another "look at me" post...

While majority of you guys are chasing LS DPS dragon, here I am, chasing 3.01 mit ias chanto wiz.

90.2% mit with 300k dps and nat set. I might be little short on LOH at 880 but hopefully 3.01 makes it up.
I thought you had like 1500+ loh a few days ago? Maybe I'm getting confused. O_O

But man, I think you have the best setup for ubers.

I'm only at 88.25% mit right now, but I'm trying to hit 89+. Just need to find an 70+ AR + Armor 9/6 lacunis for a reasonable price and roll some shoulders similar to the one I have now, but replace that stupid health potion roll with armor and gold find with strength.

EDIT: Oh since you are at 90% mit, what happens when you try glass cannon?
You always make my favorite setups yoda. 880's fine at that mit and ias.
I'm with you Yoda. Screw DPS, I'm riding the mit train all the way. So far sitting at 90.12% and climbing :D
I like mit builds. The problem with a lot of dps builds is that they have low mit, which is something I don't advocate. Thus, I'm not a fan of GC. Sure you can do it, but I prefer the tanky feeling of high mit, high recovery, and good health. And to complete my offending of all wizards, on the flip side, there's nothing wrong with high dps.
09/20/2013 06:00 AMPosted by kiza
The problem with a lot of dps builds is that they have low mit, which is something I don't advocate. Thus, I'm not a fan of GC.

why go GC when you can make a "turbo" wiz being GC (a lot of them out there). I never liked GC passive.
Awesome setup.

Also, ubers will raise in popularity. That adria combo? Can't wait!
Tanky as hell Yoda and the ammy is really nice =P
Beautiful wiz, yoda. Congrats.

I am with you. High DPS with 3.01 wiz while keeping eHP/Mit is a dream setup.
I will not be able to hit 90% with OS chantodo, because I lose almost 1%/100k eHP just by not being able to use BT pants. Other than that, I'll be getting 89%/500k eHP/300K DPS soon.

800 LoH is more than fine with 3.01. I actually dont like teleport ( yes, i know... ) so I get a little more help from blood magic.
That rare ring is ridiculous....
well done the best ias wand wielder since charly daggered
Beautiful wizard Yoda.
dat ammyyyy
09/20/2013 06:53 AMPosted by Chatassys
Beautiful wiz, yoda. Congrats

Always nice to find a forum lurker (?) comes in and gives me compliment. Also I love Mit advocates.

Boozor and Void informed me about this gg rare ring when I just happened to be on line. Luckily those guys are LS advocates so LOH doesn't interest them. Max price but I was so tempted. I think it got listed at 1day 11 hours going into 1 day 10hours. I had Boozor's Zuni LOH ring at that time so did I really need it? So I showed the ring to Darshu who happened to be on. He said if I'm not going to wear Zuni set then the rare ring is always better. so what the heck. Pressed the button. so bye bye to Boozor's zuni LOH ring.

As for the ammy, during my quitting period, I happened to be checking the amulet market. It is so rare to find ias, high cd, high cc, high ar, high intel amulets. They really don't show up much in AH. Well, it showed up. 1day 11 hours. I first checked Void's ammy and made a comparison. EH vs Mit. My decision - if I buy this, I can't quit anymore. If I don't buy it, I will let go of one of the most rare pieces. so what the heck. Press the button. so now, I'm back and playing.

The last piece is the Nat AR/CC/CD/ias ring. In the beginning, there was one with armor and 6cc. I happened to go in the diabloprogress to check its item score. Oh was a duped one with like 9 people were wearing it, most of them from overseas. so I decided to see what I can find with the one with AR. and I came across the one I'm wearing. It had the highest CD and AR.

Hence...that was the journey to reach 3.01 90.2% Nat set wiz. I will miss AH because without it, there was no way I would have gone to 3rd party trading site for an item. So, while it lasts for another 6 months, why not take an advantage of it. That's still a LONG time until Loot 2.0.

If anyone is interested in my sick LOH/ias/cd/5.5cc nat ring, let me know.
If I was still running LOH I would have that rare ring in a heart beat. Noone would have had a chance to see it :)

Also, chasstay has my old LOH pox now. So it worked out for both of you guys.

Nice set at 3.0. I enjoyed my time at that BP a long Long time ago.

But with charlatan at 400k 3.0 and more sustain from LS. You know where you Guys stand in terms of GG and GFG GTFO my house !@#$%^ wizard haha
Freak...Chasstay has MY LOH pox. =P nice nice nice.

sustain is good but it's all about how you die. and I do not want to die before I can get WW starts going. Plus, I was sitting in front of the molten bomb(s) and take the hit. feels good to be alive.

I still die...but I rather die this way.

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