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Oct 2 LFM for Everyday Life with Monsters RP site! Hey all! If anyone here is a fan of Monster Musume, and is interested in the possibility of roleplay, I've recently discovered a site that's been getting started that might be just for you! Head on down to, create an account, and introduce yourself! Create your very own monster character based on the manga/anime, or create a host character to play caretaker for other like-minded roleplayers. Come on down and start a new life for yourselves on the island of Hykonos today! :DClockwerk0 Oct 2
Sep 30 Re-release of D 1&2 What if they re-release a hd remade 1&2 as Dlc for D3 ? so you can play the story , Id buy it .Delusion4 Sep 30
Sep 29 Game controller on PC Is there any way to play with a game controller instead of a mouse on my PC?Duckem0 Sep 29
Sep 29 Diablo 4 - What do we expect? - #2 [Old conversation reached the maximum of 500 replies] My main issues with Diablo 3, and what I think must be done in Diablo 4 to make it awesome. Important Fact in D3: Rifts, Grifts and Bounties were implemented in D3 because the fans disliked the static world of Diablo 3, and the developers wanted to preserve the hard work put into the static world of Diablo 3 AKA "Story-Mode". Rifts, Grifts and Bounties should not come back in D4... Rifts and Grifts are entirely detached from the game-world. Grifts are timed, and timers have no place in a game like Diablo. Further, Grifts only promote support classes to boost damage-classes to achieve leaderboards. Bounties should be implemented into the actual game world. Bounty-Like objectives would be linked to killing Bosses and this is explained down below in the Boss-Section. What should NOT be repeated in Diablo 4? Quick list before we get into more substance: No Boss-Fight cut-scenes (of any kind) that interrupt game flow in ANY fashion No Boss-talk like Azz-modan aka "the most (retarded) great general of all time" No Butterflies No Ponies or TeddyBears (aka PR-stunts that went horribly wrong) No colorful Hidden Maps that trigger Epilepsy (aka PonyLevel) again PR-stunt going wrong No exaggerated explosions and effects when all we do is hit monsters with swords, axes etc. (Caster classes obviously can have more effects that are linked to the element (Fire, Cold, Lightning, Poison) No 4-Player restrictions in a 8+ player game. (do not allow consoles to gimp the PC version EVER AGAIN) No Billion or Trillion Damage numbers anymore No free sets or items in a loot driven ARPG No wow-leveling model (aka everyone is 70), instead we want a capped max level like in the previous games, and getting max level is reserved for people putting in the effort and time. At the same time, reaching max level should not enable you to play endgame, it should make it simply more efficient. This means that casuals and noob-sauce can play endgame but are also encouraged to become normal players, or go back to candy-crush on their phones. No death-timers where the player must wait more than 1 second to revive. Any death timer where the player must stare at the screen, forcing the player to alt-tab out of the game to go surf the web for 30 second is absolutely ridiculous. Who had the idea to implement something like this into an ARPG? Seriously? No purely Static Maps and Areas EVER AGAIN in an ARPG No "Random Tiles in Static Maps" EVER AGAIN - Nice try though... NOT... No alienation of all Diablo 1 and 2 fans EVER AGAIN. No detached game aspects that are entirely separate from the Diablo-World (aka Rifts,Grifts, Bounties). No "Smart-Loot" (as it only made the loot hunt even more boring and unexciting) No Main-Stat anymore per character, and all stat-types should give benefits to all classes the same. No scaling off of Main-Hand-Weapon only: Allow all item slots to contribute to killing power. Having all the power scale ONLY based on the main hand weapon is really boring. When we take off the main hand weapon, we deal basically no damage. But what about the skills choices we made and what about the character development we went through? does that not count at all? No 10+ difficulties breaking the community into 10+ "realms". Give us a normal classic difficulty aka Normal->Nightmare->Hell, and the majority of players in end-game should be in Hell difficulty, but allow Nightmare difficulty to yield some items that are also end-game items. In seasons, we should have to play through all difficulties because the character leveling should be more like D2 and less like D3 (aka WOW), where everyone reaches a flat 70. Alright, now lets get to it, for those that want to read some more :) The World: The Diablo 4 world should be dark, frightening, gory and give the same feel D1 and D2 gave. Now... when i say "dark" I do not mean literally dark so we can't see anything. By "dark" I mean medieval dirty world, that has been splattered by gore of countless battles. Creepy light-effects such as torches on walls illuminating the objects, monsters and the player. Why? Because the gates of HELL opened up and the world is breaking apart. During our travels through the world, we should see the remains of heroes and monsters that were slaughtered by others. We should encounter horrible and gory areas where heroes and normal diablo world inhabitants were killed or converted to become evil. The world could even bring back memorable areas and structures from D1, and D2, even if they are not part of the quests. But how cool would it be if we find the Tower from D2 and the end dungeon on the last floor has again a mini-boss that drops runes again among all the other loot. How about revisiting Travincal, The Arreat Summit, The chaos Sanctuary? (Those areas could be side-areas to give the player a feel of "I have been here before, what a creepy experience that was, and now I am here fighting all over again"). Diablo should feel like a Diablo game, and I remember when I started up D2 for the first time, and I immediately felt "at home" as it felt very "Diablo", even though it was different from D1 in some ways. Itemization: Items must be "down to earth" and we do not want damage numbers in the billions or trillions. Keep it normal and simple, and allow for PVP to be possible without one-shotting players. The damage and defenses should NOT come entirely from the weapon damage. Instead the source of damage should be 50% from the "player-build" and 50% from gear and other things like charms. Defense should be 30% coming from "player-build" and 70% from items. It should be possible for players to play the game comfortably in the hardest difficulty with average gear. But if players want to be efficient with Bosses, Mini-Bosses and to reach the deepest dungeons, they must find the best gear in the game. (This is how D2 was) Act Bosses and Mini-Bosses should drop loot like in previous Diablo games. Bosses could be set up that the player must kill 3-4 unique or champion bosses on the way to the Boss (Think of this like bounty objectives). Those unique monsters and champions could drop "Key Fragments" and once you have 4 Fragments of a key, you can open the gate to the boss in that act in order to kill the boss for loot. Also a cool thing would be that some Bosses could require the player to spin a "wheel of fortune" and depending on the "roll" the player must fight certain mini-bosses before being allowed into the quarters of the End-Boss. The "rolled" mini bosses could also have hordes of monsters fighting on their side, and the Mini-Bosses could have "Mini-Mini-Bosses" that give Auras to the hordes and the Mini-Bosses, so the player must eliminate key-targets first to make the hordes being able to be one-shot. So the player must asses the situation and fight strategically and very targeted in order to be successful in the fight. (Much better than just MOWING down monsters, before the graphics card can even display the monster) Quests should often include things like the requirement to open seals and fight mini-bosses before fighting actual Bosses (aka Diablo fight in D2). Quests should have random aspects to the quest, that varies every time the player loads a game. For example, one time the quest is to get an important scroll or artifact to some NPC in town, but in order to open a gate to the dungeon where the scroll lies, the player must eliminate SuperUnique Mini-Bosses A, B and C. But in the next game, the mini-bosses that must be hunted are A, D, and E. Also there should be quests that are not mandatory for the regular quest-path. D2 had many quests that were not mandatory, but completing them gave perks such as permanent resistances, permanent extra-skill-points, permanent extra-stats for allocation. This was awesome! Now make plenty of those extra quests and make them more difficult than the regular mandatory quests. I remember getting powerful enough through leveling in D2, and once i was ready, I would go back to do some of the special quests to get my extra stats, extra skill-points, and extra resistances. All Maps in the game world should be randomized every time a new game is launched. Acts, Areas, Dungeons, Surface Areas, all must be randomized every time. Further we want "deep dungeons" - Those will be deep randomized dungeons (with specific themes according to Act, such as "The Pit" in D2) in various areas and acts of the game, that get harder the deeper you go. Loot drops and xp is increased the deeper one goes. There should be a final dungeon floor that is very hard to "clear" but should be doable easily once players are fully geared in the best gear the game has to offer. Towns must have bonfires in town and the towns should give the feel of safety. Towns must also be better designed and formed than in D3. In D3 towns, there are way too many single-paths rather than open space. Camera-View: The distance to the player model (distance between camera view and the player model) must be increased. It is WAY to close in D3, 99% of the world architecture is not visible because the camera is so close. The camera distance to the player was WAY better in D2 than it is in D3. Please do not repeat the same camera distance in D4. The camera distance during the Belial fight is MUCH better than during the rest of the game. Player-Builds: D4 must have a sense of "this is my build" and we want it to feel unique from other players to the highest possible extend. This is only possible if the developers give us powerful skills to choose from, and then let US find out combinations that are powerful. It is VERY important that developers do NOT design any builds, instead developers give us the bits and pices and lets US create builds. In D2, developers DID not create ANY builds, they just gave us skills to put points into, and people were able to build hybrid builds etc. Builds must be player-creations (NOT DEVELOPER CREATIONS) This can be achieved by any point allocation systems, Skill-Trees or whatever "pick and choose" allocation system you guys will put in. Just dont make it so ridiculously trivialized like the D3 Skill system. We do not want Set's that are linked to single Developer-Designed builds! Allow people to specialize in for example Fire-Mastery by truly letting players customize a FireBuild. Allow all classes to be end-game viable while wearing a shield. But also allow glass cannons to succeed by giving abilities to glass-cannon style builds that allow the player to survive through player-skill. Design D4 in a way, where players that play together, can truly work together to fight the evil hordes. For example, every class should have a skill that blocks monsters or certain attacks from reaching or closing in on a player. So players must work together to shield and protect each other from harms way, while at the same time dishing out damage to down the monsters. UI-Clutter: It is very important in D4 to not have a mini-map present at all times, instead, allow players to either have it or minimize it. Allow players to use the map feature however they want. Further, Ensure that the interface does not interfere with fierce battle. Too often i click random "sub-Menus" or other crap simply because my mouse hoovered over the portrait of a fellow-player in the middle of a battle. Allow players to either ENABLE or DISABLE "notification popups" such as "WOOW! you just picked up 500 gold, congrats on the achievement". Also notifications of "kill streaks" or ANY kind of popup, should be able to be turned OFF in the menus. The majority of players DO NOT ENJOY the popup and achievement SPAM on the screen. All the screen spam is really taking away from the "Diablo" experience. Diablo is not freaking Street-Figher or some POKEMON game. Character progression and leveling: No endless paragon (except if it gives cosmetic rewards only past a certain level cap) Instead we want a set max character level (like D2 had lvl 99) and ensure that by reaching 65-70% of max character level, it allows players to play the endgame (highest difficulty) to the fullest extend. Playing in the mid-level difficulty should allow for some end-game items to be able to drop already, and the system should be designed that playing mid-level difficulty should not feel like "i am a noob, and everyone else is in hell difficulty". In D2 for example, many endgame items were obtainable in Nightmare before reaching Hell difficulty. This is a very important thing. Leveling higher than 75% of max character level adds further power & defense, but is basically just "icing on the cake", and it only allows to be more efficient in killing bosses and all other monsters, and it also allows for being tougher and be able to take more incoming damage without having to worry too much. Players that spend a lot of time playing, should be able to reach high or max character level if they choose to devote the time in doing so. It should be a "status symbol" aka "I invested a lot of time playing" and my reward is that i can play much more efficiently and can down the hardest content on my own with ease. I truly "PWN" the hardest difficulty. Its something that all "casuals" can look up to, and it works like a real motivator to play the game. No "Main-Stat" system anymore, so gear can be used universally by all classes in most cases. This allows for crazy builds to emerge, other than those forced by the developers. Let's keep in mind that Developers did NOT create ANY builds in D2, and all the builds were created by Fans by theorizing potential builds. And that worked well in my opinion, because although some classes were WAY more powerful than others, at some point it did not matter anymore, because if a monster is killed with a 10k hit vs a 4k hit, as the monster dies with one or two hits anyways. I believe its much easier for developers to adjust individual skill damage, rather than balancing 9999 items, because in D3 items dictate the damage WAY too much. Its either have the item, or dont do any damage. (and this sucks) This basically ties into the belief that character damage should be 40-50% coming from character development, skill choices, skill boosting through point allocation, Skill-synergies, and the rest should be coming from gear. Game Music - The Game Music is not bad by any means in Diablo 3, but it feels "too epic" and too "WOW" IMHO. I do not ever feel "creepy" or "hopeless". Diablo 1 and especially Diablo 2, had truly amazing Background-Music for a game like Diablo. It was a "perfect" match. So maybe in Diablo 4, we could have Matt Uelmen compose the music? How awesome would that be... ?!. Let's keep in mind, that every composer has a STYLE, and Matt Uelmen has the "style" needed for a game like Diablo. His style is unique. He is your guy to make it happen! Sep 29
Sep 28 Diablo 2 loot Playing D2 again after so much years whit mage... and got IK helm from Diablo! Never got that good item in d2 and so good rolls and now i just cant use it! :(Nazgul1 Sep 28
Sep 28 Do people still play D2:LoD? I was wondering do people still play Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction. Because i'm thinking of repurchasing this game digitally, and I really enjoy playing D2:LoD multiplayer and I don't want to buy a game if it's dead :/Negenity77 Sep 28
Sep 27 D3x2/D4 = No Necromancer = No Buying! I'm sick of playing these sissy goody two-shoes rated PG kiddie classes, I want a real evil type one!Minka18 Sep 27
Sep 27 is it Diablo 4 or Diablo 3 DLC Ready a lot about the fact Blizzard hiring people to work on a diablo game. is that means diablo 4 confirmed or another DLC for diablo3 ? Are they going to accounted it at blizzcon ?TWOEASY8 Sep 27
Sep 27 D3 Needs D2 Hey is there any mods to this game or could you allow players the ability to mod this game with D2 skill system instead of this garbage system? Also allow D2 PVP instead what ever this games current PVP after thought was? Allow players to make this game good because who ever thought up the changes from D2 to D3 needs to be fired from the staff. I bet he was the same guy that did the skill revamp that killed WOW.Regulator21 Sep 27
Sep 27 WoW patch notes give us a D2 Anniversary edition hint? While looking through the WoW patch notes, I came across the following: here is the link to the patch notes: scroll to icons and you can get some detail about each achievement Which shows 8 Diablo Achievements in WoW.Sooks20081 Sep 27
Sep 25 Diablo 2 patch 1.14d dont save... So i played this new patch. Greated new hero and quited game, later i came back and my char was level 1 again!! Everyone had same problem???Nazgul4 Sep 25
Sep 23 Diablo 2 1.14D in 1080p or Hi-Res? Hey guys, is there a way to play D2 in 1080p or Hi-Res? Thanks in advance! :O)m3ta1he4d16 Sep 23
Sep 23 DIABLO 2: LoD Resolution Hey guys, I am not sure about any of you but I like to kick around on D2: LoD on the occasion, generally because it's fun to murder things and find nice gear. I was just wondering if Blizzard would throw out a resolution alter. I mean, instead of this 800x600 stuff, I am talking 1920x1080. Atleast for 1.14b I get that it is an old game and things like that where it may not be able to be upgraded, but if there was a possibility, I feel like it should be something that would benefit myself and some of the community. Oh, I didn't know where else to post something like this so I just posted hereSinner8 Sep 23
Sep 19 I remember, stuff and things, and what-not. remember when... in D2 .. you could only hold 26000000 gold in your stash and on person. the rest hit the floor.. so we didnt end up with people have five bazillion dollars.. that was a good gold sink. remember being able to sell cracked and white top tier items to vendors for 25000 gold. so after a hour of farming bosses and getting nothing or one or two things you could repair your self for like. 14,000Gold and be fine.. remember not having to pick up and vendor everything to cover repair costs. remember smashing pots and getting a PUL rune now and then. Remember when bosses dropped set items . and legendaries. remember legendaries that were stronger than blue items. remember someone giving you a shako because it was only a 212 DEF one and not the 217 max perfect one.. but you were stoked any ways. remember going to join game.. and you could choose what game with who to join. REember killing andariel the first time . and seeing gems and a set or two and a legendary drop off her. and being like WOW.. it was worth it getting her down. remember when you went back 4-5 times and killed her. untill she dropped a few items that were upgrades to what you were wearing. so you could progress further. remember being able to go to any WP any time and killing any boss you wanted. remember when legendaries were legendary. remember when you actualy found your first grand skill charm for like. feral druids.but it was cool cause you made a game called "druid charm for trap charm.". you went down and did andariel. and the countess. and went to do a chaos run. and someone came into the game. and wanted to trade you for your druid charm. for a trap charm.. and yu were like FREAKING SWEET> an upgrade. REmember when upgrades came from the guys you were killing. not from a pay pal account. remember in D2 in the first act.and the weather changed and it stormed for the first time when you were playing. and it was like. AWE SWEET. lightining and schttuff. remember when the only two champion/elite packs to fear were wraiths and stygian dolls. remember the EPIC doom knight battles in chaos runs opening the portals. remember how screwed you were the first time you had to face "the high council" remember corse explosion and amp damage face owning. ahhh. Remember that first sorc you rolled. and go into act 2 and got FROZEN ORB for the first time.. and how it owned everything. remember killing someone and opening a trade window and showing them their ear. remember standing 10 feet away and dropping there ear over and over.. hahahah remember plastering fields and fields of cows. moo. remember when you had 3 skill trees and they were all viable. and you could put points where you wanted. remember the melee fire sorc. this is now diablo 3 remember act 1.. ohh ya i do. from day one. remember when barrels and clouds dropped like ....stuff. remember Id-ing buckets of rares to find crap. remember finding golbins tha arent hard to get too and like killing them to make Lewts. remember when blizzard found out that you found Lewts and took ur toys away. remember when it was worth it in repair costs to TRY and progress further into act 3-4 inferno. remember when you found a legenday helm as was like HECK YEAH BOI. then you id'ed it . and vendored it. cause it was as legendary as a black mushroom. remember when you killed skelli king in normal and he dropped something that was an upgrade for you at the time. remember when you did the same thing to hiim in NM.. and hell. but now you kill him in inferno and he drops the exact same thing you got from him in hell mode.. remember the same 5 things the templar says over and over in a multi million dollar developed game. insteed of at least having 20+ things to say. he only says the same freaking 5 things over and over.. and how you dont have a damn button to click to make him shut up. remember how weird it seemed that story line forced purple mobs dont give a neph buff.. remember that elite pack you stumbled on 2 feet inside the dungeon that was like. vortex jailer invernuable ,arcane,walling mortors. ohh and the death check point was basicially spawning you in the middle of there fire chains. remember the first time you tried to change your skills to adjust your build to defeat a difficult elite pack. only to loose the 5 stakcs you took 20 minutes to earn. remember when you paid 60$ for this game. rememer when "you" decided was was a "fun" way to play. remember that first week you played. and you always reported spammers and gold sellers in hopes that blizzard would give a crap this game about keeping them out so it doesnt hurt my gameplay experience. remember when IAS did soemething viable. so you purchase some itmes that had it and spent all you money on them . only to get them nerfed into the ground. Sep 19
Sep 17 Controller Support Hey Devs, With steam boxes becoming more widely used in peoples living rooms, keyboards and mice are not really a viable option from a sofa. Since you have already developed a controller scheme for consoles, can you please offer this scheme as an option to PC players. It would be highly appreciated by myself and many others. Yes, I have the game for my ps4, but the eye candy is better on my PC and 65 inch TV. With much respect, Thank You.Judas3 Sep 17
Sep 12 Diablo 2 - Download Client? Hey guys, I bought this game when it first came out and wanted to play it again but my new pc doesn't have a cd player. Is there anyway to download the client? I still have my cd-keys for proof of purchase way back then. Anyone know? Edit: I found the link to add keys. So nevermind this post.jdgamer1 Sep 12
Sep 12 Several former Blizzard designers found new gamecompany Rob Prado, Josh Mosqueira and a few other former designers for Blizzard games have founded a new gaming company called Bonfire Studios. They haven't announced any game yet, but apparently they are hiring people.clueso2 Sep 12
Sep 10 Diablo 2??? has the graphics of the game gotten better with all the patches & do you get everything for the $9.99 Thank you!TheGaige13 Sep 10
Sep 9 Any ideas for new PC games? I'd like to buy a new PC game, but I'm not sure which one would be good. Any suggestions? It'll be a while until D4 comes out, so I'm looking for some other games to play. I already have all the StarCraft games. I'm into both RPG and sci-fi. Thanks.Starblazer2 Sep 9
Sep 8 If Another Diablo Game Is Coming: What Do You Want? What did D3 do wrong? What could another installment do right? If you could get in on the ground floor: - What classes would you like to see? - What sort of endgame should it have? - Should there be trading/AH?Lost22 Sep 8
Sep 7 D3 bashing? I guess I don't get it. I see so many posts bashing D3 because it's not D2. I am well into my senior years, played D1, played the crap outta D2/LOD and now D3ROS ... and I really like it. If D3 is so bad ... play D2. And why spend so much time posting how much you liked D2 better or how much you dislike D3 ... again, just go play D2 and leave us who love D3 alone to have fun. Even at my age (pushing 70) I play every night after work and weekends ... and so does my wife. We just plain like it and we're both still learning new mechanics since the day it came out ... Then ROS was awesome. I've also played many other ARPG's to their end, but I always come back to D3. And the Adventure mode in D3 is very cool ... in D2 all we could do is endless Mephisto or Baal runs for drops. Got kinda boring ... so ya start a new character. Are there changes I'd like ... of course. Build-able skills that you could invest skill points in would be very cool, but it doesn't make me dislike the game. If I'm alone in my opinion here ... so be it. Just saying ... All in all .. I enjoy it and will keep playing unless D4 comes out in my lifetime.beastieboy4 Sep 7
Sep 7 Buying a new sound card need help I'm stuck between the asus xonar DX, D2X and STX II. I have 2.1 set of speakers and a steel series siberia 200 headset. Which one should i get? I hear they are all good sound cards, I mostly use my speakers :) I don't like my onboard realtek alc 887Zwyheinder0 Sep 7
Sep 6 New PC. Will this run D3 / WoW on med - high? I'm thinking of returning to WoW and Diablo 3; however, my old PC died and I got this new one for cheap (needed one for school anyways so at 50% off it was a steal... lol floor models). I have no idea how well it would run a game like WoW. Anyone have any input? 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5-6500 Gigabit LAN NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB DVDRW 8 GB DDR4 Windows 10 Home 64 Bit ( I posted this in GD but I guess it should be here instead? )Zeidra1 Sep 6
Sep 6 Buying Diablo 3 Reaper of souls I bought Diablo 3 on Battle net but want to buy a hard copy of RoS,will it be uploaded to my account or will it not be connected to it?lovro3451 Sep 6
Sep 6 Diablo 1 is coming to mobile devices! "It was December 31th 1996 when the game was released. Now, after 20 years, Blizzard is reselling the game but with a few changes. The game will come out in December 31th 2016 on mobile devices and on PC. Consoles are not included. The changes we are going to see are these: 1. The graphics have been improved and are compatible with high screen resolutions, nothing fancy, take a look at the HD MOD for Diablo and you will see the improvement. This is all the graphical improvement this game needs after all. 2. The game now works on the latest version of, so it comes with a cd key and the process to activate the game is similar to Diablo 3. 3. The game still offers offline single player and online multiplayer. This time, the online saves are saved in Blizzards closed servers, so there are no cheats in multiplayer games, thank Diablo. 4. The game will have cd retail versions and digital versions. The mobile versions will be only digital and the game will not have microtransactions, it will not be pay to win. Gaming consoles are out of discussion, at least until the sales reach 1 million copies." Would you like that to be true? Would you buy this game if it was realeased or not? Why do you think Blizzard is not giving to this game the attention it deserves? Do you still play Diablo 1 and/or mods of this game?TwelveMonks5 Sep 6
Sep 5 I tried to play D2 instead of D3 It was perfect, if I don't cound the bots - spam bots especially, but they can be muted, no problem than.. I made it to lvl 80, took my fgs to buy some gear, put it on, and BANG! some bastard killed me with (previously banned, but it looks like now it is ok) addon-hack. I feel really bad for Diablo, loved Diablo 2, used to love Diablo 3, for some time, but now it's not fun there is no fun, no challenge here. Also on Gamescom the only message was, that they did some patches, and maybe there will be some more.. and that's it.. Please make D2 once more playable - without bots, without addons that ruin the game. Thank you, I still hope. KalebKaleb13 Sep 5
Sep 4 Has Diablo 2 item find been nerfed? I've been playing diablo2 like 15 years and never had this poor item find than now. I'm playing frenzy barb. I gave up farming with high magic find gear(over 200 mf) after hundres of champions killed and only blue items. Bosses gave only low level items(Sigon etc) though I was over lv80 and over 200magic find. Can it be that because I got couple of good items for free earlier from other player, there's some rule that its harder to get items now...that would feel quite stupid. I've allso been killing Countes countless times (playing HELL difficulty) and the highest runes I've had are amn and ort....on hell...come on!!Hauki9 Sep 4
Sep 3 Titan Quest Aniversary Edition For only $6.49 Canadian dollars on GOG! In US should be 5 something This version has higher resolution and a lot of improved things! Instabuy here! Really worth the money if you are an ARPG addict like me! lol Cheers Quick note: I do not work for GOG or developer, publisher, whatever involved with Titan Quest and this release. I just think that Titan Quest is an amazing game / Diablo clone and people can really have a blast for some hours with it. Specially the ones that never played it before! And the price is really attractive imhoPetrus0 Sep 3
Sep 2 WoW is over done and played out for many players. Bring in a new era please give me Diablo WoD so i can enjoy that journey in a awesome way. WoW is just over played and in a world i have ventured and quested and extremely tired of I want a darker world like Diablo mmo, I think that quest and story line would be much more immersive and the bosses would be beyond captivating. I'm not saying never make a Diablo 4 the same as 3 but. make a new team of WoW veterans that take Diablo to the next level.I love the world the half angel half human concept to save the world and the darkness that will never be fully stopped but hell if each game we don't try. If you need a faction players can always be half angel half humans/ like the alliance or the dark demons trying to separate themselves from the undead rule/ like the horde. Ultimately both fighting demons/ human villages so there is pvp and pve just like WoW plenty of demons and angels to make for the game. I could not stomach another WoW game don't get me wrong legions looks great but i know that world, I was in it since vanilla and it's no longer that mysterious to me. However I would love to see the lands of Diablo come to life. You can ultimately make a world worth paying subscription or just making it more 3rd person without the cartoon charcters and new content that can grow and expand like any WoW expansion. I love Diablo I try to get into WoW world but I can't find the appeal in the mundane world, The legion and land is not the epic quality and lore as Diablo they are two completely different worlds, However you use to have a bigger subscription and appeal now it's repetitive and almost like your grabbing for whatever story or encounter you can come up with next. Example have you killed death wing?, yes 2x. Did you slay the lich king?, yes.Did you conquer Illidane? yes. I would have gave that game a break it's been revamped for 10+ yrs. Yet here you have World of Diablo with such lore and complete utter mystery that few would be discouraged to see it come to life. This is all a suggestion and personal opinion so I hope no one goes oh no sir, literally i'm just ranting about something i think would be nice for me. Hints: i'm not speaking for everyone who plays Diablo for what they believe in what Diablo should always be. I'm saying it would be awesome for myself to see Diablos world come to life. So please be easy on the blasphemy posts.WretchedPyro13 Sep 2
Sep 1 Which has the bigger player base - D2 or D3? TitleRalavik48 Sep 1
Sep 1 I'm BOOOOOORED!!! Someone please explain to me what the hell a Pokemon is. And why exactly are two grown men about to start a knife fight in my back yard over it?wahskcirt7 Sep 1
Sep 1 Game Sale - Hey friends, Sale on CD Keys: Check it out :)MiSo0 Sep 1
Aug 30 I know why D3 is on back burner now....sigh Read this article: WoW has lost close to half it's paying customer base. It's certainly not Blizzard's fault as times change and people grow up and make families etc. thus leaving online gaming behind. The cost of creating and making an expansion every two years is enormous. WoW may have been the proverbial cash cow for over a decade but now the money people are nervous. So why would there be any real content creators in the Diablo 3 world now? No wonder it's been so quiet and haven't had a Tavern Talk in ages. I miss perky Nevalistis asking the questions to the devs on the couch. If you love Diablo 3, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this article. Should WoW kill the subscription fee? Would that bring back millions more customers? Does WoW losing $$$$$ every month now cause Diablo 3 to suffer?Amrita54 Aug 30
Aug 28 I searched "Diablo" on Steam out of curiosity When you search for Diablo on Steam, you see games where helpful comments have compared the game to the Diablo series. Path of Exile Grim Dawn Marvel Heroes 2016 Torchlight Titan Quest Wait wait, Marvel Heroes 2016? I'm aware of all of the others, but when did Marvel make an ARPG? I gave it a quick try and it's like an MMO-ARPG (MMO-style cooperative open world events on large maps and ARPG-style combat), but they have like 100 classes (heroes) so there's no way that there's much build diversity, right? Have any of you played this? How does it compare to D3? Am I wasting valuable season playtime trying this thing out?Koviko4 Aug 28
Aug 17 Diablo Go When?McFly26 Aug 17
Aug 15 Your favorite "Diablo clones"? Diablo will always be the first and the last as far as I'm concerned, but in the years after Diablo 2 was released, several Diablo clones were released on both PC and consoles and helped tide me over until the release of Diablo 3, and here are a few of my favorites: 5. Torchlight - 2009 (PC, Mac, Xbox 360) Really good game. Not as much variety in the locales as I would have liked, and the total lack of multiplayer was hard to swallow. But the pet system was amazing and the music superb. 4. Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes - 2003 (Xbox) I hated it at first. No online multiplayer, and I felt that the ancestral weapon being OP endgame was counterintuitive for a loot hunting game. But really, Heroes was more hack & slash than a true loot fest. It had elements of loot hunting, but was more in the spirit of Gauntlet than Diablo. I still included it on this list because it is crazy fun to play with 3 other players (local). Most people never got to experience that. 3. Titan Quest: Immortal Throne - 2007 (PC) Just absolutely amazing build diversity. Although I wasn't a fan of the multiplayer model or the Grecian setting, the build diversity alone is enough to put it among the best of the Diablo clones, at least in my opinion. This is actually the only game in this list that I still play to this day. 2. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 - 2003 (Playstation 2, Xbox) Wow. As much as I loved the first game, this surpased it in every way but story (which doesn't matter at all to me). The gem system was amazing. I spent countless hours tinkering around and combining gems to turn out new equipment. The necromancer was amazing and I had a roommate at the time that played with me every step of the way. Swapping out and comparing equipment and working together - it may have been the best fun I've ever had with a Diablo clone, even if it did end all too soon. 1. Champions of Norrath: Realms of Everquest - 2004 (Playstation 2) Favorite Diablo clone of all time. I must have beaten this game 50 times, imported my Wizard (Kimbol) to Return to Arms and beat it 50 more. I played this game to death, and the Snowblind engine was perfected in this game. The water effects in particular were breathtaking. Innoruuk was an amazing villain, and at one point actually pulled out a poor lad's soul and, him still screaming (as a soul), shot it with a bow into Oblivion! This game literally had everything (including online multiplayer!), and even though I was not and have never been a fan of EQ, this game will always hold a special place in my heart. I wonder how many of you have played these games, in particularly D&D Heroes, BGDA2, and Champions of Norrath? Does anyone have any games that they would like to add?Darkul25 Aug 15
Aug 14 Lol people getting scared on the game Lol dude had these kids shook Aug 14
Aug 9 PLEASE make Diablo or Warcraft GO! I can't stand the characters in Pokemon Go, please make a Diablo/Warcraft GO so i can start collecting mobs like Murlocs, Quilboars, Kodos, Maggots, Succubus, Yeti, etc... Please, I cant stand Pokemon anymore. Anyone agree we should have an AR game for Blizzard games?Imp9 Aug 9
Aug 9 bug? acient pass bug from seasen 4-6 and now plz iwwana geme lol エイシエント パス にはいると 全然 うごかなくなる ゲームだからできないNiziko0 Aug 9
Aug 7 Official controller support for PC Super sad there's none, seems to work just fine for consolesbwolfman4 Aug 7
Aug 5 diablo4 will be so worse than d3 or it'll be a cardgame they have made d3 for like 5-6 years, now d4 is going to be released on newest blizzcon. so they have made d4 in like 2 years top. compare 2years of game development to full 6 years. thus d4 will only have a login screen, and that's it. also only online mode. but maybe it'll be a card game like Magic the Gathering, and such simple card game can be done in just 2 years..Śmierć9 Aug 5
Aug 4 Hey, I loved D2 as well, but... D2 was not a perfect game. It had issues. Many of them. People keep bringing up d2 like it was some kind of magical game that D3 can't hold a torch to. Now, I played Diablo when it came out. That's how old I am. And I remember waiting anxiously for D2's release. And I played the absolutely crap out of it. Hell, I met my first wife on d2 and we had a buncha kids and a pretty awesome life for about 10 years. All because of Diablo 2. So it holds a special place in my heart. But I really don't understand this "you ruined d3, d2 is the better game" mindset that keeps coming up over and over. Just some issues off the top of my head that plagued d2. * Hacks * Duping * Rust storm as a result of the above * Non-permed items due to the above (I traded for a WF once and it disappeared next game, thx blizzard) * Game was unplayable online for months post-release. * Trade swappers and scammers (it did get fixed but you couldn't trade with confidence for a long time until it did). * Gold drop hacks * SOJ drop hacks * Packet sniffer for Gheed (got fixed, but people were God mode for months because of it) * Muling * Item shops * Pay2Win because of the above * Scammers because of the above. Lots of them. * Useless skills * Patch 1.10 to fix the above but just made builds more rigid and non-diverse, as a whole (had to dump points into skills to make them useful). * Magic immune mobs (gg hell sorcs, made worse by 1.10+) * Public item drops * 3rd party pickup hacks because of the above * Tons of useless items, skills, and builds * Items you'll never find (set laquered plate gg) so you HAD to trade for them... and hope they weren't dupes that would disappear next game or you didn't get scammed or otherwise * Hardcore loops to get people killed (Paladin thorns and conversion, gg) * Story-mode only progress... so you had to re-make games or certain acts/quests weren't playable by people who joined. * Town killing in PvP games I'm sure some of these got fixed over the years, but those were issues I dealt with while playing many days ago. Etc. Now, it had some great features as well. * PvP games * Rares that were good (but many were hacks/dupes that somehow got permed) * Trading * Actual item sharing with friends * Game lobbies for goals * 8 player games * Better atmosphere overall Now, I wish D3 had some of these. Giving items to friends would be nice. It's BS I can't give stuff I find to my offline buddies, but they have to be in my games.. which stinks, but.... You have to understand, all of that makes the economy much better as a whole. Otherwise, we'd have item shops up the rear end like D2 still has today. And then the game is Pay2Win. Like d2 unofficially is. All I'm saying is most people suffer from nostalgia blinders. I love d2, and I love d1. And in many ways D1 was superior in its atmosphere to even D2, in my opinion. D2 was a disappointment for me in many ways compared to D1, but it's the evolution of gaming. Just like D3 is a big evolution over d2 in a lot of ways, it sacrifices some of the nostalgia and gritty frontier feelings of D2 (which even suffered quite a bit from D1 if anyone can believe it). D3 is a good game... now. I hated it the first year it was out, and I didn't play it because it was quite honestly... bad... for a good chunk of time. But it's much better now. But like D2 and D1 before it, it isn't perfect, and you can't please everyone. Most of the junk people say D2 did better, it didn't, or it came at a hefty cost. I guess that was my only point. You may now downvote me now :) Have a blessed day all.Reverend23 Aug 4
Aug 3 For people who want to play Diablo 1+hellfire on mac i found a way to play diablo+hellfire on mac osx lion to yosimite. well this is the best solution for me if it works for you great. first go to after thats done extract the file, open wineskin whinery create a new wrapper with the latest engine. go through the process of installing it through wine. after its done right click the app, open package contents then open wineskin, click on advanced then tools, winetricks, then open settings and run ddr to gdi after thats done test run it. now the intro video should play after that the menu will be black so to navigate Step 1 - Keep pressing enter until you hear Diablo's main title screen music (military sounding rolls.) At this point press enter - You have selected Single Player Step 2 - You are now at the character selection screen: A - Press enter again and you have chosen the Warrior class B - Go down with the arrow key once and you have the Rouge class selected C - Do it once more and you have the Sorcerer class selected Step 3 - Name your character and press enter. (does not work since you can't see what your typing so my guy is named alex) Step 4 - Enjoy Diablo! Optional - After you load into Tristram open up the menu (Esc) and save your game - this is explained in NOTE. NOTE: When you want to continue playing next time you start up, just keep pressing enter until your previous save loads up!inkydeath5 Aug 3
Aug 1 Diablo 4: New Hope So Jay Wilson has left Blizzard so we don't have to afraid about the future anymore. I left the game cause of his"work"3 years ago cause of my huge disappointment toward the game but i wish he will find his way to Sanctuary in the end! Just let bygones be bygones Jay. Best wishes to you and see u on battlenet! When D3 first sign appeared on the Internet exactly that moment WE the Diablo fans give enormous amount of feedback about the"look"of the game which was more closer to WoW than Diablo. They did not listen to us, ofc after 7 years developing its hard to accept your work means"NOTHING"to ppl and it would be also hard to change the game! Okey i got this but why did they decide to make a different game at the first place? No one knows, even Jay i guess But they made this move and they forced the fans to eat what blizz cooked...fine Diehard Diablo fans(just like me) took this challenge and tried to eat the uneatable. Well in a long term we all see where did this whole thing led us. Okey Blizz managed to sell 30Million copies of Diablo3 but not cause of D3, cause of its ancestors Diablo 1 and 2. These titans helped D3 to become one of the most"succesfull"game in the"selling histroy"! D3 climbed on D1, D2 and Blizzard North back and harvest their glory. If i say succesfull i am talking about the money not about the game itself cause most of us knows its a fail, i really wanna know how many ppl play from that"30Million". About the thread...well As the community warns Blizz for YEARS they did not listen to us and they made their own choices cause Blizz could not accept their failure. At least later with the Titan project they realized its a mistake so they canceled that project and remade as Overwatch instead of Titan. IT was a good and wise move Blizz! So they could do it with Overwatch but they could not with D3.. The game in my opinion is helpless and with RoS Blizz only managed to"keep on surface the game"and nothing else. Just lets take a look around the forums and watch the threads, the internet, the useres rate about the game and so tells everything. D3 is dying for a long time and its not really worth to put our hope within it in the future! Even the D3 lead dev team members left the game. So blizz started to hiring NEW ppl for Diablo... THIS IS WHAT WE WERE WAITING FOR! NEW PEOPLE, NEW CHANCE to make an actually realistic DIABLO game and not a wowDiablo hybrid Tribute game what D3 was. YOU KNOW YOUR HUGE MISTAKES BLIZZ and i know u can learn from them and also YOU have all the knowledge from your past Blizz you have US who are giving the free ideas to make a great game again which makes you rich cause we will buy it if we got what we want!( AT....LAST!) SO what do we want? DIABLO 4 More Realistic and Dark world and game! More recognizable INGAME music SKillTrees PVP PVP PVP More recognizable INGAME music Necromancer and the old chars Demons and not a purple butterfly who killed Cain More recognizable INGAME music Chaotic atmosphere Ghotic armors and weapons and not Anime armors. More recognizable INGAME music At least 8 or 10 ppl in game and not 4! OFFLINE GAME MODE If i miss something pls add with a comment! Ahh and i almost forget... More recognizable INGAME music!!!! Only a few things were"better"in D3 compared to D2 CombatSystem No gold Picking Awesome cinematics And here is the end of the line D3 has too much issues to fix, and also the game engine itself is really old! BTW I made a few video how to make D3 more enjoyable with D2 music and the results are awesome! If u are interested than Stay awhile and listen! ACT 3 : ACT 2 : ACT 1 : If blizz officially add this option it would make the game"slightly"more enjoyable for many ppl. - Regards, A Die Hard Diablo fanSeronax103 Aug 1
Aug 1 Blizzard Teasing D4 Reveal at Blizzcon 2016 What you guys think about that? Aug 1
Jul 31 The Diablo 2 Vs Diablo 3 Arguments Just my few cents I felt like throwing out. Every day you always have people insulting diablo 3, hating how its different / worse than diablo 2, etc etc. Honestly, diablo 2 has been out a damn long time, if diablo 3 was just an HD D2, people would probably get bored of it pretty quickly, and everyone would bash blizzard complaining about how its not different and unique, and how its just a d2 clone and a clear money grab. Even if diablo 2 was an overall better game, I for one rather have a slightly worse but still fun different game than just a remake of an older one, especially one I've already played for years. Thank you blizzard for making a new game instead of revamping a d2 and can't wait to play RoS :)Kageromero195 Jul 31
Jul 31 If D2 is actually being remaked, how would you like it? So if Diablo II would be remaked or remastered, how would you like the game to look like? And what features would you like to see they add or change? Here are a few things that come into my mind: - new improved interface - better balance to make under-preforming builds and skills more useful - a special inventory which is separated from the ordinary inventory, in which you only can put charms And would you also like to see some, just some things from DIII being implemented in a D2 remake/remaster?clueso17 Jul 31
Jul 30 Diablo 4? i have one request Please create diablo 4 with controller support. i dont care if controllers have a disadvantage, or if the game isnt balance for them. just plz controller support with a navigable UI. thanks.Zeemon6 Jul 30
Jul 30 Nvidia GTX 970 Preliminary Settlement Nvidia agrees to settlement in lawsuit for GTX 970 false advertising (update) Customers to receive $30 payout for each purchase. Cards purchased prior to Aug. 24, 2016 ... Jul 30
Jul 30 Seeing if this graphics card will work good I got a Nvidia Geforce Gtx 760ti will that work great or well with diablo 3 for a graphics card or would i get bad fps while using this graphics card ?Lanui1 Jul 30