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Aug 9, 2015 Mark the 25/26th August... ... We should see patch 2.3 drop on the 25th August (i.e. playable on the 26th August. With that in mind: - hurray for freeing up stash space - hurray for getting to play with legendary powers thought to be unviable for high torment play - RIP Stonesinger and to your not-so-hostile "grow a bro" attack.Mugsy2 Aug 9, 2015
Aug 7, 2015 Random leg power discussion #156: The Gidbinn This was probably a fun weapon to use when we all were running T1 difficulty as a regular thing. Hell, it was my best WD weapon for most of my time playing T3. Now that we're pushing GRs and belt of transcendence has made the gidbinn's power a bigger joke than before, it's probably time it got a revamp. Why not stick with its Diablo 2 theme and give it a protective ward of some sort? I always liked the Black Hole - Event Horizon effect so I reckon a power such as the following would be useful and fun: "Gain a protective ward of 12 yard radius where enemy projectiles cannot penetrate and any elite affixes in it is nullified after 3 seconds. For every enemy within 15 yards of you, gain an extra yard to the protective ward to a maximum of 30 yards." In 2.3 at least, giving up a damage based affix with one of your two weapon affixes is generally a no no unless there is a defensive or utility affix of sufficiently high value. I think being able to get rid of elite affixes and essentially being an impassable wall for projectiles is worth it. The effect encourages up close style of play so something like firebats could be extremely viable to use with a weapon with this power.Mugsy0 Aug 7, 2015
Aug 7, 2015 LF Clan As the title says i am looking for a clan i have jumped from clan to clan non where what i liked i am looking for a friendly bunch of people who can help me gear my chars to do t6 and G-Rifts higher than 30 so please if you have a clan with a fair amount of people please add me. QuoteTheReap#1260QuoteTheReap2 Aug 7, 2015
Aug 5, 2015 Deadpool... For those that haven't seen the red band trailer yet... And if that wasn't enough Deadpool for you, here's something extra. Personally, I'd just watch it for Domino... And while I'm at it, this is the nicest way I've ever seen the Half Life logo stretched out... Aug 5, 2015
Aug 5, 2015 Should patch 2.3 be deployed in two parts? Seems this patch is a pretty big effort on Blizzards behalf with both new items, skill balancing, and kanai's cube. I'm sure they're getting close but with another PTR patch planned, I'm just wondering would it have been better to have split the patch into a 2.3.0 and 2.3.1 release? End season 3 and have kanai's and the new bounty/rift/grift mechanic added in the first patch. This way, it'll give players in clans made up of NS and S players a chance to all play together for a bit to get use to the new mechanics, cube a few items and make room in their inventories. Spend a bit of time hotfixing any bugs introduced with Kanai's. Then drop the items and skill rebalancing patch and begin Season 4.Mugsy2 Aug 5, 2015
Aug 4, 2015 WTB / WTT - Legacy Chantodo Wand Hi, I'm testing something, and would like a highest attackspeed legacy chants will. From memory, the highest attackspeed was ~1.79. That's with 0.25 aps and 10% ias. DPS isnt important....I dont care if it's a 900dps wand, as long as the attackspeed is at maximum. I have a few legacy items to trade. Many thanks! Cheers, RyokaRyoka1 Aug 4, 2015
Aug 2, 2015 lag and connection timeout of America server from about a week ago, it became difficult for me to play, because of the severe lag and timeout to connect to server. signing in and reading character list seem all right, but the problem comes up when starting any one of my character I have the same problem of WOW, but not Heartstone. Who can tell me what the problem is and how to fix?RobotWizard5 Aug 2, 2015
Aug 2, 2015 Help! I hate to do this, but I really need help power leveling my main up again. HC is such a !@#$%, and this is the fifth time one of my friends has gotten my wizard killed. My ps4 name is Oblivion_Exodus. come help a poor soul out.Azdron0 Aug 2, 2015
Jul 31, 2015 The Carnevil lag fix... Well, this is what we Carnies have to look forward to... ... Whilst I'll miss the darts spammage, I think this will make sense for those who envisaged the Carnevil and melee fetishes builds merging with the introduction of Kanai's cube. I somehow think TnTs with CoE (and zuni ring) will be favoured over FnR... but that's not necessarily a bad thing as I don't particularly want all my builds to use FnR and WDs weren't always great with FnR anyway. Plus CoE will give a big bump to both physical and poison attacks and I think we'll still want to use Legion of Daggers.Mugsy1 Jul 31, 2015
Jul 30, 2015 Should sets facilitate a certain play style? The current PTR changes to Helltooth has really got my bro and I wondering about the direction of sets designs in D3. With the inclusion of Dogs and Garg, it's nice to see these skills viable again. However, the strongest build with helltooth is now yet another pets build (and piggy backing off fetishes). I know, it's early days and WD is the pets class, but it would be nice to get some variation for some proper build diversity since Arachyr looks to be another pets set. They could have made zunis the pet set, Jade the nuke set, Helltooth the spenders spamming set (since that seems to be missing for WDs) and Arachyr the utility set (crowd control, team buffs, enemy debuffs). You can see this trend in Monks for example... Uliana's is more or less a nuking set, Sunwuko the spender spammer (when there's sufficient spirit regen), Innas the utility set (though not a strong one) and 1k storms looked more like a hit and run set but functioned better as a tank and then hit hard set. Wizards also get it good with a pure damage set, a crowd control set, a DOT damage set and then what will be considered a melee set with Vyrs. But then there's sets like Akkhans where, back in the day, it facilitated so many different builds and styles of play. Rolands is spender spamming set... same with Seeker. It just seems to me like build diversity isn't progressing by much with most of the new and revised sets in 2.3.Mugsy6 Jul 30, 2015
Jul 30, 2015 Looking for saders Looking for saders to do trials/high GR(65-70) runs with. Non Seasons. Get those gems to 70 plus. Add me if this is you. Have good group to run with. YDFWM#6389YDFWM2 Jul 30, 2015
Jul 29, 2015 Forgetting your keys Hahaha I'm sure it's happened to you all at one point. Did some mid 40 runs with some of the community guys, sold all my 40s and low 50s to vendor, about 20 runs later got called for dinner so said gg later all and left me damn keys there. Lucky was only bout dozen. Owell more trials. Can't wait for the end of trials :)Azza1 Jul 29, 2015
Jul 29, 2015 Unlocking things in SC and HC... If I've unlocked all difficulties and Adventure mode in a SC playthrough, do I get access to these with HC toons? I'd ask about access to the cube too but seeing how it's not officially released as yet, not too many may know.Mugsy4 Jul 29, 2015
Jul 29, 2015 Diablo 3 DPS Meter I'd really like to test my dps with some combo's and builds! Perhaps we could invest in a target dummy, but give it some character, like an eternal demon that we can't figure out how to kill and we can name it randomly after a customer service rep ! (chained up to the blacksmith or somethin' !) - TanTanlash12 Jul 29, 2015
Jul 29, 2015 Bogans in game look nothing like real ones I just got back into this game after 3 years, and I noticed a new type of creature - the bogan!! However, I was disappointed that they look nothing like bogans at all. None of them were wearing flannelette, none of them were drinking VB, and none were driving old Commodores. Did Blizzard actually do any research into bogans before adding them? I think not.David6 Jul 29, 2015
Jul 29, 2015 Some peeps. This is a thank you to the following, for carrying and helping me to level my toons up; Ryoka Ausares Buzzman Derf Ratmanus Dcs I am fairly certain I`ve missed some folks, if so the same applies to you to. (ps) And yes as I am able to gear permitting, there will be gear and skill changes - these things take time. lol Cheers mw. :)motiewarrior0 Jul 29, 2015
Jul 28, 2015 A character from about three years ago Hey I need some help. I have a character that's paragon level from a while ago. I was wondering is there any way to rank up to 70.Sky1151 Jul 28, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 Revised builds How's everyone going with getting their Helltooths and Vyrs ready to go in 2.3? (NS players that is) I think I'm gonna play Wiz again at the start of 2.3, mainly because she's the most powerful of my toons atm, has the most potential for speed farming, and I also want to get Vyrs up and running. I've also never played much Archon so do want to give it a shot.Mugsy12 Jul 27, 2015
Jul 27, 2015 Got me a fresh slot for some hardcore action! As most of you know, I've been frustrated for a while... no, not that way! I've had my character slots maxed out for the longest of times. I had mules in vanilla and the 5 extra character slots from RoS CE didn't do much to ease the pain. It's been a chore clearing up a toon to play seasons as it is... I have no idea how I'd go about getting an extra toon for Hardcore too. But Dick Smiths have been clearing out their PC copies of Diablo 3 and RoS for $5 each... I know, what a crime to have these games at such a low price! Anyway, I nabbed myself a spare copy of D3 and RoS for a second account and will probably use it to play Hardcore at some point. Don't think I'd play SC seasons with it... I'll leave my main account for SC and the new one will be for HC. If anyone is thinking of doing the same, go hunt down a copy ASAP... they're clearing fast... Or have you been as crafty as Mugsy too?Mugsy4 Jul 27, 2015
Jul 26, 2015 World, I Challenge you! ~Random HC Challenge! Update: Thanks to Shantalya who has made a website that will auto generate everything(Name, Gender, Class, Build) for you! ... Update 2: As some of the new people have pointed out Monster Power is ingame now(it wasn't when I first made this thread) so if you like just go to but in 1-10 and randomise your MP lvl as well! more random is more fun! haha. Goodluck! Welcome boys and girls to the Random Hardcore Challenge! What is this you may ask? has Narull lost the plot yet again? Why yes my friends I have indeed, as I have decided to continue on my insane self challenge and I invite you all to do so as well. No prize or such for this I will flatout say that, this Challenge is for fun and personal recognition. Now how does it work? Well here we go, here are the rules of the Random Hardcore Challenge: You must use a random name and sex for your hero from the site below. Then you must randomise which class you are going to play. 1. Barbarian 2. Demon Hunter 3. Monk 4. Witch Doctor 5. Wizard Go to and put 1-5 in the box on the right hand side, hit generate and you have your class. Randomise your build! Go to your respective Skill Calculator page and scroll to the bottom, see the little blue gem in the middle of the screen? Click it and it will make your build! Now here is the key. YOU MAY NOT USE ANY SKILLS OR RUNES APART FROM WHAT IS GENERATED, YOU MUST USE THE RUNE THAT IS GENERATED AS SOON AS IT IS AVAILABLE. * Example, you get a wizard but don't get Magic Missile on your build? you have to remove it from your bars as soon as you login and fight your way to your first skill! Now you have your name, your sex, your class and your spec. Go make it in Hardcore and see how far you can get! You may use the AH, but you cannot use funds gained from another character. My character is below, keep the thread updated on your progress and if you die tell us what killed you where/when etc! This is about having a little fun guys, something that seem's to be forgotten sometimes in gaming, so I ask you. Are you up for the challenge? Edit: If you'd like to do a normal Iron-man challenge SirRight has a thread going here for one which is very fun as well. =D ________________________________________________ @Narull - ANZ Diablo III MVP - The Most Valuable Poster program info There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'Narull563 Jul 26, 2015
Jul 26, 2015 New back to d3. looking for a clan Have a lvl 70 in season. Looking for some kiwis and aussies to play with. any help appreciatedBradBradley4 Jul 26, 2015
Jul 25, 2015 What's ur 2.3 priorities? Well, I think most of us will be getting Kanai's cube as one of our first tasks. But for me... - just before 2.3, farm up 5 sets of caches to get an early boost in legendary mats so I can extract a few powers upon getting the cube. - when 2.3 hits, open caches to free up space, go do the Kanai's cube quest, and extract ~15 powers that will make bounties farming faster (I'm thinking Wizard stuff since my Tals build has the best shot of doing TX difficulty - continue farming bounties to get leg mats. Will probably keep me occupied for the better part of two weeks as I get enough mats to extract powers from all the legs I'm hoarding. - start pushing GRs. From memory, our highest available GR from patch deployment is our best solo +1 (so GR44 for me) - farm up new sets and legs - maybe consider a late start at Season 4... but atm, it looks like the only cosmetic bonus is the furry blue pet dog which is a reskinned ghost mut so I'm not very keen for this. Might just focus my efforts on collecting powers for the cube and skip season 4. Still want to clear up enough space so I can delete a toon or two for seasons. With Kanai's, I'm curious to see how a MotE4/IK6 leapquake barb will play? Will need to use Lut Socks via cube powers and leap doesn't proc FnR atm I believe so it's still sounding rather gimped to me.Mugsy29 Jul 25, 2015
Jul 24, 2015 Anyone for season 60+ tonight Any DPS or zDPS want to try some 60+ in season for gem upgrades tonight? Can never find anyone in communities at times that suit us. Feel free to add me in game if you're up for some season gaming GloomeyLeek#6256. I can zDPS stun doc, or mass doc for 60+ or DPS for speed 50s. Any active Aussie clans for seasons that anyone can recommend? Thanks guysGloomeyLeek3 Jul 24, 2015
Jul 22, 2015 Powerleveling in 2.1 OK, I've missed the odd thing here and there on the patch 2.1 changes... but heard that the trick of doing rifts and changing out to a lower level toon before closing is nerfed so we can't power level non lvl 70 toons this way. Is this correct? And if so, have people figured out an alternative?Mugsy23 Jul 22, 2015
Jul 20, 2015 Who's just waiting for that cube to arrive? I can't even say that I'm excited about the new sets or any new items. Everything else just pales in comparison to being able to get rid of all these legendary items AND be able to make their powers and not sacrifice damage! - Helltooth and Spirits WD sets are just too similar for my liking. I got a fairly good Helltooth set already (half are ancient) so hunting down the Spirit set isn't high on my priorities. - Monk set looks good but is suppose to be a tad weaker than 1k storms. Again, not a high priority for me... I'll get it when I get it. - Hammerdin set could have buffed Blessed Shield too... I'm not much of a hammerdin fan but love Blessed Shield - Update to Vyrs needs the new seasonal item to make it work competitively. Apart from that, I have an Ancient Chantodo's Wand waiting to be used with it - Leapquake Barbs still need some lovin - I more or less have everything I want for DH with the exception of the calamity which isn't dropping for me. Running all the rifts that I have been doing is starting to get quite boring... got 325 trial keys and my bro is almost out of rifts stones now so I'll probably start doing GRs again to keep me occupied but even they're getting repetitive. So all that's left for me to look forward to is that cube now so I can tidy up my inventory and stash... and then play with legendary powers that have been neglected for too long! - lolMugsy8 Jul 20, 2015
Jul 19, 2015 Woohoo! They did the probe pet... I always wanted a protoss probe as a pet and now I can have it!.... Now to wait for LotV to be on sale :-PMugsy3 Jul 19, 2015
Jul 17, 2015 Hellfire event changes Hi all, Along with the many changes we announced for patch 2.3 we also just mentioned that there will be significant adjustments to the Hellfire event: ...Arcagnion20 Jul 17, 2015
Jul 17, 2015 Please join me in welcoming Takralus. Please join me in welcoming Takralus. Some keen eyed people may know Takralus from the EU forums. She made the long journey down to Australia and along with myself will now be part of the ANZ forums. In between the normal community manager functions of gathering feedback for developers, writing feature articles and attending live events she will be joining us here on the forums discussing Blizzard games with all of you. Welcome Takralus!Arcagnion43 Jul 17, 2015
Jul 15, 2015 omg Such anticipation! This holiday is killing me, I need my d3 fix.. sorry I'm super lazy and haven't been upto my usual forum lurking(hotel WiFi=pooh, only just bought international simcard from dodgy street salesman 2 days ago). So if there's anything super cool and awsome going on you think I should know about just spam this thread. I'm like sponge and I got some long overdue information to soak in, thank you.m3thfi3nd12 Jul 15, 2015
Jul 13, 2015 Cubing Priorities So this really needs to be validated in PTR and when 2.3 is released and what slots the new sets take up but based on competing items in slots, I think the following won't be far off. Just wanted to offer my thoughts esp since extracting legendary powers require new mats which will take time to farm up. So we want to pick what legendary powers we cube first in an efficient manner. As we all know, 6pc sets are king. Bastions of Will rings are king. We want to leave the slots these set items go into free so any legendary effect we want that clashes with any of these slots will likely be obtained via the cube. Whether you pick a weapon, armour, or jewellery first depends on what you have obviously. But general guidelines to follow: Weapons: 1. Anything non-ancient with the power you need to make your build work or work better (Furnace will probably get first priority in most cases). We'll keep well rolled ancient weapons to free up this passive for other stuff. 2. Offhands - but only if we need the legendary power or when we run out of other powers to cube. Simply put, it's harder to get a good ancient roll of a BIS weapon, so if we have a non-ancient version, we put on an ancient weapon and get the power from the cube. Offhands are easier to get (esp with lower gambling cost) so we retain these. Armour: In order of slots we can probably cube first... 1. Helm, Chest, Gloves, Pants and Boots are pretty much standard slots used in almost all 6pc sets. 2. Shoulders - many, if not all of the old legacy sets that have been upgraded to 6pc do not have shoulders so if you're using one of these sets, you may want to hang onto the well rolled legendary shoulders you have. 3. Belts - Unless you're using Innas, IKs, or Tal Rasha's; or Krems' 2pc set, you'll still need a legendary belt. E.g., if you wish to use an extra armour based power with Nats (say, Cindercoat, or Leoric's Crown), don't cube that good Crashing Rain belt so quickly. 4. Bracers - there are currently no 6pc sets with bracers... so we keep these! Jewellery: 1. Rings - For most part, FnR will will be the rings of choice. It's consistently more powerful than CoE so the preferred choice I'd say. There may be instances where 3 legendary ring powers will beat out FnR... so I wouldn't get ride of all your damage enhancing rings just yet. But if you plan on using FnR, yeah, I'd cube some of these rings and equip their powers that way. 2. Amulets - Only a few sets have an ammy as a set item. In these instances, if the best affix is from an ammy, sure, you'll need to cube the affix in order to use that set ammy piece. But for most part, I think amulets should be retained unless you have excess. Anyway, those are my thoughts guys. We'll see if it comes true or not when 2.3 hits.Mugsy20 Jul 13, 2015
Jul 12, 2015 RoS Collector Ed Physical copy at HN Rothwell Apologies if this is inappropriate but someone might be interested in this. Spotted a copy of Diablo Reaper of Souls collectors Edition at Harvey Norman Rothwell for $89.95. This has the 3 extra character slots plus all the extras like mouse mat, art book, making of DVD. I already have a physical collectors edition and whilst this can go for a lot on EBay hopefully someone here will enjoy it. Salesman said it was old stock (obviously) and had been there for ages.Tortyfoo3 Jul 12, 2015
Jul 12, 2015 Traction Gaming Recruiting A healthy community is a network of like-minded individuals with a mutual goal… the betterment of the whole. In a gaming community, this can be achieved by fostering an environment where the experienced mentor the inexperienced, and the successful pass on their learning to those wishing to take their gaming to the next level. At Traction Gaming, we embody this philosophy. We are a network of brothers and sisters, united in our ambitions. Beyond bringing our fresh recruits up to speed, we also foster our love of gaming with a healthy dose of competition. That’s right, we’re talking about major tournaments in League of Legends, Dota 2 and Hearthstone – where the winners take home not just fame and glory, but real cash prizes as well. On top of that there will be fun competitions for anyone to enter. We will also be keeping you up-to-date with the latest and greatest in the gaming industry. If it’s important to the gaming world, we will get it in your brain via our blogs and think-pieces. And though we are a new community, our leadership council have a storied past together and have long held to our beliefs. Over the years, we’ve wondered how we could build a diverse community of gamers that all enjoy their passions under one banner… and we believe we have built the answer. So we welcome you to an experience of growth, information sharing and development. Our team want to help you become a better gamer in every sense. A better player, a stronger competitor and a better influence on the community and industry as a whole. If you want to learn how to be a better gamer, you’ve come to the right place. If you are already an experienced and comfortable gamer, then come join us, make some friends and become part of our future. We’re a force to be reckoned with and we can’t wait to see what you have to offer. As of this week we have officially started recruiting! Our Teamspeak server is up and ready to use and our site is fully functional and looking for new contributors, members and anyone interested in joining something special  Teamspeak 3 Details: Label: 'Traction Gaming' Address: No password! Jul 12, 2015
Jul 10, 2015 What server to select? Hi guys i have a strange occurrence i play with my client set to the Asia server as i thought this is the one for SEA region players, however when i try to view my profile on the battle net forums it only lets me view it through the Taiwan region here and everything is in Taiwanese O_o Should i have created my account on the americas or eu server or something? and is it possible to have it transfered by contacting supp. if so?ImRight3 Jul 10, 2015
Jul 10, 2015 PTR Feedback 7hrs and waitingYDFWM20 Jul 10, 2015
Jul 9, 2015 PTR season 4 up? Is it up yet in south oz jumped in before and couldn't create character for seasons on ptrjules23230 Jul 9, 2015
Jul 9, 2015 3 Favourite Sets... of all time!... all time! So what's your 3 favourite D3 sets ever? Mine: 1. Marauders (pre auto turret nerf) - was the first set I completed to be T6 viable. I love cold and fire rockets! Hoping cold and fire rockets become viable in 2.3 again. 2. Rolands 2.2 - Dunno why but this set grew on me big time prior to 2.2 3. Tal Rasha's 2.2 - I love how this set encourages multi elemental skills and doesn't punish you doing so. Love it!Mugsy5 Jul 9, 2015
Jul 9, 2015 No more split farming for KW's in 2.3 From ptr notes: "Infernal machines only drop for players who are in the same area"onimaru554 Jul 9, 2015
Jul 7, 2015 Looking for cooperate work partner Hello guys Are you new to season? Or are you straggle to get your set items? (Season) I am Para 800+ DPS And i am looking to carry player though 30s GR with your keys, (30s only) **ALL MY LOOTS ARE YOURS** Able to use ANY class to carry You get loots, and i can lower my endless higher keys down to 40s. Lets help each other. If you want talk to me for more Info ( yes, i got more offer ) Talk to me in game Yanderella #1251 Tyvm for readingYanderella1 Jul 7, 2015
Jul 7, 2015 LF Social clan :) Hi All, Have been playing D3 since the beginning but have gone off and back on in different spurts! More so due to always changing games haha! been back playing Diablo 3 and looking for a social active clan - so boring playing by yourself :| Current character - 231PL Wiz - Season and 376 NS Barb (though focusing on season atm) I know my PL for season is low but look to lvl a bit before patch :) Ayks#1621 Thanks all :)Ayks4 Jul 7, 2015
Jul 6, 2015 2.3 prep If the current PTR is anything to go by, follow the guide here to prep for 2.3: Last night I cleaned out my stash for dupes and collated all the items I'm gonna cube. Can't wait for that to free up more room but will take a bit of bounty farming to get the new mats. This arvo, I've been running normal rifts with my melee pet doc for a change to get more mats and trial keys. Gonna convert the yellows to blues and whites so everything gets picked up. It will take a while to get through my remaining 999 rift stones though - lol. Got an ancient rhen'ho flayer and wormwood from the runs if that encourages anyone to do the grind. Also found a few puzzle rings on my followers... I love hoarding! - lolMugsy2 Jul 6, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 Maintenance Tuesday 30/06/15 *Complete* Maintenance is complete and the PTR is now active for the next patch testing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Greetings all, We will be having scheduled server maintenance week. Even with the ANZ server we have to keep the same US server maintenance times, this is to enable us to still be linked to the US so we can still play with each other. On Tuesday (30/06/15) we will be having server maintenance. Which is expected to last 8 hours total, this is done to maintain the servers and do any general fixes etc. Server down will start at 3:00am PDT which is: Australia & New Zealand times: Tuesday 30/06/15 6:00pm - 4:00am Perth 7:30pm - 3:30am Darwin, Adelaide 8:00pm - 4:00am Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra 10:00pm - 6:00am New Zealand Additional time zones can be found here: Note that this maintenance will go for 8 hours, till 11:00am PDT (Barring any unforeseen issues that may extend maintenance) Also remember that blizzard does this while there is the least amount of connected players on the US servers, while it is unfortunate that it falls in a good play time for ANZ it has to be done. From the service status forums: ... ________________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Blizzard MVP There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'Narull5 Jul 5, 2015
Jul 4, 2015 So, reforge or extract? After watching this: I'm wondering if I should extract my kridershot or reforge it? I'm thinking since I only have 1, reforging might be the better way to go, esp since I don't need the power atm.Mugsy13 Jul 4, 2015
Jul 2, 2015 Cant connect to bnet client i cant connect to the battle net client or access the website but when i turn on my vpn it all works fineBOOZIE1 Jul 2, 2015
Jul 1, 2015 PTR is up, Patch notes are out! All glory to the Cube! wtb more download quota! running low >.> ________________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Blizzard MVP There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'Narull7 Jul 1, 2015
Jul 1, 2015 Keep getting DC'd in GR's... is this why? Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 1 * * * Request timed out. 2 * * * Request timed out. 3 * * * Request timed out. 4 24 ms 19 ms 20 ms [] 5 27 ms 23 ms 24 ms [20] 6 45 ms 36 ms 34 ms [20] 7 34 ms 33 ms 36 ms [2] 8 34 ms 33 ms 34 ms [] 9 35 ms 34 ms 35 ms [ 2] 10 48 ms 34 ms 33 ms [ 5] 11 36 ms 38 ms 43 ms Trace complete. Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 1 * * * Request timed out. 2 * * * Request timed out. 3 * * * Request timed out. 4 23 ms 19 ms 31 ms [] 5 23 ms 35 ms 39 ms [20] 6 37 ms 32 ms 36 ms [20] 7 35 ms 32 ms 34 ms [2] 8 39 ms 42 ms 69 ms [] 9 56 ms 50 ms 49 ms [ 2] 10 46 ms 38 ms 56 ms [ 5] 11 49 ms 38 ms 33 ms Trace complete. Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 1 * * * Request timed out. 2 * * * Request timed out. 3 * * * Request timed out. 4 25 ms 19 ms 20 ms [] 5 32 ms 27 ms 24 ms [20] 6 35 ms 41 ms 33 ms [20] 7 43 ms 40 ms 41 ms [2] 8 54 ms 35 ms 34 ms [] 9 70 ms 39 ms 40 ms [ 2] 10 32 ms 35 ms 43 ms [ 5] 11 36 ms 50 ms 34 ms Trace complete. As you can see - did the test to sydney server a few times... same result each time - ideas? TY in advanceNickBaldyM10 Jul 1, 2015
Jul 1, 2015 What weapon have you yet to drop? So it's finally happened... after 686 paragon pts, I finally drop a SMK! Of course, I've luckily gotten two off my bro already and this wasn't an upgrade for me so I passed it onto someone who needed it more. Now all I need is a bloody calamity... seems out of all the weapons in the game, the calamity is the rarest one for me! How bout you? EDIT: Just remembered that I've yet to drop a Gryfalcon Foote too... had a ~lvl50 one handed to me though. So that's two there.Mugsy17 Jul 1, 2015
Jul 1, 2015 FnR + channeling skills = poor synergy With FnR, it was very clear than blizzard wanted us to use generators/sig spells again and be rewarded for it. I think they've done too good a job though as the synergy with channeling skills is clunky or impractical. So wouldn't it be ideal to have a two ring set more suited to channeling skills? What's the issues with channeling skills? 1. For movement orient channeling skills like tempest rush, whirlwind or strafe, Blizzard (traditionally) believes that the gameplay is monotonous and needs some variety. Only in 2.2 was spin to win given back to us... but I do agree that WW all the time is monotonous and interrupting strafe with evasive fire is quite gumby. 2. For stationary channeling skills like disintegrate, rapid fire, or firebats, you take a huge risk for staying still as enemies swamp you and there's no reward for taking that risk. And channeling skills have resource management issues to address. We've seen the BK sword set address this. So I propose a 2 ring set that does the following: - For every second spent channeling, gain 1 stack of a damage multiplier to buff up a special attack. - For each second that your remain still while channeling, gain an additional stack of a damage multiplier to buff up a special attack. - When a channeling skill stops, you emit a special attack. This attack is either a powerful shockwave, a piercing beam, or a non-piercing fireball that explodes for AOE damage. An icon will rotate through each special attack per second much like CoE. Each stack of the damage multiplier grants you 400% weapon damage (or some % that's more balanced). - After firing your special attack, gain 66% of your missing resource. So would be similar to the Nats/RoV mechanic of cooling down RoV and nuking but instead, you're building up the damage and then nuking. You get no damage buff to your channeling attack but the longer you hold out for, the bigger the reward. Having 3 different attacks will add variety to the nuking options, and will allow for a more effective special attack depending on how you're playing. The resource refresh at the end means that you're not punished for draining your resources... in fact you're encouraged to! But you're also not encouraged to perma channel. This would also make the stop/start channeling less of a problem for firebats which has that hefty start up cost. Vampire bats might be interesting though... so there may have to be a damage cap added. I believe that such a ring set will allow channeling skills to be competitive in higher GRs. Maybe we could see Litany and Wailing Host updated?Mugsy2 Jul 1, 2015
Jun 29, 2015 LF Active season hc players Lets group up. Im sick of running solo 95% of the time. Seems as the weeks pass fewer people are logging on so im quite often the only person online in what was once a thriving clan. Sad times. U other hc clans still have good activity or dying across the board?dragonbone2 Jun 29, 2015
Jun 28, 2015 Lag with DH Vault and sader Shield Bash Has anyone else been having problems with these skills over the last two weeks? I'll press the button and have to wait up to a second before the skill fires. Everything seemed to be fine before, but now they're borderline unusable. It may be affecting other skills as well, but these are the ones that I've noticed to be badly lagging.hong8 Jun 28, 2015