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Oct 6 Contribute 1 tip for staying alive in HC [only 1 tip per person] - Never use a wireless mouse / keyboardAltonZ921 Oct 6
Jul 17 ROS: HC Guide to Success Alright with the fast approaching date for ROS release there are a lot unknowns and questions about what will change, so here is some more information about my knowledge of RoS. Here are the main points I'll talk about and what you can do to prepare yourself for a smoother transition into RoS: 1. Paragon and Difficulty Settings 2. Crafting Mats 3. Crafting Plans 4. Act 5 5. Adventure Mode 6. Mystic 7. Bounties 8. Nephalem Rifts 9. Ubers 1. Difficulty Settings We’ve been almost a month into Patch 2.0.x and by far you should have experienced the new Paragon system and new difficulty settings, if you haven’t done it yet, well I don’t need to tell you that you should do it immediately. There are plenty of topics on the Paragon system, so I’ll keep this more on the difficulty settings. Your journey into RoS will start in the beginning of A5 (if you have Diablo already killed) and the first monster you encounter will be lvl61, which means that everything you know about incoming damage in the current difficulty system. If you can comfortably play Torment 1 at the moment, as you progress into lvl63-64 and up you will find it harder to survive on T1 and monsters will take longer to kill. The game changes quite a bit as you approach 70. From what I can tell when you reach level 67 the monsters turn into level 70. It was like this on beta pretty much during my time there and I can’t tell if it is bug or not, but monsters skip 67,68 and 69 and just jump up to lvl70, while you’re still using sub 60’s gear. Suggestion here is to stay on lower difficulties as the incoming damage is very different than at 60. Once you reach 70, don’t expect to be able to farm Torment 1 right away. My suggestion: Don’t start on higher difficulty settings, incoming damage doesn’t compare to Patch 2.0.x 2. Crafting Mats Developers have decided that once you reach level 60 a new set of crafting materials will be required to craft and enchant level 61 through 70 gear. Here is what those new crafting materials are: Reuasable parts: These are the result of salvaging white items you find at lvl 61+. Arcane Dust: This is the material that comes out of salvaging blue items in stacks 1 to 3 per blue item Veil Crystal: This is the result of salvaging lvl 61+ yellow items and it comes always as a stack of 1. Forgotten soul: This is the result of salvaging lvl 61+ legendary items and also a drops from Rift guardians, but about that a little later. Forgotten souls are used in enchanting legendary items or crafting the new legendary recipes at lvl 70. Mystic eats them for breakfast and you will most likely be hungry for them constantly. Death Breath: This is the analog of Demonic Essence and drops at lvl 61+ elite packs and it’s drop rate is based on the difficulty settings. It’s a crafting mat that is required to enchant and craft almost every item at level 70. All of these crafting mats are used in crafting and enchanting new end game gear at lvl 61+. In my opinion the most used crafting mat besides Forgotten souls is Arcane dust and it was the mat I was always missing for my enchanting and crafting. Old crafting mats can't be converted to the new ones. Suggestion: You should pick up and salvage every item you find on the ground, it will be used. 3. Crafting Plans Crafting plans that you have found now will not automatically upgrade to their level 70 versions. Each of the plans you can craft now has its level 70 version and it will need to be found before you can craft it. They also come with new set bonuses and special legendary affixes for the most part. There are many new recipes that are level 70 exclusive that are not dropping at the moment. In order to craft any of these new items you will need: - White version of the item you crafting – example Cain’s helm will require lvl 70 white helm - Special crafting reagent that drops from rare spawns (purples) or bosses –Cain’s craft requires Maghda’s soul, a crafting reagent that has a chance to drop from Maghda. My experience shows that difficulty doesn’t reflect on the drop rate and it’s very low. - High level gem and/or decent amount of gold and crafting mats (Veil Crystals, Arcane Dust and/or Reusable parts) – example with Cain is that it requires highest possible gem in the game, which is Flawless Royal and costs about 9.8mil to craft (as of last beta patch). There are 48 new crafting reagents as far as I could tell and there is already a list of locations and monsters that drop them. Once RoS is released and confirmed nothing has changed, I’m sure that topic will be bumped.silentkiller84 Jul 17
May 11 Hardcore FAQ Please Read Hardcore FAQ === How do I make a hardcore character? To unlock the option of making a hardcore character you have to play a softcore(regular) character up to level 10. Once you get to level 10, go back to character creation and create a new character and remember to click the "Hardcore" button under the gender options. (Thanks to Sky for this one) === What are the differences between hardcore and regular(aka: softcore) Diablo 3? The ONLY differences are: -Hardcore achievements -No real money auction house -Different community -If you die, you..... Lose access to your Character Lose all equipped items Lose all items in inventory Lose all items your followers have equipped If it's not listed above it's the same as softcore === I didn't read what was underlined above so I'm curious; do I lose my achievements, stash, my gold, or my artisan progression? No, you lose none of those things. They all persist even if your hardcore hero dies. === Can I share items, gold, artisans, stash between hardcore and softcore heroes? No, nothing is shared between the two game modes ever. You don't use the same auction house and you can't play with other heroes of a different mode. Two Hardcore heroes can play together and share items as long as they are both hardcore though. === My character died but it's not my fault, can I get my character back or at least cry on the forums? No and No. Even if it's lag, a stealth nerf, a blizzard employee comes to your house and covers your eyes, or a bug or glitch kills you at level 59..... You will not get that character back and you can not cry on the forums. You must suck it up because all those things are part of hardcore play. Accept it or don't play it. === How can I have two skills of the same slot loaded at the same time? What you are referring to is called elective mode. It allows you to mix and match ANY skills in any spot. It is not on by default to prevent new players from making simple mistakes in skill choice (like not choosing a signature on a beginning wizard). Elective Mode is enabled by going into options while in game, choosing the game play section, the checking the box next to elective mode. === Is there any way to loot a fallen party member like in Diablo 2? No this is not possible in Diablo 3 all inventory items are effectively lost when you die, however you could *try to throw as many items out of your inventory onto the ground as your hero is in the process of being beaten to death..... Let me know how that works out. === Is there a way to quickly exit the game before I die? No. Unlike Diablo 2 you can not quickly exit the game before that killing blow is dealt. Clicking "exit game" starts a ten second timer after that 10 seconds you will be logged out. The only exception is that there is no log out timer while doing so from the safety of a town. === Do my dead heroes take up my limited number of character slots? They don't have to. Any time after they are dead you can select the option to "Archive" the fallen hero. This will put them into their own list where you can view them at any time. Heroes on the archive list will not count towards your account's 10 character limit. === How can I talk to other hardcore players while in game? You can join the Hardcore Public Chat Channel by clicking the little gear above the chat window -> Click public chat -> Hardcore. If you change to party chat with "/p" you can get back to hardcore with "/c". Also "/?" Gives a list of chat commands. Please ask any other questions in this thread and we will answer them here. These FAQ will be updated as questions are asked. Thanks for reading, eMLiquid Stay Safe and Honor the fallen!eMLiquid154 May 11
Sep 21, 2015 2.0 Patch Q&A for Hardcore Players I see the same questions being asked over and over again in-game, now that the long-awaited 2.0 patch has landed. In the interest of trying to help a few folks, and maybe anticipating some questions they might have down the line, here is my 2.0 Patch Q&A for hardcore players. Probably the question I have been asked the most is... 1. What difficulty level should I start out in? If you're at level 60 and a current, active player with decent gear, you can probably handle Torment-1, but don't start out there! First of all, every single class' skills have gone through very significant revisions, and if you go running off headlong into anything higher than Normal difficulty without pausing first to review your skills and see if they still do what you expect them to do, you could be risking your hero's life. All of the patch notes, and most importantly, all of the class and skill changes can be found here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014 Please take a moment to read through the changes for the class(es) you play and see what the devs have done to your former WOTB WW barb or 100% uptime Archon Wizard. Barbarian changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##Barbarian Demon Hunter changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##DemonHunter Monk changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##Monk Witch Doctor changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##WitchDoctor Wizard changes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014##Wizard Once you think you've got yourself settled into a decent skills-build, don't forget to spend your Paragon points! Then, start out in a moderate level, Expert or Master, and make sure you're good to go before risking Torment. Elemental damage really hurts now in higher difficulties, so make sure you have your all-res in a good place. 2. So, what about these account-shared Paragon points? You can hit P from inside a game to access the Paragon interface. You can spend the same points over again into each character you have in hardcore. Here is Blizzard's page with all the Paragon information: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/13020718/ 2a. If I die in hardcore, will I lose paragon levels? You will never lose paragon in hardcore, even if you die and then delete the dead character. The paragon you earn is yours to keep, no matter what. 3. I lost a whole bunch of achievements, and I'm earning achievements again for things I've already done a long time ago. Is the achievement system broken, or what? Actually, it's not. Blizz did remove a lot of achievements because they became outdated with patch 2.0. For example, some of them referenced Nightmare, Hell, or Inferno boss kills. Others referred to crafting materials that have been removed. You still have all of these achievements (even though you lost the points) in your Achievement log (F9 key in-game.) You'll find a new section in the Feats of Strength category with drop-down lists noting all of your previously-earned deeds. The reason you seem to be earning the same ones over again that you had before is because now there is a version of, say, "kill Azmodan on Master difficulty or higher", plus all the variations of the Azmodan achievements such as avoiding his blood pools, taking out the summoning constructs before any minions spawn, et al. So yes, in a way, you are earning the same achievements again, but on Master or higher rather than Hell level or higher. :) 4. Speaking of achievements, I'm in a clan and getting absolutely spammed by achievement messages in my clan channel. Is there any way to turn them off? There are two places where you can turn off (or on) achievement notices for friends and clan-mates. For friends, from in-game, hit ESC > Options > Social and uncheck the "Friend Earns an Achievement" box to turn them off. For clan-mates, go to your clan page (type N in-game) and click on the little round gear-like object on the right-hand side (the tool-tip if you point to it says "News Filters".) Click on the Achievements box to remove the check-mark there, and that will turn off the clan-mate notices. 5. How do I join a clan? There's a button located in the lower right-hand corner of the character selection screen (or you can hit Shift-O from almost anywhere in-game) to bring up the Clans & Communities social interface. Blizz has a nice explanation for all of this here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12891941/ (Continued below)Galx71 Sep 21, 2015
5m LFG for HC season 8 start. Prob rolling Wiz or DH, looking for 3 other folks that want to hit 70 asap when seasons go live. Anyone got a discord for this? Thanks.Nahz11 5m
13m How are people so fast? So with the new season just around the corner I am once again wondering how are some (many?) people so damn fast. For the past couple of seasons I've been seeing quite a lot of people hitting paragon 500-800 on day 1. That's just nuts. Now I'm not trying to compete with them and I probably don't play anywhere near as much as they (or I used to) but still I must be doing something reaaaaaly wrong if it usually takes me a couple of days just to hit 70 lol. And the difference in pace obviously doesn't stop there XD Any advice on how to pick up the pace a bit on progression?Pzypro6 13m
2h Starting S8 on a positive note :) Finished an 89 with my DH this AM! Great map and still not at her limit but it is time for S8. Good luck to everyone tonight, I hope to see some old faces come back and play!CyLaNt3 2h
2h How many Deaths to "DDos" this season alone? This season I have died to supposed DDOS attacks five times so far. That is more than all other seasons combined, and I am only counting times where there were mass disconnects, It seems like this happens twice a week. How are we supposed to play this game on Hardcore if we are constantly dying from disconnect without warning? Right now it is so hard to get a group together because no one wants to play DPS and lose a fully Caldessaned character because D/C's are so frequent. The time it takes to level gems: If you were to assume 100% success rate and that you are only doing gems to Caldessan on your main character + 3 DPS gems and you wanted this character to be competitive, as most of us do that play regularly. Then in order to just get your fully ancient geared character to a level where they can DPS for leaderboards position solo or group -> 16 Gems, 13 for Caldessans @ level 90 This means you have to run a minimum of 360 Greater Rifts @100% success paying for the empowered every time- and this is the best possible situation. The fastest groups will only get 1 GR key a minute. That means 6 hours nonstop of rifting just for the greater rift keys no breaks. That is a lot of time played just simply for the leveling of the Caldessans, much less the very necessary bounty runs to reroll gear in order to get the desired stats. Now lets take a look at how many D/C's there has been this season as recorded by my clan leader, who does, despite popular belief sleep from time to time. "Aug 2 - We are currently investigating reports of login issues. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, and we hope to have this resolved soon! Aug 2 - We are currently monitoring a DDOS attack against network providers which is affecting latency/connections to our games. Aug 3 - We are currently investigating reports of login issues. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, and we hope to have this resolved soon. Aug 3 - We're currently investigating an issue affecting our authentication servers, which may result in failed or slow login attempts. Aug 4 - We are currently monitoring a DDOS attack against network providers which is affecting latency/connections to our games. Aug 23 - We are currently monitoring a DDOS attack against network providers which is affecting latency/connections to our games. Aug 24 - We are currently monitoring a DDOS attack against network providers which is affecting latency/connections to our games. Aug 24 - We are currently investigating a new series of DDOS attacks against network providers, affecting latency/connections to our games/Bnet Aug 24 - We are aware of an issue that is affecting our authentication servers, which may result in failed or slow login attempts. Aug 30 - We are currently monitoring a DDOS attack against network providers which is affecting latency/connections to our games. Aug 30 - We're currently investigating a new DDoS event that is impacting player connections. Updates to follow! Aug 31 - We are currently monitoring a DDOS attack against network providers which is affecting latency/connections to our games. Sept 9 - We're currently investigating an issue affecting our authentication servers, which may result in failed or slow login attempts. Sept 13 - We're currently investigating an issue affecting our authentication servers, which may result in failed or slow login attempts. Sept 16 - We're currently investigating an issue affecting our authentication servers, which may result in failed or slow login attempts. Sept 18 - We're currently investigating an issue affecting our authentication servers, which may result in failed or slow login attempts. Sept 18 - We are currently monitoring a DDOS attack against network providers which is affecting latency/connections to our games." ^ This is Blizzard's CS Twitter Account tweets after DC's this season. I want to be clear, I am not saying Blizzard is to blame for the DDOS attacks against them, whether or not the groups doing the DDOS feel Blizzard has provoked them. What I will say though is that this part "attack against network providers" they keep repeating to us is malarkey.. yes I went there. 100% malarkey - A couple people in my clan that were disconnected had roommates or wives playing a Blizzard game, were not disconnected. So if they are sitting on a computer next to a person and one gets DC'd, the other doesn't that means that it is not an attack on the ISP, but rather on Blizzard. If this isn't enough evidence for you to conclude that these groups were attacking Blizzard and not the ISPs then lets look at one of their Twitter pages http://imgur.com/IUUij41 They aren't shy about what they do, which I believe is sort of the point. Blizzard, like any large company is going to take steps to deflect liability, I think the general Blizz Customer understands this. (edit: continued next post)Darth48 2h
18h season 8 changes? where is the information for s8 changes?SeattleHawks10 18h
19h Two Suggestions re: HC I am sure I will get hammered with down votes, but here goes. I've been here since Day 1 and it's getting pretty old. Sure, it's not a bad deal, $50 twice for a lot of game playing, but I would like to see two changes that might make things a bit more interesting. 1) Solo Mode Hard Core: A third mode, When creating a new HC character, if you select HC SOLO, you would not be able to enter a multiplayer game at any time with that character. No speed leveling, no sharing drops, money, nothing. Everything you get is earned by YOU, no one else. Want to head a leaderboard? Do it the hard way. On your own. No running through Rifts getting killed every 2 minutes. No keeping all your gear if you get plugged. That's a real challenge. and 2) Hard Core Character conversion to SC: If you have a badazz HC toon with great stuff and you just don't want to run the risk anymore of losing it to a disconnect or mistake , an option to do a one-way transfer to SC with that character would be nice. Paragon points would NOT transfer.ShadowShot705 19h
1d Diablo 3 too easy? So after playing D3 for awhile when it first came out on the PC then moving on to other things, I recently invested in a PS4 and decided to get the game for the console to see how it has changed over the years. I'm totally digging all the new stuff that's been added and have been having a blast so far, but it seems to me that this game has become very easy compared to the original version. Like, extremely easy. I've only ever played Diablo for Hardcore, and while I never actually died to anything other than disconnect in vanilla D3, I had quite a few close calls, and man, what a rush. Naturally, I immediately rolled a HC witch doctor as soon as I booted up the game again, but this time around it's completely different. I've never even come close to dying. I wasn't sure how this new difficulty scale worked, so I started on normal, cranked it up to hard when it became too easy, then to expert, then to master as soon as I beat Act 4, and as of yesterday I finished campaign mode and took out Malthael for the first time on Torment 1 without breaking a sweat. I would totally go to an even higher Torment level so that enemies may actually become a threat, but it seems like it would take way too long to kill stuff. Is it supposed to be like this? My witch doctor has pretty much been invincible ever since he scored a Tall Man's Finger ring at level 50 and then a Short Man's Finger immediately after at 51. I changed my build to revolve around these two legendaries and now he's running around with an unstoppable giant zombie dog + gargantuan army that puts out multiple times his own damage and eats mobs for breakfast. The rare hits that he occasionally takes are immediately healed up by Leeching Beasts. One time I zoned out, got stuck in a doorway with two elite packs and got taken down to 33% health while Spirit Walk was on cooldown, but I wasn't even worried because I still had a potion and his cheat death ability in reserve. And this is without any Paragon levels. I dunno if witch doctors are OP, I got lucky with drops, or Blizzard massively nerfed the difficulty of this game since release, but I'm not getting that rush from playing hardcore anymore. HC players, how do I put the challenge back in the game? Do I just suck it up, turn up the difficulty again and take 10 minutes to kill a mob pack? Is Adventure Mode harder? Help please.unsound67 1d
1d Season 8 starts at 8PM Eastern Time? Why? Why? What is the rationale for starting at 5PM Pacific Time? Eastern Timers, can only play for a few hours, before normal bedtime.. Why do Easterners have to disturb their sleep patterns and not the Pacific timers? (Yes, I know I'm being a bit whiney, but hey, the final debate is over! LOL) Let's start at 12 Noon Eastern Time Saturday!( or a Sunday?), and those who need to can take a day (or a few hours) off work to play! LOLGondorNative2 1d
1d non-seasonal does anyone play non-seasonal? i myself tend to just play seasons lately but with the downtime i dont even touch d3 lol so was contemplating playing a hardcore character just wondering if anyone playswrongone2 1d
1d Poor form Your game crashed on me & when I relogged I find my hardcore toon is dead. Gee thankyou very much, that'll do me. Why play when your site crashes & I get punished for it. I stopped playing before because of your ridiculous auction house. Now it looks like I'll stop again because of buggy gameplay. enjoy, keep your games to yourselves if you can't get the basics of building a stable game rightSpook19723 1d
1d New to HC Demon Hunter Just wanting some tips for running a DH in HC. Being a Squishy class, is there a certain build that most people run? Wondering what I can do to keep DPS and Survivability balanced. Im at lvl 70, and beginning to gear up, so any advice would be appreciated.MrSynyster9 1d
2d New to hc hi guys. You guys give me some tips about hc? I play ht garg and i m planning to stack as much as life and as i read on forums couple different ressist necklace in my inventory also.Also i m wondering are there many deaths due to lag or dc?coz i got my first death yesterday from lag.:)As much as i know there is no refund for that right? ty in adv.Shazam3 2d
3d Noooooooooooooooooo! Followed by a hug... So I was leveling some gems solo in a GR65, my 5 yr old was watching me play the character I had named after him. Up walks my 2 yr old who promptly presses the red power button on my computer just as the RG spawned...RIP. Was my best geared Doc, luckily hadn't started augmenting yet. I yelled out "Nooooooo!" then got up and gave him a hug. I think my 5yr old was most upset :) However, I had to remind him that when he was 2yrs old he did the same thing to me killing a high paragon vanilla character. Kids....gotta love em :)Shark7 3d
3d Season 8 WD I think i'm going WD for season 8, that Arachyr's set isn't so bad if you want to play a locust swarm running build. Until I can get Helltooth. What build are you guys going to play?GOLDFARMER4 3d
4d So you think you can wait? Just sorted my gear out for non-season. Now waiting for season 8 to begin. In the mean time, having a go at non-seasonal ladder. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/80545130 Just did Greater Rift 60 and ranked #103 for my first run. Greater Rift 61 to get yourself in the Top 100 for Solo Barbarian (Hardcore). #currentSherwin4 4d
5d Hello! just got my first HC character to 70, and im looking for some people to share the adventures with. Feel free to add me! cleaverr#11815Cleaverr1 5d
5d Season 8 Duo Hello! My husband and I were thinking about trying hardcore for season 8, looking for a change of pace and make things interesting. My biggest question is what to play. I assume in hardcore a support is still big if not key in a duo? If so is the healing monk still the best way to go or should I be looking at something else? I'm used to my zdps monk, and quite enjoy playing it but I am open to all supports. Any advice on this matter is much appreciated!Dani4 5d
6d i need your help. (HC) i played act 1-4 then accidentaly reset my quests, i know it seems stupid but i did it, so if someone could start a game with the quest for diablo kill and invite me in i would appreciate it. there is no way i could stand going through those acts anymoreCleaverr4 6d
6d S7, HC, Solo-only Due to my crazy schedule, looks like I'll be solo only this season. If anyone else wants to have a solo-only, HC leaderboard for Season 7, I'm happy to maintain this thread for that. I'll be running a monk and starting some time between 5pm US west coast time today, and Sunday morning. Regardless of whether the leaderboard gets posted, feel free to spin tales about your solo-only adventures in Season 7 below. Edit: Leaderboard (Grift 60 or higher) -------------------------------- *. CyLaNt - S2/M2 FOK DH, Grift 87, 14:55, p 867*"exception of a couple runs with some clan members" (rank 10, S7 solo HC US DH leaderboard) 1. Rougal - HT WD, Grift 84, 14:10, p1074 (rank 26, S7 solo HC US WD leaderboard) *. Berronax - HT WD, Grift 82 13:23, p650 "I did do bounty runs in a group" (rank 107, S7, solo HC EU WD leaderboard) 2. Tunguska - HT WD, Grift 81, 14:42, p752 (rank 63, S7 solo HC US WD leaderboard) 3. Tracon - UE DH, GR 78, 14:13, Paragon 740 (rank 121, S7 solo HC US DH leaderboard) 4. Blimpy - SWK LTK Monk, Grift 71, 14:38, p720 (rank 265, S7 solo HC US monk leaderboard) *. Sherwin - Thornzy Barb, Grift 68, 14:31, p?, "mostly solo" (rank 325, S7 solo HC US Barb leaderboard)Blimpy48 6d
Oct 11 HC torment? was just wondering what torment levels you guys are completing and with what stats. right now im sitting at: 507k damage 14 mill toughness 700k hp and 1200 all resistances. crit chance 45% crit damage + 368 % when i play with my friend who's also a crusader my resistances go to around 1400 all and toughness to 16 million.HCboot16 Oct 11
Oct 10 Slain by empty GR "Unknown" Not even mad, just more curious as to what slain by "Unknown" is. Finished GR 65 with a four man group. Killed Orlash RG. Four to five seconds go by and my character dies. No spirit vessel proc. Nothing. Hall of heroes says slain by "Unknown". Only crap part was that I was just about to finish my Guardian for the season. Someone enlighten me as to how to avoid this? Been playing hardcore since vanilla D2 so poor programming deaths are just laughable at this point. Thanks.Troll14 Oct 10
Oct 9 Advice for pushing HT WD Barb here pretending to play WD... I just finished gr 76 and working up. What RGs should I just flat out avoid at this point? Any maps where I should just close immediately? Pretty sure I'm good with which mobs to avoid and which mobs I'm looking for, but any other advice is welcome. Thanks! Doc: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Shark-1739/hero/80433727Shark1 Oct 9
Oct 9 humbart head what is humbart wessel and what do you do with the head?BNETPLAYER2 Oct 9
Oct 9 Malthael OP on higher difficulties A heed of warning for those who do bounties on T11+ : don't go to Malthael unless all group joins and you have solid gear. On Tueday I had a barb that cleared Gr65 without to much trouble. Gems on 65. I was pretty much steamrolling on T11 bounties split pushing. Malthael 2 shooted me (I went solo). Yesterday a friend was doing T12 bounties. Saw the quest, he suggested the party to make a new game / skip the quest. He didn't enter but a 3 man team went in. THEY ALL RIPPED. Team chat was a massacre. For me at least, it's insta-remake if that quest is on. I will probably face him only when the thorns barb comes online. Edit: Wording.WanWhiteWolf27 Oct 9
Oct 8 Wrongful Death? A few months ago, I found out that your hard core character no longer dies if your connection to the server is cut off. But today I lost a Torment VII Barbarian when I was disconnected. When I went back on, it said that the Barbarian had died. Is there any way to explain this to Blizzard? (Hah!) Has Blizzard resumed killing hard core characters when the player is disconnected?Johnsdad10 Oct 8
Oct 6 i have a problem with blizzard do this seem right! Vlanzhwehza: Hey there, I'm the almighty Game Master Vlanzhwehza! You can call me Vlanz though! I'm glad that you took the time to contact us. We will help you in any way possible. How are you? you: im very very mad! Vlanzhwehza: What seems to be the issue? you: yall can't fix the ddos problem you: i would love a rollback cuz i just lost my char from a attack you: not my fault at all you: im in-game with 3 people naut hans and altz saying that some bs.. Vlanzhwehza: Sadly, there is nothing we can do about the DDos attacks. All we can do, is try to keep the servers up. I am assuming you are speaking of a Diablo 3 character? you: yes you: i dont care if u roll it back 1 day ago you: this will really make me dont wanna play you: i can screenshot everything that just happen Vlanzhwehza: I have no way to roll back a Diablo character. you: could u roll my account back you: they did it befor when it was hacked Vlanzhwehza: Your account is not hacked though. Those are for certain situations. Was it a Hero Character, with perma death? you: yes and it was not my fault if it was i would have no problem but it not my problem Vlanzhwehza: We have no way of reviving Hero characters once they die. I understand this was not your fault. I am very sorry that these people have nothing better to do than ruin other peoples games. you: well listen my friend you: i been playing this game since day one you: and u telling me because someone !@#$ up yall game yall can't rollback are account you: this would really make me not play no more Vlanzhwehza: I literally do not have the tools to do what you are asking. That is why I am saying I cannot do it. you: so ever if u rollback my account my char is still going to be died! Vlanzhwehza: I understand this is not the answer you want. But I am not able to revive the character. you: ok well done you: im not playing no more you: can i speak to someone higher power? Vlanzhwehza: If that is what you decide, I cannot make you do otherwise. Like I said I am sorry that you had to experience this. you: dude sorry if i was still playing wow yall would of did it no problem you: but because its diablo and perma death is what we have to play with we have no problem we choice to play hc not play hc and get %^-* over because blizzard can't do they jobs Vlanzhwehza: Wow does not have the same options. Your character does not perma death. We are able to undelete a character on wow. you: well done UNDELETE MY CHARACTER is that so hard yall can do whatever yall want i seen it myself you: yall can put character back or remove them Vlanzhwehza: In wow, we can do that. I do not have the tools to revive your Diablo 3 character. I am not able to help in this situation. If there is anything else, I might be able to help out. you: yea how about yall make me a char just like that you: can yall do that? you: yall have the tool to create right Vlanzhwehza: We are not going to recreate your character. We are not able to help in this situation. Once a Hardcore character dies, it cannot be brought back. you: so not yall problemNuke15 Oct 6
Oct 6 Need a Ramaldi's Gift (a Consumable) Can't get any lately.. Need one to up the DPS on my weapon to maybe tackle T11 and higher. :( My toon 'bacondeficit' needs one!! :) I've been running T10 rifts and thought I'd get a few.. but NONE have dropped since I got to T10.. (I did get 4 Menagerist GOBS though! LOL) So are there any tips on where/how to get a Ramaldi's gift? (a consumable ) THANKS!GondorNative8 Oct 6
Oct 6 So you think you can GR solo? (2 min) Barbarian Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/80555920 Gear (Ancient): Helm of the Wastes Cuirass of the Wastes Gauntlet of the Wastes Tasset of the Wastes Sabaton of the Wastes Mantle of Channeling Hellfire Amulet (Boon of Bul-Kathos) Chilanik's Chain Nemesis Bracers Convention of Elements Ring of Royal Grandeur Bul-Kathos's Solemn Vow Bul-Kathos's Warrior Blood Caldesann's Depair (Rank 50) Gems: Bane of the Powerful Bane of the Trapped Taeguk Skills: Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity) Whirlwind (Wind Shear) Ignore Pain (Ignorance is Bliss) Sprint (Run Like the Wind) War Cry (Invigorate) Battle Rage (Bloodshed) Passives (Nerves of Steel, Ruthless, Relentless, Rampage) Kanai's Cube Powers: The Furnace Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan Skull Grasp Notes: Upgrading all gear with Rank 50 gems allows completion of Greater Rift 45 in under 2 minutes. Completing Greater Rift 50 takes under 3 minutes. If you can complete GR50 in under 2 minutes then congratulations! Main damage is from Wrath of the Wastes set (Dust Devils). In-Geom or The Furance in Kanai's Cube. Greater Rift 45 or Torment 10 is said to be equivalent in difficulty.Sherwin6 Oct 6
Oct 6 Was protection upon entering rifts removed? I could've sworn that somewhere something was done about having monsters spawn within a certain distance of the door due to poor load times and characters on HC instantly dying while in a loading screen. Was that removed? I just lost a pretty decently geared DH because a blue and yellow elite pack were waiting for me at the door of a rift with 0 way to get through safely or go back safely. One of the packs wormholed my character further away from the door because I couldn't really move and then it was GG. So what happened to spawning into areas (specifically rifts) and having at least a 5-6 step safe area before you get assaulted? I don't really care about the DH because I was done with my season journey and I have another set of gear if I want to remake it, but it just annoys me that features seem to be disabled/changed every patch. If this protection was disabled, it needs to be re-enabled. Otherwise HCs don't even stand a chance in higher GRifts.Muya22 Oct 6
Oct 6 Pokemon Go lvl 36 I'm lvl 36 in pokemon goLasagna3 Oct 6
Oct 6 Do I just suck? Lost my fourth character to Perdition. I know the mechanics of his teleport are tough to beat and I was only at 3 stacks of soul harvest when he spawned. I wasn't ready for him to come up but looking at the leader boards I should have been pushing way past 72 or 73. This time I am speaking of MazeRunner the HT pet doc but I've had the same thing with a full ancient DH, twice and two of these doc's. At least it wasn't a D/C again. I'm really starting to dislike leveling gems.Generalpie3 Oct 6
Oct 5 Update killed my character I've lost some heroes because of the disconnects before. I haven't cried about it over the forums or contacted a support. But we could have an ingame warning about this update so we would simply log out. Since you already know that you haven't supplied the hardcore mode with a dc security. Am I the only one who died during the update?..M0NT8 Oct 5
Oct 5 Wow the New Forums are terrible Wow, If you though you need magnifying glass to read the forums before, now you need the opposite and what happened to the disappearance of who posted last on a topic? I welcome fresh changes, but this UI is not good at all.silentkiller11 Oct 5
Oct 4 Can't stop playing.... Legion WoW! The game seriously has me addicted right now. D3 to back burner for a while I guess.SubRosa25 Oct 4
Oct 4 Torment 13 Rift Runs One of the more tedious challenges for Season 7 journey. One month has already passed. If you are willing to help and join a group to complete a Torment 13 difficulty rift run within 5 minutes please reply to this thread. Requires Paragon 400+.Sherwin12 Oct 4
Oct 4 Hardcore It is a total waste of time if you have one single connection problem throughout your characters lifetime. The difficulty doesn't matter, it will happen, and you will die.TheBusiness8 Oct 4
Oct 2 New Gem Levels Come on, Blizzard! I've been playing Hardcore for ten weeks and already have enough gems to take everyone to the highest level. How about some new levels for the gems?Johnsdad0 Oct 2
Oct 1 One of the best Amu drops? Never had any luck with drops, until this baby fell from the sky:) http://imgur.com/a/SFceO HC EUAkAbesset8 Oct 1
Oct 1 HC Set Dungeon Death permanent? if you die in a set dungeon, in hardcore do you loose your character. permanently?TheAcEMaNz2 Oct 1
Sep 28 Irony: removing evil from the Devil So I was watching a tv show called Lucifer tonight and the Devil said, "I'm tired of people blaming me for all the evil that they do." It then hit me, why have the devs taken out all the potential evil that people can do to another in a game literally called Devil? Long gone are the days were people could plot against a mark then rob them of all their gear. Long gone are the days of betrayal, pure chaotic hate being perpetrated by players. By creating a friendlier atmosphere, devoid of PKs, I believe they have literally taken all the teeth out of hardcore. There is just frankly no more fear of one another in the game and that's just not right. I used to be a huge anti-PK voice, but now I see the error of my ways. Now I fully understand why this game feels so hollow and lacking, they have taken away true evil from the game. So please, allow us once again to conspire, deceive, lie in wait, and plot the fine art of murdering each other's characters again cause there just isn't enough tears flowing into this forum anymore! Edit: spelling.SubRosa10 Sep 28
Sep 28 Do I have a shot at the stash slot? Hey guys, I've never done seasons before and I've taken a Wizard to P274 this time around. I was looking at the requirements for the stash upgrade and I'm now thinking that if I wanted that maybe I should have gone softcore since there are speed requirements later on. Is is crazy difficult to get the t13 runs under 5 mins with HC wiz? I'm currently still using the Tal's set from the gift, but I could probably go full firebird or DMO at this point too. Suggestions for me going forward? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/jetjordan-1510/hero/79725778 Thanksjetjordan6 Sep 28
Sep 25 [EU] Hc new character. I will open a new hardcore character.Can you help me ?Zanendithas0 Sep 25
Sep 25 Turkiye Hardcore/Help Me I will open a new hardcore character.Can you help me ? Beyler hardcore oynayan varsa sezonda beni 70 e boostlayabilecek biri var mıdır ?Zanendithas1 Sep 25
Sep 25 Which Toon is Easiest for a Sub 5 min. By rights there must be someone who has completed a HC Season T13 Rift in under 5 minutes 'Solo' isn't there? If so which build did you use. I have it down to 6 min with my Multishot DH. Anyone? Or will I have to find someone to help me?Acedia11 Sep 25
Sep 23 Server Stability issues now Friday 9/23 ...Endeavor0 Sep 23