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Feb 17, 2013 Tales from my Exile Stay awhile and listen. I have a few things I would like to share with you all from my time spent away from Diablo III, some of which was spent playing Path of Exile. Those of you who don't care for the game can stop reading here and now, but if you are skeptical, on the fence, or are just curious, I hope you take something useful from this thread. A note before I begin: I love Diablo. I didn't get a chance to play I and II during their heydays, but I have since gone back and played them through. Even without the overwhelming player base, I was still able to experience Diablo the way it was meant to be played. I am writing this for two major reasons, one of which is in all likelihood completely futile, and the other is hopefully slightly less futile. They are, respectively, to encourage Blizzard to humble themselves and adapt some of Path of Exile's mechanics in order to fix what is broken, and to discourage future idiocy on these forums regarding Path of Exile. I don't mean to sound crass, but some players in this community are so ignorant and childish it makes my head spin. With that out of the way, I'll begin. I have seen two major complaints from people in regards to Path of Exile. The "graphics" and the slow and clunky game play. I will address each topic independently. As far as the graphics are concerned, I'll share a quick bit of my personal gaming history with you. My brother (admittedly a much more avid gamer than myself) always chides me for not giving games a chance if the graphics do not impress me. I simply refused to play them. It took me a long time to get over the graphics of Diablo I and II when I went back to play them, after having been spoiled by Diablo III. After having given Path of Exile a chance, I am now prepared to sacrifice some visual quality to get an improved gaming experience, overall. Not only did I find that within 20-30 minutes of game play I was no longer bothered by the graphics, but I also discovered that Path of Exile's graphics offer something that Diablo III cannot, and never will be able to, deliver. The textures in Path of Exile are dark, they are gritty, they actually fit within the schema of the world. Wraeclast (the equivalent of Sanctuary in Path of Exile) is a dark and gritty world, as Sanctuary is. In Diablo III, there is an enormous disconnect between the style, not the quality, but the style of textures and the overarching themes of the game world. You only have to make it to the Fields of Misery in Diablo III to feel this disconnect, and it may even hit some people before then. When you contrast the aptly referred to "cartoony" graphics of Diablo III, with the gritty and dark graphics of Path of Exile, you simply cannot claim that Diablo III wins out in that category. However, in terms of quality, Diablo III is crisper, more refined, and definitely more pleasant to look at. This brings me to the game play. Players who have reached even level 15 or so in Path of Exile can tell you that the game starts ramping up in speed very quickly. It is an admittedly very slow and clunky start. Your character's animations will feel like super slow motion when compared to the Diablo III starting point. This simply has to do with the approach both developers took when designing the feel of a hero in an ARPG. In my opinion, and you are entitled to your own, a character in an ARPG should start out slow and completely underwhelming, eventually growing into a powerful force. While that does happen in Diablo III, the character development arc is just much less drastic. You start off steamrolling and continue to improve your efficiency of steamrolling as you progress. In Path of Exile, you start off fumbling around and occasionally missing your targets and only reach steamrolling efficiency after many hours of play. An investment of time; one that is akin to what we expect from an RPG. That brings me to my next point. Path of Exile brings us back to what an RPG, and more specifically, an ARPG actually is. Diablo certainly has the action aspect nailed. It is fun if you play it solely for that purpose, but other action games do it much better, albeit in different genres. In Path of Exile, we are given back our choices. Real choices that aren't just "which set of abilities do I want to put on my bar?" These choices are far more permanent and bind us to our characters, which is what RPGs are all about. The Passive Tree is everything you could hope for, and those of you who played Final Fantasy X will be pleasantly reminded of the times you had in that game. The amount of choices and customization alone have kept me theory crafting and entertained since I first installed the game. I won't go into details for brevity's sake, but you owe yourself the opportunity of making yourself your own unique build and giving it a try. It is free, after all. You already know the praises that people have sung about the itemization and customization choices in Path of Exile; I won't go into them here. I will admit that the story was lackluster and I felt like I had to engage it rather than it engage me, which is not how I personally like to immerse myself in a game. So if the storyline is crucial for your enjoyment, I actually would encourage you to stay away from Path of Exile, despite the fact that everyone has experienced the Diablo III story already and there isn't too much to be said about it. All said and done, I haven't logged in to Diablo III since Path of Exile's Open Beta launched, and I sadly regret to say that I have no plans on doing so. I was hopeful that the Q&A would have some answers for the community on the core issues of the game, but we all saw what the developers had to say; it was clearly meaningless PR fodder that really answered none of the burning questions this community has been asking since launch. While I love the game that GGG has made, and as much as I want them to succeed, I want even more for Blizzard to fix Diablo III and make it what it was supposed to be. I have been playing Blizzard games since Warcraft II (not sure how I missed Diablo back then, but oh well), and I love this company. I played World of Warcraft on and off for nearly seven years. I bought Diablo III the day it launched and played right up until I played Path of Exile and it opened my eyes. There is so much to take from what this game has brought, and brought back, to the ARPG genre and Blizzard would do well to revisit their design philosophy with some of the GGG concepts in mind. I want to come back to Diablo more than anything, but I can't abide it in its current iteration after having been exposed to Path of Exile. So, again, I am not trying to discourage people from enjoying Diablo III as I have, nor am I trying to pull you away from Diablo III in favor of Path of Exile. I am just hoping that things can change for the better for Diablo III, and I don't see that happening with the current design philosophy. Path of Exile may have followed in Diablo II's footsteps, but it will pave the way for future ARPGs for years to come. I encourage you all to at least see for yourselves before making a judgment based on hype, opinions of myself or others, or youtube videos (which, believe me, do not do an ounce of justice to the game itself). Happy hunting to those of you who are still hunting, AnimusAnimus54 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 if u play rift or dc universe, leave a reply i have an offer if u play these gamesOutrage4200 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 Lets be honest about PoE/D3... Ok so I have been watching Kripp play PoE on his stream.. After watching him play I now know why people like PoE over D3.. alot of people complain about D3 and they complain about alot of different issues.. There is only 1 thing that PoE does better than D3 and because of these 1 thing every PoE fan ignore all of the flaws the game has, meanwhile they bash every flaw D3 has even if D3 does it better than PoE.. That 1 thing that PoE does very well is number crunching... PoE is very good at letting people manipulate stats (aka numbers).. Mostly do to the passive skill tree and the support gems.. now lets go down the list of other things in comparing these 2 games.. Graphics; I think its fairly obvious that D3 has the better graphics.. I am not going to get into it but no sane person will try to say PoE looks better than D3.. Controls: Again D3 feels and controls better than PoE... The animations and fluidness of the combat feels better with D3... Loot: Ok here is a good one,, People complain about the loot in D3 and say upgrade drops never happen at lvl60 and all upgrades are from the AH.. Well after watching krip play PoE he hardly gets upgrade drom drops as well!! It seems like he has to barter on the PoE website in order to get upgrades.. Or he has to use a ton of mats to get lucky trying to change a normal piece if loot into something special.. So yeah both games dont drop a ton of upgrade loot at high lvls.. lol but PoE gets a pass on this because it does number crunching better.. End-Game.. A nother good one.. Everyone complains about D3 lacking challenging end-game content.. So watching Kripp he does random maps that drop as end-game.. The thing is the maps are are lvl 60 to 65 while he is lvl 75.. Watching him do these maps puts me to sleep.. If there is ever a time I cant sleep I will put on Kripps steam to watch him do these maps.. They are not even challenging.. He spams 1 skill the whole time and he hardly ever has to run ot think of a different strategy.. Its a joke and he plays on the hardest difficulty playing HC.. D3 inferno is more challenging than that... lol Yet PoE gets a pass on the lame end-game challenge because of the number crunching.. HC mode.. What a joke this is for PoE.. the devs call it hardcore mode.. Yet when you die you dont lose your character.. You just get a bump down to normal mode.. WTF? How is that hardcore exactly? At least D3 has a real HC mode... I could go on but why.. PoE fanboys will just make crap up to make it seems like PoE is better but really its just a 1 trick pony.. If D3 had PoEs passive skill tree than PoE would be a complete joke...SadisticIV40 Feb 16, 2013
Feb 16, 2013 PlanetSide 2 . . . . . . Harlem Shake? Feb 16, 2013
Feb 15, 2013 Comunnication is everything... Simply put: Take a look to the feedback reception from blizzard. Look the happines and anger in these forums, then ask yoursels: Itemization, classes. AH. GAH, And every other "problem" this game has. the awnser is simple. Blizzard dont hear their comunity. Either a good fedback or bad feedback is just trowed away to acommplish blizzards goals. Now look for example at POE forum, Good and bad feedbacks is taken! The devs respond and even participate IN game to know opinions from their Users! And Poe is a FTP game. Here in this game (d3) and this forums the people is not listened, not listened for the money they have paid for this game. Thats all. Just and opinnion. And sorry for the bad english.Kawazaki833 Feb 15, 2013
Feb 15, 2013 Ram question So my questions is this... if i up my ram from 6gig to say... 8, or more.. will that help me be able to play in windowed mode? i currently have a laptop ( please no "get a desktop crap, i cant right now) it is here --> and i have a 2nd monitor that i am going to use to multibox... i can do it, IF i play on windowed mode, but it will run just a little laggy, just enough to be annoying, but still playable... will increasing the ram help this issue? If i play on full screen, which is what i played through 67 paragon levels with, it will mess up the 2nd monitor.. (takes some of it over, and pushed the other thing on 2nd monitor off the screen???) I do plan to get a desktop with in the year, but for now i want to be able to play d3 on main, and watch, or something in 2nd monitor, or multibox, one toon in each... will ram help this? i can upgrade ram, but not graphics card or video card... thanks for the help, and please no "go buy a desktop" have a good day!GlyKon12 Feb 15, 2013
Feb 15, 2013 Gaming Keyboard/Mouse Recommendations Is the standards either Logitech or Razor? What model do you play with? How does the programming keys work on those things?Bulzie43 Feb 15, 2013
Feb 14, 2013 D3 In XFIRE Top 10 Feb 14, 2013
Feb 14, 2013 2007 runescape servers announced by jagex nostalgia at its finest. basically the poll will be out tomorrow. TL;DR - jagex are holding a poll to bring back a snapshot of runescape august 2007, everyone will start from scratch (level 3). /discuss (dont flame just because you dont like the game)KaspeR0 Feb 14, 2013
Feb 13, 2013 Kripparian died at lvl 85! Path of Exile FTWShaelUmTir4 Feb 13, 2013
Feb 13, 2013 Will This Computer Suffice? Hi guys, I've been using a Mac since 88 and the only time i ever used Windows was in High School and at a summer internship. I've been a Blizzard Gamer since Warcraft 1 because of their seamlessness on the Mac OS. D3's performance on Macs is worse than dismal. I'll be purchasing my first Windows Desktop for gaming. I wanted to know if you guys think this will be enough, because I am completely clueless. I've been reading reviews, combing thru specifications, and doing comparisons for the last couple hours. I think I found the best value in an HP Pavilion from Best Buy, but would really appreciate the input from some more experienced gamers/Windows users. I am aware it doesnt have an insane graphics card, but I'm really on a budget. All I want is to be able to run D3 (as well as some Steam games) with Good FPS and acceptable Graphics.;tab=reviews?id=1218809261335&skuId=6835585#tab=specifications ^This is the Tower. ^This is the Monitor. ~~~ Like I said, I'm really on a budget here, and I'm not looking to use this Computer for anything other than Diablo 3, DoTA2, and other Steam Games down the road. Thanks Guy :Dtcklemepanda4 Feb 13, 2013
Feb 13, 2013 21 days since PoE went open beta Path of Exile - Patch Notes Version 0.10.1b (Current Version) Features/Content: You can no longer target minions on your own team. We've added a /dnd command which toggles "Do not Disturb" mode. When in this mode, you can't receive any whisper or other social interactions. We will be adding a similar mode which still allows you to interact with your friends soon. Reduced the volume of the beating sound on the Valentine's Heart weapon effect. Version 0.10.1 Features/Content: All skill gems and support gems have received new art. The 3d artwork for many shields has been substantially updated and improved. Overhauled most of the sound effects so that they use pitch and volume variations to avoid being repetitive. Added new music for the Act Three boss fight. Improved all of the Duelist's animations. The Unique bow Death's Harp now has a particle effect for its custom art. Updated and shrunk the visual size of Frenzy, Endurance and Power charges. Added magic-only skeletons for the Map necro boss that can raise magic monsters. Pressing the alt (or highlight) key in trade while hovering an item now says "item level" rather than "level" to make it clearer. On-hit effects can now apply even if they deal no damage. Renamed "Angel Kite Shield" to "Angelic Kite Shield". Overhauled the zombie audio. Improved blood effects. Continued to incrementally improve the art, effects, environments and sound. End-game Map Changes: Added 11 new types of Maps: Arsenal, Arcade, Ghetto, Promenade, Temple, Colonnade, Bazaar, Crematorium, Precinct, Shipyard and Shrine. Map progression now extends to area level 77. Maps which had the same level topologies as other maps now have their own new layouts. The Labyrinthine mod now provides a more consistent increase in maps and is comparable to the Massive mod on applicable maps. Some existing maps have had their bosses changed or reworked. Some recipes for upgrading maps produce a different map than they did previously. Balance Changes: Stun Threshold Reduction now has diminishing returns when it exceeds 75%. It's still possible to build very effective stun characters, but they cannot permanently lock down the hardest of bosses. Increased the non-percentage Armour values on item mods to be the same as Evasion. Boss totems now do more damage with Spark. Increased the damage that Perpetus deals with Ethereal Knives. Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where monsters affected by the Energy Shield aura would get too much Energy Shield in multiplayer games. Fixed a bug with where social status messages could wrap around incorrectly. Fixed a bug where players could not right click offline players on the friends list. Fixed a bug where the Stun Threshold Reduction on Mortem Morsu was not limited to just attacks by that weapon. Fixed a server crash related to currency items. Fixed a server crash that would occur involving Bear Traps. If you have a full microtransaction stash and purchase an additional microtransaction, a new microtransaction tab will now be added. This currently only works if you are not logged into the game client at the time. The addition of microtransaction stashes while you are logged in will be fixed in a future patch. Version 0.10.0g Features: The microtransaction store has been updated with a range of cosmetic Scorpion Pets and Valentine's Heart - a weapon effect that impales a bleeding, beating heart on your sword, dagger or wand. This heart is only available for sale until February 15. These can be viewed in the "Newly Added" section of the shop on Players are no longer attackable by monsters when changing areas. Modified the Crossroads/Fellshrine area transition to prevent unfair hardcore deaths. Moderators now have access to some moderator options when they right click a player. Returned Pyromancers to end-game Map areas now that they don't crash anymore. Ice Shot can now be modified by the Increased Duration support gem. When attempting to access Act Three without the right quest state, hint messages that contain useful information are now displayed. Decoy totem now works with AoE support gems. Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where sometimes flasks would not work for a tiny period of time after gaining a flask charge. Fixed a common client and instance crash related to the Righteous Fire skill. Fixed a bug where the text of monster mods was missing its black border. Fixed a bug where certain quest items would not drop if there wasn't enough space. Changed the world area of the Vaults of Atrizi Unique Map to the same level as its base item type. Fixed a bug that could occur when converting a Blackguard caster. The nearby soldiers used to be permanently converted with them. Fixed a bug where Sand Spitters could have the wrong type of blood. Fixed a bug where various hidden monsters could trigger traps. Fixed a bug where Frost Wall could push around immobile objects. The chat window should now lock in place properly when scrolled to a position above the bottom. Various bugs related to this were fixed. Fixed a bug where monsters killed by your minion's minions were not assigned to you if the middle minion was deleted. Fixed a bug where the "Contacting server" message would never go away if the realm is down for maintenance. Version 0.10.0f Small versions of items in your alternate weapon set are now shown alongside your active items. Fixed a common client crash that could occur when fighting trap-laying monsters. Fixed a common client crash that could occur when fighting the Act Three boss. Fixed a server crash related to removing equipped items. Version 0.10.0e Microtransaction Changes: Disallowed overwriting one cosmetic effect with another. If applying a cosmetic effect would destroy a different one, then you must reclaim the existing effect first by using the Reclaim button in the microtransaction stash. Disallowed deleting characters that have cosmetic effects on their items. You must reclaim the effects first. Prevented /destroy from destroying items with cosmetic effects applied. You should now not be able to lose microtransaction effects in any way. Balance Changes: Improved the Blood Magic support gem so that it now reserves slightly less life. This will also prevent players dying outright if using it with an aura that reserves 40% of their mana. Reduced the rate of encountering rare monsters in the Solaris Temple in Normal difficulty. Reduced the life of Small Statue enemies by 10%. Bug Fixes: Hotfixed several more realm problems that would cause players to be disconnected. Fixed some problems where it was possible to miss out on passive skill point quest rewards by disconnecting at the wrong time. Those points will now be available to you. If you lost points due to this, you can get them back from Eramir or Bestel. Fixed a problem where you could get disconnected from new areas with the message "Terrain generator is out of sync". Fixed a crash that could occur if you closed the client while the Bandit quest voting box was open. Fixed a client crash that could occur on the main menu. Fixed a client crash related to totems, traps or mines summoning melee minions near monsters. Fixed a bug where players could permanently stun monsters. Fixed the gem quality bonuses for the Punishment skill. Fixed some problems with text in various quests. Version 0.10.0d Hotfixed another complete realm crash. Hotfixed a bug with the queue logic that briefly allowed users to access the wrong account after a login server crashed that had people queued on it. Fixed the vendor prices of chaos resistance items so that they pay three alchemy shards if perfect rather than seven. Removed Pyromancers from end-game Map levels temporarily until a crash related to their attacks is fixed. Fixed two relatively rare instance crashes. Version 0.10.0c Hotfixed a complete realm crash. Please be aware that if the realm does crash, players may see no characters on their account if they immediately log back in. If this ever happens to you, just log in again. Fixed a bug where setting a premium stash tab's colour back to the default brown resulted in you not being able to edit that premium tab again. Fixed a game server crash that could occur when using Shield Charge. Fixed some bugs with the Act Three boss fight including one where it would pause from time to time in its Avatar of Fire form. Fixed a bug where items in trade would appear too faded out. Corrected a problem with the quest rewards for the Merciless difficulty "Intruders in Black" quest for the Witch. Slightly brightened the purchasable weapon effects so that they stand out better in dark areas. Fixed some problems with microtransaction effects on staves. Fixed some confusing quest text related to the Merveil quest and the Maligaro's Spike quest. Added more videos to the shop to complete the range for purchasable weapon effects and skill effects. Version 0.10.0b Fixed several problems with the Act Three boss fight, including a crash. The details would be spoilers. Fixed a bug where cosmetic effects would not work on claws. Fixed a bug where cosmetic on-hit effects would remain on a character after an augmented bow was removed. Fixed a bug where evasion would be calculated slightly incorrectly on characters that have the Iron Reflexes keystone passive. Version 0.10.0 Notes: As part of the process of entering Open Beta, we have wiped all characters and reverted them to level 1 so that their names are retained. All items have been destroyed apart from the Unique prize item "Demigod's Presence" and Kiwi pets. There will never be another character or item wipe. Content: The City of Sarn, Path of Exile's third act, is now available! It includes 21 areas based on 8 new tilesets, 18 completely new monster types and over 90 monster variations. Added Quicksilver Flasks, a type of utility flask that increases movement speed by 40% for five seconds. A Quicksilver Flask is now available as a reward from the Medicine Chest quest. Added Amethyst Flasks, a type of utility flask that increases chaos resistance by 35% for 3.5 seconds. Added a new Keystone Passive - Zealot's Oath: Life regeneration applies to energy shield instead of life. Converted to Keystone Passive - Ancestral Bond: You can summon up to 1 additional totem. You can't deal damage with your skills yourself. Added a new ring base type - Prismatic Ring, which grants all elemental resistances. The Punishment curse has returned after being disabled for a long time. The Molten Shell used by Goatmen has been given new art. Further improved the randomness of the Pools and Streams area. Added two new Unique items, one of which was designed by a Diamond supporter and one which will be given out as a prize for winning races. We've updated the art of bows in the game, including the item models that are held by characters. Removed the recently added waypoint from the River Crossings and moved the Vaal Ruins one to a random location in that level. The Eternal Laboratory is now available in Act Three rather than Act Two. You get access from Lady Dialla. Names of rare monsters have been improved. Continued to incrementally improve the art, effects, environments and sound. We've added a new Map tileset (based on The Docks) and have changed the overall ordering of Maps. The following Map areas have been updated so that they're substantially different in layout to before: Spider Forest, Jungle Valley, Waste Pool, Dry Woods, Cemetery, Mine, Underground Sea, Bog, Plateau and Dunes. Merveil now uses new custom (purchasable!) art for her Cold Snap skill. There have been no changes to PvP in this patch. It is still accessible from Act Two Normal (level 28 cap where you can't have entered Cruel difficulty) and Act Two Merciless (Open PvP). In the near future we'll revamp it to add more level brackets and move it to the arenas in Sarn. Quest rewards have been changed for all classes. There's an emphasis on rare items as quest rewards in higher difficulties. Added a new ability to Rock Elementals. Microtransaction Features: Added a wide range of entirely cosmetic microtransaction items such as dance animations, more pets, and weapon and skill effects. Check out the shop on for a complete list! Typing /dance will use the appropriate purchased microtransaction from your microtransaction stash. We've added support for Premium stash tabs which can be purchased on the website. Once one is purchased, you can rename it and change its colour as often as you want by right clicking on it. You can upgrade a standard stash tab to premium, which upgrades the first available standard tab. Our initial pricing allows the upgrade at a discounted price just in case you already own a lot of standard tabs that you intended to upgrade. Cosmetic item and skill effects can be applied onto your items or skill gems by right clicking the item in your microtransaction stash then left clicking the item you'd like to apply it to. You can only have one cosmetic effect of a specific class on an item. For example, you may have a particle effect and a skin change applied to one item, but applying a second particle effect will destroy the previous one. An item with a cosmetic effect on it cannot be traded or dropped. To trade or drop the item, you need to remove the effect from it. You can reclaim effects for free (putting them back in your microtransaction stash) using the "Reclaim" button in your microtransaction stash. For now there's a limit of only one microtransaction stash. We'll lift this limit as soon as possible so that you can buy all the things. Features: Some areas now have doors which can be opened by clicking them. You can fire projectiles through certain doors. We've added the ability to render more reflective materials and have updated much of the metal in the game to be appropriately reflective. There's now an icon on the world map to show when a waypoint is in an area underneath the overland one (for example, in the Sewers in Act Three). There's now an option on the login screen to save your password between sessions. This can be unticked if you do not want to store a hash of your password on that computer. Players are now notified via chat when they've taken a screenshot. Flasks with movement speed mods (and the Quicksilver flask itself) now display an effect on the character to show that you're accelerated. The roofs of certain buildings and tents in Act Three will fade away when you enter those buildings. There are now sound effects associated with trading, partying and receiving whispered messages. Bowstrings now twang visibly when fired. You can now dismiss the quest-status-change notification with right click. The Create button on the main menu now takes you to the account creation web page. Life Regeneration is now shown as a per second stat, rather than per minute. Monsters now list what elements they are vulnerable to. The /debug command can't be used to cheat in races any more. Thanks guys. Chat moderators can now chat in colour. General Balance: Chaos resistance is now available on item mods and on the passive tree. It is not included in the "All Elemental Resistances" mod. The bandit leaders now grant different stat bonuses on each difficulty level. For Kraityn, Alira and Oak respectively, they are - Normal: elemental resistances, maximum mana, maximum life; Cruel: attack speed, cast speed, physical damage; Merciless: maximum frenzy charges, maximum power charges, maximum endurance charges. The "Chilled" statuses from cold damage and ground ice do not stack any more. Reduced the life progression of summoned minions (skeletons and zombies). Increased their base life and a small amount of general elemental resistances have been added. Disabled Diamond flasks until we've rebalanced them properly. World Balance: Now that Act Three has been added, we've removed the Ruthless difficulty level and have rebalanced around this new progression. Merciless content now finishes at level 64. Map content currently progresses to level 75. The experience penalties on death are now 0% for Normal, 7.5% for Cruel and 15% for Merciless difficulty. The new player resistance penalties are 0% on Normal, -20% on Cruel and -60% on Merciless difficulty. Chaos resistance is now included and the same penalty applies to it. Side areas in higher difficulty levels can now be much higher level than the areas they are next to. We've rebalanced all monster packs throughout the game so that there's a lot more variance in their sizes. This has dramatically improved pacing, as you'll encounter both larger packs of monsters and more suspenseful empty areas before some encounters. Higher level maps are now a lot more challenging. Passive Skill Balance: Chaos Inoculation now grants no additional energy shield bonus. Its complete immunity to chaos damage, synergy with Blood Rage and other skill combos are deemed sufficient upside to counteract the life penalty. The Elemental Equilibrium keystone passive skill now grants a flat amount (+25%) of resistance to each element you hit with and a resistance penalty (-50%) to each element not present in the hit. The passive skills that increase elemental resistance while holding a shield have been improved. Added some chaos resistance nodes to the passive skill tree. Early projectile damage passives on Ranger area of tree improved to 8%. Energy Shield nodes have been increased. General Gem Balance: The experience curve has been smoothed for gems that start at character level 24 or 31. High level gems are now balanced to have greater effect than before. Attack gem damage bonuses no longer taper off towards higher levels but now continue to increase at the same rate. Reduced the life progression of totems. The bonus for totem life per point of quality has been decreased from 3% to 1.5%. Skill and support gems now have balance values that go higher than level 20, so that if you get a gem at max level (which is still 20) but have items that increase the gem level, then the skill is more powerful. Active Skill Balance: Anger: Base mana cost increased by 10 to 50, increasing by 6 per level instead of 5. Clarity: Reduced in effectiveness by around 20%. Cold Snap: Damage significantly increased (40% higher at Level 1, 105% higher at Level 15). Decoy Totem: Life bonuses per level reduced because it's already very strong. Discharge: Early levels improved by around 20%. Discipline: Mana cost increased by 40. Energy Shield granted significantly reduced. Elemental Hit: Is now player level 19 (was 2) and has had its damage reduced, especially at high levels. Enduring Cry: The number of charges gained has been reduced at higher levels. It produced the same amount at level 1, and progresses to being 40% less effective by level 20. Fireball: Damage progression increased - now 14% increased by level 15. Fire Trap: Now does more damage at earlier levels. Flame Totem: Added 4% base critical strike chance. Freeze mine: Improved by 37.5%. Grace: Mana cost now increases 7 per level, instead of 5. Haste: Now starts at 6% attack and cast speed and improves to 14% attack and cast speed (and 7% move speed) at higher levels. The mana reservation cost is unchanged. Ice Shot: Is now level 4 (was level 31). Its mana progression has been changed (it starts at 10 and progresses to 16 mana). The duration of chilled ground that it causes has been reduced by 20%. Infernal Blow: Now has +25% damage effectiveness rather than +12% attack damage. Lightning Arrow: Has been moved to level 10 (from 1). Its mana cost and progression have been flattened. The chance to shock has been removed. A damage bonus as it levels up has been added. The number of targets is now always 3. Molten Shell: Now provides more armour and has had its detonation thresholds changed. Phase Run: Has been retired to the plane of elemental fire to be reforged anew. Rain of Arrows: Is now a level 4 Skill (from 10). Its area of effect has been increased by 20%. The delay between firing and arrows hitting the ground has been reduced by 20%. Its Area of Effect gain per level has been reduced and its quality bonus has been changed from Area of Effect to Attack Speed. Its damage effectiveness has been reduced slightly. Shock Nova: Increased base critical strike chance from 3% to 4%. Mana cost has been reduced. Shockwave Totem: Added 4% base critical strike chance. Spark: Once a Spark has bounced, it'll only be able to pierce the same target again if it has been more than one second since the last time. Split Arrow: Is now player level 1 (was 4). Whirling Blades: Damage effectiveness increased from 60% to 80%. Wrath: Base mana cost increased by 10 to 50, increasing by 6 per level instead of 5. Support Gem Balance: Additional Accuracy: Improved at higher levels. Chain: Damage penalty has been increased from -40% to -50% and the number of chains has been reduced from 3 to 2. Elemental Penetration supports (various): Now have reduced penetration - they start at -16% instead of -25%. Fork: Damage penalty changed to -30% from -20%. Life Gain on Hit: Has been improved, especially at higher levels. Life Leech: Has been improved. Spell Totem: Now has a 30% cast speed penalty. Ranged Attack Totem: Has had its attack speed penalty reduced from 50% to 30%. Item Balance: Unique items have been rebalanced (mostly up) in power. We've also changed defensive values on low uniques to generally just be a static bonus, rather than a large percentage that only affects that item. The level that the currency item drop rate penalty now treats all players above level 68 as 68 (this used to be level 63). Chaos resistance mods are now available on items. The attribute requirements for armour pieces and gems have been increased. Cartographer's Chisels now drop from level 52+ monsters rather than 45+. Vendors in Act Three have previously unsold currency items available, such as Orbs of Alchemy. Granite Flasks now grant 4000 armour on use, not 10000. Block rate mods have been added to the mod pool for shields. Critical multiplier mods on weapons are now global, not local, so that if you have it on one weapon, it'll affect all skills, not just attacks with that weapon. This means that they are no longer multiplicative with the rest of your critical multiplier values. The following support gems have been moved from level 15 to level 12: Faster Projectiles, Added Cold Damage, Additional Accuracy, Added Lightning Damage, Increased Critical Damage, Minion Life, Weapon Elemental Damage, Life Gain on Hit, Iron Will, Chance to Flee, Fork and Added Fire Damage. There are now new item mods that go up to item level 77. Medium Life and Mana Flasks have had their drop level reduced to 4. The Adrenaline flask mod has been moved to level 5. Mods that increase the levels of socketed gems of specific types by two levels have been added. A mod that increases the level of any gems socketed into the item by one level has been added. This can stack with one of the other gem level mods for a total bonus of +3 levels to a gem. The mods that affect the level of elemental gems socketed into the item can now spawn on caster weapons other than wands and staves. The maximum flat energy shield that can be gained on an item has been reduced. The life regeneration on Coral Amulets has been improved. Life regeneration item mods have been improved. Item rarity mods reduced by around 20-25%. Item rarity can now spawn as both a prefix and a suffix on the same item. Rarity mods on uniques have generally been increased. Flat armour mods on individual pieces have been changed to be as good as flat evasion mods. Monster Balance: Merveil's second form has been given new abilities. This fight will be improved later. The accuracy penalty has been removed from ranged monsters because of the change in 0.9.12 where you can avoid their projectiles by running out of the way. Skeleton casters have had their damage reduced in the early game and increased in the late game. Hailrake's damage has been reduced slightly. Monster Viper Strike damage has been lowered. Blackguards in the Western Forest have had their life increased. The totem mod for Maps can now spawn totems that use Lightning Warp. Monsters now gain 15% physical and elemental resistance per Endurance Charge, rather than 20%. Elemental skills of monsters now do more damage in higher difficulties. Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where you could create too many characters on your account. Fixed a bug where rerolling items would not result in them having mods from families they used to have. Fixed a client crash related to Lightning Warp. Fixed a bug where rerolling items wouldn't reduce their level requirement. Fixed a bug where scouring a flask would remove its level requirement. Fixed a bug where specters and other minions would lose their implicit mods when they travelled between areas. Fixed a bug where your speed would not change when using Shield Charge to travel through ground ice or ground tar. Fixed a problem with energy shield percentage mods on armour being too high. Fixed a targeting bug with Lightning Arrow. Fixed a bug with Conduit and unpartied players in the same instance. Fixed a bug where chilling monsters or cursing them with Temporal Chains could prevent their attacks from succeeding. Fixed a bug where a monster's minions would vanish if you shattered the parent monster. Fixed a bug where pathfinding problems could cause certain projectile skills to not fire at all, rather than firing into a blockage. Fixed a problem with evasion related to Lightning Strike. Fixed a bug where it was difficult to pick up items or open chests near enemies. Fixed a bug where rounding errors could cause minions to spawn as dead when you change areas. Fixed bugs related to items being picked up in the wrong order if "Key Pickup" was enabled. Fixed a bug where traps and remote mines would not show the arrows flying into the air when using Rain of Arrows. Burning Arrow is now properly affected by the Point Blank keystone passive and the Chin Sol unique item. You can now interact with objects in town if you have an item on the cursor. This fixes the problem where if you accidentally closed the stash while you had an item on the cursor, and you couldn't place the item into your inventory or back into the stash. Fixed a bug where the login window would overlap with error messages beneath it. Fixed an instance crash related to totems. Fixed a bug where the minimap would move to the left and right if you used the arrow keys to swap between vendor tabs. Fixed mouse wheel scrolling for stats in the character panel so that you can scroll while the mouse cursor is over the stats. Fixed a bug where the Vaal Oversoul could emerge inside walls. Fixed a bug with the rendering of certain world object names at the edge of the screen. Stats that increase damage taken now affect all degeneration damage, not just chaos damage. They also apply to damage that hits your energy shield, rather than damage that only hits your life. Fixed a bug where minimising the game by clicking on the task bar entry wouldn't mute the sound, when "Mute when in background" was set while playing in windowed fullscreen mode. Fixed a bug where you could add Piety to your friends list. Fixed a bug where a queued client could be disconnected and wouldn't know about it, forced to wait an eternity alone. Fixed a bug where you could not target chests with the Leap Slam skill. Fixed a bug where penalties to projectile speed would make the projectiles move super fast. Fixed a bug where manually opened panels would be automatically closed by other panels. Fixed a bug where the social panel could be opened while your character was dead. Stun duration bonuses specific to weapons no longer apply to spell/secondary damage. Skills like Ice Nova that don't have a target now don't hide monster health bars while being cast. Increases to physical damage taken now apply correctly to physical degeneration (such as damage from Puncture). Fixed a bug with Rain of Arrows where monsters that run into the targeted area from outside while the arrows were in flight would not be hit. Fixed a bug where Ground Slam displayed a fixed duration despite being based on weapon speed. Fixed a bug where gem levelling sounds would stack and create a very loud sound if multiple gems became ready to level up at the same time. Attack skills that can be ranged or melee, such as Frenzy, will now be disabled with melee weapons while supported by ranged attack totem, trap, or remote mine gems. Fixed a bug where some sounds would play at the wrong height. Fixed a graphical bug where some entities would not have their outline shown while selected.Dirtpoor0 Feb 13, 2013
Feb 13, 2013 I have a wacky idea regarding SSDs I recently ordered a Kingston HyperX 240g SSD ( and i already have a TB seagate ( So i don't really care about how fast Windows loads from the moment i push my power. With that being said, is there anything wrong with NOT installing the OS on a SSD and using that just for games and other frequently used apps/programs?Hexagon1 Feb 13, 2013
Feb 13, 2013 Adult Video Gamers Facebook group I hope this post does not violate anything but here goes. I created a Facebook group for us older gamers. As many of you know we play a lot of games across many platforms and meet many different people and have fun conversations. As we get older and more busy it gets harder to meet new people like this so I made a Facebook group for this purpose to talk about games sharing fun stories and links and even to connect for playing games together. The Facebook Group is Adult Video Gamers and is located here. Feb 13, 2013
Feb 12, 2013 Anyone 500+ hours on POE? Not a troll and not dissing D3 or POE. I just want to compare the difference. So for anyone that have played 500+ hours on POE, can you give your review? My friend just started POE and he says the items are great but we thought the same thing too while we leveled to 60 on D3. After that was a different story.blkdrgn17 Feb 12, 2013
Feb 12, 2013 screen cap/ streaming question i have an acer aspire v3 and am using FFsplit when i attempt to capture a image on my screen in game it captures my desktop and when i attempt to record or stream in game it also records my desktop but you can see the diablo sword cursor moving haha. does anyone know how i can fix this?dan2 Feb 12, 2013
Feb 12, 2013 Intel Core i5 vs i7 I'm looking at getting a new PC so I'm trying to decide if the additional cost of an i7 over the i5 is worth whatever performance boost the i7 can provide. By the way, I already have nVidia 550ti 2gig. I will not be upgrading this any time soon probably. I probably will not upgrade the graphics card for sometime. I am currently bottlenecked by my ancient 2005 processor (and slower ram/HD speed but those are slight compared to processor). However, if I got an i7 would I be bottlenecked on the graphics card?Masochist9 Feb 12, 2013
Feb 12, 2013 I need a new drug...suggestions please I love Diablo 3. I've played since launch and don't see stopping anytime soon. However, I need another good go to game. I've debated picking up XCom, but I don't trust the review sites anymore and don't want to waste $ on garbage. I'm completely open minded on genre and will play anything provided it's good. Any suggestions? Have any of you played anything lately that you love and can't put down? Also what games have you played that suck and should be avoided? Help me out here, I'm really interested in what you guys think.Quetzalcoatl14 Feb 12, 2013
Feb 11, 2013 Pokemon or browser MMORPG fans MonsterMMORPG Completely free to play. Just install Firefox latest version and have fun. Similar to Pokemon yet unique in many ways and advanced in some ways. Monsters can be seen here : Feb 11, 2013
Feb 10, 2013 have a qestion about screen capping when i ever i play diablo and try and record using ffsplit it just records my desktop but you can see the diablo cursor moving ahha and when i push the screen capture button on my laptop it captures my desktop even when im viewing diablo 3? anyone know how to fix this. im using a acer v3dan2 Feb 10, 2013
Feb 10, 2013 Tera might be the worst game i've ever played EDIT: Some seasoned players have made some legitimate posts in this thread debating what I've said, so take mine for what it is (my opinion) Just wanted to post this in case anyone here was actually considering getting this game. Good god its a trap avoid at all costs. I had EXTREMELY low expectations for Tera. Looked like a typical mass-produced korean MMO that will probably be F2P in 2 months so I passed completely on the open beta. Then all of my friends started bugging me to get it since release at the beginning of the month so I decided what the hell I'll pick it up and have fun with them for a couple months to pass some time until GW2 comes out...everyone made it seem like the combat was loads of fun and the environments were so gorgeous and blah blah blah...still had low expectations but hey at least the combat was supposed to great. Anyway, I picked it up yesterday.. couldn't stomach more than an hour of it. It far surpassed any low expectations I had. I had the bar set waaaay too high. It's touted as being a "true action MMO" just because they got rid of locked on targeting in favor of an FPS style crosshair with highly mobile combat and dodging/blocking types of mechanics...from what I understood it was supposed to play more like God of War or Devil May Cry than an MMO. This all sounds great until you get in to the game and realize you have to stop moving to use any of your abilities. Like...literally any of them. I rolled an archer because I thought it would fun and mobile kind of like playing an FPS...yeah no you can't even use your basic physical attack without standing still. If I'm running and left click to use my physical 'auto-attack' my character stops and I have to wait for the !@#$ing 2 second animation to finish before I can move again. Same with every ability for every class. Can't even queue abilities. You jump and you can't even attack until the entire jump animation in finished. Not only that but each class is locked in to using one type of weapon for the entire game (the one you start with) This %^-* makes WoW combat feel like white-knuckle edge of your seat action. Furthermore, the graphics that look so pretty in the trailers are rendered completely obsolete by the fact that the max view distance possible in the game (maxed graphic settings) is like 10 yards in front of you even on a monster gaming rig. This game has worse pop-up than PC racing games from 1999. Please do not buy this game. I wasn't entirely thrilled with how D3 turned out but after playing Tera I'm an even bigger blizzard fanboy than I ever was. DO NOT BUY. /blog Yeah I'm sure I'll get flamed for even buying it. I deserve it entirely. EDIT: added paragraphs!!!! another edit: people seem to be coming to the conclusion that i don't like it because it actually takes skill. What I was expecting based on what my friends were saying is that it actually would take a HUGE amount of skill. Now keep in mind I don't care about this MMO so I don't have anything invested in it (other than my $50!!) From what I've seen (from my play and watching level 60 hard mode dungeons on youtube) it takes absolutely no more skill then any other MMO on the market, which is next to nothing. It's just another slow, boring, gear-based combat system. So you dodge an attack every few seconds...hooray. The enemy winds up the attack for like 6 seconds..I'm sorry that doesn't seem very 'action-combat' to me. I thought it was going to be extremely fast and twitch-based combat that actually had a high skill ceiling. That's sort of what the entire game was sold on.....From what I've seen this is completely false. But again this is my opinion.Hex80 Feb 10, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 The Witcher 3 open world So they confirmed it's going open world.I really hope they do what very few RPG's do,combine a open world RPG with a rich narrative.What's your thoughts? Feb 9, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 how d3...... would've been had David Brevik been in charge. Look up Marvel Heroes on google and go to the site and click on news and look at the closed beta streams from Athene. He got to interview David Brevik while steaming it.sopseng1088114 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Gaming Stream w/ Trivia, Tips & Commentary! Please come by the chatroom and say hello! Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Path of exile? What do you guys think? Well now that path of exile is in open beta what do you guys think? Diablo 3 has some competition now in the action RPG besides torchlight 2. I'm personally looking forward to path of exile because it looks like its trying out some new things and I LOVE the talent tree. when I saw that and some gameplay footage, I was sold. I may come back to diablo 3 one day but... I just can't really tolerate it anymore.Havocx32942 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 7, 2013 Need help regarding live streaming please! First off, let me link this so that you can get an idea of my situation: I'm a severely disabled veteran who wants to start streaming so that I can help raise money for my favorite charity (100% of proceeds will go to them) I have a hard time following tutorials and what not due to being heavily medicated and would ask that someone please help me set up a live stream from start to finish. I could compensate you in some manor within the game if it's necessary. I hope someone can find it in their heart to help. Thank you, Daniel MeyerDanielMeyer1 Feb 7, 2013
Feb 7, 2013 diablo 2 low fps? i havnt played d2 in like 8 months right. well now i got a new beast gaming pc so im used to playing stuff at 60+fps. when i installed diablo 2 it really feels like its running at 10 fps and i think it might have to do with it not understanding my video card right or something i dont know? anyone else have this problem because ive played like 2000+ hours into diablo 2 and im almost sure it doesnt feel like this. ill post a video later tonight if anyone caresKevin3 Feb 7, 2013
Feb 6, 2013 Why D3 Players dont' have to fear PoE as you can see the PoE open beta didn't do anything at all to the d3 activity. since there are more poeple playing PoE my guess is most PoE-Player quit d3 long ago and didn't look back like every old diablo1/diablo2 player i know. the d3 player base buttomed out. left are casuals and people making money by selling items to casuals.Quen27 Feb 6, 2013
Feb 6, 2013 New games aimed at dumb and dumber ? Why does it feels new games tend to have less complexity than their predecessor ? D3 is an example that's basically in front of our nose, but it's not the only one. Look at X-Com:Enemy Unknown and compared the targeting system to the old X-Com. Or, even look at Skyrim, Skyrim is a great game but compared the spell system and alchemy to Oblivion, and you will find it far more simple. So why you guys think the reason ? 1. Simple non complex game are more enjoyable for most people 2. Most humans are getting dumber and dumber every generations 3. Too many Games Director come from Technical side, so that they implemented KISS principle on the game design. 4. It's easier to find mods that make game more complex than make it simpler.Squeal14 Feb 6, 2013
Feb 6, 2013 WTF???? so i was just playing last night and then went to login today, but it seems w/e they did made my graphics card =poop. So im wondering if they plan to do ne thing about that ne info would be great tyGothicGir1 Feb 6, 2013
Feb 6, 2013 Wow talk about disappointment! (Starcraft 2) This post is about the mothership. . . You can't post in the SC 2 forum unless you buy SC 2 even if your account has D3 and WoW. That is ridiculous so I will haft to just make a post here, I have overlooked SC 2 for a long time and I randomly watch this video last night, it is a video of the original Protoss mothership and it is ****ing sick. I go to bed after watching it thinking about how much I cannot wait to buy SC 2 today. I get on the offical site to read about all the units in the game and find that the mothership has been completey changed. So I research only to find that they nerf SC 2 just like they do with WoW because it is a competitive game (not that I did not know this already). I was not looking at SC 2 to play that competitively more then just have fun. So I did & continue to do research to find out if in Time Warp, Planet Cracker and Blackhole is completey out of the game including the SC 2 Map Editor. I can not come up with any answers, if you can play a unbalanced SC 2 game even against the CPU on higher difficulties for me that would be worth a purchase. My thing is, if they did what they did with the mothership, the game has been out for awhile who knows how many other things they have nerfed & taken out of the game entirely. That video alone has probably sold thousands of copies, it's like I did not know a RTS could be ****ed with as much as a mmo, serously.SaibotMK0 Feb 6, 2013
Feb 6, 2013 TESO the end of Blizzard? 1st off I'd like to state that this is NOT a troll or fanboy thread... Just posting what I feel and predict will happen. Yes I have always loved Blizzard games since the 1st warcraft was released in the 90's and even more warcraft 2 so I am a big fan of Blizzard games but the way Diablo 3 was released and handled really gave me 2nd thoughts on Blizzard titled games. I played Vanilla WoW and sold my account just before the 1st xpack was released... And a smart move it was... Banked $800us for a single Orc Hunter with full t2 and endquest bow on a pvp realm. If Blizzard made one realm a vanilla only, I know for sure that it would fill up very quickly and honestly that's something I would pay monthly for. Now this post isn't about WoW, it's more about Diablo 3... A lot of people were really disappointed with the way it was released and even the conditions the game still is in. A lot of people quit long ago and will never come back, many have even canceled their WoW subscriptions because of the let down Diablo 3 ended up being. I honestly stuck around, I liked it, not sure why, but it was a good time burner for me I guess. And yes when 1.0.7 comes out I will be back online finishing my paragon leveling then probably log out again until something happens and the game is fixed if that even happens.. Onto the title, Yes PoE and TL2 came around and guess what, both of those have their strength and weaknesses just like D3 dose BUT soon enough The Elder Scrolls Online will be released(Dated to be released this year) and the Blizzard franchise is going to be in some serious trouble. I don't think Bethesda has yet to release a over hyped game that turned out horrible at release. Feel free to add your concerns and thoughts on this.Labathor9 Feb 6, 2013
Feb 5, 2013 Terra Online Goes Free To Play Just saying, something to play while waiting for 1.0.7 to come out. Check it out! ____________________________________________________________________ JaceAltair EU Server A Unique Build for DH 500-600K Crits with EA! DH Stun Build Trolling Elites and Ubers on MP10 Feb 5, 2013
Feb 5, 2013 Grand Theft Auto V Is Coming 9.17.2013 Feb 5, 2013
Feb 5, 2013 D3 vs. PoE I've been playing PoE lately, and it is pretty much the D2 expansion I've been waiting for, not to mention its completely free to play. That being said, D3 is not a bad game. It is a very fast paced, kill-frenzy game with beautiful fight mechanics. It just depends on the person. It's kinda like Call of Duty vs Battlefield. Call of Duty is a faster pace shoot em up, while battlefield requires more thought and decision making. If you are looking for an excellent ARPG reminiscent of D2, go with PoE. If you are looking for a fast-pace grind game, go with D3Slayer59 Feb 5, 2013
Feb 5, 2013 Dragon Nest - anyone tried this? The say that this game has one of the best PVP mmorpg can offer. Their PVP requires more skill than gear. Any thoughts on this?kidkram5 Feb 5, 2013
Feb 5, 2013 Cube world Looks pretty sweet. Still in development, game name will change but creator hasn't announced what the name will be. Hats off to indie developers out there. Can't believe this is being made by just one person. Feb 5, 2013
Feb 5, 2013 You don't know bad until you played POEElohim39 Feb 5, 2013
Feb 4, 2013 Marvel Heroes Preview (made by d2 creator) Still in beta but here it is for those of you who might be interested. Feb 4, 2013
Feb 4, 2013 Is Torchlight II any good and worth playing? Any help would be appreciated.ChipStaque47 Feb 4, 2013
Feb 4, 2013 why can sc2 accounts post here but d3 accounts cant post on the sc2 forum? can you change that blizzard pleaseKevin3 Feb 4, 2013
Feb 4, 2013 GPG's Wildman So, you may have heard of this, Gas Powered Games is working on a new action-RPG type of game, mixed with MOBA and RTS elements. They also have a very amazing set of tools (Project Mercury) meant for mapping and modding, which will be released with the game, and will be used for future GPG games, RTS included. Suffice to say this set of modding and mapping tools is amazing and on-par with StarCraft II's. (Watch the 8 development videos to be amazed) The project still needs funds and it has almost 2 weeks left for funding to reach the 1.1 mil $ goal on kickstarter. Feb 4, 2013
Feb 3, 2013 Thoughts on this setup No its not just for D3 PoE DOTA 2 and so forth. We just built this pc because our older pc started to die.. EVGA GeForce GTX 680 2GB x2 Creative Labs Sound Blaster Zx G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB DDR3 SDRAM ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77 Intel Core i7-3770K 3.9GHz TurboSorsha6 Feb 3, 2013
Feb 3, 2013 A question about WoW subs and vanilla WoW box Sorry to ask this here but I don't currently have a sub to WoW so I can't ask on their forums, I figure somebody here will know. I found a store in my area that is basically dumping all their old vanilla WoW boxes for $5 each. The box says it comes with 30 days time. My question is, if you use the code in there, but already have an account, is it a way to get 30 days added to your account for $5 instead of $15 or does that only work with a new account? Wouldn't be a bad deal to play WoW again for only $5, at least it would give me something to do for a month, but I have no idea if I can re-activate my account using the code from an old vanilla box.Kain3 Feb 3, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 An awesome gaming moment I was playing PoE earlier tonight and I had an awesome moment that I thought I would share. If you have no interest in the game and think I'm just here to bug you then feel free to skip right past this post. I had built myself a fire slinging battlemage character and immolating everything in my path. I melted down monsters with fireballs in the shape of a flaming dragon that exploded on contact and decimated anything in range. I also had a flaming shield that exploded after taking a certain amount of hits, annihilating anything standing in my immediate area. I was feeling pretty good about this character and his power, and jumped into pvp in order to test him out against some real opponents. My first opponent was another templar, exactly the same class as me. As we began the match, the templar approached me and beat on my shield for a moment until he prompty exploded into thin air. I laughed. He was a little more wary the second time around, and tried to cast some skills from range. However, the skills he were using were completely different. Same class, different possibilities, different strengths, different weaknesses and different tactics. As i pondered, one of my dragon fireballs caught him square in the face and ended his life. I remember a witch who summoned forth an army of zombies and skeletons, outnumbering me greatly. I laughed off the spectacle and cast a totem, which sent forth multiple shockwaves, shattering the bones and pulverising the flesh of the witch's creations. She ran from the fire that then rained forth from my mage. And so it went, player after player falling to the onslaught of my flame. I got ready to take down another, laughing at the thought of another player running in circles away from me or killing themself by attacking my shield. I had grown too cocky, and was swiftly shot down by a large marauder who teleported past my fire and crushed me with the might of many stunning blows after surviving the mighty impact of my shield. Swiftly, which was surprising, as most marauders tend to be slow, lumbering brutes, of which many had already fallen victim to the fire. The defeat humbled me, and I inquired about the impressive build that this other player had created. After so many easy victories, this person's creative thinking and unique build had inspired me to explore the impressive skill tree to figure out how I could better my character, or find a new build that will be even stronger. It was a great, immersive moment, one that I've unfortunately never experienced playing D3. I'm not here to bash, and I hope that D3 can one day provide that same experience, maybe it already has for some of you and for that's great, maybe for some of you the introduction of duels will bring the same excitement and competitive spirit. Maybe some of you will never enjoy that experience and maybe it's time to look elsewhere? (Also I was really stoned when I had that experience and that could totally be it, I'm also pretty stoned writing this now).NecroFeelYa50 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 Path of Exile CLEARLY darker than Diablo3 . there made it. whoever said PoE was all grey tone or just browns and grays and dark colors should get their eyes checked. I'm genuinely concerned.KradisZ12 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 What fps can I expect to get with this setup? Low settings, no anti-aliasing or anything like that. Thanks guys! Gateway FX530QS 2.4 Ghz quad core, Windows Vista 32 Bit, 4 GB Ram DDR2, 500 GB hard-drive, 700 watt power supply, Radeon HD 7770 video card 2 GB video RAM.D3cycle0 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 Project Titan Speculations If you already don't know, Project Titan is the codename for Blizzard's unreleased MMO that is in development. It's been in development close to 7 years and people are speculating that they will announce it in Blizzcon this year. What do you think the genre will be and will you get it if it were that genre?Anj11 Feb 2, 2013
Feb 2, 2013 Wildman: An "Evolutionary" Action RPG Hey - Just found this new RPG from Chris Taylor - maker of the original Dungeon Seige Check it Out There is a great video on this page that shows what it is all about. ...Amenton1 Feb 2, 2013