rate the wizard above you :)

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^ not sure but your profile isn't coming up for me.

if someone could recommend what pieces to upgrade I'd appreciate it!
my profile is here :

@mapthesoul you can get improvements easy.
* chantando with socket
* hell fire doesnt have cc/cd/ias
* storm crow doesnt have cc
* neck doesnt have cd

i doubt you need LoH in 3 piece of armor, so you got options there.


Nice dps and gear selection in general, but your armor value is dangerously low. Why not get a cheap pair of vile ward shoulders? The mitigation gain would probably far outweigh any HP loss, could probably get them for chap too.
all I can say is thank u dude. your right and it makes a big dif.
@ Lohak 7/10 . HUUUUUUUGE DPS. but very low hp. I'd say improve the hp because your dps is massive already and you can afford to lose a bit to get some survivability.
09/28/2013 02:50 AMPosted by ReveVersant
@ Lohak 7/10 . HUUUUUUUGE DPS. but very low hp. I'd say improve the hp because your dps is massive already and you can afford to lose a bit to get some survivability.

7/10 - On the right track. You need to find more AR and armor, try getting one or the other on both the tal chest and BT pants.
@ Panda

Lookin pretty textbook to me. Ammys probably the weak point in terms of dps / as but dayum, i love those crafted gloves. Big fan on an armor roll on gloves. You just desperately need to stack on some more health

@Hungdawg Love your toon man. Just getting into wizards, so no clue what you could do better. Keep working on p100!

Your wiz's gear setup doesn't really match with the skill setup at all.

If you wanna try archon build, go with a LS weapon, doesn't have to be a wand, (but wand works as well) and chantodo will is not a good option for archon.

If you are looking for cm build, your gear setup needs a lot more attack speed as well as crit chance.

There are many good posts on the forum on how to gear up archon and cm wiz accordingly.

Good start and welcome to the wiz community.

Nice CM. LOH on Jewelry, 9/6 Mempo.
@ Saltydog

awesome ehp and mit - but the lacuni really confuse me i mean i gather that your using them for ias? maybe? not to sure but i would have thought some crafted bracers would have been the go if you could get a nice all res cc int roll and just shift the ias to another slot like mempo you might loose some int but that should come in spades from the crafted bracers.

nice PvP setup, very specific use range so: 9/10 there might be a tiny bit of room for improvement
I have a 163/136 80ar 6cc 9k pot Bracer but the only reason I use the Lacunis is for the Move Speed. Really need the 24ms for evasion and chasing. I also have a gg witching that is not shown on my profile that I use. With my .9 ias mace I really need a bit of ias to cast. It just takes so long that I am an easy target :P

The Tal Helm is for the increase in DPH and EHP. Vs DH sometimes I switch to a 180/70ar/6cc/12k pot.

Always a pleasure to see you posting on the Wiz forums!
Okay, bring it you savages...

Hurt my feelings.
@ Saltydog - i'm guessing inna's are way to much of a dps/mit loss even if you get a serious vit pair?

@ aiglos78

Looks like a very serious archon right there, love the life on kill i think your feeling will be safe behind a solid gear set like that. I think you might like to find a little ias somewhere without sacrificing anything but thats going into astronomical prices but it might just be the way to hit that 300k dps mark.

8/10 - needs just a little more dps for mp10 then your sweet, i suggest adding ias without sacrificing anything you already got.

Thanks, and I agree.

Gloves, man, it's the gloves. They're just damn near perfect as mitigation AND dps. They're the only slot right now where I could really pick up IAS for nothing.

Switching to Tal's chest is another option, but that requires overhauling the Zuni situation with new boots, and that's not...cost effective right now.

I have to flip some things to get there. And I've basically just resigned myself to the fact that I'll never see a reasonable 9/6 on the gold AH...ever. If I could find one on the cheap somehow, it would change my life.

Any ideas what to do about the Lacunis? Switching them out also impacts the Zuni situation, where I have to pick up the boots again to get 12 MS and drop my Ice Climbers.

Thanks for the 8/10.

I SERIOUSLY dig your Windforce, btw.

Hell, you know what, I've even considered just stopping gearing and tricking out my scoundrel for better MP5 efficiency.

This game makes it crazy hard to make transitional gearing decisions -- so much taking two steps backward to eventually take one step forward.
yeah aiglos your basically in the position where you will need to regear a hell of a lot just to make a small change. if you loose lacuni you need zuni boots - potential dps loss/vit loss also cost is a issue you can forget about ias tals ammy and it will be an easy couple of beez to add ias on the gloves.

best option would be tal chest, zuni boots, crafted bracers, and ias ring with all your other stats that you need (ring will be cheapest place to find ias atm) but thats still a pretty serious re-gearing right there no to mention potentialy very expensive.
Dear Amos

Archon Duel

Me and you buddy

PS> I lol'd so hard at your attempt at a nat's 2 set. hehehehe

Dear hungdawg

Dont need to duel to know the outcome mate - you will win, you have 100k more dps then i do buffed, you have nearly 20k more health and slightly better all res not to mention you probably run a sub 150ping too, there would be no competition.

That being said i would gladly duel you archon to archon anytime mate, jsut tell me when adn i will try to match up my times to suit yours.

I'm glad you like my nat set ;) i'm very fond of it myself and if i didn't need the apoc off the sc i would be running it on my main for sure.

Very nice archon btw 8.5/10 - if you could maintain the mit and hit 500kdps your looking at a 9er right there... same or more mit and 600k dps - perfect 10/10 jaetch style. Your not too far off. GG.

:edit: yeah goldrush i do get one shotted, but not too much i just try to avoid potential 1 shots. The best place to be for me is in the middle of a pack because i get the best twister procs and eb procs so my loh takes care of me
Lol at the Nat helm and Windforce. Very creative gearing choices =). LOVE the LoH you have on your gear (Dizzi). Your health pool scares me though. Don't you get one shot a lot before your wind up, or do you just take care not to TP into the middle of packs? Interesting setup though. 7/10

You just need some more vitality. Perhaps, you can also add crit damage or chance or both in your nats to increase your dps.

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