Bug Report

Sep 4, 2014 Follower Disappears on death in Greater Rift I was doing a level 25 Greater Rift. Had my follower (the Templar) with me through the entire thing. the boss gets summoned and, tragically, i died. When i resurrected my follower was gone. No one joined my game and I did not dismiss him. i could of gone back to town and rehired him, but time was of the essence and i couldn't afford leaving the battle to get him back. This bug resulted in me losing the greater rift to the enemy known as time by around 10 seconds. please fix.TerrorTorrey0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Brazilian Pain Enhancer/Wreath of Lightning In the Brazilian servers, Pain Enhancer is only doing 12% weapon damage and Wreath of Lightning is only doing 6% weapon damage (I think.) Looking at the items, there's an obvious difference between those two gems and all other ones, on the U.S servers at least. It appears to be a bug with weapon damage numbers using commas/periods. The only two that do that (PE and WoL) are the only two that are different. Notice that the commas are where they should be for comma separated numbers, making it even more certain that's the bug. Example: 12,0 instead of 12,00.0 (though obviously it would be 1,200.0 without the bug). So if the correct numbers were shown (with the comma), the comma would still be in the correct place. It looks like the 0.0 part is being ignored.Zenigen0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Firebirds not working with corrupted angel's The firebirds burning proc is not stacking properly on the corrupted angels in act 4. It can stack up to 50 million with any other unit, but can't ever get above 12 million on corrupted angels. please check this out, and let me know if this is intended. EDIT: tried again, the champions burn until they die, but I can't get damage above 12 million per tick.Dustruction0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Theres a Bug In Greater Rifts Hello, I would like to report that whenever you Charm an enemy even if its an elite, and the rift guardian spawn, this enemy will not disappear and when he gets off the effect of charm you'll have to fight him aside with the boss. Also I would like Blizzard to implement a function into the game because it really handicaps users with 200+ MS of latency, where do I post aobut this ? Thanks.Natarus0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Loss of Greater Keystone Whilst playing today with a group we entered a trial which went fine. But upon doing the last way and that granted the keystone. My bags were unfortunately full at the time and I was unable to drop anything and the people I was playing with closed it before I was able to sell anything (if possible) not being able to drop loot during the trial is a problem that needs to be addressed. TL;DR I lost a level 30 keystone due to poor design.nerdy0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Quest bug-Bounty:Kill Digger O'Dell Location-Defiled Crypt Difficulty-Torment 2 Solo Play Issue-Not enough enemies spawned in crypt to fulfill the kill 40 enemies part of the quest. Only 28 enemies spawned. Killing enemies in the other two defiled crypts in the area gave no credit for the objective. http://i.imgur.com/ahn8vuJ.jpg Shows end of crypt with the amount of kills I ended up with. Map- http://i.imgur.com/Gyq4bhF.jpgPav0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 KRELM'S BUFF BRACERS Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I think this suppose to make character imune to WORMHOLE effect from elites as well. Well it doesnt. Like I said not sure if thats the way it's suppose to be or not.Achilles1 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Gems not updating correctly. Fixed.Vashe0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Acheivements again As far as i know the following achievements, seasonal; seasonal only; monster slaying; pest control/cat wrangler clearly state to slay 500 lacuni and 1,000 fallen in act 2 in seasons how ever i am playing a level 42 seasonal barbarian and have slayed at least 50 lacuni and at least 10 fallen and it has yet to track my progress any help? or is this supposed to me done/started in adventure mode as i have the achievements for the monster slaying in act 1 for skeletons, triune, and aracnids haveing countedBlacknova0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Can't accept members into clan or leave clan I am the leader of my clan and for some reason I can't accept new members, see my current members, or leave the clan to start a new one. My other members say that it shows them as being part of the clan, but they are the only member. If I open the clan menu it shows 1 member online, which is myself, and the same goes for each other individual that opens the menu. Is there any way to fix this???Vandal3570 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Hardcore Seasonal Dropped connection death Hello, This has happened for quite some time, most of the time I am fine and not in a situation where my character dies. My character died because Blizzard's connection was cut off from myself. I have decent speeds on my Internet that I have just checked. Why are blizzard servers cutting off my connection? I lose characters because of it. I just lost my seasonal character to this on Hardcore. What the crap is going on? Why are your servers dropping packets from my connection? Because I have to have an Internet connection to play D3, you should guarantee that my connection is not dropped by you, or you make is so your server side can't kill my Hardcore character when Blizzard won't let me save him.NullGerbil0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Unkillable enemy at Fire Alley Encountered a bug on the PC version. Inside Fire Alley, Westmarch Heights after killing a group of enemy champions quickly, one of them will not become a corpse; hence, will not attack and remains idle. Steps of replication: 1. Start game 2. Go to Westmarch Heights and find Fire Alley. 3. Kill enemies and pick up chest. 4. Make attempt to leave the area. 5. Kill champion zombies simultaneously within four seconds (Wizard with Archon spell is recommended) 6. Observe a possible issue with the characters and lone enemy.MrD30 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Greater Rift bug, The Cesspools and reviving I'm pretty sure my greater rift has The Cesspools since I have never seen this zone before. It was supposed to be hotfixed to be removed from greater rifts yesterday. ... Also there is this which I'm not sure if it's working. ... There are 3 elite groups right at the door. When I die it restarts me back on the level before and I need to run the entire level before I can get to this zone. http://i.imgur.com/83aIuKp.jpg I was making good time on the furthest rift I have done until this happened...Littleblaze0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Reflect dmg + spirit vessel + moratorium Pasting from ptr: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13779438084#1 Reflect damage killed my HC WD and spirit vessel didn't proc. The issue might involve delayed damage from moratorium. I died running away (like a coward) so it's hard to say what part of the damage was the fatal one. There weren't any projectiles around that I could see nor any affixes other than reflect damage active when I died. I had some pets out: big poison zombie dog and a fetish sycophant or 2. Other skills that could have been involved are zombie piranhas and addling toads. As far as items go I had the spirit vessel passive from the hellfire amulet and it had saved me many times before. So my educated guess is the bug has something to do with the reflect mechanic and delayed damage from moratorium gem. I would try to replicate the bug if I could, but since I'm playing HC that is impossible now. I was running back to regen and about to use the potion when suddenly I died without the spirit vessel passive proc. screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/ZAMLGHm.jpg So the delayed damage dot still doesn't proc spirit vessel on live, so thanks for not fixing the bug. Yea I just died to the same !@#$ on live.ilmarosvo4 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 non cache legendary on a cache i managed to farm 6 caches on act 1 normal ... and i opened them one by one with my DH. one of the caches gave me a Blackfeather Cloak. i double-checked, and yes, it is a non cache legendary... i do not know why it found itself in my horadric cache. hope this would get fixed.IncXeart0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 HC Char died because of a bug... ?! Hello, I just lost my Demon Hunter and I want to ask you if this is a bug or not. BUG: I was playing online in a T6 Rift and Ghom spawned as a Rift Guardian and he did his poison skill. Then out of nowhere the whole map was on poison and I died... My other mates didn't die it was just me and they were asking me why I died there because there was no other way I could've die there. QUESTION: Is there any way I can get my Demon Hunter back, because he died for no reason ? I played over 50 hours on that char since Seasons were released and now he's gone because Ghom was bugged.eXmina2 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Chiltara & the Gibbering Gemstone I know this has been posted about before. I kept trying and trying for over a month straight...with no luck whatsoever and Chiltara spawned almost every time. So I waited for the 2.1 patch to come out. Now it's out and installed so I tried again. No such luck AGAIN! ARGH! It's so frustrating. Blues...what's going on with the Gibbering Gemstone drop from Chiltara?! TIAghettirdun4 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 [BUG] Saxtris - Winged Larvae x 10,000 http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd316/helcast/Saxtrixbug.png To produce this bug, teleport to town once Saxtris is engaged. Wait 10 minutes or so. Then it will produce around 5 packs of the size of the screen shot. As soon my brother and I ported in on the boss, we immediately started lagging out due to the amount of mobs that was in the area. Once fixed this will save a lot of stress on the servers!!Hellcast0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Corrupted angels shield bugged/broken? Corrupted Angels I know that they have a reactive shield that reduces the elemental damage type of the first hit by ~66% for around ~10 seconds or so. Here is the issue, I hit them with my teleport 'calamity' which does AoE arcane damage upon landing from teleport to activate their Arcane Shield. So now I should be able to do full damage with my fire spells, but I am only hitting a fraction of what my normal Arcane Missile - Conflagrate (fire) is doing. The thing about this is, the teleport arcane does its FULL damage, despite the angels having 'arcane shielding' This is also true for cold. I tried to activate their cold shield with the Frost Hydra but it still reduces fire damage. I tried the other way around to see if the shield means that only your first triggered spells does full damage, so I cast Blizzard - Apocalypse to trigger the fire shield, and guess what, all my fire damage is reduced. (which is as it should be I suppose) Anyone else getting this issue? Did they change it so that angels completely block out your highest elemental dmg % skill now, regardless of what kind of 'shield' you force them to pop? If that is the case then the monster is broken, and would need a prompt fixing because on the higher tiers of gRifts they become almost impossible to kill, at least for me. I would kill all the other white mobs/elites with relative ease but the angels would take 3-5x longer time to down which ends up eating up a large chunk of the timer. (with always triggering their arcane shield first with teleport damage) Anticipate2 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 key of gluttoney Was farming act II Dahlgur Oasis for key of gluttoney. I killed the keywarden and he dropped the key of evil. I got enough of these from farming act IV Slilver Spire level 1. Are the drops now random, or have their locations changed?drumdrum2 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 resource cost reduction bug I think the algorithm regarding the resource reduction is bugged for inna set 3 pieces. The tooltip says that it reduces the cost of sweeping wind by 70 spirit. Then if you have, say 10% reduction, the cost of sweeping wind with inna 3 pieces should be (75-70)*0.9=4.5 spirit. However, the algorithm seems to be 75*0.9-70<0, and therefore the sweeping wind no longer costs spirit any more, and won't trigger taugek. The problem is not about spirit regeneration: i have tested that when the resource cost reduction is 0, and even with spirit regeneration higher than the sweeping wind cost, i could still trigger taugek with sweeping wind since sweeping wind cost some spirit. And as long as there is resource cost reduction, then sweeping wind no longer cost any spirit. So please fix this algorithm, and make the resource cost reduction work on the actual resource cost of the resource spender after any set effect takes place, instead of on the original resource cost.Bellatrix0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Hellfire Amulet, Heart of Evil not droping. Well me and two mates have killed the infernal machine boss about 15 times on T6 and still, none of us has looted Heart of Evil. Is there some bug with the drop or are we just extremely unlucky?Slobban0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Starmetal Kukri Enchanting I recently found a Ramaladni's Gift and decided that I would like to remove the gem from my SMK and change it to critical damage. Fast forward to today and I have spent over 200million on enchanting with no luck. Not once has crit damage shown up. It now costs me 6 million gold per enchant. Is this a bug or am I just that unlucky?Nupper4 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Slash Attack Slash Attack w/ Rune Carve is not displaying fire but only a white and blue light from the weapon when attacking. This does it on all my crusaders using Slash Attack with the Carve rune.Grimstout0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Crusader: Falling Sword - effect missing Hi, I was playing my Crusader Level 70 and startet to use a new rotation to me: 1. Shield Glare , rune : Divine Verdict 2. Laws of Valor , rune : Critical 3. Bombardment , rune : Impactful Bombardment 4. Falling Sword , rune : Part the Clouds I thought it should be a pretty nice burst, but in SOME circumstances there is no effect. That means there is no damage from the Falling Sword on any monster I hit. First i thought the numbers on my screen were just missing, but on monsters with lower difficulty is nothing happen instead of tearing them apart. (This is not invariably the case)Gekko0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Greater Rift bug If someone does not claim the reward (and leave the game), you may not close the Rift. You cannot claim the reward (gold and XP) either. The game is as good as dead since you can't open new Rifts.DoomBringer0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Uber Diablo Bug We were killing Uber Diablo and after finish him of Magda was still alive and her life was glithc (fix in a number)GabNull0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Gogok of Swiftness doesnt proc from Sacrifice As title says, Gogok of Swiftness will not accumulate stacks from spamming Sacrifice.MrCer1 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Waller - bug Bug from waller ability of enemy is still on .. can you please turn it off?? Much appreciate it. Wall can be summoned on the player .. it is impossible to move. You cant use teleport, you cant use jump, you cant use walk .. you are destined to die and I dont like it. So cancel the Season gameplay and update the bugs .. Please??? O.osh3riff0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Monk - Earth Elemental Using monks earth elemental is pretty buggy. If you pick up items (with vita at least) you will lose the HP bonus from earth elemental. Also when I change a zone I lose the HP bonus, dunno if its intended.Basso0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Crusader: Provoke - charged up does not work I like to play lighting builds, so I ended up with a lighting crusader and I tried to play with Provoke charged up rune and I notice that the damage output is still the same (it should do at least 50% mored damage and with 50% lightning damage it should be 75% added as additional damage), even thought it should be clearly seen the difference of DPS, 50% is a lot. So I did a little testing with my friend in brawling grounds and with provoke charged up active damage to him was still the same and when i tried it on monster outside the city, even on them damage was same with or without the Provoke charged up active. Making one of the greatest runes unable to use. I know there was some issue with this skill earlier that makes it do more damage than intended, but now it seems that it does not do damage at all.Oceanic2 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Transmogs Bug Report I noticed my transmogs are doing two different things. Sometimes right after changing them, they wont change, they'll keep the transmog I had before. And when I do finally get them to stay, I'll get on the next day and I notice they've changed back. I've also only had this problem since 2.1 if that helps. After changing them again a second ago, I also noticed the dye was changed back as well.Paces0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Multiple legendary gem drops. It seems that 2 Bane of the powerful legendary gems have dropped for one of my characters. This was either my DH(PewPewMoar) or my WD(OooGaBooGa). The second gem is currently in my bank and you can swoop in and nab it at any time if you choose. Thought I would run this by you as it does not seem to be intended from reading the patch notes.PewPewMoar1 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Speed from Krelm's Buff Belt lost @rift close When I complete a nephalem rift while wearing Krelm's Buff Belt and speak to Orek to close the rift, when the 30 second timer expires I lose the bonus speed effect while in town (act 2). The effect does not come back (even after I wait the 5 second timer on the belt) unless I do one of the following 1) leave town 2) open my stash and leave it open for several seconds (~10) 3) Hold shift and attack in place continuously for several seconds (~10) This is repeatable -- it happens every time I close the rift and run around town afterward.awfulfalafel0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Cesspool and monster attacking So I have been through Cesspool a few times and each time the monsters don't attack properly. They idle around the walls while I shoot them to pieces. Just killed Erethor -Rift Guardian- only time he damaged me was when he did his poison nova attack, otherwise he was just floating around right in front of me. So to sum up, Monsters attack AI is broke in Cesspool.Whitebats0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 indestructible and prophet is bugged on my pg My crusader died with indestructible passive and prophet rune of akkarat champion. I checked several times, it is not even the icon of the CD. The situation is frustrating, I can not play well in the pg greater rift. I hope will solve soon.Amputechture0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Ground Effect DoT bug beware I am not 100% positive its poison enchanted but i will try my best to explain. This happened to me twice during standard season. I play melee sader so I am sure its caused by a ground effect. The damage is very high and kills you in about 10 seconds. I paused both times just to check and see if I had a debuff on me. There was no debuff present both times and damage was unavoidable. Both times I used steed to get out of combat and dmg killed me out of combat. The dmg tick is about 75k and will kill you no matter what you try to do. The DoT will probably kill you while attempting to logout. This bug is pretty huge and needs to be hotfixed asap. If you play Hardcore this will kill you 100% as I have not found a way to avoid it. I do have poison ammy but since it has only happened twice I have not tried to use it. I hope this gets fixed soon because many are going to die to this. Will try to post a follow up if this happens again. GL everyoneDuromon0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Patch 2.1.0 Is Dropping my video. Upon launching Diablo 3 from Battle.net, the video goes black, my screen goes to "No Signal" and turns off. However when I hit ALT+TAB my screen wakes up and my Computer runs like normal. Also when the game goes black I can still hear the music. This never happened until Patch 2.1.0 came along, and therefor the patch is guilty as charged. Blizzard, please fix this. Thank you in advance.Sabrium8 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Greater rift Key After finishing the trials I noticed my bag was full. So at this point I tried to just junk somthing real quick because my key was on the ground. I was un able to junk anything so I lost my key. Is there a way that if something like this happens we could get the key mailed to us?Drakkann0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Greater Rift Bug - Explained This Bug causes Urshi to not spawn and you lose your key, you cannot upgrade gems or get higher rank key or talk to orek and close rift. You have to simply leave game and farm for a new key. While doing Greater rifts, in order to only go up 1 lvl at a time, once the guardian spawned I was sitting AFK to burn timer till 2mins then killing. That got boring so I was teleporting out and hunting goblins to kill time. After realizing that you cannot leave greeds boss room with out TPing (thus losing your portal to GR boss) I decided to do a bounty while killing time before the rift guardian. THIS CAUSED THE BUG TL:DR If you clear a GR until the guardian spawns then portal out and complete a bounty then return to the rift and kill the guardian (even with time left) Urshi will not spawn.Marius8 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Potions/legendary potion. So i don't know if anyone else is sick of it but when you have a legendary potion, you still pick up normal potions. There either should be an option to auto pick up potions Yes/no or when you have an legendary potion in your inventory or equipped, you should stop seeing health potions drop from mobs. I think this would be a good easy update for blizzard to do :PKlipz0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 indestructible is still bugged. I reported this months ago and thanks to blizzard i died again because of the same bug. You really proved you don't care hardcore players. Really thanks. this is the previous report. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13204590344#3SolarizedTea0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Forked Lightning not effected by fire damage Why isn't the rune Forked Lightning(fire) effected by fire damage? The Convergence (fire) rune of Disintergrate is correctly effected by fire. I tried looking it up but couldn't find anything.Phizix0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Illusory Boots bug The boots will not let you walk to wallers walls when you are under the effect of a Speed Shrine.Warko1 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 can't take my legendäre subjects 1 was in a goblin portal and could not pick up my 2 legendäre subject, because the top of the goldcase opend every time and the legendäre items laid under the case. happened: 04.09.14, time: 12 o'clock. i was with magier littlebit on foot please help me. thank jouruckizucki0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Greater Rift run environment locks I have two times today been running a GR when the environment froze and I was unable to proceed. I was able to move around myself, and the timer continues to move until completion (which, by the way does not release me from the session), but I am not able to continue. I see all the current area's monsters standing in place, and I even have a screenshot of the map being cut off a bit to the "SE" of where the glitch occurred. To my dismay, in both instances, I of course lost my run, with no reward (lvl 10 and lvl 11, resp) after disconnecting from game session. The lvl 10 run was the second "step" (previously beat lvl 5) and the lvl 11 was a first-time run (based on Trial), so that doesn't seem to be a contributing factor. Has anything like this happened to other folks out there? I browsed through this forum and couldn't see anything specifically like it. Lots of reports re: Rift Guardian issues and gem upgrader not showing, but not like this. I am running a Macbook Air, verified no pending updates to OS, and my Diablo III copy is updated, as well. I ran a repair on Diablo III after the first time, so that didn't seem to help, either. Any feedback / help would be greatly appreciated! I would rather not waste more time on these runs if I'm not going to end up getting anything out of it!Dman0 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 No excuse for stop time to still be bugged. It has been reported but here will say it again. I just found out it has been bugged for so long. Long arm of the law does not work with it, and even if the shield stays up for 8 seconds when you take damage it goes away fast. It is bugged and needs fixing asap.Rager1 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Laws of Hope - Stop Time bugged Laws of Hope with Stop Time rune doesn't seem to work properly for me. I also use Long Arm of the Law. I should have 8 seconds of immunity, but sometimes I only have 3 seconds. Also, the bubble shield doesn't always show up. One thing that really bugs me, is healing potions and health orbs, as well as certain shrines in act4 that heal you as well as bestow a bonus do not seem to work when Laws of Hope is active. If I activate it, right before I die, then use a potion, nothing will happen and i'll usually just die once it expirespitajr1 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Laws of Hope/Stop Time Still taking damage from ground attacks like poison enchanted.VanguardsArk1 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 Possible loot bug I have completed around 12 or more greater rifts and each time I kill the greater rift lord, the gem they drop is always the same exact one. It is called "Bane of the Powerful". I am not too sure this is random number generating gone wrong, but just wanted to let you know.Felladys0 Sep 4, 2014