Aug 28, 2015 How about we do our pvp balancing? Greetings nephalems, I have been thinking this week, that IF the game dont provide a pvp balance for us, maybe WE, the communty, should make one. I remembered when i played Dark Souls 2 and people only leveled up to lv150, cuz the matchmaking and balance at lv150 was great for pvp. Maybe we could do the same for diablo. I already tried with some friends at lv70, to take off the super OP set bonunes and change the weapon to a white one, so we dont kill each other with one shot, and it kinda worked, but some classes probably will benefit from this kind of thing. Another idea is to follow what Dark Souls did, we all gather at a lower level, where the critical damage and chance dont scale so high, which cause the insane amount of damage that makes pvp super boring. Taking out the critical damage items, will vastly decrease the amount of damage and players wont die one shot. Another that would help a lot for us, is if they made possible to make parties on the brawling arena, at the moment its only free for all and Diablo is a game with lots of AoE abilities, so would be great to make some 2v2 battles without the fear of friendly fire. Well, thats my idea, when the devs say that its hard to balence pvp and keep the pve fresh for us, i belive them. Im really satisfied with the pve content for diablo, how about we give them a little help with pvp and make our own balancing, and maybe they will see and make it official one day. Thanks for everyone that finish reading the entire topic. Good hunting nephalems.Bode3 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 Pvp Suggestion - Should you care to read. Obviously, PvP right now is completely broken. Everybody completely explodes when they are touched by anything. So how do we fix this? Well, take the separate game mode avenue, of course! Just like there is Adventure mode and Story mode, create an Arena mode! In this mode, items and skills can be adjusted without having any affect on actual PvE. Numbers can easily be tweaked in this mode, characters can be made much tankier in this mode, so they don't explode in 1 hit. Skills can be adjusted in ways that either remove or add certain aspects, and the damage can be adjusted as well. For example, 1 Haunt usually takes somebody down all the way. In Arena mode, DoTs can be adjusted to either have shorter durations or just deal much less damage. Also, adding in PvP specific items that are earned in some way or another could also help correct the balance via adding some kind of PvP stats. However, PvP gear is not very important. With this, I feel like PvP will be a great addition to Diablo with the proper balancing and many people will come back to enjoy ripping eachother apart. Many people also love competitive PvP of some sort, which Diablo is currently lacking. TL;DR: Add in another gaming mode, such as Adventure and Story mode, specifically for PvP. Skills, items, and just about everything can be adjusted in this mode to allow balanced, fair, and competitive PvP! If you have any suggestions please share, and if I worded something awkwardly, please help me out.OrangeCloud2 Aug 27, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 i think you can look this Aug 27, 2015
Aug 25, 2015 Gibs HD version of D2 At least you can do Blizzard is to give us a HD version of Diablo 2. I bought Diablo 3 right from the release and our launch party sucked. I think we all know why. I hoped this would be a successor to Diablo 2 but all it is a neutered water downed console friendly version of Diablo. I havent been able to brawl a single person in the game. I got the expansion hoping I would at least be able to do that. It seems no one is ever on, at least on the pc version. I think you owe it to the fans to go back to your original work and at least make an hd version of Diablo 2. I know I would supply adequate demand seeing as I bought Diablo 2 like 7 times until it became digitized.Dranz1 Aug 25, 2015
Aug 18, 2015 Four Easy Things That Would Change Brawling Who do I need to reach out to change to brawling format?!?! As of now its so useless anyone out there agree? Lets create a move and get blizzard to accept the fact that the dueling format is a huge disappointment and to say the least a fail. They could easily change this by doing four very simple things, one reintroduce ears for bragging rights, two make teams... Lets get our dueling on again! Clans would be able to fight other clans there could be competitions and you know people would be posting them ears!!!! Bring the excitement of killing another toon by making hardcore dueling perma death or soft-death by adding a disclaimer something like (are you sure you would like to battle to the death, you will not be able to revive your toon.) #Winning!!! Last but not least put a wage on the battle in the trading format if players chose to do so in the trading screen prior to accepting entering the training grounds battle for shards or crafting mats something! Since loot cant be traded... The trading screen is a complete fail too but I guess that's another subject.GothicMortal1 Aug 18, 2015
Aug 13, 2015 This has to be the most ignored forum section Proof: See all other posts, then see what has been done since the games release.Danemj34 Aug 13, 2015
Aug 11, 2015 How to balance PvP Alright, instead of complaining about missing PvP I do want to suggest a system wich would allow PvP to be implemented into the game without 500 years of balancing prior to it's release. Trying out the brawl function or just using common sense, we all must realize that with the current balance in the game PvP would be impossible (in example, go for massive cdr & firebird set on the wizard, hit the enemy once and kite until he dies from the set bonus, become immortal on a full cdd monk, etc.). That wouldn't work and I do believe that it is the reason PvP has not been added to the game yet (why they didn't add it in vanilla is beyond me though). So here's what I've come up with: Add PvP gear. No Sets, but legendaries wich can only be used in a PvP arena (or a town for you wanna change gear there). Keep the Affixes of the legendaries less Overpowered than the affixes in PvE or you'll fail to balance anything. In addition to that, keep the stats low. Those of us who are into PvP are passionate, mostly. Just looking at HotS for example shows you how much, with 10 Billion PvP crits we won't be able to really see and improvement on our Character for the numbers are beyond everything we can calculate and theory craft with, wich is why I am against Sets and super Powered Legendaries in PvP. In order to even be able to start PvP White, blue and yellow gear should be allowed though. Now, the way I imagine it the PvP gear should have two tiers. Tier 1 can drop in PvE, but not at the same rate as PvE Gear for it would be horrible for players uninterested in PvP to get a lot of items they cannot use. Tier 2 will be obtainable through gambling only, but not via Kadala. If you win a fight in PvP, you'll get another resource... ears (you want em!). For a victory, you'll get two, for a close loss 1, for a regular loss 0. The brawl guy or whoever can now let you gamble similar to Kadala, using the ears as currency. But instead of paying out with a bunch of crap and common legs, he'll pay out with a bunch of crap and Tier 2 PvP gear. Now PvP is a huge deal and it should keep us busy for an eternity, so do not make him Pay out to often, which is why I would suggest the ear thing. You'll need a lot of ears to gamble and therefor it will take quite some time and effort to gamble towards Tier 2 gear. The Tier system would also determine your match ups. Someone ranked in Tier 1 will get opponents at the same tier. Since I am allowed to dream here I would even go as far as to suggest that more tiers are added, being unlocked by raising up in the ranking (I think we all know that PvP would be crap without a ranking). Another addition would be lucky ears or golden ears or whatever. Let's say you win 10 times in PvP. The player you defeated with your 10th win will drop a golden ear instead of two common ones, wich will guarantee a legendary payout from the vendor based on the ranked Tier you currently hold. The second thing wich I think is important to PvP is to ban all sorts of healing, no life per second, no life on hit, no potions, no healing skills. Keep in mind that the games balance is most likely to be responsible for the lack of PvP in D3 at it's current state. Allowing healing in PvP would be a huge balance flaw and likely delay PvP for another millennia. The last request I do have is of a motivational nature. Get those not pumped for PvP pumped for PvP. Add appealing rewards for playing against others. You Sir Blizzard have the tools at your hands. Give us something to look forward to. Transmorgs, STASHSPACE (Geardummies yes please?), Achievements, Cube recipes, Banners, Portraits, Exclusive PvE Gear, you name it. That's it. What do you guys think?Fauske8 Aug 11, 2015
Aug 9, 2015 We Stop Playing Waiting For PvP Unleash your rage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...Nelson6661 Aug 9, 2015
Aug 9, 2015 Add brawl leaderboard make it experience based on how kill to death ratio, including kills on good opponents (.500+) and deaths vs. bad opponents (<.500). Would be real dope if you die brawling in hc your character was gone for good. you could have a how many rips made leaderboard section too We should also get drops from brawling wins. Better than any drop in rifts or grifts or caches to incentivize us to brawl brawling should also unlock special seasonal portrait and pet. pet can be your character dragging a dead wizard (or other class based on what class you slay the most of) in chains behind you killing others in brawl should give mad xp to our paragon bar add option for tag-team brawling tooShaboiJD3 Aug 9, 2015
Aug 8, 2015 So I finally tried Brawling I was surprised that it has never once been looked at in years. Other ARPG games have had no problem implementing a rudimentary pvp system. Both myself and the other player died from a single hit. Didn't matter what skill was used. What a terrible attempt, just delete the feature pls.OmegaXtc13 Aug 8, 2015
Aug 6, 2015 Brawling and looting I think there needs to be some effort into getting people into brawling....a leader board of some sort, similar to the leader board in starcraft may be people a record. I also think that bringing back the looting aspect, especially in hardcore would be very cool. When a player dies, the other 3 people in the game should have the opportunity to get his gear. I know a lot of items are locked, however i think this would be a nice little addition to the game if you could find someway around it.Jinerictec850 Aug 6, 2015
Jul 31, 2015 a PvP idea occurred to me why not have some like this: The Eternity Games (new mode) capture the flag (or demon) team deathmatch normal deathmatch (free for all) hunting games (need to kill ever-spawning cows or something) treasure hunt matches (first to find a certain object wins) survival (survive against harder and harder waves of enemies like trials but more fun with objectives) and sets are disabled for this mode so you can only rely on normal legendaries and paragon is also disabled so everyone is on even ground (sort of) and everyone takes 50 or 75% reduced damage in deathmatch (can be tested to see how much is needed so that it actually can take more than 1-3 hits to kill someone) and such so noone gets 1 shotted by bull!@#$, naturally they would have to try and increase the amount of people that can be in a single game for this mode specifically (maybe upto 10 so teams can have 5?) and the rewards for first place could be a box with a random legendary in it and a box with a random amount of bloodshards (from 250-500) while everyone else gets a box with a 75% chance of a legendary in it (and all boxes drop 50 of each material and 10 death breath [souls not included]), this should end up coming down to skill alone and give people multiple choices of pvp they ask for, also this mode should not unlock untill you have your toon at level 70 and for public games you can set a minimum damage limit so no one leeches free legendaries unless you want it. the type of "game" should be started in town from a new vendor selected by the host and then voted on by everyone in the game (must have 60% say yes to begin the 10 second countdown to start). i reckon this could also be alot of fun and an interesting way of using those 'useless' legendaries in your stash to make some interesting fun builds and gives us something to do other than grind while still getting rewarded with legendaries (so still grinding in a way but having real fun doing it). what are your thoughts on this? p.s dont care if you trolls downvote this i just wanted to bring this to the communities attention and see who thinks this could be fun edit: after a bit of feedback perhaps a bloodshard and mat reward shouldnt be done as i have thought it over more and exploiting would be a big problem here so maybe just only the winner would get a cache with a 50% chance of a completely random legendary (class specific not this retard loot system) and if no legendary they get 50 bloodshards instead (exploit that >:D) and everyone else goes empty handed. ok maybe 10 people per game would be a bit much but it would be fun to at least try support maybe 6 for 3v3 matches instead and such and only the host can pick the game modeGalvatron20 Jul 31, 2015
Jul 31, 2015 Is it D III, WoW, or Heroes of the storm? Maps a lot like HOS gear grind like WoW and toons and skills are D III? Day 134 The Witch Doctor sent out yet another wave of mindless minions to knock down our gates. Thank the gods we have the barbarian holding them off. With the crusader pushing the front lines leaving us healing wells to help us along the road. If we didn't have the Wizard leaving hydras on the less traveled roads then we would be overwhelmed with minions at our gate. I can see the battle field from the towers on the wall. I have observed a Demon hunter leaving traps and hiding Sentry guns along the path to their gate. The most haunting sound I have ever heard echoing across the field? I'm not sure what it is? I don't think I want to know. A scream of MAY THE GODS STRIKE THOUGH ME followed by screaming of IT BURNS then an explosion!? What ever it is it should probably be nerfed before next season? Hello Cashem here! I would like to see a HOS map play style in D III with gearing more like WoW. Seasons like the seasons we have now but for PVP. You can send an old PVE season toon over to the PVP season. That would solve the "I have 3 of the same toons already" problem, You don't run out in the world on your PVP toon getting gear, you grind it out in the battle fields. Blood shards to roll for your first few PVP items then PVP tokens for set items. Then I would like to see some ranked death matches 2v2 & 3v3 more like WoW arenas, with D III themed arenas of course! Your 6 pc set can give a base of 100 resist-all elements and have verse-all class of 100. Maybe not 100% that's it 100 and 100 nothing else. I would remove any LoS objects so no WiZ, with 2X hydra and fire raining down from behind the poles, or you Crusaders with your damn hammers! If you have more ideas on what you would like to see leave a comment below. Lets let the Devs know what we want for pvp. This would give us what we want verses what they want. After all we are the ones playing? So it should be the way we want it to be right? This is just more of a kick start post to get ideas rolling.MoJoCashem0 Jul 31, 2015
Jul 30, 2015 only blues allowed, no gems anyone wanna brawl? you can only use blues, and no gems are allowedCheezusCrust1 Jul 30, 2015
Jul 29, 2015 PVP Why? How? and PLEASE! PVP adds an extra edge to the game (Especially for HC players) that a LOT of players crave, the thrill of joining a game not knowing who you will find, if there will be a team, if it will be 1v1, 2v2 or 1v3. This in itself speaks to numerous players (Both SC & HC) in a way that would bring a lot of players (New and Old) into the game. Now, the D3 Team has stated that certain mechanics has broke PVP and made it hard to add (RNG, Massive Damage etc). I have thought a lot on this subject and would like to offer an idea and open the floor to others to add/modify/suggest their ideas and thoughts on it. First and foremost issue I can see is Insanely High Damage: The easiest way I can think to fix this (Mind you I have ZERO coding Exp) would be to add an underlying flag on PVP Damage, this would reduce damage received from a player against another player by 80% (This is just a number I randomly chose). This reduction should be added onto the Defender not the Attacker, doing this would prevent massive amount of checks needed to be made for monsters. Second, the Bonuses for joining a PVP Game: As always a Bonus should be added for the chance you are taking with joining this Playmode, now this should be fairly high if the consequences are high enough for death/dismemberment and should also be effected by the Player Type (SC/HC). These bonuses could included everything from Dam/Def/XP Buffs (For when you are in a Non-PVP Game) to the obvious Gold/Magicfind% increases for while in a PvP Game. I have no idea what or how high these bonuses should be but feel free to add what you think. The Dam/Def/XP Buffs would be based off of how many Players you have killed, when you kill a player they would have a chance to drop a Item that could be inserted into say the new Cube that is coming out that changes it into a Active buff with a decent duration. 3 different buff types means 3 different items could drop. Eg: Ear (Increased Def) (Homage to D2 PvP), Eye (Increased Damage) and Brain (Increased XP). These would would be useable in conjunction with Pools/Pylons/Shrines of course. As stated in the first part of this, the Gold/MF Bonuses will in PvP can be pretty much anything as long as it is inline with the Consequences HC Duel Wins: For the player that wins the HC Duel, I think that 3 random pieces of equipped gear should be selected from the player that lost character with NO MODIFICATION (Eg Enchanting/Rama) along with a % of the losing players Gold. NO XP GAINS AT ALL (Or excruciatingly low to prevent farming). For those lopsided battles (3v1) the player with the HIGHEST amount of damage done gets the loot. SC Duel Wins: SC due to the lack of perm death the rewards would be not as good obviously. For SC I think increased chance of a Leg/Set peice drop along with a smaller % of players gold should suffice. All PvP Kills would have a 33% chance to drop a Dam/Dam/XP Buff item Third, the Consequences Of course, with the chance of great reward comes the possibility of great consequences. For HC Players the main consequence is obvious, perma death for the character. Now, SC Death could be increased Repair Costs (Maybe XP Loss?) and by increase I mean MASSIVELY HUGE. A death ingame currently costs (For me anyway) about 10k Gold, now for a PvP Death this should be MUCH Higher. Say 20% of current gold? (Just an idea LOL) Now, all of this would open an option for new Leaderboards, Achievements and possibly other cosmetic bonuses. I look forward to reading everyone's thoughts and input on this. If you like this idea, PLEASE Like/Sticky Request itDevArmaya4 Jul 29, 2015
Jul 20, 2015 Does anyone actually even use brawl? Title lolRunemane1 Jul 20, 2015
Jul 20, 2015 Easy Brawling Fix As you all know this forum is filled with posts about the lack of PvP. What surprises me is the lack of ideas on how to implement PvP from the community. Brawling , in its current state, pretty much comes down to who gets the first hit. How can we fix this? My idea comes from games like Guild Wars 2 where PvP is for the most part standardized and places more emphasis on skill. My version of brawling would look like this. 1v1 or 2v2 arena matches. You or your team challenge someone or another team to a duel. They accept. Both parties are teleported to an arena and have 30 seconds to go over their strategy. Gates open and you fight to the death. HERES THE CATCH!!! In the arena each players base stats are set to a predetermined value, lets just say 500 in all stats and 500 in all resistances and 50 points in each stat of every paragon tab. Your gear and gems are NOT standardized. Having better gear benefits you but doesn't necessarily mean you will win. My theory is that if brawling can be changed into something that people actually enjoy and turns this forum channel into a positive environment where people are swapping and critiquing PvP builds Blizzard will be motivated to implement even more PvP options. I think my idea is awesome and easily implemented but I am sure the internet will remind how stupid I am. Thanks for reading!Sublux0 Jul 20, 2015
Jul 15, 2015 hello pvp topic can u put in pvp? theres no pvp. i want to play d3. i want a new expansion. i want 2 new classes. not templar. new maps new game new pvp new arena goJuggernaut1 Jul 15, 2015
Jul 9, 2015 MONK PVP BUILD for 2.2 i have a pvp build for monk in d3 2.2, it is very powerful i hope you can test it. play for fun. skill: Jul 9, 2015
Jul 4, 2015 First post - PVP :( Just bought D3 and ROS after playing over D2 again with some bros. Good memories. Got into D3. In general think it's pretty cool but have been trying to find out how to pvp. The brawling ground surely can't be the only way to fight other people. I'm just about level 60, haven't experienced the end game or even finished the story. Only on Act 3 but after a little research have discovered that there is no real pvp system and it's effectively been shelved. I came from D2. I've read a lot of arguments against pvp saying that the game's core is PVE. Absolutely true. However, without pvp, the PVE feels empty, even while playing through the storyline. It's like a sneeze that never comes. Any devs see this, remember that D2 made this game possible and a large part of what kept that game interesting and playable for such a long time was the hostility / party systems with easily findable games. It wasn't perfect either but there was still a community feel about dueling putting gear together in different ways, plenty of amazing builds you tweak with different characters. Please do something to address it. This is a first post. That should say everything bliz.ImNotARapper1 Jul 4, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Feedback Hello, i'm a massive nerd and since i ever started playing wow i have build up a (i want to say) 'healthy' interest in pvp in general 8 years ago.Its the soul reason i play a lot of games nowadays (Cs Go, Awesomenauts, World Of Warcraft). In concept pvp is something you cant go wrong with in my opinion. In case of Diablo 3 it occured to me that people want the pvp they got promised a few years back and i can understand that, what i absolutly cant grasp is why most of them are in the assumption the classes need to be 'balanced'. There are so many ways to build a class that there is practicly always a way to counter another class, for me that's one of the most appealing/satisfying aspect in games like this; observe, theorycraft, build, learn, master, wreck players => satisfaction. So people saying pvp doesnt have a place in a game like this .. i think they are missing the point of these specific games (simulair to World of Warcraft). Now, i'v read somewhere that you guys aren't planning to do something with pvp and want to continue focusing on pve. I dont think this single message will chance your minds but; Some suggestions/feedback around pvp in Diablo 3 in its current form that requires small effort for great results: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Have a Auto-Search function for brawling rooms while you are in the main menu and when you're in a closed self made room. When you are in the room and you enter the well known pvp area, you can exit the room again by leaving the pvp area and press a button to return to you're private room or main menu with your character. - Have a on/off toggle; when someone hosts a room he can toggle friendly fire on/off (maybe even choose how much dmg other players take). This will need some more design since you will need to notify players that they are joining a pvp on/off room, wich brings me to my next point. - Have name-able rooms when you make one. It seems like a trend these days (and with that i mean decade) to online game developers to always make a auto-join function, while a list of servers is so much more appealing and cause so much more variety and can specify things, i never understood why so many games turned there back to that system. These are 3 of my main reasons why i dont play Diablo 3 anymore, but dont get me wrong. For now its the best grind point n click game ever in my opinion (and i dont mean that sarcasticly). That's why i want it to have some sort of workable pvp and make the game succeed even more, because of all the potential this game has. I wouldnt want more then have this game in my cycle of games for years now and with one of these 3 suggestions i'm convinced a lot of players will return to Diablo 3 (including me ofcourse). Thanks for your time and sorry about the bad english. btw. if someone of the Blizzard forum employees (if that even exists) read this and has some knowledge about the developers idea's around pvp; I would love to hear some counter arguments if there are any. Thanks again and keep up the awesome work.Rekall0 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Diablo 3 pvp balance damage by players?? .Diablo320122 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 26, 2015 Still no pvp sooooo sad... Its a sad day ...KingOfDiablo1 Jun 26, 2015
Jun 26, 2015 How pvp should be. This game I used to play back in the day had it right. You went to a special map at a certain time every week as a part of a team. One team had the castle and the guild pole. You had to fight to break down the gates and enter the castle and kill the guild pole to win or defend the gates. The winner would get a free item that was relevant to the game. Was massively fun would give anything to try it on diablo. But i guess they have to balance classes for pvp first which wont happen anytime soon. But i feel like a fun pvp mode is the biggest thing d3 is missing right now. Just my opinion though.SimonCross0 Jun 26, 2015
Jun 25, 2015 About the death penalty Did anyone mation about the death penalty in greater rift is very uncomfortable? Cutting down the remain time can be much easier than waiting and wasting time in front of the screen ~ I think~ - a Nephalem from chinaDiwinit3 Jun 25, 2015
Jun 25, 2015 They lied It wouldn't be so dissapointing if they didn't say they were working on updating brawling years ago and showed us so great 2v2 arena footage as beta footage. They said it would be part of the game. They lied. How did this happen? Will it ever change? We all know they are lieing about it being too hard to balance. Has a blue ever posted in these forums?LordCucumber1 Jun 25, 2015
Jun 25, 2015 we should serioulsy sue for our money back on this lie of team deathmatch. its the main reason i bought the first game and the second i had hopes for pvp still... pvp is the most talked about topic on the forums. well it was, before people started getting banned left and right for asking about it.Cryptojam5 Jun 25, 2015
Jun 25, 2015 How to patch pvp easy and make ppl happy Give us a pvp shop , with very rare tokens that drop in pve environnement , give us a one pvp set per class without any affix , only stats , make it so we dont die in one shot , make some items with faster hit recovery and block % , give us some resilience items , and some cc resist.. Thats it , a team of 10 ppl could make this in less then a month..Zeus2 Jun 25, 2015
Jun 23, 2015 PvP like the Arena shown in 2010 is possible a) Nerf all damage by 98% not sure balance will be given b) (better) Give us PvP gear that can be obtained by special game modes in adventure mode. So all the crybabys can avoid getting into contact with 'bad bad bad pvp gear which is not needed for d3'. -PvP gear can just be as 'strong' or as potent as it was in the video which was worn by the characters. -PvP gear could be introduced in several ways: -> a new male kadala for PvP gear only (blood shard sink) -> craftable at the smith -> a checkbox in game options to make PvP gear drop in normal adventure mode -> a checkbox on character creation [ ][X] Create Arena Hero (enabling PvP gear) -> PvP gear starts dropping@lvl70 -> different layers of PvP gear: rare, legendary, set, ancient -> Lower numbers, some crucial stats need to be looked at (CDR and broken stuff) -low numbers, easier balance. Skills can be changed while being in an arena (invisibility, invulnerability etc) These skills saw a good change in the last patch tho. -Stats like CDR might need a look but that might not even be as bad as one thinks. -PvP gear will also have legendaries and sets. But of course, not as OP as in PvE. Another big component of a good endgame that makes many people want to play again or that gives many people a reason to grind. (this may not be the only solution for proper endgame, just saying, otherwise I'll have a river of tears here soon) Yeah, inb4 people: 'Play HoTS, D3 is not a game for PvP'. To all these people: WHY do you think YOU could judge what many people like? Even Blizzard thinks/thought that PvP is a good play mode in this game otherwise videos like the Arena in 2010 would never have existed. Yes, PvP fits into this game. The game mechanics and engine is simply fun.WalkinTall18 Jun 23, 2015
Jun 20, 2015 HotS is for ppl who wanted PvP in D3 As I recall from day 1 to now, people have been belly-aching that we weren't given arena PvP in Diablo 3. HotS is basically the exact same type that we were "promised" and that the many D3 Players wanted to have. So I don't see why the "real" PvP enthusiasts are still complaining that there's no PvP in D3 and not playing HotS(now open to everyone with a full release coming soon)...maybe people just like to complain over little things... Personally, I don't see it as your typical MOBA with only 1 or few monotonous maps. It has plenty of modes/maps, objectives and unique character skill development. It's not a boring game. If we were to get that in Diablo 3, I strongly believe it would be a lot duller with the too few characters in the would get just as stale as brawling is. In my opinion, there's no need for Diablo 3 Arena PvP when HotS is a great way to PvP. Diablo 3 is what you do if you want to kill monsters, level up and get some loot...HotS is what you do if you want some Diablo arena-style PvP.Dieftw7 Jun 20, 2015
Jun 6, 2015 Is this real? Jun 6, 2015
May 29, 2015 No PvP? Np. There was something special about Diablo 2, never really got into D1 too much but it seemed to have the same sort of way to it. Diablo 3 to me, feels like garbage. The devs wasted their time with all their pretty game engine, mechanics, physics and all the rest of that crap. I was still playing D2 close up until the servers had been switched off and how old is that game? It's stone-age !@#$ and people were still going back to it. I had hoped when an announcement for Diablo 3 came about that it was just going to be another extension of Diablo (which it wasn't). I don't think Blizzard realises that they're teaching people a few things about gaming development, you might want to be a little smarter about your scams, in-game shops and stupid content releases with your overenthusiastic patch notes, this game is not exciting, your lies are too obvious and it actually makes me feel bad that you don't realise how lackluster this game is Blizzy. Bliznorth were maddos. DO YOU EVEN PLAY YOUR OWN GAME? Probs not. This is aimed at the Devs, not the blue posts. The blue posts are nothing more than a center of people to spoon feed information to customers for a FRIENDLYCUSTOMEREXPERIENCEOMG. Prove me otherwise dlizzard. No one cares about people that represent a company, infact consumers dont care about companies altogether. the ONE thing that people DO care about is the content of their life, and whether or not the content in their life is appealing (one of the reasons people dont eat the same %^-* for dinner over and over again) Blizzard are milking the hardwork that Blizznorth put into the Diablo franchise and everyone seems to be blind to it. Just FYI if people stopped throwing money at Blizzard they wouldn't be able to make the decisions that they are making right now to make more money out of the money that they're already making out of you.Default3 May 29, 2015
May 29, 2015 Improper mechanics of skill "shield bash" Anyone who cares about PvP unsubscribe in the subject of bug "shield bash" May 29, 2015
May 28, 2015 Where did pvp go? does anyone actually PvP on this game? the rifting is getting pretty boring.Baron3 May 28, 2015
May 28, 2015 Why does this form topic exist? Seriously... This would be laughable if it was not so sad and pathetic. Matic1 May 28, 2015
May 27, 2015 They lied It wouldn't be so dissapointing if they didn't say they were working on updating brawling years ago and showed us so great 2v2 arena footage as beta footage. They said it would be part of the game. They lied. How did this happen? Will it ever change? We all know they are lieing about it being too hard to balance. Has a blue ever posted in these forums?LordCucumber0 May 27, 2015
May 20, 2015 Controller or arrow key movement option First off I like to say that I love the game play dynamic. The mixture of character, story and RPG elements are fun. The controls with the mouse and Keyboard is ok but it would be nice to take a brake from that and use a controller. I have used an emulated keyboard to controller program but it dose not work as well if there is not an arrow key function. I am not looking for a run and gun feature which would change the whole game dynamic. I am looking for option that I can move my character with without having to click my mouse. I still love the game and I hope to see more updates as the game moves forward. Thanks to all of you that were involved in making this game.Slowbrain01 May 20, 2015
May 18, 2015 Why create/join brawling tagged games to.... Do bounties or rifts? I switch the tag to brawling and see 40-50 games. Cool looks like some pvp is happening! Then to my disappointment every "brawling" tagged game is just people doing the same normal !@#$. Ok....bad luck lets make my own. People join in and start doing bounties. Wtf -_-Ouza4 May 18, 2015
May 18, 2015 the ppl have spoken so give us pvp in d3 and maybe we will play more then 10 mins at a time...furypvp2 May 18, 2015
May 11, 2015 Blizzard is Focusing on the wrong things I find it extremely frustrating how blizzard went about the development on Diablo 3. I bought D3 the first day it came out and since then I have quit and started up again every 6 months. Everytime I come back its a COMPLETELY different game. Look it dont have a problem with blizzard trying to refine and make it a better game but they make HUGE changes and the result is its not even the same game it was. The end game changes every couple months and they make extreme changes. So basically this tells me one thing.. Blizz is a complete push over and changes everytime someone or a group of people complain about the game. One example of this is the Auction house, I recently came back to see it is completely eliminated from the game, which I agree the AH was a horrible idea from the start and was extremely detrimental to the game but now its impossible to trade at all.. I have yet to even see another player since I started back up and I played various difficulties.. I think I should be able to see atleast some games and click on them like in D2.. How about you atleast make a trading game that 50+ players can enter and just trade then?? Real easy solution.. And do the same for brawling.. I have a lot of problems with the current game how it stands but I have a major suggestion that would make the game FAR more enjoyable. Blizzard stop focusing on PVE and focus on PVP. Don't spend too much time on balancing classes if that is your concern, yes it is important but not as important as your concern may be. Look I played D2 for 10+ years and dueled even though the PvP was extremely unbalanced and was barely supported and I Still found it very fun. So this tells me if you just spent the tiniest amount of time on PvP you could turn the game into a home run. Let me give some examples on what you can do to make a very average game into a epic game... More clan support with a Ranking system. Clans can have a gold bank and use gold to buy things like different venues to fight in.. Blizzard should make a store you can spend your gold in [like gunbound] where you can buy other custom features. People would spend gold on the smallest custom details, like a clan logo. Clans can have custom colors so when you are having a clan battle you can decipher who is on your team [example. Gold can be your team color]. You can spend gold to buy custom colors. Blizzard had a good idea with the "dyes" but they could have went much farther with customizing characters and players would love the smallest customizations. Clans can also put up bets so that the winning teams wins the gold.. although that may end bad if cheating, hacking comes into play.. I think blizzard is unaware how many players in D2 played just for dueling and how many clans were around just as PvP clans and they are losing a ton of players just on this. Even though D2 was average and unbalanced at best, players still played just for PvP and it wouldnt take much for blizzard to make a great game if they wanted to, if not Diablo 3 is not going to last long and players will get bored and quit. Quit focusing on changing the end game.. that is NOT the problem blizz. The end game for a large amount of D2 players was dueling.SyK5 May 11, 2015
May 10, 2015 Brawling is a travesty. Remember when D3 was released and PvP was promised? The last time I checked there were ZERO people in public brawling games. This is what happens when you release a game that isn't fully developed. You promise things you can't give because the game is so flawed it takes YEARS to fix basic components, let alone release new balanced content. For shame.MetalMilitia3 May 10, 2015
May 6, 2015 Death's Bargain Affix Re-enabled (Updated 5/5) UPDATE - May 5 @ 5:40 p.m. PDT This issue has been resolved. We know a lot of you have questions about this resolution, so we have provided a quick summary and some additional insight below. ----------------------------------- We've recently become aware of an unintended interaction that occurs when Death's Bargain is used in combination with a specific set of items and abilities. In addition to causing server instability, this combination could also be leveraged to gain significant progression in higher level Greater Rifts (that wouldn't otherwise be possible). To help mitigate these effects, we have disabled the Legendary affix for Death's Bargain until further notice. Note that this is a temporary measure and we are working on an additional hotfix to address the underlying issues. While we don't have an ETA for this fix to share at this time, we will provide updates as they become available.Nevalistis1 May 6, 2015
May 5, 2015 Wouldn't disabling rifts... ...make better sense? Just a suggestion.dKaleph0 May 5, 2015
Apr 28, 2015 Give D3 a few modes like HotS I don't see how much of a problem that would be. Render all pve gear/sharagon useless during pvp, make non-primary skills have cooldowns, introduce a leaderboard or ranking system...and you have a decent pvp mode in D3...Dieftw1 Apr 28, 2015
Apr 26, 2015 New PVP mode! It's a new leader board where players compete in a best out of 5 rounds. Team matches and capture the flag and freeze tag. You can play against Diablo's Shadow Clones, or you can have clan wars! It's gonna be awesome!!! It's like a series of small maps like the graveyard, but each one is randomized like all the other levels in Diablo 3. But that's not the best part!!! You can fully customize and create any build possible and tweak customized gear into builds that aren't possible in the normal game! Now anyone can have the best gear build possible and use it in PVP. You can create any build you can think of and more in minutes, and switch between your different builds with ease! But you will need a few different builds saved because in that first round, they will know how to counter your build. In the second round, be prepared for their new build to smash your first round build. Clan wars where you can instantly customize any godly build on a totally equal playing field! How cool would that be?!!!Steve1 Apr 26, 2015
Apr 25, 2015 It's time for Blizzard to work on PVP I love Diablo 3! I love leveling up my character and finding new loot to make him more powerful. I love being able to go into greater rifts and test my skills and power. This is a great game! There is just one problem for me. PVP isn't finished! If you want to add tournaments and achievements, then make it happen in your own time. But at least give us the option to team up against each other! At least in Diablo 2 we could team up against a stronger opponent and have a chance at beating him/her. And the ear! The ear!! Sincerely, A Diablo 3 fanCutiepoka14 Apr 25, 2015
Apr 24, 2015 How i miss that..... Apr 24, 2015
Apr 22, 2015 Realm of trials or PvP battle arena? Before trials go the way of the AH (the AH interface could have been used as an inventory management system... ooops off topic already) lets try and make trials fun instead. For those of you who read trials and fun in the first sentence and think I am crazy here is the TLDR. Turn the Realm of trials into a PvP battle arena!!! Keep monsters that spawn in waves as they do now (with option to turn off monsters) but instead of obtaining greater rift keys you also fight each other. Have option to 1v1, 2v2, free for all and PvM (PvM could be kept for the people that liked trials with the option to turn off monster attacks/movement for the people that want dps dummies). Choose single duel (with option to let it ride), best of 3/5/7 or w/e. Incoming damage from other player(s) would have to reduced significantly especially if PvPvM (elite damage increase/reduction gear would work against other player). The countdown timer for each wave would be removed (PvM would still have countdown time and function just as trials do now). Each wave completed would now drop a chest (like cursed chests from bounties). After completing each wave the chest would be replaced by another chest with a higher chance for leg/ancient (wave 50 chest would have better drops than a wave 20 chest). Every 10 or 15 waves a random rift guardian type boss would spawn (with drop rate proportionate to their wave) Last man/woman standing mode or total annihilation mode (if 1 player dies to boss other player can attempt to kill for loot drop). Boss health would be scaled back from their rift guardian equivalent (no 8 min boss fight in total annihilation mode). Rewards(chest/boss drops/xp?) or punishment (HC hero death) would be withheld until a player was determined to be the winner. PvP leader boards (top 100) for 1v1, 2v2 and free for all. Boards (and quick join for public games) would be separated by each 100 paragon levels (like weight class) as well as separate overall board. Rank on boards will be based on win/loss percentage/total wins/paragon lvl of defeated opponent. Mandatory minimum for wins will be required to rank on leader boards. PvP boards will lock at the same time as greater rift boards. Eventually add act themed maps. The mobs/RG type boss would be one from the act you chose (Golgor/Ghom--->Voracity/Act 3). Eventually add PvP themed act specific loot drops from chest drops just like bounties. Winner takes all of course. P.S. I would also like to see challenge player to a duel option while playing adventure mode. Duel challenge would work same as hostile button in D2 but both players would have to agree to duel (both parties accepting would prevent players from wiping whole parties in public games). Running rifts or bounties for drops while trying to pvp would just be fun.Cr0tchGoblin1 Apr 22, 2015
Apr 21, 2015 PVP within PVP I heard you like PVP. So I put PVP in your PVP so you can PVP while you PVP.Andarius0 Apr 21, 2015
Apr 16, 2015 Interesting result in recent testing I played around with a friend and was able to NOT die instantly when he used his PVE Barb spec! I also was able to kill him after some time (~20-30 seconds) by pecking at his PVE gear defense. So there is still hope of some balance and enjoyable content as long as players agree on some gear choices. Obeservations: Damage spec: 3-4M DPS, 6pc bonus of something, 10-20M toughness Tank spec: 300k DPS, no offensive set bonuses, 250-300M toughness The immovable object (tank) can be killed by the unstoppable force (damage) but after some difficulty and the tank spec can still peck away at the life of the damage dealer. I think a balanced spec would beat both of these if they could manage 1-2M DPS and 150-200M toughness. The typical scenario is usually damage vs damage (where anything 1-shots) or tank vs tank (where no one wins). If both players agree to keep toughness under say 150-200M and only use some restrictive sets (Aughild's, Blackthorne's, Captain Crimson's, Asheara's, or up to 2-4 piece of of class sets) then the duels might be somewhat playable again. The idea is to avoid absurd multipliers (like Unhallowed Essence 6p) or absurd tank + regen (like 300M toughness, brooding passive, rank 50 Wildebeast Gizzard, and Rogar's Huge Stone) for fun gameplay.Iria0 Apr 16, 2015