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Apr 29, 2013 Anyone giving Torchlight 2 a chance? After seeing some Youtube vids of Torchlight 2, it actually looks pretty fun. I honestly never thought I would give TL2 a chance because it looks too cartoonish but D3 just got so boring. I was a hardcore D2 fan, played hours and hours, loved the game. D3 just doesn't live up to it. I'm not quitting D3, it's still too early but can't go wrong with giving TL2 a chance, only $20, anyone else giving it a try?tiger239 Apr 29, 2013
Apr 29, 2013 Borderlands 2 is the successor to D2LoD, no? After trying Quake way back when, I figured the Diablo series, a non first person shooter was where it's at. Now I'm sure a fps can not only do just as good, but also excel when it comes to loot and exciting gameplay. PoE and TL2 have their pros and cons in comparison to D3, but from my present gaming experience none of them beats B2 game and loot wise with it's ultimate exciting gameplay experience. In my view, the D2LoD experience has been passed onto the Borderlands series and not to D3 or the PoE/TL2 games.RockSalt8 Apr 29, 2013
Apr 29, 2013 Want To Make A Cool Guildsite/Website? If you do then click/copy+paste this link--> They are free to sign up, with options to pay for affordable plans. If you want more info just click on the linkiLL3gALxTr1k0 Apr 29, 2013
Apr 29, 2013 What games are currently installed... What games do you currently have installed on your computer? And what do you play when your not playing Diablo? (excluding games that come with the computer like solitaire, minesweeper...) I have Battlefield Bad Company 2 Baldur's Gate 2 Crysis Crysis 2 Diablo 3 Dragon Age Origins (currently replaying this when not on diablo) Fallout New Vegas FarCry 3 Fear 3 IL2 1946 Microsoft Flight Simulator X Neverwinter Nights Neverwinter Nights 2 NFL Headcoach Oblivion Planetside 2 Railroad Tycoon 3 Stronghold 2 Wizardy 8Cracknskulls23 Apr 29, 2013
Apr 28, 2013 WoW I am unable to find wrath of the lich king expansion and could not find if I got cataclysm would it come with all down the line? if not post where I can get itnightwing1 Apr 28, 2013
Apr 28, 2013 Great idea! Check it out! :) The idea came up to me while i was talking to a friend. Have you had issues with gold spammers? or have they been spamming your friend list?.Here is how i suggest that those gold spammers stop anoying you. I know is easier said than done, but taking the first step of a simple idea can make a huge difference. I have notice that most diablo players as wow players only create a single account during the whole time that they have played the game. This players rarely have to make another account unless they have a friend or family members ,who wants to join. You must be asking yourself. Where is all this going? simple, if blizzard can limit the amount of accounts that can be created per IP Adress to a certain number, gold spammers wont be able to contantly create accounts spamming players that dont want to hear from them after being banned. so even if this spammers go to a different computers in a single room they wont be able to spam from that same ip unless they go to a different location with a different IP adress. What if they do move to a different location? It would make sence, there will still be limited to a certain amount. What if a player who is not a gold spammer decides to make different accounts from the same ip adress ? i would guess that they wount have a problem as longer no suspective activity or banable offence is made. This is what i have for now guys. Good luckDestroyer7 Apr 28, 2013
Apr 26, 2013 isn't this what you've been asking for from your belove First off, I'm no POE fanboy by any means.. I've recently just started playing the game because I've become so bored and tired of D3. D3 was FUN, don't get me wrong.. But this lame explanation for a patch has become too much.. I will continue to look back at what Blizz is doing and when new content/itemization is coming, but more monster density just isn't enough. If you haven't tried POE yet, I strongly suggest you do. If you call yourself a D2 hardcore fan and are too stubborn to try POE, then you are sadly missing out on a great experience. Before all the hate comes, PLEASE just take a moment and read this.. "We also want the metagame to change over time. We aren’t looking to find some perfect balance and then call it done. We are going to be adding skills and items and changing things for a long time to come. We will be giving you more interesting interactions. There will be theorycrafting fuel for years." - My God, is that refreshing or what?!?! Isn't this what you've been asking for from your beloved D3 developers??? Btw Blizz, notice I didn't use any capital letters in my title??? :pKnightmare24 Apr 26, 2013
Apr 25, 2013 Jagged Alliance Kickstarter [url=][img][/img][/url] After 14 years of waiting finally a true turn-base succesor to Jagged Alliance 2! Check the Kickstarter and their website for more info. [img][/img] The Godfather of turn-based action is making its comeback! Experience first hand the events that lead to the founding of A.I.M. Jagged Alliance: Flashback is our vision of returning a once critically acclaimed franchise back to its roots, it's not a reboot, it's a reset! Our main goal is to bring back the tactical turn-based action that the original Jagged Alliance games are known for - the game was a thinking man's game, a thinking man with lots of guns! The games were unique in their blend of tactical turn-based action, controlling and maintaining squads of mercenaries, off and on the battlefield. As a player the decisions you made had a direct impact on how you played the game. Additionally, over-the-top personalities, memorable characters and role-playing elements made the games difficult to put away once you were hooked. [img][/img] [video][/video] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=]Kickstarter Page[/url] [url=]Kickstarter Updates[/url] [img][/img] Q: When will the game be released? A: With our current budget we plan to release the game late 2014, but if we get more funding we would like to implement more features, which could potentially delay the release. Q: What does it mean that you have a Jagged Alliance License? A: Getting a license is purely a legal agreement of "Yes - you are allowed to use Jagged Alliance to make a game". It does NOT include money to make the game. It also means we are in Full Control of the development (pun intended). Q: Will there be a MULTIPLAYER section of the game? A: Jagged Alliance: Flashback is designed to be the best single player story driven experience possible. While we will not rule out a potential multiplayer mode in the far future, it is not on the roadmap or feature lists. Q: Do I have to be online to play? A: No, we don’t roll like that. We want you to be able to enjoy a game of Jagged Alliance: Flashback anywhere at anytime. Q: Will there be mod support? A: Support for modding is important for a Jagged Alliance title. Depending on the final budget we will work on opening up for things like a map editor and dialog editor. Q: What’s your primary target platform? A: Our primary platform will be PC. The game will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Q: Will the game support multiple languages? A: Yes, the game will support English, French, German,Italian, Russian and Spanish, but only for text and menus. [img][/img] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url] [img][/img] Apr 25, 2013
Apr 25, 2013 Constructive look @ PoE and D3 Although the huge skill tree, amazing PvP and complex itemisation in Path of Exile is fresh and admirable, the actual gameplay leaves lots to be desired. The animations, responsiveness and combat pace is just not fluid or polished enough to be compared to Diablo 3. Don't get me wrong I actually love PoE and play it regularly, it just lacks the amazing game engine that keeps me coming back to Diablo, something to be expected from an intimate indie dev as opposed to a AAA+ one. There are a handful of amazing features PoE offers that downright put Diablo 3 to shame, but the aforementioned gameplay elements are more integral to the ARPG experience and therefore make D3 the better game in my eyes. This goes without saying that Grinding Gear Games have done an absolutely phenomenal job at developing PoE over the past 4-5 years. So what would I like to see in Diablo that Path of Exile does better? The biggest feature I'd love to see in Diablo 3 that thrives in PoE is the incredible structured PvP. Here we have events (races), ladders, and a hugely diverse and competitive community, all aspects that would help repair the quickly disintegrating social front found in our beloved Diablo. I would also like to say the itemisation and skill tree found in PoE would be a welcome addition, but integrating a similarly complex system into D3 at this point is unrealistic and would require a complete reset of the game's player base progression and economy. That said, the upcoming itemisation changes in 1.09 look extremely promising. Here's hoping that we are finally excited about drops again (and no more of those silly 'broken' stat rolls; WD skills and Str on a crossbow anyone?). This is what I hope the team works on the most, giving us some much needed diversity in the items and skills we find viable. I'm most interested to see how the low level legendaries perform with endgame stat rolls. On a somewhat unrelated note, wouldn't it be great to see what the expac is going to offer? My personal expac wish list is so big it would require a whole new thread. TL;DR- You're lazy, and probably wouldn't contribute much to the thread anyway. ;)DamienJohn10 Apr 25, 2013
Apr 25, 2013 New Computer Build.. what you think? Haven't built it quite yet, but this is what I was deciding to go with. Please comment if you think I should change something, or add or w/e. Case: $289.99 Motherboard: $379.18 Processor: $1010.84 Power Supply: $239.99 Blu-Ray Burner: $78.05 Graphics Card: $859.98 ($429.99 x2) Liquid Cooler Kit: $139.99 Data Drives: $499.98 ($249.99 x2) Solid State Drives: $739.98 ($369.99 x2) Memory: $739.96 ($184.99 x4) Vibration Dampener: $4.96 Coolant: $19.99 Thermal Paste: $8.99 SATA Cables: $24.95 ($4.99 x5) Wire Ties: $7.01 Sound Card: $249.99 Apr 25, 2013
Apr 24, 2013 Predictions on the Future of Blizzard 1) Blizzard will release a huge scope of a preview for Patch 1.1 at Blizzcon. They're stalling each patch until then to have equal intervals so they can actually preview the patch to get old players and (possibly) new players interested in the game. It will be very exciting and include alot of what players have been demanding for so long. 2) Expansion will be delivered alongside Patch 1.2, maybe sooner. 3) Events will be inside the game that will allow players to use the auction house in some shape or form. For example, buying Tickets at $1 on the rmah to participate. -or- RMAH is removed. 4) Massive class balancing alongside PvP patch or patch afterward. This will include PvE balancing as well. 5) Endless Dungeon is implemented. It serves as end-game instead of another place to farm. 6) Warcraft 4 is announced and Jay Wilson has something to do with it. 7) World of Warcraft will allow specific servers based on each expansion, similar to what runescape did. 8) Titan and World of Warcraft will be linked via 3.0, allowing you to alternate between games within either game. 9) If real end-game is released, Blizzard will release it in accordance with other games (e.g. ladder resets in the middle of content patches for wow), require a fee to do them (see #3), or include it in an expansion. I know I have more, just forgot at the moment. I'll add more as I go. I'll explain why I predicted each of the above as I go.Nein6 Apr 24, 2013
Apr 23, 2013 Need computer geeks/gurus for best deal onRAM What's up everyone? As the post says, I am looking for some of you guys that know a lot about internet deals and can link me to a site to get the best price on some new RAM. I want to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 1545 from 2GB RAM to 8GB RAM. I ran the RAM test from and I need DDR-PC2-5300 or 6400. I'm trying to find a package for 2x4GB bc that's all my computer can handle. The best prices I'm finding for a 2x4GB RAM for my laptop is about $150. Can any of you guys help out if you know a better price or website? I have been using amazon. I appreciate the help.FistyMcgee9 Apr 23, 2013
Apr 23, 2013 Building my own router? Need help! Hello! As the title states I would like to build a router for our home. The primary reason for this is so that we can enable wi-fi in our home and for additional security. Our current router is a piece of garbage from Walmart and uses WPS so we can't turn on the lousy wi-fi it has. We tested the wi-fi the other day and we were able to break into our network within 2 hours using Reaver. Turning off the WPS does not actually turn it off unfortunately even though it states that it does. My friend suggested I build a router for myself and use a software program called PFsense. A so called "PFsense box". This is where you guys come in! I have some old computer parts laying around and I need advice on how to build a PFsense box. I have an AMD Athlon II 640, a biostar A780L3G motherboard, thermal paste, a bunch of stock heatsinks for the CPU, I have some dd3 RAM somewhere and that's about it. I don't have any switches, NICs, or an antenna. Can I build a PFsense box given what I have and the purchase of some more parts? Our router needs are pretty low in my household. We have 4 computers that run around 15 hours a day, 365 days a year and that's it. I'm not sure if this is relevant but all of our computers use the same Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter. I would like the router to be a gigabit router if possible. Our current one is not. The router needs to have a strong and steady wi-fi signal. Our internet speed is (according to Ping: 5ms Download Speed: 47.00 MBps Upload Speed: 11.18 MBps Server <50 miles away We download a lot of video games from Steam but that's about it. I hope I have provided enough information, if any further information is required I would be happy to provide it. Please help me, thanks! Note: I am open to purchasing a router but I was told building one yourself offers a lot more options and security. Plus, I had hoped given I have some parts already it would be cheaper.Marion2 Apr 23, 2013
Apr 23, 2013 Gonna have to play D2:LOD Offline only? Okay so I had D2: LOD on my computer then I had to re-install it have had nothing but problems trying to get it on the PC and then playing online. So I guess what I am gonna have to do is play D3 Online only, unless they decide to change that, and play D2:LOD offline only. Something that I find odd because weren't all the collector ed sent out with D2:LOD?Skunkleaf0 Apr 23, 2013
Apr 23, 2013 Wow..."this" game is so good. Apr 23, 2013
Apr 23, 2013 Marvel Heroes The next chapter in arpgs.Triccio8 Apr 23, 2013
Apr 23, 2013 The Most Under-Rated Diablo 3 Clone I'm certain to this day that DarkSpore is the most under-rated Diablo 3 clone. This game was so damn fun it took me 9 months before I was just too OP to keep playing. The mistake they made in DarkSpore was that they didn't really advertise it. Not too many people knew about it and so it didn't blossom as it could have. I remember thinking "Man, if DarkSpore is this good, imagine what Diablo 3 is going to be." DarkSpore was a completely original action RPG game. It had a lot of ground breaking ideas that worked well.OneShot6 Apr 23, 2013
Apr 23, 2013 Streaming Defiance Apr 23, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 Will You Buy "Titan" when its released? Based on the launch of D3, length of time it takes to upgrade and fix some game breaking issues and the indecisiveness of Bizzard on the issues surrounding D3, would you buy there new Titan MMO on release. I dont hate D3 but I think they left a lot of great opportunities out of the launch and out of the patches to this point. I have no doubt that D3 could and will most likely be a great game, i just feel that by the time it happens 99% of the community will have moved on. I played D2 off and on since release up until 6 months before D3 was released. I probably logged over 10k hours into that game over the years. The crafting, ubers, PvP, great itemization and many spots to farm kept me going and interested for all that time. Think about that last paragraph, especially focusing on that last sentence. All 5 of those things were left out of launch and are basically still missing almost a year later. I see some bandages but nothing that corrects the wrongs. I just feel that after the D3 experiences we have all had that it might be the downfall of Blizzard. Not immediately but I feel that a lot of their player base has no confidence in them anymore and no longer considers them one of the gaming industry leaders. This may not fare well for them with companies like Bethesda releasing Elder Scrolls Online which will directly compete with WoW, and companies like GGG releasing PoE and other companies releasing Grim Dawn making a move on them. There is a door wide open here and other ARPG, and MMO makers wont back down. I fear by the time Blizzard gets their ideas finalized another company might move right on in. With the mistakes, lack of fixes and other games moving in, Will you buy the next big Blizzard release Titan? Note: I did not include hearthstone purely for the fact that is is initially a F2P game and will have microtransactions. It will be free to check it out and possibly be free for u forever if you choose not to buy.xG00S3Rx18 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 15M US-SC to ID this gear from Diablo 2 EXTENDED GUESS TIME TO 5:30PM EST. THE BOUNTY IS NOW 20 MILLION. Identify each item type from the picture above by 4:30PM EST. You don't have to guess the exact stats, just the name or most likely stat type (for the blue charms). YOU MUST NAME THE BOOTS Hints: - This is part of my lightning sorceress collection. Shown is a 200%+ fcr setup. - Two of the items are .08 'perm dupes', (from around 2001-2002) - All of the charms have legit stats, but both blue (grand and small) have the same stats, only varying slightly. There are 28 individual items shown, but since the blue charms are the same, there are 17 items to identify correctly. here's a pre-made list to help: - Head: - Armour: - Shield: - Weapon: - Amulet: - Ring 1: - Ring 2: - Gloves: - Belt: - Boots: Inventory: - Backup Armour: - Backup Shield: - Backup weapon: - Blue grand charm type (most likely stats): - Blue small charm type (most likely stats): - Unique large charm: - Unique small charm: A winner will be chosen at 4:30 PM EST! If I cannot post the winner, I will PM him and post the winner in a separate thread.Onymous40 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse & Gamepad So just bought a new mouse a couple of months ago, and playing CM wiz pretty much broke it really really fast. My previous experiences with mouses included the Mx 510-518 series. I use to game hardcore Counter-Strike 1.6 back in the day and this was the two mices I've always used throughout 5+ years. Did a quick search for a new mouse, and so this pop up. Seems really cool. Anyone have it or have any experience with it? Seems pretty awesome too me. Also, found this killer deal too I hate the stupid design on the mousepad, gonna look like a total dork. But I know the qck pads from SS are great and that's an awesome price too. Can anyone comment on the mouse?dmGinC7 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 Teamspeak 3 If any of you guys wanna play D3 w/ a party, feel free to hop on our TS3 servers : Add me: Disega#6178Disega1 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 22, 2013 Dig - Minecraft Song please take the time to Listen to this Minecraft song / Parody add my Gaming channel for free Diablo Items like / share for 1 million goldBlaqksmith0 Apr 22, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 evaluating David Brevik It's not fair to judge him by Hellgate and whatever else he made after 2001. What I really want to know is what he can do with 7 years of development time, Diablo 3 budget (aka the biggest budget in the world), and rights to the Diablo series where he can use the lore/atmosphere to make his own "Diablo 3".Squamata19 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 changing graphics cards...please help im new to the pc world and want to upgrade my system..... Windows Version: Microsoft Windows 8 (build 9200), 64-bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz Graphics Card: GeForce GT 620 Total RAM: 7.9 GB looking at a amd radeon hd 7750. would like to be able to run 60fps smoothly. please give me a hand... i think my psu is 300w i think(it can easily run the 7750). didnt know if there was another card out there i could get or whatBludstaind8 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Name another game where you've spent $60 and have played it as many hours as you've played D3. I bet the title you name is one of your favorites. Would you say that money spent was worth it? Edit: This is actually a multi-game appreciation/perspective thread. The question should be: Why was the game you put so many hours into worth it? Has your D3 experience been worth the money you spent in your opinion? My experience: I enjoyed the hell out of the game up until leveling two classes up to 60, and a little farming after that. Can't seem to find the motivation to do much now.SirSliceALot245 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Defiance the Game Anyone try this? If so, what's it like?Bird3 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Would you pay for another Online Only game? After my experience with my own crappy internet, Blizzard side disconnects and rubber banding, gold spammers + out of control friend requests, seeing threads from scores of people who logged in to a naked account, getting kicked for being idle after 20-30 mins, maintenance downtimes, high latency etc., I will definitely not buy another online only game. I may in the future play a free 2 play game, but definitely will not pay for another online only game. How about you?Fizzmopper24 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Camelot Unchained Hey Guys. Check out Kickstarter for a game called Camelot Unchained. RVR focused game (realm vs realm). Has massive Potential, and just announced a pvp dungeon!!!. If your interested have a look! and help us back the game :) Thanks! If not keep having fun in the Diablo Universe!Chimosh1 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Are you on GOG and do you like Fallout? If so, then there is one more question to answer... - do you not yet own Fallout 1 but would like to have it in your collection? Be the first to post who is really interested in it, showing it by your answer - and you´ll get it!Tamariel0 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 20, 2013 Gentlemen, wear your tin hats. Blizzard is making games to have higher requirements for the hardware, so they get a lot of money from intel and amd for supporting them, by forcing people to buy new hardware to play blizzard games with =))WowCorner0 Apr 20, 2013
Apr 20, 2013 Diablo 2 i need help I know this is a bit off topic but I would l appreciate the help so I recently bought a diablo battlechest new version last weekend and I chose the paladin I chose the hammerdin build and it is working well but my only problems is mana the build says do not put much points in mana I followed it but I had issues so I put a lot of points into mana and I still have problems with mana I heard you need to get mana regen items but I keep searching but I cannot find anything any help. P.S I am level 19 normal difficulty act 2 what act and difficulty do you supposedly can find mana regen items from NPCs.rtslord13 Apr 20, 2013
Apr 20, 2013 Grim Dawn, anyone? Pre-alpha game footage: For a game in PRE ALPHA, I find this to be very impressive. If it can be fast and fluid like TL2 with the dark, occult tinged aesthetic from D2 and solid itemization, I can't wait.Tracer223109 Apr 20, 2013
Apr 20, 2013 WoW on Sale WoW and it's expansions just for $10! Who will buy?thepatricks2 Apr 20, 2013
Apr 19, 2013 Neverwinter, anyone trying/playing this one? Looks like a really cool game. Anyone play beta and see if it was decent?Raserei2 Apr 19, 2013
Apr 18, 2013 New Cable Modem - DOCSIS 3.0 So - anyone upgrade to the new Comcast SPEEDS and if so, did you upgrade to one of their required DOCSIS 3.0 modems? If you did, what model modem did you pick up?Onafets1 Apr 18, 2013
Apr 18, 2013 Alienware vs ASUS RoG vs Samsung 7 Gamer ??? I'm in the market to buy a new laptop. I'm a writer, and when I'm not writing I'm playing D3. I will be primarily using the laptop as a desktop unless I'm traveling. Any preferences out there on system. Specs? Etc. I would like to stay under $2k so that probably rules out the Alienware. Any advice from any pro techs or gamers out there would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.BloodJumped6 Apr 18, 2013
Apr 17, 2013 Need advice on new hardware please! I have recently decided to purchase a new gaming rig to play such titles as Diablo 3, World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria and SWTOR. I am looking at maybe purchasing an i7 3770 Ivy Bridge OR an i7 3770K Ivy Bridge. With a Overclocked NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB or an Overclocked NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti 2GB. (I wish to stick with GeForce because it seems they have the advantage on blizz games). Should I go with the more expensive option on either of these two or should I go cheaper? I would wish to play on max settings on these games. Any input or other suggestions would be fantastic, thanks for reading. My budget is around £1000 hopefully.JoshHawkins11 Apr 17, 2013
Apr 17, 2013 How to Make Loot Fun -- Parallel Progression Reposting this from my other thread, I think it fits better into this forum. Parallel progression ! Important ! THIS is the most lackluster principle about Diablo 3 at the moment. Currently there are to few carrots to chase. Parallel progression means we improve on multiple aspects simultaneously. The current game SHOULD allow to always make small steps of improvement no matter in what direction we are going. But there aren´t enough tabs to progress in. Currently there are: - Paragon levels: Every time you kill anything you gain XP - Gem upgrades: On every kill you have the possibility to find a gem and move closer to the "gem-limit". Per gem slot you will need 729 gems of the same type. It´s like a second XP bar that increases by 1 every time a needed gem drops. - Items (Screen-DPS): The most important tab of progression, but also the one that has the biggest problem. Items that are found at the moment don´t have "character". People are not searching for new boots, for a new weapon or for a new ring. They look for an overall + in the DPS screen. Sometimes it feels like there is only one item-slot called the "DPS-Screen"-charslot. This was done better in Diablo 2 where people explicitly looked for white items to fill the weapon slot and then put a check on that slot and tried to improve the other ones. - Knowledge: When unexperienced people gain new informations on every run. Identifying which events to skip, what the map layout looks like and how to fight certain monsters, etc. These tabs are already allow for a good feeling of parallel progression, but people want more, so let´s start by adding better crafting and adding imbues! !!Skip this!! Itemization in Diablo 3 is one of the most improvable aspects of the game so i think most feedback should be directed towards this area. This feedback is NOT supposed to be a demand towards our dear CMs but rather a thought-process of the community agreeing/disagreeing with one another to reveal strengths and weaknesses of the suggested ideas to reduce the ... Disparity of perspectives Going by the premise of humans being rational (not logical) it´s possible to say that people standing at the exact same viewpoint of a certain topic are going to make the exact same conclusions. Consensus isn´t met every time when ideas from individuals coming from different perspectives collide and no one is capable or willing to change the personal perspective. This is where the world wide web shines. It allows to bring probably any viewpoint possible to the table and allows to look at the topics from a greater distance from many angles. So provide every thought you guys have, everything that doesn´t suit you everything you disagree with so we can create the improved... Carrot on a stick The carrot on a stick is the most simplified model of motivation through anticipation of a reward. Biggest problem of this analogy is the lack of showing possibilities how to increase the hunger of the "carrot-chaser". Many Diablo players i have talked to feel the carrot they are chasing right now is either to hard to catch or does not satisfy enough when caught. The most simple way to address this issue is to simply add more carrots to the equation. But let´s not leave it at carrots, we want apples, hot dogs and German "Wurst" tingling in front of our eyes. Adding more and more motivators has the benefit that we can allow the chaser to more often catch something he was chasing for, but even more importantly to give him "Wurst" while he was chasing the apple. Convincing us to get things we didn´t even know we are hungry for is such a diabolic process that simply confuses us and as soon as we start chasing every stick and being rewarded with even the smallest forms of rewards most players will stick to chasing it. So let´s add more carrots via ... Parallel progression ! Important ! THIS is the most lackluster principle about Diablo 3 at the moment. Currently there are to few carrots to chase. Parallel progression means we improve on multiple aspects simultaneously. The current game SHOULD allow to always make small steps of improvement no matter in what direction we are going. But there aren´t enough tabs to progress in. Currently there are: - Paragon levels: Every time you kill anything you gain XP - Gem upgrades: On every kill you have the possibility to find a gem and move closer to the "gem-limit". Per gem slot you will need 729 gems of the same type. It´s like a second XP bar that increases by 1 every time a needed gem drops. - Items (Screen-DPS): The most important tab of progression, but also the one that has the biggest problem. Items that are found at the moment don´t have "character". People are not searching for new boots, for a new weapon or for a new ring. They look for an overall + in the DPS screen. Sometimes it feels like there is only one item-slot called the "DPS-Screen"-charslot. This was done better in Diablo 2 where people explicitly looked for white items to fill the weapon slot and then put a check on that slot and tried to improve the other ones. - Knowledge: When unexperienced people gain new informations on every run. Identifying which events to skip, what the map layout looks like and how to fight certain monsters, etc. These tabs are already allow for a good feeling of parallel progression, but people want more, so let´s start by adding better crafting and adding imbues! The "Jay (i'm happy)" or "Nay (i'm sad)" - dilemma: A dilemma is a situation where you can chose between two outcomes, but both outcomes have negative consequences. How does this apply to Diablo 3? In Diablo 3 we have the upgrade (Jay) vs. the nonupgrade (Nay) dilemma on every itemdrop. If the dropped item is not an upgrade it's a nay-item which makes it useless. If the item is an upgrade the chance of every next drop to be an upgrade decreases. This can not be foregone completely but by creating multiple progression tabs you can decrease the effect of every "yeeha, i found something" but let them occur more often. Stop Skipping Crafting in other games: Diablo 2: The most famous one. I´m going to stick to the "Item-crafting". This was the most complex item-system of the game but also had the chance to create the best items for many slots. To craft properly one had to find many types of items and acquire a lot of knowledge. There are ilvls, clvls, alvls, affixes, recipes and itemtypes that needed to be studied and while farming the mats you always had a chance to also find things you were not looking for which made it feel even more rewarding. - Complexity + Could be very rewarding + Progression in many tabs Titan Quest: Probably one of the best crafting systems was titan quests charm/relic hunting. These imbues were bound to monster types and only these could drop the items. There were 3-5 parts each imbue consisted of and there were 20+ types of imbues. Each imbue could only be cast on certain armor types and only if the item is not of unique quality. Here is where the magic happens: The small parts held a small bonus that always increased by the same amount for every new part added but once the charm was completed new affixes from a new affix pool were added! Example: Incarnation of Hektor´s shadow: 60 defense & 3 % chance to dodge projectiles per part. On completion the imbue additionally rolled one of the following stats: 65 defense, 450 life, 26 strength, 16% armorpen, 41% reistance. This might seem redundant but in the game it created great incentives to use rare items instead of uniques and farming for the rare ones could keep people entertained for hours every time they found an upgrade. My absolute favourite system. + Great customization and incentive to farm - The monsters that dropped charms didn´t drop anything else and didn´t allow for parallel progression Torchlight: A very unusual form of crafting but it had its hights. For a small fee you had a chance to either add an affix, not change anything about the item, or remove all existing affixes. + Very simple, very fast + Items are never completed - Risk of item going from hero to zero was to big. - tooo random. Ideas for Diablo 3 Imbues As mentioned above imbues, to me, are the greatest type of progression in ARPGs. The idea is to create a new item-type that has varying loot-tables for each region. These items can imbue certain item-slots and those can not be of unique quality. They consist of several parts (3-7) and each part roles random stats of the same affix and can be imbued on an item even if the imbue is not completed. If combined the affixes add up and if completed they also gain a new affix from a new affix pool. If this new affix is an ability a more detailed description is available in the "imbue-window" Imbues start dropping in Hell difficulty. Imbued items can not be traded. Example: In the cathedral, the crypts and the festering woods each monster has a chance to drop an "imbue of withering". This item is an additional item drop and does not effect other item drops. It is not influenced by magic find and it can not be traded. The "imbue of withering" consists of 6 parts. It can only imbue amulets. The base attribute of each part is "+2-8 intelligence, 1-3 strength". A completed imbue can vary from +12 intelligence and +6 strength to +48 intelligence and +18 strength. When the imbue is completed it gains an additional affix giving the imbue a random passive from any class (only the respective classes can use it). If implemented correctly these imbues can create huge incentives to keep farming and improving. What does correct implementation look like? Important rules are: - Easy to achieve, very very hard to perfect: The first step to make this possible is randomization. Everybody will be able to complete imbues but most of them will be of average quality if rushed. Those that want perfect ones will have to farm for a long time. The second step is to make people lose the imbue, once it has been used. If you managed to craft a perfect one, it is necessary to still have an incentive to craft new ones. So the imbue has to be lost if the amulet is replaced. - Make them farmable, but not as an exclusive type of progression: As mentioned in the example these things have to drop WHILE killing whatever you want to. If you limit them to an area where ONLY imbues drop, people get tunnel visioned and are saddened every time they don´t get the drop they wanted. But making them drop at completely random locations makes it to hard and to unrewarding to strive and hunt for those. So the perfect solution is to bind certain imbues to certain places that allow for efficient farming but not at the cost of normal loot. - The inventory problem: The biggest problem is the space these little imbues take up. I think usually people will want to farm at least for two sorts PER imbue. One perfect slot that wants the best stats and one "trash" slot that people just want to complete so they can get the completion affix. But i wouldn´t call it a problem, if there wasn´t a possible solution to this. By creating a new "imbue-screen" that has all imbues listed you can not only create an easy way of informing people which imbues exist but also give them the possibility to craft one imbue in the window. If people want to work on more than one imbue they will have to give up a slot in their inventory. I´m thinking about creating 20 imbues, so the window would consist of two rows with ten imbues per row. All available imbues will be listed there and be greyed out until the player stores a partial or a completed imbue in the slot. The player can drag this imbue out and use it on an item at any given time. If moving the mouse over an imbue in the "imbues-screen" a tooltip saying "This magical tool can increase it´s wearers intellect and strength if used properly. It was seen to be created as a side product when corpses in the foul crypts and graveyards were reawakened." to show people what the imbue does and give a rough description where it can drop. Example of a few imbues: 1. Example: Imbue of withering: - Parts drop in Cathedral, Festering Woods, Crypts, The Weeping Hollow - Tooltip: "This magical tool can increase its wearers intellect and strength if imbued on an amulet. It was seen to be created as a side product when corpses in the foul crypts and graveyards were reawakened." - Can imbue amulets - 6 Parts - 2-8 Intelligence, 1-3 Strength (Min: 12 Int, 6 Str; Max: 48 Int, 18 Str) - Completion bonus: Gain a random passive for your character (respective class only) 2. Example: Imbue of celerity: - Parts drop in Fields of Misery, Howling Plateau, Desolate Sands - Tooltip: "This magical tool can increase its wearers speed, allowing him to move quicker and dodge attacks if imbued on an amulet. Creatures in huge open areas had to adapt to their environment and move quickly to survive. Magicians claim to be able to harness their essence and bind it to scrolls." - Can imbue amulets - 3 Parts - 1%-2% dodge chance, 0.5%-4% movement speed (Min: 3% dodge, 1.5% ms; Max: 6% dodge, 12% ms) - Completion bonus: Teleport 20-60 yards by clicking "force move" on the ground while having the item not on cooldown, 60-10 seconds cooldown 3. Example: Imbue of resilience: - Parts drop in Hell Rift, Gardens of Hope, The Battlefields, The Barracks - Tooltip: "Grants the wearer improved defense and allows to retaliate attacks." - Can imbue shields - 3 Parts - 0.5%-2% all resistance, 5-50 armor (Min: 1.5% AR, 15 armor; Max: 6% AR, 150 armor) - Completion bonus: + 50 random single resistance, Shield retaliation: After being struck the yielder has a 30%-80% chance to retaliate with 300%-2000% of intelligence as damage. The retaliation is not possible for 2 seconds after each block. (Coupled with this affix i would like to see at least one tier of shields that can role a lower block chance than 10%) 4. Example: Imbue of fortification: - Parts drop in Gardens of Hope, Desolate Sands, Fields of Misery - Tooltip: "Allows its wearer to increase his life and a chance to summon a sacred shield when being hit." - Can imbue shields - 7 Parts - 0.2%-1% increased life (Min: 1.4% HP; Max: 7% HP) - Completion bonus: + 40 random stat, Sacred shield: When dropping below 50% HP a sacred shield appears and reduces all damage taken by 0.01%-0.1% of its wielders dexterity for 4 seconds, 60-15 seconds cooldown. 5. Example: Imbue of strangulation: - Parts drop in Festering Woods, Howling Plateau, Dhalgur Oasis, Stringing Wind - Tooltip: "Reduces cooldown of all abilites and allows to drag monsters to the wielder." - Can imbue shields - 6 Parts - 0.25%-1.5% reduced cooldowns, 2-10 Vitality (Min: 1.5% Cd, 12 Vit; Max: 9% cd, 60 Vit) - Completion bonus: 10%-50% Chance to vortex a monster towards the player if its attack is blocked, + 12-60 Vitality 6. Example: Imbue of domination: - Parts drop in Cathedral, Alcarnus, Tower of the damned - Tooltip: "Increases summoned minions damage and allows to control more minions. Gather the essences of Sanctuarios' greatest summoners and bind them on a scroll." - Can imbue Belts, Amulets - 3 Parts - 1%-4% increased minion damage, 0-2 Pickup radius (Min: 3% MD, 0 PR; Max: 12% MD, 6 PR) - Completion bonus: summoning mastery: Reduces cooldown of minion based spells by 1%-50%, 10%-50% chance to summon twice as many minions. 7. Example: Imbue of venom: - Parts drop in Howling Plateau, Fields of Misery, Fields of Slaughter - Tooltip: "Increasing its wearers Agility and Resistance. Gathered from the most poisonous areas in Sanctuario this allows to apply a deadly venom to the attacks, once completed. - Can imbue Shields, Belts - 5 parts - 3-10 agility, 1-6 poison resistance (Min: 15 agi, 5 pr; Max: 50 agi, 30 pr) - Completion bonus: Venomstrike: Normal, non critical hits apply a poison, dealing 100%-2000% of the players poison resistance as damage over 2 seconds 8. Example: Imbue of oppression: - Parts drop in all dungeons that spawn randomly - Can imbue Belts - 5 Parts - 1-3% Chance to stun on hit, 0,5%-1.5% inceased attackspeed (Min: 3% stun, 1.5% ias) - Completion bonus: Oppression: Increases the duration of crowd control effects by 10%-60%. 9. Example: Imbue of refraction: - Parts drop in all areas that have small runner type monsters. - Can imbue Belts, Amulets - 3 Parts - 1-3 Pickup Radius, 4-14 dexterity (Min: 3 PR, 12 Dex; Max: 9 PR, 42 Dex) - Completion bonus: Deflection: 1%-5% chance to deflect incoming damage (deflect = you take no damage) and deal 2%-6% of its damage to all enemies within your pickupradius. 10. Example: Imbue of dedication: - Parts drop in all areas that have ghost type monsters. - Can imbue Belts, Boots - 5 Parts - 1-15 Dexterity, 1-15 Strength, 1-15 Intelligence (Min: 5 Dex/Str/Int; Max: 75 Dex/Str/Int) - Completion bonus: a) Addiction I: 1%-4% Increased Dex, Str or Int (80% chance) OR b) Addiction II: 3%-6% Increased Dex, Str or Int (20% chance) 11. Example: Imbue of efficiency: - Parts drop from all monsters in areas with beefy monsters - Can imbue shields - 4 Parts - 1%-3% Increased resource gain, 2-11 Strength (Min: 4% IRG, 8 Str; Max: 12 IRG, 44 Str) - Completion bonus: Increases resource cap by 1%-20%. Every time you generate 50% of your resource Limit you heal yourself for 100%-1000% of your Strength Crafting using the jeweler and the blacksmith: Crafting has a few major purposes once the max level has been reached. The first one is to improve the loot experience. On every kill monsters have a chance to not only give better gear to the player but to also give new materials to the player. In D3 this is ensured through salvaging items that have no use to the charakter. The next goal of a good crafting system should be to allow to customize the players gear by giving him a way to influence the loot he gets. The only decision the player has at the moment is whether he wants to use his materials for boots or for a belt. Combined with the huge effort and the lack of unique affixes for crafting it is very discouraging for players to invest time in crafting rather than killing a few other monsters which grants the same reward. Crafting should add new affixes and allow for alternative loot paths. Players should be allowed to dedicate their hunt to materials and see the regular items as an added bonus if they so desire. A little bit of complexity should also add more fun and dedication from players. Changes to crafting materials: Following the idea of parallel progression crafting materials have to pile up while the player is doing whatever he wants. The other goal is to make the piñatas that dare calling themselves our enemies more interesting to pop. We can achieve this by changing the current crafting material system a bit: - Material quality: Depending on the affix quality of the salvaged item we can get 3 types of material quality: normal, superior and magical. Items in the 0%-60% range of the best affixroll salvage into normal quality (90%) or superior quality (10%). Items with the best affix being in the 60%-94% range salvage into normal quality (20%), superior quality (70%) or magical quality (10%). Items with their best affix in the 94%-100% range salvage into superior quality (50%) or magical quality (50%). This allows you to gain superior and magical crafting materials even from white and blue items, making these items really interesting to dedicated crafters. Yellow items still have the advantage of rolling more affixes and therefore having a higher chance on high affix rolls. Usage of normal, superior and magical quality: At first we have to remove these materials from the inventory completely. Right now there are 3 different lvl 60 crafting materials and adding quality levels will overflow the inventory. Since these materials don´t have any use at all, no matter how often you click on them they do not deserve to be in the players inventory. Create a new crafting window with a 3x3 grid. Not only does this look really compelling and tidy, but it also removes the hastle of storing and picking them back up. Dragging those into the trading window should still be possible though. Also, dragging higher quality materials into lower quality brackets inside the materials window allows to downgrade the materials fast. At the crafting window the player can chose which quality level materials he wants to use. The different quality levels influence the efficiency of the player´s crafting by altering the amount of items crafted. Normal materials always generate one item. Superior materials have a 20% chance to create one item, a 70% chance to create two items at once and a 10% chance to create 3 items. Now things get crazy: Magical items have a 50% chance to create 3 items, a 30% chance to create 4 items, a 15% chance to create 5 items, a 4% chance to create 7 items and a 1% chance to create 10(!!!) items at once. These items are rolled individually and the player should make sure he has free inventory space if he doesn´t want to turn into a pinata himself. - New crafting item, that CRAFTS!: More loot is something everybody wants. Another colour that we can cheer about and look forward to on every kill called SCROLL OF THE HORADRIM. A very rare crafting material that can drop everywhere and stacks in the players inventory. Dropchances are higher for unique monsters. This item allows players to increase the third affix of an item by a random amount between 1%-30%. The bonus is shown as a new affix at the bottom of the items description and adds "of the horadrim" to the basic items name. You can use the scroll of Horadrim as often as you want to reroll the increas of the third affix.Dwelve1 Apr 17, 2013
Apr 17, 2013 LucasArts closes down So Disney is closing LucasArts down and farming out the IP's to external companies... ... Titan = Star Wars? ;)Detective4 Apr 17, 2013
Apr 17, 2013 Space MMO " Vendetta Online" This is by far an amazing game created by some dudes that are proud of their product. I played in 2010 and went back last week and remembered how much i loved it-- I had been absorbed by the wow and D3 IP's and this is a nice change. tried Star trek-- blah This is great- ships are cool---small player base as of now but there is NO promotion- but great support. make sure you check it out if you want a nice change of pace. i dont work for them or anything- just wanted to get the word out and share my other addictionmickblade0 Apr 17, 2013
Apr 17, 2013 AMD A10-5800K/AMD Radeon HD 7660 Performance Hey Guys! I am planing to build a budget PC and was considering this APU simply because I have heard that its integrated graphics solution is the best in the market at this moment. I was wondering if anyone who owns it can tell me how well this APU performs in Diablo 3. My Questions 1) Can this APU play Diablo 3 at high settings with a 1600x900 resolution? 2) How well is Hybrid Crossfire with a AMD Radeon HD 6670? 3) How well does the graphics core overclock? What I know 1) This APU is significantly faster when installed with higher MHz Ram (i.e. 1866) 2) Its CPU performance is better then the AMD Phenom II X4 965 and slightly worse then a i3-3220/3235 2) The AMD Radeon HD 7660 destroys Intel's HD 4000 So there you go, I know some facts about this APU but I am really critical about how well does it play Diablo 3. I don't mind paying a bit extra for a HD 6670 if its Hybrid Crossfire Performance can handle Diablo 3 in Ultra in 1600x900. I will eventually get a solid GPU such as the AMD 7870 or perhaps an 8 series when it comes out. Thanks for the help guys! Cheers!Zulama0 Apr 17, 2013
Apr 16, 2013 Remember this? I'm not here to flame on D3 or anything but I jsut want to share a piece of music from D2 :D Remember this song guys? Really nostalgic! Apr 16, 2013
Apr 14, 2013 Controllers you've broken because of games Hudsons adventure islandDrexs22 Apr 14, 2013
Apr 13, 2013 Are you tired of playing POE ? I realize this thread is probably mute since it would be hard to get tired of poe but.. If you are and you advanced a good way in the game I have a deal to make you.. I will trade you all the gear on all my d3 toons for 15 exalt orbs..mssg me ingame "xxdaath" . (poe not d3 i am never here)magickman939 Apr 13, 2013
Apr 13, 2013 D3 killer? Path of Exile looks really good Nice story line good itemization good graphics awesome skill development and that is just scratching the surfaceanimaRaptor18 Apr 13, 2013
Apr 13, 2013 For your consideration... Torchlight II I know this thread will get flamed to death and then deleted. However, having played both games for over 100 hours now, I wanted to share my findings with those unfortunates still playing Diablo 3, or, more likely, trolling the forums and waiting for news Blizzard will fix the game. I only just recently actually picked up Torchlight II, as it came out at the same time as BL2, and BL2 took up a ridiculous amount of time, in addition to burning me out on loot games for a while, especially when it came on the heels of D3 (Here's a hint for those who haven't picked up BL2 yet- it has all the same strengths and glaring weaknesses of D3, just in FPS form). Thus, it was only now, when I actually had 100+ hours in (the same amount of time I invested in D3) that I felt qualified to discuss the games, comparatively. What follows is my review of Torchlight 2, written from the perspective of a D2 and D3 player. Story: 6.5/10 Torchlight II's story is basically Diablo II's story. Exposure to intense amounts of evil and corruption from the first game drives a former protagonist to pursue actions which may ultimately lead to the destruction of the world. That being said, there are some interesting twists, like when you read the notes of the alchemist and have some dialogues which at times make him out to be a sort of anti-hero. The real gems (and why it rates higher than a 5, which is all I would give it based on a well done retread of an existing, albeit very good, story) come in the form of the side quests. I don't generally read text for side quests anymore, too many games have had too many sidequests which are too trivial for me to bother. I tend to speedread what I can while I click the button to proceed. So, when I'm speedreading through my response to the latest fetch quest and see "and you shall be the first in my empire of slaves" it makes me say "wait, what?" and I wonder what I missed when accepting the quest from that guy. Since then, I've been reading the text associated with the side quests in TL2, and it's actually quite good. Comical, often, albeit understated, twisted at times, ironic at others, it's just good writing. Perhaps the best part about the plot? It's easy to skip it. So, on your New Game + run with your 12th character, you're not being fed a bunch of drivel you've heard 20 times already. tl;dr: The story won't win any awards, but it's well done, and won't make you hate the game. The side quests are worth paying attention to. Sound: 9/10 Between the music by Matt Uleman, the visceral and informative sounds of combat (with the amount that goes on at a time, paying attention and learning what the audible cues mean is very helpful), the background touches which are surprisingly impactful (the sounds of falling embers during a scene in which you're battling underneath a house that's burning down, for example) this game is an example of audio done right. Most of the time it will simply set the scene, which it does very well, but when you do pay attention to it, it's awesome to listen to in its own right. If there was a collector's edition to this game, I'd want it to include the soundtrack. Graphics: 7/10 Not as cheesy and cartoony as the first game, it's still a low poly engine for system performance needs, and I can talk all day about how effectively it pulls off its style, but here in this forum, I can't rate it any higher, as D3 is the king of eye candy. What I can say is that its smooth, impossible to lag engine keeps churning along regardless of the absolutely ridiculous amount of particle effects you throw at it. Sure, for the disturbing scenes, it might have to go with ominous tendrils emerging from the red mist, instead of deeply detailed backgrounds of chains descending into infinity. But the environments are varied, well executed, and surprisingly immersive (my favorite area is the already mentioned battle under the burning house, blew my socks off), and the engine handles the massacre of dozens of enemies at a time with a silky smoothness. You routinely have 50+ enemies within sight, and routinely have multiple procs of different effects from one "attack", and depending on the auras and debuffs in play, are probably causing it to render several hundred visual effects at a time, yet I've never seen the game so much as stutter, and that's on a gaming laptop. So, for what it's worth, if you can get past the artistic style, the game really is very pretty, and at times, it manages to be downright spooky, which is saying something about how well constructed it is, considering the style. tl;dr: If graphics are what you're looking for, D3 does it better. However, it's immersive and never lags, and we've all seen worse. Items: 9.5/10 I have a really hard time giving out 10s, what can I say. From sets which provide meaningful bonuses actually being obtainable (was wearing Grundig's bastion for a while with a level 30 guy, the -4.5% physical damage taken for each enemy within 3 yards was Awesome), to Uniques being common enough to have rerolling them (by combining 4 in the transmuter) be viable, to having strong, effective choices in a number of areas leading to diverse and well constructed gear. The affixes are awesome, and impact gameplay beyond bonuses to your primary attribute, the enchanters (several of which enchant in specific ways) allow you to enhance gear you want to keep for a while, the transmuter allows you to trash gear you'll never use and get something (hopefully) more useful out of the deal, the gambler gives you a fun gold dump which can at times be Very useful. My Berserker had not found really a single good belt, so he gambled on a bunch of them, and got an Awesome unique belt out of the deal. Perhaps most importantly, they're generous. Good loot is not only varied, it's abundant. It's hard to go more than a level or two without finding something you're really excited about using, and the great part about the way they handle equipment restrictions (you can qualify with hitting the level requirements OR the stat requirements) means you often have a choice: do I wait until I'm the appropriate level to use this, or try to boost my stats to be able to use it early? It's all quite well balanced, too, so running around with your "OP" gear won't destroy the game. Perhaps most importantly in this topic are the weapons. Unlike some other games, where the choice of weapons is a purely cosmetic one as you'll never actually use it anyway, the weapons in this game are deliciously varied and interesting in their behaviors. Swords, axes and maces are all generic one handed weapons, yet of those, axes tend to have fixed damage figures instead of ranges, and maces come with a 90% interrupt chance. On top of that, they tend to have different stat requirement focuses, so they lend themselves to different builds. All of them are AOE weapons, attacking everyone in an arc in front of you, with their range dependent on the weapon involved. Claws attack crazy fast and ignore 50% of armor, but are single target weapons. Pistols have a short range, wands do elemental damage, shotgonnes and cannons deal a ranged AOE attack, when dual wielding there is a chance you will "execute" attacking with both weapons, with the chance of it based upon your focus, the list goes on and on. The point is that your choice of weapon is mechanically interesting, and directly affects gameplay. tl;dr: There is nothing TL2 does wrong in itemization. Diverse and powerful items with a variety of means of obtaining them combined with mechanically interesting weapons leads to a thoroughly engaging and meaningful item hunt with frequent rewards. Gameplay: 10/10 It's my kind of game, what can I say. It gives you all the information you need to support effective decisions- as an example, the monsters all have a thing next to their health bar telling you their primary element. Being beaten to a pulp by archers with poison next to them? Maybe up your poison armor, and/or increase your projectile reflection, and/or dodge them better. You can look up nearly any information you would want in the arcane statistics. As indicated earlier, battles are intense, with many times 50+ enemies on the field, with a good mix of "trash" monsters (those who are low threat, you just need to kill them) and "tough" monsters (those requiring specific tactics or abilities to defeat effectively). The game also does a good job of early on introducing representative examples of different types of monsters (big guys with slow, highly telegraphed attacks, archers who set the floor on fire, shielded enemies, summoners, etc) so that you can learn those effective tactics, and actually stand a fighting chance later on when they're all mixed together. Related, and perhaps most importantly, the game is fair. It never CCs you and does damage you can't avoid, it never gives you invincible minions or impossible combinations. At times, it's tough, but every time you die, if you're like me, you say "what did I do wrong" or better yet "what can I learn from this". It makes Hardcore possible, and an interesting challenge, albeit still not my scene, I don't have enough time to redo all that work. But every character I make dies for the first time a bit later on, and has a lower death count by the time I'm done with them than the one that came before, and it's not just because they have awesome gear I've bequeathed to them through the shared stash. There are secret rooms and areas and even quests for the explorers out there, the ability to customize the crap out of your gear, stats, skills, etc for the optimizers out there, hardcore, elite, and self imposed restrictions (self found single pass being the most common) for the masochists out there. Intense combat which often causes me to pause and step away for a moment when it's done is balanced by relaxing fishing, and the ability to choose your difficulty level means if you're not into optimizing, or fishing, or using your pet really at all other than as another back pack, you can play on normal and be just fine. The game in no way attempts to be everything to everyone, but if this genre of game is your thing, it gives you enough knobs and levers to make it a game you'll enjoy pretty much 100% of the time. Lastly, there's the mods. Some of them are purely cosmetic, some of them are obviously game breaking and infantile, some of them literally break more than they fix. However, there are some gems out there, and there's more on the way. On the small scale, they allow you to tweak the game to suit your preferences. I run with a higher max zoom out, 25% faster base move speed, and a larger draw distance for monsters. All of this leads to "shrinking" the world, which is great because I'm a completionist who has a hard time leaving nooks or crannies unexplored, while not wanting to invest a ton of time. On the large scale, there's complete replacement mods. Synergies is essentially a different game entirely, giving 16 new classes and completely altering itemization and monster balance. If you're bored of the vanilla game, it might be worth a look. The best part? They're all free, and you're given all the tools you need to make your own. tl;dr: The gameplay is great. It's fast, it's fun, it's fair, and it has elements which appeal to a variety of gamers, while giving them the tools to tweak it further and ensure it's the kind of game they'll enjoy. Replayability: 8/10 The longevity of this game doesn't come from its New Game + modes (they're not really my thing, past hitting 100). Though those exist, and the masochists among you can see how far you can go (sure, NG+ is pretty easy, but what about NG+++++?), and though there are the mapworks, offering you random challenge portals, which again gives the ability to keep playing with a single character nearly indefinitely, for me the longevity of this game comes from its replayability. Hit 100 with your Embermage? Cool. A completely different gameplay experience awaits with a different class, or build. In D3, I rolled a Barb, and then tried a Wizard, only to find much to my chagrin that the game actually still played exactly the same, so I stopped. In TL2, so far I've rolled a frost embermage, a prismatic bolt embermage, a shadowbind berserker, a shotgun outlander, and an AOE magic engineer. Still on my list of classes to play are a fire embermage, a magic outlander, a frost berserker, a cannon engineer, a summoner engineer, and a burning leap based outlander. Once I've tried all of those, if I can't think of anything else which would be significantly different and fun to my playstyle, I'll probably try synergies. The point is, I've got several hundred hours of play time in front of me, all of which will be diverse, enjoyable gameplay, and at no point will I be grinding for gear in order to advance. Again, if that's your thing, there's NG+++++, but that's not my thing. In addition, new classes and options come out all the time via mods, so I literally can't envision a situation in which I'll actually run out of things to do in this game. At some point, I might even try out a Berserker Passiveist, who uses no active skills, just passives and auto attacks. The only thing that would be better is if I could with new characters alter the order of the acts, or randomize the quests, or something, so it's not just a different gameplay experience, but a different game each time. If I had the time and cared enough, I could do that as well via a mod, but I don't. As is, though, not just the variety of builds possible, but the actual difference in how they play, is stunning, and enough to keep me coming back for more. tl;dr: There's tons of stuff to do, and the variety of characters and builds possible make this game very replayable. Overall: 9/10 I highly recommend this game. It's not perfect, but it is like Diablo 2, but better in every way. Better graphics, better itemization, better gameplay, etc. If you liked Diablo 2, I'd highly recommend playing this game, at least through Act III. If you still don't think this is your kind of game, fair enough. But I will say, having waited to play it for 6 months and playing BL2 during that time, I regret that decision, as this game is far superior to that one, and far more fun to play. You don't know what you're missing until you try it, and of all the games released in this genre in the last 12 months, this is the only one which actually lived up to and exceeded my expectations, and it is the only one I'd recommend to a friend looking for a loot based ARPG. At $20, it's a tremendous value, and in my opinion, highly worthy of your consideration. Thanks for your time.Orion22 Apr 13, 2013
Apr 13, 2013 What kinda Gaming mouse do u use for d3? Just got the Steelseries d3 mouse , so far i like how it feels and glides across the mousepad BUT i really dont like the 7 buttons they have on here they seem way to far apart , I find it hard to use the buttons with ur pinky finger I play on cm wiz was and am thinking of returning it for the Razer naga where i can have the 3 buttons i need to spam all right there for my one thumb to press :)Breon2 Apr 13, 2013
Apr 12, 2013 Diablo 3 Incorporation with the PS Vita I just read that this incredibly fun game has been added to the extensive list of entertainment available to the Playstation 3 system. (I'm a little slow these days with school and work D:) In all the hustle bustle a question dawned upon me, why not expand to the hand-held systems as well; primarily the Sony PS Vita. I would definitely never put my Vita down. Another thing, I know this is most likely not the correct place to inquire on this subject, but this new Hearthstone game coming out would be pretty neat to see on this system as well. Just some ridiculous food for thought from Aggramar's finest!Jundrax0 Apr 12, 2013
Apr 12, 2013 patch 0.10.6 is out guys!!!! Version 0.10.6 Added a new Strength/Intelligence skill - Searing Bond: Summons a totem that casts a beam of fire at you and each other totem you control, dealing burning damage to enemies caught in the beam. Enemies near either end of a beam also suffer burning damage. Searing Bond is available as a quest reward from the "Lost in Love" quest in Normal difficulty for the Witch, Templar and Marauder. Shadows and Duelists can get it from the "Enemy at the Gate" quest in Cruel difficulty. Added four new cosmetic Microtransactions: Green Searing Bond, Antlers, Twisted Horns and Demon King Horns. Added four new Unique items, two of which were designed by our Diamond supporters. One of them is a Unique Map. The environment of the Terraces has been changed so that it's more consistent with early Act One. Updated the elemental impact sound effects. The Lightning Thorns skill, as cast by the Blackguard Mages, now does lightning damage to ranged as well as melee attackers. It does less damage than before. The casters have to be closer to use it and have a reduced chance to cast it. Use of the terms "burning" and "ignite" was standardised in the text for stats, skills, buffs and passives. We expect to deploy this patch during the workday tomorrow (Friday, NZ time). * spit *peeShaelUmTir2 Apr 12, 2013