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Dec 17, 2012 Would Love to Join All the Hype on PoE I have been a pretty casual D3 player, but I have stopped playing recently when it started to feel real dull and plain. So anyways I found out about PoE ( from D3 forums ) and decided to check it out. It looks really good from what I have seen, but besides the fact; does anyone have a PoE beta key that I could use to see if the game is for me. I would appreciate it so much if someone could give me one. You can add and message me in game if you are nice enough to spare one, my battle tag is GamingUnlim#1902. Thanks!GamingUnlim1 Dec 17, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 your top 5 games of all time for fun name your top 5 games of all time and 1 most disappointed game u played 1. final fantasy 10 2. diablo 2 3. final fantasy 7 4. pokemon red blue & yellow 5 mario rpg legend of the seven stars :( final fantasy x-2FuzzyPanda500 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 The Truth About Windows 8 I am getting really tired about all these misconceptions about Windows 8. I decided that I would clear them once and for all with 3 main points. User interface Everyone seems to think that modern UI shown in commercials and such is the only thing you get in Windows 8 which is not true. You get the the best of both worlds with Windows 8. If you are using a laptop with a touch screen then you will enjoy the optimized interface for ease of use. If you are running W8 on a desktop then you have the option to never even have to turn to the modern UI; you still have access to the same old W7 desktop experience you know and love. Lets say you plug in a USB device or an external HDD. A window will pop up and ask how you want to open those files for the future. Speed Many benchmarks from various people and websites including Microsoft themselves have proven Windows 8 to be 15-20% faster than Windows 7. Boot times are a common example for system benchmarks so I will use those here as well. Windows 7 has an average boot time of about 35-45 seconds while Windows 8 is coming in at around 8-10 seconds (and of course depending on your system specs and whether you have an SSD or not). The average user saw a 16% speed increase in their every day computer usage in Windows 8 vs Windows 7. Gaming Seeing as how Windows 8 brings a steady 15-20% speed increase from Windows 7, it is also plausible to see a performance increase in your games as well again depending on your current system specs. I know that there are a lot of steam fanatics out there and there is an actual steam APP in the store currently I think you all will find it handy, and I talk a little bit about this in the video below. ________________ I do however would like to know the opinions from everyone else out there who is still using Windows 7 who refuse to upgrade.GamerLCD5 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Jay wants your vote ... let's help him out :P Jay just tweeted asking fans to vote for Diablo 3 in the player's choice award over at i read the tweet a few times and it contained no information about D3 PVP or any news regarding the future of this game. D3 is currently up against Total war: Shogun 2. Never played it but i heard it has PvP. Vote with your hearts, community :Dthe5rites46 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Good MMO Games What are some other good MMO games? I feel like I have wasted enough time on this game. Grinding and grinding for equipment that never seems to drop. Sure I could play 100 more hours to nickel and dime myself 100 million gold to buy one piece of half decent gear. Or I could invest that time into a game that isn't a complete scam and money grab. I do enjoy the game play of D3, don't get me wrong; I just despise the endless hours thrown into this game with little to no return. If I put 100 hours in a game, or more, I want to at least have something to show for it other than a paragon level that does nothing but show how much time you have dumped into it. So in all serious, what's a current and enjoyable MMO game? I heard Guild Wars 2 was good and have been debating on replacing D3 with it. Let me know your thoughts.NubSlayer5 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 So lets see what's slated for 2013 Dark Souls 2 Total War: Rome 2 DooM 4 Battlefield 4 Elder Scrolls: Online D&D's Neverwinter I'm sure I'm forgetting more releases. The point is, with PvP now ruled out for this year and god knows how long next year (honestly, is anyone surprised?), 2013 is looking like a very busy and competitive year with lots of good releases. Diablo 3 is a sitting duck in a pond full of alligators. Seriously, I think it's time to press the panic button for this development team. There are so many better alternatives on the near horizon. Sadly, we were all expecting a 5 year game to go the distance with D2. Instead we got a 2-month game that's going to end up as a brief footnote in gaming history. Just admit it, Blizzard, you don't have a clue how to balance the PvP. You created a monster with your design decisions and now it's coming home to roost.Cars15 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 14, 2012 Graphics Card question Hello, i'm looking to get some incite on what a relatively cheap ($50-$100) but good gaming graphics card would be to get for each of these PSUs (Same design, just different Watts). [...] No=3276573 [...] No=3276567 (My idea of a "good" graphics card is to be able to run games like Diablo 3 on ultra graphics with no lag). Thanks in advance to any help/incite that can be provided. - Suggestions for better PSUs around the same price of the other two would also be greatly appreciated.Light2 Dec 14, 2012
Dec 13, 2012 devilian online? there are more videos on this channel. i think this is fun to play until lineage eternal comes out. this game has animal form system. (i can move faster in animal form). this is like open world diablo 3...Genius3 Dec 13, 2012
Dec 13, 2012 Andriod phone v. I-Phone So my 2yr contract is almost up and I don't currently have a smart phone and am looking to get one with a new contract. I'm just looking for different peoples opinions about both phones, why you feel like one is better than the other and why. I have no experience with either types of these phones so any and all advice/help is much appreciated! Thank you.LordZeus4 Dec 13, 2012
Dec 13, 2012 I'm breaking into let's play for consoles Hey guys, Just starting out with my let's plays and I made a video for New super mario bros U and Super mario rpg~ Channel name PlayThruView: Let me know what you think!Mattmatt0 Dec 13, 2012
Dec 12, 2012 Is Intel HD 4000 Good Enough? Is the built in Intel HD 4000 graphics good enough to play this game? We were looking at an ultra book with i5 processor.blkdrgn2 Dec 12, 2012
Dec 12, 2012 Feedback: Months later. [tldr: GW2 = PVP] Yo! I haven't been around this community for a long time. I just wanted to throw out there that there is a great game with fantastic PVP and a lot of options in terms of PVP including a 100% equal, balanced, format where no players receive benefits for more heavily invested play time (minus actual gaming experience). You can see from my profile that I'm not even remotely a D3 expert, but this is because I love PVP so the longer I played this game (few hundred hours), the less I liked it until I finally just stopped (around a month after GW2's release). Guild Wars 2 really has delivered to me a diverse, better PVP experience than other titles in many ways, whether I want a huge, epic, many player battle, or an even keel set of smaller-scale battles. PVP is essential to me in my gaming experience. I'm not posting this to troll Blizzard, a company that used to sell me titles with just its name, but in fact is just my attempt to alert the player base of an alternative for when beating predictable programs isn't enough and someone wants to defeat someone with an actual brain. PVP was really Diablo's only appeal for me in the long term, and having swallowed the true disappointment of its lacking in this title, I do honestly feel as though I will not return (it has been months and I literally only logged on to express this to y'all). Killing endless hoards of monsters was just a plus in building up for PVP, but not as a primary motivator for playing content I have already beaten. Rumor has it, PVP will return in an expansion? If so, I'm out. I already purchased this game on the clearly incorrect assumption that PVP would be involved (as, for me, the primary motivator). I haven't bought Mists of Kung Fu Pandaland, with little to no interest in playing an inferior-to-GW2 title (in terms of PVP combat) that also requires a monthly payment. Especially from a company which has sincerely lost my admiration over the course of the last few years. Anyways, gamers, be aware that your options are not nearly as limited by BNET as Blizzard would have you believe. ANET comes to mind for me. Hopefully I'll see some of you on the Isle of Janthir server (my guild is abbreviated HIRE and we always WPVP). Happy gaming!Rukk3 Dec 12, 2012
Dec 12, 2012 Firefall Anybody playing the beta right now? I wouldn't mind a beta key.Par1ah5 Dec 12, 2012
Dec 12, 2012 Technical question... Hey guys, I have quick question. My laptop died this weekend and I will need to buy a new computer. Will I have any problems when Installing the game in my new machine regards the key activation? I'm asking this because I don't know if you can install the game in different computers, which I hope so.. Thank you in advanced. Cheers.Amaranth2 Dec 12, 2012
Dec 12, 2012 Your Top 10 Favorite Games This thread is exactly what the topic suggests. List your top 10 games of any genre, console, or generation. If you find it too hard to list them in order of your favorite to least favorite then just list 10 of your favorites with no particular order; Multiple games in a series can be listed as 1 entry My ten in order are 1 Master Of Orion II 2 Final fantasy V, VII, and IX 3 Skyrim/Oblivion 4 Super Metroid 5 Castlevania: Lament of Innocence 6 Unreal Tournament 7 Half - Life 8 MGS 1 & 2 9 Deus Ex 10 Icewind Dale I & IIOrion11 Dec 12, 2012
Dec 11, 2012 Darkfall: Unholy Wars I am a 15 year MMORPG gamer. 18+ year video gamer..... Let me tell you something. There is a game coming out soon called Darkfall: Unholy Wars. It has a long backstory and there are a lot of reasons why you should be excited. Short Story: Darkfall was made by a very small indie company who had very little funds. They ran there game for a few years before deciding to remake it as Darkfall: Unholy Wars..... Why, you might ask? They had such a dedicated fanbase in there original game and it was released in over 20 countries that they thought it would be a better idea to re-release the game as a new game rather than just to patch it. With more funds, more time, Darkfall: Unholy Wars is almost here! The game is truly an MMORPG. You have played games like Everquest, WoW, Aion, AoC, Warhammer.... Whatever the game is.... There is literally no game similar to Darkfall on the market. What does it offer? The beauty of it is that the game is open-ended. There is a large world called "Agon" and players populate it. You can create your own clan and build your own city but be warned, you can be attacked by rival clans. The world of Agon has no limits. If you want to kill the player next to you farming metal, go ahead.... Then take all of his loot. Your name means something. If you only PK, you will eventually be known as a PK'er across the community. This is just a small amount of things this game has to offer. Go out and explore, kill harder monsters to get better equipment OR go out and harvest crafting material to craft some gear. Be warned! Anyone can kill you and steal your stuff! This is where the BANK comes in handy! If you want to get rich, you must be very careful! You must be a master of combat as well as knowledge! Go watch some youtube videos of the old game (Darkfall) where players had city sieges and clan vs clan warfare, then look at the new game. (Darkfall: Unholy Wars) This will be one of the greatest MMORPG's that hit the market in a long time.Raserei1 Dec 11, 2012
Dec 11, 2012 Krip's Path of Exile PvP video it seems PoE has basic PvP now looks ok, nothing really special, but at least they actually have PvP the game is still in beta, but is supposed to be released sometime in January 2013 pretty amazing what those devs have been able to do considering they don't have the money Blizz does, nor the number of employees Blizz does, nor the network/server experience Blizz doesBlueBooger3 Dec 11, 2012
Dec 10, 2012 GW2, so long, goodbye from the start of GW2 I knew I wouldn't get into PVP so my main hope lay with Dungeons, attempted to do one and... and... o god why. There is a fine line between too easy and too hard dungeons, WOW might be toward the easy side a bit but GW2 swings in the complete opposite direction, and far. Seriously, spent 10 minutes in the same area fighting the same 2 people (not even bosses) everything kills you in 2 hit's... I just can't. Goodbye GW2, I guess now I will just have to try and live with WOW's crap talent system...AngryBots3 Dec 10, 2012
Dec 10, 2012 PCI E 3.0 card in PCI E (1.X) x16 slot? Situation: Motherboard = Intel DG33FB Current GPU: Radeon 6770 Considering new GPU : GTX 670 or Radeon 7850 So my motherboard has a PCI E (1.X) x 16 slot. I recently put a PCI 2.1 card in the slot (6770) which I got for next to nothing as it was a decent upgrade over my old 8800 GTS and it is working perfectly, no dramas at all. I wanted to know if I would be able to put a 3.0 card in the slot, something like a GTX 670. I know it will be bottlenecked, I'm saving the last money now for a whole new PC and was considering getting a GPU earlier just to use it now. My other option that I am considering is Xfire 7850's, so I could order 1 of them now and use it for the next month while I save funds. ThanksDownsy7 Dec 10, 2012
Dec 10, 2012 What games you guys play when not playing D3 I play borderlands 2 because its alot like diablo, finding loot and what not.redjrh17 Dec 10, 2012
Dec 9, 2012 Dota 2 beta gaming stream Goin live now! Dec 9, 2012
Dec 9, 2012 Thank you, Blizzard Due to the fact that you continue to prove my 5 years of waiting for a proper sequel for Diablo 3 was pointless, I have decided I'm done with waiting for that Dungeon Crawling, Click n Slash RPG that no one can walk away from. I have always loved the RPG genre thanks to the Diablo series. Even after switching to other games, I always valued something from Diablo 1 and 2 that I found other games either copying, attempting to simulate or even improving on. What was so great about Diablo for the time it was made in? The fact that you were at a constant search for better gear, leveling your character and played an amazing story while doing so. While sure, the story was short and didn't last very long, it was still so much fun to wander down into caves and dungeons, searching for loot and goodies to replace your current gear with, or trying to take a gamble for better gear. You know what was the best part? Seeing that new piece of gear displayed on your character when you put it on. It always bothered me that games like Guild Wars (1 and 2) would make it to where you had to craft all your armor to get the best looking gear possible rather than making it about stats. Sure, that made the game more stable and more fair for PVP, but it really killed a lot of potential to make you enjoy your gear. Instead of searching for chests or drops, you would farm locations for loot to drop to use to craft these items. What did I love about Diablo 3? It threw in both perspectives into the game. You could craft your gear, or you could loot for it. but you killed it, by making it more of a gamble than you did making it about crafting it. It was also wonderful that you had so many enemies to throw at us in Diablo 2. They always matched the environment you threw them in. Sure, you did this somewhat well in Diablo 3, but there was far less variety. 10 years later and you couldn't even double, or triple the types of monsters to throw at us? Lets also take into account of the quality of the story and the length of it. You had 5 years to develop this and you threw in garbage characters no one cares about, nor even feel like they fit into the story. You could have done so much to put in the horrifying look with these greatly updated graphics, but instead you chose the "WoW" look for your environment and your characters. The story, is not only filled with poorly written scripts, but a storyline with such a predictably boring setup. Not only that, but you made each act so horridly short that they flew by before I could puke over them. I read the books, looked into the lore and enjoyed it so much, but you couldn't throw any of that into the story? Instead you threw whatever came out of your behind, gave it a name and threw it into the story. To make matters worse, you killed the most important feature. The Variety of the loot. It was so enjoyable seeing a list of stats that a new piece of equipment gave you and how you benefited from it. Then, 10 minutes later, finding another piece that was just as awesome but in a different perspective. Sure, you made it easier for the casuals to read everything up on the loot and easier to tell which piece was better, but you could have easily done both at the same time by summarizing the loot, but adding diversity to it at the same time. Its a repetitive grind of playing over the same map, the same garbage story line for some boring loot. So, I'm going to walk away from my hopes for Diablo 3, and make it myself. Thank you Blizzard, for giving me even more motivation to step into the Video Game development field to create games for those that truly wanted an enjoyable gaming experience. Ive played enough games to know there are features that work and features that dont. You used to do that with your community by communicating with them. You're not doing that anymore now that you made it more about the money than you did about producing a product that people would love. A video game isn't something you market off to people. It's like a book. Its something you give to the world to get attached to, because its something you put your heart and soul into for everyone else to enjoy. If it was me, I would have thrown in as much content for the players to salivate over, yet kept the basics of what people enjoyed. Diversify how people can obtain their gear. -Dungeon Crawling- killing stuff to try and obtain better gear in exchange for challenging fights -Gambling- Relying on luck to get that new piece of shiny equipment to use -Crafting- Using what you get from looting to slowly, but surely get you a new piece of equipment that is worth the effort Lengthening the story and applying more detail to it. The more attached to the story you are, the less painful it is to play that quest over because its something you enjoy. The more you love or hate a character, the more you feel attached to watch what happens to them. The longer you make a story, the less often a player will have to play that part over, making it even less interesting to watch it again because you have seen it a million times over. If you would have made the story go at a much slower pace, you could have attached so many more events, so much more lore and a much deeper and enjoyable set of events and quests. You could have detailed so much more into what was going on to the world around you. You could have told the story behind why this part of the world looks like the way it is now. Make every last second of gameplay a work of art, rather than another filler and you have made a masterpiece, not a quick piece of easy cash.Maeternus0 Dec 9, 2012
Dec 7, 2012 Path of exile OK, so there has been a lot of hype around this game, but i dont really think that it is that good. Fisrtly, the viewing angle is to steep, minor yes but annoying. Secondly, the ridiculous skill tree, call me a casual gamer if you like but that thing looks like a mess, I like diablos skill tree, simple for casual people yet pwerful if you use it correctly. Finally, Path of exile just looks like an absolute clone, i mean can blizzard sue for that, it just looks to similar to be considered a different game. Even if it is not to similar compared to d3 it must be when compared to d2. Anyway, thats just my opinion, hope you enjoyed.Shenaenae17 Dec 7, 2012
Dec 7, 2012 installing WoW from start Hi folks. I have just gone out and bought everything I need to install WoW and all its' expansions. This is from physical disc versions. I just would like some help. (posting here because I don't think I can post on the WoW forums yet as I haven't activated the game.) I am trying to keep downloads at a minimum. Will I need to individually patch each expansion? Can I install them all at once and then patch the resulting installation? (I am assuming that would be less demanding on internet useage.) Either way how large would installing all this be? Using the most effective method are we talking 1 gig? 10 gig? Thankyou :)Vakyr2111 Dec 7, 2012
Dec 7, 2012 Windows Error Recovery on clean install. Hello, earlier my friend and I were building him a new computer. We hooked everything up correctly, and we had just finished installing windows 7. It reboots and then it just hangs at starting windows and the little windows icon is still moving and glowing, but it just sits there doing nothing. We restart, and then we get the Windows Error Recovery menu, then that doesn't even load all the way, it just hangs again. We've tried unplugging everything that wasn't nescessary, we've done another clean install, switched sata ports/wires. It just baffled me that it lets us install but won't let us start the OS. Is there any solution or quick fix, thanks in advanced!Mudoon1 Dec 7, 2012
Dec 6, 2012 Heart of swarm: Deluxe edition So, i was thinking to get SC2 hear of swarm (deluxe edition) when it comes out. I like the extra items u get with the deluxe edition, but i also like to have the CD and not the virtual edition, so i was thinking not to pre-order. My question is, do i also get the extra items (banner sigil, SC2 portraits and wings) that comes with the deluxe edition if i do not pre-order it, and wait for release date? thanks, -RaiZoRaiZo1 Dec 6, 2012
Dec 6, 2012 PoE already has PvP and its not even out yet! LOL now that, my friends, is called "shipping a reasonably complete game". unlike D3.Buck2 Dec 6, 2012
Dec 6, 2012 Game of the Year Picks (other than D3) Lets ignore D3 for now. I don't want this to turn into a thread with supporters and haters flaming back and forth. What would be your picks for game of the year, and why? Maybe share an awesome experience you had that sealed it for you. Dishonored. It's not really that original, but as a first person non linear action adventure, it's one of the best I've ever played (Deus Ex HR and Bioshock are up there too). The moment that sealed it for me was getting to that last mission. I had completely upgraded Corvo into a swift, silent killing machine, and as a result I felt like a complete badass, using everything I knew to get to the final objective. The other levels had been trial and error: I'd found a playstyle that worked, and Arkane gave me a final playground to show off my mastery. Awesome. Mark of the Ninja. The best stealth action game I played. It beats Dishonored in that regard, although it only ever has 1 path to the objective. And it was only 15 bucks. The Walking Dead. This one would be my number one choice. I've never been so riveted and immersed. The nature of the game was such that the decisions that you had to make felt very much like YOUR decisions, and as a result the consequences felt a lot more personal. This meant that you actually start to genuinely care for the characters, in particular Clementine!RaptorJesus4 Dec 6, 2012
Dec 6, 2012 PoE Open Beta 1/23/2013 Path of Exile looks like a good game...anyone else in closed beta? I'm looking forward to open beta.IPawnU11 Dec 6, 2012
Dec 6, 2012 Diablo 3 (i5 3570) (8GB RAM) (GT440 DDR5) is ok if i run on this system?StevenChia8 Dec 6, 2012
Dec 6, 2012 delete please NMJekyll0 Dec 6, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Epic single player FPS? I just got my first desktop in over 10 years that can handle high graphic gaming. I'm looking for a good modern FPS with an good single player campaign. I played Deus Ex HR, and currently playing Dishonored, but I'm looking for something over the top where you just run around steamrolling enemies with big guns. Where I live the internet sucks and online gaming is very inconsistent, so to get one primarily for multiplayer would be a waste.Goodbrew2 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 POE open beta unleashed January 23rd!!!! Finally!stryker2 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Torchlight 2 endgame? Anybody know how and what is about the endgame of this game? I'm trying to find a new game and I was looking for Torchlight but never played the first game or the beta. And what about the PvP is there PvP and is any good?Fumbari28 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Darkfall: Unholy Wars on 12-12-12 Anyone going to play it? It's been rebuilt from the ground up (formerly Darkfall Online), and somewhat girl'd up for most of you people, unfortunately... Shiny effects, NPC city safe zones, "classes", etc. Should still be pretty good, though. It still has open-PvP and full player looting, so some of you guys might not have to sack to play it, but everyone should give it a shot. 1st/3rd person twitch combat, open-PvP, player looting, seamless map... It's hard to like a "typical" MMO after playing DF.Jason1 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 Wondering what video card is better. Im thinking of purchasing a better video card for my desktop. my budget is roughly $100. I was wondering if i should go with the GeForce 640 2 GB or the Radeon 6670 1 GB? or maybe you guys could post links or describe better choices?ScareCjr20091 Dec 4, 2012
Dec 4, 2012 Anybody have a D2 LoD cd key they don't need? I'd like to play this too along with D3 :) Thank yougawd0 Dec 4, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 Dark Omen for the win! ohh yeea! Just got the item that gives your regiment protection from missiles!Nocturnal1 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 building a computer for Titan I need a new computer right now but I also need it to be futureproof for Titan. How does this look? CPU: i5-3570K Graphics Card: GTX 670 Everything else is whatever works and hard drive will be SSD. I would like to run ultra settings on 1680x1050 at 90+ fps.Squamata2 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 Best/Worst/Dissapointing games. Best game: Super Metroid, love this game and i'll never sell my copy. Worst game: Home alone 2 on gameboy. Most dissapointing game: Tie between Resident evil 6 and Diablo 3.Leon24 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 What do you think of this laptop for gaming? well guys, what do you think of this laptop? is it worth the money? the 500 usd discount turned me on. what do you think about the specs? i was actually thinking of getting the entry level of alienware m14x but this seems to be better? what do you think? thanks guys i appreciate it. :DEndaman1 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Looking for a cheap new game? My brother and I are the type of gamers that play multiple games a day rather then just one game for months. In saying that, over the last few weeks we found ourselves playing games we didn't think we would still be playing. Now, if you're one of those people who won't touch a game because you can't play it for 6 months straight then you might want to leave right now. Just letting you know. :) FTL (Faster Then Light) My brother has been addicted to this game and bought it for me. I refused to play it as it looked stupid. I have to say, I was oh so wrong. This game is so fun. You chose your space ship and head through a number of galaxy's. At the end you face a big mother ship. Along the way you come across many obstacles, decisions and crazy battles. Seriously buy and give this a go. Its very cool and addictive. Mark of the Ninja I installed and played this because it was on sale. Holy cow! I'm a ninja! No, really, you actually feel like a ninja. Stealth, assassinations, the way you move, its very cool. This game has very high ratings. The cartoons between acts are well done too. If you don't mind side scroller games like Trine (another awesome game) and like violence and cartoons, give this a look. I made level 3 and I can't wait to play it again. Now you prob won't play these games for months but frankly, I find the longer the games life, the more drawn out and repetitive it is anyway. Sometimes its good to get away from the grind and just do something different. Sigh, now I gotta go to work. Cheers.OoieGooie2 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 nvidia geforce 6150se nforce 430 Will this play Diablo 3? Thank for any answers.Dierdre22 Dec 1, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 City of Heroes - Farewell Today the City of Heroes servers are shutting down... for good. I'm a comics fan. Ever since I remember I read super hero comics (not as in super fanatic, but I sure loved it). I've got tons of -rubbish- drawings of Batman, Spawn, Captain America, Hulk and many others. When a good friend of mine told me about this new game called City of Heroes I immediatly applied to beta test. I had to. The idea of creating my own heroes and develop their background and costumes was simply breathtaking. Beta came out and I fell in love with the damned thing. Never, in a zillion years, I would've thought of a game with so many awesome features. Talk about character costumization! I could literally make a unique costume and never find a player with something even remotely similar. Many heroes I've created. False Fiction, an illusionist with kinetics power. Four Winds, a Defender of Earth capable of controlling the winds and water. And so many others. The community, gosh it's amazing. Sure, you'd find some a55holes in there like in every other MMO. But the big majority was so awesome and amazingly creative. I can't even describe it. Every Task Force (group missions) felt like a true hero scene, fighting for a greater good. Despite the many attempts to keep the game alive, today the servers will shut down for good. Even though I haven't played much for the past year, it always felt conforting to me knowing that I could just login and enjoy that awesome game again. Now it's over and I'm actually sad about it. There be rumours about a big company wanting to buy Paragon Studios and release some sort of City of Heroes 2. I want that so badly, but I find it hard to believe. I apologize for this post. Just felt like saying a public goodbye to my favorite game ever.Pitfall1 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Getting bored of farming Act 3 for the nine thousand and one times? Want something a bit more traditional but enhanced for our modern systems? How about playing one of the greatest D&D PC games ever made? Well, look no further for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition has been released...TODAY! I can't wait to get home and play this after work!Begaria3 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 HD OMG! So my HP laptop crapped out. My best friend who owns his own software company gave me a brand new 17" Toshiba with HD. I can't believe the difference the screen is huge and in HD. Thank God for friends I have and my early xmas present.MasterDavid5 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 29, 2012 GTX 275 with low FPS, How to fix? I can play D3 pretty well. (Good enough) with the frame rates im getting but on certain acts (III,IV) it drops ALLOT!! Im able to work though if im really careful but i have killed off many HC toons because of extreme lag on my end. I was just wondering what configurations that i may change to improve this. I know i need to upgrade my Video card but i feel the GTX 275 should be able to handle it ok. Ive put all settings on diablo3 on low with a res of 1080p (id prefer to stay there if possible, I like playing with the game at full screen. Not cropped like the 720p gets me. System specs are - Core I7 920 (no/oc) Asus P6T 6Gb OCZ 1600mhz MSI Geforce GTX 275 896mb Internet speed is at 10mb/sec Most of the time it will stay at 60fps but when huge mobs come at me (Lighting Signal Fires) for example it drops to 10-20 FPS and has got me killed several times. I tried tweaking the settings in Nvidia Control panel a little and doesn't seem to help any. Anyone else have this card and is able to get at least 40fps or so in huge mob battles? Or is there a way I can change my resolution down to 720 or whatever but have it full screen, like stretch it or something? I hate how there are black bars on top and bottom when i change the res. Im pretty sure my drivers are up to date too.. 306.97 Thanks for any help anyone is able to give me.Dkenz1 Nov 29, 2012
Nov 28, 2012 Help PLZ!! bought an HP 2000-bf69WM laptop for my son for Christmas so he can be playing diablo III at his dad's while im playing at my we can play together. this laptop was on sale on black friday but i dont want to take a chance that it won't be compatible for diablo III. i saw all the specs needed for diable III but half the words....i had never seen before there any way to search this to find out for sure before i give this to him for Christmas??? TYnatrose782 Nov 28, 2012
Nov 27, 2012 can't play more then the first act I purchased the game and I can only play the first act? surely there is more to it then just 2 hours.. why can't I play anymore then the first act? Help pleasethemachinist5 Nov 27, 2012
Nov 27, 2012 Guild Wars 2 is way better then wow and D3 Let's face it, Guild Wars 2 is way better then wow and diablo 3, I don't even want to play those games now. So good bye Blizzard, I am sure I won't come back even if you get pvp up for D3 or wow hits 6.0 what so ever.Wavefront223 Nov 27, 2012