Aug 28 connection timed out? so i was in the middle of a Grift fighting 2 elite packs when my games connection was timed out....now my HC char is dead. wtf just happen?Osamu1 Aug 28
Aug 27 First time playing HC First time playing HC and a disconnect killed me. I have played all seasons softcore and now realize I made the right choice by doing so. Sad when your efforts are completely wiped out for something out of your control.Doantasia3 Aug 27
Aug 26 Which follower do you use and why? Followers are a part of the game that has remained relatively unchanged since release. Personally I do not use one as one of the forms of self-imposed difficulty I use to keep this game interesting, however they've felt stale from Day 1 and would also like to hear some suggestions on how to make them more fun to have around.Frog11 Aug 26
Aug 25 Suggestion for UE DH S7? Hey guys, This is my debut into HC and im just looking for a few suggestions, I main a UE DH almost every season (I play a lot while most my friends are casual so I level friends and help out with journeys wherever I can) I also love the gameplay of keeping moving and bouncing around, it reminds me a lot of the old M6 DH from back when turrets autofired you'd throw some turrets out and bounce around trying not to die when 6m toughness was a big deal :P Anyway I played a bit of HC at end of S6 and between 6/7 basically figured im gonna run the same build as my softcore but with guardian turrets/elusive ring/wraps of clarity for toughness. Link to my current HC http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/V1va-1114/hero/76617492 all I need on her is FnR, Hellfire, Dawn (cube) & Visage (cube) then shes done. So anyway gonna run that build, how do you HC guys think she'll do? Any suggestions or problems with her? Any input is welcome.V1va5 Aug 25
Aug 24 looking for some people to play HC with s7 just came back a few days ago. looking for a few people to play with :) nothing too crazy, just playing casually add me upOGlameboi3 Aug 24
Aug 24 please ressurect my char quin69 é player exclusivo? não existe isso quin69 e um player como outro qualquer não tem que haver nenhuma ajuda da staff morreu fas outro char como qualquer outro player e inicia do zero que palhaçada e essa ? blizzard da um geito ou ninguem vai mais joga por rank, o rank e ainda a unica coisa que mantem o diablo 3 ainda como jogavel pois não e novidades nem nada. e agora vocês vem com esse de fica dando exclusividade a um player cujo objetivo e lives e fica ressussitando ele qual o objetivo do jogo entao modo hardcore?Hoomer10 Aug 24
Aug 24 Server down? Booted, now waiting for update Just got booted out of game.. lost connection.. Almost NEVER happens to me. Booted back up and now it says waiting for new update? now it's fetching coding table ... .etc... stuck there... I have gigabit internet.. Still hung up there...??? OK it updated. and I'm now playing.. weird.. (for me anyway) maybe another DDOS attack? Latency fluctuating a lot.. in the red, then green, orange.. will wait a bitGondorNative0 Aug 24
Aug 23 DEAD My hardcore witch doctor died to the green balls of Blighter. HOWERVER: 1. Spirit vessel did not proc. 2. Mara's kaleidoscope didn't do anything Just wanted to say THANK U BLIZZARD!gillessellig3 Aug 23
Aug 23 T13 greed fight thought I was pretty geared could do a T13 reg rift and killed a keywarden before attemping the T13 vault alone . but wasn't sure if when another player came into the game and left while I was fighting Greed if my follower came back to me help in the fight being I was alone anyway died at Greed Halflift lolLioniod7 Aug 23
Aug 23 Anyone down to trade a pl? Take us what, 20 minutes? Send a msg.Mallakaii0 Aug 23
Aug 23 Is reflect damage still a thing? I remember reading that it was a really big deal for ranged characters during the earlier years... but I haven't really seen (or experienced) much of any of it lately myself. I played wizards last season, and am playing DHs this season and kind of indiscriminately (carelessly?) shooting everything in sight. Never ran into a problem with massive reflect damage so far farming tx rifts and t12 grifts this season. Not sure if I've just been lucky up to this point or if it's no longer a concern. But I'd rather not find out the hard way. Any advice on what I should be looking out for? I recall there was a few monsters with that ability and some elites/rares can spawn with it but again, I've personally not run into it yet. Or at least never noticed it if I did.Pzypro3 Aug 23
Aug 22 22.8.2016 14:27 GMT server dc Our whole clan got dc'd. All hc chars died. Impossible to code in an autorestaoration for a server dc? Kinda obvious why hc characters died.Boxxu0 Aug 22
Aug 22 Looking for Quick Power Level trade Already Paragon 743 and can return quickly on my DH Cheers, Grund.Grund0 Aug 22
Aug 21 Assistance with Set Dungeons Nonseason Hardco Hey folks, I'm trying to finish off set dungeon masteries and was wondering if there are any nonseasonl hardcore players who want to help? For instance I'm looking to do Raiment set which involves you just cleaning up some easy mobs behind me while I dash ahead to secure the chest then we clean monsters good. I'm willing to return the favor or power level if you want, and I might need some other help with other set dungeons. Send me a friend request or leave a note here so I will send you a request, thanks.Snuggleform0 Aug 21
Aug 21 Season Journey 7 completed. Took me 2 weeks thanks to the inclusion of torment XIII. Been a tough season 7.Bond2 Aug 21
Aug 21 Condemned to Hell 4 good reason I've been condemned to hell for many reasons, mostly unjustified by people. But today I closed a rift in a public game and literally with 5 seconds on the clock they find a pack of goblins..... Boy did they flame my ears up good and roasting. I may have deserved that.SubRosa0 Aug 21
Aug 20 DH Rank #146 LFG, or someone to play with. I know this is slightly abusrd to post this here. But i been trying to ask general chat, or LFG to farm some grifts 55-60s with me on hardcore. But i cant find NO ONE. And all i do is play solo, would like to have at least one other person to farm with sometime =p If you're interested add TheTyrant#1427TheTyrant3 Aug 20
Aug 20 Idea for Hardcore death I recently lost a Hardcore Character to a DDoS against Blizzard, and just yesterday I saw a a popular streamer die to a PC issue at a Blizzard event. It got me thinking about Hardcore death and how it has not changed or evolved as the rest of the game has. Certainly Blizzard has given us more tools to avoid death, different sets and skills have been added that proc when you run out of life, but none of those help when you completely lose control of your character and die. When you play Hardcore, its always wise to try and keep a copy of whatever gear you are wearing. But when you introduce things like legendary gems and Caldesanns Despair, there is a LOT more to lose when it comes to Hardcore death. So the idea i have is that there would be Horadric recipe that stacks with Caldesanns Despair which calls for an assigned gem (leveled to XX) (similar to the Gem of Ease) to be applied to an ancient item, call it Cadesanns Repentance, and upon Hardcore death that item is mailed to your Hardcore account. A different variation to this could be that it only needs to be applied to one item, but upon Hardcore death your character rolls over to Softcore. You could call this Caldesanns Resurrection. Another thought is that instead of a special gem, you could make it something rare that already drops like Ramaladni's Gift. So much has been added to the game to build and work toward with a character and their gear, isn't it only fair that hardcore players are given more ways to protect them?Matma30 Aug 20
Aug 20 RIP, Floreffe Please, do yourself a favor if you happen to be using Windows 10, and read this topic: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/20748204992 My beloved Seasonal crusader, appropriately named after the Belgian beer I would be needing after her untimely death, died to a "blue screen of death" error that occurred because the Xbox DVR (or whatever) was turned on after the Windows 10 anniversary update was installed. Lovely. And a special thank-you to the coward who stood by while my crusader was helplessly slaughtered at the entrance of a Rift. It was Torment 3, so even a leech could have provided some distraction/support against the two ordinary monsters that were within range of my character. Hardcore mode is for players, not leechers. RIP, Floreffe. She was so young, and didn't even have a level 25 Gem of Ease to her name. Gone is the weekend I labored to get her to level 70 and three Haedrig's Gifts. No power-level or free ride of any sort can bring her back from the dead. Sadly, my Season is over prematurely. Had fun, anyway.HelloKitty5 Aug 20
Aug 20 bring your longest living toon http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/CerealKiller-2894/hero/55862443 I'm rolling almost 26,000 elite kills. Since the added rebirth, you don't have to suicide toons after each season. Kind of adds a little more to a toon.CerealKiller6 Aug 20
Aug 19 I'll never do that again... Decided to take on Mathael, normal mode, at character level 13. About 3 minutes into the fight I swear he procd my demon hunter with awareness. I literally saw the awareness icon show up and stay there for about 2 seconds before I got to a health pool to replenish. I know that is impossible since there is no way the awareness talent can be taken, but he procd me still. I swear that is a glitch. Anyways, taking on Mathael when you are just level 13 feels like taking him on at Torment X difficulty at level 70. The fight was brutally long and drawn out with damage thru the roof hitting me.SubRosa7 Aug 19
Aug 17 Ring of Royal = ironic joke? The drop rate on the Ring of Royal Grandeur has gotta be a cruel joke. I've read plenty of comments from people saying they farmed over and over again Act 1 bounties like 75+ times while trying to obtain this ring. 75.... like wow....>< Here you got a ring that supposedly helps lower the requirements for people lacking a set peice but the devs have made the ring almost dogone impossible to obtain!. What use is this stupid thing if you already got like 5-6 complete sets already before one even drops? I mean all I get is stupid thorns bracers each and every time I get the stupid idea to do an act 1 bounty hoping that ring will drop... Fix the drop rate on that ring already, its just retarded already.SubRosa18 Aug 17
Aug 17 Deleting a HC toon. Just collected all my loot from last season on a non-season HC toon. If I delete him, and have zero HC toons in Non-Season, will the stash and all the gear be there in the future if and when I make another HC toon? Thanks. I saw the paragon was there, not sure about the rest.....TheIrishOne4 Aug 17
Aug 17 Is unstably Anomaly working in season 7, I have died twice and unstable anomaly did not workYORTSTER5 Aug 17
Aug 17 Holy smokes i did it! HC Grift 75 as M6 DH! Only beat it by 6 seconds!!!...But i did it!...Pretty happy right now, my stupid build manage to clear 75. Far as im concerned, i might be the first DH on HC to clear 75 with Maur 6 (seasonal that is)TheTyrant2 Aug 17
Aug 17 crashing every few hours Survived a bunch of crash with unstable firebirds it finally got me rift farming : ( This pretty much unplayable for me dont know what to do. Bummer I just massively upgraded my GPU from gtx 720 to 970. Heard some bad things about video ram being shorted but it was massive upgrade that can't be it. Been trying to fix it checked drivers did repair on bnet d3. Windows 10 got me? !@#$ idk.. The game freezes have to restart PCMrWinkles11 Aug 17
Aug 17 So you think you have nightmares? Barbarian (Hardcore) Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/77625981 Gear (Thorns Build): Litany of the Undaunted (Legacy of Nightmares) The Wailing Host (Legacy of Nightmares) Aquila Cuirass Depth Diggers Countess Julia's Cameo Nemesis Bracers Pride of Cassius Mantle of Canneling St. Archew's Gage Leoric's Crown Ice Climbers Oathkeeper Hack Gems: Bane of the Stricken Esoteric Alteration Gogok of Swiftness Gear Bonuses: +14571 Strength +5399 Vitality +817 Resistance to All Elements +100889 Thorns Damage Reduces Cooldown of all skills by 42.3%. Skills: Frenzy (Vanguard or Maniac) Whirlwind (Wind Shear) Ignore Pain (Iron Hide) Threatening Shout (Falter or Demoralize) War Cry (Veteran's Warning) Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity) Passives: Nerves of Steel Berserker Rage Tough as Nails Brawler Kanai's Cube Powers: Bastion's Revered Sanguinary Vambraces Convention of Elements Templar Skills (Follower): Intervene Loyalty Charge Guardian Templar Gear (Follower): Enchanting Favor Sky Splitter Freeze of Deflection Overwhelming Desire Oculus Ring Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band Notes: After a few weeks of continuous grinding it pays to play in a group. I think it's a waste of time trying to Solo and level up Gems/Augment 70+. Trying to solo GR75 is pretty much a Shrine/Elites game. I'm left with 4/6 Journey for Guardian Achievement. The two remaining goals is 3 minute T10 rift (group) and GR75 (solo). Other notes: Found out Puzzle Ring can open Money Vault in town with Kanai's Cube. Stopping before I become addicted with negative consequences.Sherwin12 Aug 17
Aug 16 When I was bored... Sometimes it's just fun to goof off and I do that allot. So I decided to try to kill Mathael at character level 1. Unfortunately I just couldnt make it to Mathaels chambers without having to kill some pesky mobs that trapped me along the way which got me to level 2 by the time I entered Malthael's chambers. Level 2 DH vs Malthael Normal difficulty zero paragon points assigned. Used same 1h wooden crossbow given. zero armor or gems bare naked DH http://i.imgur.com/R1hK72y.jpgSubRosa2 Aug 16
Aug 16 Another HC tip if you are pushing it a bit and some other players are chatting.... DON'T chat!!! Just died because I tried to type "no worries" Haaa! :(( Silly me!Lloyd9 Aug 16
Aug 15 HC witch doctor, which follower and why? I'm debating on whether or not to drop my current warrior for either scoundrels crit or enchantress attack speed which would help out my splinter darts... i'm currently using a pet build, but regardless, which follower do you use for your witch doctor and why?Zagunsda13 Aug 15
Aug 14 So you want to be like Sherwin? v3.0 Skills: Bash (Punish) Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity) Ignore Pain (Contempt for the Weakness) Revenge (Provocation) War Cry (Impunity) Battle Rage (Bloodshed) Passives (Ruthless, Tough as Nails, Relentless) Stats: Life 39.8k (Paragon 11) Life Regeneration 1703 Life Steal 2.9% Block 10.0% Dodge 19.2% Melee Damage Reduction 8.8% Elite Damage Reduction 7.0% Damage Reduction 72.24% (Armor 7805); War Cry 75.11% (Armor 8053) Lowest Resist 65.66% (Resist 574); Impunity 69.64% (688) Movement 12% Fury 124 Attack Speed 1.40 Critical Hit Chance 53.5% (Battle Rage 56.5%, Wrath of the Berserker 66.5%) Critical Hit Damage 260% Hit Damage 39.5k (Battle Rage 46.9k, Punish 56.6k, Insanity 132.7k, Hysteria 138.2k) Gear: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/26847994 Notes: You want Barbarian gear set up? Just reply with your best greeting for the second half of 2013. Probably won't be back until later tonight (Tuesday).Sherwin33 Aug 14
Aug 14 Act 2 Warden bug? WD I recently got the final chapter 4 achievements to complete my WD Helltooth set. Before finishing the set, I ran all the t4 keywardens, rifts, greater rifts, etc, never going below 80% health (taking a rare molten explosion). After getting the set completed, it was even easier, of course. I then went to help a friend finish up the t4 keywardens... For the recond, I am using -15% damage passive, wall of death, with the -25% damage debuff, have the mojo with 27% damamge redirected to dogs, the dog rune where they absorb 10%, plus a very decent amount of armor, resist all, and passive health regen. Went up to the act 2, t4 keywarden, drop wall of death, my dogs and gargantuan and horde of fetishes attack, and I drop a few acid clouds, which also are benefiting from a deconstructed unique bonus giving it lablob. Next thing I know, my health is plummeting, at a very steady, but incredibly fast rate, and I die before I can even react and use a potion............ I am not in any kind of damaging effect. I am not within the wardens spinning area. I just straight killed myself with my massive dps as far as I can tell...... Is this intended? Did I find some weird rare bug that is near impossible to reproduce? Please, someone explain what happened. All I can find are 2 year old posts stating that act2 key wearden reflects projectiles. For the record, my friend was also a WD, with no projectiles... So..... Kinda pissed to lose a HC character, as expected, but this really seems like a bug. any damage was from my pets(amplified) the basic proc from the set, and the acid cloud(amplified) and the wall of death(amplified).StereoMime11 Aug 14
Aug 14 Go, Speed Racer, Go! Thinking about going for the Speed racer conquest, to do this I need 2 runners and 1 couch potato as well as a near overwhelming lack of faith in the abilities of others caused by watching others fail to acknowledge the simplest of mechanics and end up standing in the fire whilst accusing everybody else that it was our collective fault that they burnt to death. The internet breeds casuals into intellectually disabled members of whatever healthcare system my tax pays for. /endrant I'm not going to lie I'm pretty jaded when it comes to relying on other people working together to get achievements, at least 4 is a lot more manageable than 40. A healthy knowledge of the questline would be helpful but before we begin we will plan which route each of us will be taking so we have as little overlap as possible. If it all goes balls up at least we only wasted an hour, then we can vote out the weakest link and make him better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster. Repeat this process until we win. TLDR Speed racer conquest, need 2 runners and one towner.Resigned7 Aug 14
Aug 13 Died due to a a server failure... idk So i was playing Seasonal hardcore (Torment x) and i was playing public, in the begining of the rift i lost the connection from the server, so i did not lose my connection, just from the server. And i died ofc. i cleared everything except a white monster that i died from. so is that my fault?... its so annoying for the time i spent on all this... and it's gone from something thats not my fault, this same day i just got the last parts to my complete build. and there is no way to get the character back right? //Thanks for reading.Fillelite9 Aug 13
Aug 13 Need TX speed advice for WD Am I better with Helltooth or Arachyr? (for farming TX... still at T8 due to early death...) Don't have either fully geared.. but wondering what I should gamble or attempt to craft...Lloyd3 Aug 13
Aug 12 Speed Racer - Solo Monk [video] In case anyone is interested, I recorded my solo speed racer run. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6I6nJFB0nPg It definitely wasn't my cleanest run, and I was using the wrong rune on my mantra and forgot my Templar so I was missing some spirit regen. But I had some good rng, so that balanced out. I've been able to do it pretty conistently in my practice runs; my last dozen runs were all between 55 and 59 minutes with no failures or bailouts, even for third Crypt runs and other bad rng runs. It's definitely much easier in a group (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ksBydvpC-s ), but it's totally possible solo!TinneOnnMuin0 Aug 12
Aug 12 Someone asked if I was doing Season 7 and... Yes. Yes I am. I'm going to rebirth my Pepper wizard and run dat beech inna da ground! Ya! Hope to see everyone else there!EmmetOtter10 Aug 12
Aug 11 An Idea to Revitalize the Item Hunt Now, the first few hours of every season reset are always a lot of fun. You are always finding items that you are interested in IDing, you are happy while completing sets, ancient items hold importance to you when they drop. However, after 20-30 hours once you have completed 1 or 2 of your most important sets and have multiple ancient pieces in each, the excitement of finding quality items grinds to a halt. I'm not entirely sure how things work with game coding, so if this is impossible then I am in the dark. _____________________ - There can be 2 different types of legendaries. "Dropped" and "Crafted" (It can show that text below the "account bound" text at the bottom). "Crafted" items would include Kadala, the cube upgrades and actual items you have crafted from the blacksmith. -- The following suggestion would not be compatible with "crafted" legendaries, as they are too easy to farm --- Add a feature on the cube that allows you to "Harvest" legendaries by using the legendary with it along with some type of material (Maybe 1 of each Act Bag mats + 5 DE) ---- The game has a hidden ranking system for each item on how close to perfectly it is rolled and rates the item out of /10. (A near perfect ancient item would be a 10, an average non ancient item would be a 1) ----- For every 100 points worth of /10 ranked items you "Harvest", you can add one of the following perks to your hero (Bound on hero, not account wide - Not changable once added. If you pick 100 Main Stat, it sticks to the hero you picked it on and cannot be switched to 2% Crit Chance when you feel the need to change) 1.) +150 Main Stat 2.) +150 Vitality 3.) +30% Critical Hit Dmg 4.) +3.0% Critical Hit Chance 5.) +2.0% Cooldown Reduction So assuming you have used your Harvest option on ONLY 10 nearly perfect ancient items, it would be cost 10 Act Materials + 10 perfect items to get one of the above perks for your hero. ________________________ It would at least make finding "useless" items that have rolled exceptionally well have a purpose. Might give some added excitement to the item grind once your hero has achieved "max" gear. Would make it so you no longer feel the need to salvage a full inventory of legendary items without even IDing them, because some of them may be rated high on the ranking scale and offer your hero additional perks instead of just another Soul in his/her stash tab. Would also make farming less about accumulating keys, grinding paragon levels, and augmenting gems, and more about being happy to find items. Opinions?TheDutchMan2 Aug 11
Aug 11 All champion monsters in hardcore achievement So I'm down to the final 3 I need. I need champion Executioner, Revenant Archer, and Swamp Hawk. Has anyone seen a champion Executioner spawn? I have done dozens and dozens of pandemonium fortress runs and all I have seen are rares. Also, where do swamp hawks spawn? Of course, logic would say in the blood marsh or paths of the drowned, but I don't think I have saw any there or the caves below Anyone have nemesis bracers in hardcore to click shrines and help out lol.Offspring1335 Aug 11
Aug 11 Fun Times = 525 Kills Masacre Discovered a fun little place where I could just keep killing monster after monster without even having to move around. In the Battlefields of Eternity there is a place called The Craig of Eternity where one of the seige runes is located story mode. It is here that you can fight almost endless waves of monsters sent on either side by 2 elites. I managed to kill 525 monsters in a Diabolical massacre before the 2 elites also died thru dropping the seige rune. Pretty fun! Screenshot for proof below: http://i.imgur.com/u7C0ewJ.jpgSubRosa9 Aug 11
Aug 11 Another Season, Another End Game Another season, another end game reached too early. After the first weekend of play (approx 30 hours total in game) I am basically finished gearing my wizard. All that will be left to do is augment games, which means grinding GR 65+ hundreds and hundreds of times, 3-4 minutes per rift to get gems up to get an extra 300 ish main stat on every ancient slot. I have no issue with grinding being the end game. My issue is that after 3 days of gameplay (and I died twice, by the way - one death cost me my 6 piece tals that I got for the reward package) I effectively already hit the wall. The drop rates continue to stay inflated because of the lack of trade in the game, and the cube allows for items to be easily target hunted (even the rarest of items have such a massively inflated drop rate because you can target upgrade wands [for example] until you hit a WoW). The massive power spike from 6 piece sets is so insane that just getting a hold of any set can jump you from T1/T2 to T8+ without any change other than the fact that you completed your set. People are clearing mid 80 GRs in under 10 minutes within 24 hours of season reset. When you take into account that Blizzard made changes this season to limit how high people can reach with their GR pushing, and acknowledge that most classes had top solo scores between 90-103 last season, completing a GR 80+ in the first day of seasonal reset means that person has effectively already capped their gear and is now working only towards gem augments. To put it into perspective: -Season 6 I played a monk. -Season 6 began on April 29, 2016 -On May 6th (1 week later) I solo cleared a GR 80 on my monk with very little rift fishing and almost no augments on my gear. -I logged out after reaching rank 1 and never logged back in because I didn't feel there was much left to achieve aside from seeing which player has the most free time available to level Paragon and gems for augments. -I logged in 3 months later on the morning of the season 7 reset to see that my monk remained in the top 45 on the leaderboard. This means that within 1 week of season 6 being reset I had reached a GR that was competitive in the final rankings. Had I taken time to fish for the perfect rift it is not unreasonable to assume I could have cleared an 83+, which would have finished me top 10 in the season. A game model that allows people to post competitive rift scores within 4-5 days of the season beginning, and having the next 80+ days there to help people add 2000-2500 main stat to their armor to help get 4-5 GR levels higher by the end of 3 months is a terrible design. tl;dr: - Brick all of progression (due to drop rates) is hit within 20-30 hours of gameplay at the start of each season (for most classes, obviously some classes have less emphasis on the set completion [Sader]) - Luck obviously plays a role in the "brick wall" progression effect, but I am in no way alone in reaching that wall. I would say that 20-30 people in my clan have already reached 99% of their optimal gear set and are now just playing for literally perfect ancient rolls on items and augmenting gems. - People are able to post competitive 'end-season' rift clears within 24 hours of the season being reset. - A GR score I hit on my monk last season within 1 week of the reset remained in the top 45 by the end of the season. This either means that almost no one is playing the game competitively, or that the first 30-40 hours of gameplay is almost as powerful as the following 500+ (some people grind that many hours each season just to end up 3-4 GR levels above the scores that were posted in the first week). I understand nothing will change with D3 going forward, as only a skeleton team remains on the job and they SEEM to be hiring staff for a new game production (likely D4 given the fact that OW is completed, WoW xpac is completed and Hots is an ongoing production)... but just thought I would vent my frustrations for why I just can't seem to fall back in love with a game I put 2,500+ hours into in vanilla. Slow day at the officeTheDutchMan9 Aug 11
Aug 10 Wizard Build Help Anyone willing to look at my Wiz HC build? I am VERY squishy and i dont know what i should up I have 1000+ All Resist I have 10 000 Armor I have 650 - 700 000 Damage not counting Passives On TVII i struggle, but with my previous DH run i easily did 75 GR. My Wiz can hardly do 45 http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sparky-2665/hero/81831729 I have the Chondos build also, but im just to weak to even make a diff on TVII+Sparky1 Aug 10
Aug 10 Thank you Sir Blizzard server make my day twice alredy https://zapodaj.net/69aa2841804c0.png.html Most funy on this part im still on menu RipDevilJin1 Aug 10
Aug 10 Looking for HC Players / Clan hi currently paragon 60 looking for a clan or players to play with! rowesy#1515Rowesy0 Aug 10
Aug 10 I can't believe my eyes! I can't believe my eyes, When the X-Wing rises! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=493ljyoox6o Err... no I mean... when the Gibbering stone dropped!!!! Let me repeat that: A GIBBERING STONE JUST DROPPED! I witnessed that event with my very own eyes!!!! Picked it too! :P I should thank a player which was taking his bloody long time to get ready for GR. While waiting, on a whim, went into the cave of frost... Big disappointment, Chiltarra was NOT there. Some other monster was there instead. Was so sad... And then.... The Gibbering stone dropped!!! Wahoo!!!Lloyd0 Aug 10
Aug 10 Terrible lag atm. Be safetreehead0 Aug 10
Aug 10 rip my trophy smk Ugh dumb idea to test build in gr http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Damian-1715/hero/78817499Dmoney0 Aug 10
Aug 10 Died already!! Was doing so well! grifting! I guess I am too new to WD! din't see my death proc.. though I even checked like 5 seconds before.... confused.. and sad... :'( Oh well... Dunno if I should redo a WD or Barb (since those 2 are my personal season challenge)\ well.. went for Overwatch! :PLloyd12 Aug 10
Aug 9 Farming set pieces is absurd So I ran through the season 7 Haedrigs gift and got my free unhallowed essence set which was great. That took me roughly 8 hours. Then came 24 hours of gameplay where I was farming T8 rifts and pretty much every everywhere else in the game that you can farm and I came away from it with 2 pieces of marauders and not one focus or restraint ring. It got to the point that 3 or 4 of my friends who I had been talking too said they must have really messed up the drop rate or something. Which is why I'm here. How in the heck are we supposed to want to keep playing the game with the set that we want (which for me is marauders pet/sentry build) when we have almost zero chance of obtaining the drops we need. Now I know that this game is a real slog sometimes but the teir I was farming for the amount of time I was farming and to come away from that with 2 marauders set pieces and not one focus or restraint ring seems very suspect to me. So I guess I'm looking for clarification from someone at Blizzard as to how on earth what happened to me could happen. I await yours or anyone elses feedback with great interest. Thanks MaleficusMaleficus6 Aug 9
Aug 8 Hc invoker: weapon/shield/cube combination? Hello :) what do you think is the best setup for a good survivibility mix in hardcore? hack + volj and akkahns cubed? Or pig sticker + akkahns and bloodbrother cubed? Also what do you think about sanguinarys or hearth of iron cubed?Enterich3 Aug 8