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Aug 4 Console Hotfixes - [Updated: 08/04] Several hotfixes have been deployed to the Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As we know some of you have been eagerly awaiting this news, we've consolidated this news in one place for your convenience. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Patch notes are denoted by the date on which they were applied. Last updated August 4, 2016 Fixed an issue where Energy Twisters cast for free by Etched Sigil would not despawn properly when produced by Arcane Torrent. (8/4) Fixed an issue where Mythic Rhythm would be consumed by Exploding Palms cast by the Uliana's 2-piece bonus. (8/2) Note: Mythic Rhythm should only apply to Spirit Spenders that are cast manually, not by items or set bonuses. The internal cooldown for gaining stacks for Chantodo’s Resolve now dynamically updates with your Attack Speed. (8/2) Dungeon of Firebird’s Finery Fixed an issue where players would not always get credit for igniting 20 enemies within 3 seconds. (8/2)Nevalistis1 Aug 4
Aug 2 Patch 2.4.2 Now Live on PS4 and Xbox One Greetings, nephalem! Patch 2.4.2 is now live for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For the PC version of the patch notes, please click here. This patch includes a variety of item and skill updates, including (but not limited to): General Developer Comments Especially in group play, players were finding that pulling monsters from extended ranges to a single point on the map and crowd controlling them onto that spot was the most effective strategy. Not only does this cause server performance issues, but it is a stagnant, non-interactive way to play. These changes are targeted at making crowd control more situational, ensuring that individual contributors in a group can add to the damage of the party more frequently. Gold rewards have been adjusted. The primary gold sink at the end-game is Empowered Rifts. We want to maintain a general ratio that when you are running Greater Rifts at a particular tier, you can empower approximately 1/3rd of them. Due to the rate at which gold rewards from Greater Rifts and empower costs were scaling it made the gold reward from Nephalem Rifts, Gilded Barons and The Vault feel insignificant by comparison. Lowering the growth rate of gold costs restores the relative value of these other activities while maintaining the ability to empower approximately 1/3rd of your Greater Rifts. New difficulty levels, Torment XI-XIII have been added to the game Gold rewards have been adjusted: Greater Rift 26 and up has been rescaled to a flat 3% increase per tier Torment VII-XIII has been changed to match Greater Rift reward scaling The cost to empower a Greater Rift has been reduced to match the new gold reward rate The amount of gold dropped by the Gilded Baron Treasure Goblin has been reduced Knockbacks now apply a flat 40% increase to crowd control resistances Monsters cannot be knocked back if they are over 65% crowd control resistant Powers that apply knockbacks continuously, such as Black Hole, can bypass this resistance if they already knocked a monster back successfully. These powers increase the crowd control resistance by 20% per knockback instead of 40% Item Updates Developer Comments With Blood Shards and Kanai’s Cube, the need for the Magic Find stat has diminished since the game’s original release. Replacing the Magic Find property with Resource Cost Reduction made sense. We expect the Topaz will hone some existing builds and open up possibilities for some new ones. In addition to being one of the least popular gems, Invigorating Gemstone had a mechanic that was simply unappealing to many players. Our goal with Legendary Gems is to supply unique tools that complement a build. A gem that increases your healing is truly invigorating! Socketing a Topaz into your helm will now provide Resource Cost Reduction rather than Magic Find. This grants the same percentage bonus as Cooldown Reduction and caps at 12.5% Bottomless Potion of Chaos New Legendary Potion Teleport to another location when used below 40% health Graphical and sound effects have been added to the teleport Added a camera smoothing effect to the teleport Invigorating Gemstone Has been redesigned Each hit done increases healing received by 1% for 5 seconds Stacks up to 10 times You are now immune to Crowd Control effects at Rank 25 Several existing class sets have been slightly adjusted or received bug fixes Several existing Legendary items have been redesigned or received new powers Old versions of these Legendary items found previous to this patch will not be automatically updated with redesigned or added powers, and will need to be found again to benefit from these changes Firebird's Finery (4) Set Bonus Has been redesigned Dealing Fire damage with one of your skills causes the enemy to take 1000% weapon damage as Fire for 3 seconds. This effect can be repeated a second and third time by different skills. If an enemy is burning due to three different skills simultaneously the enemy will Ignite, dealing 3000% weapon damage per second until they die (6) Set Bonus Has been redesigned Your damage is increased by 120% and damage taken reduced by 3% for each enemy that is Ignited. This effect can stack up to 20 times. You always receive the maximum bonus whenever a nearby Elite monster is Ignited. Skill Updates Developer Commments With a plethora of Hatred spending attacks available to the Demon Hunter we want to find a unique role for Spike Trap. The redesign gives players more control on where and when Spike Trap damage was done using a mechanic unique to it. Using a Hatred spender to detonate opens up the capabilities of Spike Trap by allowing players to time their damage just right. We’ve adjusted several skills which provide buffs to groups. Taken together, these changes should encourage players in groups to contribute damage to their party, while also encouraging a more healthy variety of group compositions. For more information on this change please see this forum thread. All classes have received skill updates or bug fixes. Campaign Mode The Skeleton King will now drop Leoric's Crown beginning at Level 5 Adventure Mode Developer Comments The experience rewards for the actual completion of a Nephalem Rift felt too low, reducing the feeling of accomplishment for defeating the Rift Guardian and closing the Rift. This change is aimed at ensuring that the bulk of your reward is earned upon completion. Infernal Machine drop rates have been adjusted: There is now a 50% chance for a machine to drop on Torment I increasing to 100% on Torment IV Torment levels V-XIII have an increasing chance for a second machine to drop Nephalem Rifts Greater Rift Keys are now guaranteed from any Nephalem Rift and increasing the difficulty now increases your chance of getting a second or third key Greater Rifts Some of the Experience earned in a Greater Rift has been shifted from killing monsters to the reward for closing the rift. The overall amount of Experience earned should be roughly the same User Interface Pylons in Nephalem Rifts now have unique minimap icons The Menagerist Goblin now has a unique minimap icon May all your adventures fare well, heroes. The armies of hell await you in the depths of Sanctuary and your bravery alone is all that holds them at bay. To update your game, please make sure you are signed in to either your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account. PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions are not required to access this newest update.Nevalistis0 Aug 2
Apr 26 Patch 2.4.1 Now Live on PS4 and Xbox One Greetings, nephalem! Patch 2.4.1 is now live for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This patch includes a variety of item and skill updates, including (but not limited to): General Several new cosmetic items have been added for players to discover Several changes made to improve game performance Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that prevented Massacre bonus experience from being calculated correctly Item Updates Several existing class sets have received power redesigns or significant updates Several existing Legendary items have been redesigned or received new powers Old versions of these Legendary items found previous to this patch will not be automatically updated with redesigned or added powers, and will need to be found again to benefit from these changes. Several Legendary Gems have been updated or redesigned, including Bane of the Powerful Enforcer Gem of Efficacious Toxin Gogok of Swiftness Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver Moratorium Pain Enhancer Simplicity's Strength Taeguk Wreath of Lightning Zei's Stone of Vengeance Skill Updates All classes have received skill updates or bug fixes Nephalem Rift Updates Greater Rifts The amount of incoming damage in Greater Rift 70 and above has been reduced The amount of Experience granted in Greater Rift 70 and above has been reduced Both the cost required to empower and gold awarded by a Greater Rift above rank 70 has been reduced, but the ratio of gold earned to empower cost remains the same Adventure Mode Updates Bounties In the event both Act III and Act IV bounties are complete, the bonus act will now always be turned in first A Plague of Burrowers Significantly reduced Burrowers' health Set Dungeons Several Set Dungeons have had their objectives tuned, including Immortal King's Call The Legacy of Raekor Might of the Earth Wrath of the Wastes Armor of Akkhan Embodiment of the Marauder The Shadow's Mantle Unhallowed Essence Raiment of the Jade Harvester Delsere's Magnum Opus Firebird's Finery Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that caused Urshi to always introduce herself to players Fixed an issue that could, under certain conditions, prevent players from finishing a Set Dungeon Crafting Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that prevented the list of affixes available when an item was being enchanted from being updated dynamically Monsters A new type of Treasure Goblin has been spotted in Sanctuary, the Menagerist Goblin Pet attacks will now also break Primordial Scavengers' armor in the same way player attacks do The amount of gold dropped by Gilded Barons has been reduced The Merciless Witch Removed her shields in both the Realm of Regret and Realm of Fright Significantly increased her health in the Realm of Regret User Interface Added a Cosmetics category to the inventory user interface May all your adventures fare well, heroes. The armies of hell await you in the depths of Sanctuary and your bravery alone is all that holds them at bay. To update your game, please make sure you are signed in to either your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account. PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions are not required to access this newest update.Nevalistis0 Apr 26
Aug 25, 2015 Patch 2.3.0 Now Live on PS4 and Xbox One Grimiku0 Aug 25, 2015
5m 2.4 Ancient Augmentation If you didnt know, check your Cube, go down all the way, boom You need an Ancient Item, a Legendary Gem level 30 for weapons, 40 for Amulet/Rings(?) and 50 for Equipments and 3 Colored gems, cant use White ones though If you already know, tell me what you did so far Been only able to use one level 50 gem to augment a wand for my wiz Got +350 int, which is pretty low in my opinion, got little damage increase, need to try on equipments and rings yet Tell me what you guys got for research purposeKurou113 5m
14m Staff of Herding (PS4 / Console) Anyone know the name of the third regent needed for the Staff of Herding on the consoles? I have the first to regents, and do not know what the third regent even is in order to look up where it is found. Wish the console version had a way to view the regent names rather than just random pictures. Also wish we could break down stacks of gems much like we can with health pots... Anyway, if anyone knows the name of the third regent for this staff (white circle) and where to locate it, it would be VERY helpful. TyCailyn12 14m
58m PS4 Pro to provide better graphics? pro is here and has a much stronger graphics card when will D3 profit from this extra power? I assume bliz won't ignore this?Geddon0 58m
4h [Xbox One] Leave Gamertags below Please leave Gamertags below so we can all add you and send presents to and from one another. I know there is already threads about this but it is just easier for me to make another one, sorry guys. Gamertag-InternetSheepInternetShep148 4h
9h Can't join friend on PS3 My friend and I have tried every way possible to join each others party/game but no luck. I get to her party screen and "waiting on host" is greyed out, when I try to join I just go to a loading screen forever and never get in the game. When she tried to join my game she gets a error, "unable to join game" or something like that. I have a new slim PS3 and she has the old backwards compatible Metal Gear Solid: 4 PS3, not sure if the console would make any difference. ( We are able to play Rock Band 3 online together ) Anyone have any suggestions? I would be thankful for any advice. (note: we are playing the original Diablo III, not Reaper of Souls.)Brenna1 9h
12h PS3 - Updating challenges using save data Hi all, I own both DIII and DIII - RoS for my console and since I first migrated my main character to RoS from the original game, I noticed that challenges that I had completed are not marked the same in RoS. Is there a way that I can update those challenges in RoS using an updated save data file without having to worry about leveling my character to the point he is now in RoS? FYI... most of the challenges that are not marked off in RoS when compared to the original game are the general challengesmsummers1 12h
15h NEED MORE DIABLO 3 PLAYERS XBOX1 calling all diablo 3 players!!!!!!!!!! XBOX1 UNITE!!!Greenz422319 15h
16h PS3 Anyone still play on the PS3? I just bought Ultimate Evil.Brojeto6 16h
16h PS4 Legit Players Community (How to Join) I realize there might be a number of groups out there, but finding them is going to be difficult since SONY didn't put a "search" feature like we suggested in the beta of this update, but here's how to join one, or rather, the one I created :D ** Note: By legit players, I mean no mod'd gear (obv), and no 10,000 paragon. I realize that playing in pub games, and someone might join with a mod'd out Gem of Ease, kill a few mobs, and all of a sudden you're 5-6k Paragon. Sh*t happens, so that's ok with me, but make sure people you want to join up on in the group have no problems with it. ** Due to an overwhelming response, I can't take anymore friend requests. my list takes forever to load up now :) You can leave your PSN here, and I'll send invites out OR: - Go on "Friends" - Search > (my PSN) iAvernus > Press X on my name > go on my profile - Scroll down on the left side, you'll see "Communities" - Press X on "Diablo 3: Legit Players Community" Easy. Now you'll be able to play with non cheaters, without fear. This group would be heavily moderated against modders. Feel free to invite friends. Have fun, hope to see you soon! **Sometimes I won't be able to add you guys immediately, but I will add you, no worries :)** Over 1100 members now! *** Please save your character AT LEAST once a week to a flash drive or whatever device you have. That way, in case you land in a group with some trolls, you can just close application, and reload your character. ***iAvernus284 16h
1d Remnants of Zakarum (PS4 community) Brand new Diablo 3 community on PS4 "Remnants of Zakarum" is looking for Legit PS4 players who enjoy having fun playing with other players and being a part of a community. REQUIREMENTS: 21+ years old Speak English Be friendly (this doesn't mean you can not joke around and have fun) Have a mic Be Legit (No mods or duped items) How to Join: Add Nyr0-no-name (that's a zero in Nyr0) on PS4 or search for Remnants of Zakarum community on PSN and request membership. I am currently working on getting images and stuff for the community as me and the wife just decided to play D3 again today. This is a long term project/community so we will not be going anywhere anytime soon. We will also be looking for a couple of admins.xNYROx4 1d
1d Gaining no exp since latest patch. Hey guys. I decided to have a go on D3 on ps4 after a few months break and noticed it had a new patch. Thought cool new stuff to do. While I'm just getting back into the groove I also noticed my paragon isn't going up anymore. Last session I had on it I went from 3079 to 3082. Yes I went into higher torment to get the numbers and go back and work it legit myself. Anyway I'm running T9 and I'm getting nothing at all. I read it's about hacked gear or exp buffs breaking the gains. Well I tried removing all gear that isn't hacked and still got 0 exp. I just finished running all acts bounties and still nothing. I'm stuck what to do and also very confused. Hopefully some light can be shed on the subject. Also I went into a T13 and landed just as they handed in a rift and got 300million exp and my bar didn't even move a pixel.lildopDOTcom11 1d
1d Anyone out there? Xbox one. Legit. Casual. Anyone????Alan0 1d
1d How can i view my xbox one character online? I played D3 the other night for the first time on xbox one. This morning i created a account and linked my xbox live email. How can i view my character progress, on teh website? ThanksHugeLarry33 1d
3d How do I get tyrael's wings?!??!? I have always obsessed over the art design of Tyrael and his wings, and I just bought diablo on consoles like a week ago on my xbox..Now I just saw a barb running around with tyraels wings and when I asked how he got them he just called me a But seriously, how the hell do I get these in game, I need them. Period. Must have. I am like steaming obsessed right now XD!!!!Vigilance23 3d
3d Looking for Xbox 360 friends! Hey all just joined Diablo 3 RoH ultimate evil edition and I'm loving it,wish I would have tried this game awhile back. I'm just having one problem I can not find people online to play with, sometimes I get randoms that play one game then bounce! Lol maybe I just suck but im still learning! idk. I'm currently lvl 45 on my WD and 30 on my monk. Finished campaign and currently doing bounties. Diablo is hell of fun alone so can only imagin how much fun it will be with some friends! Add me GT <br/>l Trigas l the (l) is a lowercase L just incase.triga104 3d
3d DLC or re-release for ps4? I bought diablo 3 ultimate evil edition for ps3 when it came out since i didnt have a ps4 at that time. I was considering picking up the ps4 version too since they only are releasing the new content on next gen consoles. My question is: has there been any information about a re-relase of the game with all the content, or is it just going to be dlc? In short, do i get the game now or wait?Archaeon2 3d
4d new xbox one here Looking for Xbox one buddies, played the pc version but very unfortunately I can't get my characters on my console version... So I'm starting over from scratch and I don't think many people play :(Blackmetal11 4d
4d Getting purchase to Xbox one I bought Diablo 3 for Xbox one on, but I don't know how to get it from the site to my Xbox one since I bought the digital copy. Any help?MagicBr804 4d
4d Diablo 3 on consoles is dead? After years on PC, I decided to buy the console version of Diablo 3 for xbox one, but I can not find online match have also been trying to change the multiplayer options (region, language, etc.) It is possible that no one on the planet that plays this game? matchmaking works well on PC....TedMosly1 4d
4d CONFIRMED: Blizzard addressing modded gear Confirmed in the link below. Blizzard advise: "“That said, we run some basic sanity checks on gear when a player’s character is loaded in,” the representative continued. “This is done to disqualify an item if it exceeds the legal boundaries of an item. Starting with patch 2.4 the Gem of Ease on PS4 and Xbox One will be capped to rank 100.”" This takes care of Rank 2 billion Gem of Ease but still doesn't stop other modded gear that makes player invincible IF this is the only item check. And here is hoping other modded gear that may have millions of exp per monster kill is not hacked into the game.homerjnick112 4d
4d PS4 Harcore players Looking for people to play with, I am just starting out, only paragon level 115. Don't even have a full set of anything for my hammerdin in the making. If you want to run rifts/bounties or simply throw some trash gear at my noob !@# hit me up, psn tag is jvmccann. Thanks!Leafi0 4d
4d Thunderfury question. Does anyone know if Thunderfuy's bonus is affected by +lightning damage modifiers on other items you wear?xNYROx0 4d
4d Suggestion for PS3. It would be awesome to know what patch is on live like you do with xbox and ps4.Zortak1 4d
5d PS4 暗黑3奪魂之鐮中文 請願 暗黑3奪魂之鐮做為唯一能讓我沉浸在游戲世界中的游戲,我非常喜歡它,獨特的游戲體驗讓我在現實世界中也以勇者的姿態面對一切困難。在我PC中我可以聽見NPC之間的牢騷,聽他們的故事,甚至是提醒我關注身邊的朋友,這款游戲像好朋友一樣在向我訴說。這是一切都是國語的游戲體驗,對於英文不懂的我來說,這實在是太棒了。 在對這款游戲的喜愛之下,我購買了主機版的暗黑3奪魂之鐮,但很快,我發現,它並不支持中文,沒有國語,崔斯特姆仿佛變成了另外的一個世界。我真的想聽懂和我浴血作戰的僕從在說什麼,聖休亞瑞的黑暗世界全部都是我聽不懂,看不懂的英文。 所以,可以把暗黑3奪魂之鐮主機版增加中文語言麼?做為暴雪的一名忠實玩家,這個問題會有人回答我麼?這個情願會成功麼?DragonWife0 5d
5d Are Seasons coming to console? I could have swore I saw a post from Blizzard about consoles getting seasons but can't find anything referring to console seasons.ZedGeek37 5d
5d looking for friends on ps4 Looking for friends on ps4, I play hardcore non modded. missed diablo and decided to start playing again especially after seeing possible expansion or d4 at blizzcon. gamer tag is thekillswitch79 thanksYahwehWarior11 5d
5d Any release date for seasons? Just wondering, did they say it's gonna come with the necro or will it be sooner than that? I'm thinking next season it will come?OneButtnDash14 5d
5d Console vs PC price D3+RoS - Why is PC 30$ but console 60$? I don't want to use gamestop and buy a a disc, simply because I prefer digital copies... will the price decrease in the near future? because... blizz is ripping off console players big time. same with overwatchnihillect0 5d
6d Looking for PS4 friends Looking to get as many PS4 Diablo 3 players as possible in my friends list. Feel free to add me ZionLion09CDRxBarker09482 6d
6d PS4 vs PC, what do you recommend? For those who own both, what do you recommend for Diablo 3? I won't be doing couch co op.GoosePants30 6d
6d Largest Diablo 3 Hardcore Xbox One Community What's up guys and gals? I'm David James In December on 12/20/15 I started a hardcore Facebook group to bring people together on hardcore who don't use modded/hacked items Here are the RULES of our group ✔️No use of modded/hacked items ✔️No use of legendary gems higher then a lvl you can actually achieve ✔️Hardcore players only ✔️Be active both in the group and on Diablo ✔️Be kinda friendly and helpful to others So if this community is something you would like to be apart of Please come check us out on Facebook The name of our Facebook group is Diablo 3 Hardcore Xbox One We also started a Xbox live Club go to clubs and search for: Diablo 3 Hardcore thats the name of our club Thanks for reading my post and have a great day‼️EliteWarrior0 6d
6d Staff Of Herding Help Plz. Greetings, I have been farming both Izual & Diablo at least 3x each everyday for both bosses for over 3 months and still no plans for the staff of herding, I do have the rest of the mats to make the staff. Getting to get giving up discouragement attitude about it. I have narrowed down 2 ways of getting these plans I have done both over & over 1rst is: Head over to Act IV: 4. Prime Evil – Begin Quest. Select the waypoint The Crystal Colonnade. Take the gateway to The Silver Spire, cross the Great Span, ignore Leah. Enter The Silver Spire Level 1. Ignore Mira and continue running until you find the portal to The Great Span. Enter the Great Span. Kill Izual. Slay Izual. Once slain, your progress will be saved to a new checkpoint, so if you were not lucky with the loot, you will have to select Act IV: 4. Prime Evil – Begin Quest one again in order for you to kill him. I have repeatedly done this from master to T1-T2 modes 2nd way is, while in adventure mode my character can solo T1-T2 and no further till better gear required to go T3 & further. I also go this route: Enter The Silver Spire Level 1, over to the great span then kill Izual if he doesn't drop the staff plans (always dropping the angelic shards and vendor or salvageable loot) then I use map going to the Great Span to kill Diablo. So one of my questions for the Xbox 360 Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Ultimate Edition is which one of these ways is the correct way to do it, or do they both have same very small probability results to have the plan drop. I am putting as much magic find gear & gems as I can with what I have or get. Another thought I have seeing how we can mail & trade between characters & friends if someone had a extra "already known" plan before destroying or selling it trade to me as I would make a worthwhile trade back. This would kill the farming of this and be able to do other things in game instead of just farming for one thing all the time. I would say you could do this for your friends also. I am socially dysfunctional and either solo or join when the need is there. Any help would be appreciated and favors returned. My gamertag is TharWeGood Have an Awesome day folks & may the good luck fortune favors you.Puffer13 6d
Nov 30 Connecting to Xbox 360 issues I have Xbox live GOLD, I own a digital copy of Diablo III Reaper of souls, and I have created an account on that has the same email as my Xbox live email, I connected it to my Microsoft Xbox account (which shows I have paid for live GOLD) and when I go into diablo III reaper of souls on my Xbox 360, it still says I have to do the process of creating a account. I cant contact anyone on and I haven't found any answers and would like to play multiplayer online. <br/><br/>Can anyone help?ViperShinzou4 Nov 30
Nov 29 Looking For Power Level :)(PS4) Seasoned PC Player , looking for a shortcut on PS4Faith1 Nov 29
Nov 28 Kinai's cube? Do they not have Kinai's Cube on console? I can't find it, and on the diablo game guide it doesn't say it's for pc only.Yeshe3 Nov 28
Nov 28 Looking for Xbox One Friends Looking for Xbox One Friends to level with and send gifts to each other. My gamer tag is Hennessee1188. I am new to Xbox One D3 but have been playing on the PC and PS4 since launch.Hennessee1 Nov 28
Nov 28 PS3 to PS4 upgrade cost is disappointing I want to voice some constructive feedback about Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition for PS4. Specifically for those of us who purchase the PS3 version, but now have a PS4 on which to play the game. I bought Diablo 3 for PC shortly after its release, and then bought the PS3 version when it came out in September. Already $120 spent on the same game, but no complaints so far. However, now I find myself regretting buying it on PS3 because I am now expected to spend another $60 just to be able to play it on my PS4. I would gladly pay $40 for Reaper of Souls, but that isn't an option really given to me. The feeling that I am left with is that all the care and effort of Diablo 3 on the PS4 is directed at newcomers, and all of us PS3 version buyers that now have PS4s are forgotten. Newcomers are getting $100 worth of game for $60. An awesome deal and one I highly recommend to anyone just now jumping on, On the contrary, PS3 upgraders are expected to spend $120 total for the same experience. Why not just offer people in my situation the Reaper of Souls / D3 bundle for $40 as an upgrade option? I genuinely hope this does not fall on deaf ears, as I am a great fan of Diablo 3 and especially appreciate what it has become on consoles. I want to clarify that I am not seeking some free handout, rather I am speaking out for others in my situation and want this to be received as constructive critical feedback so that hopefully this situation will change.Nilihanth28 Nov 28
Nov 28 [PS4] "Diablo Cosmetics Farming" community Hi all, Just created a PS4 community for farming cosmetics. Feel free to join in, share loots, find buddies, create events/parties, trade your cool looking transmogs/pets, etc.. No cheaters or modders please. Thank you. The community name is just "Diablo Cosmetics Farming". You can search and join via the Friends -> Communities menu. So far i've got two pets: Humbart Wessel and The Bumble. And also the good old Gibbering Gemstone. I'm not sure how portraits work on the console yet. But after the Falcon Wings my next goal would be the Rainbow Portrait. :) Lets have fun. Cheers.Theon70 Nov 28
Nov 28 Retro Diablo and Necromancer Class Does anyone have any insight on those issues. The release date of "Retro Diablo" for console "Diablo 3; Reaper of Souls, Ultimate Evil Edition" or the release of the "Necromancer Class" for the consoles any information would be appreciated. Thank You and God Bless in advance.AncientArmor1 Nov 28
Nov 28 Console Account LINKING Have they announced when we would be able to do this? The option is available under account options, but it wont allow you to finish linking. Edit : I misunderstood because I had an error message a few times, it went through, however.Branch77x779 Nov 28
Nov 28 Xbox one club Former pc diablo player. Just picked up a copy of Diablo 3 and realized there was an opportunity to create an xbox club. I decided to name "Diablo is not dead". Felt it would be a good place to meet up with actives as well as set up lfg. Gt: b10h424rdB10H424RD6 Nov 28
Nov 26 Legit PS3 players list Decided to start a list of PS3 Diablo 3 and RoS players. Please leave your PSN, Whether you play just regular D3 or RoS and whether you play HC or SC. Thank you and I will try and update this list regularly. PSN Names: Nyr0-no-name - (RoS) (HC & SC) Mayhem_Barbie - (RoS) (SC) cdn_bacon13 - (RoS) (SC) ekunpsu -(RoS) (HC & SC) Bionicslhand - (RoS) (HC) MurdrHouse - (RoS) (SC) WickedPringles - (RoS) (SC) deadlyarrival - (RoS) (SC) Skullandbones94 - (RoS) (HC & SC) ZealousZealot - (RoS) (SC) oneoneonekc - (RoS) (SC) evilgodofhorror - (RoS) (SC) CadusBane - (RoS) (SC) braVeda_1 - (RoS) (SC) JRENFER - (RoS) (SC) sirevalance1977 - (RoS) (SC) dapperdanman21 - (RoS) (SC & HC) Jantunus - (RoS) (SC) jtall29 - (RoS) (SC) BYTsnakeman - (RoS) (HC) TheDeadCanDance - (RoS) (HC & SC) Sorlaq - (RoS) (SC & HC) THE-PARTY-GOD - (RoS) (SC) KillerOfSouls- - (RoS) (SC & HC) kainforgotten - (RoS) (SC & HC) atomix84 - (RoS) (SC & HC) Fergubs - (RoS) (SC) Nyarlathotep - (RoS) (SC) Lawbringer7 - (RoS) (SC) Teaghue - (RoS) (SC) Milfinator34 - (RoS) (SC) LucasAbbiati - (RoS) (SC) SDB001 - (RoS) (SC) RAWdirtnastydave - (RoS) (SC) kingbmo2 - (RoS) (SC) supermanzded - (RoS) (SC) Articulo_Mortis - (RoS) (SC) Rydlz - (RoS) (SC) Spawny421 - (RoS) (SC) Titanzdude - (RoS) (SC) ImrtalDarkns - (RoS) (HC) TeHdAbWiZ - (RoS) (SC) zamfir89 - (RoS) (SC) LokiF77 - (RoS) (SC) onlysim15 - (RoS) (SC) caraDloko - (RoS) (SC) Jizzasa - (RoS) (SC) Deathwishx2 - (RoS) (SC) Annihiliator86 - (RoS) (SC) Onetime497543321 - (RoS) (SC) Pwnda0 - (RoS) (SC) WreCdum - (RoS) (SC) Nemesis213 - (RoS) (SC) Guide- - (RoS) (SC) ObeyNig - (RoS) (SC) ZeeSw33ny - (RoS) (SC) snowman_dmork - (RoS) (SC) sneakenjonte - (RoS) (HC & SC) mod_prom37h3u5 - (RoS) (SC) Thisiscobras - (RoS) (SC) WhiteBoySlap69x - (RoS) (SC) Kobe_Ng_Pinas - (RoS) (SC) ticklemykelmo - (RoS) (HC) Snix9000000 - (RoS) (SC) seahawkfan2014 - (RoS) (SC) JRingo1717 - (RoS) (SC) BigSwede - (RoS) (SC) Hales - (RoS) (SC) WesleyKT - (RoS) (SC) EteruNamida - (RoS) (SC) Twizzler82 - (RoS) (SC) Airatome118 - (RoS) (SC) Dadywolf - (RoS) (SC) Cyriclez - (RoS) (SC) Am_I_Sheogorath - (RoS) (SC&HC) FrostyZero - (RoS) (SC&HC) Mr_Magnus - (RoS) (SC) Acclizal - (RoS) (SC) kainforgotten - (D3) (HC&SC)xNYROx297 Nov 26
Nov 26 ps4 pro will there be a ps4 pro upgrade?RockRanger31 Nov 26
Nov 26 D3 Offline Mode XB1 I was wondering if Diablo Ultimate Evil Edition can be played offline? I read that it can be, but I cannot figure out how to. I usually play online, but I just packed up and went to my parents for the Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if o e of the newer patches made of online only or if I needed to tell it to go into offline mode while connected. I've never had any issues while connected. So far, I've tried turning the setting to offline, but when I open D3, it asks to choose a profile, and when I do it states that I am not connected to the Internet and goes back to the choose a profile screen. Endless cycle. I am currently trying to reinstall the game, but I'I thinking I'm going to lose the newer patches and so will be unable to play even if it does let me go offline. Any help would be appreciated.Congo06872 Nov 26
Nov 26 Set Dungeon Locations Please sticky this, **Barbarian:** - Immortal King's Call - A3 Ruins of Sescheron: Walk northwest and just inside the ruins take a right turn. - Might of the Earth - A2 City of Caldeum: Take the WP and fight through the enemies towards Belial. To the right of the entry the dungeon will open. - Raekor's - A5 Overgrown Ruins: Walk to the right of the Survivor's Enclave and go out. Follow the path and just before a set of arches on the left the dungeon will open. - Wrath of the Wastes - A5 Pandemonium Fortress Level 1: Go to the waypoint and walk down and back. Make your way up the stairs and at the very top after a few flights will be the dungeon. **Crusader:** - Akkhan's - A3 Bastion's Keep Stronghold: At the bottom right you will go down into The Armory. Inside here simply walk to the bottom of the Armory and here you will find it. - Invoker - A1 Tristram: Walk out of town towards Overlook Road, which is the path when you first start the game. Walk up the path and as you near the very beginning there will be a small nook at the bottom where you will find the dungeon. - Seeker of the Light - A2 Ancient Waterway: Take the Ancient Waterway WP and then enter the Waterlogged Passage. Walk all the way down and before the next exit it will be on the right. - Roland's Legacy - A2 Road to Alcarnus: Take the WP and follow the path to the left to where it's a dead end. At the very end of the path it will be at the end here. **Demon Hunter:** - Marauder's - A3 Bridge of Korsikk: Take the Korsikk WP and work your way to the middle of the map. This is located where the large trebuchet is during the campaign where the short bridge hangs over the lava. - Natalya's Vengeance - A1 Wortham Chapel Cellar: Walk outside the cellar and directly outside will be the set dungeon. - Shadow's Mantle - A5 Pandemonium Fortress Level 3: This is a bit of a hike. Take the Pandemonium Fortress Level 2 WP and make your way all the way to the end of the map where you go to fight Malthael. Right inside of level 3 the dungeon will show up. - Unhallowed Eessence - A2 Howling Plateau: You can take the WP to the Howling Plateau or walk through the Caldeum Bazaar. If you take the Plateau then walk south through the canyon and before it hooks back to the left you will find it in the bottom right corner of the map. **Monk:** - Inna's Mantra - A2 Caldeum Bazaar: Take the portal from the Hidden Camp at the north to the Bazaar. Walk into town and take a left when you get inside where the Flooded Causeway. - Sunwuko - A4 Pinnacle of Heaven: Fight your way through the Silver Spire Level 2 to access the Pinnacle of Heaven. Before Diablo's entrance go to the left to find the dungeon. - Raiment of a Thousand Storms - A1 Old Ruins. Simply take the way point and walk northwest. Within just a few steps at the top the dungeon will show up. - Uliana's Strategem - A5 Zakarum Cathedral. Walk north in the Survivor's Enclave to the large cathedral at the top of the map. Walk inside and at the top left is where you will find it. **Witch Doctor:** - Helltooth Harness - A1 The Royal Crypts: Fight your way through the crypts and just before you enter the room to fight Leoric you will find the dungeon just inside the caged area at the north end right beside the door. - Spirit of Arachyr - A2 Dahlgur Oasis: Probably the most difficult one, this will be at the left of the map. There is a small nook that will be the same every time. The video showcases what it looks like for reference. - Jade Harvester - A4 Vestibule of Light: Simply take the Gardens of Hope 1st tier WP and walk straight down. This will take you back to the Vestibule. Once you're there walk your way down the stairs and back to the beginning. At the far back right of the map you will find the dungeon. - Zunimassa's Haunt - A3 Core of Arreat: Take the Core WP and make your way up the map. Where the map turns to the right this will be on the far left in the corner. **Wizard:** - Firebird's Finery - A2 Desolate Sands: To make this easy, simply take the Archives of Zultan Kulle WP and go backwards to the entrance. Here you will find the portal to the Desolate Sands. Make your way just across the bridge and at the top you will find the dungeon. - Delsere's - A3 Skycrown Battlements: Walk right outside of the Bastion's Keep Stronghold and take the portal to Skycrown. Make your way down the far right side of the map and in the back corner the dungeon will be there. - Vyr's - A3 Rakkis Crossing: This is at the very end of Rakkis Cross before you get to Siegebreaker. If you have an Aether Walker you will save yourself a lot of time to get to the end. Take the top left staircase to find the dungeon at the end. - Tal Rasha's - A1 Old Tristram Road: Simply take the Old Ruins WP and follow the path to the northeast. Take this path all the way around and when you are near the place on the left where there is a lower entry area and bodies are hanging you will find this in the bottom left of the map after making your way around. *********************** Not my own findings, but as far as I'm aware, these are the locations. Can confirm Marauder's personally. Anyways, saw someone asking, and thought I should post this so people can find themEvilElf2 Nov 26