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Sep 2, 2014 Expansion Idea possibilities. Hi there , with the RoS expansion out for a while I've bee. trying to think if they will do another expansion or not , which I've decided 100% will since Malthael the retard (how did he not like , stop and think for a second "Hey I'm trying destroy all evil, so if destroy this soul stone, oh Diablo is free again lol". So my ideas being , since in the original game , the 3 heroes become Diablo, the Blood Raven , and someone else. You kill them all in Diablo 2. The Diablo 2 heroes however where left out and described as dead or long gone. I'm thinking the a new expansion to focus on the evil and corruption of Diablo taking over the previous Nephalem who killed him and his brothers from Diablo, with one fight as the Nephalem, and another as a reborn , stronger form of Diablo or the Prime Evil again since I assume all 7 were let out and not just him lol.Avenged3 Sep 2, 2014
Sep 1, 2014 Calendar #4: September 2014 & More Calendar #4: September 2014 diablo.incgamers: deviantART: twitter: Its the end of the month again and It's time for another calendar wallpaper. This month is Brom's Tyrael! HK Art by Brom Tyrael & Diablo (C) Blizzard ________________________________________________ Also earlier this past week there was also a mobile version of Diablo 3: 2.1.0 - Into the Vault: Diablo III: Into the Vault Mobile diablo.incgamers: deviantART: twitter: I wanted to make a mobile version of the desktop wallpaper. Hope it still captures the essence of the desktop wallpaper. Enjoy! HK ________________________________________________ Contributing Fan Art Watch writer for diablo.incgamers. Creator of the Fiery Runes Series for Diablo III & RoS. Celebrating 6 Years of Wallpapers and Runeweaving. Also known as the Runeweaver.Holyknight0 Sep 1, 2014
Aug 29, 2014 Breaking news This morning I was hanging a clock in my bathroom. I slipped and hit my head on the counter. And thats when I had the idea for the Flux Capacitor. It is what makes time travel possible.Legion18 Aug 29, 2014
Aug 28, 2014 2.1 Legendaries, Rainbow Goblins, Laughter :D I bet you'll laughGovernment0 Aug 28, 2014
Aug 27, 2014 Diablo III Patch 2.1.0: Into the Vault Diablo III Patch 2.1.0: Into the Vault diablo.incgamers: deviantART: twitter: Greetings all. This weeks wallpaper was made to commemorate the latest major content patch for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Patch 2.1.0. And what a better way than to have the ol treasure gobby they shared with us in the preview art and a wallpaper that glitters. Hope you guys like. HK Gold Coins in the borders by Barton ( Treasure Gobby & Diablo 3 (C) Blizzard ________________________________________________ Contributing Fan Art Watch writer for diablo.incgamers. Creator of the Fiery Runes Series for Diablo III & RoS. Celebrating 6 Years of Wallpapers and Runeweaving. Also known as the Runeweaver.Holyknight0 Aug 27, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 HC Crusader &Normal Wizard Gameplay - YouTube Hey everyone! I've just started a YouTube channel in which I play my Crusader on Hardcore and Wizard on Normal mode. If you are curious about playstyle, items, or just want to hear me fart around and talk about life, please feel free to check out my channel at: I'm a new channel so I'm trying to get as many videos and guides out as fast as I can - if you have any feedback or would like to see any material at all, please don't hesitate to leave any comments on my videos! I am certainly interested in making videos that are appealing to others! Also, my content is strictly for mature audiences. Thanks :)Shoe1 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 25, 2014 new updates Diablo 3 Hardcore guide Aug 25, 2014
Aug 25, 2014 Mobile Wallpaper: Barbarian III 2014 Barbarian III 2014 (Art by Wei Wang) diablo.incgamers: deviantART: @holyknight3000 on Twitter: In the spirit of the first wallpaper of 2014: A Request ( I thought it would look good for the mobile. The nameplate I thought about alternated colors but just went with the grayed out nameplate for less distraction. Hope you guys like, and I think it compliments Wei's Barbarian Art in the middle. See you all for the next desktop wallpaper later in the week. HK Art by Wei Wang Diablo (C) Blizzard ________________________________________________ Contributing Fan Art Watch writer for diablo.incgamers. Creator of the Fiery Runes Series for Diablo III & RoS. Celebrating 6 Years of Wallpapers and Runeweaving. Also known as the Runeweaver.Holyknight0 Aug 25, 2014
Aug 23, 2014 Transmog Showcase I would like to share and see everyones best Transmogs! Ghoruk: Male Monk Transmog Theme: Shadow Dancer Zodac: Male Barbarian Transmog Theme: Deatheater Brute Alagastar: Male Crusader Transmog Theme: Holy Samurai Isendra: Female Wizard Transmog Theme: Horadric Mage Champion Please post a link of your best/favorite Transmog and what you call your look!Noremak1 Aug 23, 2014
Aug 22, 2014 Dual set In a previous post, I speculated a new class with two resource pools (angelic & demonic), representing the duality of the Nephalem. Thinking they could push the concepts further, I imagined a set that would be based on this style of duality : Lilith's desire & Inarius will. The duality here is about being male or female (a last a reason to chose sex else than design). Lilith's desire Lilith's Softness, Helms for Male & Female Lilith's Freedom, Bracers for Male & Female Lilith's Desecration, Gloves for Male & Female Lilith's Forbidden, Belt for Female only Lilith's Domination, Boots for Female only (2) Set: +10% Extra Gold from Monsters (3) Set: One of 3 Magic Properties (varies) : +300 Dexterity, +300 Strength, +300 Intelligence. (4) Set: Increases damage against elites by 20% (5) Set: 5% chance on being hit by an enemy to charm it for 5 seconds Inarius will Inarius' Rigor, Shoulders for Male & Female Inarius' Aservissement, Amulets for Male & Female Inarius' Rite, Rings for Male & Female Inarius' Obligation, Chest Armor for Male only Inarius' Support, Pants for Male only (2) Set: Increases Gold and Health Pickup by 10 Yards. (3) Set: One of 3 Magic Properties (varies) : +300 Dexterity, +300 Strength, +300 Intelligence. (4) Set: Critical Hit Damage Increased by 50.0% (5) Set: 30% chance on being hit by an enemy to explode with sacred fury. Lilith's desire & Inarius will. (3) Set: +100 Resistance to All Elements. (4) Set: +500 vitality. (5) Set: Increases Attack Speed by 7%. (6) Set: Chance on hit to summon a Succubus. (8) Set: If you were to get the effect of a shrines or a pylon, you get all the shrines' and Pylons' effects instead. Items could have better than "+6 Random Magic Properties", but it might be a little too powerfull... LMP, "..saying i'm stupid is better than nothing."Lyanel2 Aug 22, 2014
Aug 22, 2014 Class Concept - Shadowthief (Fan Art) I've been working on a little personal project recently which has just been visually designing a fan class for D3. I thought I'd share it here! It's mostly been all about the art rather than the abilities, but the class uses melee damage augmented by shadow-based magic. It's very much an ongoing project so it's not all polished but here's some art I've done so far. Would love to hear what you think of it. Key Art - Model Sheet - Portrait - Hair Variants - Level Progression - Aug 22, 2014
Aug 21, 2014 Fiery Runes II: Arreat Crater Fiery Runes II: Soulfyre: Locations II #13: Arreat Crater diablo.incgamers: deviantART: @holyknight3000 on Twitter: With art by Jeff Kang; this wallpaper goes back to vanilla D3 with art featuring the fleshy mess that is Arreat Crater. Diablo 3 (C) Blizzard Art by Jeff Kang Fiery/Soulfyre Runes by me. Greetings guys i know its been a few weeks. check out my gallery on deviantART( for my more recent wallpapers. There are many! HK ________________________________________________ Contributing Fan Art Watch writer for diablo.incgamers. Creator of the Fiery Runes Series for Diablo III & RoS. Celebrating 6 Years of Wallpapers and Runeweaving. Also known as the Runeweaver.Holyknight0 Aug 21, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 Barock Works (xXBWXx) FR-EN New clan seek to active player. requisites: more than 500 paragon, be able to pass the 30lvl in the new rift 2.1, and especially the most import, have fun. we lead in games soon !Crado0 Aug 19, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 New Tattoo Tyrael 6 1/2 hrs into it and im really enjoying the look and work of my artist Terry. Its not finished and I have to wait 4 weeks to finish it. Glad I was able to get it started and could share with my Diablo community. We started it and was only going to do 2 hrs and then 430am 6 1/2 hrs later and he still going and didn't want to stop and I would of let him keep going but we both was getting tired and decided to finish another day. He put everything he had into it and had 3 different art pieces and taking details from each one. He doesn't believe in just copying another piece but doing his own thing so my tattoo is one of a kind. Also my family and wife love it and my kids think its badass. Im doing my right arm in memories of Diablo and my Left arm in memories of WoW. Thank You for looking and see you on the battlefieldsScuba1 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 a set to forge a monks playstyle Set name: Hammered Out Set I brought this set to show because I think there is a philosophy of playstyle the created effects can bring out. I will be checking comments out. Enjoy and please comment. Bracer of Forging Trials 6 attributes ◆using two generators of the same element makes the next spender use the same elemental type Sealing Belt of Reforging •life % •all resistances ○indestructible 3 attributes Chest of Forged Tarnish •3 sockets 5 attributes Steel Knuckle of the Perfected Swordsmith(monks only) 6 attributes ◆Hitting with Dashing strike causes you to bounce back a minimum distance and land with force.(damage and knockback on landing) Fibroid Fist of the Marbled Man(monks only) 6 attributes ◆Resource generators generate additional spirit on kill. Timeless Stone of Nine Forges(monks only) •4-6 crit chance 5 attributes Testament of Gloves •8-10 crit chance 5 attributes Giant's Forged Shield of Copper •8-10 crit chance •35-50 crit damage 4 attributes ◆Breath of Heaven recharges a charge of Dashing Strike SET BONUSES □2 piece: Dashing Strike gains an additional knockback to enemies it charges through. □4 piece: Blinding Flash gains the effects of Mystifying Light and Self Reflection. □6 piece: Seven Sided Strike hits instantly.(animation only shows the seal underneath) □6 piece: Exploding Palm binds enemy to the location(cannot be moved even by pulls). Unleash Exploding Palm explosion by using Inner Sanctuary or Serenity. Edit: created introduction and did minor editorial work.illPixel2 Aug 17, 2014
Aug 14, 2014 Streamer here! Leveling a new crusader! Come hang at Seriously, I don't bite! I also play other games!Spunkor0 Aug 14, 2014
Aug 13, 2014 Class Concepts - The Medium I'm not going to go into class logistics with this idea or anything, just a few ideas I thought would be cool, so I've put this together for fun. If you choose to reuse, copy, reproduce, reiterate, ninja, or snipe the content; do it all you like as long as you mention the origin in some way, shape, shift, or form. Class: Medium A medium is someone with a connection to the spirit world. The idea is that this class can summon spirits, reanimate slain demons/monsters (by channelling spirits through corpses) and buff themselves and other party members by casting seances (similar to a slam dance), etc, etc. Skills: Parabola - Channels energy through a focus point where it is intensified (similar to disintegrate beam in appearance) - Runes can affect it in ways such as Paranoia/Damages other enemies like friendly fire, Sickness/Poison, Self Loathing/Slow like cold, Spontaneous combustion/Fire (will spontaneously combust enemies if it inflicts the final blow). Shame (Humiliate) - Casts a debuff and also a buff depending on the rune. Things like enemies take more damage, and party members increased crit chance. The idea is to weaken enemies and strengthen allies by inducing memories of shame. Etherealise - This could be a form like Archon form for Wizards where the Medium can channel through a crystal or some sort of fractal manifestation; which could be placed like turrets, or just cast directly as a beam or resonating wavelength/seismic disruption to living flesh. Could also cast things like Deregulate - which alters frequencies of enemies (inflicts damage over time, slows, or causes increased damage). Other matter manipulating skills such as Splitting Atoms which could be like a knock-back AOE. Séance - Like Slam Dance for Witch Doctors, but causes phantasms of each party member in the circle to manifest and increase damage or resistances (by 20% for example), or even be an illusion of the entire party which attracts all enemies so every member can escape. Phantasms could be ethereal clones that transparently appear just behind each player and behaves as a mirror double. Could also de-buff enemies by creating phantasms of the enemies: leaches that drain their health/damage ability/stunning and slowing. Project - Like a spirit walk although enemies follow the spirit and you can either choose to materialise where you led the spirit double, or the starting point as if you used the spirit to lure enemies away from your body. Could also combust the spirit as an AOE where inflicted damage could be things like: Misery (slowdown increased damage taken), Delusion (confusion), Possess (Reanimate enemy as an ally on death), Disrupt (interfere with resonating wavelengths causing explosion to which other enemies in radius have chance to be disrupted also). Summon - Pretty much self explanatory. Summon spirits to reanimate corpses, to buff yourself or party members, or to cause grief to enemies as a de-buff. Smoke and mirror - Primary attacks such as light flashes, or darts of smoke which do not cost resource. Name of Resource Echoes - An orb of echoes or summoned impressions, or Impressionable Ether (easily malleable ether) or Ubiquity - The essence of interconnectivity between everything. Etherium - As above Off Hand Ideas Ouija board Kaleidoscope Tarot Solomon Braid Crystals/Elements in pure forms Weapon Ideas Silice Whip/Cat of Nine Tourniquet Fan Sling (can whip, flick projectile, swipe, leave ground effect, etc) Sais Scrying Needle Spear-hook Armour Ideas Gazing Mesmerism (Helm) Ethereal Meddling (Gloves granting resource bonuses or summoning proccs) Never Presents (Boots granting Projection bonuses) Ominous Arrhythmia (Amulet) Sets Names: Ambiguity Covert Derangements Dead Poet's UniformshapeshifteR0 Aug 13, 2014
Aug 12, 2014 WoW char in D3 Is it possible we put WoW's charactars in D3 ? I was a crazy UD warrior with 2H weapon in WoW. I like how UD warrior holding a great sword in hand. looks awesome. Also tired of BBR now . His attack like yelling : Home Run !! I don't mind if BZ put them in shop . I will pay for it :DPoe0 Aug 12, 2014
Aug 11, 2014 Two new "Loot Share Rift Channels" The new Diablo 3 ingame channels "Loot Share Rifting" And "T6 Loot Share" is all about sharing your unwanted legendary drops with your fellow group members. Both channels is intended to be a place where people can search for rift parties @ their own their level of difficulty and hopefully gear up even faster, since other players support you as well. Both channels are made under the *EU* English Ingame Communities! Join, support & invite ur friends!wheeze0 Aug 11, 2014
Aug 11, 2014 Trade Loot Club Hi, this club is made for people who want to trade loot with an other class in order to stuff their reroll. Basically if you are a WD looking to stuff his new wiz just come in, and ask something like "WD looking for Wizard" and hope for a wizard who's looking to stuff his WD. only rules are : Do not keep stuff you shouldn't Do not come with a char that need tons of loot, of course you don't have to give your wand of who if you don't have one, but keep in mind that you should give as much as you want to receive.Ystrion1 Aug 11, 2014
Aug 7, 2014 Bloodshards for Kadala Whenever I grind out shards for Kadala, all I can think about is this when the RNG gets bad. Aug 7, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 Mobile Mania: 5 New Wallpapers from D3C Leah 2014 diablo.incgamers: deviantART: @twitter: Deckard Cain 2014 diablo.incgamers: deviantART: @twitter: Diablo 2014 (Art by Wei Wang) diablo.incgamers: deviantART: @twitter: Diablo II 2014 (Art by Glenn Rane) diablo.incgamers: deviantART: @twitter: Diablo III 2014 (Art by Wei Wang) diablo.incgamers: deviantART: @twitter: The weekend before last I posted two new mobile wallpapers. They featured Cain and Leah; two characters I haven't done wallpapers on in years and never posted on mobile. So in the style of my class wallpapers but in Red Diablo 3 Classic flair. I also posted this past weekend 3 more walls featuring Big Red. Two of which are the Prime Evil incarnation and one that is of the old D2 Big red. Enjoy and I will see you all later this week for the next desktop wallpapers. HK ________________________________________________ Contributing Fan Art Watch writer for diablo.incgamers. Creator of the Fiery Runes Series for Diablo III & RoS. Celebrating 6 Years of Wallpapers and Runeweaving. Also known as the Runeweaver.Holyknight0 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 1, 2014 Druid, Necromancer and Demonologist Fan arts found in the net. Quite interesting I think. Would you like to see one of these charcters in future expansions? Aug 1, 2014
Aug 1, 2014 Necromancer resource globe animation fan art Hello, I'd like to share with You my new concept art - in game resource globe animation for Necromancer, character known from Diablo II. (Adobe Flash Player plug-in required)Czero0 Aug 1, 2014
Jul 30, 2014 Caldendar #3: August 2014 Caldendar #3: August 2014 diablo.incgamers: deviantART: Greetings all this week with another month rolling through It was time for another calendar. This time with Imperius and what better a way than use some awesome fan art by Dmitriy Prozorov (TamplierPainter) ( This awesome piece of art was used with permission so please don't use it for commercial use, etc. His original work is seen here: Imperius, Archangel of Valor - ( See you all next time! HK Diablo 3 & Reaper of Souls (C) Blizzard Some art by Blizzard Imperius by TamplierPainterHolyknight0 Jul 30, 2014
Jul 29, 2014 My ideas to fix the Monk I have two ideas to help make the monk available for implementing synergy. It is taking a step back in the philosophy but we can discuss that in the notes of the thread. 1st step: Mantra of Conviction:Dishearten has a 80% slow of all enemies and this will replace the dodge mantra. 80% slow works great on a mantra but could have a little more spotlight. It may receive groans at first but over time should be seen as an effect a party can use. Overall monk would need boosting for losing the combination of the two. 2nd step: Allies are cool but severely underpowered so I suggest the developers add a chance to proc an on hit effect while they are active. This is better than having them add a base weapon damage and more interesting then just increasing minimum weapon damage. On hit effects everyone enjoys to see. Why not have earth ally give you a chance to throw mud in an opponents face. Or fire ally allow conflagration. Water ally and air ally will have to either share thunder or have some other idea added. My idea isn't perfect there is just lots of room for improvement.illPixel0 Jul 29, 2014
Jul 27, 2014 The Acts V: Part II #18-21 Quests The Acts V Pt II #18: Quests #1: Fall of Urzael diablo.incgamers: deviantART: The Acts V Pt II #19: Quests #2: Blood Debt diablo.incgamers: deviantART: The Acts V Pt II #20: Quests #3: Pandemonium diablo.incgamers: deviantART: The Acts V Pt II #21: Quests #4: Malthael Awaits diablo.incgamers: deviantART: From an Act 5 quest cinematic in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Art (C) Blizzard HKHolyknight0 Jul 27, 2014
Jul 23, 2014 New D3ADDICTED Podcast! My brother and I are huge D3 fans, we love the Diablo series of games and we listen to a lot of content about it. We wanted to voice our own opinions of the game and some techniques to help players, so if you are like us and looking for more D3 content, check out our D3ADDICTED podcast at This podcast has been submitted to iTunes for review and hopefully will be uploaded to the iTunes store soon.Zubam0 Jul 23, 2014
Jul 19, 2014 Critterkila's RIF --Critterkila1 Jul 19, 2014
Jul 17, 2014 Fiery Runes II: Death Maiden & 2 Mobile Walls Fiery Runes II Mobile: Locations II #5 Caldeum, Imperial Palace diablo.incgamers: deviantART: __________________________________________ Fiery Runes II Mobile: Locations II #6 Tristram Cathedral II diablo.incgamers: deviantART: __________________________________________ Fiery Runes II: Soulfyre - Bestiary II #3: The Death Maiden diablo.incgamers: deviantART: Greetings guys, This week I wanted to make another bestiary wallpaper. As it has been a few months since the Anarch wallpaper. This time I wanted to add more to this wallpaper than just your standard black background. I figured since it was of a certain mob in the game. Why not have some screenshots of the mob in game to spice up the piece. I hope you guys like and I hope it's not too busy. Let me know here on DA and on twitter. The Question will be: Should I keep the screenshots effect in future bestiaries or the old blank black bg? Let me know! See you guys this weekend for more mobile wallpapers. HK Diablo & Art (C) Blizzard Soulfyre Runes by me. __________________________________________ Extras: These mobile wallpapers were the ones at the top of the post with a different size nameplate. The general consensus wanted the original style but for those who wanted the smaller nameplates can enjoy them. __________________________________________ Fiery Runes II Mobile Extras: Locations II #5 Caldeum, Imperial Palace (old) deviantART: __________________________________________ Fiery Runes II Mobile Extras: Locations II #6 Tristram Cathedral II (old) deviantART: Jul 17, 2014
Jul 11, 2014 The Acts V: Part II #15-17 Fires of Westmarch The Acts V Pt II #15: Fires of Westmarch I diablo.incgamers: deviantART: The Acts V Pt II #16: Fires of Westmarch II diablo.incgamers: deviantART: The Acts V Pt II #17: Fires of Westmarch III diablo.incgamers: deviantART: From the Act 5 cinematic in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Art (C) Blizzard HKHolyknight0 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 Why the CRUSADER so OP??? Why the CRUSADER can be fking always use Akarat's Champion? but the Barbarian can not always use Wrath of the Berserker ? That is because when the CRUSADER fking have Armor of Akkhan this set and make all item have the cooldown and PARAGON click the cooldown so the Akarat's Champion `s cooldown just need 10 second !!!! why the Barbarian can not fking have like Armor of Akkhan this set?????? Why is so fking not fair??????Hercules0 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 March of the Nephalim... (music) Hey gang, I realize some guys have already put up some kick !@# Diablo 3 inspired music, so, here is my addition to the list... It's not as awesome as the others, but, I won't know what others think until they hear it... Some are going to rip it apart, but what can ya do... For those of you who like it, enjoy it Jul 7, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 Mobile Wallpaper: Crusader 2014 Crusader 2014 (Art by Glenn Rane) diablo.incgamers: deviantART: Crusader II 2014 (Art by John Polidora) diablo.incgamers: deviantART: These mobile walls are the last set in the classes 2014 mobile; The Crusader. HK Art (C) Blizzard Background behind the alchemy by WingsOfAHero.Holyknight0 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 4, 2014 Calendar #2 July 2014 Calendar #2: July 2014 diablo.incgamers: deviantART: Greetings all here's July's calendar wallpaper. Plan on making the mobile version at a later date. Enjoy. HK Malthael by Phroilan Gardner All Other Art (C) Blizzard Background behind the Alchemy by WingsOfAHeroHolyknight0 Jul 4, 2014
Jul 3, 2014 Beauty Contest. Who has the nicest outfit? I don't know if this will work but here goes. Jul 3, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 Celebrating 6 Years of Wallpapers From Fiery to Soulfyre the 6th Anniversary Mosaic diablo.incgamers: deviantART​: This mosaic was an idea I had in the back of my mind off and on for the last few months. I wanted to do something different than my past anniversary wallpapers. The mosaic is the result of that. In it are 398 of the now 400 wallpapers. Mind you the program wouldn't allow me to get any bigger than 3000px and I had to repeat the wallpaper tiles a good 16-32 times to make the look that you see. I did a dozen tries to get to where it is now. But it was fun and I hope you all like the result. -----------------------​ On June 30th 2008 I started making diablo 3 wallpapers. 6 long and awesome years of doing these for you all. As with time I've enjoyed making them more and my skills have grown with each passing year. I would like to thank all of my fans of my works giving me support. All the constructive criticism and suggestions have helped over the years. Also in less than 2 weeks the Fiery Runes Series will also turn 6 on July 11th. Thank you all for everything and here's to many more years of this. HK Wallpaper Collage made in Mazaika 3.7 All Art (C) Blizzard Except for my Kal Rune and thats (C) Me -----------------------​ Also earlier in the week I had a Locations wallpaper posted on thursday/friday: Fiery Runes II Series: Soulfyre - Locations II #12: Tristram Cathedral III diablo.incgamers: deviantART​: Evening all today's wallpaper features a scene from d3 vanilla's opening with the falling star as it impacts the tristram cathedral. HK All Art (C) Blizzard Soulfyre Runes by me Created in CS3Holyknight2 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 Diablo II: The 14th Anniversary Diablo II: The 14th Anniversary diablo.incgamers: deviantART: I thought Diablo II deserved a new wallpaper after so many years. With this wallpaper I wanted to emulate the cover with Brom's Art only larger and clearer. I hope you guys like and here's to the great memories of this fantastic game. HK All Art (C) Blizzard The Dark Wanderer (D2 Cover art) (C) Brom 2844x1600 version (Scale down to 1920x1080): Jul 1, 2014
Jun 28, 2014 New Episode! DDaily Quick Clips "Cache"N'In A new episode of DDaily Quick Clips has been released! This episode we open 20 Act 1 Caches and try and find the drop rate off RoRG! Plus, we look at what it means to play Hardcore! Check it out! Thanks! Jun 28, 2014
Jun 28, 2014 Idea for the paragonsystem Deleted and moved it to general discussionSevenday0 Jun 28, 2014
Jun 25, 2014 How do you submit a transmog design for the D3 FB page? So I see new transmogs everyday. A couple have been good, but most IMO are not that great :/ I love the D3 transmog feature which is something D2 never had! But it's still lacking a lot. Yet I've been able to make some really interesting designs. I was wondering if there was a way to submit my own designs for the official FB page and if so, how? If anyone can tell me that would be great thanks! Here's the page for those of you unfamiliar with it! Jun 25, 2014
Jun 22, 2014 Mobile Wallpapers: The Demon Hunter 2014 Demon Hunter 2014 (Art by Glenn Rane) diablo.incgamers: deviantART: This weekends mobile wallpapers for this week is for the Demon Hunter. Next week I will finish off this set with the Crusader. Art by Glenn Rane Art (C) Blizzard Background behind the alchemy by WingsOfAHero. ------------------------ Demon Hunter II 2014 (Art by Nick Deligaris) diablo.incgamers: deviantART: This weekends mobile wallpapers for this week is for the Demon Hunter. This piece features awesome fan art of the Demon Hunter by Nick Deligaris. Next week I will finish off this set with the Crusader. Art by Nick Deligaris (Used with permission and not for commercial work/use) Art (C) Blizzard Background behind the alchemy by WingsOfAHero. HKHolyknight0 Jun 22, 2014
Jun 22, 2014 2nd Episode of "DDaily" is up! PTR 2.1.0 The second Episode of DDaily has been released! This weeks topic, PTR 2.1.0! Come check us out and give us your input! Its a nice change away from just watching people's recorded Twitch streams! Jun 22, 2014
Jun 19, 2014 The Acts V: Part II #11-14 The Crusader The Acts V: Pt II #11: Crusader #11 The Cause II diablo.incgamers: deviantART: The Acts V: Pt II #12: Crusader #12 Crusader II diablo.incgamers: deviantART: The Acts V: Pt II #13: Crusader #13 The Damned diablo.incgamers: deviantART: The Acts V: Pt II #14: Crusader #14 The Crusade II diablo.incgamers: deviantART: Greetings all this week I thought I'd bring out some more of The Acts V: Part II; finishing the crusader's cinematic. As a spoiler warning though the next batch of Acts wallpapers will be on the ending cinematic. Hope you guys like and enjoy. Also this weekend I will have two more mobile wallpapers comin. They will be on the Demon Hunter. So for those demon hunter players out there it's your turn! See you all next time. HK All Art (C) Blizzard Built in CS3Holyknight0 Jun 19, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 D3 Life Steal and Life on Hit Calculator These are some simple websites I created awhile ago that will calculate your Life Steal, Life on Hit, and the two stats combined per a sec of dealing damage, and per an attack. First link is for Torment Mode, and the other one is for the other modes. Probably not too useful anymore since Life Steal isn't functional at level 70, but perhaps there's a few people that might want to use it idk. Jun 18, 2014
Jun 17, 2014 Mobile Wallpapers: The Monk 2014 This weekends mobile wallpapers for this time are on my old/former main the monk. Monk 2014 (Art by Wei Wang) Posted on: diablo.incgamers: deviantART: Monk II 2014 (Art by Phroilan Gardner) Posted on: diablo.incgamers: deviantART: Happy father's day to all fathers out there today. HKHolyknight2 Jun 17, 2014
Jun 16, 2014 Diablo/Clans Maybe someone has mentioned this already, but Diablo or WoW in the farm of "Clash of Clans". I cant imagine what you guys at blizzard would come up with. Pretty sure it would be loads of fun tho. Attacking or defending the keep with blizzard hero, im sold on that alone. Could be a really nice cash cow for you guys blizzards. Just saying. Plus yall already have a pretty big fan base. Pretty sure a lot of us would love something like that.Truthe0 Jun 16, 2014
Jun 16, 2014 New Diablo 3 Webseries on Youtube "DDaily" The first episode of DDaily is on Youtube! Come check it out and give me some insights to make future episodes better! DDaily intends to outline, display, and provide visual demonstrations for patches and content updates as well as provide another community to add to the great Diablo III fan base! I need your help!Cypherf51 Jun 16, 2014
Jun 16, 2014 New content / game monetization concept A word from TLD clan - one of the first D3 clans out there with strong RoS PTR roots. We've just had something short of an epiphany while discussing what would be nice in terms of adding new in-game content. Imagine new optional quests being added to the game. Now imagine you could pay in-game gold for being able to access them and get some extra rewards. Now imagine you could alternatively pay real money to get the access without having to pay e.g. 20 or 50 mil for accessing new side-quests. Sounds familiar? Discuss. [edit] I felt it would be appropriate to post it in community creations not general discussion because of the actual content impact of the idea.Tygrysie1 Jun 16, 2014
Jun 15, 2014 Short Fanfilm: Don't Mess With The Soulstone! Hello there! First time posting on this forum, but I thought you might enjoy this. I recently made a short VFX-heavy video inspired by the majestic D3 Collector's Edition box I still have sitting on my shelf. My friend Bill discovers the hard way what happens when you don't respect the Soulstone! (I'd love any feedback, good or bad. I'm trying to get back into making videos in a big way, after a bit of a dry spell after graduation a couple years back!)DevNull0 Jun 15, 2014