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Sep 15 How I fixed my paragon after hacker ruin Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my experience and hope it might help someone else out. I've had diablo 3 ros for ps4 since launch, but really never clocked too many hours on it (life got in the way -_-). So recently I started playing again. I just got to lvl 70 and leveled up to paragon 52. Then I tried joining a public game to see if I could handle torment I with others trying to do bounties and someone joined with paragon level 1100 or something. I thought this was kind of high (mind you I knew that there were hackers, so I was a little worried especially since I used to play on pc and remembered how hard it was to get to even paragon 150). Anyway, the person tried opening a greater rift and I had heard about this from friends that it was very fun and difficult so I accepted. Then in playing I realized my paragon was leveling practically every second but I was confused because my paragon near my life was even higher than what was flashing on my screen. I finished the trial then realized my paragon was already at 254!!!!! I was NOT excited. That is a very lame way to level up and thought my game was ruined. I left the public game and instantly came here. Someone said you can restart ur paragon level on the account, but u would lose everything by deleting your save data and also ur cloud data. So I was going to do this anyway even though I was not happy. Then when I went to my ps plus cloud data I realized that the last upload was a couple days ago. I restored the cloud data to my ps4 and was EXTREMELY relieved that my paragon level was back down in the 50s. After playing, allowing autosave to occur, closing game, reopening, my paragon level stayed at 50s. If anyone else gets caught in this trap and fears the worst, if you catch it fast enough you can upload ur ps plus cloud data back on the ps4!! And it will fully work. Sorry if this is known but in searching for a solution before I came across this fix I did not read about it. Anyway, hope this can help someone as it helped me. Hackers almost ruined an awesome game for me. Now I know not to stay around when anyone suspect joins a game. Good day to u all!teddyastuffe40 Sep 15
Sep 15 PS4 Recording on new 4.0 Firmware Just a note that with the new firmware that came out yesterday for the PS4 we can now change the amount of time that the PS4 records for. Prior to 4.0 firmware it was always the last 15 minutes but that can now be extended to 30 and even 60 minutes. Thus, for those of us who liked to run a Greater Rift and then show gear/skils after the clear it means we are not so constrained by getting that done within 15 minutes. A nice little feature in 4.0 firmware for Diablo 3 players.homerjnick2 Sep 15
Sep 15 I'm pc & can't see a ps3 friend on website... Hey, so I'm a pc player and I've got a buddy who plays on console (I'm pretty sure it's a ps3). I can send him a friend request through my software to his battletag and his email, but when I use to look at his characters the website cannot find him. Am I doing something wrong?gabisdaddi6 Sep 15
Sep 15 Seasons for consoles. Please for the love of god can we get them? I think everyone left in the console community would love to see this. I understand that mods and hacks would mess up the leaderboards so just take out the leaderboards. I want the stash tabs and cosmetics and pets. I also want to have fun starting over with my friends and would love to be able to do the journey. Please bring it over.Savant2 Sep 15
Sep 14 LF PS3 Players (No hackers / Cheaters) I'm looking for PS3 players to add to my friends list. My PSN is acegundam117. Please send a PSN message first. I have a monk and a wizard that are in T2 rifts. I play mostly during the day and I have a mic.Kittyspring1 Sep 14
Sep 14 Looking for ps3 players Just got my ps3 back up and running and looking for some people to play with Gt - jboggan666VirALinf3ct0 Sep 14
Sep 14 Grift Group Xbox One We are looking for someone who can run a support pull monk for grifts. Need to be able to know how to pull well for the higher grift levels, a good pull barb would work just as well. We will be running some later this evening. Hit me up Xv Glockcoma vXGlockcoma0 Sep 14
Sep 13 Looking for ps4 friends Zanman1224Zanman11 Sep 13
Sep 13 Looking for PS4 Friends Got into a motorcycle accident a week ago and fired the game up and just been having too much fun, it's been a really great pain killer. I've got a monk and dh to 70 then realized how stupid I am and made a wd and got him to 70 in I think 4 and half hours. Started doing rifts with the wd and still trying to find my cap but currently just completed a gr20. I'm currently paragon 72 and ultimately planning to get the other 3 classes to 70 to find who I like best but it's currently so easy and fun to farm with the wd and more paragon will just make the other 3 that much quicker. It just gets lonely some times. :) Once I get back to work I certainly won't be on all day but for the foreseeable future I think it's safe to say most nights in the eastern timezone I'll be on and would love some people to play with as I haven't done much multiplayer aside from when my girlfriend wants to do some couch-coop. Anyway, if you play on ps4 and aren't a jerk, or at least a jerk in control and want to play feel free to add my on psn: CBRowseyCBRowsey1 Sep 13
Sep 12 Open apology letter on Etiquette So, a player named ********* had an open game. I asked if they were doing token farming. They replied, yes and rifting too, LOL. So, I jumped in, we did a few speed runs and seemed to be doing well (or at least I thought so) and after a bit, while in town they said they were heading off for a while... Then followed up w/, "fyi ask first before joining" This hit me a lil hard as I hadn't meant to be rude, was just joining an open game. Turns out this is a simple exercise in a form of gaming etiquette I had as of yet been unfamiliar w but seemed totally obvious in retrospect. If I inadvertently offended or even just bothered other players in doing this, I do apologize. Once again, it was not my intent to be rude in any capacity. I cld make excuses like "I'm new to community gaming," which is sadly obvious by how many things like this and many others not as pertinent, as in gaming equip short hand terms I constantly need to be translated to "old maneese" like FoK meaning fan of knives . Yeah, no clue about that one or many others. Anyway, like I said, this is an open apology to those I may have toe stepped. ~Stormprieststormpriest6 Sep 12
Sep 12 Thanks Bliz! Just wanting to say a BIG thank you to Blizzard and the devs behind the console version and for not neglecting it. For a quick background I have a couple of hundred hours playing D3 in PC. Bought it day 1 and bought RoS day 1 as well when it released. I have to say that I haven't touched D3 for quite sometime now and haven't really completed a season as I have purchased a PS4 a couple of months ago, and have played that exclusively. I was looking for a game with great co-op so me and my gf could play together. And while at it, I found someone saying that D3 has something called 'couch co-op' on consoles. So I immediately bought a copy, loaded it up and man, I was blown-away by the way D3 has been ported to consoles! The experience is so different! The controls, UI, graphics, etc. are amazing; it's like an entirely different game. I mean, seating on the couch with a controller in front of a big !@# TV, playing with your friend, gf, parent or whatever is so fun! It also appears that Blizzard added a touch of other cool things that are exclusive to consoles like gifting and Nemesis! My love for this game has been re-ignited! Can't thank you Blizzard enough for creating a such beautiful console port and I hope you continue to support and patch the console versions and I'm wishfully hoping that at least clans and ladder get ported too! Thanks Bliz!Cry01 Sep 12
Sep 12 360/XOne Multiplayer I am planning to get Ultimate Evil for my Xbox One and I have a friend who wants to get it for his 360. My question is does anyone know if we could play online together since they both use Xbox Live. ThanksJimmah0076 Sep 12
Sep 12 multiplayer ciao a tutti, qualcuno sa se per xbox 360 posso giocare in 2 sulla stessa console ed allo stesso tempo con altri due in live per un totale di 4 persone? graziedarkmark842 Sep 12
Sep 12 Playing the demo on the 360 &............ I can only play the Barb & Wizz, I are sad gamer!TheGaige10 Sep 12
Sep 10 console questions So on my 360 I am running through my first ever hardcore playthrough (I've already got a lvl 70 wizard toon) and I had some questions about the console version of diablo. Can I/ How do I transfer items to alts (such as gems)? Are the previous gen consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360) still getting updates? Are the current gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox ONE) still getting updates? Any crafting tips? Do people still play online? Any tips? errrr...... any other things I should know?zorua93 Sep 10
Sep 10 Xbox Live - Looking for legit players Hi Guys, I'm looking for legit xbox live players to game with..its getting boring playing solo Add my xbox GT: DeviRanjswar15 Sep 10
Sep 10 Xbox 360 Version? What patch of the ultimate edition is the xbox 360 on right now?? Can someone give me a rundown, i'm a PC player and just got it for my xbox.sturoxsox4 Sep 10
Sep 10 Looking for Xbox 360 players. Gt tylertoystory Just started playing seriously. Paragon 69 demon hunter, with m4set working on m6, clearing t3 rifts. Wanting to play online!!tylerstory1 Sep 10
Sep 10 GR progress console vs PC The reason behind slower GR progression on console than PC is the lower monster density. I do not know the exact numbers, but it's easy to see that if we find monsters in the same pace on console, but they have half the density, we can make half the progress in the same time. If Blizzard could increase the progress/monster ratio on console with the same factor, as the density is decreased, we could also get closer to that higher levels we see on PC ladders....syskow5 Sep 10
Sep 10 Game bought Bought it digitaly in 2015 why do I have to pay again? No place to download, and new puter for exsisring acct. Help please SuluraSulura1 Sep 10
Sep 9 Anyone have a spare short man's finger? Have been looking for ages para 720 need to Finnish my build pretty much, can trade items. PSN lunny70Lunny0 Sep 9
Sep 8 LF hardcore ps3 players Paragon lv. 25 crusader looking for players! Psn name: SkeletimeBreezy3 Sep 8
Sep 8 Xbox one used game reaper of souls Will the expansions work if this game is bought used?slstream1 Sep 8
Sep 8 Console Hotfix? Little late to the party here, but, did the ROE nerf hit Xbox as well? I do not see it in the patch notes. Any WDs out there test it to make sure?Sophan6 Sep 8
Sep 7 Hardcore on ps3 Noone play HC on ps3? I can never find anyone. Para19 WW Barb. Psn Achtzhen1.necroanu4 Sep 7
Sep 7 GR Monster Health and Damage Scaling Does anyone know if there is a chart that show the monster health and damage scaling of all the GR levels? Just like this one but with all the levels? It seems like there are some major differences in levels that would indicate some major scaling issues. For example, being able to breeze through a lvl 70 but then a lvl 73 is impossible getting one-shotted every step??? I just wanted to know if I am completely off base here. Thanks in AdvanceEdgiestWall6 Sep 7
Sep 7 Drop rates for greater rift keys post 2.4.2 I had a quick google but couldn't find anything specific - the 2.4.2 patch notes say that greater rift key drop rates were increased the higher the torment level....I'm curious cos I've just had quite a bad run. Below has been my personal experiences: 2.4.1 - farming on T8 neph rift would result in a 2nd greater rift key dropping once every 4 to 5 rifts 2.4.2 - up until 2 days ago, I was getting 2 rift keys 3 out of 5 rifts (nice increase over 2.4.1) I bumped up the torment level to T10 to do a goblin vault run from a puzzle ring, and forgot to drop it back to T8 the next night when I fired the game up. I did a neph rift run, realised it was not t8, finished the rift, quit and reset the difficult to t8 and thought everything would be AOK... Well, 11 rifts later, I've had 2 instances of 2 greater rift keys drop, but 9 straight with only a single key... So, was my initial drop rate for rift keys post 2.4.2 more than normal (positive RNG), or about average/normal? The sudden severe change in drop stats - is that just bad RNG luck, or, has some weird bug been triggered since my post t10 run (I'd never done a t10 neph rift run before, t8 is just faster for me - I can run t10 easy enough, but it's not as efficient time wise for me and my wiz build). I'm curious to see what others are seeing as the drop rates, and if they've seen such a bad run of drop rates. I mean, 4 weeks or so at a consistent drop rate, and then suddenly very bad drop rates in comparison and something smells fishy. I've seen drops in RNG crop rates for ancient legendaries post 2.4.2 and also with gambling with Kadala for legendaries/set items. Both are consistently worse now ever since the introduction of 2.4.2. There's nothing in the 2.4.2 patch notes about altering ancient drop rates etc, but I doubt Blizzard would publicise any such changes even if they did introduce them.mrtheoden5 Sep 7
Sep 7 free key codes crossplatform? i have d3 and ros for pc. i want to give my gamer homies in my town the gift of endless maddness. question to yall is do you think if i took a keycode over to a ps4 that itll be able to register d3 and they can play it. they came with the pc game. thanksmulldabeast2 Sep 7
Sep 6 The great hall glitch I just beat adria and talked to lorath. Now I am supposed to go back to the survivors Enclave to speak with tyrael. unfortunately there is no path out of the great hall. I have tried restarting the ps4 and going back through but that doesn't work. any help would be great as i cannot proceed in the game if I cant talk to tyrael and finish this quest.Kylarsternn12 Sep 6
Sep 6 Q ?. .... why cant i play blood and sand ? I have a digital version , and a disk version , and have tried several different characters & hard core , and in each case , the already expected, ( unexpected error report ) , is issued and have yet to retrieve the blood needed . PLEASE HELP , I have butter fly wings !!!! Have updated all drivers on computer and still the same thing .... the same place .... every time .... don't know why this is happening but I would like some feed back pleaseMightyBeast1 Sep 6
Sep 6 Network down? I have internet to my xbox. But i left my room for 5 minutes and came back and now i can't join a quick match game, says i have no network... my fried is online and he can play quick match games but i can't. No idea what is going on. I have restarted my xbox 3 times and still nothing. So I'm just shut down and come back in 2 hours hopping this is fixed unless someone knows more information.ArtOfJacob1 Sep 6
Sep 6 Looking for legit friends to run with (PS4) Hey guys. I switched to PC for a while but now I have returned to PS4 because it runs so much smoother! I am paragon 665 and have a demon hunter who can speed run GR-mid 60s. I haven't attempted to optimize or push yet as my gear is dated by a couple patches. But I'm quickly catching back up. I'm also looking to start a WD soon! I'm looking for a few friends (preferably with mics) to run split bounties, rifts, grifts, and ubers with! I'm pretty experienced between PC/ps4, and also I'm not looking to play anyone with who dupes, mods, or hacks. Also feel free to add me for nemesis/gifts Looking forward to playing with y'all! Psn: madhatta317madhatta3170 Sep 6
Sep 5 Ps4 FRIENDS . NEED PEOPLE 2 PLAY WID add me on psn = hiv-halsNegerchild1 Sep 5
Sep 5 Xbox360 Tier 16 Gear How do I obtain tier 16 gear for Xbox 360?GreyWolf3 Sep 5
Sep 5 Where is Kanai's Cube in Act I? I haven't played Diablo 3 in a long time. I thought I would start a new game in Story mode again. I have used my paragon points and want to use Kanai's Cube but I can't find it in Act I. Where should I be looking for so I can use it?HsojVvad12 Sep 5
Sep 4 Rerolling items.. I am new to the colsole versions of D3 and I was trying to reroll a socket on my amulet. I haven't played D3 on PC for 2-3 years but if I remember correctly you could see the possible results before choosing an attribute to reroll, I can't see how you would do that on PS4. Can any attribute be rerolled into a socket?Mummson2 Sep 4
Sep 4 Looking for xbox360 friends Looking for some players who still play the game on 360. I've been adding players off the thread made for players looking for other players. But with very little luck. I would like to have some others raid with me in D3. My GT is SMG Crocker I have a Lvl 70 Crusadier (didn't know no one liked that class- I just thought it looked cooler than barb) with 63 paragon. I currently am in story mode for the third time on Tourment 2 looting legendarys and gems. I'll help people power level or loot. I'll be glad to help. Please add me on Xbox 360.GreyWolf0 Sep 4
Sep 3 is the game worth me getting still Is the game worth me getting i had it before still have saves on xbox one i herd there is a bug that can delete saves so is it worth me getting it still.Rune3 Sep 3
Sep 3 New to Xbox One New to Diablo 3 on Xbox. I could tell you i am an experienced WoW player but now trying out D3. Xbox One account : theNEXTsupreme Im on the westcoast and plan on playing nightly and get to end content. Add me or I will add you.TNasty1 Sep 3
Sep 3 Just bought D3 on Xbox One, tips? Ok so up until recently I was/am very casual towards all games that aren't WoW. However for financial reasons I am having to give up WoW for at least a year. Anyway to the point: What tips can you guys/gals give me on playing D3 on console? Should I level in rifts or bounties (after I do the main story) or a bit of both? Is there a good website that has good builds for all classes? If so link it please =). And lastly,what class feels the best with a controller. My gut says Barb or Crusader am I right?REACHER904 Sep 3
Sep 2 Xbox Harcore Looking for people to play with. I haven't touched the game in months but I am able to farm T13 easily and looking for fellow players who'd like to do the same. I had quite a good group of guys but it seems as if everyone is off playing Overwatch or Destiny. Mr Goatt is the GT. Obviously don't add me if you have any hacked or modded gear.GoatZiLLa2 Sep 2
Sep 2 Developer Chronicles affects us too... After a couple years of lurking with my bnet account I feel I can't stay quiet about this.... anyways I played D2 and LOD from 2001-2006 (possibly 2005) and got D3V and UEE on console when it was released. The WW barb was 1 of the most popular builds in D2. So much that i had 3 barbs on my main account. So why have the only returning characters most popular build also be the weakest???? I know server lag...... well the devs were intent on making WW weak and forced to rely on so many interactions like DD, area damage, and PE gem that it lags up the Bnet servers. So instead of reworking the WW skill and Wastes set, they just wanna leave it as is. What does that mean for us console players??? If PC don't get a buffed reworked WW/Wastes neither do we.... I know most people think is console players have 10k plvls, and rolling around with lvl 150 gems..... but there are people that take this game seriously... I only have 850 plvls and I been playing since release date on console..... I know there's some serious next gen console players out there..... so for u that are, raise ur voiceSpinningFury0 Sep 2
Sep 1 How do Gifts work exactly? Hey guys! I'm a relatively-new console player. Most of my experience has been on the PC version of the game. I was recently gifted this by a friend and enjoying it! I am a para 150ish Barb still trying to work towards build synergy. My question is how do gifts work? Every once in a while, I get a Gift for a friend on my friends list (It's always the same friend). I this because he's the only one on my list that plays or has played this game? I have spam sent him like 40 gifts lol. What's in the gift and how do I get it to send to other people? Better yet? How do I get gifts sent to me? Feel free to add me if anyone wants to play! Xbox One GT: Prisus Thanks for reading...Pri19 Sep 1
Sep 1 Ps4 players Zanman1224Zanman0 Sep 1
Sep 1 Ps4 zanman1224Zanman0 Sep 1
Aug 31 Can set items like the invoker set beancient Can someome plz answerSkeereally2 Aug 31
Aug 31 Akkhan's Leniency [PS4] Does anyone have one? My PSN ID is Lefty_ReddLeftyRedd0 Aug 31
Aug 30 [XBOX 360] Legit players, post gt's here Hey guys, I am starting this as a resource for players who do not want modded items entering their games. Please post your gamertags, I will try to keep a running list of tags listed here for verified legit players. If you join a game with anyone who is listed here, and they use obviously modded gear, please report them so I can remove them from the list. When playing with players in this list, I suggest we have a few rules. No modded gear, No duping for each other, Nothing that ruins the experience of diablo, Only play in private games with other players from this list Please suggest any rules you think will help this grow, im tired of seeing the Blizz Fix This threads, so I am taking my own time to help everyone. I will attempt to add everyone from this list and get into games with them as they are added, I will then move them to the verified section. Please add IRIEOO9 (o's not zeros) and send me a message / friend request, i will get into games with you as I canIrie009396 Aug 30
Aug 30 Xbox 360 Players I just Recently got Diablo 3 and was wondering if there are any players out there who wants to play, pefferably someone who is starting out so we can go through the acts together and not just some level 70 guy destroying everyone. Thanks! GT: Sk3tchyRobotSketchyRobot5 Aug 30
Aug 30 PS4 PSN = HIV-HALS Nobody 2 play wid so just add meNegerchild0 Aug 30