Dec 1, 2012 Witch Doctor Hell and beyond info, please! This is my third time bring this guy up to 60 and I have taken a break since the latest patch (2-3 month off). So I'd like a little help with what to expect in terms of resistances, builds, etc. It sounds like most of the bosses in Hell have been nerfed. So really, what to expect in Infernal and what I should aim for would be great. Thanks in advance. Current Skill lists: Plague of Toads - Rain of Toads Acid Cloud - acid Rain Zombie Bears (this is just here because I don't know what to replace this with) Spirit Walk - Jaunt Zombie Dogs - Life Link Gargantuan - Restless Giant My current resistances are sitting around 150-180 (what should I aim for in Infernal?) or so.....I'm not worried about equipment as I have enough gold stock piled from farming/deaths that I can gear in places I need to. A spectrum for DPS would be appreciated as well. Bad # - Okay # - Good # - Kickin' !@# # for Infernal. I am currently at 9.3k and moving through Hell. Thanks for your input!!!! HC for life!!!!!Detheroc23 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Ubers Hi HC folks Been farming keys at mp2 for a while, and finally have 3 machines saved up. Looking for any last minute tips or advice before I hit ubers. Can I do them at same mp? 1 higher or lower? Any advice greatly appreciatedMerton2 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Deleted Deleted, I think this may have been considered advertising so I removed it. OoopsSciro1 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 my hc gold, your sc gold my 1m for your 5m have 300m hc gold in stock you be vouched or else you go first, any incrememnts you wantLearntolift0 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Embrace/Survive in HC So - you're the eager hero coming to HC for the first time. I call you the "eager hero" because when you roll a toon in HC one of the first things you have to do is hit agree after reading an agreement, that explains to you that you only have ONE LIFE and if you die for ANY reason at all then game over! No calling Blizzard and QQing - ANY reason at all and you, and your progress and your gear (that you are wearing/carrying on that hero) are gone in "puff" of smoke. So - you come to HC all excited. Maybe you even exchange millions of your hard earned and/or paid for SC gold in exchange for more valuable HC gold. Coming to Hard Core you made a commitment of your time, items and gold to HC. I suggest some of you wake up! See this thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7273267378 Now you wind up dead from -from but not limited to some of the following- -Power outage - -Killed by a monster- -Invited into a game by a stranger -and oh by the way, aren't we all strangers here on the internet?- That stranger has just been waiting for a little SC newb like you. He sells items and gold on the rmah and thats where he wants you! He wants you in SC land buying his items that his little robot is finding for him all day while he is at work. So- He invites you to Whimsyshire - you walk into 100 angry ponies and that big bad 60 plvl 100 is gone! And you are dead in a minute. W/2 choices - Archive/Delete Oh, its not fair is it newbie? hmmm, I mean after all, you only have a few hours to play each night and it took you three months to get your hero to level 40? amirite? Ok- you're still here. Well that's good. I for one am happy to see new players coming. It's the reason I was giving away HC gold. Ya, I was giving each new HC toon 250000 gold just to come play HC. Why because I hated SC. I hated grinding to p 100 - I hated none of my uber rolled gear not selling on ah - Well, I for one, want you here! Most of us want you here. But you are going to run the risk of DYING! So - here's some things to do to mitigate your risks of this sweet/sour HC world: Number 1 first and foremost is- You have to realize there is no guarantees over here! Got it? Number 2 Make sure you have a good internet connection, with a good speed, etc. If you live in a rural area or use wireless or whatever then your choices are probably limited...so head back to SC land Number 3 If you play in public games beware of the wolves. When you enter a public game take a quick look at the players list and their profiles. See if it makes sense to you. Say hello or something in the party and see if they respond. ASK them if it is safe to port to them. If they don't reply I am outta there, like last year, c ya, off like a prom dress after the prom! And don't invites from strangers - duh! Number 4 If you decide you aren't going public then play solo or with friends you know and trust. I don't know about you but I can usually get a feel for a person after talking to them a bit. Number 5 If you play solo in your own private game here's a protip: When you are all by your lonesome. Oh, lets say you are running A3 Inferno. You are running through Stonefort and doing the "Raise the Catapults" quest line. All of a sudden the Keywarden shows up and you start taking mad damage. You have popped all your healing potions and defensive skills whatever you realize or think you are going to die? Reach up and hit the esc button. Next go do something else. Your homework maybe? EVENTUALLY THE SERVER WILL D/C YOU! When you resume your game you're not going to be in the keywarden's lap -dead- with that sick feeling in your stomach. This is one thing public games will not afford you. If you hit ESC in public, Blizzard will tell you "games in public are not paused!" Number 6 play HC for awhile before swapping out your worthless SC gold. I mean all the stuff is good for anymore is to sell for .25 cents a million on rmah or repairs. But if you are going to swap it out -and while Blizzard doesn't seem to endorse this practice, they certainly aren't stopping it either.-Make sure HC is for you before bringing all your SC gold over here. Number 7 learn from every death. If you die from natural causes and not because of something beyond your control. Try to figure out why you died? Were you under geared. I'd bet that's a reason a lot of people die. Whatever the reason figure it out and then re roll. Don't come on the forums and rant about it. You'll get flamed and wind up looking at things like this: http://i.imgur.com/3C5Pj.jpg Alright new and eager hero, I for one welcome you to HC. Game on!Avion34 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 PC on 1096 black DPS, 60CD axe Hey all, Just looking for a ballpark idea of what I should expect for this: [IMG]http://i493.photobucket.com/albums/rr292/Aix_photo/Axe.jpg[/IMG] "Severe Saw" rare axe 1096.8 DPS +296 min +359 max +39% damage +79 INT +77 VIT +60% critical damage Only just got to Inferno (third time was the charm) so I've been mostly scrounging and bargain hunting to get to this point...would be nice to get some better gear from this find! Thanks.Aix2 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Tal Rasha Helm Vit+AR+12% Life Selling Tal Rasha helm Int 97 Vit 53 life % 12 AR 61 Crit 5 Socket Res:20 BIN:75Alierion0 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 sweet ik armor ft (double vitality roll) http://i46.tinypic.com/2s13itf.png buy it now 150mLearntolift1 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Selling STR+VIT Mempo of Twilight [SOLD] Sold for 129m, thank you :) **** WTS Mempo of Twilight for 129m 184 Str 77 Int 69 Vit 74 Resist All 9% Attack Speed 10% Life Socket Add me (Deathdragon#1791) in-game if interested, thanks!Deathdragon1 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 WTS Barb/Cold Monk Chest http://i.imgur.com/zQupq.jpg Northlander's Guard 330 Armor +128 Strength +69 Dexterity +187 Vitality +55 Cold Res O Empty socket O Empty socket O Empty socketWanfear0 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Hardcore Hero died while Game paused (?) Hi, I was in a Singleplayer-Hardcore game. My telephone rang and I had to answer it so I hit escape and the game was paused. I was afk for a while and when I came back my connection was lost (but the game still paused and I seemed to be alive). I had to accept that and the session was closed... and my Hero dead. There was no message in my chatlog which said I died or was slain or anything, I'm just dead. The hero was only level 14 so it's no problem for me ... but I thought you should know. P.S. I was not in town ... of course.Aefer5 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Diablo Inferno.. finally complete I finally pulled my monk through and it was a fairly easy fight with another monk and barb in with me. Finally I feel accomplished.SoldierOvSyn6 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Achievements vs. Lag/Death (The Impossible) My goal is to get all the hardcore achievements, but the fact of the matter is I am on a connection that would make most go insane. I live out in the middle of no where and the only internet connection they have here which made absolutely no sense why they had it was DSL. I'm out in the middle of no where to begin with, but at least they have internet I guess. TL;DR --------------------------------------------------- Quick Notes: Daily Stats on softcore (roughly) Complete Drops: 1-3x a day Lag: it spikes to 300-1k+ probably 2-3 an hour at least. I die all the time in SC on MP3 or MP4 due to lag, but I don't plan on getting to mp1 even until I got the achievements complete. Now my feeling is that this might not be possible, but I want those achievement points... ------------------------------------------------------------------- Pics to explain what goes on with my connection This is my DH on softcore. Many times I will have no idea what I'm running into because the map just won't load. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=v2wz8j&s=6 Random Lag, that puts me in the most random location. http://tinypic.com/r/70hp1h/6 My highest latency on Hardcore so far is roughly 1030+, this one is 1,016. Dangerous latency. http://tinypic.com/r/10wkwfp/6 I struggle with more than the average player. This isn't to say I'm better, but I'm hoping somehow I can defeat countless drops/lags to somehow pull off an Inferno win.FitHopeCom6 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Anyone wanna do some ubers? I've ran them twice so far and all I need is a fang. I have a spare machine, j/w if there are a couple people out there with machines who wanna give it a go? msg #travboat1250 if you feel like it.travboat5 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 6m HC for 25m SC Add me in game and you trade first. Thanks!DrSeRRoD0 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Starting a new drunk hc char! Who's in? Title says it all. I'm drunk. Starting a new barb since my old one died. Who wants to level? SirLoin#1634. If I don't accept you right away it's cause I'm at the liquor store. Skype is a plus+++++!SirLoin11 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 ISO nats boots w/ vit looking for a good pair of nats boots w/ vitality on them. have 75 mil to spendMegatron6 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Questiosn from a returning player Dear Community I took a break for some months and would like to continue playing my HC characters. Could you please answer some questions for me? Wizard: didnt the wizard have some kind of shield that made you almost invulnerable at first, as long as you dont run out of mana, which was then rebalanced. After the rebalancing, hits could one shot you if they were large enough as in... (what were the details?) is this still the way it is? WD: With spirit walk you would die in spirit walk if you body, which you left behind got enough damage to die. Is this still the case? Monk: Did anything change with the monks lifesaving ability where he resets to half full life instead of dieing? Paragonlevel: What is there to know about the new paragonlevels? Infernomodus: Has Spikedamage been reduced? Monster-Levels ..1..10 How do the new monsterlevels work? Thank you!Kaladin5 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Is there any Diablo mp10 Hardcore kill? And if so, can i see a video of it?sata10 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Barbs.... What should i upgrade next Im at a point where i dont know what to upgrade.. or what i should be looking for on a upgrade... any suggestions..TyeTye30 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Beat Diablo for the first time in HC. HC is a bigger rush than SC...that cannot be denied. I was only level 34 and was nervous that was too low a lvl...but I was pwning act 4 monsters so I ventured forth... Victory!Anjinsan15 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 RIP 'ChosenTuLive' Your deeds will always be remembered.. A cherished hero, slaying Asmodan bringing glory to Bastion's Keep. Died on the 1st of December 2012 (Saturday) Time of death: Estimated time 9.40PM Killed by: Iskatu Area of death : Nightmare Act 4 Statement of death: It was my first HC Barbarian just defeating Asmodan and entering heaven. Killed by the first boss right after entering act 4. Guess i was undergeared. RIP, gonna roll a DH now (: My first ever HC death and i rolled on the floor laughing hysterically then sobbing a lil after. A true hero 'ChosenTuLive', you'll be rememberedChoCOLaTe8 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 godly manajuma's carving knife for sale http://i49.tinypic.com/2yzefxt.png setting reserve at 80m will set a bin once res is metLearntolift4 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Wizard Mirror Image( Mirror Mimic ) build ? Hey guys, so I was getting a little bored and started messing around with some skills on my SC wizard. So I was wandering about this mirror mimic skill and I think I might be on to something that could help wizard survive longer? in hardcore ( not DPS ). So anyways, here's the "build". Skills Left- Magic Missle ( Seeker ) Right - Arcane Orb ( Celestial Orb ) 1- Mirror Image ( Mirror Mimic ) 2- Wave of Force ( Impactful Wave ) 3- Frost Nova ( Cold Snap ) 4- Energy Armor ( Prismatic Armor ) Passives Evocation Astral Presence Blur What I found about Mirror Mimic is that though the dmg output is rather low, they really do mimic some of your skills. When you summon 2 mirror images out, their wave of force and frost nova actually do full duration of CC for you (not 10% of the duration)! What this means is that when you encounter some danger, you summon mirror images. When you do that, your CC capability automatically triples. Your mirrors will be able to use at least once of each skill before they disappear ( 7 seconds summon duration ). So when they disappear, you can then use your own frost nova and wave of force to keep you away from danger. During that time, mirror image would have already been refreshed from cooldown, and then just rinse and repeat. What's more is that mirror image is the ONLY skill that can get you out of Frozen state should you be stuck in one! I tried this on my SC and seems to work quite well. But before I try to port this over to HC, just wanted to get some feedback regarding your views. All criticism is welcomed, this is just something that I thought out of my head, really hope that it can turn out to be a survival build with everyone's help! Thanks! *PS. I've done some testing and it seems that the mirror images won't be able to use all the skills. Some skills I found that they won't use are Meteor and Slow Time (would be awesome if they are able to use them. Imagine 3 slow time bubbles!)ReaLife1 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 General Chat. Wow I just spent a half hour perusing the general chat and I came out feeling depressed I bought the game and then came back to Hardcore and now I'm excited to play tonight! What a cess pool over there. So many crying kids with nothing to do but complain endlessly. Thank god for HC forums during work hours :pStyx10 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Can't get past act 1 inferno Hey guys I can breeze through act 1 inf but I was told not to go to act 2 without being able to breeze through act 1 on mp 1 and I just cant make the jump. Is there something wrong with my build or with my equipment that I need to change. Any advice would be great!VinzClortho10 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 WTB Skull Grasp -ap to meteor Hey im looking for a Skull grasp ring with -3 to 5 AP meteor with some int/vit. Post stats and price. Thanks :)IIIPowerIII2 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Selling IAS/Crit %/AR Gloves 70 AR 8.5% Crit 8% Attack Speed 58 Poison Resist 30 Dex 30 Str 181 Armor Not Quite sure on what these are worth as they arn't trifecta's but still seem pretty nice to mebuurner0 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 JSUN Did not PK me! I enter a game... After leveling 36 levels. Someones dead theres a lvl 50... Some else enters the game. Dies. Right the I knew it was a PK. What did I do ... I ran away from the TP And Town WP. AND What DID I HIT... THE GUYS F*XKIN TP.!.!.DemonBound12 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Vile Ward value Where does it come from? I've never really understood why these things sell for 60m+ when you can get similar rare shoulders for relatively nothing. I could understand if they provided set bonuses like IK and Nats, but they don't, so what's with the inflated price?Wanfear6 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Butcher Nightmare, Can i do solo? lvl38, 4400 Armor, 1200dps, 10kHP, can this handle the buther on nightmare?Sciro3 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 New to hardcore. Looking for group Want to play with another hardcore level 1 - 5. No need to be experienced, but if you have played hardcore before it helps I guess. Anyone want to play? What level should I be before I fight bosses in act 1?FitHopeCom11 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Looking for a power level Hi, add me Marzbarz#1497 and we'll discuss details, thanksMarzbarz1 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Coming back to Diablo 3 Hi everyone :) I haven't been playing Diablo 3 for 2 months and I came back a few weeks ago I was looking to fill up my friends list with people who would like to play with me a decent amount of time and I was wondering if anybody could help me get gear you can just look at my profile and see that my main 2 characters right now are my barbarian and my hardcore witch doctor I just started having a lot of fun with and my schedule for playing is anytime I'm not working so feel free to hit me up anytime thanks everybody and have a wonderful dayMadgodOdin0 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 WTB A3 Hell First Quest - 300K Disregard, got it thxRekatan0 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Hardcore friends So i'm new to hardcore and i just lost my demon hunter, mostly coz of my own carelessness.. But knowing that every fight could be my last really makes playing on hardcore a blast! Anyway I'm currently leveling up another demon hunter(lvl 15 atm) and I'm looking for guys to play with or anyone who is willing to plvl me. Feel free to add me. Thanksximperiusxx7 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Pvp Bug So I went to log in and my computer froze with this..... http://i.imgur.com/wMunU.jpgMax3 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 noob in need of help. yea, I have been thinkin of start play some HC and was curious on what is best for HC.PYRO8 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 ISO Int Sky Splitter with Socket Looking for 1.1k dps Int Sky Splitter with a Socket (or 80%+ crit damage). I see one on the AH currently at 1.05k dps. If you're the owner and would consider lowering the price a bit, post here.Merps0 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Lvl60 "Challenge" Get to level 60... completing ONLY the first quest. Go!MasterBaker0 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 new barb first 60 hc char looking for peeps to farm with act 1 for now..... inferno no mp add me in game if u care to join my journey. kingkron#1730kingkron0 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 wanting to start fresh self found mp10 now looking for anyone interested in starting a fresh mp10 self found right now. no AH, only self found items and gems matez0r#1770 online nowMatez0r0 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Best character for lvling? So I just had my first HC death, lvl 11 barb, but im not here to complain about that. I'm going to re-roll but im not sure which character I should play? Barb seems like the easiest to play out of all the classes, but what do you guys think? What is the best character to play for leveling and survivability?Seanito9 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 *sigh* Guess I won't try that again... So I just started playing my first Hardcore character, a Monk. Played for about an hour, nearly to level 7, when I hit a lag spike and was DC'd. When the character menu popped up, found that my Monk was now dead. I'm glad I only wasted an hour of my time playing rather than dozens or hundreds though.Telliks7 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 is magda fixed yet? is she still causing massive lag?Megatron2 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 x% elemental damage just got a quick question; the Tal Rasha 2set "fire skills deal 3% more damage" ammy = "adds 6% to fire damage" do these stack? changing to fire skills doesn't seem to change my dps, therefore do these do anything? or is it just a % damage to your overall dps, or your while weapon dps? im confused, was the ammy worth it, doesn't bother me to much, got each cheap imo :P always can resellTsabo2 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 2million avg last 10 trade for hallowed plan. wtf?? on hardcore?Goochi2 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 RIP Dr Love act 1 mp1 inferno cathedral , faced the worst of the worst of elite arcane jailer waller plagued , in a tight spot minions everywhere , got jailed then walled , leeched heavy hp , he pops 2 arcane right underneath me , ok i spirit walk , spirit runs out fully healed , he then managed to wall me completly 4x4 spirit vessel poped i hit heavy leech and mythic potion, i try to escape then bang 2 arcane ball under me and jailed again. Worst encounter i could ever face, and i told friends the only thing that could kill me was those combined proc on an elite . Moral of the story , never fight a waller jailer arcane plagued close combat in a tight spot as a leeching WD hehe. Glad i died vs my match and not to a disconnect , next time i face that mofo im gonna be more prepared because they DO exist ! :)D3POKER12 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 So another hero down. Farming Act 3. Friend calls me during skype, I accidentally click on it, Diablo 3 closes, bring Diablo 3 back up, and I am dead. Needless to say, I am losing a friend.MMM16 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 RIP Troll (Pl 6 barb) Died today while doing some inferno act 3 farming runs, was face rolling through everything like i normally do, saw some fallen maniacs on the other side of a door. Went to just whirlwind sprint through it like i normally do... Your deeds will be remembered For whatever reason they all blew up at once, and there must have been more then i anticipated. Live and learn I guess, at least it was a legit death and not lag. Good luck, don't die.Jdisme7 Dec 1, 2012