Reached 400k nats Goal! (with LS FAQ)

I know this is another "look at me" thread - Boozor

After selling my last 2 11ias swords and regearing for the past 2 months, I finally reached 400k with nats @ 2.51 bp and 420k ehp

D3up link :
Bnet profile : (subject to changed due to lvling up female wiz)

Gearing around nats is definitely more challenging then zuni because of the mit(ar) zuni offers, but with the nats set i run 62cc which means 77 after df and 80 with scoundrel - the flow is just so much more better, i don't get the choppy zuni start up moments when AP is so hard to start up.

I had much success with the AH and the chinese 163 site through flipping and acquired $ for most of my gear that way. It has been a great time chasing Boozor/Charlatan/Kiza/Peterbiz.

As I'm among one of the earlier guys in the forum to play around with LS, these are some of the points I would like to share.

Q: What is LS SNS?
A: LS SNS usually means sacrificing the chants set and the mempo for a black LS weapon for sustain instead of the traditional Loh SNS. Better @ higher dps lvls when Loh is not enough for RD.

Q: What is required for LS SNS?
A: Nothing really, but for budget sakes anything below 250-300k dps is not worth going LS. If you are gearing budget tight please read piehole's SNS guide: Other then the weapon being different, LS sns can usually be a bit slack on mit and gear for more EHP as LS will help you sustain. Also, please run Storm Armor/Shocking Aspect, if you are running LS with Energy Armor runs your doing 40% less real dps thus loosing 40% of your sustain

Q: What kind of gear do I look for LS SNS?
A: I will have to quote a friend here : " Every sword wiz is unique " -Xinert What do we mean by that? It means every LS sns is built around 1 or 2 core items; depending on the items the choices can be very much different. Take me and Kiza for example : we are both sitting @ 2.51 bp with 400k+ dps. but our gloves / wh / pants / ring /chest / off hand choices differ a lot due to my tight IAS requirements and he has zuni set for mit. Some other pieces are more or less the same, like int/vit/ar/cc lacunis. int/vit/%life viles Stormcrow / trifecta ammy gloves rings but thats about it. Its all about where you place the mit stats, i recommend at least 87mit and enough ehp to take a molten bomb.

Q: How much does it cost to gear LS SNS?
A: Short Answer : a lot. Long Answer : a lotttttttt, me and booz made an estimate that a 250k-300k LS sns with proper mit and ehp will cost 8b+ please do not come in with the question : i have 2mil, can i make a MP10 SNS set?

You will be able to hit the 2.51 , 2.73 , 3.01 breakpoints with a LS weapon
2.51 : me, kiza
2.73 : peterbiz/boozor ( both their profiles don't show right now though)
3.01 : Charlatan . this is most strict, as you need an 11ias dagger + all 9s on gear to hit the bp. Also hardest to gear for due to ehp loss from both innas and lacuni.

I'm happy to answer any questions ; if you have anymore suggestions to this FAQ please post below as well.
I remember when I was playing aroung with a LS dagger, and I friended you and then we started talking about gearing. Then you mentioned to me that you didn't think it was worth doing....epic trolled.

Also, Crystal Shell + GC imo.
Void. nice write up. I completely agree with:

Q: How much does it cost to gear LS SNS?
A: Short Answer : a lot. Long Answer : a lotttttttt,

so don't even try unless you got tons of money. I think it cost more than 8b+. More like 80b+ to make it a proper balanced 350kdps+ LS wiz.

so...for me, I realized ias chanto wiz with 3.01, nat set wiz is FTW. =)
Who'd-a-thunk-it DD pants?! Nice!
grats man -- you did eeet!

that nats ring is disgusting.. first time ive seen it
can't wait to see what you can pull off once itemization 2.0 finally comes, even tho im sure your ammy and rings will be GG no matter what

oh.. and I think this settles the storm crow > mempo debate once and for all ;-)
@ void

Does 2.51 and 2.73 breakpoints make a huge difference between them?

Just wanted to know whether it's worth swapping chant's force for trium offjand basically

And also, any nice swords for sale? :D
@ void

Does 2.51 and 2.73 breakpoints make a huge difference between them?

Just wanted to know whether it's worth swapping chant's force for trium offjand basically

And also, any nice swords for sale? :D

no...and no... 2.73 is a bit smoother thats it you stole my chest and helm and now you want my sword?! :P
Nice accomplishment, Void!

That solidifies it for me, I'm never going LS!!!

Also, 2.51 and 80cc (w DF) is the shizzz.
Do you often run without a Cyclone Strike monk? or do you always have one?
Ok prolly will get a proper trium to test it out.

Haha I didn't steal em I just gave a gd deal for Boozor that's all.

Was thinking that u'll be having other 11as swords up ur sleeve actually
@jung lol i had no idea back then
@vox thanks!
@grizz hehe, for black weap yeah
@skipper gl :D
@BDF i have most of the time, but i do a lot of solo runs too
Ain't nothing wrong with a "look at me thread!"

Nicely done Void!

All beautiful pieces but the Unwavering Gauntlets are especially sexy (to me anyway) :P
Congrats Void, nicely done - Nat's set too, much approved!
Nice void. One of the best.

Good write up as well for up and comers.

I think GCanum has made a pretty good transition into LS sword from chan todos
For a point of reference for people.

Also... Budget wise its worth noting that the sword is a big part of the budget. While a chant set is fine with a 200m wand. A sword that is 200m is not going to cut it in this build. Hence a chant set up is still much more dollar efficient at the lower spectrum.

8 b to 80 b sounds semi accurate as well . Lol

Congrats! Awesome to see you do a full power sword setup even after the super dagger build. Can't wait to see what's next.
wow thats one amazing setup. Some of that gear... omg i can't believe it exists.

i too was surprised by the DeeDee's pants lol but hey whatever you gotta do to maintain balance, sweet.
All of you guys have mind-numbingly good gear...especially Charlatan...wth am I looking at.
Now that you're done gearing, did you wanna uber or not? :> lol

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