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Hello there and I hope this is the right place to post and question this.

I really like the consoleversion of diablo 3 because it was just play to win. And the multiplayer funktion and gameplay was also awesome.

And here is my dream/idea (xP) : It would be cool if blizzard could make a PS vita version of D3.
I think this would be awesome.

Anyway just an Idea nothin more. All in all you guys doing a great job :) thumbs up

one would think this would be very doable as the ps3, ps4 and vita basically uses the same coding or very similar coding. and they would have too since sony plans on streaming both ps3 and ps4 games to the vita through their new service. and d3 size is in range for either a download or fir on a vita cartridge. and the same interface and controls can be used as the vita can function as a 6 axis ps3 pr ps4 controller for either system.

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