Bug Report

Sep 13, 2014 Bane of the Powerful doesn't proc. Legendary gem Bane of the Powerful doesn't seem to proc of certain elite packs called "Corpse Raisers". These are the reapers that turn into a pack of bats when they die. In a greater rift, they die, they drop the purple orbs, I get the chat message, but no legendary gem buff. (I know you need to kill all members of the elite pack, did that)Sanq0 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Gegenstand Bug Mir ist aufgefallen das die legendären gegenstände meiner Helden die ich vor ei!@#$% zeit gefunden habe nicht akutelisiert wurden und so fertigkeiten fehlen. Jetzt frage ich mich ob das normal ist das ich dafür bestraft werde sie vor diesen aktualisierungen gefunden zu habe oder ob es einfach bei mir vergessen wurde.SorryBlue1 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 BUG: Sentry cannot trigger Numbing Traps Only Sentry normal attack can trigger the Numbing Traps passive. In the following scenario, the Numbing Traps cannot be triggered by Sentry: 1: Role has a Marauder's set 2: Role is using Elemental Arrow or Chakram (so the Sentry will not have normal attack anymore) Can anyone check this issue? Or explain how the Numbing Traps works if we using a Marauder's set? Thanksswandive4 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 The One Percent Hi, my achievement "The one percent" has been reseted, i had 89 millions... since this reset, I have collected 27 Millions... So, mathematically, I should have this achievement activated ! Thanks for the miracle you will do for me ! Therod#2547, FranceTherod5 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Cooldown reduction bugged? Yesterday I noticed that the calculations for cooldown reduction were way off. Changing for example a piece of gear that added 1% more cdr actually gave me less than 1%. Same with other pieces of jewelry and armor, 5% was no added, but something like 4.6 something. It didn't matter it seemed how much cdr I had either. Less than 20% or trying to increase beyond 30%, the calculations were just not adding up to as much as it should looking at my details. Please look into this. ThanksKinetic1 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Could not click anything I recently had to log off of diablo due to not being able to click anything. I was playing on my wizard in a 17 greater rift. Our team defeated the rift guardian and we were going to upgrade the keystone. I went to pick up my objects and could not pick anything up. Every time I tried to click on objects that fell my ray of frost would fire. I saw a legendary pair of boots and a legendary gem fall. I tried everything to get my fallen objects with no success. I figured I would portal back to town to come back and see if I could try to pick my objects up again but I could not even click on the portal to go back to rift. My ray of frost would fire again. I don't know what happened but the only choice I had was to log off. I hope I'm in the right section of forum to report this and don't know if anyone else has had this problem...Trice3330 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Achievements Following the patch I've been unable to see my achievements, nor do I know if I am receiving achievements for my seasonal character.FalconPunch73 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 My achievements Are gone! I just updated to 2.1.0 and all my achievements are gone and where it should say "Achievements" I says "!!Missing!! - 0"Ironhide360362 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Dagger of Darts bug. There is a bug with this weapon using splinters rune. Only 1 of the projectiles pierces.Valaraukar1 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Sound Error on Pony Zone I found what if you meet ponies on the rift and eat the health spheres will be play right sound of eat. But if you kill colored goblin and go to pony zone - the sound of eating spheres will be standart. Its so terrible error and all atmosphere is loosing! *** Мною была замечена серьёзная ошибка: Если в обычном разломе натолкнуться на единорогов и мишек из пони лвла то при поедании выпадающих сфер здоровья проигрывается хороший саундтрек. Но если встретить и убить радужного гоблина то в портале котрый откроется звучит стандартный звук поедания сфер. По сути из-за этого теряется вся атмосфера в игре!aolla0 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Act III Triage Bounty Bug Act 3 "Triage" Bounty, Located on the "Battlefield" map. Completed up to the item "Defeat the Demon Attack". The demon pack never spawns, or shows in the area. The quest halo emitted continues to blink in the area, but nothing happens past this point. We even searched the rest of the map as suggested in another forum. Still nothing. The last mention of this topic was over 6 months ago, so I created a new thread.dragn020 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Crusader Laws bug with showed item .. Crusader is allowed to have more Laws active at the same .. never to disappear after 60 second Third law will be canceled when taking off the weapon .. but 2 will still remain active. http://postimg.org/image/o2ntql83z/sh3riff0 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Wizard passives do not affect leg gem DoTs I did extensive testing and determined that certain wizard passives do not affect the damage of DoTs such as Gem of Efficacious Toxins and Pain Enhancer. Procedure: For the tests, I used a weapon that has equal min and max damage. I found a slow-moving, low-aggro target (a zombie just outside of new Tristram), and recorded its initial health. Then I cast a non-channeling spell on the target. Finally, I checked the health of the target after it finished taking damage. This was repeated ~50 times, and the mean damage was taken. I repeated this experiment with different wizard buffs and passives, and with different legendary gems slotted. Results: 1) Conflagrate: 1a) Increasing my character's critical chance (such as with Pinpoint Barrier) causes the damage dealt by DoTs to increase. Using conflagrate *seems* to improve my overall damage with fire-based wizard skills. However, when the conflagrate debuff is on a target along with the DoT from a legendary gem, the damage dealt by the DoT does not change. 1b) Furthermore, when the conflagrate debuff is on an enemy, non-fire skills do not seem to deal increased damage. However, I am not completely certain about this part. 2) Elemental exposure: Claims to increase the damage from all sources, but applying the debuff onto an enemy does not change the damage dealt by legendary gem DoTs. 3) Cold blooded: This passive DOES increase the damage dealt by DoTs, so working as intended. Please fix 1 and 2. Thanks.Krodh1 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Dead and cannot revive While playing a seasonal character, I was killed during a battle with a rift guardian. While dead, I had no option to revive. For several minutes, I could only watch the enemies hover about my grave while I searched for a way to continue. I had to leave the game, wasting the rift and all the effort that went into it... very annoying. To make matters worse, when I attempted to report the problem I was directed here. When I signed in and attempted to post, I was forbidden because battle.net had chosen an obscure retired WoW character as my avatar. When I selected my battle.net tag, I was still forbidden to post. I had to reload the webpage just to post this. So, there's my two bugs for today. Both quite annoying.Nazgul0 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Ошибка, не знаю что делать! 3FD47534-98A3-48FF-B739-4693FE45CB22 выдаёт каждый раз разные цифры, после каждого запуска игры!Adelmar0 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Cesspool still showing up on greater rifts I just had cesspool come up as third map on tier 38 greater rift. Thought they removed them for now till they got the bugs removed from them ? Also still no checkpoint in it so if you die there get ready to walk from start of map before. Please fix or remove the map. Also very laggy for frame rates in cesspool.Justice20091 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Duplicate Gem Plan Drop I'm running a Seasonal Crusader on Torment I and tonight I've gotten an abnormally high numbers of a single gem plan dropping, amounting to about 15 Royal Amethyst plans over the course of about four hours of play through rifts and greater rifts. Otherwise, I was getting what appeared to be normal numbers of legendary and legendary plan drops. After eight, I ruled out RNG madness as no other types of gem plans were dropping. EDIT: They were loot drops from Goblins, elite and unique packs, and rift guardians.SirSloggo0 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Tal rasha's 4 piece, magic weapon electrify Magic weapon - electrify doesn't proc tal rasha's electricity meteor.cheterpae0 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Missing gold xbox one In the middle of playing, I was missing over a million gold? No purchases has been made or anything? Gold just disappeared?? Need helpAzemoth0 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Bugged Bounty Clearing den of the fallen a ghost decided to fly off the map up to a tree where it was then stuck, I tested all of my characters in an attempt to lure the mob down and tried every aoe skill available but we were unable to lure the mob from it's new found hiding spot. http://imgur.com/1mbo6loAmatus0 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Glitched in The Vault, character missing. So I finally got into the vault and killed greed, cutscene played and... my character is gone. Can't teleport or move, chest was opened and I see legendaries taunting me on the floor. Anyone else have this problem? I also went into Falling Sword JUST as greed died. EDIT - Exiting and re-entering the game fixed it.Warpath1 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Barb.not getting... Regeneration from leap, tried it numerous times. no regen from leap ??? thk you 4 your time...LOVE the GameRazzor0 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Two legendary drops unreachable in Vault http://imgur.com/2EY6edp Is there anything that can be done? I'll leave my guy logged in and next to the gear for awhile, so if there's even a chance someone can help...skash0 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Eternal Union-Phalanx-Shield Bearer rune Eternal Union ring does not increase the duration of the summoned Shield Bearer, although it triples the duration of summoned Bowmen and Bodyguard.NailNewob0 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Picked up Legendary Potion and it Disappeared I just looted a legendary potion only to find that it didn't show up in my inventory or stash. Am I the victim of an unfortunate bug or do legendary potions go somewhere that I'm unaware of? Thanks!Aluin0 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Torment 6 Guardian dropped no loot. Hello, I'm not sure if the guardians are always meant to drop something but when I encountered the guardian Josh Mosquiera in torment 6 and killed him, he did not drop a single loot. In all my rift experiences they've always dropped at least quite a handful of rares and blues. This one unfortunately, none, ran all around the map to see if it bugged out and spawned the loot else where but no luck. Anyone else run into this kind of problem? Updated: It spawned a unique called Josh Mosquiera instead of Bloodmaw as a guardian.rxjayy0 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Crafting items dropping in 2.1 Seasons T6 in a regular rift solo play on my Seasonal Monk, opening one of those random environment items (a pile of bones) and it dropped an Adventurer's Journal, an old crafting item. Thought they were removed from drop rates since they became useless.Tynivictus0 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Inna's bonus sweeping wind breaks Monkey King Sorry, i have no idea what to call the title. Basically, the Inna's set breaks the Monkey kings "Explosive minion" counter. The moment you start casting the 5 spirit costing sweeping wind, you then need to use more then 75 spirit afterwards to get one to appear. I know, it's hard to explain in words, thus i made a video showcasing this bug. There are remarks in the annotations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjVV1RUwEl4 With kind regards, Atrum VesicaAtrumVesica0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Rift Guardian spawn point/Elites still alive I killed the last mob i needed to spawn the rift guardian(red circle) and had to search for a long time to find him(red path shows most direct path of I had know that's where he was). When I got to him he had an elite pack with him. 2nd picture. RG spawn point: http://imgur.com/njght4C,sfD9yvz#0 Elite pack: http://imgur.com/njght4C,sfD9yvz#1RemyLeBeau0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Urshi not spawning Killed the rift boss @ GRlvl 34 close to the wall in a "keep depths" looking area close to the wall. Urshi is nowhere to be found, have checked the entire floorZizu0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Mob stuck at 1 HP (WD,Wizard) Hi, In recent games it occured that some mobs got stuck at 1 HP. It only happens if I play with a Wizard and looks like the various dots from our classes created a bug with the hp of the monster. Wizard is using the Firebird Set with double Hyrda and the WD is playing Jade HarvesterFranz1 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Sentries constantly stop firing Please fix this. It's especially frustrating in greater rifts when your are about to kill the rg and all of a sudden they stop working and lose all dps and fail the rift. Thank you.ant2ny0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 "Legendary" Gem Not so Legendary Not sure if this is a bug or intentional but I just lost my Hardcore Seasonal character due to the legendary poison gem insta killing me. I had roughly 13m toughness and 1m dps and due to the poison gem on the Act 2 Keywarden I literally couldn't escape the reflect damage. Literally killed my character through 3 smokescreens and a potion.OlDingus4 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 WOW - Just had a 1 floor GRIF and... The GRIFT was only 1 floor (no exit) and there literally weren't enough enemies for me to get to 100%. I killed everything with like 8 minutes to spare and searched the entire place and there just weren't any more enemies. I'm positive that I covered every square inch of the map. My bar was left at 99%. C'mon Blizzard this is completely unacceptable!!!!!Will4 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Angiris Repository doesn't proc Harrington In Heaven, when opening an Angiris Repository, Harrington Waistguard's buff is not procced. I suspect that this is just a bug and that it is indeed intended to proc. Thanks.Kinney0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Azmodan audio bug still there. This bug was signaled so many times by lot of people but still not fixed Azmodan taunt\voice it is bugged since 4\5 patches ago. Bug begins after a while, i guess when he got below 50% health. Please do somethingMazi0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 [Bug] Deadly Reach: Piercing Trident Noticed that while standing at max range with this attack that only the first and third hits would do damage. Easy to recreate. When up close to the mob the second hit does damage.jasonRAWR0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 [Bug] Illusory Boots + Speed Pylon Normally Illusory Boots allows you to walk through enemies as the description of the item describes, but also I had always noticed it allowed you to walk through Wallers as well. I thought that was awesome. Well today I died because I picked up a Speed Pylon with Nemesis and it was a waller who immediately trapped me and I'm all like "LA DEE DEE" trying to walk through the wall not realizing that it's not letting me then suddenly *ploop*. SO, I revived and went "Hmm... That's odd... by deductive reasoning it would seem that the Pylon might be affecting my ability to walk through walls..." SO, to test it. Before the Pylon ran out, without re-equipping or trying ANYTHING else, I quickly re-engaged the enemy. He walled me, I sped around but couldn't exit the wall. 3..2...1... Pylon buff gone, *PEW* THROUGH THE WALL I WENT! Thought I'd let you know.Visko1 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Bug: Primary weapon stat missing Hello, recently I was lucky enough to find a Sun Keeper mace. However when I identified the item, it rolled with 3 primarys and 2 secondarys. I showed this to multiple people and the conclusion that it was a bug. Every other Sun Keeper has rolled with 4 Primarys just like any other weapon. Here is a screenshot of it. I have not rerolled anything on the item. http://imgur.com/jaEsYwP If someone could let me know if this was meant to happen or if it was a bug, and how to fix it, that would be awesome.guitarjason1 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Elite "died" yet still hits me So I was running around on t4 doing my bounties and came across an elite pack. No big deal. Killed the 3 elite monsters, all 3 blew up afterwards and everything. Next thing I know one of them is still coming after me and hitting me taking life away but I am unable to click him or even target him with my piranhas.....not an expert on this game by any means, but I'm pretty sure this isn't supposed to happen....Kazuk0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 BUG: Smart Loot not working on seasonal chars First, I would like to say that I started the season having 4 stash tabs unlocked. I made a seasonal character that had the same name as a character on non-season, if that matters (I'm guessing that has something to do with having 4 stash tabs unlocked at the start). Anyway, I play as a Crusader, and I have found many unique/set items with dex/int on them. These items ARE NOT CLASS SPECIFIC ITEMS, as those would obviously role with their primary stat (I have found monk/barb specific shoulders on my crusader). These items are Legendary or set items that can be worn by anyone. I have DE'd some so this is not a complete list, but here is a list I have from my stash currently (again, all found on my Crusader): Litany of the Undaunted - INT Rogar's Huge Stone - INT Fire Walkers - DEX Unity - DEX Band of Untold Secrets - DEX Sebor's Nightmare - DEX and MONK skill bonus Aquilla Cuirass - INT Golden Gorget of Leroic - DEX Golden Gorget of Leroic - INT Faithful Memory - DEX (found on Witch Doctor) I would also like to mention that I get off stat rare/magical items too. Meaning dex/int rare/magical items while on my crusader, and i've also found dex items while leveling up my seasonal Witch Doctor Edit: After doing more searching, it appears that this 'issue' is common as of 2.1, so I'm guessing there was just a change to how Smart Loot works. Feel free to delete/ignore.Velixar0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Greater Rift Boss Blighter Hi, serously the rift boss Blighter does >insane<! amounts of damage... on Grift Tier 38 I can facetank most of the bosses but Blighter beats all to it... One autoattack basicly oneshots me and I run around with 23mil defense with Unity. Hell even the Big Tower boss does'nt do as much damage... plus he is slow as !@#$ where as Blighter is fast, vicious and extremly aggessiv. Melee Characters are serously in bad luck. Is this intended? ThxMilchi0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Mob stuck behind a wall got the last mob of a bounty act 1 stock behind the wall, cant reach itW3NZ3R1 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 [BUG] Pets won't attack Corrupt Growths Which means it takes forever to kill them while doing Bounties etc. http://s11.postimg.org/wb7jch39d/Corrupt_Growths.jpgMrH0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 freezing ingame - unplayable Since the new patch I keep freezing in game. Time doesn't seem to be a factor or as much of one. The whole games locks up except that I can still walk around. Sometimes it 'catches up' sometimes it never unlocks. I've reset the DNS - saw that in another ticket - and nothing. Both computers on my local network have the same issue. Different accounts. Streaming vid, music and playing Borderlands 2 doesn't have any issues. cable provider claimed no issues and so far D3 is the only thing having any trouble. Game is currently unplayable.mrtim0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 WHAT THE FAK ARE YOU GUYS DOING? Update to battlenet today suddenly requires addition permission from windows to update and FORCES the diablo window to close? RACING back to the diablo window so a HC character doesn't die just to click anywhere on the ground which forces the WINDOW TO CLOSE BACK TO THE WINDOWS PERMISSION again. NB4 Hundreds of HC deaths.Soliloquy0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Shield Bash(Pound Bug) Potentially http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Lycan333-6905/hero/43807156[1] Mainly my concern is running this physical build, I have lately been encountering a potential bug where I will be casting Shield Bash Pound, and my character will charge in and the animation will complete but no damage will register from the actual shield bash, however the wrath will be used. It is very frustrating as I line up my law and glare for damage boost and 2/5 fail completely. It will get to the point where single target sometimes is more viable to use sweep sadly.Lycan3332 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Firebird Enchant Bug A observation which has made me thinking I have spent over 60 m trying to enchant my Firebird Eye and Firebird Plume. The desired stat I seeked was Crit chance and I had 7 options to get that stat But imagine after spending over 60m on each item I never saw it proc. Is this a bug or am i just getting erm Unlucky Since both the items were from the Firebird set I am not really sure if anyone else encountered the same issue or did someone actually manage to actually change a stat on those firebird sets to Crit chance. Sorry if this is a bit of a noobish comment its my first Post : )Pyroclasm0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Force Armor - Still getting 1 shot - Force armor is not working as described in the tool tip. I can still be 1 shot easily. After digging around I found this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/5825330/diablo-iii-hotfixes-may-updated-52312-5-23-2012 ... Either the tooltip hasn't been updated in 2 years, or this is bugged. Regardless of what the dev's intentions are, this needs to be fixed.Synergy0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Gibbering Gemstone - Just terrible RNG *Edit* Hi, I know that this may not be something that you can or are willing to check... but I was wondering if you could check my character and see if my flag has been hit for the gibbering gemstone to drop. If it hasn't then I don't mind farming more for it.. more or less just not wanting to waste my time farming for something that the game has deemed that I already have. I have already double and triple checked my stash and inventory for it and it doesn't show up so I'm pretty positive that I don't already have it. I have farmed for this item in the past in vanilla for myself and others and have never had this much trouble trying to get it. It's still a possibility that it is just crap RNG on my part, but I have killed her about 80 times now and was starting to wonder lol. If it's just RNG then I'll keep plugging away at it, but figured that I would come and see if you could check. Thank you :)Krim2 Sep 12, 2014