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Dec 3 Crate Can someone explain how a small Indie team that is making grim dawn making there arpg better then diablo 3 made by triple A studiopjab626998 Dec 3
Dec 3 New Generation of games, gamers and greed This generation of gaming is headed the wrong way, everything is becoming about money money money, microtransactions here and there, paid downloadable contents thats already in the cd you just bought etc etc. Its disheartening that the new generation of gamers will see this Greed as the default of gaming. But, there is still hope, someday perhaps, people will get tired of the "money" games and one company will bring the "old" ways back and every other company would have to follow suit just to compete. I hated capcom for example, for trying to sell me a different palette ryu, wtf?!? Earlier streetfighters you just need to press a different button for that, now i have to pay for it?!?! But it seems they have seen the error of their ways, and the next street fighter promises to allow players to earn supposedly-paid downloadable contents in-game without spending a dime. And hooray that this time you wont have to keep buying different version of the game like, super, ultra, mega, bazinga streetfighter. Its just going to be one CD wooo! Back in the day the goal was to earn a lot because the game was so good, nowadays its milk peoples wallets dry because i thought of a good gimmick to make em cough up more cash. Throwing it out there so maybe when the time comes, you can tell your kids that stealing your credit card to get another power up is not the way to play.Razzmatazz3 Dec 3
Dec 3 AMD the best for pure gaming? So from my current research on the topic. I keep hearing you can spend half the price on a top of the line AMD build and get the exact same (if not better performance) on gaming, instead of spending a crap ton of cash on Intel. I've only ever used Intel CPU's. Can someone confirm if going AMD for a gaming PC is best? Especially if your tight on money. Basically what I've heard is, the only reason to go Intel is if your doing lot's of 3D rendering or Video editing apps. But Intel will perform the same in games the same way a cheaper AMD chip would.Outplayed6 Dec 3
Dec 3 Season required play? Why? I fail to understand why Blizzard now feels the need to force people to play 'Seasons'? Yes, I realize no one is forcing me, but if I want the extra storage space required in an item-based game, I must play. One of the many things I liked about D2 was you played the way you wanted. We were not forced to play 'Ladders', and could play our main characters without concerns for missing out on items or features. The game is EPIC and many still play today. We could build characters and play the way we wanted to enjoy the game. Now we are being told how we will enjoy the game. I would like to feel that Blizzard values the time I have invested and not force me to piss time away in a part of the game where I have no interest.Paradox15 Dec 3
Dec 2 cough new orion dino beat down you can play like diablo thanks to a new dev. Dec 2
Dec 2 Warcraft 3 ROC camera zoom and camera scrolling lag I know this is for D3 but I tried to find W3 forums but sadly no luck :( This is very interesting since the demo has no issues (camera zoom and scrolling is butter smooth) but in the full game it looks almost as if it jitters in a fixed pattern.. what I mean is it might not be related to the framerate but rather to refresh rate / v-sync issues cuz the framerate is fine. Only the camera movement is choppy for some odd reason.. I even installed the latest patch hoping it would fix the issue. I tried the Nvidia Control Panel enabling VSync with Triple Buffering, I even tried V-Sync by itself and even disabled both but no luck.. All my other games actually benefit greatly from V-Sync on. I even went into the registry settings.. In the registry editor, I noticed the max frames is set to 200 and refresh rate is 60. Any tips here how I can tweak these values? Any bit of help would mean a ton! Thanks!undeaddragon0 Dec 2
Dec 1 Overwatch Who had a chance to participate in the stress test? I hopped in with low expectations just so I wouldn't be disappointed. As soon as I saw the first cinematic trailer it reminded me of TF2 and everything I read about it, the devs used TF2 as their source of inspiration for this game. I have played TF2 extensively over the years. I'm by no means a "pro" at it, but I have little issues doing a pub stomp. The game is easy to pick up, hard to master, which is what I love about it. Also, it has a flamethrower and a grenade launcher. Two of my favorite ever weapons. Like I said earlier, I went in with low expectations. TF2 isn't a masterpiece, but I do think it's a good standard as "tried and true". It has a formula that works. I honestly didn't have the faith that Blizzard could balance Overwatch. Maybe I'm jaded from all of the balance gripes my friends had about WoW over the years, or maybe I'm jaded from what the Diablo series has went through over the many moons. After playing the tutorial I hopped into a server as Solider76 because why not? I wanted to play and it was the only hero I was marginally familiar with. I must have been in a server with people who were entirely new to the game, as I owned. It was Hanamura and I was on attack. I did my fair share of dying, but I got plenty of kills and pushed the point hard. At the end of the round I even got a score card with 7 votes to it. I had no idea what any of that meant at the time, but neat. So I played around a little and I just kept feeling disappointed and I wasn't sure why. I kept trying to chalk it up to the learning curve of the different heroes, but with such low expectations to begin with something just didn't jive. After my last play yesterday I think I realized why I felt disappointed. 1. The feedback loop system is nearly non-existent real time. - Where's my scoreboard at? You can have more on there besides KDR. If I'm healing, how much have I healed for? Tank? How much damage have I absorbed? I can't possibly know if what I'm doing is helping or hindering the team. One thing TF2 did real well here is that if you did any support work, you get points for it. I remember topping the scoreboard by a large margin numerous times as a medic in Vanilla. Yeah, I was badass back then. I'd heal, do ubers, get kills, and cap points. I knew how to stay alive and push the team forward. 2. Too many heroes. I just don't think that many hero's are necessary to have a fun game. TF2 is a good example of class variation, which is more than what Overwatch has. Overwatch has sub divisions in those classes and it works. I see 4 distinct roles and I wonder if it's really necessary to have that many heroes for all of that. They could cut the hero count in half and expand the roles a bit and really hone in on what they want those heroes to do. 3. Some ultimates are cheap I win buttons. While some of those require good positioning, it's typically not hard to get. Maybe time will tell with higher level play, but I see this being abused to great effect. Maybe that's the intent. Also, Genji's sword has this long-tana effect which is annoying. I remember a source mod, Dystopia, having this same issue years ago. Due to horrid server calculations, the katana's range was extended so you could hit someone further away than you should. The faster your character moved, the easier it was to keep up with it. This was eventually fixed. In any case the "Q" abilities need to go. Some of them should be incorporated into the heroes with a longer cool down on them, but the cheap I win button has no place in a game like this. 4. What is up with the constant auto-aim here? This needs to go too. The only two heroes that I felt were juuuust right were Reinhardt and Lucio. Lucio's wall running ability seems useless, but the character otherwise is solid for a support role. Knocking people off the map with him is satisfying. Reinhardt is fun and I'm glad he's a melee only character. His "e" ability (I think), the one where you shoot a flame across the ground, needs reworked. It's just not that useful. I rarely saw anyone using it, and I know I didn't use it often. I was too busy being a tank. If I wasn't tanking, I was using the shift key ability to pin a player or three down. I also found Junkrat to be a lot of fun, but his ultimate is one of those "I win" buttons. Every round I used him, I always got the player of the match thing at the end. If I wasn't jusing Junkrat, then I never saw that footage, despite the fact that I might have mowed down five people in 3 seconds as another hero. For those of you who want to say that this was purely for a stress test, then all I have to say is, "why did they ask for our feedback?" They can gather all the data they need from us merely playing the game if they're purely doing a stress test. This weekend may be the only taste of the game we get. If Blizzard wants to sell copies, they better hope the game was polished enough to make a good and lasting impression.kneo241 Dec 1
Dec 1 SMB vs D3 Super meat boy vs d3 Clip of smb: Diversity: 50-50 Difficulty: smb rpg elements: 50-50 Grinding: D3 Boss battles: smb Plot: smb Price: D3 100 bucks - smb f2p Competition: D3 based on random randomness - smb based on skill :)Jumbasa20 Dec 1
Dec 1 For Some Reason I just want to play Diablo 1 again For Some Reason I just want to play Diablo 1 again, probably with the Hellfire Expansion. Can it even be used online anymore?Jiryn3 Dec 1
Nov 30 Diablo 2 I have been playing Diablo 3 for a while. I have never played Diablo 2. Is it still worth buying Diablo 2? Or is it a big no-no?ShotnRun19 Nov 30
Nov 30 Diablo 2 on Windows 7 (64 bit) So i keep having that color scheme crashing effect. The game is still running smoothly just all the colors turn green, yellow, pink, etc. Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Wanting to get ready for D3 and enjoy some more lore after having finished Book of Cain.NFGBro34 Nov 30
Nov 27 To the Devs: Heads up, they're making Lost Ark Your fans are patient about your stubbornness in implementing ideas from the community, but don't push it too far. If you are going to make excuses at least come up with something intelligent to say instead of treating your fans like they're retarded. Excuses like "don't have the resources available" and "the technology isn't there" aren't gonna cut it anymore. Other companies are stealing the core concepts that you guys came up with and using them to evolve it into a game that your fans are hoping to enjoy one day in Diablo. Saying stuff like "learning from season 1" and "keeping the pylons in GR" demonstrates the failure of the developer's designs. You guys have no idea what you're doing. If you don't want to release Diablo as an open source then you better start listening carefully. Usually I am patient about the progression of the game's design and development, but that's not going to work anymore. I was watching Diablo videos on youtube and you know what was in the recommended list to the right side? Lost Ark's gameplay trailer. I clicked on the video and skipped parts - only to find it so fascinating that I decided to watch the whole video again. I was completely sold. I will not post any links, but at this rate I am just in denial of my own rationality to have faith in the Dev team. I wish Diablo the best - I truly do, but that's not going to happen unless you start listening and implementing community ideas. Seriously, what does it take to wake you guys up from your stubbornness and delusion to see how much your fans care about your game. Diablo Devs, go ahead and look it up. Use the video as a self reflection on how much shame you guys have on yourselves; how much potential there is in Diablo that you guys so willingly promise us and break; how much apologies do you owe to us fans - the apology we're waiting for; the game that was promised; the game that us fans deserve. Another heads up, if you guys don't already notice. Pay attention to the reactions you're getting from the Diablo panel at Blizzcons; your fans are NOT amused. Even I, as a Blizzard fan, was surprised that RoS made over 1 million sales. While at it, to my fellow community members here. We need to let the devs know what we like and what we dislike. We need to be constructive and come up with ideas that works. The only thing I liked from the Diablo panel this year was the direction of making more set items to promote varieties in gameplay for each character. I believe this is the right goal to achieve as far as how the game is going. There are a lot of ideas that we're putting out there, I believe we can improve that further more by proper formatting so that our suggestions look pleasant. We need to cut off the whiny and complaining tone. We understand why the low budget PoE wasn't able to compete with Diablo in the long run, but this time it's different; Lost Ark has been in development for 3 years and counting with over 150 developers all learning from the failures of Diablo. They are getting ready to eliminate every single other hack-and-slash games. I don't want to sound like Medivh from Warcraft, but the warning is inevitable. Praying and Good luck.Slayer33 Nov 27
Nov 26 Official Mario Maker Level Thread I've been working on some Mario Maker levels that I'd like to share. I'll start with just a couple that I feel have been refined to work well. I may add some more in the future. Please feel free to share yours, too! Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker: Reaching the goal is easy, but that's not the point. Only the most intrepid of explorers traverse to find all five stars. Are you up for the challenge? 315A-0000-003F-FF47 E36F-0000-0043-DC66 32FA-0000-0048-C5F4 08E7-0000-004D-3CC3quesadilla13 Nov 26
Nov 26 A humble request, from a fan. Hello, I am a long time fan of the Diablo series, the only game I really play. All other games I play are usually just to take a break from Diablo. I love the ARPG genre, but can never really sink my teeth into the other solid games out there (Path of Exile, Torchlight, ect.) I always fall back on Diablo. Thing is, I do not overly enjoy Diablo 3. The game is good, but like the other games in the genre, it never grabs me. I will not get into why I prefer playing Diablo 2 here. Everytime I reinstall Diablo 2 and start a new character its a process or making the game compatible. Newer Windows has issues the game, and you experience video problems. Sure, Glider fixes this, but Glider also has compatibility problems. Today really hit me, I was playing the game without "as Administrator" and wanted to play open-Bnet to transfer items over from one character to another (as ATMA does this, once again, more compatibility issues with mods ect). Game will not load without admin checked, relaunch game and Windows moved my saved files to a temp file, then removed that temp file - boom, progress gone. Blizzard, please set aside time to update Diablo 2 to fix its compatibly issues. I just want to install the game and enjoy it. Not spend hours finding fixes for various error messages. Regards, A fanHeisenberg0 Nov 26
Nov 25 D2 Ladder Reset this week For anyone who may not have seen the D2 ladders are being reset once again and wants to play some good ole D2 over the holidays. See you there!Brenvy23 Nov 25
Nov 25 IMO Overwatch looks like......... Battlebone just by what I seeing!!! Anyone else think so?TheGaige2 Nov 25
Nov 23 Fallout 4 Devs proly playing them now..RYAN13 Nov 23
Nov 22 Remaking Diablo 2 Hi Diablo fans, I'm a Diablo fan since I played it for the first when I was a child so scared that I couldn't enter the Cathedral. This game and Diablo 2 are what motivates me to get into the video games industry. So, I know I'm not the first to propose this idea, but I want to remake Diablo 2. The problem is that I can't do this alone because I'm still in college, so I don't have the complete knowledge to build a game "from scrap". That's why I need people like me who love Diablo to help me in the development. My goal with this project isn't to make money. My goal is to learn how to make the type of video game that was part of my childhood. It's also a good way to learn English as my first language is French (Canadian). I just want to make an HD version of Diablo 2 and maybe make some changes to some game mechanics that were not great. That means no major modification to the game. So, if you would like to be part of this project or share your ideas, do not hesitate.Youzak9 Nov 22
Nov 21 Can Diablo 3 run in eyefinity 3 monitor setup I am using a radeon 5770 in eyefinity with 3 24 inch monitors, will diablo 3 support multi monitor users. This is kinda a big deal for me as I hate playing anything that limits you to a set resolution .Megalodon36022 Nov 21
Nov 21 I expect them to mess up D2 This is a post purely in the realm of the hypothetical and is all pessimistic. You've been warned. Blizzard are supposedly working to revitalize and restore to glory their classic games and make them more accessible and easier to run on modern machines and operating systems. The more I am looking at this, the more I am left with the impression, that the following is going to happen: -blizz will remake D2+LoD on a 3D engine; -blizz will stop the regular D2+LoD support, so that you have to buy the remastered version (probably for 100$); -blizz will not convert already existing characters and items; -they'll disable trading; -they'll remove the ability of forming your own party within a game, so that we're all from the same team (which will also kill PvP); -they'll remove skill points and limit the number of usable skills, and so on. Basically, they'll implement everything we hate about D3 into the D2 remastered version, or at least that is what I expect to happen. I guess we'll see in two, three years.Noxifer14 Nov 21
Nov 21 D3's Best Competitor Announces 4th Expansion ... and it looks amazing: While D3's patch 2.4 is already boring me, PoE is adding this level of content for a fourth time now... plus another major patch coming out in a few weeks' time, just to tide us over: And did I mention that all of this added PoE content is free? Sorry, Blizzard, but that RoS purchase which I wasn't planning to make anyway... well, it just got a lot less likely. You're not doing nearly enough, and you're doing it much too slowly, while your competitors just keep moving even further forward.OldSchool2 Nov 21
Nov 20 I have a very important question If I decided to buy a new lap top, and wanted to be able to play D3, Would I have to repurchase it and download it all again, or just download, log in, and download from there free because I already have it? The answer will be the decision breaker for me.DemonKitsu212 Nov 20
Nov 20 Sacred 2 vs Diablo 3: It was thought provoking. I recently decided to go back and play Sacred 2 for a little variety in my gaming. What I found, or rather rediscovered, was one of the best development models for an action RPG ever conceived. After spending hours re-discovering this game, at an age where I can better appreciate its complexity (and its technical challenges and bugs : /), I also began to reflect on the quality of Diablo 3. Let me preface everything I'm about to talk about with this: I love Diablo 3—I spent hundreds of hours on it. The purpose of this thread is to provide constructive feedback about what elements a good action RPG should possess, and the kind of questions we, as gamers, should be asking ourselves about this one. Devs and Blues, some of these questions are worth paying serious attention to. I don't really care if any officials respond or not, but the questions pose very reasonable criticisms as I will be comparing them to a product that really does exist, and was likely made with a smaller team and in much less time. If Sacred 2 had a larger team, please correct me right away. 1. After spending 10 years developing Diablo 3, how did we end up with a way smaller world? Seriously, why is Diablo 3 so much smaller? --Sacred 2's world is gigantic. It's almost the skyrim of hack and slash RPGs. You can travel wide and far, and very wide. Towns, villages, and random quests everywhere. Also, there are even mounts. 2. The mobs are responsive. Especially to each other. . . --Kobolds, bandits, orcs, the undead (to name a few). Like Diablo, there is a large variety of mobs. Unlike Diablo, they do NOT all get along. It isn't rare to happen by two large groups of kobolds and undead or bandits who crossed paths, and end up going at each other in a frantic melee. This makes the world a good deal more immersive. 3. Graphics. Maybe this is just my opinion, but Sacred 2 is beautiful. When I crank D3 to max and Sacred 2 to max, it's a far better looking game. 10 years guys. I wouldn't say anything about this if I didn't feel someone on the inside should be pointing it out, and using this particular example. 4. In Sacred 2, the clothing helps the man, but it doesn't totally make him. --Gear in sacred 2 is very important, but it's not everything. There are a ton of skills and abilities that will turn you into a wrecking ball so long as you have blue or gold gear on your level. Cool sets in Sacred 2 exist, but I don't believe they are mandatory for even the game's most difficult settings. How could you guys spend 10 years developing diablo and not figure out how to make this work well when a game in 2008 was sitting there with the answer. Which brings me to my next point. . . 5. Character Skills (I'm not talking the combat arts you learn by eating runes). --Character skills are a core component of Sacred 2's game play, they determine the cool down on your combat arts and penalties from armor, how much damage you do with weapons, and more. Because of the large variety of these skills and the bonuses they provide after putting 75 points into them, you can virtually build your character into anything. This includes more or less ignoring your combat arts (your spells), stacking vitality, a weapon specialization for double hits, and tactics for raw damage bonuses and crit chance, picking up the mastery in toughness, and being a total melee juggernaut mage with crazy HP regeneration from the constitution mastery because you saw you had a buff that gave you damage resistance, or did some kind of aoe aura, or whatever. . . Here's a link to the skills for sacred 2: 6. Spells. One of them even lets you make a shadow double of yourself, complete with the type of weapon you are wielding. Though D3 and Sacred hold up pretty evenly here. 7. Character Customization: as I mentioned above, the number of skills and bonuses they provide upon mastery will let you take pretty much any class and play around whatever spells you find the most gripping, even if that happens to be no spells at all. There's a skill for more or less everything you'd use on your character class, than you can invest in to improve that thing. Which makes for virtually limitless combinations of play that are highly effective without "legendary" items. Diablo 3 had 10 years of work. What prevented them from achieving a similar result? And why were those choices made? I just thought that having experienced both of these products, it would be prudent to ask these questions. I can't help but feel that D3's dev team fell VERY short of a bar they should have seen pretty plainly given existing competition on the market. Especially considering that they put 10 years of time into this game, and came out with a much smaller ones that is far more watered down. . . Raises questions man.Balegrim20 Nov 20
Nov 19 Did anyone play Eastern Sun? Diablo 2 Mod. I was chatting with a friend today about some nostalgic d2 moments and we both remembered a well put together mod for d2 called Eastern Sun. The mod changed the face of d2 and made it even more amazing... It's basically EVERYTHING blizzard has talked about implementing into d3. Just in a d2 mod created in 2006. Anyone else play this?Łucifer15 Nov 19
Nov 19 Lookin' for people to Diablo II : LOD with!!! That's right, I'm looking for people to play Diablo II : Lord of Destruction with :3 I've been playing Diablo 3 all week and starting to get bored of grinding gear... So yeah..... If you're interested, hit me up and let's goooooo!!! :DToxicMoo24 Nov 19
Nov 17 Illidan's Swords Hello. As i can't type to WoW forums as my game time is over, i am kinda tempted to try my luck out here. I need to find the swords pictures (probably crossed over as a rogue wearing it). Can some1 find a pic and upload? It will be my new tattoo so need a clear pic of it. ThanksNero0 Nov 17
Nov 17 In honor of Battle Front roll out..enjoy.. Always gives me a really good LMFAO!! Nov 17
Nov 16 Devilian. arpg mmo So I tryed Devilian beta today and I dont know how will it be later but I think its how Diablo should have been. So its a mmo yes but an arpg too. In an afternoon I have seen two dungeons, pvp 20vs20 and 3v3, a city where you can see more players, mounts, there are raids, guild wars... Maybe its too early but I see more fun in that than in diablo.hoseman2 Nov 16
Nov 16 Game modes How come Marvel Heroes can have 10ish game modes but we only have 3 here? Not saying marvel is a good game in terms of game modes it is way ahead of Diablo 3...TakeNotes5 Nov 16
Nov 15 Best ergonomic chair under $300? Any recommendations for a solid ergo chair under $300? I'm looking for a normal "office" type chair, i.e. not gaming or racing. I'll go up to $500 if necessary, but prefer <$300. Thanks!Satyr0 Nov 15
Nov 15 WTB Diablo 4 Where we keep all the number crunching and player choice of D2 and all the quality of life streamline simplicity of D3. I have accepted the fact that D3 has way too much put into it to just change things to have the skill building that D2 has and that it would make much more sense to just make a new game.VanguardsArk13 Nov 15
Nov 15 so can't blizzard remake d2? so can't blizzard remake d2 with just better graphics? I don't think it will be difficult for them and it could be done in a short amount of time and easy money. Keep same content, characters, and gameplay exactly the same as diablo 2 etc..ANFO91 Nov 15
Nov 14 Let's play some D2 while waiting for 2.4? D2 lovers, let's have a little community game with new characters? :) What you need is a legit D2 + LoD and maybe a mic for teamspeak I made a wee channel for us to meet in, you can join thru here: Just set #diablotus as channel and it should work See you there :) - RajaRaja9990 Nov 14
Nov 13 Fallout 4, Legacy of the Void, 2.4 PTR. Even seasonal play is now a ghost town.gr8mikey1 Nov 13
Nov 13 PC Controllers for Diablo 3. This may seem like an odd question but can anyone tell me if a PC controller like one you would use for a PS3 gaming system would work while playing Diablo 3? I know that I would have to get a controller designed for PC gaming and the PS3 controller wont work. But I do not want to put out the money for one if it wont. I am asking because my other half wants to play on the PC but he has a physical disability that would make playing with the mouse/keyboard almost impossible. However he can use a PS3 style controller with little issue. Can anyone give me some insight on this?Kender37210 Nov 13
Nov 13 Anyone try the new STEAM controller with D3? Since Blizzard doesn't want to add controller support on the PC, the STEAM controller is our best option. Curious if anyone that has the controller has played D3 with it and how it plays.Yuri1 Nov 13
Nov 12 Blizzard Sues Bot Maker For Copyright Infringement... Blizzard Entertainment is taking a stand against popular cheating bots for World of Warcraft, Diablo 3 and Heroes of the Storm. The game company is suing the creators behind a series of popular bots for copyright infringement and accuses them of ruining the gaming experience for legitimate players. Source : Nov 12
Nov 11 Come play some Quake2! Hello all! My name is Rick and I'm from the Quake2-RA2(Rocket Arena 2) community and I'm here to invite any and ALL to come play one of the faster FPS games/mods of ALL time, Quake 2 RA2! It is free to download and free to play!(links will be at the bottom). Over the last few months, we've been able to bring RA2 back from the dead and are getting games going basically every night, but the main nights are Tuesday/Saturday nights at 10-11ish PM EST. It's a great game to play to change things up from D3 from time to time. I switch between the two a lot and they're both awesome games :D. D3 is my rpg of choice and Q2 is my FPS of choice online. A couple of my friends do the same I do and switch between the two every other day or so, that way they don't get burned out on either. Quake 2 has dwindled over the years and I'm here to try to bring her back close to her former glory(hopefully :D ) by providing the necessary links to files for you to get started. We're hoping to get as many people(and clans) to come either try out RA2 for the first time and/or get the old schoolers back, as we are planning on doing either weekly/bi-weekly tourneys so that we can bring the competition side back to Quake2 RA2! There is a bit of a learning curve that comes with Quake2 and the game's netcode kinda relies on you having a good connection(otherwise, you might lag a bit), but please, don't get discouraged! Give it some time and you'll be a Q2 God in no time! And if you don't have a clan and want to participate in the tourney's we plan on throwing, it's no problem. We'll have a thread that you can post in and we'll find you one! Quake 2 is an all around amazing game that still has a community even after 16 years.(many thanks to quadz for hosting the servers/forums and keeping everyone together for so long!). It's a game that anyone can enjoy, and of course the best part is, it's free to play! So grab the files you need, invite a friend/clan to come along to come enjoy the mayhem that RA2 provides! NOTE: RA2 tonight prolly won't start til around 10ish EST and I'll post the server IP below. Quake 2 may have dwindled down a LOT over the years, but we've been able to bring RA2 back from the dead a few times(this will hopefully be it's 5th time) and the CTF scene is also very much alive ( ) they throw cups every other month or so. And Team Deathmatch gets played nightly(not many play anymore, but that's what we are trying to change!) So come back or come try one of the games that started it all and lets get this thing back up and going! LINKS: To download Q2: To CONNECT or to FIND servers to play on, download the Quake II Server Browser Here: <---RA2 servers are listed as "v2.25" if you sort by Mod. The main RA2 server that we all play on is: For HELP or other inquiries, please go to: Another source to get faster help is to download mIRC ( ) and to log on the ETG(EnterTheGame) server and join the channel #RA2 or #tastyspleen and ask away! #RA2 is also going to be the main channel, so you may want to idle there anyway to receive updates/info on upcoming tournies etc. PS: I am spamming this everywhere I can and I hope I don't upset anyone in the process. I am just trying to bring back a game that was SO fun to play, even after 15-16 years of playing it, it STILL has multiple communities after all this time! If you have any questions about ANYTHING, I will do my BEST to post back but I'm trying to reach as many places as I can so it might take me awhile, but getting on IRC and asking me on there {name is [eL]RICK}, will net you a much faster response! Also, almost ANY question you might have SHOULD be answered already in some form on the forums! Hope to see you all in game! PSS: Many RA2/CTF/TDM games normally don't get going til later in the day, but if I can reach out to as many people as I'm hoping for, we can get games going all day long again! And Jehar (from , who has casted many games etc and is very well respected) plans on casting matches as much as he can! This will be pretty NEW to RA2 since it's never had LIVE casting before ever! So lets bring this game back and have fun!Randy3 Nov 11
Nov 11 Next game ? So, as the majority of people seem to dislike the upcoming grind for stash requirement coming in the next patch (myself included) - What other ARPG/RPG games are out there worth playing? Looking for my next game to focus on ThanksAppleman12 Nov 11
Nov 11 For every D2 > D3 arguement Just save this for when you need it. You're welcome. And I know viewers =/= quality. And every other whiny a$$ argument. But most people here worship D3 and hiss at the mention of D2. But it still stands to show what people find entertaining, if nothing else. Inb4 flame, trolls, downvotes, and me reporting myself. <3Danemj319 Nov 11
Nov 11 WoW is DED - Jay Wilson is working on it Title says it all :) Apparently after being in a BUNKER for close to 3 years (to not be blasted by angry D2 fans) he finally showed up ... And what he did in WoW - ENDLESS dungeons and BOUNTIES :) RejoyceVolfer13 Nov 11
Nov 11 "Pre-purchase overwatch gain beta access.............." I mean just let me know when its time to give you money........... Will not pre-order unless i get beta why are we not rioting in the streets?Ionz227 Nov 11
Nov 8 How did other franchises survive without paragons? Can you imagine SC2 with paragons? WOW with paragons? Why just D3?prusswan18 Nov 8
Nov 8 Wyatt's comments on THUD FYI, Quin's interview with Wyatt that is posted on youtube has comment on 3rd party programs that enhance the user interface (e.g., THUD). Although no program was mentioned by name, he seemed to say that this program is a "cheat" that gives players an unfair advantage even without the map hack aspect. Nov 8
Nov 8 Diablo 2 veterans: I need ur opinion This thread is for people who are veterans like myself who consider D2 the best in the series, and perhaps the whole "Loot RPG" genre. Perhaps a similar thing happened to you on May 15, 2012 when D3 came out: - After beating the easiest difficulty you looked away from the monitor to reflect on what you waited 12 years for. And you realized you didnt like it much, so you gave it another try on the other difficulties. - You realized within a week that the AH itself was the entire game. Gold farming to try to get good for Inferno, which was impossible in act 3 in that first month. - You realized that the lack of skill/stat points sucks. After May 2012, I know absolutely nothing about the game. I just know that it disappointed me so much, that I couldn't try it again. But Im here, 3.5 years later, for one last gasp. I'm hoping to talk to people who still like D2 more, or perhaps enjoy D3 a tad more than D2 because something miraculous happened with the newest patches. I heard of a thing called Rifts, and about a cube. But I know nothing. For you fellow d2 guys like myself, why is this game better now? Is it worthwhile? Should I dare retry? I'm really hoping you can delve into specifics. Go all out with d3 facts. Insert your opinion into it. Don't be afraid to compare/contrast the drop tables of D2: meph, pindle, etc to how d3 does things. If you want, compare the equipment systems (and how it directly relates to survivability)... i.e. in d2 HELL there are immune monsters OR the Natures peace ring kept dead monsters from coming back and helped to kill nilathak easier. OR how a Wizspike helps survivability against elements but takes away some PLUS TO ALL skill points away and retracts your overall damage.DarkCecil22 Nov 8
Nov 7 Diablo 2 Remake! TAKE MY MONEYY NOW DO EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET blizzard pls pls pls man id pay so much for that. thanksSnakeEyeZ0 Nov 7
Nov 4 Diablo 3 on twitch League of Legends 68,979 viewers Dota 2 48,498 viewers Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft 37,826 viewers Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 28,082 viewers The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth 13,366 viewers DayZ 1,449 viewers Divinity: Original Sin 999 viewers Rocket League 745 viewers Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 727 viewers Super Volleyball 547 viewers Diablo III: Reaper of Souls 449 viewers ===================== GAME IS DEADDarkSol51 Nov 4
Nov 4 Blizzard: "We’re restoring classic games... glory." Compelling stories. Intense multiplayer. Endless replayability. Qualities that made StarCraft, Warcraft III, and Diablo II the titans of their day. Evolving operating systems, hardware, and online services have made them more difficult to be experienced by their loyal followers or reaching a new generation. We’re restoring them to glory, and we need your engineering talents, your passion, and your ability to get tough jobs done. So if you like wearing many hats, know small teams are the most effective, and look forward to challenges that will create millions of new adventures for our players: we would love to hear from you. RESPONSIBILITIES Make gameplay first again on modern operating systems. Create conditions for experiences that look as good as they play. Own implementation and curation of features new and old. Combat hacking to improve multiplayer. Diagnose and fix all the things: crashes, deadlocks, overflows, heap corruptions, etc.tristramnh0 Nov 4
Nov 3 What's the point of Windowed Fullscreen? Literally. So I'm wondering to you guys, what is the actual point of having Windowed Fullscreen in the game, other than to appease elitist PC gamers who're all like "Ugh, no windowed fullscreen, what the hell!" Like... It doesn't work. Sure, you can Alt-Tab out of the game, but it usually never actually minimizes when we all know it very well should, JUST like all of their other games that has such an option. Like... Just remove it or fix it man. It's SO annoying to have to use Task Manager to minimize the game when you could probably change a couple lines of code, and have it at least not be the dominant window 24/7 upon using Alt-Tab. It is seriously irritating. What is the point of Windowed Fullscreen, if the whole point of it's existence is null and void due to how the game behaves with it?StormyFacade29 Nov 3