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Oct 15 DIABLO3 in a NutsHELL The Truth : It says it all... Whatever u are planing to do in the future with Diablo Blizz never ever make anything close to D3 again! Worst Blizzard game of all time... Give us back David Brevik and Matt Uelmen cause they know how to make a Diablo game!Seronax24 Oct 15
Oct 13 A Plea to Blizzard - In song form! Check out my song begging for answers. Set to "The Sound of Silence". So far its had a decent reception! Check it out and lemme know what you think! Oct 13
Oct 8 Offering FREE Voice Overs: Diablo Projects Hello fellow Dungeon Dwellers! Should you (or someone you know) be needing voice talent for a Diablo themed project, then perhaps I can assist! In truth, I am open to any cool project (Blizzard or otherwise) that you may require voice talent for - be it for a video game, Youtube video, podcast, or etc. Basically, I'm looking to start a serious voice over career. And figured this might be a fun way to get exposure and experience. Though I play a lot of different computer games, I've been a long time player of the Diablo franchise and am familiar with the various characters. I've set up a soundcloud page with over thirty sample clips showcasing my vocal and topic diversity. Within them are Hero and Villain dialog samples, as well as narration for trailers/promos. Obviously, if you can offer paid work then I would be even more thrilled! But it is not expected at this point. I know most fan projects are done for love, not profit. I'm able to do my own recording and can email the wave/MP3 files to you.  Just send your dialog/lines with any directorial notes. Please include a synopsis of the overall project, so I can get a better idea of the intended final product. I also have a background in dramatic writing, so if you needed help with the script/dialog, I may be able to lend a hand there too. Please feel free to pass this information on to anyone you think may find it of interest. Soundcloud link: Thanks so much for your time.SaintTan2 Oct 8
Oct 2 Game Streamers, are they interesting? I have gone to twitch and Youtube and have seen some interesting streams of Diablo 3. I know some are working on it every day for many hours on camera. That can not be easy. Most are doing the "Adventure Mode" to get the end game seasonal OP gear. While some might find that interesting, I got bored. It is mostly someone pounding on a keyboard not speaking for hours. The most entertaining streams I have seen was streamers doing "story mode". I saw a girl (who's name I forget) on twitch wearing a Pokemon shirt doing the story mode. Very entertaining. I loved the reactions to what she was seeing for the first time. She almost cried when Cain died. Well, tonight at 8PM eastern another Youtube streamer is going to start the game from the beginning in "story mode" and play it periodically through October. Her Youtube name is Corky Dancer and in my humble opinion she is one of the top Youtube streamers. To find her stream go to youtube and type in "Corky Dancer" into the search. It will be the first result you see. I will be there and I hope to see your there.Dkenning6 Oct 2
Sep 26 WIP - Blizzard Inspired Sword Hey guys thought i would share a sword i am currently creating inspired by some blizzard concept out...check out the gallery and let me know what yall think :) Sep 26
Sep 26 Poems of the Sanctuary I like to write and I was inspired by the story of Diablo and various tooltips throughout the game that I started writing some poems about some characters,this is the first one in the line. Fury of the Heavens Hordes of those wretched beings,demons ravaged everything in sight,turning the field of battle into a hollow wasteland. Then for the slightest moment everything appeared to stand still. Suddenly for all to witness,a pillar of heavenly fire came crashing down from the skies. Smiting the ground beneath with a shattering blast that echoed through the battlefield, a light so pure it cleansed flesh from bone. Forth stepped it, essence of valor, war incarnate. Encased in armour of what looked like white forged steel but radiated with such heat as to melt foes' flesh from a far. Each step scorched the ground beneath. Letting a hand forth the heavens split and another beam followed. The mightiest tool of war answered the summon of its master. Solarius, enforcer of war's wrath, appeared from the burning light in the hands of creations finest warrior. It was an extension of his being,forged from his fury in a dying star,fueled by his will it burned like a star itself. Now complete, he swept through demon ranks with a speed so inconceivable by a being of such might,it's armour an impenetrable fortress of light melted opposing blades. And it's spear, Solarius rend it's foes with such might and speed,whole rows fell beneath a single swipe. Nothing could appose such power,it cut effortlessly through armour and broke shields to splinters finer that a grain of sand. It took but moments, phasing from one side to the other it appeared as if he were in many places at one,cutting demons down with such efficacy. It was a sight to behold, and one that few beheld. None know how long the battle lasted, some say it was no battle at all. In the end that was quick to come he emerged a lone figure in what once was a battlefield, a shard of heaven he stood victorious.No demons survived,his spear spilled so much blood and his presence alone turned so much flesh to ashes,they covered the land in a bloody pulp deep enough for no man nor horse to tread. Spreading his wings of divine fury he left with as much grace as when he appeared,with a single swipe he surged piercing the heavens above. Imperius, Archangel of Valor, the War Incarnate Unknown battle..Fallkhar2 Sep 26
Sep 24 Diablo Universe Tabletop RPG in the works. Hey all, I decided one day that I want to put in the elbow grease and convert the diablo universe into a D20 system very similar to the Dungeons and Dragons system. In fact I am borrowing a lot of information/sources from the aforementioned to make this dream of mine come true. It is definitely a lot of work, but I feel it is worth doing. Quick points: 1. Why? I feel the Diablo universe is very rich in lore and to be honest I love it all. I love tabletop RPGs and I feel there is substance in the lore enough to merit all the hard work I am embarking on. 2. How? I have studied a lot of the source material involving the Diablo lore by reading books, short stories, in-game literature, novels, watching videos (such as the blizz con lore panel), and many more. I have also played many different tabletop RPG games, thus I believe I have what it takes to put something together. 3.When? Not sure really, I don't have enough free time to fully commit myself to this project. But, I do have enough time to put something together that will merit the title of tabletop RPG. 4.Who? I am a fan just like you guys, and I am no better than anyone else out there when it comes to these matters. Whether this takes off or not doesn't really matter to me. My goal is to accomplish this project and if my friends and I are the only ones playing the game, then so be it. I want to share this project with the community and I would like as many people involved as possible. I believe that the Diablo world is now all of ours. We have spent countless hours enveloped in the games from the beginning, and we have fond memories connected to the game as well. This project is completely non-profit and I am not looking for any kind of recognition. I just wanted to put it out there, and if anyone is interested they can be a part of it. In the next post is a sample of one of the classes I have worked on (first draft mind you). I hope this gives you an idea of what the game will be about. RUNDOWN Classes: MONK WITCH DOCTOR BARBARIAN DEMON HUNTER CRUSADER PALADIN (Knight of Westmarch) NECROMANCER DRUID ASSASSIN AMAZON ROGUE IRON WOLF MERCENARY (possibly) MAIN STATS Strength -block, lift, intimidate, parry Dexterity -dodge, parry, acrobatics, reflex Intelligence -perception, knowledge, wisdom, crafting Vitality -health, resistance, endurance, Charisma -barter, persuasion, magnetism SECONDARY STATS Corruption (evil is everywhere, and temptation knocks at your door) -effected from deeds -effects alignment -effects character development -effects reputation -effected by classes Reputation (people notice you calling down hammers from the sky) -effected from deeds -effected from gossip -can effect charisma -effects interactions Classes will have feats, much like D&D (very similar). And every day, you must equip your powers. At lvl 1. You can equip one of each AT WILL POWER (resource generators, minor attacks) ENCOUNTER POWER (resource spenders that do damage) OR UTILITY POWERS (resource spenders that do not do damage ie: the monk's blind) DAILY POWERS (passives) Let me know what you guys think and if you are interested in being involved. I plan to stream our first game on twitch or as a podcast in the future. Thank you all for your time.JonJon5 Sep 24
Sep 22 New EXPANSIONS (not just new maps) Call me crazy, but I'm beginning to get worried. With all of the maps being added to adventure mode, I'm starting to think there won't be any actual new expansions-- only new maps. That'd be insanely depressing. So much in the story is unresolved and you could do so much and have it be interesting! I'm going to put up my ideas for a good expansion pack and I invite everyone else to put up theirs with me. We might as well help Blizzard out here, right?pwnz0r9 Sep 22
Sep 12 Diablo Tattoo Hi, I´m a fan of Diablo like all here in this forum, and last year I decided to realize a dream, have a tattoo of Diablo. The tattoo has some caracters from the game, and my favorite (visually), the Demon Hunter. I hope you like it as I´m in love with it. Beto Sep 12
Sep 6 Diablo 3 : Rise of the Hunter fan film Just discovered some friends of mine are working on a Diablo 3 fan film! Check them out on Facebook! Looks super awesome :D Sep 6
Sep 5 Wizard Set Design: Familiar Set Been playing around on my wizard for awhile, been one every seasons I've participated in and otherwise. Unfortunately I've never seen a very serious ray of frost, disintegrate, or familiar using build and figured I could try my hand at making one. 2P: Familiar gains the effect of every rune. When channeling a spell, your familiar casts Ray of Frost at a nearby enemy, prioritizing the nearest rare or elite. (Will prioritize RG above all) 4P: While channeling, Teleport has an 70% reduced cool down and won't interrupt channeling damage increases. When you Teleport while channeling, your familiar will fire a shockwave in a 20 yard radius, reducing incoming damage by 10% per enemy hit (70% cap) for 8 seconds and reflecting all projectiles. Familiar passively casts the Chaos Nexus rune while channeling 6P: Increases the damage of Familiar, Ray of Frost, Arcane Torrent, and Disintegrate by 3000%. This damage bonus is increased to 5000% if hitting the same target as your familiar's Ray of Frost. Familiar passively casts Death Blossom while channeling. (Ofc its not tuned, but I've always wanted to try and make familiar a somewhat interesting ability.)Diseenith2 Sep 5
Sep 2 Lots of ideas and problems. ------- New ------ 3 new classes Runic Viking / Valkyrie - STR - Magical damage warrior - Cold, Thunder and Holy - Nordic themed, This open door to Norse mythology. (Valkyrie from Diablo 2, can summon amazons) Ninja Samurai - DEX - Traps, quick movement, deception - Poison, Arcane and Fire - Asia themed. This open the door to japanese demons, folklore from China, India, so on. Steampowered Mechanist - INT - Physical mage that uses robots and gadgets - Physical, Cold and Fire. Steam Themed so NO thunder damage. This opens door to technology. Neutral Sets - Elementals A set for each of elements: Physical, Arcane, Cold, Fire, Holy, Lightning and Poison set. Firebird goes here and become neutral fire damage. Neutral Set - Follower A 6 pieces set that summons all the followers + the chosen follower if playing alone. New Follower - Bard Have proficiency in Buffs and impairing enemies. He can identify items automatically. Map suffixes These suffixes add a new rule for the rift floor. A few examples: - Dark: Lower vision. - Gigantic: Small enemies gets bigger and Health bonus. - Unholy: No shrines. - Festival: Double number of enemies. - Trapped: Some traps. New suffixes for elites The unique spells from the rift bosses now goes to the elites too. Homing - Slow homing holy missile. Summoner - summon groups of white enemies. Death - A ultra slow red skull start to search players, killing them with 1 hit. Multiply - At 50% and 25% health the mob make a real copy. Circles - Holy damage circles appear at the players. (multiplayer only) Better randomization for rift enemies types The types groups of enemies that we find by the story mode is the same that we find at the rifts, mix all them up. Characters at level 70 / Race event When the player reaches level 70 he can now create a new character at level 70 of that class. That counts even at the season start. Level 1 to 70 serves as tutorial. Another event, like the Season, is a race to reach level 70. All the players ready their character and join a group or solo, and click on the button “prepare”, the button show how much time is left for the event to start, when the event start everyone create a new story at the same time. There’ll be others races like Bounties Race (finish all bounties), Boss Race, Story race, Hardcore Rift race,and so on. Daylies (HotS) or Rest (WoW) This will lowers the difference in power between the players who play a few hours per day and the players who play 24/7.Mercurion8233 Sep 2
Aug 29 Lightning Wizard Theme, Set, and Redesigns These notes are suggestions for an electrically themed Wizard and item/skill/rune changes for the said theme. The intention is for interesting and fun gameplay that can achieve feats that some of the other builds are capable of; most notably being able to accomplish Guardian in the season journeys. As another note, all charged bolts in these descriptions are affected by your choice of Shock Pulse rune and the bolts created by any item or skills are treated as a Shock Pulse. I originally wanted to not have it as a set, but making it as such was a more feasible way of doing it. I also wanted to do a 4 piece set instead of 5, but it would’ve intertwined with Tal Rasha and been too strong. 5 pieces instead of 6(along with the specific armor and jewelry chosen) allows the player to shuffle what set pieces they put on so they can customize their Wizard. There are numerous items to synergize with and this gives you the chance to really explore the dream & thrill of being a Lightning Wizard, while also shocking new life into several items and skills. New 5 piece Set with Lightning/Shock Pulse theme(7 total pieces are available): Pauldrons, Chest, Gloves, Pants, Boots, Source, Amulet 3 piece: Doubles the amount of Shock Pulses/Charged bolts created from all sources. 4 piece: Increase lightning damage by X % amount. 5 piece: Supermassive and static pulse causes enemies to become supercharged. Being hit with lightning damage increases their charge(stacks). After accumulating enough charge(3 stacks), any lightning damage will consume all charges causing an explosion of lightning dealing X % weapon damage to the victim and Y % of that damage to enemies around them. Skills: All Shock Pulse runes are now lightning damage. Shock Pulse Rune Redesign: Explosive Bolts – Deals X damage upon contact with an enemy, then bursts to shoot lightning at Y closest enemies for Z damage. Penetrating Bolts(originally Fire Bolts) – Bolts are no longer extinguished upon contact with an enemy and now deal X(increased) damage. Lightning Orb(originally piercing orb) – Hovers over an area(same model) and disperses 3 charged bolts periodically(as fast as the Wizard’s own casting speed) dealing X damage. Up to two orbs may exist at one time. Power Affinity – Same as before(grants Arcane Power), but now deals lightning damage Living Lightning – Similar to before but now moves faster, has a larger electrocution range, goes 2 ½ times farther, and 2-3 charged bolts are released every time it damages an enemy. Storm Armor Skill and Rune Redesigned: No rune – Same as before but now electrically charges enemies as well, causing them to disperse charged bolts when hit with any electrical damage(each enemy has an internal cooldown for the charged bolt dispersion proc). Reactive Armor – Any time you suffer damage the attacker is immediately damaged by Storm Armor and you gain a 6% damage reduction buff and 6% of your max life as a shield for 8 seconds. Can stack up to 5 times. Power of the Storm(original effect moved to Shocking Aspect) – Your lightning damage causes enemies hit to have 5% reduced damage and increase your damage towards them by 5% for 8 seconds. Stacks up to 4 times. Thunder Storm – Enemies now also disperse charged bolts when hit by Storm Armor’s lightning bolts(this can work in conjunction with the debuff proc enemies obtain from normally being hit by Storm Armor. Also note it operates separately from the debuff proc as it disperse bolts on hit). Scramble – Increases your movement speed by 25% for 5 seconds when you suffer any damage. Shocking Aspect – Reduce the Arcane Power cost of all skills by 3 while Storm Armor is active and enemies hit by your lightning damage now take 10% increased damage from all sources. Lightning skills that would synergize with this theme and set: Arcane Torrent – Static Discharge Black Hole – Supermassive Blizzard – Lightning Storm Meteor – Thunder Crash Wave of Force – Static Pulse Energy Twister – Storm Chaser Items: Redesigns: Arcstone gained a damage portion so it can help rival Focus and Restraint, encouraging players to consider alternatives when compared to the usual Bread & Butter ring combo that is F&R. Ring – Arcstone([redesigned] Can now go between players and followers, in addition to other players): Lightning pulses periodically between the wearer of this item and allies, dealing 1000–1500% weapon damage and increasing your lightning damage by 15% for 8 seconds every time it damages an enemy. Stacks up to 4 times. If no allies are present, it will arc to a random enemy. Belt(redesigned) – Thundergod’s Vigor: Lightning skills deal 10-15% more damage. Enemies that damage you suffer 15% more damage from lightning damage for 10 seconds. Helm – Storm Crow(redesigned): Lightning skills deal 15-20% more dmg. Chance to cast Shock Pulse on attack. Mace – Odyn Son(redesign): Gives lightning % increased lightning dmg. 30–40% chance to Chain Lightning enemies when you hit them, causing you to gain a 5% increase to movement and attack speed for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. Sword – Shard of Hate(changed): Elemental skills have a chance to trigger a powerful attack that deals 25% of the damage of your highest hit in the last 4 seconds. Cold skills trigger Freezing Skull Poison skills trigger Poison Nova Lightning skills trigger Shock Pulse Items that synergize with this set and skill changes: Ring - Halo of Karini: You take 45–60% less damage for 3 seconds after your Storm Armor electrocutes an enemy more than 30 yards away. Ring – Wyrdward: Lightning damage has a 25–35% chance to Stun for 1.5 seconds. Ring – Convention of Elements: Gain 150–200% increased damage to a single element for 4 seconds. This effect rotates through the elements available to your class in the following order: Arcane, Cold, Fire, Holy, Lightning, Physical, Poison. Gem - Wreath of Lightning: 15% chance on hit to gain a Wreath of Lightning, dealing 1250% weapon damage as Lightning every second to nearby enemies for 3 seconds. While under the effect of the Wreath of Lightning, gain 25% increased movement speed. (Requires Rank 25) Gloves – St. Archew’s Gage: The first time an elite pack damages you, gain an absorb shield equal to 120–150% of your maximum Life for 10 seconds. Bracers – Ashnagarr’s Blood Bracer: Increases the potency of your shields by 75–100%. Boots – Nilfur’s Boast: Increase the damage of Meteor by 200%. When your Meteor hits 3 or fewer enemies, the damage is increased by 275–350%. Belt – Hunter’s Wrath: Your primary skills attack 30% faster and deal 45–60% increased damage. Belt – Hergbrash’s Binding: Reduces the Arcane Power cost of Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate, and Ray of Frost by 50–65%. Belt – The Shame of Delsere: Your Signature Spells attack 50% faster and restore 9–12 Arcane Power. Pants -Depth Diggers: Primary skills that generate resource deal 80–100% additional damage. Pauldrons – Mantle of Channeling: While channeling Whirlwind, Rapid Fire, Strafe, Tempest Rush, Firebats, Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate, or Ray of Frost, you deal 20–25% increased damage and take 25% reduced damage. Source – Etched Sigil: Your Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate, and Ray of Frost also cast one of your other damaging Arcane Power Spenders every second. Weapons: Wand – Starfire: Lightning damage is increased by 10–15% for every 10 yards you are from the target up to a maximum of 40 yards. Sword – Thunderfury: Chance on hit to blast your enemy with Lightning, dealing 279–372% weapon damage as Lightning and then jumping to additional nearby enemies. Each enemy hit has their attack speed and movement speed reduced by 30% for 3 seconds. Jumps up to 5 targets. Sword – Fulminator: Lightning damage has a chance to turn enemies into lightning rods, causing them to pulse 444–555% weapon damage as Lightning every second to nearby enemies for 6 seconds. Sword – Deathwish: While channeling Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate, or Ray of Frost, all damage is increased by 30–35%. Sword – The Twisted Sword: Energy Twister damage is increased by 125–150% for each Energy Twister you have out up to a maximum of 5.DarkNeo0 Aug 29
Aug 27 4 Piece Set with 5 Piece Bonus Hey Guys, I had an idea for a new set, not sure if it's a new idea, but here goes. Rings, Amulet, and Belt, and with the RoRG in the cube, a 5 piece bonus. Not sure about the bonuses, but the 5 piece can be costume or whatnot, only for the super babies. I think it's a neat idea and needs to be tossed around for a while.Jossrik0 Aug 27
Aug 23 Looking For Co-Hosts For A Blizzard Gaming Podcast Hey guys! I am looking for individuals who are interested in hosting a Blizzard Gaming podcast with me. We would talk about all things Blizzard Games. (WOW, Starcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, Hearthstone, HOTS) I am looking for some people to share the responsibilities with of recording and doing show notes as well as co-hosting with me. The requirements are just to play the games and to have Skype and a decent microphone, and any experience podcasting is a plus! Also, please be at least 18 years old! Add Me On BNET --- Techguru77#1984 and message me if you are interested and qualified!Techguru772 Aug 23
Aug 20 Diablo 2 Ending Story Tribute I've loved Diablo 2 for over 15 years and I thought I would make a small tribute for fun. Aug 20
Aug 20 What Diablo needs to be "Diablo" again. Hello people, many players out there say that Diablo is not "Diablo" anymore, that it only sold cause of its name and that Diablo II was the best ever made and yada yada yada. I'm no one to judge, even playing all the games is not enogh to be the master of logic since i LOVE D3 more than 2, but i do see some changes that the game needs to make those players happy.... or not, maybe i'm just overthinking things and i'm wrong, but still, let's see if that makes you all interested in playing the game again. PS: I didn't searched all over the internet for this, neyther the Foruns, this is only from my head just to see if someone out there shares the same opinion as me. Fell free to like or dislike that post and if anyone at blizzard decides that this is useless here, fell free to delete this post if you think its necessary. Well... Let's get this over with... Realms Diablo has online servers, but only 4 heroes for one single game? why not create a Realm or even multiple Realms for each Region of the game so that many player can play. The mobs could spawn randomly and Pilars could refresh after a set amount of time, that would make things more interesting since we would be able to make some PVP INSIDE the game instead of a separeted instance between Parties and Guilds. There SHOULD be a limit of players per realms of course, but that wouldn't make it less Awesome. Also, players could make Private Unnoficial Realms so they could play their way, but each character should be created for oficial and unnoficial realms, just like D2's Online and Offline Characters... which takes me to... Offline Mode and Legacy Mode Offline Mode its pretty much self explanatory, you could create a character in your PC and just enjoy the game offline with whatever you want to do, even with mods. Blizzard already has a pretty good server basis to get the current online characters secure and, if you think that Moded Itens would ruin the game, go play the console version of D3, aparently there's people there that totally disagree with you. About Legacy Mode, its a mode where you're suposed to play like D2, where you need Scrolls to teleport and Identify Itens, Stamina and Running, pretty much all the things that made D2 a Hardcore Game to play, i personally HATE those things but there's people out there that see those things necessary for a Diablo game, so it should be present on that mode as well (Maybe i'm forgetting many things that could be in that mode as well, as i said, its all from my head and i didn't reseached before writing this thing). Set Ballance So... i have 2 Barbs on the game, one with the Wastes Set and the other with the Earth's Might (A.K.A Super Barb World or something like that). both of them CAN'T do the same things, has huge diferences on damage and resistence all thanks to the Itens from the game, not that the sets are not balanced (some of them could be. I'm kind of a Barb player so i don't know all the Sets on the game), but the game MUST make all the sets viable. If not, we would just throw items away and salvage them untill we get THAT SINGLE BELT from Kadala or THAT SET ITEM from a Rift Boss or a Cube Recipe, its makes all the other sets a waste of time untill a single patch comes out and makes them viable again while making our current set trash. Addons WoW has Addons, why not adding this here? Diablo could use more "Information Feedback" from the game and even more content to the game created by the comunity. Steam Workshop its a pretty big thing already, i would love to see Blizzard make those things for the games, it would make the comunity more active (at least i think it would). A New Expansion Diablo, in my opinion, SHOULD have a new expansion. Blizzard wasted soo much time on that game, with a new expansion, all those changes i just mentioned could be implemented and the game NEEDS a new Act, and it needs to be a DARK one, an epic finalle for the game. Of course Blizzard could make all those things on a new game to the franchise, but that would waste all the time they've taked making D3 the game it is today, all the seasons, all the patches, all the balances... its just soo sad to see all that being forgotten with the game. That's all i got to say about that topic. I do hope Blizzard could make even one of those things in the game or if the players out there agree with something i said here (or not... i could be saying a bunch of crap to no one here but meh, i did my part for my "Diablo Dream Game"). May all of you have nice day and MAN my english is bad '-'... Later \o_Legion1 Aug 20
Aug 20 Wizard Set: Chimeras Bane My favorite wizard ability is Hydra because having a freaking mythical creature devastate your enemies with ease is amazing. So I feel like it deserves a set. here you go. Chimeras Insight-Head Chimeras Hide-Shoulder Chimeras Heart- Chest Chimeras Strength-Legs Chimeras Claws-Hands Chimeras Agility-Feet Chimeras Memory-Source 2 piece- Hydra summons 3 random hydras. Fire-Spews flames in a cone dealing damage over time. Frost-Creates a blizzard around the hydra slowing and freezing enemies. Enemies that die when frozen explode dealing frost damage. Lightning-Electrocutes enemies and chaining it to other enemies. Arcane-Cast disintegrate and turns in a 360 motion. 4 piece- Hydras damage is increased by 500% and increases the max number of hydras you can have up to 5 (so each element). (up to 7 with items and mirror)-ty Igtenos for this idea and reminding me. 6 Piece- You gain a stacking buff called Unholy Transformation.(50 enemies) When Hydras kill enough enemies. A Hydra grows on you and changes elements every 5 seconds and give you increased damage to your elemental damage (about 500% to each element). Also they continue to attack enemies around you. Duration-25 seconds (the hydra doesn't apply to the max hydras, its a separate one.)- Igtenos also pointed me in the right direction. Ty for checking this out and have a GREAT DAY!!! :DOccult6 Aug 20
Aug 2 Your own character action figure I was watching some action figures of Diablo, Tyrael, a DH, a Barb, etc. and suddenly thought "damn, I'd love to have my own characters' action figures". However, it's stupid to think they'll start making figures of every transmog + dyes combination, but I know there are companies that can make this sort of things if you provide them with a 3D model of what you want. So, the question is, how do I get a 3D model of my character? Is there a way to save the 3D model that you can easily see just by pressing the "Esc" key during a gameplay?DarkPraetor0 Aug 2
Aug 1 Infernal Machines + Socketed Legendaries Hi all, I had an idea today I could not hesitate to share with you all. What if you could put an Infernal Machine into the socket of a Maximus, which then created a portal device which opened the door to Maximus' Realm!? Imagine that, fighting a boss-powerful Maximus in his true original form before captivity! Anyway, I thought it would be great to both add diversity to the current set of Infernal realms, and give a use to legendary weapons like Maximus that drop with bad rolls. It wouldn't be easy to farm because you would need the weapon to drop, and it would be far more fulfilling than just salvaging it. I had a few other items in mind to follow the same schematic, such as: Haunt of Vaxo: Create portal to a realm where there's a cursed shrine. You have to kill say, 10 waves of clones followed by an elite clone identical to the party member who opened the portal, but with their name backwards (or something quirky like that). When the clone dies, so does the player who was cloned (spirit guardian spawns at this point and resurrects the player even in hardcore). Thunderfury, Blessed Blade: A completely dark rift realm which is only illuminated by lightning (charged bolt on chance and lightning based attacks). No minimap, and long periods of time without illumination triggers a fear debuff on all party members. Tiklandian Visage: A rift where all enemies gain health from your attacks if your party uses any form of crowd control. Ring of Royal Grandeur: A rift where any one set item gives your character the full set bonus for that set (you could have up to 5 set bonuses or something ridiculous, but none of the minor bonuses would apply). Rift could have heaps of weird looking gobs that instead of dropping loot, could randomly drop tonnes of firebombs or completely wall up a radius of 100 feet with a heap of desecrate and arcane beams or some other crazy nonsense. Unity: A rift or realm where after the boss(es) were killed, players have to kill eachother. Last man standing gets the loot of 5 resplendant chests with a high chance of unity dropping again. If there is only one player, you have to kill your follower. You cannot open the portal without at least a follower. That's about all I can rattle off right now but just an idea I thought might entertain you guys! Cheers-shapeshifteR3 Aug 1
Jul 17 Diablo Paragon Calculator Hello guys! I have create an Application for Windows 10 Desktop/Tablet/Mobile that you can Calculate the paragons level after season end. The calculator cap to 10.000 paragon level Soon I will make this and for other Windows Version and maybe for our android devices. Thanks to this guide for paragon exp: Jul 17
Jul 16 [TOOL] PLAY Diablo3 WITH A GAMEPAD (V1.2.7) Hi all For those few of you who are interested in playing the game with a gamepad, I created a tool for that. Link is at the top of the following post: Version History 1.2.7 - Multiple bug fixes, New Profile for Diablo 3. 1.2.5 - Improved Virtual Aim Timing and various bug fixes. 1.2.4 – Fixed a crash that happened under certain conditions 1.2.3 – Added complete button definition to analog configuration, updated Heroes of the Storm profile to fix self cast. 1.2.2 – Improvements on Virtual Aim, improved profile for Heroes of the Storm 1.2.1 – Fixed a crashing bug when a gamepad wasn’t connected. Basically: - Left Analog: Character movement, describes a small circle around the character so it feels as if the game has analog movement support. - Right Analog: Moves the pointer in an elliptical area for aiming. - All other buttons be mapped to skills, talents, etc I made the app with the intention of playing Diablo 3, Path of exile and those type of games, ended up using it to play Heroes of the Storm as well. I enjoy playing the game with it so I figured I should post it here, for any feedback and check if its ok with blizzard to use it, heh, the tool is not trying to give any advantage, simply map both analog sticks into movement and aiming. Just a note, I use a PS4 gamepad, as I do need to use the trackpad for inventory management and go through menus, etc. Any feedback is appreciated Thanks!weberto14 Jul 16
Jul 3 Celebrating 8 Years of Wallpapers Diablo 3: Eight ---------------------- deviantART: diablofans: facebook: twitter: reddit: ---------------------- It's been a long road so far. Many people I probably cannot count have seen my wallpaper art in some way via the multitude of websites and search engines over the years. If your a fan of Diablo I'm sure you have at least seen one of my wallpapers. To all of you truly thank you for enjoying each and every wallpaper I put out, hell even the ones you hate :). I know i have had great walls and stinkers but all-in-all this is a hobby done out of love for the game world, the community and beyond. I use to share my wallpapers with my late father years back he was so proud of them. I wish he could see what I've done these days. It's been over 8 years since the cinematic reveal of Diablo 3 at the World Wide Invitational in 2008. I still remember the very very laggy stream and almost missing the first few seconds of the reveal. I remember scowering the diablofans and forums when people were looking the teasers over with all the clues and hints. All the fun and guesswork and theories that were being done. I remember having an idea after my first simple wallpaper I made just from the hype. A wallpaper which looks horrible these days but meh. Had to start somewhere. But i still remember having a silly idea with a runeword for a banner on my forum posts that would be in the corners just as an experiment. Figure I'd make the runes look like they were simply on fire. I had a very old graphics program then. But the simple idea looked so cool i was like do I want to go all in and not look back? After a few days maybe longer I did the same effect to all 33 of the original diablo 2 runes. And just like that the Fiery Runes were born and hit the ground running. So sorry I went down memory lane here. Hopefully I can find that old lost banner art or have some of it somewhere so you guys can see where it all began. But thank you for enjoying my work after all this time. If your still reading this then thank you too. This stuff all means the world to me and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Also Thank you to the many fansites that have come and gone and are still with us that have shared/featured my wallpapers as well over the years. Also thank you to the Diablo 3 Community Management Team members current and past as well. You guys are all awesome. Last but by no means least I'd like to also say thank you to the countless number of fan artists and artists who have allowed me to use their works in my wallpapers. I tried so hard to make sure you were credited and linked back to as best as possible. Thank you seriously everyone for 8 proud years working on these wallpapers. Holyknight3000(Holyknight) - The Runeweaver Found the old banners here check them out!: Jul 3
Jul 2 Diablo III Character Class Concept: Jester *UPDATED 04/23/16* The general theme for this class is that it focuses on being positive, free, and always happy and moving forward despite the odds; most of the classes now focus on might, pride, revenge or faith - characteristics that are in my opinion unnervingly serious. Fighting the Evils doesn't always need to be stoic in nature - just look at Covetous Shen! In line with this idea of a fun-loving, demon fighting hero, you will notice several skills and references to popular culture, comics, movies, music, and other games - in my opinion a distinct quality of Blizzard and their games that makes adventuring a not so boring and straightforward chore. On a more serious note, the Court of Jesters also aims to positively influence politics in secret for the good of all. So enjoy my fellow Nephalem! It is with great pride that I present to you the Jester. Lemme know what you think! P.S. Can anyone draw a good concept sketch for my humble character class? I can't draw to save my life. Thanks! Jester Diablo III Character Class Concept Jester • Versatile close to mid range hero • Dexterity-based damage • Resource: Mirth o Base Mirth: 100 o Regenerates steadily as the Jester moves about, and remains constant while standing still o Replenished by Mirth Generators o Allow the use of powerful attacks and crowd control skills • Has pets – puppets • Unique equipment: Whips, Marottes, and Jester’s Masks • Can dual-wield whips • Marottes are off-hand items that provide bonuses Active Skills A. Primary a. Sucker Punch i. Generate: 7 Mirth per attack ii. Launch a quick blow to the target that deals 335% weapon damage as Physical. Skill Runes 1. Resentful Hit i. Increase damage to 365% weapon damage as Fire and adds a 10% Critical Hit Chance. 2. Jab at Everyone i. Hit all enemies within 10 yards for 235% weapon damage as Poison. ii. Critical Hits generate an additional 1 Mirth for each enemy hit. 3. Funny Bone i. Each hit has a 5% chance to cause the Infectious Laughter State to the target. 4. Gigantic Forearm i. Hit enemies up to 15 yards in front of you for 275% weapon damage as Arcane. ii. Each hit has a 35% chance to Stun enemies for 2 seconds. 5. Sucking Punch i. You heal 1% of your maximum Life per hit. ii. Sucker Punch’s damage turns into Cold. b. Pirouette Strike i. Generate: 6 Mirth per attack ii. Spin around and hit all enemies within 15 yards for 210% weapon damage as Physical. Skill Runes 1. Mosh i. Enemies hit have a 35% chance to jump uncontrollably for 2 seconds. ii. Pirouette Strike's damage turns into Fire. 2. Blissful Dance i. Increase Mirth generated to 9. ii. Pirouette Strike’s damage turns into Arcane. 3. Captivate i. Enemies hit are Slowed by 60% for 3 seconds. ii. Pirouette Strike’s damage turns into Cold. 4. Rave i. Pirouette Strike’s attack speed increases by 5% for 4 seconds with each spin. This effect stacks up to 4 times. ii. Pirouette Strike’s damage turns into Poison. 5. Draw the Crowd i. Each attack has a 25% chance to pull in enemies up to 25 yards away. c. Mad Swipe i. Generate: 6 Mirth per attack ii. Swing wildly at your enemies up to 18 yards before you, dealing 265% weapon damage as Physical. iii. Enemies hit have a 25% chance to be Immobilized for 2 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Painful Barbs i. Enemies hit also receive 300% weapon damage as Poison over 6 seconds. ii. Mad Swipe’s damage turns into Poison. 2. Swiping Spree i. Mad Swipe’s attack speed is increased by 10%. 3. Ominous Swing i. Increase damage to 300% weapon damage as Arcane. ii. Enemies hit have 25% decreased attack speed for 3 seconds. 4. Unstable Momentum i. Each attack has a 60% chance to hit all enemies within 25 yards. ii. Mad Swipe’s damage turns into Fire. 5. Downward Thrust i. Strike all enemies up to 35 yards directly ahead of you for 280% weapon damage as Cold. ii. Generate an additional 2 Mirth for each enemy hit. d. Slap Silly i. Generate: 6 Mirth per attack ii. Hit enemies twice with enormous phantom hands, dealing 120% weapon damage as Arcane per hit. Skill Runes 1. Reddening Palms i. Each attack has a 33% chance to deal a third slap for 180% weapon damage. ii. Slap Silly’s damage turns into Fire. 2. Spiteful Claws i. Each attack has a 5% chance to take away 1% of the enemy’s remaining Life. ii. Slap Silly’s damage turns into Poison. 3. Swat i. Smash enemies to the ground with a colossal hand for 200% weapon damage as Cold. ii. Enemies hit have a 10% chance to be Frozen for 2 seconds. 4. Knock Over i. Swing massive phantom arms at enemies, dealing 240% weapon damage as Physical. ii. Enemies hit have their damage reduced by 20% for 3 seconds. 5. Sadistic Blows i. Enemies affected by Stupor, Infectious Laughter, or Mind Breaker take 75% additional damage per hit. B. Secondary a. Spectral Tendril i. Cost: 20 Mirth ii. Strike enemies up to 40 yards away with a phantasmal whip for 555% weapon damage as Arcane. Skill Runes 1. Angel’s Wing i. Reduce the Mirth cost to 16. ii. Enemies hit have a 25% chance to be Blinded for 2 seconds. 2. Ivy Whip i. A venomous plant appears at the impact location that shoots needles at nearby enemies for 5 seconds, dealing 95% weapon damage as Poison. ii. Spectral Tendril’s damage turns into Poison. 3. Dragon’s Tail i. Increase damage to 755% weapon damage as Fire. 4. Sonic Boom i. An explosion occurs at the target location 0.5 second after the initial strike, dealing 275% weapon damage as Physical to all enemies within 30 yards. ii. Spectral Tendril’s damage turns into Physical. 5. Ghost’s Hair i. Enemies hit are Slowed by 80% for 5 seconds. ii. Spectral Tendril’s damage turns into Cold. b. Headspin Kick i. Cost: 12 Mirth ii. Perform a headspin and deliver multiple kicks to all enemies in your path for 300% weapon damage as Physical. iii. While headspinning, you move at 100% movement speed. Skill Runes 1. Taunting Bells i. Bells on your feet ring as you attack, causing enemies within 10 yards to focus on you for 4 seconds. 2. Flexile i. Gain 2% chance per second to dodge attacks while attacking, stacking up to 10 times. ii. Generate 12 Mirth for each attack you successfully dodge while attacking. 3. Sharp Heels i. Headspin Kick gains 10% increased Critical Hit Chance. ii. Headspin Kick’s damage turns into Poison. 4. Friction Burn i. Burn the ground you move on as you attack, searing enemies for 130% weapon damage per second as Fire. ii. Headspin Kick’s damage turns into Fire. 5. Stalactite i. Shoot icicle spears from your feet as you spin that pierces through enemies for 400% weapon damage as Cold. ii. Headspin Kick’s damage turns into Cold. c. Giant’s Mallet i. Cost: 30 Mirth ii. Bludgeon enemies with a massive mallet, dealing 880% weapon damage as Physical. iii. Critical hits have a 30% chance to Stun enemies for 3 seconds. Skill Runes 1. A Thousand Tons i. Increase damage to 1095% weapon damage as Physical. 2. Absurd Proportions i. Increase the size of the mallet to cover 24 yards. ii. Giant’s Mallet’s damage turns into Arcane. 3. Tear Asunder i. Swing a massive scythe that deals 880% weapon damage as Cold. ii. Each swing has a 5% chance to take away 5% of the enemy’s remaining Life. 4. Tenderizer i. Enemies hit by Giant’s Mallet deal 20% less damage for 5 seconds. ii. Giant’s Mallet’s Damage turns into Fire. 5. Bloody Mess i. Heal 4214 of your Life per enemy hit. ii. Enemies killed by Giant’s Mallet explode in a bloody shower, healing you and your allies within 10 yards for 15327 Life. d. Card Blades i. Cost: 14 Mirth ii. Throw razor-sharp cards that slice the target and all other enemies within 15 yards for 460% weapon damage as Physical. Skill Runes 1. The Fool i. Critical Hits generate 5 Mirth and Freeze enemies for 1 second. ii. Card Blade’s damage turns into Cold. 2. The Crowns i. Enemies hit by Card Blades have a 15% chance to drop Gold when hit. 3. The Serpents i. The cards have a 15% chance to explode into a tangle of serpents, dealing 700% weapon damage as Poison over 5 seconds. ii. Card Blade’s damage turns into Poison. 4. The Lions i. The cards have a 20% chance to burst into fiery lions, scorching nearby enemies for 100% weapon damage per second as Fire. 5. The Stars i. The cards spin around you and allies within 50 yards, lacerating nearby enemies for 240% weapon damage per second as Arcane. Lasts 10 seconds. ii. Each hit has a 1% chance to take away 10% of the enemy’s remaining Life. C. Defensive a. Mysterious Curtain i. Cooldown: 30 seconds ii. Create a 16-yard magical curtain that Charms enemies that pass through for 4-8 seconds. Lasts 10 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Laced Tapestry i. Create a curtain of blight that deals 690% weapon damage as Poison over 3 seconds to passing enemies. 2. Displacement i. Enemies that pass through are teleported a short distance. 3. Extended Run i. Enemies that pass through are Charmed for 6-10 seconds. ii. Increase the duration of the curtain to 12 seconds. 4. Grand Theater i. Increases the width of Mysterious Curtain to 22 yards. 5. Limelight i. The curtain increases you and your allies’ resistance to all damage types by 25% for 15 seconds after passing through it. b. Cage of Swords i. Cooldown: 20 seconds ii. Stab the target with a barrage swords for 920% weapon damage as Physical. iii. The target is Immobilized for 8 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Poison Point i. Decrease the cooldown to 16 seconds. ii. Stab the target with venomous blades, dealing 1680% weapon damage as Poison over 8 seconds. 2. Cold Cuts i. Frozen blades pierce outward from the target’s body for 920% weapon damage as Cold and fly in all directions, dealing 920% weapon damage as Cold to enemies within 20 yards. ii. Enemies hit have a 50% chance to be Frozen for 4 seconds. 3. Sword Squall i. Skewer all enemies within a 16-yard wide area for 1200% weapon damage as Arcane. 4. Blade Fence i. Create a 16-yard circle of spinning blades around you that slices enemies for 2400% weapon damage as Physical over 8 seconds. 5. Open Wounds i. The target Bleeds for 5000% weapon damage over 20 seconds. c. Confetti i. Cooldown: 20 seconds ii. Create a shower of confetti within 16 yards that causes enemies to suffer a 35% chance to miss with attacks. Lasts 5 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Distracting Colors i. Increase the enemies’ chance to miss to 50%. 2. Paper Blades i. Confetti also cuts enemies for 1000% weapon damage as Physical over 5 seconds. 3. Encore i. A second shower of confetti falls 2 seconds after the first one ends, causing enemies to suffer a 35% chance to miss with attacks. The second shower lasts 3 seconds. 4. Topsy-turvy i. Reduce the cooldown to 12 seconds. 5. Magnanimity i. Increase the shower width to 22 yards. D. Puppetry a. Corpse Puppet i. Cooldown: 60 seconds ii. Animate a corpse’s body with strings to fight by your side. iii. The Corpse Puppet attacks for 90% of your weapon damage as Poison per swing. Skill Runes 1. Jumper i. Your Corpse Puppet can jump at enemies up to 25 yards away, dealing 200% weapon damage as Physical and Stunning enemies within 12 yards for 2 seconds. 2. Five Fingers i. Control 5 Corpse Puppets at the same time, each dealing 50% of your weapon damage as Poison per swing. 3. Ten Fingers i. Control 10 Corpse Puppets at the same time for 15 seconds. Each Corpse Puppet deals 35% of your weapon damage as Cold per swing, and Chills enemies they hit for 1 second. 4. Grim Appendages i. Animate flaming corpse arms to surround you and grapple nearby enemies for 100% weapon damage per second as Fire. Enemies hit have a 15% chance to be Stunned for 1 second. Lasts 120 seconds. 5. Amalgamation i. Animate a grotesque construct of corpse body parts that deals 125% of your weapon damage as Physical per swing. The Corpse Puppet occasionally vomits blood and bony spikes at enemies, dealing 700% weapon damage as Physical. b. Marionette i. Cooldown: 60 seconds ii. Animate a wooden figure with strings that deals 70% of your weapon damage as Physical per swing. Each attack of your Marionette has a 50% chance to generate 1 Mirth. Skill Runes 1. Concealed Needles i. Your Marionette gains the ability to periodically shoot a barrage of poisonous needles at enemies, dealing 330% weapon damage as Poison. 2. Elated Visage i. Increase the Mirth generated to 2. ii. Attacks by your Marionette gain a 10% chance to cause a random State to enemies within 10 yards. 3. Oil Barrel i. Your Marionette gains the ability to douse enemies in oil, Slowing them by 60% for 5 seconds. Doused enemies ignite when hit by Fire Skills, dealing 1000% weapon damage as Fire over 5 seconds. 4. Powder Keg i. Increase the damage of your Fire Skills by 10%. ii. When the Marionette dies or encounters at least 10 enemies within 10 yards, it explodes and deals 3200% of your weapon damage as Fire to all enemies within 30 yards. 5. Automaton i. Animate a massive doll that deals 200% of your weapon damage as Arcane per swing, and pulls in all enemies within 16 yards every 8-12 seconds. c. Hand of Fate i. Cooldown: 120 seconds ii. A mysterious hand appears over you and supports your movement with strings for 20 seconds, increasing attack speed by 20% and Critical Hit damage by 75%. Skill Runes 1. Strange Assistance i. Allies within 16 yards also receive the effects of Hand of Fate for 10 seconds. 2. Sleight of Hand i. The mysterious hand pulls you off the ground, increasing your movement speed by 30% and causing all ground attacks to miss. 3. Grasp of Fate i. Reduce Cooldown to 100 seconds. 4. Fate Bound i. Increase your Dodge Chance by 35%. You gain 10 Mirth for each attack you successfully dodge. 5. Synchronize i. Increase attack speed by 30% and Critical Hit Damage by 120%. d. Razor Wires i. Cost: 40 Mirth ii. Bind up to 5 enemies with razor-sharp strings, dealing 900% weapon damage as Physical over 5 seconds. iii. Enemies hit have a 20% chance to be controlled to fight for you for 5 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Arcane Threads i. Reduce the Mirth Cost to 25. ii. Razor Wire’s damage turns to Arcane. 2. Stymie i. Place wires over an area that Slow enemies by 60% and deal 350% weapon damage per second as Physical. Lasts 5 seconds. 3. Wire Lance i. Strike enemies up to 45 yards directly ahead of you for 800% weapon damage as Physical. Enemies hit have a 50% chance to Bleed for 1000% weapon damage over 5 seconds. 4. Spider Web i. Create a web of sticky wires that traps enemies that run into it, immobilizing them for 2 seconds and deals 1500% weapon damage over 5 seconds as Poison. Lasts 15 seconds. ii. You may have up to 3 webs active at a time. 5. Lord of the Strings i. Bind up to 7 enemies, dealing 1200% weapon damage as Physical over 5 seconds. ii. Increase chance to control enemies to 40%. E. States a. Infectious Laughter i. Cooldown: 30 seconds ii. Laugh hysterically, causing enemies within 22 yards to go into a State of uncontrollable fit, interrupting their attacks for 1 second every 3 seconds. Lasts 9 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Cacophony i. Enemies are interrupted for 2 seconds every 2 seconds. Lasts 10 seconds. 2. Boisterous Laughter i. Increase the radius to 28 yards. 3. Mayhem i. Enemies release a pulse of energy whenever they are interrupted that deals 250% weapon damage as Arcane to enemies within 12 yards. 4. Side Splitter i. Enemies affected have a 5% increased chance to be Critically Hit. 5. In the Mouth of Madness i. Enemies are no longer interrupted but lose 1-5% of their remaining Life whenever they attack. b. Stupor i. Cooldown: 30 seconds ii. Release a blast of psychic energy around you, causing enemies within 22 yards to enter a State of lethargy, decreasing their damage by 25% for 2 seconds every 3 seconds. Lasts 12 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Heavy Mind i. Increase damage reduction to 35%. 2. Unsteady i. Enemies are also Slowed by 60%. 3. Frailty i. Enemies take 10% more damage from all sources. 4. Indiscriminate i. Enemies have a 50% chance to be Charmed for 7 seconds. 5. Prolonged Agony i. Stupor lasts 17 seconds. c. Mind Breaker i. Cooldown: 16 seconds ii. Project psychic energy at the target that knocks it back 10 yards and increases the damage it takes from all sources by 20% for 7 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Soul Breaker i. Increase the damage received by the enemy from all sources to 30%. 2. Denervate i. Reduce Cooldown to 12 seconds. ii. Enemies that die while under Mind Breaker have a 50% chance to drop a Health Globe. 3. Mind Eater i. Attackers heal up to 1% of their maximum Life when damaging enemies under Mind Breaker. 4. Dementia i. Attacks you deal against enemies under Mind Breaker generate 1 Mirth. 5. Inception i. Charm the target for 4 seconds. Enemies that the target hits have a 40% chance to be Charmed for 4 seconds. This effect can chain multiple times. d. Revelry i. Cooldown: 90 seconds ii. You and your allies within 50 yards gain a 10% chance to hit twice with each attack. Lasts 15 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Ecstasy i. You gain 10% increased damage and generate 50 Mirth. 2. Edge of Glory i. Reduce Cooldown to 80 seconds. 3. Resonance of Joy i. You and your allies gain 15% increased Resource generation. 4. Abrupt Mania i. Increase the chance to hit twice with each attack to 15%. Lasts 10 seconds. 5. You Only Live Once i. You and your allies gain 15000 Life per Second. F. Performances a. Circle of Fate i. Cooldown: 45 seconds ii. Create a 20 yard wide area around you that increases the duration of control impairing effects by 25%. Enemies caught within the circle have a 50% chance to be afflicted by a random control impairing effect for 4 seconds. Lasts 10 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Sealing Barrier i. Create a 16-yard wide circle that prevents enemies from exiting. 2. Tiger’s Den i. Tigers appear inside the area and attack enemies for 85% of your weapon damage as Cold. 3. Target Practice i. Throw poisoned daggers and axes at all enemies caught inside the circle, dealing 2020% weapon damage as Poison over 10 seconds. 4. Circus Ring i. Allies within the circle gain +5% to their highest Attribute. 5. Vertigo i. Tremors crack and displace the earth within the circle, dealing 150% weapon damage per second as Physical. Enemies are Stunned for 3 seconds when Circle of Fate ends. b. Four Arms i. Cooldown: 30 seconds ii. Grow an extra pair of arms that wield swords, dealing 90% weapon damage as Physical to nearby enemies. Lasts 90 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Blockade i. The arms wield shields, increasing your Armor by 15%. 2. Magic is Might i. The arms wield large axes, dealing 120% weapon damage as Arcane to enemies within 12 yards. ii. Enemies hit receive 10% more non-Physical damage for 3 seconds. 3. Twin Lashes i. The arms wield whips, dealing 90% weapon damage as Cold to enemies up to 40 yards away. ii. Enemies hit are Slowed by 80% for 2 seconds. 4. Torch i. The arms hurl torches at enemies that burn them for 300% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds. 5. Hands from Beyond i. Enemies hit have a 15% chance to be stringed like puppets and forced to fight for you for 4 seconds. c. Fire Dance i. Cost: 30 Mirth ii. Attack all enemies within 25 yards with flaming poi for 590% weapon damage as Fire over 3 hits. Every hit causes an explosion that burns enemies within 10 yards for 150% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Rancid Flame i. Each hit has a 30% chance to release a gas cloud that deals 500% weapon damage as Poison over 4 seconds. ii. Fire Dance’s damage turns into Poison. 2. Phoenix Flight i. Enemies hit are set ablaze for 900% weapon damage as Fire over 5 seconds. ii. Each hit has a 10% chance to restore 30 Mirth. 3. Ancient Serpent i. Attack with arcane poi that track and pierce through up to 12 enemies within 30 yards, dealing 830% weapon damage as Arcane. 4. Earth Diver i. Shoot spear poi into the ground that travel toward enemies within 16 yards to stab them up to 5 times, dealing 380% weapon damage as Physical per hit. Enemies hit have a 20% chance to be Immobilized for 4 seconds. 5. Snow Ballet i. Lob frozen projectiles from your poi with each hit, leaving pools of ice that deal 220% weapon damage as Cold per second. ii. Fire Dance’s damage turns into Cold. d. Glass Prison i. Cost: 25 Mirth ii. Cooldown: 30 seconds iii. Trap up to 3 enemies within invisible walls for 4 seconds. The walls then shatter, dealing 500% weapon damage as Physical to enemies within 16 yards. Skill Runes 1. Prism Edge a. Trapped enemies take 10% additional damage from all sources for 10 seconds. 2. Gas Chamber a. The prison is filled with poisonous vapors, choking trapped enemies for 200% weapon damage per second as Poison. Upon shattering, a poison mist lingers in the area for 8 seconds, dealing 130% weapon damage per second as Poison to enemies. b. Trapped enemies receive 20% more damage from Poison Skills for 10 seconds. 3. Chiller a. The prison freezes the enemy, dealing 315% weapon damage per second as Cold. When it shatters, shards of ice pelt enemies within 16 yards for 450% weapon damage as Cold and Chills them for 4 seconds. b. Trapped enemies receive 20% more damage from Cold Skills for 10 seconds. 4. Boiling Tank a. The enemy is boiled within the prison for 250% weapon damage per second as Fire. When it shatters, hot liquid pours out and scalds enemies within 16 yards for 800% weapon damage as Fire over 5 seconds. b. Trapped enemies receive 20% more damage from Fire Skills for 10 seconds. 5. Eerie Box a. The prison pulses with Arcane energy, dealing 350% weapon damage per second to all enemies within 16 yards. A brilliant light flashes when it shatters, Blinding all enemies within 16 yards for 3 seconds. b. Trapped enemies receive 20% more damage from Arcane Skills for 10 seconds. Passive Skills a. Esprit de Corps i. As long as you have an ally within 30 yards, you and your allies gain +400 to your highest Attribute. ii. “A Jester’s presence alone can boost morale to great heights”. b. Grace Under Pressure i. Gain 5% chance to dodge attacks for each enemy within 20 yards, stacking up to 5 times. ii. Gain a 25% chance to reduce all cooldown by 1 second for every attack you Dodge. iii. “Keep up or die”. – Fara Featherfoot to novitiates at the Maze of Horrors c. Jack of All Trades i. Your resistance to any damage type is the sum of all your resistances equally divided between each resistance type. ii. “I am as good as any of you”. – Beni the Braggart d. Restlessness i. When there are 3 or more enemies within 20 yards, you gain 40% increased movement speed. ii. “The darkness approaches. Let us keep moving”. – Aris Alisto e. Monster Tamer i. When dual wielding whips, you gain 15% increased Attack Speed. ii. “Anything can be subdued, given the right tools”. – Rule No. 6, Jesters’ Creed f. Pantomime i. Each attack has a 5% chance to summon a mime that copies all your attacks for 4 seconds. When equipped with a Marotte, this chance is increased to 10%. ii. “The Jesters of Duncraig are widely known for their ability to copy others’ movements and skills… to much irritation, that is”. g. Hoarding i. Your pick-up radius is increased by 0.1 for each occupied slot in your inventory. In addition, all skill radii are increased by 10% of your pick-up radius. ii. “Bring all you can. You’ll never know what will come in handy.” – Rule No. 10, Jesters’ Creed h. Inappropriate Behavior i. Critical Hits have a 10% chance to increase your weapon damage by 15% for 5 seconds. ii. “Sometimes, they just don’t know when to stop”. – King Leoric on the execution of his new court Jester, Limpy Ladd i. Puppeteer i. Increase your puppets’ damage by 25% and maximum Life by 10%. ii. You may have 1 additional corpse puppet at one time when you use Marionette or Corpse Puppet. iii. “I could have sworn he had more of those puppets than both my hands could count!” -The Spy Meirin at the Battle of Ten Fingers j. Fortune Telling i. When you receive fatal damage, you are instead restored to 35% of your maximum Life. In addition, all Mirth is restored and you gain 100% chance to Dodge the next attack within 5 seconds. This effect may occur once every 60 seconds. ii. “Though deemed dubious by many, Jesters are known across Sanctuary to rival the best oracles in interpreting the fabric of time”. k. Gymnastics i. Increase your Dexterity by 15%, but decrease your Resistances by 10%. ii. “Their flamboyant and light clothing are both a deception and a means to maximize their fluid movement”. l. Circus Master i. Increase all damage done to Demons, Beasts, and Undead by 15%. ii. All attacks done to Demons, Beasts, and Undead have a 15% chance to Stun them for 1.5 seconds. iii. “The Jesters may have fallen once in their attempt to control all sorts of oddities for show, but their brush with these creatures had proven to be useful in battle”. – 28th Entry of the Writings of Abd al-Hazir m. Multitasking i. Reduce all cooldown by 15%. In addition, all Mirth generation is increased by 3 when you have 3 or more skills on cooldown. ii. “It may seem that they are out of focus, but they are not. They make notice of everything, everywhere, every time”. – 60th Entry of the Writings of Abd al-Hazir n. Unwavering Smile i. Increase maximum Mirth by 30. Mirth now continuously regenerates at 1.25 per second. ii. “Bare your teeth in a wide grin, Though darkness falls, and light is fading Despair will come, and death to kin But never give in to sadness’s calling”. - Ancient Jester Chant o. Juggling Act i. Melee weapons in your Inventory have a 5% chance to be hurled at nearby enemies with each attack, dealing 250% of that weapon’s damage. When Four Arms is active, this chance is increased to 10%. ii. “Sometimes I forget that I only have four hands”. – Mishra Maelform, Master Juggler p. Trick or Treat i. When an enemy dies within 20 yards or whenever you loot a corpse, there is a 40% chance that a corpse puppet will animate that lasts for 60 seconds. ii. Enemies who die within 20 yards drop 15% more gold. The range of this effect is extended by your gold pickup radius. iii. “Choose wisely when a Jester asks this question”. – Lord Varyn of Duncraig q. Prestige i. Fire, Cold, Poison and Arcane damage you receive are reduced by 30%. ii. “Eccentricity is in our nature”. r. Phase Shift i. Your movement is unhindered when you are above 90% of your maximum Life. ii. “I am beyond this realm; I am where my imagination takes me”. – Trake Tabin s. Mesmerize i. All your primary skills have 40% increased damage and gain a 6% chance to cast an explosion of sound and light, either Blinding or Charming enemies within 8 yards for 3 seconds. ii. “Behold! Marvel at my feats of mystery and wonder!”SethMD13 Jul 2
Jun 16 Suggestion on Rebirth (Season) Hi All, I am fine with Rebirth given that we only have slots for ~15 characters. It will be good if the campaign progress is kept after rebirth besides the name and play time. Most of us play adventure mode and hardly play campaign. Thus, rebirth should not remove any progress in campaign. Moreover, this will also be handy if there is future Act 6 and we can avoid the pain of running through Act 1 to 5 again. Just a suggestion. Thanks.StarLight1 Jun 16
Jun 14 Wallpaper: Whimsyshire - A Tribute Wallpaper: Whimsyshire - A Tribute deviantART: diablofans: reddit: twitter: _____________________________________________________ This little wallpaper took over a year to make. I revamped and redid the borders at the top and bottom so many times I lost count. I stopped and restarted repeatedly, and also took breaks from it when I just couldn't get it the way I was envisioning it. With the recent sad and unfortunate events from the shooting in Orlando I got inspiration to complete it as a new wallpaper that most would not expect and as a great tribute to those who lost their lives. #WeAreOrlando We are with you. Whimsyshire & Diablo (C) BlizzardHolyknight0 Jun 14
Jun 14 Barbarian Item set: Gladiators Blood Lust I Have always loved the warriors ferocity and Tank like attributes. So this build focuses on Frenzy and Rend. With some tank stuff included. Gladiators Bloodied Helm Gladiators Gored Plate Bloodied Shoulder Guard Gladiators Gored Head Crushers Gladiators Gored Back Breaker Gladiators Leg Guards 2 Piece: When Frenzy reaches max stacks you go into blood lust consuming all stacks. Increasing your attack speed by 100%, Critical Hit Damage by 100%, and Bleed damage by 500%. for 10 seconds. 4 Piece: Rend increases your armor by 10% per enemy affected. If you are in Blood Lust you gain 10% movement speed per enemy hit by Rend for 5 sec.(max 10 stacks). 6 piece: Rend gives you a stack of frenzy per tick. Blood Lust last for 40 seconds and increases the buffs. Attack Speed 50% -> 100%, Critical Hit Damage 100% -> 200%, Bleed Damage 500% -> 1000%. This build could be fixed up a little. But this is just a idea that could become a real thing or a inspiration for something like it. Ty for viewing this You Rock <(0_0<).Occult0 Jun 14
Jun 3 Pet builds that dont have a primary attack Been messing around with my witch doctor with different builds. And im wondering how they get past the breakable doors with no attack. ive been using Piranhado but its has a cooldown. My questions is there a way to break down the doors, or a keybind that i dont know of with out grouping. Ty for Looking at my post have a good dayFrostyGaming0 Jun 3
May 17 Community Chats It seems that Community chats are all down and have been since the server was shut down for maintenance. I thought it might be just me, but a fellow clan member said he noticed the same thing. @BlizzardCS: Please advise...Cowboy0 May 17
May 17 Walls: Calendar May and Caldeum at Night Calendar #23: Uni May - Monk Revival (Art by Denstarsk8) deviantART: Twitter: Featuring Monk revival( by Denstarsk8( This amazing piece of art fit well for May's calendar the feeling was just so epic. This one's for the monks out there. _________________________________________________ Fiery Runes II: Locations II: #32 - Caldeum at Night deviantART: Twitter: Featuring the backdrop from Act 2 The Hidden Camp with the night variant. I wish I could find the original one for the daylight version one day perhaps. Soulfyre Runes by me. - All Art & Diablo 3 (C) Blizzard HKHolyknight0 May 17
May 6 [New Class] Centurion and Blood seeks Hello For two years I have worked on this project and I wish you send it. This is the creation of two new classes, the Centurion and Seeks Blood. I enclose below two topics on which I developed these two new classes. ( Careful! I am a French player. I invite you to make a translation of the presented topics. ) Summary : [Class] Centurion This is a fighter with a spear, either jet or nearby. Their orgine is a Nephalem named Elaria which has been the only one recognized by Imperious (her tragic story will have trained disgust of the Archangel for humanity). The Centurion is a secondary branch of the Amazons, both a conviction and a martial art. Currently, the main stronghold is westfall. [Class] Seeking Blood On demonic descent, Seeking Bloods are looking human evil whose hand was greater than angelic. Set inland of terror, race still live recluse from the world. A Rathma priest rescued two young children of the Chimeran species and instilled their knowledge of balance and black magic. It possesses their nature the power of metamorphosis may well become a Dark Knight or the royal beast or even wooden spectrum. In addition to classes on the French forum, you will discover the presentation of two new acts (VI and VII) with adventure on Skovos islands and Lands of terror. I worked the lore and history. I also offer ideas for new equipment, integration of a new mercenary character "Heart Golem" and rune stones similar to Diablo II extension. Thank you in advance the curious who will read my writings and especially the brave who take the time to read it in its entirety. And I apologize bonus of using "google translation" which unfortunately is a required step if you read me.Balduran5 May 6
Apr 30 [Guide] Town Camper Guide for Sprinter Drawing inspiration from quik's Sprinter conquest FAQ at: and my own experience preparing for and achieving the Season 5 Sprinter conquest, I've put together a printable guide for the Town Camper, which you can download from: You'll also find a checklist for Kanai's Cube and a keyboard template that includes my preferred key binding customisations (and the game's defaults). The Town Camper Guide includes quest-by-quest timing targets (which could probably be improved), and enough detail that even a character with no gear and no Paragon points should be able to do a decent job (if the player knows the game). There's also some general tips for Runners. Feel free to skip the introduction and just print the tables. I recommend printing one-sided, stapling the Town Camper task list, and keeping the timing table separate for easy recording. If you value our environment, reuse the other side of the paper for other printing. I'd love to hear any feedback or suggestions (so long as you're polite). You can use the email links on my webpage. If you want to help improve the quest timings, I'll need some detail: time point to improve, time for at least one quest before and after, time for the whole act, and justification for the change (for example, "this quest contains a fixed component 20s long"). I'm also in need of some assistance putting together a complete Reference Booklet for the game. I already have a lot of the data, but there's some stuff that needs confirming (such as whether certain elite monsters actually do appear in the areas where I think they do). I could also use ideas for what you'd like to see in a Reference Booklet (there's older examples for other games on my website). Please note that all of my work is copyright. You may distribute freely, so long as you do not charge any money and do not make any modifications. Word files may be modified for your personal use only.Starlite3 Apr 30
Apr 28 Wallpaper: Season 6 - Cosmic Season 6 - Cosmic (Art by neM1) deviantART: ( ( twitter: ( Featuring Diablo 3 - Being of Energy by neM1: ( This wallpaper stemmed from the cosmic wings. I was trying to make a wallpaper to best represent the season and had a hard time trying to get what I wanted. Not really much you can do about a patch with mostly cosmetics, transmogs, wings & a portrait frame. As I added the wings I went ahead and made the bars on the top and bottom all starry like the wings, and then the piece that finished it all off was the beautiful fan art by neM1. After that what you see before you just came together. I hope you like and please give this artist some love. This is one of the best Archon fan art pieces I've seen and it's been around for 4 years. HK Wizard, Archon Mode & Diablo (C) BlizzardHolyknight0 Apr 28
Apr 23 Diablo III Character Class Concept: Cleric UPDATE: 04/23/16 Hello fellow Nephalem! I'm back. Ugh that took a while, but I finally finished my second concept character for Diablo 3! I would appreciate your comments below, thanks! >Since the first men took breath in the world of Sanctuary, a handful had been chosen by a few of the high ranking angels and demons among Inarius' and Lilith's brethren. These men and women were passed down a guarded prophecy: that one day Anu will live once again in his true form, and that all beings must strive to maintain balance between good and evil for its fulfilment. The Nephalem had been chosen to safeguard this knowledge, for they possess free will that maintains balance between their light and dark natures. Henceforth, the Order of Clerics was formed to help mankind seek truth and equilibrium in Anu's stead, as well as to defend the Nephalem's precious bloodline until the day that Anu is reborn. Cleric Diablo III Character Class Concept Cleric • Tough mid to long range hero • Vitality-based damage • Resource: Mercy o Base Mercy: 800 o Regenerates slowly overtime o Regenerates faster (1.5x) when you or an ally within 15 yards is below 50% Life o Replenished by Mercy Generators • Mainly a supportive and debuffer class • Deals heavy Thorns damage to enemies through special skills • Unique equipment: 2-Handed Healing Staves, Cope (Shoulders), Miter (Head) Active Skills A. Primary a. Chant i. Generate: 50 Mercy per attack ii. Recite words of power that taunt enemies within 16 yards for 1 second and deals 200% weapon damage as Holy. Skill Runes 1. Forced Echoes i. Enemies hit have a 50% chance to utter your words of power, dealing 120% of your weapon damage as Arcane over 3 seconds to other enemies within 8 yards. ii. Damage is increased by 20% of your Thorns. 2. Hushed Whispers i. Gain 15% chance to Freeze enemies hit for 2 seconds. ii. Chant’s damage turns into Cold. 3. Ancient Tongue i. Enemies hit burn for 300% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds. 4. Incessant Murmuring i. Increase Mercy generated to 70. 5. Call Out i. Increase the radius to 20 yards. b. Compel i. Generate: 65 Mercy per attack ii. Force virtuousness unto an enemy and deal 260% weapon damage as Holy. Skill Runes 1. Dragoon i. Increase the damage to 370% weapon damage as Fire. 2. Pressure of Will i. Enemies hit have a 20% chance to be Charmed for 3 seconds. ii. Damage is increased by 20% of your Thorns. iii. Compel’s damage turns into Arcane. 3. Purify i. Deal 175% weapon damage as Holy to up to 3 additional targets within 30 yards. 4. Truth Fever i. Gain 3218 Life per Second for 3 seconds with each attack. ii. Compel’s damage turns into Lightning. 5. High Authority i. Increase Mercy generated to 80. ii. Enemies hit receive 20% more damage from Cold for 4 seconds. iii. Compel’s damage turns into Cold. c. Preach i. Generate: 55 Mercy per attack ii. Speak age-old verses that deal 170% weapon damage as Holy over 2 seconds to enemies and heal allies for 6058 Life over 2 seconds within 20 yards. iii. Heal amount is increased by 30% of your Life per Second. Skill Runes 1. Proclamation i. Increase the radius to 28 yards. ii. Preach’s damage turns into Fire. 2. Repent Your Ways i. Reduce the damage of enemies hit by 10% for 2 seconds. ii. Damage is increased by 20% of your Thorns. iii. Preach’s damage turns into Lightning. 3. Of Angels and Men i. Allies also gain 10% increased Resistance to all types for 2 seconds. 4. Absolute Belief i. Gain a shield that absorbs 10223 damage for 3 seconds with each attack. This effect stacks up to 3 times. 5. Archaic Writings i. Incantations line the ground, dealing 360% weapon damage as Arcane over 3 seconds and heal allies for 12132 Life over 3 seconds. d. Revitalize i. Generate: 65 Mercy per attack ii. Heal yourself and an ally within 35 yards for 7681-12285 Life. iii. Heal amount is increased by 25% of your Health Globe Healing Bonus. Skill Runes 1. Lavender Mist i. Create pockets of unusual fog that heal allies for 3421 Life per Second and reduce the duration of control-impairing effects by 15% for 3 seconds. 2. Contempt for Darkness i. Deal 280% weapon damage as Cold to enemies within 12 yards and Freeze them for 2 seconds with each attack. ii. Damage is increased by 20% of your Thorns. iii. Enemies cannot be Frozen more than once every 5 seconds. 3. Lightness of Being i. Increase your movement speed by 20% for 3 seconds. 4. Laying of Hands i. Allies healed also gain 4776 Life per Hit for 3 seconds. 5. Afterlight i. Every third attack releases a burst of energy that deals 345% weapon damage as Lightning to all enemies within 15 yards. Enemies hit have a 20% chance to be Stunned for 1 second. B. Secondary a. Benediction i. Cost: 265 Mercy ii. Blessed rain falls on your target and all others within 20 yards for 6 seconds that Slows enemies by 60% and decreases their attack speed by 10%, while providing you and your allies with a 5% increased Critical Hit Chance. Skill Runes 1. Refresh i. Allies affected regenerate an additional 48785-73812 Life over 6 seconds when healed by Potions or Health Globes. 2. Water Shredder i. Heavy rain cuts through your enemies, dealing 990% weapon damage as Holy over 6 seconds. 3. Forebode i. Create a torrential downpour that Slows enemies by 90% and decreases their attack speed by 20%. 4. Silver Cloud i. Lightning bolts deal 385% weapon damage as Lightning per second for 6 seconds. ii. Enemies hit have a 25% chance to be Stunned for 2 seconds. 5. Imperil i. Enemies affected also receive 25% more damage from Fire, Lightning, Cold, Holy and Arcane. b. Pneuma i. Cost: 245 Mercy ii. Let the force of your soul expand and burst, dealing 670% weapon damage as Holy to enemies within 28 yards. Skill Runes 1. Stellar Dust i. Increase the damage to 1020% weapon damage as Arcane. 2. Incandescence i. Gain 1% of your maximum Life per enemy hit. ii. Allies within 28 yards are healed for 14335 Life. iii. Pneuma’s damage turns into Fire. 3. Stoic Shell i. Reduce the damage you receive by 3% for each enemy hit for 4 seconds. This effect stacks up to 5 times. 4. Soul Shiver i. Create a bone-chilling blast in multiple directions that deals 715% weapon damage as Cold and Freezes enemies hit for 2 seconds. 5. Doldrums i. Enemies hit are Immobilized and receive 20% more damage from Lightning for 4 seconds. ii. Pneuma’s damage turns into Lightning. c. Light Stream i. Cost: 175 Mercy ii. Project a beam of resplendent light that deals 555% weapon damage as Holy to the target and 220% weapon damage as Holy to enemies within 18 yards. Skill Runes 1. Pulse Sphere i. Cast a ball of light that tracks enemies and quickly fires multiple explosive beams within a 15-yard radius, dealing 395% weapon damage as Holy. 2. Energy Void i. Maintain a void that drains the life of your enemies within 22 yards equal to 350% of your weapon damage as Cold. The void gathers energy over time up to a maximum of 10 seconds, and will explode and deal 100% weapon damage as Cold for each second it has gathered energy to all enemies within 22 yards. 3. Ephemeral Spear i. Project a beam that will track and pierce through up to 10 enemies within 35 yards, dealing 700% weapon damage as Fire. The last enemy hit will receive an additional 480% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds. 4. Primeval Cross i. Light Stream now fires 4 beams in a cross formation. Enemies hit take 20% more damage from Arcane for 4 seconds. ii. Light Stream’s damage turns into Arcane. 5. Thunder Force i. Enemies hit will cause lightning to arc between them, dealing 150% weapon damage as Lightning over 2 seconds. ii. Light Stream’s damage turns into Lightning. d. Execrate i. Cost: 160 Mercy ii. Expel the dark potential out of your enemy, dealing 760% weapon damage as Holy. Skill Runes 1. Cast Out i. The enemy is hit with such great force that primal energies pour outward, dealing 960% weapon damage as Arcane over 3 seconds to enemies within 12 yards. ii. Execrate’s damage turns into Arcane. 2. Pristine Shock i. Continuously deal 945% weapon damage as Lightning to the enemy. ii. Each hit has a 15% chance to Stun the enemy for 2 seconds. 3. Deep Comprehension i. When you kill an enemy, you gain a Dark Insight. After 3 Dark Insights, purify your thoughts and make your next damaging Mercy spender deal 150% additional damage. 4. Mitigation i. Enemies hit deals 20% less damage for 5 seconds. ii. Execrate’s damage turns into Cold. 5. Purge i. Deal 580% weapon damage as Fire to the target and all enemies within 16 yards. Enemies hit receive 20% more damage from Fire for 4 seconds. C. Defensive a. Deliverance i. Cooldown: 18 seconds ii. Reduce damage taken from Elites by 25% for 6 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Penumbra i. Increase your Armor by 50% for 6 seconds. 2. Rancor i. Reduce the Cooldown to 14 seconds. 3. Reprisal i. Increase your Thorns by 75% for 6 seconds. 4. Liberation i. You gain 50% increased movement speed for 6 seconds. 5. Augment i. Reduce all Non-Physical damage taken by 20% for 6 seconds. b. Candle in the Dark i. Cost: 100 Mercy ii. Mysterious candles surround you that magically increase your Block Chance by 20% and your Block Amount by 16,313-24,775. Lasts 10 minutes. Skill Runes 1. Light the Way i. Candles also hover over your allies within 50 yards, increasing their Block Chance by 10% and their Block Amount by 8997-15671. 2. Catching Fire i. Candles also seek out and mark up to 5 enemies within 50 yards, causing them to burn for 20% weapon damage as Fire per second and receive a debuff that increases the damage they receive from Critical Hits by 25%. 3. Candelabra i. Increase your gold pickup radius by 7 and reduce the duration of control-impairing effects by 40%. 4. Shining Ward i. Create spheres that shoot bolts of energy at nearby enemies, dealing 220% weapon damage as Arcane. 5. Cold Glow i. Enemies within 15 yards receive 40% increased damage from Thorns. c. Penance i. Cooldown: 30 seconds ii. Seek absolution and increase all healing done to allies by 15% for 7 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Affirmation i. Increase your Critical Hit Chance by 20% for 5 seconds after the primary effect of Penance ends. 2. Self-Reflection i. Regenerate 350 Mercy over 7 seconds. 3. Contrition i. Increase all healing done to allies by 30%, but all of your Mercy costs are increased by 20% for 7 seconds. 4. Atonement i. Allies within 50 yards gain 35% of their maximum Life over 7 seconds. 5. Agony i. You are filled with great remorse, causing you to pulse with a distressing force that deals 220% weapon damage as Cold per second to enemies within 24 yards. ii. Damage is increased by 15% of your Thorns. d. Gate of Protection i. Cooldown: 60 seconds ii. Create a magical ward that redirects 10% of all damage taken by allies within 30 yards to you for 10 seconds. iii. Reduce all damage you receive by 8%, and an additional 3% for each ally you have for 10 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Recompense i. Increase your Critical Hit Damage by 30% for each ally affected. 2. Ultimate Gesture i. Increase the damage redirected to you to 20%. 3. Unyielding i. All damage you receive is staggered over 5 seconds. 4. Vicarious Joy i. Gain 7493 Life per Hit, and an additional 2135 Life per Hit for each ally affected. 5. Dampener i. Enemies that hit affected allies have 15% reduced damage for 3 seconds. e. Invocation i. Cooldown: 30 seconds ii. Summon 2 priests that follow you and Charm enemies for 3 seconds. Lasts 5 seconds. Skill Runes 1. Preachers i. Summon 2 priests that can use Preach. 2. Healers i. Summon 2 priests that can use Heal. 3. Converters i. Increase the Charm duration to 4 seconds. 4. Choir i. Summon a choir that will perform a random or learned Hymn for 5 seconds. 5. Archbishop i. Summon 1 Archbishop for 10 seconds that deals 700% of your weapon damage as Holy. Enemies within 16 yards are Charmed for 3 seconds when the Archbishop disappears. D. Prayers a. Prayer of the Hesitant i. Generate: 150 Mercy ii. Cooldown: 20 seconds iii. Pray to gain confidence, and increase your Fire, Holy, Arcane, Lightning and Cold damage by 30% for 5 seconds. iv. You may have up to 2 Prayers learned at a time. Skill Runes 1. Calm Mind i. Enemies you hit with Fire, Holy, Arcane, Lightning or Cold damage have a 20% chance to be Stunned, Charmed, or Slowed by 80% for 2 seconds. 2. Chosen Path i. Fire, Arcane, Lightning and Cold damage you receive are reduced by 30% for 5 seconds. 3. See Through Evil i. Enemies you hit with Fire, Holy, Arcane, Lightning, or Cold damage applies a debuff that increases the damage they receive from Thorns by 50% for 5 seconds. 4. Realization i. Increase your Fire, Holy, Arcane, Lightning and Cold damage by 40%. 5. Seeking Purpose i. Fire, Holy, Arcane, Lightning and Cold damage you deal have a 50% chance to extend the duration of the Prayer by 1 second, up to a maximum of 10 seconds of increased time. b. Prayer of the Meek i. Generate: 150 Mercy ii. Cooldown: 20 seconds iii. Pray for resilience against melee attackers and reduce their damage by 25% for 5 seconds. iv. You may have up to 2 Prayers learned at a time. Skill Runes 1. Spare Thee i. Increase damage reduction from melee attacks to 35%. 2. Fighting Chance i. Melee attackers receive 15% more damage from all sources for 5 seconds. 3. Hold at Bay i. Melee attackers are Immobilized for 5 seconds. 4. Full Guard i. Damage from ranged attacks is also reduced by 25% for 5 seconds. 5. Toughen Up i. Prevent all melee damage for 4 seconds. c. Prayer of the Weary i. Generate: 150 Mercy ii. Cooldown: 20 seconds iii. Pray for ardor and increase your Mercy generation by 25 for 5 seconds. iv. You may have up to 2 Prayers learned at a time. Skill Runes 1. Dedication i. Mercy spenders have a 30% chance to be cast for free for 5 seconds. 2. Exuberance i. Increase healing from all sources by 25% for 5 seconds. 3. Make Haste i. Increase your attack speed by 7% for every enemy killed within 35 yards. 4. Caprice i. Instantly restore 30% of your maximum Mercy. 5. Rekindled Passion i. Increase your Mercy generation by 40 for 5 seconds. E. Rites a. Rite of Praise and Exaltation i. Cooldown: 120 seconds ii. Perform a Rite that summons 4 spirit warriors, each dealing 240% of your weapon damage as Arcane. Lasts 20 seconds. iii. Only one Rite may be learned at a time. Skill Runes 1. Regiment of Time i. The spirit warriors reduce the cooldown of allies within 15 yards by 10%. ii. The spirit warriors’ damage turns into Holy. 2. Ancestral Militia i. The spirit warriors increase the Critical Hit Damage of allies within 15 yards by 35%. ii. The spirit warriors’ damage turns into Fire. 3. Revolutionary Battalion i. Increase the number of spirit warriors to 6, and their damage to 300% of your weapon damage as Cold. 4. Overwhelming Brigade i. Enemies that the spirit warriors hit deal 25% less damage for 3 seconds. ii. The spirit warriors’ damage turns into Lightning. 5. Sealing Squadron i. Upon summoning, the spirit warriors create a 20-yard barrier around you that prevents enemies from passing through. Enemies caught within the area receive 50% more damage from Thorns. b. Rite of War and Ruin i. Cooldown: 120 seconds ii. Perform a Rite that deals 10000% weapon damage as Holy over 20 seconds to all enemies within 35 yards. iii. Damage is increased by 10% of your Thorns. iv. Only one Rite may be learned at a time. Skill Runes 1. Cold War i. Increase the damage to 15000% weapon damage as Cold over 20 seconds. 2. Surmount i. Enemies affected have their movement speed reduced by 60%. ii. Rite of War and Ruin’s damage turns into Lightning. 3. Ashes and Dust i. Reduce the cooldown to 100 seconds. ii. Rite of War and Ruin’s damage turns into Arcane. 4. Defender i. Allies within 30 yards gain 20% increased Armor. 5. Pillage and Burn i. Enemies that die while affected have a 25% chance to drop crafting materials. ii. Rite of War and Ruin’s damage turns into Fire. c. Rite of Peace and Bounty i. Cooldown: 120 seconds ii. Perform a Rite that grants you and your allies within 35 yards 25% Resource Cost Reduction. Lasts 20 seconds. iii. Only one Rite may be learned at a time. Skill Runes 1. Timely Provisions i. Potion Cooldown for you and your allies is reduced by 20%. 2. Prosperity i. Enemies within 35 yards have a 10% chance to drop gold when hit. 3. Placidity i. Reduce the cooldown to 90 seconds. 4. Rising Power i. Increase Resource Cost Reduction to 40%. 5. Wealth and Growth i. You and your allies gain +20% Experience Bonus. d. Rite of Death and Loss i. Cooldown: 120 seconds ii. Perform a Rite that resurrects any fallen ally to 25% of maximum Life and grants you and your allies within 35 yards a 35% chance when receiving fatal damage to be restored instead to 25% of maximum Life. This effect may only happen once for you and your allies for the duration of the skill. Lasts 20 seconds. iii. Only one Rite may be learned at a time. Skill Runes 1. Resuscitate i. Increase Life restored to 35% of maximum Life. 2. Unrest i. You and your allies gain unhindered movement for 5 seconds upon resurrection or restoration. 3. Afterimage i. You and your allies who are resurrected or restored summon a clone that copies attacks for 5 seconds. 4. Undying i. Increase the chance to be restored to 50%. 5. Raging Willpower i. You and your allies who are resurrected or restored release energy waves that deal 4500% of your weapon damage as Lightning over 5 seconds to enemies within 16 yards. F. Hymns a. Hymn of Fortitude i. Cost: 280 Mercy ii. Cooldown: 30 seconds iii. Sing a tune that empowers your allies within 28 yards, increasing their weapon damage by 15% for 5 seconds. iv. Only one Hymn may be active at a time. While performing Hymns, you move at 65% movement speed. Skill Runes 1. Common Goal i. Increase the duration of Hymn of Fortitude by 2 seconds, and an additional 1 second for every ally you have. 2. Gaining Courage i. Increase your weapon damage by 5%, and an additional 5% for every ally you have. 3. Help from Above i. Call upon 3 angels to fight by your side that each deal 180% of your weapon damage as Holy. 4. Defiance i. Increase your Armor by 9%, and an additional 2% for every ally you have. 5. Moral Aid i. Increase your party’s healing from all sources by 30% for 5 seconds. b. Hymn of Solace i. Cost: 280 Mercy ii. Cooldown: 30 seconds iii. Sing a comforting tune that heals all allies within 28 yards by 56920-79480 Life over 5 seconds. iv. Heal amount is increased by 35% of your Life per Second. v. Only one Hymn may be active at a time. While performing Hymns, you move at 65% movement speed. Skill Runes 1. Have a Heart i. Enemies and allies that die within the area of effect will drop a Health Globe. 2. Tend the Wounded i. Increase heal amount to 86930-115760 Life over 5 seconds. 3. Grievance i. All enemies within the area of effect lose 2% of their remaining Life per second, and are dealt 25% of your Thorns damage per second. 4. Watch Over i. An ally within 16 yards will receive 50% less damage for 5 seconds. 5. Carol of the Nightingale i. You and your allies affected regenerate 20% of your maximum Resource over 5 seconds. c. Hymn of Silence i. Cost: 280 Mercy ii. Cooldown: 30 seconds iii. Intone a haunting melody that nullifies all enemy magic and effects within 18 yards for 5 seconds. iv. Only one Hymn may be active at a time. While performing Hymns, you move at 65% movement speed. Skill Runes 1. Blackest Night i. Enemies within the area of effect suffer a 30% chance to miss with their attacks. 2. Listless i. Enemies within the area of effect are Slowed by 80%. 3. Backfire i. Enemies within the area of effect are dealt 275% of your weapon damage as Holy whenever they attack. ii. Damage is increased by 25% of your Thorns. 4. Dispel i. Increase the duration to 7 seconds. 5. Standstill i. Enemies within the area of effect are Immobilized for 3 seconds after Hymn of Silence ends. d. Hymn of Tribulation i. Cost: 280 Mercy ii. Cooldown: 30 seconds iii. Sing a macabre tune that deals 450% of your weapon damage as Fire to enemies that hit you or your allies within 28 yards for 5 seconds. iv. Damage is increased by 35% of your Thorns. v. Only one Hymn may be active at a time. While performing Hymns, you move at 65% movement speed. Skill Runes 1. Frozen Heart i. Increase the damage to 690% weapon damage as Cold. ii. Enemies that take damage are Slowed by 60% for 3 seconds. 2. Forgiven but not Forgotten i. Increase the duration to 10 seconds. ii. Hymn of Tribulation’s damage turns into Holy. 3. Avenger i. Your Thorns hits all enemies within the area of effect for 5 seconds. 4. Undoing i. Enemies killed while within the area of effect explode with unstable energy, dealing 2200% of your weapon damage as Arcane to other enemies within 12 yards. ii. Hymn of Tribulation’s damage turns into Arcane. 5. Desolation i. Enemies that hit you or your allies within 28 yards take 1350% of your weapon damage as Lightning over 5 seconds. Passive Skills a. Indomitable i. When receiving fatal damage, you are instead restored to 25% of your maximum Life. In addition, you gain 100% increased Resistance to all types for 5 seconds. This effect may occur once every 60 seconds. ii. “Oh Highest One, protect thee thy humble child and show them thy sheer might through thee thy humble likeness”. – Opening Verse in the Hidden Canticles of Worship b. Piety i. Decrease damage taken by 20% for 4 seconds when you use a Mercy generator. ii. “Believed to be a god and the first follower of Anu, Resho rarely engaged in warfare. He did not need to; his enemies tired of dealing countless blows to him while he maintained composure, unhurt, and seemingly lost in his recitations”. – Excerpt from A History of Sanctuary by High Priest Welscher c. Order of the Rose i. Your Thorns damage now benefits from 25% of your Critical Hit Chance and 50% of your Critical Hit Damage. ii. “The teachings of the old sect of the followers of Anu focused on temperance, patience, and righteous retaliation”. – 55th Entry of the Writings of Abd al-Hazir d. Woe to the Wicked i. All enemies that take damage from your attacks have a 15% chance to be dealt 50% of your Thorns over 5 seconds. ii. “Destruction awaits those who wield it in wanton”. – Brother Deinos e. Supreme Intercession i. Reduce all damage done over 3 seconds to you and an ally within 16 yards by 50% once every 30 seconds. ii. “I stood my ground even as I felt life leave my mortal body, hands raised in prayer for the ancients to aid us. Suddenly I felt the warmth of sunlight in the dead of night, and vigor flowed into me one last time”. – Brother Hemis at the Gates of Sescheron f. Vindictive Aura i. You now deal Thorns every 10-12 seconds to all enemies within 12 yards. The radius of this effect is increased by 30% of your gold pickup radius. ii. “You misunderstand me; you misunderstand our kind. Let me show you the true nature of the nephalem”. – High Priestess Olia before slaying the Great Demon Geylos g. Karmic Cycle i. Healing an ally has a 20% chance to heal you for the same amount. ii. “May Anu bless us, for we embody his greatness”. – Customary greeting of the followers of Anu h. Benevolence i. The heal amount of your skills is increased by 150% of your weapon damage. ii. Enemies deal 10% less damage for 4 seconds to allies you heal. iii. “Peace to those who seek it”. – Blessing of the Clergy of Anu i. Heart of Gold i. You gain 50% increased Gold Find for 3 seconds after healing an ally or killing an enemy. ii. “The old woman in tatters sat quietly beside her quaint box of snow and gold pieces, unmindful of those that pass by. As I approached her to give what I could, I felt my own burdens strangely ebbing away”. – Brother Hemis on his first meeting with Grandmaster Shio j. Priesthood i. You gain 2% increased Vitality for each exclusive item you have equipped. ii. The cooldowns of your Prayers and Rites are decreased by 20%. iii. “The Clergy of Anu have dedicated themselves to protecting the nephalem bloodline and upholding all that is right and true”. k. Choir Master i. All Hymns now last an additional 3 seconds and have 20% decreased Mercy Cost. ii. “Glory to the ancients who embraced their true selves”. – Sister Chelsea l. Amity and Enmity i. You deal 15% more damage for 5 seconds after healing yourself or an ally. ii. “Good and evil are two sides of the same coin. It is your cause that truly matters”. – Archbishop Sundain m. Vehemence i. Your Area Damage is increased by 30%. ii. “Know what is right and defend it with your life”. – Brother Hemis n. Realm Binding i. Bind the essence of enemies killed within 30 yards for 5 seconds, which Immobilize other enemies they come into contact with. ii. “How great are the forces that flows in all things”. – Grandmaster Resho o. Empathy i. Increase maximum Mercy by 300. You now regenerate 2% of your maximum Mercy every second. ii. “Feel their pain, for it is ours too. Now aid them, as they aid you”. – High Priestess Olia to the newly ordained Clerics p. Selflessness i. Reduce the cooldowns of your: Gate of Protection by 12 seconds. Penance by 6 seconds. Invocation by 6 seconds. ii. “To be able to choose kindness and compassion is humanity’s greatest treasure”. – Hermit Kollig q. Celestial Clarity i. Increase your Resistances by 5% of your Vitality. ii. “The sky, the stars, this world and its creatures all came from Anu. We are a sum divided, destined to be one again someday”. – Brother Aserrai r. Solitude i. When you have no enemies or allies within 20 yards, you regenerate 3% of your maximum Life per second. ii. “There is meaning in nothingness. Find it, and you shan’t be in misery”. – High Priestess Delphine s. Light and Dark Attunement i. You gain 0.5% increased damage and heal amount for every enemy and ally within 12 yards. ii. “Those who worship Anu have long held that good and evil have no ascendancy over the other; rather, it was the equilibrium of these forces that make an ideal”. – 76th Entry of the Writings of Abd al-Hazir t. Unburden i. Your movement speed is increased by 20%, but your Armor is decreased by 10%. ii. “Release thyself from material hold and fly amongst the stars”. – Proverb from The Scripture of ReshoSethMD4 Apr 23
Apr 22 Various ideas regarding items/sets While I miss the old D2 style skill system, I do think several of the following ideas would be an improvement over what we have right now. 1) Introduce Sapphire Gems. D2 had 6 gem types, whereas D3 has 5. Our blue mystical Sapphire gem from D2 curiously didn't make its way to D3. Any reason as to why? I mean the Diamond had to wait for RoS to be implemented so I'm proposing the Sapphire finally get its due introduction. Sapphires would deal with resource costs(cost control basically) in addition to buffing Armor(like Diamonds with CDR/Resists respectively). Also gives a 100% chance to Freeze opponents for 1 second on Hit if placed in Weapon. 2) Change Cindercoat to Ormus Robes. Right now Cindercoat gives a bias towards Fire skills since their costs are reduced by up to 30%. That to me is unacceptable and frankly should be applied universally, regardless of what "element" your skill/rune happens to utilize. Ormus Robes on D2 weren't exclusively Fire Armor. They also buffed Cold and Lightning Skills as well. In D3's case, they would reduce costs for all skills/elements by 20-30% and randomly spawn with 15-20% Elemental damage(Fire/Cold/Lightning/Arcane/Holy/Poison/Physical). 3) Change Frostburn's secondary power from cold damage chance to freeze to increasing resource pool by x%(say 40-50%?). 4) Expand Cube to include all class weapons, armor and jewelry. Seems rather unfair that only Monks can utilize Flying Dragon for the double attack speed. Wouldn't it be interesting to see a Barb or Demon Hunter with that in cube? Build diversity anyone? 5) Arctic Set. This is a new D3 set that was inspired from the old D2 Arctic set. Its a new 6-piece class-neutral(namely any class can use it) set that utilizes Helm, Chest, Waist, Pants, Boots, and Gloves. They would be Ivory White or Wintery Dye color and the design of which I'd leave to those with more artistic minds(since I admittedly do not have such talent). Set would have following bonuses: 2pc: Duration of Frozen and Chilled effects doubled. 4pc: Cold skill costs are reduced by 50% and enemies Chilled or Frozen take 1000% more damage. 6pc: You are now immune to Freezing and are granted a Holy Freeze Aura that chills enemies up to 30 yards away. Enemies affected by this aura take 100% damage from all sources. Reasoning: 2-piece bolsters Frozen and Chilled effects. 4-pc reduces costs on Cold Skills and increases their damage considerably. 6-piece grants Frozen immunity(but only that, Ice Climbers grant that and more) and tacks on a 100% debuff(might be a bit strong but I wanted the 6-piece bonus to pack some punch). Combined, a wearer would have a 2000% boost in damage against affected enemies while granting a universal x 2 damage aura. Similarly, you could do something like that for Holy Fire(for Firebird set?), Holy Shock(for a new Crusader set meant for Fist of the Heavens perhaps?). Heck you could do sets that grant old D2 Paladin auras(like Cleansing(for cc effects), Meditation(massive boost in resource regeneration), Fanaticism(universal attack speed aura), and so on... 6) New Cube Recipe: Larzuk's Gift. Requires Ramaldi's Gift and any class of item that does not have a socket. Effect: Adds maximum amount of Sockets to any given item(Chest would get 3, Pants would get 2 and everything else 1). Gives further flexibility on Jewelry, Helm, Chest and Pants when it comes to sockets and one can add additional main stat/vitality to armor. 7) Jewels. Like #1, Jewels were mysteriously absent when D3 launched. Jewels could add unique benefits to any socket(Armor, Jewelry, Off-Hand or Weapon) and perhaps can be crafted by the Jeweler provided you find the necessary materials. Some examples of Jewels: +10-15% Elite Damage +10-15% Elite Damage reduction +10-15% All Resists +10-15% Life +10-15% CHC +50-100% CHD Immune to Fear Immune to Freezing Immune to Stun Immune to Knockback Immune to Desecrator and so on... 8) Shield damage absorption should be based on its durability(and not some arbitrary amount). Namely should a wearer have a Shield and they block an incoming attack, damage from that attack should be completely absorbed provided that shield's durability is 100%. If that durability should begin to drop, the shield's ability to absorb damage begins to fall. Seeing as Block Chance is capped at 75%, a Shield won't block 25% of the time. However, when it does, it should do like it did on D2 and absorb ALL incoming damage if its durability is 100%. This would put a high premium on Ignore Durability on Shields(since they would never degrade and absorb 100% damage) or Zakara Shoulders(for the universal indestructible mod).DarkHelmet1 Apr 22
Apr 22 My Transmog Wish! Here is my one main wish! I would love the option of having at least one traditional Chinese WuDang/Jian One handed sword with at least a couple different tassel colors as a weapon Transmog option for my Monk! This would totally complete my vision of how I want my monk to look as he slices through the burning hella!!! Please make this come true Blizz!Ferox1 Apr 22
Apr 22 Horadric Punching Dummy So Everyone knows the damage calculator isn't very useful at all in telling you your damage given there are so many damage increasing in combat effects and other stuff. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a better way to seeing your actual damage than having your character screen open while in combat, or staring at a strobe-light of ever-changing 7 to 8 digit numbers while trying not to die? I got dem solutionz! Introducing The Horadric Punching Dummy; a robed and padded wooden dummy in prayer position that sits somewhere in every town. -The Horadric Punching Dummy is affected by knock-ups and knockbacks for damage calculations, but snaps right back to its default spot. -The Horadric Punching Dummy has infinite life rather than being indestructible, so you can see the actual in combat damage that pops up without having to chase tiny hitboxes around in a sea of particle effects. -The Horadric Punching Dummy is your friend, and loves to help you heal yourself with life on hit, as it's affected by all normal on hit effects. -The Horadric Punching Dummy rules. -Blizzard will totally implement The Horadric Punching Dummy when they realize how ingeniously simple it is. Let em know! That is all. Spanks!ActionBobby3 Apr 22
Apr 22 Wirt's Lucky Ring secondary: +50-100% gold find 25-50% magic find LEGENDARY: Things seem to work in your favor.... (All proc coefficients from items and skills changed to 1 (or multiplied by 5?)) 15% chance to chain lightning when you attack? More like 100%! This ring would turn more fun items into end game, build determining items, and lead to some broken chain reaction builds like zombie dog sacrifice!ActionBobby0 Apr 22
Apr 22 Druid playable character mechanics discussion So I was really disappointed that there was no shapeshifting characters in D3, but with the current skill interface I can see why making a character like the Druid form d2 would be a daunting task. I loved turning into a wolf in D2 so how do you think Blizzard could make a shape shifting character work? suggestions: Skills could have an alternative mode for each possible form. Each form could get it's own skill sets with a button in the hud to set either up at any time. animal form skills could have runes that add different skills like boring *Archon* yawn. shapeshift could be an ultimate skill with every rune adding a different nicely synergized kit. *each kit could switch to preset passives while in the form, but could be annoying.ActionBobby9 Apr 22
Apr 21 Walls: Calendar April & Final Confrontation Calendar Uni April: King Kanai deviantART: twitter: twitter #2: Since there really isn't any art for King Kanai I went with my best screenshot of him back in march for the event. That is my crusader hiding behind the calendar with the tyrael wings. I thought I would make a calendar based on Kanai. So with this I changed the art behind the calendar numbers and put the cube in. With that this is also dedicated to Kevin Kanai Griffith's memory. HK Diablo & Art (C) Blizzard ____________________________________________________________________ Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - The Final Confrontation (Art by Tnounsy) deviantART: diablofans: twitter: reddit: Featuring the amazing fan art of Final confrontation - Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls by tnounsy( I think the art by Tnounsy speaks for itself here and I just added a wallpaper format that i use to compliment it. Hope you like, and check out Tnounsy's fan art its a great piece. HK Art by Tnounsy All other art (C) Blizzard Diablo 3 (C) BlizzardHolyknight0 Apr 21
Apr 21 Reaper of Souls 2nd Anniversary (Wallpaper) Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - Year Two (Art by Timens) Posted on: deviantART: reddit: twitter: diablofans: This was a little delayed due to life and work. When Blizzard made a post marking the 2nd anniversary for Reaper of Souls featuring Timens' artwork it made me think back to last year with TheRafa's art I used in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - Year One ( So i thought I'd revisit the style for the second anni. I hope you guys like the outcome of this one. Happy 2nd Anniversary Reaper of Souls: The expansion that made Diablo 3 better. Just as Lord of Destruction made Diablo II great as well. Featuring Art by Timens: Mathael reaper of souls Diablo & Malthael (C) Blizzard Later next week I'll have April's Calendar ready for you guys. HK Textless version: Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - Year Two (No Text) Apr 21
Apr 15 Passive Skill Tree D3 is definitely a different beast than D2. While there are some benefits, I feel like d3 can benefit from some old complexity from d2. People that are switching to Path of Exile is due to the complexity that was found in d2 with more diverse build paths and missing from d3. With a passive skill tree, I feel like the game can benefit greatly. In the end there is basically 1 or 2 builds in d3 that make it into the end with little diversity.Ling0 Apr 15
Apr 15 A New Goblin Variation Idea My idea on a new type of goblin: Presenting... the Key Plunderer For the few Nephalem fortunate enough to hunt down one of these rare and elusive Guardian-robbing thieves, the challenge of hunting down and claiming its lucrative bounty will tax even the most keen-eyed of Sanctuary's champions. Summoning rifts to jump across terrain, the Key Plunderer will seek to outmaneuver enemies in it's escape. Many have tried and failed to best one, however, legend would suggest their satchels are bountifully filled with Nehalem Rift Keys. Good Hunting! ~Madwick~Madwick0 Apr 15
Apr 14 Ethix Gaming Recruitment Ethix Gaming is a 18+, Multi National, Multi Gaming Community looking for dedicated Diablo 3 players, new and old, to join our Community. We are not a Hardcore Diablo clan, but we do have a few Members that push for the leaderboards. We will assist with power leveling to 70, run rifts/grifts, and assist with gear set pieces and build recommendations. Ethix Gaming is Officially sponsored by Blackmill Games, and M2H Game Studios We are also partnered with OPN ( Over-Powered Noobs ) If you are interested in becoming a member, then check out or join us on teamspeak: and look for a member with a green shield to assist you with any questions you may have.Benderr0 Apr 14
Apr 10 Diablo 3 HC LIVE streams %) Cozy and fun! Hi ho, catguys! %) ... My name is Tangar Gameglaz, I’m 30, from Moscow, Russia... But I enjoy speaking English %) I'll be very glad to see you at my streams! I'm streaming EVERYDAY at my youtube streaming channel: ... I've just returned to Diablo 3. My first stream after long time: Who I am: youtuber I got ~30 YT channels, some of them in English. Youtube is my life MMO-expert Playing from 1999 (Ultima Online @ Drachenfels and Catskills) journalist author of Russian gaming magazines musician rock band leader, guitar teacher, dj (electroclash, dark d'n'b). ecologist PhD %) I work at university as a soil scientist (computer science staff) web designer I'm developing websites and also work as graphical designer writer I'm in long process of creating my own fantasy world. Writing it for a long years already And I'm founder of Russian streamers community – Stream Guild Also I like sport (a lot of types: from karate to hiking), I do not drink alchohol (mad Russian!?), I enjoy cooking, I'm interested in history and politics, I like to draw (but not really good at it yet), I enjoy making photos (got instagram "igroglaz"). One of my dreams is to learn how to sew. I wanna make cloth for my self and my friends So... Back to gaming staff. From recent times, my main activities now in English. I enjoy speak English with you, catguys! So I got two English youtube channels: ... If you are interested in my videos, please subscribe to my channels I'll be very glad to see you there and I'll give you a drink %)tangar2 Apr 10
Mar 31 Necromancer as DLC?! And Scythes in D3 I saw some really cool ideas of the Necromancer as the next class for D3. The fan even designed some items and sets. Today I saw some fotage of the Necromancer in Heroes of the Storm. He held that scythe and I was like that could be a cool thing. We already have some scythes in the game but none of them is played in any way, so I thougt it would be cool to rework them and make them an own weapon type. And maybe the next upcoming class or a existing class will play them. If we would get the Necromancer in D3 what should he be like? Do you agree with my thoughts about scythes?KoLLaTeRaL1 Mar 31
Mar 29 looking for people to play with just started a new character looking for people to play with or run through the campaign withsynergy1 Mar 29
Mar 18 Saving builds Just a thought for 2.5, but to have the ability to save a farming build or two to where the player isn't tabbng back and forth to load the new build in desire to run....Forin1 Mar 18
Mar 12 Follower Concept: Hailey the Bard Name: Hailey Class: Bard Role: Support/Utility Story: Hailey the Bard hails from diablo 1 hellfire expansion she was part of the group of heroes who helped end Diablo's evil doings in the first game and wandered the lands healing them since. Hailey has recently sensed another dark presence in the land and has run into the Nephalem while trying to protect a group of people, realizing the power of the nephalem she joined them in going to face the new evil plaguing the land knowing she couldn't do it alone so she knows that she can at least assist these new great heroes Unique Equipment: Battle Instruments, Duel 1Hand Weapons and Bard Songbook Info: Heals with the power of songs and deals damage with powerful music notes and debuffs the enemies slowing there attack speed or movement speed and relies on the alignment of the stars & light Abilities: Set 1 - Song of Life, Chord of the Stars Set 2 - Stars Light, Sour Note Set 3 - Gaze Into Space, Song Scribe Set 4 - High Heavens Choir, Galaxy Alignment MelodyBlazindragon0 Mar 12