Bug Report

Sep 22 The Haunt of Vaxo shadow clones do not attack On my level 70 Barb Zena I have the Haunt of Vaxo shadow clone attribute activated in the Kanai's Cube Jewelry slot. During combat the clones spawn correctly when i stun enemies but since the latest update to the game they don't attack anything. This poses a big problem as the clones attribute to a lot of damage done in battle. thank you for helping with this issue.Bartuc1 Sep 22
Sep 22 rebirth i rebirth my character and went to a new character to retrieve my stuff. I went into tristam but couldnt kill nothing to get into town to store the email stuff into my stashKross1 Sep 22
Sep 22 Network Disconnect I always get disconnect from my network. I can only rarely play on one of my characters. And when it lets me play it says "Network Disconnect" right before i am about to enter the realm of terror. PLEASE HELP!!!!GoldenPants2 Sep 22
Sep 22 Windows 10 update Can not log in after the latest update from Mr. Gates love child, windows 10. After a extended hang time I get a grey screen and the phrase,,,something went wrong. No. Duh... If I knew which pesky creature was the culpable I would remove it with one viscous swipe of my vorpal sword. Help...Fragtag1 Sep 22
Sep 22 Error code 319045 It happen when i try to talk within the clan. Chat box not working.ReapverX0 Sep 22
Sep 22 Screen freezes but game is still running good night everyone, im having a very annoying problem right now. you see i have recently installed the expansion, and so far i was not having any problems at all, but when im roaming in the paths of the drowned ( After you kill the angel on westmarch), on the V act, suddenly the screen freezes on some parts of the map, yet the game is still running. i can move, even attack but i can´t see anything, then i move away from that position and alt-tab into windows, then i return to the game and i can keep playing normally. the problem is i cant go further because the area where it freezes, there is a quest objective, so i can´t advance into the game. BTW, its single player, it is the first time im playing the expansion. i havent seen any problem like this in the forums. please help thx in advance. http://s27.postimg.org/xca8d488j/Screenshot000.jpg [url=http://postimg.org/image/sqe44rmpb/][img]http://s27.postimg.org/sqe44rmpb/Screenshot000.jpg[/img][/url]Derceto33 Sep 22
Sep 22 Visual glitches... anybody got an idea what up with this? http://s43.photobucket.com/user/therealbigsteve/media/Untitled_zpssl1onqo2.jpg.htmlBigSteve1382 Sep 22
Sep 22 Bug with Turning the Tide quest Solo Campaign I ran into a problem on my most recent run of Turning the Tide wherein the second catapult became stuck at ~90% completion and would not progress. All three soldiers were pulling the winches, and there were no mobs (after I killed them all), but it didn't move for over a minute. Notably I had all three catapult quests running at once, Recruits finished first, then me spinning winch, at which point I ran to check on the soldiers and found the problem. They were locked on progress before I got there I believe, but it is hard to be sure since I wasn't watching super carefully, I just know that I was watching the completion as I moved towards them and cleared mobs around them to see if I could TP out, and it wasn't moving, nor did it move after I finished, none of the soldiers died, and no additional soldiers ran out of the gate.Hanoumatoi0 Sep 22
Sep 22 Bug with Iron Wolf Jarulf quest (Campaign) In Act II when you come upon the refugees and Iron Wolf Jarulf, you are tasked with killing a pack of Lacuni chasing them. I have once come upon a bug wherein I Dashing Strike'd through and past the Lacuni, and they disappeared. This rendered this quest impossible to complete. I waited around for a minute, and looked around for them as well, but nothing happened to fix the situation. This was a solo run.Hanoumatoi0 Sep 22
Sep 22 Bug with rescuing Cain (Campaign) In Act 1, when entering Leoric's Passage for the first time, if all four skeletons which attack Cain in the cutscene are dead before the player regains control of their character, Cain will be unresponsive even after the remaining skeletons are cleared. I killed them with Sweeping Wind after reaching where Cain would be via Dashing Strike before the cutscene started. I have repeated this twice, and in cases where only some of them have died before I regained control, this bug has not appeared. These were all solo runs discussed.Hanoumatoi0 Sep 22
Sep 22 after death no revival possible Hello, at first i have to say my english is really bad but i hope you understand my words... The bug that i found is: i play with my ltk farm monk on torment 12 and do a normal rift, the rift guardian is down and i want to clear the rest of the rift... then on one point i die and i cant revive because the buttons are no there... and on the mini map i see so many goblins and i cant kill that little guys... you can see it here http://www.directupload.net/file/d/4486/8mhkrs9e_jpg.htm I cry that i cant get all the materials from the goblins :( I hope you understand me and can fix this problem. Greetings from Germany CharubinCharubin0 Sep 22
Sep 22 blacksmith will not craft 70 items I am trying to get my season 7 achievements and due to a bug I cannot craft a lv 70 item with the blacksmith. I have raised the artisan, jeweler and blacksmith to lv 12 and it still isn't recognizing that the artisan is level 12. I have tried relogging and I have tried playing single player and multiplayer. Please assist me in recognizing if this is a true bug or player error. Thank youAlden3 Sep 22
Sep 22 Game is unplayable due to cursor glitch when i start d3 the cursor freezes at the bottom of the screen and doesnt recover no matter what i do.DEATHDEALER0 Sep 22
Sep 22 Princess Liliana still in the game? She was introduced in 2.4.1 along with the cosmic wings, but I have yet to see anyone actually get the wings or see Princess Liliana in 2.4.2. I think with the amount of people still farming and the ridiculous time they put into farming for rainbow goblins, we deserve to know if Princess Liliana is still in the game? I know this isn't really a bug but I thought I could get the best response here, move it if you must. Thanks.Shibley0 Sep 22
Sep 22 Error code 5016 hey guys getting an error code when trying to accept a friends request saying that my friends list is full? Any ideas?lucaS1 Sep 22
Sep 21 i bought and used the hellfire ring plan once I activated the plan at the jeweler the plan showed as usable. when I logged in today I no longer have access to build the ring please helpPsyrosys3 Sep 21
Sep 21 ps4 Creating legdry corruption shoulders bug Creates then screen stick after the creating bar and only cancel shows, it doesnt creatr item although has eaten through materials on different characters several times. Frustrating please sort - help. With thanks KoishiKoishi1 Sep 21
Sep 21 Diablo 3 Cutscenes Cinematics not playing PS3 Hello, I have recently picked up Diablo 3 again and introduced my wife to it. We created new characters on an old profile and started the game from Level 1. We got all the way through Act 1 without triggering a single cut-scene or cinematic to play automatically. This has been very annoying as I have to exit the game and play the scenes manually, explaining as best I can when the scene should have appeared while playing. Needless to say the emotional impact of the videos was missed and my wife is reluctant to continue playing. Is there a way to reset the scenes so they play when they are supposed to in-game? I am on a PS3 so I don't think I have the luxury of modifying the text files like on a computer. Thank you.Reaven1 Sep 21
Sep 21 Frequent disconnect I have adequate internet speed but am seeing a disconnect several times during a session. Am I missing something on a setting somewhere?zarknoid4 Sep 21
Sep 21 extraer poder legendario el cubo de kanai no me permite extraer el poder de ningún objeto legendario. lo que no me permite seguir avanzando en el juego y conseguirme toda la armadura de temporada.krusy1 Sep 21
Sep 21 Character dissapeared from selection screen. Hello. Yesterday i lvled a seasonal sorcerer to lvl 25 or so, got to act III. Did this in one sitting. At some point i began to lag pretty bad and eventually crashed. Didn't login again until the next day, now my sorcerer is gone like i've never started the character. Battle-net launcher is set to Europe as always.Bergmann1 Sep 21
Sep 21 lost a skill from the horadrim cube I had the skill sin- seeker on my weapon until yesterday. where my skill was still active (no lost of anger) but the item is missing in my horadrim cube. Please have a look into the matter bacause if i change the weapan sometime the skill will go lost.OmaHilde1 Sep 21
Sep 21 Sokahr Reflect Damage Output Bugged? It might or might not be a bug, but an issue none the less. Sokahr the Keywarden in Act 2, should he be able to one-hit kill with his reflect damage against a 226 million toughness character at TX? Does anyone know what his exact formula looks like, is it straight 100% reflected back in damage from projectiles? Just recently (yesterday) my HC Crusader faced of against Sokahr and lasted for just about a millisecond. One hit reflected back at me and I was out like a light. Anyone else feeling that this might be an issue considering that on Torment X with a 226 million toughness character nothing is usually even remotely close to be able to put a dent on you.AzumiChan4 Sep 21
Sep 21 Waypoint Failures In Campaign mode, the Dahlgur Oasis (Act II) waypoint and the Ancient Path (Act II) waypoint don't light up when activated. They have never worked, as long as I have played the game, but being as they have never been fixed, I figured I might submit a report, in case you guys just didn't know about them. This applies to hardcore, softcore, seasonal, and non-seasonal.Degrelecence0 Sep 21
Sep 21 Death of a hero My hero (Evridika) is moved to the dead, but on the battlefield did not die.solaris1 Sep 21
Sep 21 Greater Rift Bug I can't enter a greater rift. I created the portal, click on it, and the screen flashes black for a split second, and I'm back in town in front of the portal. I've tried teleporting to a different area with no change. I've tried entering the rift portal from a different camp, no change.Epsilis0 Sep 21
Sep 21 Hello When I go to public discussion I can not click on General. I want to know why and how to remedy this? Thank you   Not speaking English, I use google translation. Thanks for your understanding.Kaitt0 Sep 21
Sep 21 Season 7 Chapter 3 I just completed Chapter 3 of Season 7 and i have came across a problem, It didn't say i have completed it and i cant finish this chapter because of it. If someone could help it would be appreciated.Jax0 Sep 21
Sep 21 Kanai's Cube not working at all I have tried several items which are listed in the cube, I have triple checked my mats, nothing will extract the legendary stat. I've tried the exact mats, I've put all the mats in the cube, I've left all the mats in my stash. Nothing works. I cannot extract any weapons, gear, or jewelry. It worked fine two days ago. Please help!Hermlett6 Sep 21
Sep 21 Problems with Maghda-Achievement Hey there, first off: I'm sorry I didn't choose a better title for this topic, I just couldn't fit a good description in there. Now, my problem: I was just playing multiplayer with a friend of mine, we are from Germany so we're playing on EU servers. I'm playing the game in English and she set the game to German. We were doing a few rifts on our season chars when we decided to try to get some achievements done. We couldn't help but notice that the instructions for "Freaks Have More Fun" are a tad unclear, because in the English version it calls for 20 Unholy Thralls to be killed whereas in the German version ("Sklavenbefreiung") it calls for 30 Unholy Thralls to be killed. We also couldn't get the achievement to clear and we aren't sure if that's because of the 20/30 difference in the instructions or if we are just unable to count correctly xD So anyhow, I know you guys are reading this and looking into it and am grateful for that, I really love the customer service Blizzard provides. If anyone could give me a hint or further insight into this issue I would be really glad. :) Thank you, Monsterkater PS: I would have posted on the EU forums, but they don't seem to have a section for technical issues and the support page for bug reports linked to this forum. I'm sorry if I shouldn't have posted here, in that case please point me to the correct forum.Monsterkater6 Sep 21
Sep 21 A sad, complicated thing happened to me. Hello So yesterday i was playing one of my favourite game, Diablo 3, the hardcore mode. After many, many hours of fun and frustration i got the items i needed and surpassed my friends with this character(characters name is Heily). Even tho i played with this character for 31 hours, i put a lot of effort in to this character.(I already died with my previous character wich had the seasonal journey items, so i had to get those items again with my new character which took me a long time, i was very very happy when i got them. So yesterday i was helping my friend to get better items.We did Greater Rifts. And suddenly my foes didnt take damage, so i started panicking and running away. Then my charecter moved in one place. I thought at first it was my internet so i alt tab-ed and checked and discovered that it wasnt because of my internet. I go back to the game and see im in Diablo menu. It didnt show that this character is dead, so i was like "omg thank god". Then i decided to restart battle.net and diablo 3. And when i opened up Diablo 3, my character was dead. Im completly okay with me dying on my own fault but this enraged me and upsetted me. Knowing that your hard work can just basically die, because of a bug or error or something wich is not your fault, So i want to contact Blizzard about this, so in the future this kind of things wont happen to me or other player. If somebody read this, thank you for reading and have a good day.NightFury3 Sep 21
Sep 21 chap 4 objective no credit SO I am on Chapter 4 objectives of my season char. I am trying to complete the last one. The greater rift level 20 solo one. I completed it, not with the BONUS time, which it does not say you have to do. I did not get credit for it or even get the achieves that only go as high as level 15. Now it does not say what difficulty or anything on it. I completed it on master by the way. So anyone else have the same issue or any input?myweponurazz2 Sep 21
Sep 21 Season chapter completion gives no reward I completed season chapters 1 and 2 each with no reward given... What gives? Makes me a sad panda.drakens5 Sep 21
Sep 21 Due to DDoS, Client crashed with weird errors First, I just wanted to preface this by saying that I don't get a lot of time to play video games. Maybe a couple hours every once or twice a week, if I'm lucky. I've recently been on a Diablo kick and I really love all the new mechanics and balances that came about since I first played. Here's what happened: Today, just about a half an hour ago. I was playing on my hardcore demon hunter when I noticed a little bit of lag. No big deal, I thought. Probably just a little heavy load on the servers, right? Well, all of a sudden right as I was fighting a pack of monsters everything just freezes up. I can move, but nothing happens. Then, it says I get a message saying I've disconnected. No big deal, right? I can restart that rift. When I disconnect, my game goes crazy. It pops up with the "Season journey" box on the right, but instead of status it has "this should be replaced with game values." In addition to that, I couldn't reconnect to the game. Screenshot here: http://imgur.com/a/3ZyAE I figured I would just restart the client and be on my merry way. Hey, no game is perfect. Restart and... see a message about DDoS. I changed my mind about playing. I logged back on to salvage some items and leave and... my character is dead. What? So, anyway. That's the bug part of it. I'm guessing what happened is I disconnected but the character died before I reached the menu, so there was no hero information available. That said, I have a bit of a gripe with all of this. First, I know there's a policy in place that customer service doesn't revive hardcore heroes. I read it when I made the damn thing. If I screw up, I can't come crying for help. In fact, I've lost a couple hardcore heroes, and it sucked hard, but I know the policy. It makes sense, for most situations. But this has nothing to do with me; It wasn't my mistake. I'm not begging for help because I screwed up. This is an issue with Diablo's service provider, which they've ACKNOWLEDGED as an issue! I didn't get any sort of message about it in game until after the character was already deleted. It just happened, randomly. Personally, I believe my hero should be revived. It was essentially a known glitch and I have photo evidence of what happened and an accurate timeframe. If the policy really does trump ALL reasons,even causes that are Blizzard's own responsibility, then so be it. But I really do hope that whoever reads this and has the capability to do something has both the altruism and common sense to do the right thing and assist me somehow in recovering something from this.. Sorry for the lengthy post. Please read it!Aedesius0 Sep 21
Sep 21 Did the demon hunter get nerfed? Something changed with my character. I noticed it pretty bad in the past 2 days. I think maybe the vengence isn't buffing. But I am not doing the damage at the speed I previously was. Not sure what it is. It's like someone turned off a buff or a set bonus or something. Been playing with two family members with dh and all of us having same weird issue.I use the Unhallowed build.HoneyDewdrop1 Sep 21
Sep 21 Bug - Monster with 1 HP left can't die I was in Nightmare Act 3 (looking to raise the catapults). I had used Venom Hydra, Ice Armour, Force Wave and my signature skills to attack against the Demon Trooper. The mob was left with 1 hp, and it just won't die... http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/4065/screenshot004kn.jpg not sure if anyone else might have experienced this.. but.. I think its a bug.. Thanks Edit: Link for clarityrevx10 Sep 21
Sep 21 Catapult won't raise In Stonefort and raised 1st catapult. Went to 2nd and it started and I killed everything. Went to 3rd and was able to raise catapult. Returned to 2nd and status bar was stuck with nothing else to kill.Syroc1 Sep 21
Sep 21 Game Crashing on ACT 3 B&S - Ancient Path Playing my witch doctor called AhPuch on Act 3 Ancient Path and when I reach Desolate Sands and go up the hill and kill the minions there and go a tiny bit forward my game crashes every time, it won't allow me to press anything and I have to close the game tab to exit it. I have a clip on what happens every time I go up the hill in Desolate Sands https://youtu.be/1tIjSU9PAT4SneakyTurtle1 Sep 21
Sep 21 Could not launch d3d So, a couple of days ago, I was able to play Diablo just fine. Since then, I've installed nothing that interacts with Diablo 3 in any way. This morning, however, after installing an update for Windows 10 (Ugh. Don't get me started on the issues I have with Win10) Diablo 3 will launch, and I'll get an immediate "Could not launch d3d" error. I click 'ok to retry, and within three seconds I always get the same message again before it tells me to restart my system - which I have. I also had Bnet scan for any missing files, and tried it again, to no avail. The only thing I haven't tried yet is completely reinstalling the game, mostly because that'll take hours.Netatsake10 Sep 21
Sep 21 Frequent disconnect Once again, disconnect while I have adequate internet speed. Also immediately after completing an adventure bonus act. Right before click of Tyriel to get the reward. Nice.zarknoid1 Sep 21
Sep 21 Having Problem With The Vengence Buff When using it. I only get a buff for Recovery & Toughness but not the damage. Please check on this.Bleach1 Sep 21
Sep 20 Horadric Cache gives error Looting Horadric Cache gives error: "you cannot change your equipment at this time"....? I also get the same message when i try to click my items from inventory to my stash. Do I have something turned on that shouldnt be? Thank youlaydej871 Sep 20
Sep 20 Mistake with the magician's dome. Actually each 3 elite special monster reserves 1 life and refuses to die and bring tokens. http://s017.radikal.ru/i413/1609/62/0728d858c7f6.pngAhsokaTano1 Sep 20
Sep 20 movement speed dont work I try to add some movement speed on boots and on ring for my wd, but movement speed stats show only 25% ever and speed is sameDrPEPE1 Sep 20
Sep 20 Mi PJ esta bug Hola creo que mi pj cazador de demonios de la temporada 7 esta bugeado. Puesto que al aumentar los puntos de destreza no se refleja en aumento de daño, Podrían revisarlo por favor.ErmitageBB0 Sep 20
Sep 20 Cant start game Ticket 047B82DD-7A94-44D2-AE57-E5CFB31F13E9 worked 2 days ago ... The application eccountered an unexpected error. To help us identify the problem please describe what you were doing when the error occourd. Just tried to start the gameEastIn1 Sep 20
Sep 20 Hardcore char killed on pause screen My hardcore toon was on the pause screen while I ran to grab some food. I came back down to find that the server had disconnected. When I exited the game my hardcore toon was dead. I would understand if I had died due to live lag or a glitch but dying on pause screen? After server disconnect? What gives?xxRaistlinxx6 Sep 20
Sep 20 "Kill all enemies" bounty glitch In act III, Rakkis Crossing, the bounty is to Kill all anemies in the Underbridge. 2 enemies are left, and radar shows they are in the wall. Cant kill or see them no matter I do. Leaving the level and entering again does not help.IN3V17ABL31 Sep 20
Sep 20 breath of death Hallo support team, the breath of death dont droppedvonGestern3 Sep 20
Sep 20 Cosmic wings Hello I was farming rainbow goblins on my seasonal WD. I got a whimsydale portal and a princess kill at 20h31 CET sunday 18 sept 2016 but no wings drop, just some yellow bracers. I did not kill her but one of my gargantuan did and I was standing next to him. I know you guys dont restore items in d3 but is it a known bug with pets build ? and should I switch class before spending another 100h+ to see that super rare boss spawn again ? Just in case: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bd3i1nvjcvgv91x/Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%202016-09-18%20%C3%A0%2020.32.42.png?dl=0 BestNetherWalker3 Sep 20