Bug Report

Sep 29 Heroe's Teleportation Problem Teleportation Heroes - Hello Sir.Ma'am I want to report my diablo 3 account's bug in the game play sometimes when I'm fighting an elite it just suddenly teleport from everywhere but just once in every 1 elite packs and also I have reported a bug before and that bug problem has been addressed already that bug was knock back also every time I fight an elite packs it suddenly knock back every where but once only but now it's gone I also reported that in the battle.net support the only problem is the knock back is gone and now it changes into teleportation. sincerely yours, Ranger THANKSRanger0 Sep 29
Sep 29 Oggetti a fine season Gli oggetti presenti nel baule del mio personaggio usato nella season 6 non sono stati trasferiti insieme ad esso alla fine della stagione? che fine hanno fatto? grazieLuca88t0 Sep 29
Sep 29 Bounty crash When I open my bounty rewards, the games crashes. I have done this twice now. First time I had ten bounty rewards (w/ bonuses). I opened them all at once, and the game just went away on me. This was a first for me. I shut down Battlenet, restrted my computer. No problems. Started Battlenet up again, still good. Logged onto Diablo III, played for an hour or so, no problems. Went to open four new bounty rewards, it crashed again. Please help. I would like the rewards back if possible, but this is seriously stilling my enjoyment. Thankyou.Ryan7261 Sep 29
Sep 29 Problemas al reclamar premios de temporada Buenas he acabado mi temporada IV en la que te dan piezas del set la mascota y el marco, resulta que las piezas del set nunca me las dieron solo la mascota y el marco que debo hacer para obtener las piezas del set si nunca me fueron entregadasAkps191 Sep 29
Sep 29 Season 7 Wizard stuck dead Level 55 Season 7 Wizard (LilBoomBoom) stuck in as cross dead. I died during hard mode rift boss and waited for timer and respawned. killed him and he killed me. Loot is on ground and my death cross too. Can't move or do anything except: I can cast Frost Nova. Arcane Orbit, Storm Armor but not Hydra or Electrocute. If I drink potion, says I am at full life. I can't cast Town portal. My Legendary with abilities are: Ring - Arcstone Chest - Chaingmail Offhand - Singularity Shoulders - Spaulders of Zakara Wrists - Warzechian Armguards Is there a fix for this type of stuck death? Returning played after 2.5 years away... been back a week or so. Thanks,Promyntheus0 Sep 29
Sep 29 blad lokacji bezludne piaski obraz zacina sie na lokacji bezludne piaski zaraz po rozmowie z zoltanem... obraz sie zacina.. odglosy walki slychac... mozna wrocic do miasta i po alt+tab obraz wraca do normy na chwile... po ponownym przejsciu na lokcje bezludne piaski blad sie powtarza... gram mnichem + templariusRevilo0 Sep 29
Sep 29 Slayer objectives completion Kanai's cube My last objective was Kanai's cube objective. I have extracted an item from a ring, a piece of armor and a weapon but don't have the achievement.christina2 Sep 29
Sep 29 Greed Cache Bug When completing the Greed Dungeon the items all drop under the treasure chest and cannot be reached.DemoDayne2 Sep 29
Sep 29 rise in a greater rift It is not possible to rise in a greater rift. what's the problem? the buttons are not displayedstaz1 Sep 29
Sep 28 Виснит локация Добрый день! Проблема в следующем: При загрузке локации в городе калдей бескрайнее пески, зависает игра (не полностью). Экран остается с загрузкой при её выполнение, но звуки слышны, если нажимать на кнопки способностей и тыкать мышкой, можно бегать, но ничего не видно. Если попасть на кнопку портала, персонаж телепортируется, по перемещению в город если свернуть и развернуть игру, появляется картинка, все становится в норме. Пробовал несколько раз переустанавливать игру, чистил кэш. Даже с диска пробовал установить, не помогает. Зависает именно локация бескрайние пески. Что сделать можно в такой ситуации, подскажите пожалуйста.Nikitos0 Sep 28
Sep 28 Ошибка в сезонном походе В главе 3 сезонного походе не засчитывается как выполненное задание "Разыскиваются в Санктуарии".Suniva0 Sep 28
Sep 28 Zunimasse Set Dungeon Bug hello the past half hour i have been trying to complete the Zunimassa set dungeon, but every single time i am near to completing it it keeps saying that there is 1 monster left. mind you that i have seen the whole map and there are NO MONSTERS LEFT! the first time i had 22 seconds left, the second time i had 6 seconds left and the third time i had almost a minute left of time, and yet there are no monsters anywhere! and it keeps saying i need to kill one more monster (i have killed the 150 with grasp of death, so its not that problem)... pls fix this bug!? i am very much annoyed that it keeps !@#$ing up as i am trying to see how far up the challenges i can go this season... Greetings PsYcOsEPsYcOsE0 Sep 28
Sep 28 PS3 D3 to ROS I have a PS3 D3 and played for a long time, but I did not get the ROS before, and now I just get a new PS3 ROS disc and I found that the character I was playing in D3 cannot transfer to ROS, and I checked the tutorial and it mentioned it will automatically read my save data and show my character automatically but it is not shown, may I know what can I do now?JAMeremiah1 Sep 28
Sep 28 Blizzcon goodies Hello everybody, I have bought a blizzcon online ticket and I didn`t receive the in game pets , I was wondering if I have to wait for the actual event to happen to have them or something went wrong with the purchase?Kirile2 Sep 28
Sep 28 bonjours a tous fan de diablo (possédant diablo 1 2 et 3 ) quand j ouvre une faille supérieure (grift) sa fait 2 fois que je reste dehors comme un mal propres merciDIABLO840 Sep 28
Sep 28 Some Hordes This is not a new bug, but needs to addressed again. It has been over a year that it hasn't unlocked, please fix this bug. I really want to finish 100% on all achievements but this will be holding me back. Thank You, HopperHopper61 Sep 28
Sep 28 Season 7 saving new Hero I've created new Hero for season 7 - a Monk. Played for awhile, even gone so second phase. Came back to play today and couldn't find my new Monk.Oren1 Sep 28
Sep 28 want launch from launcher when start diablo 3 from launcher say running but will not open up or startDragonquerst0 Sep 28
Sep 28 баг в игре Все герои залипают на одном и том же месте, игра не идет после этогоEnotakil0 Sep 28
Sep 28 Some Hordes This is not a new bug, but needs to addressed again. It has been over a year that it hasn't unlocked, please fix this bug. I really want to finish 100% on all achievements but this will be holding me back. Thank You, HopperHopper60 Sep 28
Sep 28 Default Mouse cursor not working after 2.4 Hello. I just installed patch 2.4, and after that the default mouse cursor picture is bugged for me. Instead of it, I see a default Windows cursor in game, with a weird white outline around it. Strangely enough, when I point at a vendor or usable object or anything else - the cursor turns into an appropriate icon (A bag, a hand, etc.) - it's just the default one that is bugged. I tried "Check and Repair" the client, but to no avail. I played a bit yesterday and everything was fine. Also, when I initially logged in today I got a message that my game version is incorrect because I didn't install the patch (which was true) - and the cursor was fine as well. It's just the patch that broke it.Aax181 Sep 28
Sep 28 Champion Achievement T13 Rift in 5 minutes Hello, I encountered a bug today -- I was trying to complete the Champion "Complete a Nephalem Rift in under 5 minutes" on T13 today. I got out the stopwatch and actually got it done in under 5 minutes. However, when I turned the quest in, the game did not give me the achievement. Did I do something wrong? It was on T13 in a standard Nephalem Rift. Is there something I am missing?Liquidpaper0 Sep 28
Sep 28 Lost connection when talk to the Merchant Same as many other posts I have read from the Forum, I got disconnected whenever I talk to the Merchant, also sometimes I can't hit those mobs, but they still can hit me, and got disconnected when I went out of HP. Please fix it. Thank youJDH0 Sep 28
Sep 28 constant disconnest from server Since the last battlenet update a couple of days ago i can hardly ever make it into the game, it always disconnects me right after starting a game. I am using windows 10. Any thoughts?armandine2 Sep 28
Sep 28 lost server i am not able to play game it starts then says lost connection to server on solo and multiplayerZOMBIERIDER0 Sep 28
Sep 28 Cubed Haunt of Vaxo Not Working It seams like I am not the only one having this problem. But when I cube Haunt of Vaxo, the ability only summons clones that stand there and don't attack. This has been a problem for a while and I dont understand why it hasnt been fixed yetVanClement2 Sep 28
Sep 27 d3d failure i am not able to load diablo 3 on my computer i keep getting a error then i get this 3BBF4438-E040-4AD1-B90B-C1F387824AC4 to contact blizzard with it is near impossible to talk to anyone who works for blizzard if someone needs help then it shouldnt cost an arm and a leg just to get help will please someone contact me via email fitzhenry45@gmail.com thank youjdm4life871 Sep 27
Sep 27 Slayer Objectives The slayer objectives said I had to complete a six-set dungeon. That was my last objective, and I completed it with my crusader dessimus last night, but it still says 9/10 objectives complete. Wondering why.StormDrake0 Sep 27
Sep 27 Forging weapon/armory section Has anyone have an issue when they click on the forging weapon and armory option and it just lags like crazy. When i click repair and such it runs smoothly, but the moment I click the other two. My FPS drops substantially to about 2-10 FPS. Any thoughts to fix this?Glacius0 Sep 27
Sep 27 Exquisiteness bugged for Witch Doctor ?? Is this Reforging a weapon property to a socket at the Mystic bugged , tried it already but it's not working for witch doctor ??TheyFearless6 Sep 27
Sep 27 game won't start I press play and it will say game is running , but nothing is happening . it won't go into the gameplay mode . it will sit that way for hours and still the same . this has happened several times . I was playing just fine last night , but today it 's not playing again . whats up?sdf2we2 Sep 27
Sep 27 diablo III non parte. Dopo l'ultimo aggiornamento di windows 10,ho dei problemi,faccio la connessione lancio il gioco ma non parte,mi dice gioco in esecuzione,ma non succede nulla.A qualcun'altro succede?rolly21 Sep 27
Sep 27 problem with light wave good afternoon reputable developers the problem essence in the following, in a game for the monk, a set of the king of monkeys when light wave with is used by a rune "the scorching light" often happens that the loss on monsters just does not pass even when drawing 5-6 blows to white monsters while on the same complexity of guards of the portal dies of 2-3 blowsТёма1 Sep 27
Sep 27 dead I'm dead and the resurrection screen is not there. lost out on rift guardian and loot. legendary and set items. how do i fix or get the items i deserve for the rift.handofgods1 Sep 27
Sep 27 Grift guardian stuck making his appearance So, 100%, Grift guardian appears, and that's it, he is there, but he doesn't move, doesn't have a hitbox, look into this one guys. Also, it seems monsters have not died after he appeared.John3 Sep 27
Sep 27 AMD Desolate Sands Crash Fix I followed your instructions on the fix for this issue. I went to the AMD site and DLd the patch fix. Everytime i try to install it, it fails to install. Anyone else have this issue? Is there a fix? I hope my money spent and time investment into the game isnt all for naught now. I was actually thinking of buying the add on pack for the game. Doubt thats happening now.Schreck3 Sep 27
Sep 27 Lagg of Keybutton responce Wizard does not teleport when press its delay also delay with health potion refill. Any one other experience same type beside then other disconnection or hard time to login to Battle net ?Blist0 Sep 27
Sep 27 Orlash the Undetectable I did a quick search on Orlash in this forum, so I know it's not just me encountering this problem. As far as I can remember, it's been happening for at least the past 3 seasons if not longer, so I'm not even sure why nothing has been done about this in all this time (or why none of the other threads about this have even a single reply). Simply put, every time (and I do mean every) Orlash appears as the rift guardian for a nephalem rift or a greater rift, the follower and any pets (companion, zombie dogs, lunatics, you name it) will stand around as if he's not even there. In the very rare case, they may attack, and even then it's usually just once (I think the Templar occasionally uses Charge, but that's about it), so you wind up having to fight him 1-on-1 in the end.Tempest4 Sep 27
Sep 27 Green screen when running at 4k resolution Whenever I try to run Diablo 3 at 4k resolution at anything higher than 30hz, my entire screen turns green and everything looks all skewed. It's really ruining my gaming experience in this game. I have tried 50hz, 59hz, and 60hz and they all have the same problem. I am not experiencing this in any other games. I'm running a GTX 1060 6gb card on the latest drivers (372.70). I'm running Windows 10 x64 with all the latest updates installed. I have also installed all the latest patches for Diablo 3. Here is a link to a screenshot of the problem: https://postimg.org/image/43sve8hzl/ I am running at 4:2:0 chroma if that makes any difference. I have contacted nVidia about this and I submitted a driver bug report. I don't know if this problem is at Blizzard's end or if it's an nVidia specific problem. I would really appreciate it if you guys could look into this! Thanks!SickBeast3 Sep 27
Sep 26 damage redution bugged secondary damage reduction is bugged and not working. as in my resists are 80% +75%, the 75% isnt actually working, its changing my toughness but its not actually working Same setup on ptr and i could do 65 without much trouble, now im getting wrecked in 50 with the same damage reductionMagicWizard4 Sep 26
Sep 26 Hellfire Ring I purchased the Design: Hellfire ring for 5 million gold, from Squirt in Act II of a Torment II level game. I took it to the Jewelcrafter Chen, and clicked on the design to learn it. After I did this, the item disappeared from my inventory, and the ring was not available to create at the jewelcrafter. I changed to regular Torment lvel 1 and it is not available to create there either.AxinJaxon2 Sep 26
Sep 26 Topaz helm bug in xbox one reaper of souls When you go to the inventory -> bag -> gems and look at the bug topaz gem, then it gives + magic find on helms. However when you click on the topaz category this is changed to "Reduces all resource costs by 3.5%" So obviously one of them is wrong :) CheersThule2 Sep 26
Sep 26 Gemmes problemes Bonjour. J'ai monté 3 émmeraudes royales sans défauts (Sur arme, qui augmente les dégats critiques) J'ai placé les 3 emmeraudes, mon arme, et une gemme léndaires, dans le cube, pour augmenter mes dégats critiques. Et magie, il m'a augmenté ma dexterité ... pratique pour un féticheur... En fait, il n'a pas monté la bonne stat :( Merci de m'aiderCoyotte5 Sep 26
Sep 26 Greater Rift Door Bug Today, my group was blazing through Greater Rift Level 70 on the first floor. We reached the door leading to the second floor and it would not transport us to the second floor. Once clicked, the screen would turn black momentarily and return to my character standing at the door. This was the same result after clicking the door rapidly and repeatedly; none of us managed to get through. We went back to clear all the trash, but it wasn't enough to trigger the guardian. We went back and the door was still malfunctioning. We all ended up leaving before the timer ran out. Thanks!Optimist0 Sep 26
Sep 26 Act V unable to complete bounty In paths of the drowned the bounty: Research Problems, there is no researcher. I have killed all the mobs and have the map fully revealed.Scuzy90 Sep 26
Sep 26 Unable to extract ORotZ power in D3 2.4.2 Hello guys, I tried to extract Obisidian Ring of the Zodiac's power with the Kanai Cube and couldn't. I had the ORotZ before the 2.4.2 patch (I don't know if it matters). I used the same procedure and item recipes to extract other items and I was successful. I keep getting the message that the extraction failed. Please fix this bug because I want to deduct precious seconds from the archon cooldown! :DDeadVargas5 Sep 26
Sep 26 Transmog Bug Help I have 2 different two-handed mace. Arthef's Spark of Life and Cataclysm. I can transmog Cataclym to Arthef's but i cant do reverse. Need help http://imgur.com/a/PZhvHBerke1 Sep 26
Sep 26 Зависания на локациях Что делать если на некоторых локациях остается картинка загрузки и не уходит?Сначала было только на одной карте теперь на 3-4 это точно.Слышно что перс перешел а толку ноль.Не видно игры.Игру переустанавливалЯрослав0 Sep 26
Sep 26 Journey Rewards didn't get send via mail I played Crusader (kREUZMANN) in the 7th season and did all the tasks up to Journey IV. Now the problem is that I never received a mail with those loot bags that I saw on someones youtube channel. The Pet and Icon were received but unfortunatly no bag. I tried to lvl a new Character to lvl 70 to see if that would help but in the journey window it already states that I have done all joruney tasks and that the rewards are in my collection. I hope that there is some way for you to look up that I really haven't reveived my gift in order to find a solution.Elotrain3 Sep 26
Sep 26 Mobs remain when g-rift guardian spawns Finally did my 89 grift solo. The boss was Sand Shaper and located in westmarch map. When i spawned him there were 2 mobs that didn't die with the rest. A mallet lord and one other. While it is nice to have something extra to proc follower/occulus ring it does make it a bit harder fighting the rift guardian along with a mob like mallet lord. Hope you will look into it -SuperFoolDK Edit: this is not my first encounter with this error..SuperFoolDk2 Sep 26