Barbarian Kingdom Giveaway Thread

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Howdy Silverfire,

I would be interested in a set. I feel that my gear is pretty decent but does not work well. I am able to farm MP5 pretty well but cannot seem to do anything above that beside die. I want to play with good people and get better but being stuck at current MP level has frustrated me. Seeing issues with finding the right mix of Str/Vit gear with CHC, Att speed.

I have played several builds, and WW/sprint being the best survival rate.. I have been experimenting a lot with different builds of late and different characters.
ive been looking for a good skorn,mempo with crit chance,rings with crit chance&crit dmg, shoulders with 70+ all res vit and str would help a lot, ice climbers with MS and 200 str would also help a lot. i play a whirlwind barb.
Would love a chance at some of this gear! I am pretty new to this game even though I bought a new CPU at launch to play it. I stopped playing after I leveled my WD to 60 and have recently been dragged back by a buddy, who got me excited by explaining some of the changes. I’m digging it! and have a barb about to hit 60 any day! This is defiantly the best class,, love how it feels when you smash monsters in the face! You almost feel the impact  I love the changes they have made and am excited for everything 2.0 as well as the expansion.

I roll a duel wield Barb with bash to build rage and the Hammer of the ancients to smash foes into bloody bits! This gear would give me a great head start at banging out some P levels at a mid to low MP level. I’m not big on the AH thing and have a very low budget so not much of an option for me anyway. I am a pay it forward kind of guy and would be willing to donate any gear on my WD or Barb in order for a chance at the prize!

Thanks for considering my app. And thanks for what you are doing to make the forum and community a place worth visiting!

Update: 60 and grinding/ monsters kicking my butt! Need some Gear!!!! Anyway goodluck to all the hopfull!
Hi everyone,

I’m a WW/Double Tornado Barb for all my experience, gold and materials grinding, trying to get mats for my first hellfire ring. Trying to save some gold for upgrades in my gear increasing my overall strength and vitality and trying to find an axe or mace that has high black DPS in the 1200+ range.

My barb is the only char I play because a love the class, and the playstyle of WW/Nados fits me perfectly.

Thanks in advance and good luck to everyone
I'm applying for one of the complete sets. Barb is my favorite class by far, but I feel weak when I try any but the lowest levels of inferno.

The playstyle I most enjoy is WW, but honestly I just love the class and am not picky about which spec I use.

My goal is to be able to play with my GF, who just moved to North Carolina to go to college. Since we can't see each other for months at a time, playing PC games is how we spend time with each other. (That and the occasional Skype date =P) Unfortunately I am too weak to keep up with her in my current state so she has to settle for walking me through low MPs while trying to stay entertained. So I guess my goal is to be good enough to play higher levels of inferno as a duo.

Thanks for considering me for your contest! Cheers.
Hi Silverfire
I think I may be the type of player you seek. I am relatively new to the game and only have 3,300 elite kills. I wish my gear was worth $50 mil, so a $200 mil set would be a significant upgrade for my barb! Thankfully my pieces are not terrible, I was lucky to get several through deals/donations (I would be glad to donate my existing pieces).

I am currently working toward a new play style, especially in light of how our beloved barb is going to be nerfed in the RoS expansion. I am transitioning from a DW to HOTA/rend build using Skorn. For me to complete this new style, I am working on increasing my IAS to 42% in order to hit a certain break point, bringing up my CC to help fury gen, and upgrading my chest/pants for more vit. I think this approach will provide the survivability necessary to move up to MP 8 (hopefully!). Winning one of your $200 mil sets would be a tremendous boost to my barb! Thanks for the consideration.
Hi silverfire,

I am fairly new to the barb class. Only 3k elite kills and still a noobie to D3 with around 3.5 on all other chars combined. Since I started back a month ago, I have been farming keys for a good hellfire ring while doing some MP5 xp runs in Act 1. I currently use the cookie cutter WW build but have had trouble getting past MP7 with my current gear.

Going forward I would like a new set to be flexible enough to be able to switch between builds. Something I cannot currently do as I am geared specifically for the WW/WOTB spec. I would like to be able to rend farm for xp or use a hota build for elite farming. I believe with a new, upgraded set and some tips from you I will be able to reach these goals. Thanks in advance. Grazlock

I am applying for the second part of the giveaway. This is my barb's profile:

I recently got back into the game after a long break, and decided to make myself a barb to try out something new. I hit 60 on him about 2 weeks ago, and I have been having an incredible amount of fun playing on inferno since. I can run MP10 relatively well right now without really dying, but my killing speed could use a little boost. I have tried out the various popular WotB builds out there, but found that the hectic face-paced style of them doesn't really suit me. I would like to stick with my current build that I enjoy more but still like to be able to clear the higher MPs a bit quicker.

With that said, I think the biggest upgrades I could use right now is to either get a better Skorn or upgrade my current Mempo to a crit one.

Thanks for offering this giveaway and I hope you will give my entry some consideration.
Just a suggestion - a lot of people don't really have a good idea of what a good upgrade for them might be. Somebody experienced, much like you Silverfire, could perhaps check and offer suggestions) if it is in fact a good option.

I.e I want a WH belt so my deeps goes to 250k - when in reality it could be a bad upgrade for them and they mightn't know of a better more significant option.

Good job on this BTW.

Don't worry, I will steer the winners in the right direction. (I'll try to do so for non-winners too if I can get to it)
I posted above, but even if I am not one of the lucky few any advice on to how to begin to improve my build and gear would go a long way. I’m trying to stay away from whirlwind type builds and am digging the hammer of the ancients’’!

Also In the future I would defiantly be willing to donate gear/ recourses so this can be a staple in the community!!

Keep it up, and let me know about that last part.
Morpheus is making me work on some sample sets for the guide, and I think they would find a good home with:

atlhays#1264 (skorn)
dravok#1407 (dw)
hatecore#1596 (dw)
villageidiot#1874 (dw)

Do you mind if I take these fellas off your hands?
Hi Silverfire,

I don't know if you have picked winners yet, but if not I would like to throw my hat in the ring for a full set please. I have recently returned to the game due to the news of the expansion. I am playing a WW/RLTW barb, I am not partial to DW or 1H. I tried to put a set of gear together back before I quit, but I was working with extremely limited funds, so its pretty craptastic (ie not worth anywhere near 50M.)

I know that this build is getting nerfed in ROS, but that is at least 6 months away, so I am looking to farm like crazy in the meantime, and this is the build to do it with currently. Receiving a set from you would allow me to farm a much higher MP than i am currently (MP1), allowing me to hit P100 and farm gear to level other classes. It would also give me a clearer idea of what a properly assembled gear set looks like and how to upgrade from there.

I would really appreciate anything you end up throwing my way. If I'm not chosen, I would appreciate some advice on my gear, ie where do i start upgrading (I am clueless when it comes to playing the AH)

Anyways, thanks for doing this giveaway! Gonna be some happy people here!
Will announce winners in a couple of hours
Well it maybe too late or not.....wish i have seen this post before.

I would love to get some 1 item which could help my barb to progress a little more.

I have played around 300 hours HotA (the first ones) and then i swichted to WW (as its mcuh more effective but the change was slow and painful as i didnt have the proper gear).

WW is what im playing now

Considering the budget offered i think that the items which could help me more would be:

-a really good ring as my hellfire is nice all around but rings are a really good place to boost dps and maybe i can replace the ehp somewhere else

-a lacunis with similar dps but also some vit or ar which would make my life much more easier as im havinz zero EHP from bracers.

-a better weapon. Mines are not horrible but they are not worth 300M by any means and the upgrade in DPS should came from here.

Other things i should upgrade but i think are not the best options in this case:

- chest: ill be looking for almost a gg something aroun 180-str and at least 230 vit and i dont know if the extra 40 str are worth it
- cc mempo: too expensive
-amulet and shoulders: i should just keep crafting
-belt: a better WH would be a nice idea but i think not as much as the the others.
-gems: i think that upgrading gems further isnt worth the relation cost-benefit and i dont care for the char apperance.

A little about me. I have played quite a lot but i refuse to use any real money as i like the feeling of improving by myself and feel that flipping the AH if viable isnt the way i want to play at all. I wouldnt accept any offer but tbh being so close to RoS the time for my barb to be up to the point where i would like is almost over. I built him via trading gear of similar value and altough it was quite expensive (at least to me) in its time it is worthless now.

For example:
i paid 100M for for each of this:
-ice climbers
-IK triumph and chest

And they all are worth much less. I have never had much luck with the drop (if i remember correclty the most i got at a time was around 300M) but i didnt care about it tbh. Just played for fun.

All in all im pretty satisfied with my barb...its not good considering todays standards (60k+ vit 300k+ dps) but its well rounded and i tried to build him giving him not only DPS but also EHP, and tDPS (reaching the breakpoints)

In any case good luck to alla and grats to silverfire for the initiative
SilverFire I already wrote out my "why I should win" but now I have a request for you (Or any other Barb that is well knowledged in DW and WW builds).

I only ask that you inspect my barb and msg me in game, or make a reply here or somewhere/somehow, and let me know what I can upgrade, or what kind of items I should look for. Heck even recommendations of builds I should try out. Anything and everything would be considered helpful.

P.S. I have looked at the sticky'd threads and tbh I barely understand everything I read, also I don't have time to thoroughly read it so I've only skimmed it.

If you don't have time to respond i understand that as well, either way thanks.
Hi Silver
Well maybe i can join here too :)
I came from monk to demon hunter and now down to Barb.
I wanna try how you guys play the WW Build.
Even though it will be nerfed nxt patch, but for the time being I will go ahead and try it hehe.

I'd be glad to win this, with my Barb now going to hit 60.
And when i get my ownself good set, I will give back your set to the Barb community.
Much like what I did to Monk community
Giving it back to the community who needs em for a start :D
i'd like to participate in the giveaway.
i played wiz and never gone deep into barb , just hit lvl 60 to unlock all skill and gear, but not have time and gold gearing up my barb lol.perhaps i will try to gearing my barb soon.
Have the winners been announced yet?
I'm looking for a weapon upgrade. But also an over all boost. My shoulders, gloves and legs all lack one or two stats. I'm trying my best at the moment farming up my Paragons but I can't get over MP3

would be great if I'd get some help in that department and can't await it!

edit: account data, or it looks for the wrong one

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