Jul 10, 2013 The enemy that gives you the most trouble... Of all the things in this game that are nasty, everyone has that one 'special' enemy that gets under your skin and annoys the heck out of you. Maybe it doesn't kill you, maybe it's just really really frustrating to deal with. For me it is those Beasts in the Northern Highlands (Act I before you get to Leorics Manor). Seems like everytime I play a Wizard in this area I get this certain Elite pack with the following . . .Fast/Extra Health/Arcane/Jailer. The AI programming for a pack of these things is very effective. They time their Bull rushes so that there is a nearly endless stream of hard hits. They take forever to kill. They annoy the heck out of you with the jailer and arcane affixes. This is my biggest pain. Nearly lost another Paragon Wizard in there today. . .were it not for a Frenzy shrine and a few well dropped health globes I'd have been toast. But at least I made it out (this time). What gets under your skin?WhiteOwl40 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Solo HC Inferno builds Put your best solo HC inferno build here. I came up with this WD Build. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#gZekXU!bfV!YaaYYc Spam spirit barrage and haunt both life + mana regen Grasp of the dead and horrify for CC and armor boost Spirit Walk when introuble life regen Wall of Zombies for %765 dmg.LobCity10 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Are u bored too? there a week already i cant play this game im to bored of it . At least i can play ah for fun n sell my items but at my surprice evryting have down price to fast.... wow is that because there is cheating with bot? yes i think. i saw a man on my friend liste bot now i understand how this game is dead but not just understand i feel it now i get difficultity play when i know 1 hour of my time worth 10m of the time of cheater. This is the most unfair game blizzard ever made... im sooo sad to see this game burn like this. a unfair game have no worth value for me. ya im very sad of this.Verypure12 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Public games suck! I want the buffs! Don't get me wrong! BUT! Every single pub game just does Festering, Weeping, and Fields..... Then exits!!!! WOW! Do you all not realize the math behind clearing the MOST while having 5NV????? We now get a MULTIPLICATIVE buff for xp, GF, and MF when 4 players are in the game. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? YOU GET WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MORE ITEMS AND XP IF YOU CLEAR MORE IN A 4-PLAYER GROUP!!!!!1 GONE ARE THE DAYS OF DOING 3 ZONES AND REMAKING! YOU ARE WRONG IF YOU STILL DO THAT!Raserei23 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 RIP my first serious HC He was great. I dual wield until level 9. Forged myself a board to go with my sword. Alas, as soon as I hit the area before the jailor a hulking behemoth(?) rare pack got me. The big red things with spikes all over that hit like dump trucks. 2 hours and 30min gone, quick as the wind that sucked my barb closer to his pack. My barb died in one nice volley from the rare and his minions. This might be a long road... Going to go for my first 60 HC toon... and level 13 was all I could muster. I am debating starting again, and dedicating no more than 1 hour per day to the toon. To ensure that I am fresh while playing him, and not lackadaisical.Stull8 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 LF power level have cains and HF ring will pay 100k a level, negotiable.kenoobie6040 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 anyone ever buys leoric signet?? the cheapest one right now is 48mil.... i assume that if you have the money to buy it, you have the money to equip urself and make hellfire rings, way better and maybe useful late game, so whoever buys it is for wearing both so its 50 mil for an extra 30% on top of hf 35%, plus 30% in helm and 30% from cains.... 50 mil to have 125% instead of 95%, considering people charge less than 4 mil to power level in a few hours...Tubs9 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Seeking advice for inferno Hey guys :) I just returned to the game and have reached level 60 again with a barbarian (completely new to me as i havent played sc ) . I have got to inferno quite easily without many near death experiences. Just wondering if anyone has any build advice for me ; skills to change, equiptment to upgrade etc. Got no gold at the minute but farming act 1 slowly to try to avoid death haha. Stats are as follows :) : AR : 786 HP : 33.5k DPS : 33.1K , 54K WITH BR ARMOR : 6393HuMaNiTY4 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 10 seconds is a really long time. I fully understand that you shouldn't be able to pause and quit if you are in a lot of trouble (20% in a pile of arcane), but 10 seconds is long enough for most fully buffed full health chars to die to a pretty wimpy group (ie honest DC). Is there any support from the HC crowd to "tune" this a little? My thought is that 5 seconds is a little bit more reasonable. That's long enough to get you killed if you are already in trouble (ie to prevent abuse), but maybe not long enough to die from an honest DC (the killer of most mains IMO). What do people think?Pumpkin314159 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 WIsh DE's drop more :( Never had problems with DE's in softcore because you can easily roll MP10 and maximize drop rate without worrying of permanently killing your hero. But since I started playing hardcore DE's are so hard to come by. I play a lot at mp2-4 and I get very few sometimes none in a single run. Quality of items in the AH is not so good in HC and crafting really is the way to go for upgrades. My WD and monk can handle mp5-7 just fine in HC but the risk is too much for the reward :( Well I guess that's another challenge for playing hardcore. On another note, besides the terrible loot and DE drop rate I never had much more fun playing D3. Cheers and happy gaming.Gooze1 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Need help picking a toon/class Like the title states I am looking for helping picking a char.I played SC up until now as WD but going to be making a new toon on HC not sure what to pick. I went through the first 6 pages of the forum and tried a google search but found nothing useful. I was thinking barb or DH but I am not sure how well either do in HC. Any thoughts, comments, or tips would be appreciated.Kenji3 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 So i ruined my monk... lol, perhaps a little dramatic. i switched my res to poison to go with my new crafts (yeah of course i would get awesome poison crafts for my light monk >_>) and dropped my echoing fury for a sword (since the fear was driving me insane), but in the process i feel like i made him worse haha. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Isolation-1274/hero/29976326 here is my problem. i lost a ton of ias dropping the EF, and a mempo/witching hour. i needed cc to make quickening work, to generate spirit for my skills. i wanted to try innas 2 piece, since it gives about 7cc total (with the slots i used at least). thing is, before i didnt crit enough to keep my spirit high, now i crit a lot but not quickly enough to generate spirit. i need some second opinions here on what to change haha. i would like another slot or two of ias, but not sure where it would fit in. i see so many monks with 100k dps and a shield, and i can barely crack 85k duel wielding, surely i must be doing something wrong :(. thanks for reading, any help would be appreciated (no need to be kind hahaha, im not terribly sensitive about this kinda stuff) EDIT: i think what ill do is go bt belt and innas pants. ill keep both set bonuses and get dat sweet sweet ias. assuming i can get about 150 vit on them combined (not counting gems), ill only drop about 8k health (putting me down to 65k) any help would still be appreciated, but i think that is the route i will choose.Isolation23 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 UA just saved my butt! Vortex extra health fire chain desecrators....marmoset5 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 HC Barb Crafting: _______ of Str or Vit? Title says it all. Logic would dictate that I craft Vitality items, but I found myself doubting that choice. I was crafting some Dex and Int items for my SC toons and was receiving massive health boots from those along, including the damage boost from the primary stat. So, I ask the Hardcore community, what would you do if you were me? Craft the strength items and hope for a nice vitality roll, or craft the vitality items and hope for a nice strength roll? Thanks in advance.Sarevok5 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 I quit I quit I quit (barb) Another lag death. I don't know if this was the ordinary WW desync or it was a short DC. I suspect it was DC because I hadn't started WW'ing when I lost control of my barb. Either way, dead. This was my last effort at HC barb, with good HP and armor and resists and some life regen. I'm not sure of the exact numbers but she was definitely over 1 mil EHP unbuffed and she conquered MP10 ubers not long ago. Most of my deaths were partially caused by low HP, no Warcry, or 3 offensive passives. This time I had Warcry and Tough as Nails, and so I was tanky enough to watch in bewilderment and disgust as my HP slowly lurched down to zero. My friend ScaryGary was with me when I died. He says I didn't move for about 10 seconds. My screen was mostly still except my barb kind of jerked around the screen. I hit shift to stop any movement and then health pot, which took a while to register. It was too little too late: http://i.imgur.com/E2zfO4e.jpg In all my barbs have had at least 230 paragon levels. Most deaths were paragon 25-45, and this one was no exception at P37. So no more barb. I don't want to play barb if I can't play WW, and the D3 gods are having none of it. RIP to my HC barb aspirations. Now do I play my monk or my WD?VeePow44 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 WTT SC gold to HC gold. 3-1 As title states looking to trade my SC gold for your HC gold at 3-1 ratio. Message me on here or add me ingame if interested thanks. AgroAnt#6163AgroAnt1 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Buffing Monster Affixes Running around yesterday I ran into an "electrified" pack and thought "oh, no problems, electrified is a joke" and continued to run at/hack at the pack. Afterward, I had a flashback of going after Rakanishu in D2 and thought of all the HC players I saw die there at low level after just starting their character. In a lot of cases, the players hadn't transferred items to level yet and going after Rakanishu was actually a bit scary because those electric zaps did some pretty serious damage. Some affixes are pretty lethal, especially in combination with others, but I find that electrified is just one I don't give second thought to. What other affixes do you think need a buff/change to make players think twice before jumping into a fight?Malvaros10 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 More Character Slots So I Can Play Hardcore Hi, I have 10 SC characters which I leveled to 60... can't bring myself to delete any of them since each took me like 14 hours on average to run through the entire game till inferno act 1. Any chance that a patch might allow even just 1 extra character slot so I can try out Hardcore while I wait for itemisation patch... At the moment the only HC mode i can play is to sit in my character selector screen and hover over the delete button...but even then I can still resurrect them...CheehC16 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Someone to boost me? :D im level 31 and online now :) tananchun#6912tananchun0 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Thinking of Starting HC... I'm considering either a barb or a monk - and could definitely use help leveling/gearing a bit to start. Is there anyone that could help me out? If needed, I could pay some SC gold if the price is reasonable. Turalyon#1977Turalyon4 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Rip DH plvl16 died by dc Just created a new game in A1 mp3. I first took the leorics wp and take the upstairs, but no monster, nothing. Then i immediately knew that i was already dead because there is always monsters there. Desesparetely, i began blindly to shoot and using all my skills to evade of this place and taking down the upstair but it was too late. The server disconnected me and i was dead. I dunno what was happened. Well, i'll try again to reroll another DH.EstiDeKaliss0 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 selling hc gold for sc 3/1 selling 50mil hc gold for 150 sc gold u got 1st u can do as little as a ttime as u want\ pitbullownag#1689pitbullownag5 Jul 11, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 @Yukmout - your friend's list is full! I tried to accept your friend request, but it seems your friends list is full!Nameless1 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Community Teamspeak! Come join! If anyone would like to join a teamspeak server and chat about the game or find a party, feel free to join our community teamspeak. If you are not familiar with teamspeak, it is a free chat software that allows you to speak to other players via microphone. Info: Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Cm wiz(47)Death by dc/tree poison ;[ At around 1PM EST my wizard on HC died due to being dissconected while on a tree poison in act one. trying to log back in as quickly as possible... The unfortunate part was there was a message up saying your servers were having delayed responses and slowed time reading authenticators. Taking a solid 2 minutes to log back in. I don't know if that would have made a difference or not but I am just venting. These problems are terrible for the teams long term investments in this game. Any of my other deaths were my fault but this was my first taste of this shinanigans rant over :|JoshuaT9 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Need last missions in act 1-4 will pay! I just want to skip through the inferno and beat the bosses. You dont have to help me beat the boss. I will pay you 250k for each act. thank you! if your interested add me online sungjoon90#1571Sungjoon904 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Am I ready for Inferno Act 4? EDIT: Changed title to better reflect question. Main stats are as follows: HP: 72.7k Damage: 72.6k (with War Cry and Battle Rate) Resist All: +627Eternity9 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 FREE PL IN HELL PST! truthform#1134truthform0 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 HC Leveling 1 to 60 Can someone direct me to the HC leveling guide? I pretty much to acts 1 and 2 on MP 10, act III on MP5, and act IV on MP0. I find a socketed weapon is effective to about level 35ish, then I grind until whatever Reduced Requirements weapon I can afford (usually 44). I just had to tone down hell from 10 to 5 just for the elites that hit like trucks on my monk. Even in his gear he was having issues in act I MP10 on a double pack.Zork5 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Looking for PL 34-60 Looking for PL 34-60 8-10mil depending on how fast it is. Street#1623Street0 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 RIP Predator Paragon 87! How did i die? Techs So i am playing in the fields and walk up to a tree drop a bell on it. I get a bell studder which happens, but completely drains my spirit. I walk away from the tree and realise some of the map is abyss like now with a black square in the middle as something fishy is going on. Walk back to the tree and hit it again and no crits, i was like okay lets continue. Then BAM, error something, BAM client lost connection with server, BAM log in screen. I log back in DEAD!! Well there is goes....... I thought i would be more upset but i have seen many of my boys and people DC. The game goes out of synch all the time. I almost killed myself earlier when it studder dropped 3 bells on a reflect damage Horde. Cna someone chime on from a technical perspective as to what happened to me?Klebsiella13 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 [Suggestion] In-game Hardcore Trade! We finally received a hardcore trading forum. AWESOME! +1 Can we get a in-game hardcore trade chat channel? -THANKS! =-DRaserei0 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 HC is truly amazing (ChrisBo's story) Man I played a good chunk of SC mode when my wife first got me into Diablo III and after several months the SC economy and lack of any real challenge or consequence from dying finally pushed me to jump on the HC bandwagon. I made a Barb (ChrisBoIV) after losing one Barb to a super bad game lag on Butcher Hell at level 55 and when I died I was literally outside of the playable area floating in the air. My next two attempts were DHs and one was Paragon 14 and other Paragon 35 before d/c and a terribly timed powersurge took their lives. After getting ChrisBoIV to Paragon 6 I rerolled my DH and in fear of losing him again made another and got him to 60. Then I said eh what the heck let me make a third as well. I had used all my character slots because I had one of each class in SC. I finally decided to roll a HC Monk so I deleted my paragon 3 SC WD to make my Monk and erased a low level wizzy I had to make a HC Wizzy that I only play with the wifey (After my D obsession and a full-time job she very very very casually plays anymore but I got her to roll a HC DH with me and that is why my HC Wizzy is only level 20ish.) Throughout this journey I only had a couple friends playing HC and after some very bad d/c deaths they finally quit for the most part. It was after losing my couple DHs a while ago that I realized solo wasnt great for HC play and came to the forums for some help with my Friend List. After friending HojoKing, Rakart, Uriah and many many many more (You guys know who you are ;)) that I really got that great community feeling and really grew to love the groups I played with. These people are from all over the world and are different ages and sexes and are all at different places but they love slaying demons in DIII and it has made this game amazing for me. Before I get slammed as a person proclaiming Blizzard's amazingness, I do look forward to the much needed item revamp and all the other additions and fixes that are long overdue and hopefully coming eventually. Be that as it may, I am having a blast with these people and have my three DHs all Paragon 8-10 and my Monk about same and a paragon 42 Barb (ChrisBoIV) who I recently went Skorn HoTA/Rend build with and between friends giving me great deals on items and finding some amazing drops and selling off lots of SC stuff, I have geared quite well I think. All this to say, if you haven't tried HC yet or do enjoy it's intenseness and better economy but don't have any or many friends, please add me and you can meet lots of my friends and friends of theirs as well. That's how it started for me amd now I always have at least 20 or more friends playing HC at any given time and it makes the game soooo awesome and changes the whole experience for the better. Send a friend request or comment here and hope to see some of you guys on the battlefield! ChrisBo#1941ChrisBo23 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 DH Gear Advice Hello HC community. I turn to you for some advice on how to better gear up my DH. Character link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Pepin-2587/hero/34078475 I am starting to do a1 mp1 in groups and it feels pretty comfortable but I've hit a ceiling of sorts on my gear. When I look at top geared DH's, each item is like 100's of millions of gold. Can you please recommend how I can upgrade specific gear slots without having to spend 100's of millions that I do not have? Thanks :-)Pepin5 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Auction House Levelling Don't you love it when you have an item that you're sure is worth a good amount, but it just refuses to sell... You refuse to drop the price. Then on the fifth time you list it, you finally get a bid. =) I'm now level 2 in auction housing!Poxy2 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 mp6 uber carry pre-cleared. lobby method. 8m- 0 machines need one more LearnedHand#1554LearnedHand0 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Top 25 Witch Doctor MP5+ Stream+Giveaways Check out www.manapot.com/brobben123 for free giveaways, farming, ubers and more. We have a terrific community already full of really helpful hardcore players, and are always looking to grow it! We are drawing our weekly 200m raffle tonight (next week our 1b monthly raffle), farming MP5+ and doing plenty of giveaways and helping out as much as we can. Tune in while you play, and get groups for all MP levelsEiken12 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Trading for HC gold Softcore gold trades to Hardcore gold, 3-1 ratio please pm Furbs#1700Furbs0 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Is this a good sell at 10m? Ring str, vit, resist, socket, attack speed Actually I do not know its true worth, I always thought CC is good and without CC it is hard to sell. Is there any build or occasion that this ring is good? Is 10m a fair price? http://i.imgur.com/zCyq2J1.pngDouvinsky2 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Glass Cannon Challenge After starting a new Wizard last night, I randomly thought of doing a rather interesting 'extreme' case of Glass Cannon. Crafted for solo, but feel free to group. Groups are fun. Class is up in the air, passives take a damage priority. Skills must be used for damage/damage increases, unless no other choice is present. Wizards MUST take glass cannon passive, only concrete one of the bunch. Mitigation skills can be used if there is a rune that increases damage/does damage at the same time. (And only that rune, etc) This doesn't apply if it's the only skill for that slot as you level up/that slot doesn't have a damage dealer to begin with and damage runes are far off. With the whole self-found/vendor bought/crafted spiel, also. Not as extreme as Healthphobic, or anything of the sort. Almost, not quite. A few main restrictions: 1. Can only equip gear with green numbers in damage, and it MUST be equipped on sight, other two are ignored. If you get all green, more power to you. +0.0 damage can be freely switched off. 2. Only gems you can socket are 1 tier above what you have seen as a drop. Not counting inferno, which I'd say +2 tiers per act, with base of flawless square. If someone manages that far. 2a. Gems that you socket must give you +damage in some form, not counting helms. 2b. No opinion on how you are to deal with upgrades comparing unsocketed gear to socketed and gemmed gear, preferably upgrades before gems are applied. 2c. Would prefer not to use an amethyst in helmet, but no real ruling here. 3. Must play with elective mode turned OFF.(Or on, just don't use it at all.) That one piece of armor you just picked up? -4000 health, -1.9% protection, +5.6 damage? Have to equip it. Thinking about this is as a thought experiment makes me think this is plausible, but being at the mercy of RNG for optimum gear is less mercy and more punishment. -Goal- Get as far as you can/farm until you go nuts and give place and cause of death! ---Have any improvements? Feel free to correct my ideacrafting, I won't take offense.predikit21 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Help me help my Wizard I admit to not being a great wizard player. Monk has been my main since October so that's what I know. I've basically tried to build a tough Monk Wizard but I imagine all you super wizards out there know this is a build that can only go so far. Right now she does a wonderful job at MP0 inferno...but I want to be able to do more... Opinons wanted!marmoset4 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Roll pretty good Vit shoulders So now time for an amulet Shoulder 199str, 211 vit and 80 all resistSaintCoultz1 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Server Maint None tonight?!?! Yay!Blurry1 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Plan for Staff of Herding On softcore I had no trouble getting the plans to drop, but hardcore is another story. I have killed Izual 30+ times on different MP's and difficulties with no luck. Is the drop rate just severely reduced in HC or is there something special I need to do?Kanas11 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 WTB PL 10-60 name your price 10-60 name your price Street#1623Street0 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Unid immortal king weapon want to sell!! any offers?Pegasus3 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 RIP. Thanks Desync ^^ Lost paragon 16 Barb to desync. Meh not big deal, but had decent gear. Please Blizzard fix desync. Don't say you can't; you can. Just do it, please. For once I'd like to die to an actual legit reason, like getting cocky and trying high mp, or being careless etc. Not crashes/desync claiming at least 6 of my barbs. ZZZZzzzAaown9 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Need to be power levelled Will pay 2.5M 1-30, 2.5M 30-60 I have cains, xp hat, HFR. Add me with the message "Power level" Finally gonna have to use a service after another d/c deathCloudkill0 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Almost to 60! Need advice! I have finally hit 57, closely inching my way to 60. I just reached Hell Act1 at Trailing the Coven way-point. I am looking for some help on what to upgrade. Should I specifically be looking for All Res items? I only have 1 mil saved up, and have no idea how I should level up and be prepared for lvl 60(Vit/Res/Str) ratio?..... Any Help is much appreciated! Thanks guys!RikHawk6 Jul 9, 2013
Jul 9, 2013 Anybody Need Development Hell? Development Hell is a very rare dungeon that spawns in place of one of the Defiled Crypts in Act 1. Inside the crypt, you will fight all of the artists and developers that created Diablo 3, including the original Game Director, Jay Wilson, who appears as an elite, and grants a hidden achievement for killing him. If you've never seen Development Hell before, it's pretty cool, especially if you're a hard-core Diablo fan. I have 2 spots open in my MP-0 Inferno game with my self-found barb, but please don't request a spot unless you've never seen this before and need the achievement. Send a friend request to Galx#1555 right away, first come, first served. I'll post here again when the game fills up (or I get tired of waiting.) GalxGalx4 Jul 9, 2013