Bug Report

4d No "About the Temple" Dialogue for Leah In order to complete the "More than Stories" achievement, I need to listen to all Leah's Dialogue. However, after 1.0.5 patch, I can't find "About the Temple" Dialogue in Act 1. I try to talk to Leah throughout Act 1 but I still can't find it. I hope it will get fix ASAP. Thank you.ANGRYMC21 4d
4d Lost all my stash items update!!! I had to join for like 3-4 months and now all my stash is empty and i have recieved with mail only some topaz wtf is going on??LosPsy0 4d
4d I have all parts for hellfire ring-but The holder of the key to fright doesn't drop anything-He has been defeated 10 times--still nothing--what is the problem???????????????????????sirrobert1 4d
4d Repository of Bones Clearing Bug http://prntscr.com/cw6fhl We were attempting to clear this, included game stats on the screenshot. Tried re-going into the map, AOE everywhere to break anything, and after a while searching, nada. This isn't the first time it's happened on this map either.Raigekijin0 4d
4d Seasonal Character now NON-Seasonal Character I'm wondering if this is a bug as it seems to happen on a regular basis. I build up a seasonal character to level 70, 306 paragon levels and within a few hours of being off line my character is all of a sudden a non seasonal character. I know the character gets is supposed to reset to level 1 at the end of the season but, is it standard SOP to reset the character to non seasonal?Opie3 4d
4d Game Wont Launch Game wont launch and giving me this error code AB7D2B4E-D374-4047-8CB9-161298D01678isoappe0 4d
4d Kanai cube not extracting hellfire ring? I can extract many of the legendary powers using the Kanai Cube but when I try to do the hellfire ring it does not work. It says "Transmute Failed" although I can transmute other items.I have verified my recipe and had someone check out the screenshot of my attempt and it looks good. I sort of remember in the old Diablo there was a trick to it but I searched the forums and google and I can not find a hint of a fix. I did see some people had issues with the ring (and I mean ring, not amulet) but later said it was fixed. I am certainly on a recent patch so not sure what is going on. Windows 7 pro 64bit Diablo 3 collectors edition both for the game and for the patch. thanks SchumwaySchumway5 4d
5d Can't validate quests on cooperative Hello, I can't validate quests on cooperative mode : "the time trap" (did 3 times) and "the demonic prisoner" (once) on the battlefield of eternity. I could validate others quests before and after these ones, but not these particular two. Tiogaradh advise me to post this here. Thanks by advance.Suppaman2 5d
5d Игра постоянно зависает Во втором акте при перемещениях через телепорт между локациями игра зависает. Единственный выход это полностью выключить игру. Играя за любого персонажа практически невозможно пройти полностью второй акт как в режиме прохождения так и в режиме приключений. In the second act when moving through the teleport between locations the game freezes. The only way out is completely shut off. Playing for any character is almost impossible to completely pass the second act in the mode of transmission and in the adventure mode.Ezmond1 5d
5d Digital Deluxe missing items Hi there , i got the digital deluxe and the achievement in game but i did not get the transmogs or the pet .K1lls371 5d
5d Collector Edition Wings missing Hi there I got both diablo III and reaper of souls Collectors editions but I never got the wings that was suppose to be with the reaper of souls edition. Wing of Valor.Darkangel1 5d
5d Legendary Chest Armor Bug Hi, Bug: legendary chest armor (rq'd lvl 70) - Aquila Cuirass, specifically a secondary property: "While above 92% primary resource, all damage taken is reduced by 50%" edit: nvm, no bugswarm0nger2 5d
5d Cannot go into adventure mode Hi! After the season ended, I cannot go into adventure mode, even tough I have completed the campaign a long time ago. (On my Hardcore DH) Can you please help out?Berekvam3 5d
5d Lord of bog hill. The boss went up one level stop and, wont move. I am playing a witch Doc and can't jump around him. It's my last remaining quest out of all the acts and, I see other people having the same problem.SouppyCoffee1 5d
5d Hide UI Failing Hi all, I've been having a super time back in the saddle with the Hide UI function, letting me just relax and enjoy the immersiveness of the game. However, about every 30 seconds or so the game just turns the UI back on without me telling it to. Most of the time this happens is when I push the number 1 on my keyboard, so I know I'm not hitting alt-z again. If it's of any use, my number 1 key is bound to Black Hole (I've only been playing my Wizard). If this is intentional behavior, some information would be great.Brock2 5d
5d Lord of Bog Hill Won't Move I am on my 4th of lvl 5 bounty - I have to overtake the Lord of Bog Hill. However, he is stuck - no hit points are coming off of him even when I am standing right next to him. Now what?StrawBear2 5d
5d Stonefort bug game freeze Enter stonefort in act 3 through either entrance Go up 1st set of stairs to main area As you try to pass the first grate the game freezes and eventually minimises Happened every time I went back there with my witch doctor in torment 8 and 9 Didn't try other difficulty levels Lowered graphics to minimum and still encountered the problem Had to force quit and restart each time Playing on mac Shakpana is the chars namePhaeton1 5d
5d Seasons Character No Longer Seasons? So, I have 3 characters I created with Seasons selected, and one that's campaign only from when the game first came out. I logged on to find that none of my seasons characters are now playable as seasons. All of my items went into my inbox, so I have them, but what happened?? I want to play seasons, so why can't I?MissImari2 5d
6d Lost Items... okay wth? Since when do dropped items disappear without warning? I had dropped a UE shoulders from my crusader without thinking because I was too dumb to just put it in the stash. When I switched characters all the other items were still there except for the shoulders, when I switched back to my crusader, the shoulders were still gone. The only reason why I give a !@#$ is because they were max Dex/Vitality Ancient. The game was on October 17th between 1:50 and 2:00 California time. if an Admin or game developer Gm or w/e can look into this and help me understand what the hell just happened, I would be indefinitely grateful. Thank You. http://i988.photobucket.com/albums/af2/Habibu/screen%20shot.pngSelene2 6d
6d Kampagne doesn't get saved Hi i Have the Issue that my Kampagne is Stuck on act2 Streats to arcanus. I can go throu all acts till the end but it doesend save the resoults. There stays oalways Quest not absolved. I Have played the kampagne 3 Times, no results. How can i fix it? Thanksdobs190 6d
6d Bug in den trostlosen Sanden Hallo, ich habe das Problem dass sich mein Spiel in den trostlosen Sanden aufhängt bzw. das Bild stehen bleibt. Wenn ich dann blind zurück laufen und das Fenster neu öffne läuft alles wieder hängt sich aber immer an der selben Stelle wieder auf. Der Fehler tritt nur in den trostlosen Sanden auf bis jetzt, hatte in allen Missionan davor keine Probleme.StayAlive1 6d
6d Game crash on launch Everytime I try to launch Diablo III it crashes without a doubt, just shows the Diablo III logo and then pops up with a crash report. It isn't a problem with my computer because I've downloaded it and redownloaded it several times and 2 or 3 patches ago it ran perfectly. I've gotten a few characters to level 60-70 with ultra display settings without a single crash and now I can't even start the game. I'm sure how I even give specifics to what happens because all I do is hit "Play" and after about 3 seconds of it saying that the game is running a crash report will pop up. Computer specs are: Windows 7 Home Premium Nvidia Gefroce gtx 760 i5 4670K @3.40GHz 12GB RAM Report ID: DC14CB6D-9D35-44A1-811A-3CD0A01B9E5FGoofery4 6d
6d Rainbow Goblins We've been farming for hours and haven't seen a single rainbow goblin in any games. I've also had a few Pandemonium 1 levels with only a single goblin - is there a bug where rainbow goblins aren't spawning?CarpeNoctem1 6d
6d Problème avec un haut fait J'ai recommencé à faire le haut fait "trouble à l'ordre public" pour le validé. A ce jour, il me manque le prisonnier démoniaque (terminé 2fois) et la guerre oubliée par le temps (7fois). Le dernier haut fait, je l'ai même fait avec un ami qui lui a été validé mais pas moi.NALLATIR3 6d
6d Haunt of Vaxo Kanai power bug Haunt of Vaxo Kanai Power: When stunning a monster clones do appear but they stand there doing nothing.SubeD2 6d
6d Haunt of Vaxo Hi. Want to report that the HoV effect (cubed) is not working properly. Every time the clone shadows are summoned, they follow me around, but don't attack anyone.DarkPraetor23 6d
6d cant delete heros for some werid reason the delete button is not letting me click itdemonsouls0 6d
6d d3d cannot find d3d even with lots of restart.Dred0 6d
6d Lost some Kanai's Cube powers (Rings) I had Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac cubed for quite some time. It was always active on the ring slot. Then a couple of days ago, I cubed Skullgrasp and then replaced the Zodiac with it. Now my Zodiac power on the Cube is gone, and I have to loot it again. Apparently, this was the only lost item on Cube.Haase0 6d
6d Bane of the Trapped missing HiP2 6d
6d Kanai's Cube Bug when looking in the Cube for the Skull Grasp ring stats (increase the damage of Whirlwind) it says that it increases whirlwind damage by 300% but i have another Skull Grasp ring that says it increases the damage of whirlwind by 394% weapon damage. i can't put the ring i have, in the cube, since the game wont let me, so what can i do to "mend" the problem? i have 2 screenshots if you would like to see them? greetings MaximusPsYcOsE3 6d
Oct 16 Can not join game console So I am not able to join my friends game or vice versa on console.RogueSpyder1 Oct 16
Oct 16 cannot load game at all help! i get this code 14FAFCEB-8D66-46F7-A728-C1BDFD5354B4 and no way to report it.....does blizzard hate diablo players??!?!!iNfLiKtOr3 Oct 16
Oct 16 Rétribution de Paragon de la saison 7 bonjour, j’écris ici car je n'ai pas trouvé le forum assistance pour poser mon problème, j'etais paragon 749 avant la saison 7, j'ai fais 620 paragons en saison 7 et je me retrouve a la fin de la saison en normal a paragon 787 donc je n'ai pris que 38 paragons de rétribution de la saison 7, il y a t'il un bug?, es-ce qu'il y a que moi de concerné? merci de vos réponses et Blizzard si vous me lisez, j'attend une réponse aussi merci.KANTOUME2 Oct 16
Oct 16 Guild Hideout cannot get in to the guild hideout, or desolate sands. Was having problem before the season ended. No video, but can hear the game activated. No other problem with the rest of the game. Help Please.zedd1 Oct 16
Oct 16 A4 Garden of Hope 3rd Tier: Cursed Chest bug Cursed Chest does not complete. This is the second chest in Act 4 to bug out today. This one in particular was "Cursed Chest of the Meteor", my apologies I do not remember the other one, but both were on the same map.rie1 Oct 16
Oct 16 Game Crush Hi, i have a problem 4 time in a row, just play and after 2-3 min plaing, game simple crushing . Error is 6176E923-97E5-44D1-8F28-51E68567DDC5 .Riffle4 Oct 16
Oct 16 Зависание игры в определенном месте Игра зависает (картинка, ибо звуки слышно, и слышно что они не зависли) в определенном места. Играю за чародея 45 лвл, место: акт 2 кампания - Кровь и песок. Нажимаю на телепорт Бескрайние пески и игра виснет, либо захожу в портал недалеко от телепорта, говорю с Куллом, прохожу 10 метров и игра виснет. Почините пожалуйста.Rarog1 Oct 16
Oct 16 I ll be your wingman I ll be your wingman achievement dont count on Magda, Belalil and Azmodan.I have done everything else. Please helpCrixus0 Oct 16
Oct 16 double click mouse will pop up inventory start today, when i play diablo3, i double clike mouse, it will pop up personal inventory, and double clike mouse again, it will disappear. i change diffrent hero, and even change another mouse, it happened the same. please advice? thanksTonyberkeley3 Oct 16
Oct 16 Calamity Bug: Overwriting Previous Targets The item Calamity reads "Automatically cast Marked for Death when you hit an enemy." In the past when I've used it, it would mark all enemies hit. Right now, on all my Demon Hunter characters (primarily on my character "replacement") Calamity is only marking a single target. The effect pops up on all enemies hit, but then disappears and only the last target is affected. I've looked up multiple sources (videos, guides, etc) that confirm that this is not the normal affect. Otherwise, the rune still affects them (that last enemy), and damage is still applied as normal (to all enemies). TL;DR: Calamity is only marking the last enemy hit.BorosLegion1 Oct 16
Oct 16 Не получил вкладку тайника 7-й сезон Выполнив главу завоевателя сразу обратил внимание, что тайник не расширился. Думал после окончания сезона вкладку дадут...но и после окончания её нет.ALprot0 Oct 16
Oct 16 Legendary Disappeared My story summed up is: I am doing a One Punch Monk build on my character "JasonI". I have most of the gear and was only trying to get some ancient. I saved up the 5 legendary crafting materials to reforge some legendaries. One of them was my Kyoshiro's Blade. I put in the weapon to reforge. While at the same time I get a lag spike, I reforged the legendary. The item blinked from my off-hand to disappearance forever. No where to be found in my inventory. No where to be found in my chest.SoulOfTaco0 Oct 16
Oct 16 Пропали вещи с сезона первый раз вещи переместились в рюкзак...а второй раз переместилось около 10 вещей а остальные пропалиALEXTVR0 Oct 16
Oct 16 Tear Down This Tower Achievement not working I realize this has already been reported but it appears to have been a known bug since 2012, but I'm reporting that this is still a problem in October 2016. I went back and restarted the game just prior to the Siegebreaker part of the game and tried to complete the Tear Down This Tower achievement three times. Solo Play, Torment V, Monk Character, Level 70, Paragon 645.FujiSai1 Oct 16
Oct 15 Greater Rift Didnt WORK BUG BUG BUG I went to go to the second level and it kept on not letting me into it and keeping me in the 1st level, I have this while using the new streaming on facebook to proove it on my facebook website. Please fix this, as I was doing very well on the first level with a shield pylon on a level 75 grift, and the next level WOULD NOT OPEN, I clicked and clicked and clicked and it kept shooting me back to the 1st level, this is a big bug.MeChopLizard0 Oct 15
Oct 15 stash tabs - 2 seasons in a row Howdy. I had a support ticket in which i was instructed instead to report a bug. It was concerning season before last, in my rewarded tab did not show up instantly once i completed the required tasks. I blew it off to programmatic errors last season but it happened again this season :| Not sure why, but the last 2 seasons i was not rewarded with tabs. They did not show up instantly when i completed seasonal accomplishments nor anytime after. Worked fine the first couple of seasons where as soon as I completed the required tasks, i was awarded a new tab. Additionally i have never received my pet for blizzcon... again. I'm sure there is nothing that can be done so i can get my tabs but still wanted to report as bugs because it sucks to grind through to conquer for nothing. 2 seasons wasted.txag2k0 Oct 15
Oct 15 Stash Tab overwritten season transfer While season was on I earned the bonus stash tab so I went into the game with a Non Season character to stash away all my good UE DH Gear on the newly earned tab. Today. Season is over and it seems my Seasonal bonus stash tab merged over and overwrote the gear that was in the tab for Non-Season. UE gear is gone. I went in and checked every character I have in case one was acting as a mule, Nope. Checked the mail tab to see if that tab on the Non-Season side of the game maybe got mailed to me. Nope. RIP UE Gear.Dubstructor1 Oct 15
Oct 15 Malfunctions on Crusader build Hi, I have a single crusader in my char set, and I set it up for a thorns build. This followed the LoN build at: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/82159-gr97-lon-bomb-2-4-2, as closely as I could. And everything worked fine. Tonight I made some changes to my main skills so they all had fast cooldowns and then in town I tried setting all 4 for autocasting. I was unsuccessful, only being able to set 3. But autocast then got into an odd state. For example, I could set 3 of 4, and if I unset 3 of those, the 4th would start running continuously. After a while, I settled on 3 autocasts simultaneously and started a greater rift. This was worse. My CDR is over 62%, so my steed charge cooldown is under a second, and I've got a swiftmount flail to double my steed charge duration, however I was getting normal duration steed charge consistently with problems moving forward (the horse stayed in place) unless I kept my left mouse button down the entire time. Normally I follow Quin69's autocast advice and use my mouse wheel to move my character so as to not interfere with autocast. I'm guessing the input handlers in Diablo 3 cannot handle too much simultaneous input, but that's a guess. I hope you can easily reproduce this, as we both know that's half the battle. Hope this helps, Matt aka Mateo AceMateoAce3 Oct 15