Bug Report

Oct 5, 2014 ''In the Temple'' Conversation bugged! it's the only conversation I still need in the whole story, and I read on google that the conversation will be avalible to you as soon you enter the drowned temple and Leah says something about the architecture. However, it doesnt. Could you please fix this, or atleast give me the conversation, making me getting 3 achievements?Ophidion5 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 GRift So I was doing a Greater Rift 26 and didn't complete it in time but after I killed the rift guardian the person to upgrade my gem didn't show up how can I get my gem upgrade?DarkMarine0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 [Bug] Mantra of Salvation - Perseverance Mantra of Salvation - Perseverance does not work while wearing Inna's set after the following steps. 1. Wear 4 set bonus Inna 2. Change / set Mantra to Mantra of Conviction - Submission 3. Change Mantra to Mantra of Salvation - Perseverance Between the steps 2 and 3 the resistance did not change. Workaround for this bug: 1. Unequip one part Inna so that you don't have the 4 piece bonus. 2. Change / set Mantra to Mantra of Conviction - Submission 3. Change Mantra to Mantra of Salvation - Perseverance 4. Equip Inna set part again Without the set the change of Mantra works. The Inna set bonus does not disable the effect once it's up correctly. Just changing the rune instead of the mantra does not help. I did not try if other Mantras help but Conviction -> Submission does. Notice that you don't hear a sound, wenn changing to the Mantra of Salvation - Perseverance.Narogath0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Warning ! Invincible enemies crash the game ! Hi everyone, I was playing with a friend into a standard rift (europe/2 players/hardcore/torment 2). It was on the cemetery level... Suddenly, we've discovered some invulnerable enemies (little red goblins). They were able to hit us but we couldn't kill them. I know that it's a classical bug. But after a while (the goblins were still following us but their damages were enough low to ignore them), in the same area, when we were fighting the boss of the rift, my Diablo 3 game crashed ! It was the first time ever I saw this bug of invulnerable mob and, in the same time, the first time ever that my game has crashed (I've got a -good enough- game computer (alienware x51), with drivers updated and a good connexion too) ! My wizard died because of this crash. RIP, virtual character ! A huge tip : If you ever see an invulnerable mob : quit your game as soon as possible ! Blizzard, you have to warn people about it and to correct these dangerous bugs ! (sorry for my english, I'm french)Flynd1 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Asheara doesn't give quest. We were speed running the campaign for the speed racer conquest and had to restart at the "A royal audience" quest because Asheara didn't give the next quest step. We could talk to her about some other stuff, but the quest marker was missing. http://imgur.com/fpptP5L We did three attempts at the conquest today but only finished once (1 min late). One time Asheara stopped us and one time https://us.battle.net/d3/en-us/forum/topic/14610681420M510 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Found a clickable chest in greater rift. http://i.imgur.com/26h3P5l.jpg The conversation there is that it was closed and then he opened it. He said he couldn't take a screenshot, so I did. You can see the rift difficulty and urshi there to prove this is a GRift. Oh and it's only level 3 because we were gearing a new seasonal character lol.Tomnnn12 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 New grift rank msg every time i log in Every time i log in to D3 I get the message that one of my friends achieved a new leaderboard ranking. It is always the same friend with the same rank and he achieved it 4 days ago according to the leaderboards. http://imgur.com/QzKUYayM511 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Jondar Hi i'm trying to get the speed run achievement so i'm on normal mode with my lvl 60. I keep killing Jondar but he just stands there after he has been killed when the dialogue is suppose to kick in between him and the templar. The first time i didn't wait for their initial dialogue to end before i killed him. The second time i ran around a bit until that finished but the same thing happened.MidnightMass4 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Kremlins Buff Bulmark Bonus Not Working Not sure if this has been reported; When I complete the set of 2, the 500 VIt never actually gets applied. Tested on my Demon Hunter only. This happens whether or not the RoRG is equiped (although it shouldn't matter since it's only 2 items)TheImp0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Jondar will not die. I have a Demon Hunter set on Torment I. Act I I killed all of Jondar's Minions then Jondar just stands there. We fought a horrific and right when I thought I had killed him all Jondar does is stand there and gin at me. ( Well not really Grin). There does not appear to be anything that I can do as all jondar does is stand there. I have left the game as is so you should be able to check and hopefully suggest a way that I might be able to continue. The character is a Demon Hunter as I said and its name is "HardToKill". I eagerly await your earliest response. Thank You Tim RobinsonMagus0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Ghosts leaving the screen indefinitely Several times when doing both normal and greater rifts champion ghosts will leave the screen and remain off screen 5-10 seconds at a time making them completely unattackable. Even after returning to the screen they often time will remain there less than a second before leaving the screen again. Have stood in the same place fore 30-60 seconds waiting for these ghosts to come into attackable area of the map and have been forced to abandon the pack because it was taking too long. This was supposed to be fixed in the last hotfix.JessiBear0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Skills not displaying properly Skills are displaying as their Cooldowns have completed 1-2 seconds before the cooldown has completed. Forcing you to spam the hotkey 5-10 times before the skill will actually trigger. This is not a latency issue as I run with less than 80ms latency at all times. This has been an issue since 2.1 launched and was not addressed in 2.1.1. Please fix this issue so skill CDs are properly displayed on the action bar. Needless deaths are caused because skills like Spirit Walk appear to be available but are actually still on Cooldown.JessiBear0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Firebird's DOT not ticking Linking to other post because literally no one is responding, and this issue is weird TWO ppl I know of cannot play their T6 endgame wizards now because of this. Be sure to read the kicker part. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/14730293184Confector0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Diablo 3 schließt sich beim Öffnen von Erfolg Hallo, ich hatte jetzt schon mehrmals das Problem dass sich das Spiel geschlossen hat, nachdem ich auf einen Erfolg geklickt habe oder die Erfolge geöffnet habe. Dies ist sehr ärgerlich, gerade wenn man alle Kopfgelder gemacht habe und die Würfel noch nicht abgeholt habe. Woran liegt das??? Ich hoffe ich bekomme eine Antwort und dass sich einer vom Support mal meldetBalthasarTR1 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Sentry Targeting I've been playing Demon Hunter a lot lately with the M6 build and noticed some odd behavior from my sentries. Sometimes they stop shooting at the target directly in front of them. I *think* I figured out what's going on. It seems to only happen when I run to a part of the screen previously unexplored and find another enemy. It seems to happen the most with the Trees in A1. Typically how it goes: Sentries shooting at a single Tree (or with a few Death Wings hanging about) I'm running around exploring the edges while they are killing it They suddenly stop shooting (before the target is dead) **Sometimes only one will stop while others continue After a few seconds a new Tree appears from the edge of the screen Once in range, Sentries start firing at it (ignoring the target in front of it) I think it has to do with the max range of the sentries, because sometimes the ones farther away from the newly appeared Tree continue shooting the enemy in front of them, while the one(s) closer to the new Tree have the issue. I think the reason why it's so noticeable with the Trees is because they play Hide & Seek, and are slow moving so while the derpy sentries are targeting the new Tree way out of their firing range (ignoring the target in front of them) and once it moves into range, they open fire. Large groups of fast moving enemies, it never seems to be an issue, so it could be the initial noticing of new enemies before they are in firing range.Chainer0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Imps gone bad I am in a game right now where I have two tiny bastards faliling at me with their clubs, but I can not attack them! I did two yellow minibosses with them on my back but they're still there. They're not gonna kill me or anything but it is annoying.Nikkofan1 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Bonus Acts in Adventure Mode are Stuck My seasonal Barbarian; Czernobog just made it into adventure mode last night. After running a few games I noticed that the bonus acts would not change from act 3 and 4. I have defeated the 5 bounties on these acts multiple times but every time I start another adventure mode game I still end up with the same acts (3 and 4) containing the bonus. After sleeping on it, I see the problem still hasn't been fixed. I have tried joining public games but none are available so it just creates a game that has the same bonus acts (3 and 4). I have also tried to change the difficulty, and it the bonus acts are still unchanged. I would love to try doing some bounties in the other three acts but would much prefer to continue getting the bonuses.Ryan0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 problem viewing achiviements of friends the achievements of the friends are not shown in the game a month already. There are hopes to settle down the problem? Do you have news or remain without answers?folgore0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 wtf blizzard!!! je post un gros coup de gueule sur le service client blizzard ! pas de sérieux j'alucine . 5 moi que je me plaint d'un bug sur le set armure les épine de l'invocateur ! Laura des Degas épine a disparu et les Degas quelle faisait oci ! jarrette pas de me plaindre depuis 5 moi et rien ; pas de réponse ; ces du fouttage de gueule a la blizzard !!!!! aloooo je sui client moi ! juste pour dire un grand nom merci a vous et vous vener de perdre un client blizzar de m...!justice0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Schreckensdämon habe die Dämonen im quäl 5 getötet , einer von dennen wollte nicht Liegen bleiben und greift mich jetzt an , ohne das ich in angreifen kannNue0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Mode selection In main menu you can choose your game settings. In the south east side of this window you can select your game mode. After saving new settings and opening once more this window, the chosen game mode is not the one, you really choosed. It is one above the one you have chosen.Pi0t12uS0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Game crash when I change area or teleports The game crash when I change area or teleports to a friend : 277DB171-01F2-472D-BBA6-2BE797A280A9Delliar0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Wings of Valor not showing on character Hi guys. I did have 2 pairs of Wings of Valor on my account. I reinstalled D3 ROS last week after a computer repair. All my stuff is there on my characters and my stash, including my Wings. The problem is even if I equip/unequip the wings, they're not appearing on my characters. I even tried creating a new one to get a new pair of wings, which I did receive, but to no effect. Is this a known issue from a recent patch or something? Is there a workaround? ThanksKaiGMaster0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Winged Assassin / Wizard Slow Time Just wanted to report that Winged Assassins really do not take any note of Slow Time whatsoever. Requesting a little bit of consistency here. They leap onto the character with no cooldown at all, straight through the Slow Time area, even when using the rune which stuns for 3 seconds when entering or leaving. As soon as the character moves a little bit, they are instantly on you pounding you again. Not such a big deal on lower level rifts, but these mobs in particular just really seems like they are in a class of their own on higher levels. They scale much higher in effectiveness compared to most other mob types, so to say. I know other classes have issues with these as well. Mobs leaping and charging in general could probably be a bit more subjected to certain crowd controls, not only for the Wizard class.bjornh1 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Item got deleted from my account Was playing and the game was terminated right after I got an item, Staff of Kyro I have a screen shot, not sure how to attach.p3zd1sp3nx0r1 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Blizzard i dident go to goblins place ! Hi. Blizzard plz help me or some one else what should i do. i killed a goblin and i go in to the goblin teleport and when it starts to load in its just disable and i was out again !!! what to do i want the gold and the things i should gotAsteriX0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Goblin teleport CRUSADER BUG 1st Time ive encounter The inner sanctum, got to the end and will trying to kill ponzi, i use the skill Falling Sword, but turn out PONZI dead while im in the air. I now see the animation but the result is a the end of the animation, the is only my sorceress follower and my Tresure goblin from my puzzle ring that are waiting for me to appear, and nothing more. My Crusader is just not there at all. The is no way for me to open that big !@# chest....... disapointing. What in that chest, I will never know....... I can still dropped item on the floor, Portal not working..... Cannot use my skillsSickndestroy0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Demon Hunter awareness bug Today, i died on seasonal hardcore with my demon hunter from an freeze explosion in a greater rift 25. My awareness debuff wasn't up and i suddenly just died. Is this for real?Neogeo0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Terror Demons So, i just died to a Terror Demon pack on Hardcore. Following all the changes to ghosts, and hellfliers, you think you could make these things at least appear/start visual, so you dont come arround the corner and have the lot drop in on your head? Thanks....Bastet0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Greater Rift Keystone Missing/Bugged? Me and a buddy were running rifts last night and reached the point of leveling our rift stones to level 17. Bed time was near and we both logged. Arriving home from work I come to a missing Greater Rift Keystone. Now I have seen one post already with several users having the issue. It sure would be nice to get some notification or update from the staff letting us know if the issue has been rectified or has been brought to their attention instead of leaving us in a raging suspense. That keystone is the only thing keeping us from playing so a little note like, "Hey we know, we're working on it", would be more reassuring from management. With the lack of replies from staff replies in this forum, I would have to say customer service sucks big time.herboren3 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Opening leaderboards causes massive frame lag After i open and skim through some season leaderboards, I close it and continue playing. Immediately after closing it my game suffers frame lag for maybe 10-20 seconds. It feels like im playing 10-15 fps. I'm on windows 7 64-bit, ssd, i5-3570 (3.8Ghz), 16 gig ram, radeon 7900 4Gig video memory.RTB2 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 all my items are gone on one character Hi! I haven't logged in since a really long time (it was probably before RoS). I've found that on one of my character is completely naked, there was nothing equipped. I first thought it was something to do with the removal of Auction House, but my other character still had everything. The items currently on him (Europe, "Ihavethepowa") is from my stash. I don't think I was hacked. What happened? Thank you!grizzly0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Secondary Wizard skills are missing after RoS I recently upgraded to Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. While familiarizing myself with a wizard build I developed awhile back, a bug has developed around my skills sets. More specifically, I'm missing my secondary skills like the Arcane Orb, Disintegrate, Arcane Torrent, and Ray of Frost. Also, I now have two Conjuration sections and my Force action set sits where my Secondary set should be. Others have posted with similar problems and no known solutions. Any one else experiencing this or have some ideas on how to resolve this? http://i.imgur.com/oEKGYbH.jpg (My wizard build is on the European server... not the one linked to this profile.)Silverleaf1 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 cant pick up ramalandi's gift Ramalandi's gift dropped behind the greed's strong box, so i cant pick up it. Can u do smth with that?Housewifelol0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Bug/Phalanx Avatars/Crusader Hey I play with my brother and he is a Crusader, (I Barb) but when he is in another Act and uses his skill: Phalanx Avatars, they start and spawn on me. And they did not fight, they just standing looking stupid and in the way for me. (see picture: http://s107.photobucket.com/user/Gnuffe/media/Screenshot014.jpg.html) Is this a bug?Gnuffe5 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Framedrops In some areas (act 3, act 4, rifts, greater rifts) there are some hard framedrops. Sometimes the frames fall under 10fps. I could reproduce the error with several pcs and 2 different ISPs. The problem exits since Diablo 3 vanilla and starts on the rakkis crossing and since RoS itÄs getting worse. I tested it with a little Core i3 + GTX 750Ti over Core i5-4200U + GTX 765M to Core i7 + GTX 970 and it happens everyvery. My actual internet speed is VDSL50 with a ping unter 20. One thing you can observe on every system. When the framedrops appear the GPU-utilization of the graphic card is falling. I record one framedrop and make 3 screenshots. 59fps @74% GPU-utilization http://abload.de/img/vlcsnap-2014-10-05-126jufk.jpg 28fps @24% GPU-utilization http://abload.de/img/vlcsnap-2014-10-05-12vzute.jpg 11fps @17% GPU-utilization http://abload.de/img/vlcsnap-2014-10-05-12a1uqm.jpg It was a T6-rift with 4 players in the sewers.Noctua0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Arcane Torrent targeting issues - super buggy Arcane Torrent is having major problems with targeting. It's been like this for some time. It's making the skill unusable. You channel the skill, then a target might jump on you or get close, and the channel becomes out of sync and no longer is doing damage and you have to recast to fix the bug. This happens ever other mob fight. Do not know what exactly causes this, but I notice it mostly when I am far away from a pack and then something gets in the way of the channel and it bugs out. You have to restart the cast to fix it. This is really bad since most of the defense comes from constant channeling as well as some dmg lose. You also risk losing the stacks of your channel gem and swiftness gem, as well as you also have to move from standing still and lose your passive defense bonus. And for me who uses lightning to stun everything, I lose the ability to keep stuns up to gain the defense bonus from ancient defenders. This bug really affects game play for my wizard. But yes, this bug has been around for a long time. At least since patch 2.1. I cannot remember if it was there before that.Cobrauh0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Money Disappeared. Today, I found a terrible surprise more than a billion disappeared from my account, how is this possible? I would my money back.Adamantio0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Bug! Herz des Bösen /Heart of Evil, No Drop!! 2mal versucht und es dropt nix!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kann ja ned sein, oder?Farmt man stundenlang die Keys und dann dropt nixTerrator31080 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Bounty: Kill Barrucus - glitched? Is there a way to get past the problem of clearing Stonefort of Barrucus and all mobs before meeting the goal of killing 75/75? I reached 64/75 and no more mobs to kill. Tried going through the gate to the previous map, but the mobs of course do not count towards the Stonefort count. Is this a known bug? Does this happen to anyone else? I guess I killed the spawning creatures faster than they could populate enough mobs to make the count? I am running solo on T5 and think this may have happened to me on T2 or T3 also. I know this isn't really a big problem, but it's such a pain to waste time on a bounty to get fragments and be unable to finish simply because there are not enough mobs to kill.Toxick0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Dead Monster Attacks with Damage This really needs some attention. I find it kinda funny in SC, but it's infuriating in HC. You kill the elite pack as normal, yet one stays alive, untargettable, and chases the player around until they leave the level the bugged monster is on. Doing damage the whole time. You can't use town portal to escape the monster unless you have the shoulders that allow it. You have to kite all the way back to the entrance and leave. Please look into this as I've seen several posts involving this problem.MetalJet6661 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 [Achievements] 0 achievements and none menu Hi, I'm playing in Europe, and i saw an issue : In the game main menu, the icon Achievements displays "0" and when i click on this, it become red and the achievements menu doesn't display. When i'm ingame, i can't access too. So i can't know if i earned some achievements.SorenUsulian0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Red Screen Fix it already please. I see no reason for it to be still happening when it completely obstructs view on certain maps.Mupasthech0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 witam mam problem nie moge dodac przyjaciul do listy znajomych mam ich 4 a pisze mi ze lista jest pelna i kod 5016 co mam zrobic ?????beliarmaro0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 MIRINAE, TEARDROP OF THE STARWEAVER - problem Namely, I have a gem MIRINAE, TEARDROP OF THE STARWEAVER at lvl 25, and it should all know how to infect enemies every 5 sec. for X damage. For me, nothing like that has no place just after reaching this lvl (25 dazzled at the 15%). I tried it already on different forms and different jewelry and to no avail. New gem which fell out on another character already does not work at all. What to do?Bob6664 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Smokescreen - Special Recipe is still having a cooldown ? Patch notes :- •Smoke Screen •Skill Rune - Special Recipe •Cooldown has been removed •Now reduces the Discipline cost to 10 ThanksAerycat6 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Weapon loses damage/stats after repair Hi. Well today ... my items get red after dying too often. ^^ So I repaired my items at Haedrig Eamon (in Bastion I think). Then I joined a group which kicked me soon after because of my low dps. I really got upset. But then ... what!? My 2,7k dmg weapon (upgraded with Ramaladin's Gift) became a 0,7k dmg weapon. oO As it does not seem to be intended after research, I guess it is a bug. I have the weapon equipped for the next hours. So you can see it on my profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Loopo-2118/hero/44229013 Hope you guys can give me my 2k dmg back. If not, please fix this bug. :/Loopo5 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Where is Urshi? http://imgur.com/ZRhVQLF The RG was Kulle. I think he died while teleporting because I didn't see him dying and loot dropped from nowhere. Couldn't find Urshi to complete the rift.Oxy1 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 Locked out of Greater Rift Two of my friends and I were about to run a tier 13 Greater Rift. 1 person cancelled, which locked us all out of the rift. Details were as follows: 1. I opened the rift. The "Waiting for others to accept" message appeared. 2. One friend accepted. 3. One friend cancelled and went to salvage some stuff. 4. I went to salvage some stuff and a message popped up. Unfortunately I didn't see what it said because I was clicking something else and hit one of the options. At this point, my portrait had a green checkmark and so did my friend who had accepted. My friend who rejected had a red X. 5. The rift didn't start. None of us could click the rift, either. No messages popped up, and we still all had our keystones. 6. I left the game (but didn't leave the party). The friend who had accepted was immediately placed in the rift. 7. I rejoined the game, hoping it had refreshed somehow. The friend who had rejected and I both got the "Cannot join an rift while it is in progress" message when we clicked the obelisk. I'm not sure what the message in step 4 was. I thought I saw something about cancelling the rift, but I don't know what I clicked or what it said. In any case, we were all unable to interact with the obelisk until I left the game. Player details: Me: HauntedFrog Character: Kazaan (Witch Doctor) Friend 1 (accepted): Hobonic Character: TeutonicTim (Crusader) Friend 2 (rejected): DarthDumbo Character: Midea (Demon Hunter)HauntedFrog0 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 got kicked after asking if they would play Not the game's intended result when your character is in hardcore rift risking all while a joining player stays in town the whole time. When you ask them if they are playing you get kicked. DantesDiablo of clan Reapers of Torment is guilty of this. Not the first time this clan encourages this.GelatoLegato0 Oct 5, 2014