksmith and 10k for my black smith's earnings as this was a guild effort. I can craft lower level sets Ashera's and Aughild's Have been busy setting up on twitchtv and my channel is My battletag is Blood007#1220. I will be using gmt + 10 time zones as i live in Sydney, Australia. I will craft between 7-9 weds - Fri. If you are interested in my service kindly add me as a friend stating reasons for adding as crafting. CheerioBlood0071 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Australian La...........g Adelaide, SA ADSL2+ I've recently had a couple of weeks holidays and have had a chance to play D3 at various times of the day and night that are normally inaccessible during my normal weekly grind. Between 2am and 8am local time, I can play D3 multi-player with pings in the D3 lag bar showing approximately 240ms to 340ms. It plays fairly well, far from perfect, but definitely playable. It's mostly consistent with minimal rubber-banding. Lag bar is green and flicks to orange from time to time. I really enjoy playing the game during this time. I'm having fun. From 8am onwards the ping gets gradually worse, I'm assuming people and businesses in Australia are waking up and using their internet connections. I can still play multi-player up until midday. By this time the ping has increased and the lag bar sits in the orange section. I'm still having fun, but moments of frustration slip in. After approximately 2pm, the lag is getting pretty bad and playing with others is no longer viable. I can still play solo, which is ok, but the lag is noticeable and is fluctuating more and more. I'm getting more frustrated, reaction time is dropping, smashing a pot is noticeably delayed. By 5pm the lag bar is so deep in the red the pixels are leaking onto my keyboard. The lag bar shows 1300 but I'm pretty sure that's my blood pressure. I can no longer play even solo. Lag pauses are up to 30 seconds long. I'm walking around empty halls in Hell *lag* nope apparently I'm dead from walking into a squillion baddies. The fun is gone, the frustration and anger has set in. Mad rage quits. By about 1am I can log in and play again. Ping is back down to high 200's low 300's and so is my body temperature. I'm forgetting about how much I was hating on it just a few hours earlier, I'm having fun again, I open my game to the public and start multi-player. Good times. Now however holidays are over. I'm back at work, I'm up at 6am and I get home around 6pm. That means I cannot play D3 at all between Monday to Friday. Saturdays are out too, I get my sporty on from 7am till 1pm. It's too laggy to play in the afternoon so that just leaves Sunday. If I'm lucky I might get a decent session in from 7am to midday. If I'm lucky. So out of a whole week I might get 5 hours of decent relatively lag free gaming time in. Is that a fair deal?TheKman8 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 help error 3003 can anyone help me error 3003 !! i was playing earlier n it was fine then it say maintenance restart then now i cant connect back ! it keeps saying error 3003chook2 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Off-topic: WoW query. Hi folks, First, my apologies, since this should ideally be in the Games, Entertainment and Technology forum, but as I'm Australian, I have something of a vested interest in asking here. I'm toying with the idea of re-activating my WoW accounts which have been de-activated since December 2009 - just prior to Cataclysm, from memory, and I'm wondering if it's still going strong? I'm particularly interested to know if there are any active defacto Australian PvE servers. I'm on the Perth timezone (+8 GMT), so I'm trying to find out if running heroics and the like is still viable around this time of the evening. Specifically, if anyone has feedback on Alliance on Dath'Remar, I'd appreciate it, as that's the server I left my characters on and I'm somewhat loathe (though not completely opposed) to move them all again. Cheers, LainLain1 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Online Gaming & Impulsivity Hi, My name is Stephen Clifford. I’m a 4th year psychology honours student at Southern Cross University in NSW, Australia. My research thesis will focus on the possible relationship between problematic online gaming, specifically MMORPG gaming and impulsivity. What I hope to achieve is to identify a cohort of gamers who score highly on the Internet Addiction Test and then compare them with a control group, to analyse any possible relationship to impulsive behaviours. I am collecting survey data (via Survey Monkey), and would be extremely appreciative if you would consider completing my 10 minute survey. All data collected is anonymous however, I can email you the research results if you choose to leave contact details. Despite what the eligibility section says, I welcome particiapnts from all nations - MMORPG gamers are a global bunch, after all! :) The survey link is here: Thanks again! If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind regards, SteveTsunami24 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Is co-op scaling working? Im a little unclear as to how this works. It has been mentioned that monster health is increased by 75% per character in co-op. When rolling Act II Inferno solo with my Barberian, i dont have a problem with difficulty. I have about 15k base dps, and i rarely die, and even i can take down some elite packs withini 15 seconds. Now when rolling Act II Inferno in co-op with a Wizard with 33k base dps, and another Barberian with 37k base dps, the difficulty is much much more difficult. I go from maybe 3-4 wipes solo, to prehaps 20+ wipes. Not only that but also that elite packs take much longer to clear. Has anyone else had this problem? The skill level of my friends is about the same as mine, and they have much much more dps than i do, so im a little confused. Anyone else have this problem? I want to play co-op with friends but its not very efficient compared to solo.Phreaken9 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Thankyou Blizzard Now whilst some of the the nerfing and the rubberbanding have been annoying, I do like to give kudos when it's due. This weeks maintenance schedule is outside the Prime time gaming window for all of Australia! Maybe Blizz have been listening?Techman836 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Act 1,2,3 runs for fun? add me. hey just doing act 1, 2, 3 runs to find some good gear and obviously have fun with other players. add me Gilgamesh#6504Gilgamesh0 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Scheduled? Not quite.. Since finding the hidden and unadvertised scheduled maint forum page a while ago, i assumed it would be easy to schedule my (extremely limited due to lag/downtime etc) Diablo 3 gameplay to the needs of blizzard. It seemed pretty good to start off with, The first scheduled maint went as planned, even though it was for 10 hours, and only 2 days after the last 8 hour downtime, but whatever,.. they let me know in advance, so i couldnt complain. But then the "weekly" scheduled maint started to be listed about every 2 to 3 days.. angry... but... mm.. i.. guess... its.. ok... 30% downtime whatevs u let me know. Then the servers began being taken down for apparently extra scheduled maints, that were not listed on the scheduled maints page... Only to have a post added after the maint, saying it was scheduled. (sometimes). Then, when people started talking about it more in the forums, (especially Aus forums because we suffer the damn most) the devs deleted all the previously listed scheduled maints, so we could no longer see the 3 or 4 weekly maints.. per week. Orrr.. It could have just been to make it look neater.. whatevs.... Since 'cleaning' up the maint page, maints had become a little more,.. weekly. Top effort bliz. I was planning around the very limiting schedules of bliz d3 availability, and it was working. Thing were going great. Buttt.. Then bliz decides, its time to get sneaky. Lets change the hours in the scheduled maint posts.. all the damned time. Lets wait till aus gamers have seen our post, scheduled theyr tuesdays to coincide with our downtime/uptime, then wait until the next morning when theyr all off to work, to change the times again. Hey lets even add a few hours. Or lets roll back the scheduled time to sit right over the entire playable night primetime for aussies, for no other reason than to let U.S players start again at 10am, rather than having to wait until noon. please.. just lock in a time. Tell us when its going to be. Be it 6pm to 10pm aus tuesday nights, whatever. Just tell us so we know when the game will be unavailable. Is that asking too much?DrFunk1 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 EZZMAY GOLD GIVE AWAY* Most noobiest moment? Ok guys since work is slow today I would love to hear stories of when you have been a noob!! I will start the ball rolling. When we first started playing my friend rolled a WD char, not sure what lvl we were but we go into the “spider cave” thing his spider spawns were unlocked. As we were making our way through killing spiders, I was getting increasingly frustrated at the black and red spiders that I couldn’t kill.... I spent the whole time in that cave trying to kill the black and red spiders!! My BF and his friend found this highly amusing and didn’t tell me they were his spawns to when I was cracking it for not being able to kill them they were rolling on the floor laughing O.o They told me the next day and I was pretty embarrassed!! But its still funny!! Haha So whats the stupidest thing you have done thus far in D3 or in general? There will be a prize for the best story (make me LOL!!!!!) BUT im keeping it a secret untill I pick a winner and I will close entries Friday 6/7/12 1pm EST edit- cause maybe if I put it in the heading people might post :Pezzmay57 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 anyone want to party? Im bored doing act 1 inferno with troglodytes. anyone want to do some runs? post here or pm me in game.Leto1 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 Patch Loop - another variance? G'day all Since launch I have had a launching issue on my work pc (yes shhhhh) that I wasn't sure whether others were aware of. I originally had the patch loop issue, but after much angst on the forums, some cluey bugger worked out about the editing of the enSG to enUS - yay. However, ever since this 'fix', I have still had problems launching the client from this computer (Home pc and Laptop ok - as they had the downloaded enUS client). So what happens is Launcher loads, checks for downloads, all good, Play button enabled. Press Play - NOTHING.... lol The Fix for this (and has worked every time) is open Task Manager and kill the Agent.exe. As soon as it is killed it reopens another, and the game proper loads. So for those that know about it - apologies. For those that still suffer with loading issues hopefully this may help. For those that scream read this thread - I am not an avid forum reader, however will be taking a lot more notice of our Aus/NZ one in future. Cheers DuckBattleDuck3 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 What to lvl/play while tired? Morning all, So of late I've been having major sleep issues(joy) hence I've been tired a lot and my sleep pattern is rather screwed. Progressing through Inferno on my DH while tired? not a good idea haha reaction times just are not up there. So I'm thinking maybe making a Barb and lvling it up might be easier when tired? I'm not talking Inferno grind cause I really think us Aussies need to pay decent attention, but what would you say was the easiest to lvlup without twinking out gear wise and such? or you know whats the best class that you think in terms of surviving? I'm guessing it is Monk or Barb but while I played them a lot in beta I've never tried them past 13, so what do you think?Narull7 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Closed MovedKushKing27 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Just cleared out HC Act 1! Cleared out Act 1. Now to farm some gear farm some gobs.TDA1010 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Am lagging. Well, I cant play the game and lagging real bad atm so i thought it would be better to make a 101th post, because amm lagging and cannot play the game.Ryxxi3 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Whats with the lag..... Ever since the last maintenance, is it only me or does others also experience massive and near constant lag spikes. Like i usually get maybe 400-600 ping, but now i get like 1600 - 2000 ping.... seriously whats going on???Bluedestiny1 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Level Item Guide ( Please ) level 20 ( yellow ) rare item v level 28 ( blue ) magic item which item is more powerful to use ? at any level item, is yellow rare more powerful to use than blue magic items ? for example is level 4 ( yellow ) rare item, more powerful to use than a level 20 ( blue ) magic item ? ZotZOT3 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Where are the blue posts? Hello folks, I come and read the doom and gloom forums every day before playing D3. I still play though struggling to keep at it after my 3rd 60 and inferno and the grind to find 1 piece of decent gear is getting mind numbingly (is that a word?) stupid. (12 Inferno Act 1 runs tonight - certain areas only hunting rare packs and not 1 single half decent item even worth a second look 306MF used on my runs) But I have noticed that I hardly see a single blue comment on any forums these days, Are the dev's/Community moderators in hiding? I never see many posts answering the hard questions! I am an avid fan of the Diablo series, but with all the quiet on the forums from the people that should be commenting on issues at hand its rather disappointing. One thing that sells a game is a good communicating Dev/Mod team, something that is seriously lacking on Blizz's D3 forums. I see one Blue post on Aussie forums and not a single one on the front page of General forum tonight :/ But I shall soldier on and pray things are on the improve for D3. I don't care about the difficuly of Inferno (Actually glad something hurts abit to progress through in an ARPG for a change), but please Blizz staff, start talking to your customers it does wonders for your business :) Cheers OU812OU8125 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 godly armor dex vit res mf physical res. 451 def. 149 dex 91 vit 56 res all 57 physical res 18% mf health globes 7.2k hp taking offersRestInPieces4 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Why is Australia using the America server? I would like an answer, preferably from blizzard as to why Australia and a lot of Asian countries are using the America server, it has a major impact on our latency and thus effects the play ability of the game. There is an Asia server but so far seems to only service China and South Korea. Why is Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Japan and others forced to use the America server by default when there is an Asia server?cherry25 Jul 9, 2012
Jul 9, 2012 Aussies streaming! Giving it a go first time streaming. Ive got Monk DH Barb playing a bit of each come check it out!!! Doing some DH tanking right now and talking smackSaviour0 Jul 9, 2012