How to kill bots and 3rd party ah sites

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After shutting down AH and start loot2, bots and 3rd party sites will rise in popularity again.

My idea is:
Only trade with players who you have been friends with for one month or longer.
So If you are friends with someone for more than one month you can trade with each other, items dont have to be bound to a specific account, just give it to your friends, and make it so items can't be thrown onto the ground.(or make it so you actually can throw it onto the ground, but anyone you are not friends with cannot see it on the ground, unlike with loot.

This will make a huge, great community. Should kill all bots and make them obsolete.

i dont think that is a viable way of trading, because not every 1 has as many friends as other, and some people prefer to solo play, while other have a full friend list, it would be unfair to the less social players.

I would rather propose giving an amount limit trade per hour/level

This means that well for example
every 1 hour only a total of 25m gold can be traded with same account, so that buying gold of chinese farmers loose popularity, another thing is gold trade limit could be increased my certaina chievements or feats, like every 25 paragon levels the gold amount u can trade inceases by 5m

just some food for thoguht
They will buy more accounts then.
Hopefully Blizzard will just be better about banning people and removing gold/items now that real money is no longer officially tied to items. It probably provided them a dilemma when they knew an item was duped but they also knew someone paid real money for it, so they could not simply remove it from existence.
Nope, I want to gear up my friends if I find good stuffs.

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