Bug Report

Sep 18 game disconect - reconect and resoult deadth hi all, pls is 2 time i have a game disconection and when i reconect in game i have my harcore pg Death !!!nico0 Sep 18
Sep 18 Did not receive Haedrig's Gift for Season 7 I am in Chapter 4 of this season's journey. I selected both gifts from chapters 2 and 3. Then I chose claim to inventory and nothing happened. I did not receive anything in my inventory or even my stash. I restarted the game just in case there was a glitch and still no items. I immediately filed a customer service ticket. The response I received was to post here. I am on chapter 4 and I need to solo a level 20 greater rift to complete the set. I am holding off doing this until a possible resolution can be enacted. I am also playing a witch doctor this season. If there is anything I can do on my end or if you are in need of more information please let me know.stator8 Sep 18
Sep 18 Keywardens missing from season 7 hero game In my season 7 character, I don't see the keywardens marked on the map and when I go onto the map, I can't find them either. Character is level 70 and completed the main quests so this is the Adventure maps I'm on. I have screenshots to show the problem. No problem when using a non-seasonal character.Khragcrew4 Sep 18
Sep 18 Haedrig's Gift I have played every season so I am not new to this. When rerolling my monk I received my Haedrig's gift when I reached level 70. However when I tried to open it, it vanished. Can someone tell me what is going on? Is there a way to restore it?Rawrkstar5 Sep 18
Sep 18 Season 7: No resurrection button after death On the European servers, during the quest to kill "Bouche-Rasoir" (Razor-Mouth?) in Act-2, my barbarian died fighting a group of elite. But when he died, no resurrection buttons/menu appeared. I only see the tombstone, the one elite that had not died yet and the money piles on the ground ... The only option left to me is to quit the game. Which is annoying because I lost continuity in the quests, having completed them in 3 Acts already ... After leaving the game, I was able start another one.Hishmir0 Sep 18
Sep 18 Help Me Sorry is translated by Google may poorly englsch Hello the problem is exacerbated. I played today and 3 new Rara. Level reached (after the dot distribution) data took some notes. After each new stage has been changed to the properties something ..... there was an increase but what I had seen at 2 times open. the values ​​were back to their previous state. So I thought I have missed (despite write) I have still 2 times controlled (2 other level) and see there the same at the first time, the values ​​increased in 2 times Open back to its previous settings. It makes no more fun .... The game is punished a success based game but in any success I will .... this problem I can not solve by discussion there is a bug in the software. I've also done a proposed Rep./Scan by. I play in the season 7 Witch Doctor. Whether the issue is related also to my other avatars I do not know .... I have not tried because I play with the hex. At level Qual 8 with the other I can not get over stage torment 3- 5 (often has the stage reduce otherwise I manage the boss not) I hope .. a solution or her help how I can solve the problem ..... Thank you very much PeterSifuPeter0 Sep 18
Sep 18 Help Hi I have a problem (there someone knows and does he / she a solution) Bin increased from level 371 to 372 (witch doctor season 7) suddenly sin my values vonn harm 544,866 fallen to 530 401 The Zähgigkeit from 11,022,199 to 10,801,761 As the recovery has increased by about 40 000 Last All other values remain the same. This seems to be happening more often I mean the times been my damage over 600 000. believed me abewr vertahn zuhaben ... NOW NO MORE Customer service says to look for answers here ...... So I hope to help ..... So I do not get ahead and stay on the stage are (spoiled XIII) when me the damage is still further reduced .... LGF PeterSifuPeter1 Sep 18
Sep 18 freeze up I am running windows 10. I am in the Desolate Sands. Right after Zoltun Kulle talks about his blood under this sand, I take 3-5 steps and I freeze up. There is sound but no movement. This has happened 4 times. I have had to turn off my computer to get out of the game. Please HELP!Godsman5 Sep 18
Sep 18 Staff of Chiroptera Hello all. Not sure where to post this but I believe this is a bug (truly). Have rolled (via upgrade, reforge and drops) Staff of Chiroptera approximately 54 times. Statistically near impossible I think, but not a single one rolled ancient. Have 20 in inventory, soul'd 10+ and reforged the rest. Before writing off as RNG, please consider investigating. Done over the past 3-4 weeks, seasonal. Thank you.Kevin0 Sep 18
Sep 18 Tabbing out of Diablo 3 bug. Recently I have discovered a bug that is more annoying than game breaking. From past experiences I have never had this bug happen to me and it doesn't always occur when I am playing the game. Whenever I tab out of Diablo 3 even if it's for a split second the game comes up with an error stating "Diablo 3 was unable to initialize D3D." From what I have found out it only occurs when I tab out. This happens on the PTR and regional servers as well. Before patch 2.4.2 came out I could tab out of the game without this Error popping up. I don't even have to be inside a rift, or town or even logged in for this to happen.Apprentice1 Sep 18
Sep 18 haunt of vaxo not working with kanai's cube While play with my Barb of the same name, I got an amulet drop with the haunt of vaxo power. It worked fine while the amulet ways equiped. after extracting the power to kanai's cube the shadows spawn when I stun enemies but they just stand there looking pretty but will not fight. I have tried restarting the game. this is the only jewely drop I have had with a legendary power so I have been unable to extract something else to equip jewelry wise in kanai's cube to see if that will fix it.agamemnon4 Sep 18
Sep 18 Installed the latest patch game wont launch just installed the latedst patch now my game won't launch. I tried the usual suspects. Anyone else?subsailor5711 Sep 18
Sep 18 Bluetooth mouse issue - Solved I was experiencing a Bluetooth error that presented itself only when playing Diablo III, and in the Windows Desktop while the game client was minimized. While playing, the Bluetooth mouse would stop responding as though a lost connection. I had replaced the batteries several times but the issue was not the mouse losing power. After 5-15 of no activity, the mouse seemed to reconnect and continue on as per normal. SOLVED (as of 17-Sept-2016) Open Device Manager Select Bluetooth Select Bluetooth device (in my case it was the Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4 Bluetooth 4.1) Right-click, select Update Driver Software... Select Browse my computer for driver software Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer Ensure Show compatible hardware is selected In my case I rolled back to the Qualcomm Atheros AR3012 Bluetooth 4.1 Install by clicking NextThus far, no issues. Hope this is of use to someone else out there. System info: MSI GT70 2OC/2OD Windows 10 Home 64-bit (Build 10586) Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 Edited for typosBizz0 Sep 18
Sep 18 Help please I can not enter the area "trostloser Sand". The screen freezes. I can still hear the sound , but not see anything. I can not go with any character in this area.Erdschnuckel0 Sep 18
Sep 18 99% positive no stash tab after s7 completion It's actually more like 99.99%, but I ran out of characters in the title... I was under the impression stash tabs were awarded at the completion of a season, but a clanmate informed me this week we receive them immediately. I did complete conqueror (if I could attach a screenshot I would) but I'm still at my original pre s7 8 tabs in both the season and NS inventory. Is there a way for someone to verify my account isnt bugged?mfitzy80 Sep 18
Sep 18 вылет игры D2EED9AD-4B51-4F00-8047-F8415E5B49BA в одном и том же месте карты закрывается игра с ошибкойRomka320 Sep 18
Sep 18 help while playing season 7 demon hunter, keep getting (timed out 3007 or client 3005) trying to do level 20 rifts and cant finish cause i keep getting bumped off, been going on about a week tired of loosing greater rift keys, frustrated . thank you for any helpduke0 Sep 18
Sep 18 Bug Report - near death Dear Blizzard Team, at Tuesday, 13th Sept. 2016 at 19:30+ my hardcore character Vâlâry died in a greater rift lvl 63. Unfortunately my passive skill near death wasn't triggered and my character died instantly. Could you please check if this could be a bug? Thank you. ValaryValary0 Sep 18
Sep 18 desolace sands issue i'm having issues with desolace sands,where my game freezes up...i have several toons ,and have played different modes..but the game constantly freezes up in desolace sands...no issues in any other part of game..suggestion?mikeyk2 Sep 18
Sep 18 Cannot clear Sirocco Caverns I have 1 enemy remaining but nothing is left in the room. I ran around just spamming frozen orb hoping that it would hit something but nothing has happened. I've also tried doing other bounties, hoping that it would have the enemy show up, but nope.daduang1 Sep 18
Sep 18 Can't get diabolic stash Going after bounties tonight and killed ghom, when he died, he fell on the chest, or the chest appeared where he fell and could not open it.CrustyCat0 Sep 18
Sep 18 Season Journey Challenges "Act I-V bounties" Soooo just stayed up late completing this and i get to the end and turn everything in at the last act and i do not receive acknowledgment that this challenge has been completed on my journey for chapter 3. Its supposedly the challenge to complete all bounties through act I-V in one game. I guess ill just have to redo it all, just checking to see if anyone else has come across that problem.Demonology0 Sep 18
Sep 18 A Royal Audience - Escape the Palace Doing a Speed Racer attempt, this bugged out and we couldn't interact with the 4 pillars which block you halfway through the palace hallway. We tried teleporting out and in, entering the belial chamber again and exitting, but nothing happened.Hanoumatoi0 Sep 18
Sep 18 Loosing bounty progress from disconnecting Is this seriously not a bug? Trying to get season "do all act bounties in one game" part, got disconnected with one act to do and there is no way to "resume" your progress through the acts. That really sucks.Amalar1 Sep 18
Sep 18 Maggot Brood kills not counting for achievs I've killed them twice already, both maggot brood champion pack and rare one, but the achievements "no time for losers" and "the trophy life" won't acknowledge it. Yes, I did it in hardcore. Only that I did it in nephalem rift. Which shoudn't be a problem, since I've got achievements by killing stuff the same way.Reingp9 Sep 18
Sep 18 Gelatinous Spawn Despawn Bug I killed a spawn, it split into 3 and then disappeared completely. This occured while in a torment 10 normal rift. Playing the barbarian, IK/Raekor build. (Super fast AoE kills, might have caused the bug?) These are my favourite gobs, it'd be nice to debug em.Hygeia7 Sep 18
Sep 18 Damage percent upgrade severely reducing DPS On two occasions with my one-handed weapon "The fist of Az'Turrasq", I tried to replace one of the weapon's categories with Damage percent and my DPS fell from apx 2,000 to 415. The first time this happened, I replaced the damage percentage with another category and it went back up to apx 2000 dps again. I then replaced it again with Damage% and it fell back down to where it currently stands at 415%. Can this be fixed, please? Appreciatively yours, LinkofHyrule#1240LinkofHyrule2 Sep 18
Sep 17 Can not enter greater rift After opening rift, trying to enter either shows splash screen, or screen blinks for about 10ms and then comes back to New Tristram screen.CannonFodder1 Sep 17
Sep 17 Black screen during boss fights Hello, I'm having a problem that when I go into a boss fight, in either mode. my screen will go black for upwards for 30 seconds, then enter into the fight as if i was there there the whole time. My graphic card is up to date and if i repair Diablo 3 it does fix it but the fix only seems to last a day, or until the next time I play.Vestny2 Sep 17
Sep 17 I have 52% CDR from Dawn and 48.10% CDR Yet I need to wait 3 seconds before I can recast Vengeance. 3 seconds dealing 40% less damage and taking 50% more damage is a huge minus in my book. What's the deal here? That's 100.10% cooldown reduction. Usually this means I have a full uptime on Vengeance, yet I don¨t.Wierailia6 Sep 17
Sep 17 Diablo 3 CTD with FMOD error in D3Debug.txt Hello, Diablo 3 just crashed to Desktop. This is what i found in D3Debug.txt: 2015.10.02 10:50:01.512331100 FMOD Error sound not ready in 200ms 2015.10.02 10:50:01.512453900 FMOD Error during 'FMOD_Channel_SetPosition': Operation could not be performed because specified sound/DSP connection is not ready. 2015.10.02 10:50:01.512526900 FMOD Memory - total: 178257920 2015.10.02 10:50:01.512595200 FMOD Memory - allocated: 51903512, - max allocated: 57403624 Where is the Gremlin in my machine? Is it my Asus Xonar Essence STXII? I had this CTD for the second time. There were two thing I changed recently: 1.) I played around with the gaming Mode of the Xonar Essence and enabled Dolby Headphone 2.) I updated to Catalyst 15.9.1 betaGabriel1 Sep 17
Sep 17 ws seDeathnDecay0 Sep 17
Sep 17 Rift guardian did not spawn properly I was in a lvl 60 greater rift and was on the second lvl of the grift when I got the announcement that the guardian had spawned. I went through the next three lvls of the grift only to find the teleport stone at the end. when I re entered the grift at lvl 1, I saw the golden arrow for the boss and has to run through most of the first lvl to get to the boss, by which point I only had about 15 second to kill him. I finished the rift after 15m 33s. If the boss had spawned on top of me, or near me or even on the same lvl as me, I would've had roughly 5 minutes with which to beat the grift. I understand that with a game such as this, things happen from time to time that are unfortunate. I would like to ask that I be given 4 lvls to upgrade a gem of my choice (as it was an empowered grift) or that the gold from running the grift be refunded to me. Thank you for your time in this matter and i look forward to resolving this issue soon.Aviendah0 Sep 17
Sep 17 The war that time forgot bugged S7 I have try complete it many times with people in the group as multiplayer but never get it done upload proff of it one video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wMEMb7cS_0&feature=youtu.beRinesari0 Sep 17
Sep 17 Transmogs does not show up The two transmogs i have on my non-season characters mace of crows and steffon's heavy lance. When i go onto seasons thoses 2 transmogs just do not show up when i go to the mystic. Is this a bug? or I have to search for these white transmogs on seasons as well to get it?ImSoJelly1 Sep 17
Sep 17 bag Halo, hab problem akt 2 uralter pfad kann nich betretenKaRaS064 Sep 17
Sep 17 whirlwind shutting off during play Hey there i was playing the barbarian class set in the act 2 bounty quest set and every time i go to use my WW skill it shuts off after 3 seconds and i have to keep clicking my mouse over and over to start it up again.sirfart1 Sep 17
Sep 17 Nemesis Bracers and Cursed Shrines Location: Blighted Sewer (through portal in Briarthorn Cemetary) Bounty: The Cursed Shrines I had the Nemesis Bracers equipped while running bounties. At a bounty where I went through a portal and had to click six cursed shrines before the time ran out, I noticed that the Nemesis Bracers effect went off when I touched each of the shrines. Not only does fighting off six elite packs make it more difficult to achieve the objective within the time limit, but the mobs dropped loot as they would in the regular world; mobs in these areas usually drop nothing, even with Boon of the Hoarder. Since these shrines are not actual functional shrines, I believe the Nemesis Bracers going off on contact is unintentional.SpaceFreak3 Sep 17
Sep 17 [Trophy Hunting] Kills not giving credit I'm working on the achievements to kill certain types of rare and champion mobs. But some kills don't give credit and aren't marked on the mob list as killed - yes, I double checked several times if I killed the right one. Can it have something to do that I'm playing a Zuni WD and my pets do most of the killing?Grisza3 Sep 17
Sep 17 Muliplayer Game Hi, I have Bug in Cooperative Game. Everytime when I Complete quest in Act 5 "The Demonic Prisoner" and "The War that Time Forgot" in Multiplayer Game nothing happen. Cant finish achievement. Also I master Set Dungeon and got only one wings, Master one. Primary not.Beli0 Sep 17
Sep 17 no bonus xp from difficulty increase Gold % increase is still working but even on torment x the bonus experience looks to be 0.0% without any gear to modify it. Likewise new characters on torment VI don't seem to get any % bonus. live server, north america, v2.4.0.36090Krev9 Sep 17
Sep 17 Reaper Of Souls Code Redemption I have typed my code into the redemption box, yet when I start up my game, I have no expansion Items. I do not have the option to play as a crusader. If it helps, here is my codeDTZK7X-GHN7-8EYVEK-XD87-H7CCH7...Please can you fix my problem?Elezor0 Sep 17
Sep 17 Weight of the Earth - Set Dungeon BUG I've exhausted all possibilities i could think of before writing this but now I'm desperate. The elite objective is not being registered... Or at least it keeps saying FAILED upon the first elite I kill.... Please note that sometimes i get to the second elite before it says FAILED.... so I definitely am doing the combo properly. I specifically and patiently and withing 5 seconds (yes I had my gf time it with an actual stopwatch), perform LEAP + GROUND STOMP + EARTHQUAKE. Everything is fine until the elite dies... once he dies it says failed!!! Im not annoyed at the idea of the set dungeon, neither am i annoyed at the multiple objectives... but I am infuriated because I keep trying to follow the objective instructions to the letter and I am still not getting past the first elite! This is not a question of skill or patience, because believe me..... I have given it my share of patience!!! I dont know y, but every night I try it out again in hope that the bug will go away and I finally do it... like a bloody idiot! I read the dungeon objectives over and over and practiced the combo and everything. This has ruined the game for me. I cannot progress in the season because of this. I mean could you at least look into it?! I mean I'v supported this game since its origin and have always pre-ordered the games to make sure I get an early copy. Can we please have some support with this.... clearly I'm not the only one here (reference other forums with same complain which received no attention) Please. Really. Please.SpYingEyE2 Sep 17
Sep 17 Crash and loss of all save data Game crashed during multiplayer on PS4. When I loaded up diablo afterwards ALL of my saved data was gone. Characters, and everything in stash. I am now having to start as if I've never played. Hundreds of hours lost!!justincase1 Sep 17
Sep 17 Deathwish sword found a deathwish sword in a greater rift on 9/17/2016, stats says : while channeling arcane torrent, disintegrate, or ray of frost all damage is increased by (maximum 35% gold text (30-35%) failure to work, having no effect at all even after putting it into the cube still not workingAlilia0 Sep 17
Sep 17 Season-Didn't receive Haedrigs gift Completed chapter IV in season 7, and have only played 1 character during this season, but did not receive all items in the tal rasha wizard set. There is also no mail icon in the bottom left hand corner where it should be. How can I get these missing items?Lopez2 Sep 17
Sep 17 game freeze entering desolate sands or blood marsh cause the video to freezeWitchDoctor1 Sep 17
Sep 17 Leveling Legends Gems Hi. I just complete 1 conquest with leveling 3 gems to 65+ and I haven't complete that conquest .... It's a bug ?Siniestr01 Sep 17
Sep 17 Act 3 bounty bug I was doing bounties in a public group and thought I would do act 3, The Ruins of Sescheron: Clear the icy pit... but unfortunately it was bugged! I was told by the tracker that there were 3 enemies left. Everything was cleared but the enemies wouldn't appear. Please be aware of this problem and report it so we can get it fixed. :)Saintrex5 Sep 17
Sep 17 client Crash Hello, i had just finished the season Chp 3 Quest. I recive my bag witch contain the item set for my class. The moment i opened the game freezed 30 sec and crached. never had this issue befrore. Is there any way to recover my items or am i f***** ?Nohacs0 Sep 17