Jul 10 Finally got a decent FoK/ LoN DH build and... ...the blizzard servers went down and it died. All I have to say is: that's hardcore. TBH, though, I wasn't that happy with the build and gameplay of it. Spinning around in strafe all day isn't all that fun to me. Plus, having to wait until all the stars align before doing any real damage in higher tiered greater rifts can be very time consuming and annoying. You miss one thing on the damage menu and you do very little if any damage at all. You can say I don't know how to play it; I can say Yangs/multishot is worlds funner to play and actually much better in higher tiered greater rifts. One thing for sure, I'm never returning to the FoK/LoN build. So, in a way, thanks for killing my DH, blizz. I never thought I would actually say those words.matt6286810 Jul 10
Jul 10 LF clan hey guys, pretty new to HC. Looking for ppl to run rifts and bounties with. I'm taking it slow, currently running in Master until i can get some gear.CUinHell1 Jul 10
Jul 10 Anyone wanna run? My clan is dead. Pubs are barren. Ive never actually played a crusader and am at l52, wanna make it at least to low torrent before season end. Bounties are getting boring. If anyone wants to toss a PL, or just run a bit, throw me an invite plz. Thankee-SaiMallakaii1 Jul 10
Jul 10 Returning Player LFG Fresh Seasonal HC If anyone is thinking about starting a fresh character let me know, I have not played in awhile, and just bought the expansion this past week. WolvesKnight#1808WolvesKnight7 Jul 10
Jul 8 Need help with Stars Align (Curses!) conquest I need help completing the Curses! and Stars Align (hardcore) season 6 conquests. These are the conquests for killing 350 monsters in a cursed chest event. I've farmed the act V chest several times, but I need help killing enough monsters. (A couple friends and I got up to 311 tonight.) If you have completed these conquests or have high DPS or speed farm (in hardcore), will you please add me as a friend so I can request your help next time I'm on? Cheetiah#1161 Thanks!Cheetiah6 Jul 8
Jul 8 Error 3007: Why the hate? 1.) I love Diablo 3. The game itself is a blast, and I think the end-game loop is fun, despite the problems with the grinding of legendaries and paragons. Blizzard has crafted a very fun game. 2.) I love Hardcore. I love the threat of death. I've lost three toons to monsters, and each one was my fault. May the space between the stars echo with tales of their glory. 3a.) Error 3007 sucks. I've lost 9 toons to Error 3007. It's well-documented here, and we all know what's up. The connection drops somewhere between Blizzard and the player, other services that don't depend on the same sort of connection might stay up, the monsters continue to pound on your toon, and when you log back in, your character's world is in black and white. #RIP You go back to your stash, you make requests in the power-level community, and you're back in Torment X with the same build after about six to eight hours of play. 3b.) Error 3007 is insane in 2016. As many others have noted, this doesn't happen in other games. I have been playing League of Legends for five years with WAY more hours logged than I have had in Diablo III, and I can count on one hand the number of times I have been randomly disconnected. I'm using the same internet connection. I haven't been logged out randomly from World of Warcraft or Overwatch for that matter. I don't get randomly logged out of Path of Exile. As if it needs to be said, Blizzard is not a small company. They possess the resources to address this. 4.) People were up in arms about the "multiplayer-only" nature of Diablo 3 when it was released since the game stands as a by-and-large solo experience in most players' heads. The reasons for the Battle.net-based infrastructure are sensible. No one wants their Diablo 3 experience to be rife with hackers and duping. That would suck even worse than random disconnects. In order to facilitate the user experience and avoid cheating, keeping everything on the client is out. Okay. So those are the things I GET. We're all part of this weird subset that actively seeks fear in our D3 play. We WANT the challenge that comes with permanent loss. Here's what I don't get: why do people defend Blizzard or cast aspersions of people who come to these forums and lament the characters they lost? Why is the default answer a snarky, rude, "It doesn't sound like hardcore is for you." Wtf? As I've combed the forums looking for answers, I find it striking that people sneer at people who complain about a problem that seems to be 100% the fault of Blizzard and whatever its peculiar architecture for Diablo 3 and Battle.net. This is a four-year-old game with an infratructure that chased away a lot of its own playerbase, and the company won't negotiate or discuss regarding character deaths that are its own fault. I want to be clear here. I'm not really complaining. I think 3007 is garbage, but I'm going to keep playing. This game is awesome, and softcore just makes the grind that much more idiotic. Hardcore is the only way I play, and the only way I am going to play. My profile is my testimony. So please grant me that much respect. I think Blizzard's customer interaction with this has been unacceptable. I think their silence regarding Error 3007 is atrocious. I know that the answer is simple: accept the random disconnects as a kind of super-ultra invisible and unbeatable Rift Guardian who occasionally shows up, i.e. just the cost of playing hardcore, or stop playing entirely. Got it. But why are people HERE so thick-headed about it? Why is the response, "Suck it up. Leave." And not, you know, commiseration with the fallen and an ever-pointing finger toward Blizzard and their irresponsible silence toward this problem and repeatedly throwing the responsibility back to the consumer? I just don't get it. You hate it, too! I understand the cynicism toward any possibility of change on Blizzard's end. My homework suggests this was a release problem that has only gotten worse as the seasons have been introduced and progressed. Again, why act like the people in the community who come here, ignorant of the persistent nature of this problem, its history, and Blizzard's disgusting silence and blame-shifting regarding it are the ones who need to be put in their place?RektYa23 Jul 8
Jul 7 disregard disregardWonkyStick850 Jul 7
Jul 7 Perdition I have not yet been able to adapt to the battle with Perdition. I already receive a couple of oneshots. I understand that he had a special animation before teleportation. But this bastard even jumping from the outside of the screen. Therefore the question. If the appearance of Perdition press Esc and then through Alt-F4 for closing the game? After this manipulation will my hero remain alive? Sorry for english ))Bambula1 Jul 7
Jul 6 Holy hell That was so close. Tryin to finish up my last requirement for the Slayer portion of Season Journey. I was soloing GR31 just fine, Skeleton King was a breeze, I didn't expect much more from Belial. But my dps iiiis a little low for torment 7... and I forgot all about how he rages if you don't kill him fast enough. (I've been gone a while.) Blew through both lifesaving procs at the end and I was desperately hammering him in archon form, trying to eek out his last bit of health while dodging explosions and my screen growing redder. I barely got him, it was as more luck than skill cause that could have easily gone the other way. My heart is just hammering in my chest. But I'm alive. HC or gtfo.Mallakaii3 Jul 6
Jul 6 Zoltan Kulle He can go diaf. One shot teleporting me because I was out of range. All I wanted was to be a good hardcore boy and get the seasonal gear, but nooooo...Obsidian8 Jul 6
Jul 4 Finally did 100 in HC! http://us.battle.net/d3/en/rankings/era/6/rift-hardcore-team-4 looking back... ...Prometheus6 Jul 4
Jul 4 2.4.2 seems boring and mostly dh and barb ? Lack of effort man for season 7 Not much contentSeattleHawks19 Jul 4
Jul 2 my build rox pretty happy with wut ive got, gets better with the patch, altho t13 can be a bit roughUberbunk2 Jul 2
Jul 2 LFG Hi, I am DH currently standing at GR 30~ I'm looking for teammates. Tonyoh#2908. RegardsTonyoh1 Jul 2
Jun 30 % Damage vs Vitality Finally got an Ancient Chantodo's Will for playing around with straight Vyr's. Rolled decent damage range, 961 int, 908 vit, 9% damage. I want to reroll something to CDR (and will gift it). Thoughts on whether to reroll Vit or % Damage? Rerolling vit would lose ~20% sheet toughness. Rerolling % damage would lose ~7% sheet dps.Immoros1 Jun 30
Jun 29 Well at least I can turn off my computer now. Was watching your stupid Warcraft movie when you banned me too.Carboncopy27 Jun 29
Jun 28 Lesson Learned Don't feel too bad for me. I shouldn't have gone in for seconds. I was leveling 2nd toon for season. But got ambushed at the entrance of a normal rift. (lvl 37) The pack included chains+teleport chains+rd and a yellow whose minions had electrified+frozen I swear there was a 4th (rd+teleport I think) Lesson - don't solo level with a Gem of Ease. The gear you find can't keep up with the leveling of the monsters you meet. RIPDogBone5 Jun 28
Jun 27 So you think you're a Conqueror? Current Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/77625981 Skills: Earthquake (Cave-In) Ancient Spear (Boulder Toss) Call of the Ancients (The Council Rises) Leap (Death from Above) War Cry (Impunity) Threatening Shout (Demoralize) Passives: Nerves of Steel, Berserker Rage, Earthen Might, Unforgiving Kanai: Mad Monarch's Scepter Lut Socks Ring of Royal Grandeur Gear: Might of the Earth (6) Immortal King's Call (2) Hellfire Amulet (Ruthless) Unity Band of Might Skular's Salvation Blade of the Tribes Gear Bonuses: Strength +9656 Vitality +6508 Reduces Cooldown +36% Critical Hit Chance +31.5% Resistance +430 Gems: Mirinae (25) Bane of the Trapped (25) Gogok of Swiftness (25) Notes: I went for the 350+ kill quest "Cursed Peat" in T10 to complete Conqueror Achievement. I completed the quest with 3 random players and we achieved over 400+ kills. This build isn't the one I use for Greater Rifts (Thorns). Other Notes: Less than 13 days to complete my Diploma course.Sherwin3 Jun 27
Jun 26 How old, Where ya from and What's Your Story? SInce I'm new to HC and it seems like a tight knit group of players (mostly), I figured I'd ask the question! I'm a 38 year old single dad from the Metro Detroit area. (By single, just mean not married) My daughter is 8. I started playing Diablo 1 a long time ago. I played D2 for close to ten years and I've been playing D3 since release. I took a 2 month break and played Torch Light 2, it was ok. How about you?CerealKiller139 Jun 26
Jun 26 WD damage reduction Hi, I am having some fun in HC with a WD. I was wondering if anyone thought about dmg reduction and could possibly explain to me :) There is this WD set that with 4 pieces gives you 3% dmg reduction per fetish! (with fetish Army) 7 + (Fetish psychophants) 15 = 22 * 3 = 66 dmg reduction!! There is a weapon that gives you 10 charges of Soul Harvest and another bracelet that gives you 6% damge reduction per soul harvest effect. 6* 10 = 66 dmg reduction. I understand this does not work as any dumb like myself would expect, there is no such thing as 126 dmg reduction. Truth is that in the character page it always said 62% dmg reduction (even before using soul harvest dmg reduction). Could anyone explain it better to me?Illiax8 Jun 26
Jun 25 Power Level Trade Hi All My 70 barb just died, and was wondering if someone could spare me 10 minutes of their precious time power leveling. Although I cannot give you anything back now, but i will surely power level you when you need it !! (maybe next season!) Thanks in advance! Delta#1790Delta1 Jun 25
Jun 24 Server disconnect me (no lag) HC barb dead Its quite frustrating im holding on words.... Im actually pissed i was doing some g rifts solo i was in solo g rift 70 was about to have my 3 gems to 65 like 5 min later then youve been disconnected... THEN i come back to see my char is dead i H8 b.net for that they wont give me bak my char they wont give me back !@#$ for that and i think its simply unacceptable from a compagnioe like blizzard to do nothing about this i might get a comment from a (blue) that say we are very sorry for this.... But the truth is it has happen to way too many people and if we are gonna play harcore atleast make a safe net for server drops to protect our characters lives ... im extremly pissed i was top 430 grift i was going for higher you took all my chances away!Mephisto24 Jun 24
Jun 21 New HC Player Been playing Diablo 3 on and off since launch and decided to finally try out a Season HC toon. Being as safe as I think I can be to gear up a Zuni pet WD (currently running T6 smoothly) I'm looking for someone to run bounties with and for any advice that can help keep me alive long enough to farm a few backup sets before my inevitable death occurs. Edit: Now able to clear TX safely and still hoping a short mans finger drops. Is that a pretty rare ring? Still looking for anyone to team up with and do some bounties.Rozungaro4 Jun 21
Jun 21 Wizard Help I need help. I haven't played since Season 1, and I'm basically new to Wizard in Season 6. I got the season journey done, got my 6 piece DMO set, got 2-3 pieces of Tal's and Vyr's, but I'm struggling with T6. I heard I really need Unstable Scepter and Triumvirate to make DMO work well. I'm also new to the whole Kanai Cube, but I have a Furnace, RRoG, Oculus ring, and Crown of Primus which seems like it would do well with DMO. I would like to suck less, please point me in a good direction. Once I get my crap together I think Vyr's and Archon looks great. (I only have 2 Firebird pieces so I'm not quite ready for that set yet)bcd10242 Jun 21
Jun 20 Rainbow gob spawn nerf? So I've been farming the rainbow gobs to get the Princess Lillian spawn in Whimsydale for the cosmic wing drop. So far I'm 0/18. I've guestimated the spawn rate for rainbow gobs at some where around 1-5% up until the recent Bnet client patch (the other day). Since then after pulling a couple of hundred gobs of various assortment I've encountered zero rainbow goblins. Has anyone else noticed this change? MUMoonUnit4 Jun 20
Jun 20 Taking the Dive! Into a hardcore character! Anyone kind enough for a quick power level? It would be greatly appreciated! Add me Cleopatra#1597 Thank you in advance!Cleopatra10 Jun 20
Jun 19 Urshi killed me! My monk died in a GR 60 last night and I'm not happy. Stonesinger charged me and procced Near Death. I easily killed him and as I talked to Urshi, a Fissure that the RG spawned before he died but was still active killed me. That's just not right. Sand Shaper's and Saxtris' tornadoes stop doing damage when they die so why can't Stonsinger's turrets stop as well?Khord6 Jun 19
Jun 19 Looking for a PL wanna get into hardcore as i have only played sc. not really looking forward to the grind of doing campaign to 70. was wondering if anyone wouldn't mind power leveling me? would appreciate it so i could get to the grift grind a heck of a lot sooner. tyKtmag682 Jun 19
Jun 18 So you think you can solo? Season Journey Achievement (Hardcore): Take You There (GR50) Details... Current Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/76406396 Paragon: 555 Bonus Damage to Elites: 65% Critical Hit Chance: 50% (Base) Critical Hit Damage: 400% Cooldown Reduction: 39.99% Maximum Life: 415k Life per Second: 28k Life per Hit: 6k Health Globe Healing Bonus: 60k Skills: Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity) Whirlwind (Dust Devils) Call of the Ancients (Ancient's Fury) Rend (Bloodbath) Threatening Shout (Falter) Battle Rage (Bloodshed) Passives (Nerves of Steel, Relentless, Rampage, Boon of Bul-Kathos) Templar (Intervene, Loyalty, Charge, Inspire) Kanai's Cube: The Furnace Mantle of Channeling Ring of Royal Grandeur Gems: Esoteric Alteration Bane of the Stricken Taeguk Gear: Wrath of the Wastes (6) Immortal King's Call (4) Reaper's Wraps (Bracers) Convention of Elements (Ring) Unity (Ring) Templar Gear: Enchanting Favor Eun-Jang-Do The Ess of Johan Unity Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band Wall of Man Notes: Given more time I would prefer Scoundrel (Hysteria) as Follower. Hellfire Amulet allows an extra Passive (Ruthless). There is around 8 minutes remaining after completing Greater Rift 50 (Solo). Ancient's Fury from Call of the Ancients is the main Fury Generator. Whirlwind, Rend and Battle Rage helps the cooldown for Wrath of the Berserker. Tanking Options: Esoteric Alteration allows a steady 50% Health when dealing with non-physical damage taken. Relentless allows a further damage reduction when all other damage reductions fail. Whirlwind Specifics: Wrath of the Wastes gives an extra 50% damage Reduction. Taeguk gives some added Armor. Mantle of Channeling help with both Damage and Tanking. Other Notes: Legacy of Nightmares (Couple Ring Set) is fun to use when leveling up a new Character filled with Ancients Gear.Sherwin7 Jun 18
Jun 17 Speed kills. RIP 2 minute rift conq.  http://i.imgur.com/mMzOViT.jpg Finally a big open map with a lot of mob density right at the start! Ohshi- That's a LOT of champ packs and arcane and wallers and molten and dashdashdashdash but Dash doesn't have that many charges and aaaaAAAAA GGGHHHH On that note, all-out speed conquests can piss off. The movement speed alone takes too many sacrifices and leaves no room for adequate defenses.Muley2 Jun 17
Jun 17 Server lag kills my HC monk! I was excited to undertake a newly awaited challenge when I learned of this new season opening. I never before had truly tested my skills and abilities in the realms of Diablo. So, I eagerly set out to embark on my noble mission as the holy monk. I knew within my heart that only the most daring of adventures could satisfy my hunger so I chose to give my hero his one and only life...my friend, hardcore awaits us... As I journeyed my way through the acts, we encountered many vicious foes but never were we defeated. Indeed our strength was increasing... Many hours played and friends made I found my hero had truly grown strong enough to face even the mightiest of foes! I had also increased of myself..no longer did the stain of the noob linger upon me...I had grown agile and wise from the many battles behind me...Unique, as well. For the fate of the drops and the interests and reasons within my own self had created a very strong and enjoyable nephalem hero to battle the Lords of Hell! So I continued on to defeat ever greater foes ahead! Fate had been kind to us thus far until one day upon my wanderings suddenly all time had stood still and there was nothing I was able to do...Panic did begin to swell within me as the realization of the situation did take hold within me...Streaming music continued playing in the background so I thought surely this was no error on my part. Then, indeed my fears had become true...The server realms had ripped the connection between my hero and myself away thus dooming him to the fate of the fallen...He even did fall to the weak foes of the white name during a casual bounty run. Farming foes in attempts to grown stronger and continue in search to find the many treasures and drops that would give him the power to go unto the mightiest of Greater Rifts! I am a loyal blizzard fan and have always loved their games. We all know that much time is likely to be invested in one or more of the many great games blizzard produces due to the quality and tease like incentive that inspires farming and much repetition to truly master your game. I believe they have many aspects and elements within game production that is truly on point by using proper math and balancing variables to tighten and tweak the tuning of the games to make them EVEN MORE enjoyable! Having said all that...It is disappointing when the more off the wall things happen to cause the gameplay value to decrease and to destroy incentive. I invested much time and effort into that monk and I am aware of the risks of hardcore. I am also okay with dying in hardcore if it is an error of mine or even other players but when it is something like a brief flicker of a disconnection from the server...I'm afraid that is all it takes to lose everything invested, as well as incentive to continue on...I enjoy blizzard games and have to balance gameplay along with other elements of my life. So, the casual gamer in me feels a bit robbed of the potential experience I could have had and I'm afraid I may not have the same opportunity to invest as much just to restore my hero to the level and strength that he was when he died. Thus potentially preventing me from achieving seasonal as well as personal goals. I would love to continue playing but am afraid perhaps that has come to an end due to no support from customer service regarding this. They will only state their policy and I am hoping to make an exception through these efforts and perhaps a solution or greater focus in assisting others with similar issues and concerns will come about through this. Thank you for your time. I hope you will consider this beyond policy or strict guidelines or instructions. Feel free to give feedback fellow players!C0LE7 Jun 17
Jun 17 Terrible lag client side: WARDEN SCAN INITIATELasagna1 Jun 17
Jun 17 Slain by a Spirit Ring I was lazy farming bounties in Torment X, got a quest to release demons from crystal prison in Pandemonium Fortress. Suddenly my Spirit Vessel procced. I had no monsters around. While i was figuring WTF is going on, i got another one shot, this time permanently... Last message in log says: Timosfen was slain by a Spirit Ring! Does anyone have information what was that?Timosfen13 Jun 17
Jun 16 Hardcore multiboxer with 4x WD p80 Just achieved a milestone with all 4 witchdocters reaching paragon 70! I was wondering if there were any other people out there that multibox hardcore. Can't wait for the new patch since I'll have the increased benefits of party play with all 4 chars. UPDATE: Just hit paragon 80!Lexyu27 Jun 16
Jun 16 LFG T8/9 GR 40-46 Americasvram19740 Jun 16
Jun 16 Leoric's Crown did not drop - HC playthru I started a hardcore playthru, and waited until around level 16 to kill the Skeleton King thinking that Leorics (or Broken) Crown would drop, as I thought they were guaranteed drops on the first kill. I have had it drop on non-HC games, but it did not drop during this game. I reset the quest and went and tried again, still no drop. Do the "guaranteed" drops not happen in HC? Thanks!Stevarian6 Jun 16
Jun 15 So you think you're a leader? Current Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/76406396 Details... Tier 62 (Rank 777 Solo Barbarian) Paragon 593 (Hardcore - Season 6) Critical Hit Chance 49% (Base) Critical Hit Damage 370% Cooldown Reduction 29% Maximum Life 600k Life per Second 22k Life per Hit 7k Life per Fury Spent 919 Maximum Fury 180 Gear... The Legacy of Raekor (6) Immortal King's Call (4) Hellfire Amulet (Ruthless) Unity Band of Might Skular's Salvation Templar (Follower Cannot Die) Gems... Esoteric Alteration Bane of the Trapped Bane of the Stricken Critical Hit Damage in Weapon Strength in Chest & Pants Cooldown Reduction in Helmet Skills... Ancient Spear (Boulder Toss) Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity) Call of the Ancients (Together as One) Furious Charge War Cry (Veteran's Warning) Battle Rage (Bloodshed) Passives (Nerves of Steel, Berserker Rage, Relentless, Rampage) Kanai's Cube (The Three Hundredth Spear, Ancient Parthan Defenders, Ring of Royal Grandeur) Notes: Started making my way on the Leaderboard as I need to level up gems to continue Seasonal Journey. Fury Spender on Boulder Toss allows quick recovery of Wrath of the Berserker. Running around may cause problems for this build as Furious Charge requires a crowd for spamming. Chance of life dropping to Relentless when fighting Rift Guardians. Other Notes: I need a Conquest to complete Destroyer (Seasonal Journal Achievement). Most likely will complete Level 75 Solo Greater Rift or level up gems to 65.Sherwin13 Jun 15
Jun 14 Archive vs Delete your dead hero What are your personal criteria for archiving your fallen hero vs just deleting? Mine: At least 1000 elite kills Played at least 100 para levels or equivalent (Play Seasons only in HC) Yours?CyberDoc17 Jun 14
Jun 14 Monk danger - NDE didn't proc Was killed instantly tonight without Near Death Experience proc'ing. Molten pack, went to instant death instead of the passive engaging. There is NO question if I had it equipped, its absolutely mandatory for me. No logo was present indicating that it was on cooldown. This is the SECOND time this has happened in a week... instant death without NDE engaging. Both times were from a one-shot kill group molten explosion. And here I was excited to pass an gr84 on the SWK build tonight.. NDE worked fine then! and my LoN t10 monk dies! Cruel but funny at the same time...Arcc19 Jun 14
Jun 14 Please explain magic find Paragon 940 and I have found zero wings. Some one explain magic find for me. Oh, don't bother. I wouldn't wear wings if I had a pair. Still, would be very nice to find a pair. No, no, I don't want them. I hate them. But, butDakotaBoy4 Jun 14
Jun 14 HC "community" What's your opinion?Murdock16 Jun 14
Jun 13 Hey season pals, Powerlevel maybe? I legitimately worked my way up to 59 solo on the road to 70 for season achievement and the game disconnected. Came back to a nice big fat dead barb. Anyone free to let me sit in the front door of their rift to get back on track? With the server reliability floating in and out I just want to get to 70 and go back to being not hardcore :) Cheers, Ziggy#1884Ziggy0 Jun 13
Jun 11 So you think you're a Destroyer? Current Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sherwin-6277/hero/76406396 Seasonal Journey (Barbarian): Destroyer (Solo) Paragon: 682 Tier: 64 Rank: 693 Gear... Wrath of the Wastes (4) Immortal King's Call (6) Unity (Ring) Convention of Elements (Ring) Hellfire Amulet (Ruthless) Gems (Bane of the Stricken, Taeguk, Pain Enhancer) Helm +23% Life Chest +78 Resistance to All Elements x3 Pants +78 Resistance to All Elements x2 Weapon +130% Critical Hit Damage Increased Bottomless Potioin of the Diamond (99) Follower (Enchanting Favor, Eun-Jang-Do, The Ess of Johan, Unity, Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band, Freeze of Deflection) Skills... Wrath of the Berserker (Striding Giant) Whirlwind (Blood Funnel) Call of the Ancients (Together as One) Rend (Bloodbath) Threatening Shout (Falter) Battle Rage (Bloodshed) Passives (Nerves of Steel, Brawler, Boon of Bul-Kathos, Rampage) Kanai's Powers (The Furnace, Fury of the Ancients, Ring of Royal Grandeur) Templar (Heal, Loyalty, Charge, Inspire) Details... Strength: 9088 Vitality: 4838 Barbarian Damage: 1,172,214 Barbarian Toughness: 20,934,462 Barbarian Recovery: 2,536,658 Templar Damage: 670k Offense... Bonus Damage to Elites: 65% Critical Hit Chance: 52% Critical Hit Damage: 420% Call of the Ancients Damage Increase: 60% Defense... Armor: 17,428 Resistance: 1118 Elite Damage Reduction: 11% Life... Maximum Life: 716k Life per Second: 24k Life per Hit: 42k Life per Fury Spent: 919 Adventure... Movement Speed: 25% Notes: Key to this build is keeping Wrath of the Berserker active most of the time. Most of the damage is through Rend. Easiest Conquest was upgrading Gems to Level 65 (Greater Rift 64 has 60% chance to upgrade). Details were up to date this morning (played some more today). For survival... Nerves of Steel prevents Fatal Damage every 60 seconds. Call of the Ancients (Together as One) reduces damage by 50%. Wrath of the Wastes (4) reduces damage by 50% during Whirlwind. Unity reduces damage by 50% (All damage taken is split between wearers of this item). Whirlwind (Blood Funnel) restores 1% of Maximum Life on Critical Hits. Other Notes: I have 5/6 Objectives completed for Conqueror (Making a Demon Hunter to try Stars Align Conquest). If you see "Cursed Peat" quest in Act 5 please PM so we can do it!Sherwin4 Jun 11
Jun 10 Battle.net kicked lag spike so i was doing a gr 50 to speed level gems and not too long ago i guess there was a mass lag spike for a bunch of players because a lot of players reported and guess what, dead.... ugh things like this make me wonder WHAT HAPPENED?fearful1 Jun 10
Jun 10 Speed demon I received the TX in under 2 minutes achievement, but was not credited with the speed demon conquest. What am I missing? Does it have to be solo?CowpatyBingo6 Jun 10
Jun 10 Game desynched and now my character is dead was vs The Butcher then he stopped moving and just stood there. My character was able to move around but unable to do any other action. Then after a couple minutes the screen changed and my character was dead.ProfessorOak6 Jun 10
Jun 10 Will the shield pylon... ...absorb Perdition's backstab? On the face of it it would seem like it should, since it's supposed to block all damage, but I've also read in a few places that the backstab is supposed to be an instant kill. Just something I was curious about, it seems like a bit of an unstoppable force/immovable object situation. I'm not about about to test this out myself, since even though I'm fairly confident that the pylon should win out, I'm not about to risk a character (I play exclusively hardcore) just to carry out this experiment.Zulfiqar2 Jun 10
Jun 9 classic Playing Crusader, VeePow style: 1. Spend the whole season getting LoN gear 2. Level gems solo 3. Forget to use Indestructible 4. Attack big group of Fallen Maniacs 5. Yeah http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/VeePow-1555/hero/76458224VeePow27 Jun 9
Jun 9 Help to get lvl 70 HC It is just to let him on lvl 70.MeikerBR0 Jun 9
Jun 8 RIP Sweet Destiny At 300+ hours and 37k elite kills my favorite Wizard died a lag death today. It was a weird one, though. It seems to have lost connection while channeling Disintegration. So it looked pretty funny as I was was tearing back to the places I had already cleared with a giant arcane !@#$%. It took at least 3 or 4 minutes to notify me and complete the DC. Then I couldn't log in or access the forum for a while. Most unusual and frustrating since I had no idea if I made it out alive or not. Alas...I didn't.Kukiri5 Jun 8